Wolf’s Ambition

By: Jaguar Janks

Authors Note: I like to thank Juju for the idea of creating this twister. This fan fic marks my 11th one since Lylat Wars Extension. To my fans, I like to thank each and every one of you for choosing me and finding my vision of Star Fox interesting and believable. I hope in the future to be even greater than I am now, and develop many fan fics for future readers.

Chapter 1

"I was called insane, and beyond living hell." I may be eccentric, but I do have another ambition. To destroy my enemies."

Wolf O’Donnell, Star Wolf Leader

It’s been months after the capture of Rico Toms and the bizarre event on the secret military space station by Katalina’s orbit. The beginning Star Fox team were taking a break from all of the strange events in the past. Reassured no trouble would develop when off duty by Gary Grey, who usually informed the team of disasters. All was silent among Great Fox, nothing in motion, just drifting off in space carefree. The once famous ship of the original Star Fox team, preoccupied by new elite squad of mercenaries.

The new members include Raymond Sparks (cheetah), Juliette Crawford (domestic feline), Troy O’Donnell (wolf), Leo McCloud (fox), and new leader Brad Bond (tiger). The fantastic five were great in their fields of flying, infiltration, and emergency rescue. Though no war was going on, their true talents lay dormant. With only few missions given by Gary Grey (Cornerian Commander) jobs grew short each year.

Raymond and Brad were playing a quick game of chess, Leo relaxing with television, and Troy and Juliette performing work out in the gym. Brad instantly stood up from his chair dumb stuck from losing another round of chess.

"That’s preposterous, I never lose with my queen. I think your cheating," complained the tiger.

The cheetah raised his left eyebrow in amazement.

"Cheating!" ‘You the one who can’t play right.’


"I mean, dang Brad, you can’t always mistake your king for your queen fearless leader."

Brad stood motionless, then retreated from the table. He walked over to the icebox, diving in for a Fanta (orange beverage). He could hear the cheetah’s chuckles from behind, then shut the door to the icebox. Raymond continued to taunt his leader until he heard the sound of cracking knuckles. Brad opened the can of Fanta and took a deep gulp. Raymond quickly put up the board and took a seat on a nearby couch.

"Man, you keep using your pieces wrong pal," Raymond said followed by an enormous grin.

You suck!

Brad ignored Raymond’s comment and sat next to his comrade. Brad sighs before another gulp.

"The last couple of months have been a mystery. How do we manage to encounter such vile events?"

Raymond shrugs his shoulders, "Beats me, but that Super Natural file will always be in my mind. I just feel so sorry for Juliette though. She’s been through a lot, but her sister’s death is just too much."

Brad nods in agreement, "Yes, it’s been very hectic, and she has been working out her mental problem though. I see improvement each and everyday. I wish she wouldn’t have gone through that…."

Brad was cut short on his sentence due to Leo’s entrance. Leo displayed a sorrowful scene on his face.

"What’s the news?" questioned Raymond.

"Nothing much, just there’s no activity around Lylat."

"It figures."

"Where’s Juliette and Troy?" asked Brad.

"They should be in the gym I guess, their daily workout."

Brad nods in satisfaction, while finishing his Fanta.

Smash, smash, as the punching bag rumbled against Troy’s chest. Juliette was working on her mid kicks (strong enough to knock someone over). Troy continued to hold the bag, as his periodic gasps from hits. Juliette lays two more heavy blows to the bag before stopping with exhaustion. Troy glances as the short feline drop to the gym’s matted floor. He smiles while helping her to her feet.

"Nice kicks Jul (Juliette for short)."

"Thanks," replied Juliette wiping her sweat onto a towel.

Troy was three times Juliette’s size and could absorb blows well. He was average weight for a wolf and was muscular. His fur was dark gray, and had grayish fur around his eyes, inner ear, and his whole tail. He is fast and fierce in a battle. He’s the second best fighter on the team, and was second in command if anything ever happened to Brad.

