Wolfpack Squadron- Chapter 3 COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Star Fox and all related characters, locations, and vehicles are copyright (c) 1993, 1998 by Nintendo of America, Inc. Used without permission. Wolfhound, Jadis Ross, and Adrian Coyote are characters based on real people, and I've asked their permission to use them in this story. Wolfhound character copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Joel L. Morgan Jadis Ross character copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Jadis Ross. Adrian Coyote character copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Adrian This story is copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Joel L. Morgan, Jadis Ross, and Adrian. No part of it may be reproduced without the express and mutual consent of the above named authors. Chapter 3 1500 hours, Cornerian time General Pepper's office... "So, Commander McCloud, you say that your squad came under attack by a group of unknown enemy fighters?", General Pepper inquired. "Affrimative, sir. We managed to take them all out.", Commander McCloud answered. "With just yourself and a squad of green pilot trainees....impressive, Commander. This speaks volumes about your skill as an instructor. Which reminds me, I just received orders from Cornerian Command concerning you." Fara gasped in astonishment. "What orders?", she asked. "Effective immediately, you'll be reassigned to the C.D.F.C. Vindicator. You'll be taking command of that ship." "But...", she started to say. "I know...you're concerned about your trainees. Well, I've taken that into consideration. Do you think they're ready?" "Ready...for what, General?", Commander McCloud inquired, nervously. Just the thought of being reassigned made her a little uneasy. "I'm placing the entire group on active duty and assigning them to the Vindicator. They, along with Star Fox, will be your support wing." She brightened a little at the thought. "Thank you, General." Hmmm, she thought, I get to be with Fox and I still have my trainees to work with. After the battle today, I think they're ready enough. "Sir, when do I take command?" "The ship is at the orbital docks now.", General Pepper responded. "A shuttle is waiting to transport you." "Thank you, sir. I'm on my way." "Commander McCloud, one more thing. When you get to your ship, try to select your officers as quickly as you can. Your orders are in a packet in your quarters. Dismissed, Commander." "Thank you, sir.", Fara answered as she headed for the shuttle bay. But first, she went to gather her trainees. ----------------------------------------------------------- "WHAT?". Wolfhound couldn't believe his ears. "But..we're not..." "Speak for yourself.", Jadis snarled. "That's enough. As of right now, you've all been placed on active duty and assigned to the Vindicator. I'll be in command of that ship.", Commander McCloud stated with a bark. "Cadet Redstar, I'm promoting you to the rank of First Lieutenant and giving you command of the team. Please choose a name for your squadron." 1st Lt. Wolfhound Redstar thought for a moment as he looked around at his team. "Wolfpack Squadron", he answered. "All right then. The rest of you are hereby promoted to the rank of Second Lieutenant. Now, if you guys don't mind, we have a carrier to catch. Let's go. The shuttle is waiting." ----------------------------------------------------------- 1735 hours, Cornerian time Orbital docks, aboard the C.D.F.C Vindicator... "Captain on the bridge!", a junior officer announced. Fara Phoenix McCloud has just finished reading her orders. She had received a promotion to Captain, and ordered to investigate strange occurrences in the asteroid belt. "All stations, report ready!", Captain McCloud ordered. "Weapons ready!" "Engineering ready!" "Tactical ready!" "Navigation ready!" The ship's stations rattled off their checks. When they were finished, Fara ordered, "All right, then. Let's get going now. Open a channel to Cornerian Control." "Channel is open, Captain." "Control, this is Captain Fara Phoenix McCloud, commanding officer of the Vindicator. Request permission to depart." "This is Control. Permission granted, Captain McCloud." "Acknowledged. McCloud out." Then she turned to her helm officer. "Set course for Meteo." The big ship backed slowly out of the docking area and headed for Meteo. ----------------------------------------------------------- The five members of the newly formed Wolfpack Squadron met in the fighter bay. "I don't know why Captain McCloud made YOU squadron commander, Wolfhound.", Jadis snarled. "Everyone here knows I'm better." "Flight ability doesn't count as much as leadership ability. You have to be able to accept EVERYONE. And by the way, why are you so harsh?", Wolfhound asked. "Yeah, why, Jadis?", Cordy added. "I TOLD you before, that's for me to know. Besides, you'd be pretty angry too if you had to depend on a bunch of green pilots...", Jadis snapped in reply, then turned and left. She didn't get far before a voice called out over the ship's intercom. "Wolfpack Squadron, please report to the bridge." "Hmmm...wonder what that's for?", Adrian asked. "I dunno. Let's go see.", Fara Lightyears answered as all of them headed for the bridge. ----------------------------------------------------------- Captain McCloud met the squadron on the bridge. "As you may know, I've been asked to select my crew of officers. I've made my decisions, and I'm relaying them to you." "And, what are those decisions?", Adrian asked. "Well, I still need a tactical and weapons officer.", Captain McCloud answered. "Captain, I'm picking up five ships on the sensors. They appear to be fighters.", the temporary tactical officer announced. "Are they hostile?", she inquired. "No--in fact, they're Arwings. And, one Avenger-class fighter. I'd say the rest of the crew has arrived." "Open a channel to them.", Fara insisted, her eyes bright with hope. "This is Captain Fara Phoenix McCloud of the C.D.F.C. Vindicator. Identify yourselves." It was only a formality, though--she knew who she was communicating with. "Gee, I thought you'd recognize me, dear.", Fox McCloud answered, a little