Wolfpack Squadron- Chapter 8 COPYRIGHT NOTICE: Star Fox and all related characters, locations, and vehicles are copyright (c) 1993, 1998 by Nintendo of America, Inc. Used without permission. Wolfhound, Jadis Ross, and Adrian Coyote are characters based on real people, and I've asked their permission to use them in this story. Wolfhound character copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Joel L. Morgan Jadis Ross character copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Jadis Ross. Adrian Coyote character copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Adrian This story is copyright (c) 1998, 1999 by Joel L. Morgan, Jadis Ross, and Adrian. No part of it may be reproduced without the express and mutual consent of the above named authors. Chapter 8 2100 hours, Cornerian Standard Time 1 kilometer off the starboard side of the Vindicator... Eight Cornerian fighters roared through fighter bay #3 and into open space. "Wolfpack Squadron, roll call and systems check!", Jadis ordered. "This is Adrian here. I'm fine." "Cordy here, I'm all set." "Darius here. All systems go." Jadis half expected to hear another voice on the comm. Wolfhound... she thought. In the ten years since her father died, no one had much faith in her. He's had more faith in my abilities--and in me--than anyone I've known--even Adrian. I can't let him down now... "Star Fox, all aircraft report!" "Falco here. I'm fine." "This is Peppy. All systems go." "Slippy here. I'm OK." "All right, Jadis, this is your mission from here. Good luck.", said Fox. "This is Captain McCloud here. We'll be following you in and should arrive in time to cover your escape." Meaning we have about twenty minutes after we arrive to rescue Wolfhound... Jadis thought. "I copy that, Vindicator. Jadis out.", Then, she changed the frequency to the general fighter channel. "All right. Jump to lightspeed in 3...2...1...GO!" The fighters vanished into points of light. Five minutes later, the Vindicator followed them. ----------------------------------------------------------- Aboard the Brainstormer flagship.... "Well, Cornerian. It seems that your friends are coming after you. Soon, they will be joining you--as our prisoners." "HA! FAT CHANCE!", Wolfhound laughed. "Besides, how would you take over Terra?", Wolfhound asked, a theory forming in his mind. "You'd all stand out like a bunch of sore thumbs." "The rift generator can change the genetic code of its travelers to match that of their target world. In short, we would be indistinguishable from the natural inhabitants." So, that's why I turned into a wolf....he thought. Actually. I've kinda grown used to this form. "We'll see about that after Wolfpack Squadron gets done mopping the deck with you." "Take him back to his cell.", the leader ordered. "Soon, he will have company." ----------------------------------------------------------- Ten minutes later, the fighter group arrived at the coordinates set earlier. "Hmmm...where is that ship?", Adrian asked. "I don't know, but keep your eyes peeled.", Jadis ordered. "There it is, ten o' clock!", Cordy shouted. "Let's rock and roll!", Fox exclaimed. "Target the fighter bay shields so Wolfpack Squadron can carry out the mission." The four Arwings of Star Fox blazed away at the protective shield around the main fighter bay. As Cordy had estimated, the shields failed in pretty short order. "All right, team. We have a mission to do. Let's go and do it!", Jadis barked as she banked the Fire Wolf into the bay. The other three fighters quickly followed suit. Jadis quickly jumped out of her fighter. "Cordy, what's the ETA of the Vindicator?" "About fifteen minutes.", Cordy replied. Not much time... Jadis thought. "All right, split up. Adrian, you and Darius head for the bridge and see if you can't disable this crate. Cordy and I will head for the prisoner area. That's where they're holding Wolfhound, no doubt." "OK. Where do we all meet back?", Adrian asked. "Right here.", Jadis answered. That is, assuming any of us survive... "Let's go!" ----------------------------------------------------------- Adrian and Darius arrived at the final checkpoint before the bridge. "I've waited years for this day. Now, I finally see what the head scumbag looks like before I make him pay for what he did to my family.", Adrian said in cold fury. "Two guards. Which one do I take out first?", Darius questioned. "Either one. I don't care which--but the leader is mine.", Adrian retorted. Darius popped up from around the corner, blasting with wild abandon, a gun in each paw. The two guards fell to a hail of blaster fire. "Well, how's that?", Darius quipped. "Impressive, I think...look out behind you!", Adrian warned. A third guard appeared out of nowhere and charged straight for Darius. He was too close to get a clean shot--but then, Darius knew well how to defend himself. With a blur of motion too fast for Adrian to completely follow, Darius drew his sword and sliced the trooper in two. "Well...remind me to never get you angry.", Adrian said, stunned. "A little extreme, though." "It's what you learn when you live on the streets.", Darius answered. "Know anything about how to open this door?" Adrian walked over to the door panel. "Hmmm...I can get this open, but it'll take about a minute to crack the codes." "OK. Let's get to it then." Two minutes and five seconds later, they had the door open--and were immediately surrounded by about thirty guards. "Looks like someone goofed", Adrain scowled. "Well...if it isn't the little runt I thought I took care of five years ago. I'll enjoy this...take them to their cells!" ----------------------------------------------------------- Meanwhile, Cordy and Jadis were attempting to locate Wolfhound. "Can you access the prisoner records?", Jadis whispered. "Sure...here it is, block four, cell 16-A. Wait..there's something else you might want to see." Jadis walked over to the terminal Cordy had accessed--and her jaw dropped. "That's Adrian's father in cell 27-C. But, I thought.... Let's get a move on it." A dozen guards surrounded their position. "Looks like we won't be leaving here for a while, Jadis." Damn...she thought, as she pressed a small, undetectable button on her comlink. ----------------------------------------------------------- "Captain. It's Jadis' emergency transponder.", the communications officer stated. "That means....all stop, now! Red alert!", Fara ordered. About twenty kilometers ahead of them, a huge ship materialized. "All batteries, fire!", Fara snapped. "Are we in range to use bombs?" "No, ma'am." The Vindicator shook under a pounding from the Brainstormer ship now attacking them. "Shields down 18%, Captain." "Evasive maneuvers. Star Fox, launch NOW!!", Fara barked. Well, Jadis is on her own now.... Fara thought as the ship shuddered under another barrage. I don't know how much more of this we can take... ----------------------------------------------------------- END OF CHAPTER 8 ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------ ------------------------------------------------------------------------