Troy walked a few feet away from the punching bag, found a nice spot, then perform push-ups. Juliette watched the wolf do 100, then retreated to a bench. Troy stopped at 147, and hopped to his feet. He motioned his paws at Juliette, who was uncertain of his plans. Troy paced back and forth, then came charging at the punching bag. Upon collision, a punch to the bag with all of his force, making a big gash on its outer surface. When he stopped, the sand began to pour out. He bows to his friend, then looked at the bag.

"Nice Troy, you mastered canine punch hehe."

Troy returned a smile, then walked over to Juliette’s side.

"Nah, my mother knows how to fight. She’s the real thing to me."

Juliette smiles again, then pats him on the shoulder.

"Well, I’m going to take a shower, what are you going to do?"

"Oh, I don’t know, maybe, wait for you to get out FIRST."

Troy grins and returns a pat while she left. He looks down to the floor thinking.

Chapter 2

"Lies depends on myths."

Jennifer McCloud, SCTA (Secret Cornerian Tactics Association)

Time was slow for Gary Grey, at Corneria City base. He received countless phone calls (most from Gen. Andrewson) and letters from other planets in Lylat. He growls as he goes through letters that were unimportant and time wasting. He came to a letter that caught his attention. A white, rectangular based envelope from CSP (Cornerian State Prison). His curiosity grew by the minute, and so he was unhesitant to reveal the letter. Tearing across the top, and sliding out the triple folded letter. He scans the writing:

Dear O’Donnell Jr,

On behave the loyal pilot of your father Wolf O’Donnell, I’m here to full fill his dream. I can’t reveal your father’s relative important plans, but you are advised to report here at CSP. Once you find me, I’ll be gladly to tell you the past of your father. Until then, I’ll be expecting you soon.

Your Advisor,

Pigma Dengar

PS: I’m a member of SW.

The letter ended, and Gary looked up with confused and puzzling eyes. He glares at the letter, than at an old photo of the new Star Fox team. He puts his thinking together….

I only know one living O’Donnell, and that’s…

He stopped his words and picked up the phone. He immediately dialed the team of mercenary’s. In minutes, someone answered the call.

"Star Fox here, who’s reporting?" questioned Troy.

"Oh man, am I glad to hear from you and so long. I just read a letter that was sent to the base by mistake, and it’s for you. Someone from CSP wants to speak with you. Can you make it to the base now?"

Troy thought for a minute then accepted.

"Sure, I’m on my way."

Troy hangs the phone up and runs toward the deck of GF. Upon his way there, he runs into Leo.

"Whoa cousin, where are you off in a hurry?"

"CSP, and move out of my way."

Troy runs through Leo. Leo pursuits chase after him. Troy made it to the deck and had startled Juliette and Brad in their seats.

"What’s going on here?" Brad asked with concern.

Troy simple caught his breath, and responds.

"Commander Gary needs me at the base urgent, and alone."

Brad thought for a minute, then came to a conclusion.

" You may go, but Leo will follow you just in case of trouble!"

Leo was enlightened by the decision and quickly saluted to his leader, then went to the docking bay area. Troy was at least amused by the decision, but followed his order and took after Leo. Juliette stares at Brad,

"You think that was wise to make Leo tag along Troy?"

"Yeah, I know, but I could tell Leo wanted to join, since he knows Gary better then anyone else."

Brad tuned his attention back into space, while Juliette went back to reading. Leo was already inside his arwing. Troy could hear the G-Diffuser starting up in Leo’s arwing. He hops into his arwing and checks his systems. He pushes a button that was the com-link over to Leo’s jet.

"Yo Leo, your systems all ready to go?" Troy asked in a slightly mild tone.

"Yeah, my screen says system all go."

"Alright, let’s fly!"

Troy exited GF first, followed by Leo. When they got outside GF, Brad and Juliette could feel the vibrations of the roaring engines of the jets fading away. Troy took lead, and together they both head to Corneria.