irritated. "We're on our way in. I suppose we have permission to dock?" "Of course. You think I'd say no to my own husband?", she laughed. "I'll be seeing you in a few minutes--don't be late. McCloud out." Then, she turned to Wolfpack Squadron. "Now, about those assignments. Adrian, I'm assigning you as tactical and weapons officer." "But, does that mean...", Adrian inquired. "No. If we have to launch fighters, I expect you to be there with your squadron.", Fara answered. "Affirmative, Captain.", the coyote replied. Five minutes later, her XO and engineering officers, also known as Fox McCloud and Slippy Toad, respectively, arrived on the bridge, along with Peppy Hare and Falco Lombardi. And, one other familiar face. "Hi, sis. Well, they kinda transferred me here to assist your new squadron." "Why, I wasn't expecting you here, Darius.", Fara exclaimed. Lately, she saw about as much of her brother as she did her husband--next to nothing. "Yep. Wolfpack Squadron. I'd like to inroduce you to the squadron's CO, First Lieutenant Wolfhound Redstar. Wolfhound, this is Major Darius Starfire, my brother. He will be assisting your squadron as one of its members and my flight control officer. And the others are Lt. Commander Fox McCloud, Lt. Commander Slippy Toad, Lt. Commander Falco Lombardi, and Commander Peppy Hare." "Who are these guys?", Falco inquired. "Falco, this is Wolfpack Squadron. In order, First Lieutenant Wolfhound Redstar, Second Lieutenant Adrian Coyote, Second Lieutenant Jadis Ross, Second Lieutenant Cordy Cheetah, and Second Lieutenant Fara Lightyears.", Captain McCloud answered him. "They'll be supporting Star Fox." "They look kinda green. Can they fight?", Peppy asked. "Yep. I've seen it for myself--they took out a bunch of fighters that jumped us in training." "You sure it wasn't an exercise?", Peppy inquired. "I'm positive of it. We weren't supposed to begin dogfights for another three weeks. But, they proved themselves out there. They have the ability--they just need to refine it." "But, where did they come from?", Fox jumped in. "I guess that we're going to find out.", Captain McCloud answered. "Captain, we're approaching the Meteo asteroid belt.", the helm officer announced. "I'm picking up thirty enemy fighters!", Adrian announced from the tactical station. "Looks like the welcoming committee." "Well, as Fox once told me, let's see that they get the message. Shields up and go to red alert. Launch fighters.", Captain McCloud ordered. "Weapons status?" "Hyper lasers and nova bombs are on-line and ready to fire.", Adrian announced. "I'm also detecting a destroyer about two hundred kilometers out." He ran an ID check on the fighters and destroyer--and the results made his blood run cold. "Captain...I know these ships.", he whispered. "Well, who or what are they?", Captain McCloud asked. "They're...the Brainstormers. They...they destroyed my world and killed my family." Then his gaze turned to steel."Now, they will pay. Permission to leave the bridge?" "Granted, Lieutenant.", Captain McCloud answered. "I'll take tactical from here." Adrian ran out to the fighter bay, only knowing that the time for revenge had arrived. ----------------------------------------------------------- Ten of the most elite fighters that the CDF had rushed out to meet the enemy. Three to one odds--normally, those would be deadly to the lesser side, but then, these weren't ordinary pilots. "All right, Star Fox. Check your G-Diffuser systems and let's rock and roll!", Fox commanded. "OK, Wolfpack. Let's kick it into overdrive, team!", Wolfhound ordered. The battle had begun. Jadis had to contend with two fighters trailing her aft. She managed to take out one, but the other was giving her trouble. "Would SOMEONE help me here, or do I have to do all the real work myself?", Jadis snapped. The second fighter exploded under a hail of blue fury. "That makes us even, doesn't it?", Wolfhound noted. "Whatever.", the white wolf snapped in reply. "Geez, what will it take...", Wolfhound muttered. Adrian was headed at full throttle towards the enemy destroyer. "Lieutenant Coyote, what ARE you doing?", Wolfhound inquired of him. Wolfhound didn't hear the answer before he heard a panicked voice on his comlink, "I can't hold it, my right wing's gone..." The voice cut out suddenly as the fighter flew right past him--and into an asteroid. There wasn't even time to react before the fighter exploded on impact. "That..that was Fara's fighter....", Peppy noted. "She's gone, Wolfhound..." "Now, they will pay for that mistake.", Wolfhound answered, his voice cold as ice. Grieving the loss of his comrade could come later; right now, his own survival came first. He looped around to shake an enemy fighter that had a lock on his tail. "Nice. Maybe one day, you might be good enough to make me break a sweat!", he shouted as he obliterated the enemy fighter, who never knew what hit him. "Will someone help me!", a second voice called over the comm. It was Cordy, and she had her paws full, her fighter severely damaged. "Cordy, return to the Vindicator. You can't do any good with your fighter in that condition. Jadis, cover her retreat.", Wolfhound ordered. "If you say so....", Jadis snapped. "One day, Lieutenant Ross, you might actually respect me.", Wolfhound quipped. Now, Wolfhound had one other matter to attend to--Adrian. "Lieutenant Coyote, break off and return to base, NOW!" "But, Wolfhound, they...." "Now, SECOND Lieutenant. That's a direct order." Suddenly, a hailstorm of yellow bolts, accented by a few bombs, blasted the destroyer into debris. "It seems that the Vindicator finally got range on that ship.", Falco noted. "This is Captain McCloud to all fighters. Mission accomplished. Return to base. And, Wolfhound, I'm sorry about your loss." "Acknowledged, Captain.", Wolfhound snarled. One pilot gone, and one fighter severely damaged--and this being just his first mission as squadron commander. Someday, they'll pay for what they did here... Wolfhound thought as he returned to the ship. ----------------------------------------------------------- END OF CHAPTER 3 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------