It was in mid-summer in Cornerian City, days of swelling heat, sparkle rays from the sun, and a beautiful scene of nature. Park’s, mall’s, grocery stores, and other building’s were flooded with customers. A Labor Day sale was going on, and people could get their stuff at a reasonable price.

All was string around a new store called "Gun Depot". This was a store that sells all kind of arms, from little to big. It was fund by the government, only certain members of government were allowed to purchase these new weapons. A certain female wolf was roaming about, glances at every weapon in each aisle. She was mostly unknown by other agents of the government due to her stealthy personality. She came upon a gun that was of interest to her blue eyes, and came to a halt. She admired the firearm to the point she could resist the urge to touch. Handling the gun carefully with expertise, she took it apart to examine even further. A raccoon, a sales clerk came to her side.

Clearing his throat, he got her attention.

"Can I help you ma’am?"

The wolf turned the side of her face, but didn’t face him, keeping her eyes on the weapon.

"Um, I was just admiring this new gun, can you advise me of it?" she asked politely.

She hands the weapon over to the clerk, still in pieces. He fiddled with several pieces, putting it back together. When he finally finished, he sighs and begins to explain.

"Well ma’am, we just got this yesterday, it’s custom built, has a laser, shoots under water, weighs only five pounds, and is very accurate, depending on the shooter."

"I see, but what’s its distance?"

The raccoon checks the tag that had a serial number on it with a computer that was attached to the wall. He runs the scan over it, and a concise info came up in green text.

"Here we go, it can shoot within 50 to 60 feet max."

The wolf places her paw against her chin, "The price?"

"It’s at $450 credit dollars," said the clerk looking back on the screen.

She thinks about the price, and came to a decision.

"I’ll take it sir."

"Alright, I’ll take this around the desk and rang it up for you. Will this be cash or card?"

"Um, card sir."

The raccoon leads the way, while the wolf follows behind. When they reached the desk, they heard a loud outburst of yelling, in a voice of demanding. The annoying voice came through the wolf’s ears, alerting her of danger. Suddenly, five robbers with black masks came about. They faced the closest person to a register machine, which happen to be the raccoon clerk. The leader, a towering figure of a feline came up to the raccoon and wolf, still aiming his gun toward them.


The over powering voice sent shivers to the clerk, who was about to go ballistic and run of fright. The wolf kept still, unafraid of the leader of the pack.


The female wolf checked the room out. The store was rectangular, large in space, with six tremendous aisles of five equal rows. Most of the customers were brought up front. Two robbers posted the back entrance and the other two at the front, not allowing anyone to leave nor escape. The leader was in the center of the rectangular store.

The wolf came to attention when she was smacked along the back of her head. She went straight to the floor, head first to collide with the marble floor. When she hit, she felt every madness raging within her. The leader laughs then grew impatient with the clerk.


Everyone in the store followed the orders, and waited for someone to run to their aid soon. The nervous raccoon shook as he rushed the cash into a paper bag. Sweat ran down the to his muzzle, and his continuous whimpering was becoming noticeable. The wolf was still lying on her belly, knowing time was running out. While the robber was preoccupied with the clerk, she slowly pulled out a sharp dagger from her boot. When she finally reached it out, she waited for attacking position for the enemy.

The foolish robber kept sight only on the money, until he felt a warm blade sliding across his neck. A stab followed from his back, piercing his heart, and then a quick twist reassured fatality. The robber couldn’t make a sound; in return he pulled the trigger to his gun to warn his comrades of his demise. The other four ran their leaders aid, discovering a short female wolf half his size standing behind the big fellow with a dagger out of his back. She saw the others and immediately ran away, ducking into a nearby aisle. All four fired behind her, when she dodged to safety. They watched their leader slump to the floor, pouring his valuable blood into a puddle formation. The customer’s screams filled the room instantly. The wolf got up, running a retreat behind some shelves. She looks through her side pack, pulling out to a pistol and another dagger. She holds the bloody dagger with her teeth, the pistol in her right paw and the new dagger in her left paw.

She heard running footsteps, then counted to three backwards. When she reached zero, she came out of hiding throwing her new dagger at another victim. The throw was professional, and it punctured another robber in the skull. He toppled to the floor, crashing into some stacked pillars of boxes. The other two heard the crashing sound and ran over to investigate. They came around the corner, and spotted their dead comrade. The wolf had climbed atop a shelf, watching the two. She prepared the bloody dagger, but was stopped by the escaping customers. The two robbers heard the stampede, and went after them. When the third victim turned a different direction from the other one, she tossed the dagger. It killed the robber by entering the side of his neck. He fired, getting his last buddy’s attention to turn around. He watched his friend’s neck gosh out with blood. He scanned on top a shelf and found the hiding wolf. Before he could fire, he saw a flash of light between his eyes. He fell back in amazement, and entered the black universe of death.

After the last enemy down, she jumped down from the ledge of the shelf, and ran toward the front of the store. The clerk was ducking by the register, still timid of the firing. She bent down to him smiling.

"Sir, you can come out now, I’ve taken care of them for you."

She lends a paw to him, aiding him up to his feet.

"Oh thank you very much, and um, here, take the gun as for my gratitude lady."

He hands the new pistol to the wolf, and she happily accepts it and takes off before the cops came to the scene. A cop came to question the disaster that had taken place.

The German Shepherd growls, "What happen here?"

The clerk looked surprised then began to explain his story and the female wolf.

Chapter 3

"All isn’t all it seems, it’s only true in the eye’s of the beholder."

Katt Monroe, Associate of Star Fox

The married leopard stood by the corridor, awaiting his wife. He grew impatient and called to his wife.

"Kiara, Kiara, c’mon girl, we got to go now."

His wife was busy shuffling through papers.

"Okay, hold on, your daddy can wait you know," she replied in a stern voice.

The leopard folds his arms at the end of the corridor, then quickly sighs in relief when he saw his leopard wife come running down to him. She waved a piece of paper in the air, making sure he would see her discovery. When she got up to him, he put his arms around her, and brought her up for a kiss.

"Okay, let’s go Michael."

Together they exit their beautiful house. Kiara ran to the car, leaping over the car door into her comfortable seat of the convertible. Michael came along, and quickly started the car. He backed out of their lot and proceeded down the street rapidly.

"Glad that you’ve found the paper, the general will believe us now. He didn’t believe that Star Wolf team wasn’t completely destroyed. Now that we have proof with this paper, he has no choice but to believe us," said Michael with confidence.

Kiara smiles in return to reply as they head into the intersection that leads north 10 miles to the base.

"I wonder who Pigma is Gary?" asked Troy glancing over the letter.

Gary sighs and explains some info of the past.

"Okay Troy, Leon is a member of SW or Star Wolf."

"Star Wolf?"

"Yeah, your father Wolf ran it during the Lylat Wars on Andross’s side."

Troy remained silent, still looking at the letter in confusion.

Gary claps his paws together to get Troy’s attention again. Troy jerked up from the paper, onto Gary’s stern face.

"Yeah so, should I be concerned with this Pigma guy?"

"I’m not sure, it’s your call Troy. You can go see this filth if you please, I won’t hold you back, but he’s that low down SOB to all of Corneria."

"What are you saying?"

"I’m saying, he’s the one that betrayed Leo’s grand father years ago, got James captured and killed.

Troy drops the paper in shock.

"You mean Leo’s grandfather, the main guy of Star Fox?"

Gary nods in anger. Then stared back at Troy’s eyes.

"Poor Leo, I wonder if he knows?"

"Of course he do, you think his father wouldn’t tell’em of it?"

"Yeah, your right. That’s really messed up…

Troy was interrupted by Leo’s entrance.

"Hey guys, do you two have any idea of what this is all about?"

Gary answered before Troy could.

"Not really, this Star Wolf member is playing games with us."

Leo sits down in a chair and continues to look puzzled.

"Well, I guess I’ll go check it out, thanks for the info Gary," spoke Troy, giving the commander a friendly paw shake.

Leo quickly raised up from his seat, and followed Troy out the door. They went back to their arwings in the hangar port of the base. When they reached the place, Troy heard his com-link going off in his arwing. He immediately ran to it, and hops inside to answer. Leo stood outside Troy’s arwing.

"Yes, Troy here."

"This is Crawford, you figure out what’s going on at the base?"

"No ma’am, just that a certain Star Wolf pilot is playing games, nothing seems to be a threat of the matter."

"Okay Troy, Brad orders you two to report back in two hours."

"Roger Juliette, see you there then."

"Oh, wait, Raymond is approaching the base, he should be there in a matter of minutes."

"Damn, Brad really don’t won’t us here."

"Guess not, anyway take care, I’ll tend to you guys later myself, GF out."

Troy hangs the com-link and stares at Leo.

"Well McCloud, time to visit this PIGMA asshole."

Leo nods and climbs inside his arwing. They fly off to CSP. Upon leaving, they spot Michael and Kiara standing outside the base peering up at them.

Michael puts his paws to his muzzle screaming, "HEY, WHERE YOU GOING?"

Troy lands again, and turns off his engine. Leo did the same and opens the hatch to his cockpit.

"Hi Michael and Kiara, what brings you two here?"

"We’re just bring some new facts to the general on Star Wolf squadron."

"Say what again?" question Leo.

"He said, ‘We’re bringing some facts to his father on Star Wolf,’ answered Kiara, some stuff."

"I can’t stay long, Leo and I have to take off to CSP, and ask some questions."

"Alright, let’s separate again," suggested Leo.

"Alright, I’ll catch up with you two later, said Michael who entered the base along with his wife.

"Humph, that was strange of him, we’re looking for the same thing," advised Leo.

A few feet away, another arwing landed nearby, and a cheetah stepped out.

"Hey Raymond, glad you could join the party," greeted Troy in a tired voice.

"Yeah, I couldn’t stand being cramped in GF with Jul and Brad all day."

"Amen to that, " agreed Leo and Troy in a joking tone.

"Look, I hate to explain myself twice, let’s head on over to CSP now."

Troy climbed back into his cockpit, and led the way.

In CSP, only two members of Star Wolf Squadron lived. They were Pigma and Andrew of Venom. After their capture at Venom, they were trailed and found guilty. They were sentence life imprisonment. To remain to their death, in their bulky, low dimmed cells of filth. It’s been ten years after the death of Leon, from the paws of Juliette. Pigma recently discovered that Leon broke away from Star Wolf and entered Rico Toms forces called "Green Force". After Toms capture, Leon was pronounced dead at an old NASO building facility on the outskirts of Cornerian City.

It was time for lunch once again for the two ONLY friends in prison. Since prison was ruthless, they had to learn to coup with each other to survive. They sat on the wood splintered tables, and on their cold seat of iron. Pigma ate as usual, eating without manners. Andrew was finishing his last scrap of mashed potatoes, until he felt Pigma’s gulping spit smack the side of his face. Andrew threw done his mash potatoes, and smashed it against the pigs sloppy face. Pigma was outraged, and hawked up a good ball of spit and placed it upon the ape’s face. Andrew wiped the spit off, displaying anger on his bleak face.

"You damn sloppy shit head, why can’t you learn to eat correctly after all of these years?" argued Andrew.

Pigma ignored the crazy ape and continued his sloppy ways. Andrew’s anger didn’t last long due to other prisoners beside them were getting involved. A tough bandicoot slapped Andrew upside his head with force.

"Shut the hell up dork, or I’ll make ya cry like the Bitch you are!"

Andrew was struck with fear and quickly got up from his seat and retreated to the guard. Pigma started balling his eyes out with laughter. Another prisoner, a giant panther stood up behind Pigma, grabbing his tray up over his head, slammed it with great force. The tray busted against Pigma’s skull, and then he fell lops sided out of his seat in shock. The cruel panther yelled down at the pig.

"Shut that hole punk, I hate your laughing!"

Times like these, they both wished Wolf or Leon would have been there to back them up. Time went by, and it was time for them to return to their cell. Pigma and Andrew shared the same cell, so Andrew couldn’t resist Pigma’s stench. Andrew lay against his bunk, pillow supporting his neck. He occasional rubs his head to remember his foolish act. Pigma was busy reading the newspaper, not really worrying for his aching tray headache. He’s eyes grew with sadness, and he begun to speak out loud to himself, not caring if Andrew was listening.

"Oh man, how I wish I was dead with Wolf and Leon, cause this here prison is pure hell. I should’ve never betrayed Star Fox, nor joined Andross. I was such a fool, and now look at me. I’m old, have no friends in this world, and totally alone. I might as well hang myself, or let someone kill me. I’m worthless; I’m worthless… Pigma repeated over and over.

Andrew finally was annoyed and interrupted the stinky pig below.

"Yeah you are, so shut the hell up already."

Pigma came out of it, and kicked the bunk on top, hitting Andrew’s back.

"HEY, you SOB, cut that shit out or I’ll…."

"I’ll what, you punk ass monkey, poor uncle ain’t here to save you EVER!"

Pigma gave an evil laugh, which made Andrew feel terribly bad.

"Shut up, shut up, I’m not listening to you anymore."

Andrew buried his head into the pillow, crying like a five-year old. A guard could be heard from a distance.


All the lights went out in each and every cell. Pigma turned over on his side, trying to go to sleep, and then he heard Andrew’s whimpering branch out throughout the halls.

Chapter 4

"You can’t prepare for the future, if you don’t know the past."

Shina Crawford, Former Leader of Dracos and sister of Juliette

Juliette stood motionless, peering at old records on Star Wolf squadron. She only examined Troy’s father, checking his background. The pages were quite long, in list form.

Name: Wolf O’Donnell

Age: 37

Species: Wolf

Height: 5’7"

Weight: 178lbs

Fur Color: gray

Eye Color: brown

Status: Deceased

Records: Most Wanted of Corneria, charged with annihilation of millions, assault with a deadly weapon, rape, first degree and second degree murder, traitor, bootlegging missiles, blackmailing, tycoon of vemonian pilots, scheming of military plans, and legally psychopath.

Background: A forsaken child, having no family members existing during the war. As a child, was taken by police on numerous accounts, stealing, killing, assaulting, and misleading. At the age 18, he took military, excel in flying and strategy. After graduation, he joined Andross’s army. A couple years later, Cornerians discovered he was behind the attack of Fortuna bombing.

CIA discovered that the canine was the official Venomian lieutenant commander and leader of the notorious Star Wolf squadron. After Andross’s defeat by Star Fox, Wolf continued his assaults on Corneria. He was responsible for the death of General Pepper. On the same day, he was defeated by Fox McCloud at Venom.

Other strange reports indicate on the day of Wolf’s attack, a female wolf lurked around the base. She was responsible for saving hundreds by evacuating the civilians around the base and defeating the snipers. To this day, this wolf is still in consideration of "Who side is she on".

To this wolf, she is thanked for her service. CIA is considering that she could be linked to Wolf O’Donnell. Their answer was profound by Jennifer McCloud, who announced the ninja Laura O’Donnell. With little evidence, Ms. O’Donnell’s residence is unknown. Another fact is known by intelligence is that Wolf had an only son after his death. Officials gathered his name to be Troy O’Donnell. Many officials are monitoring his actions carefully, trying to consider Troy to be any kind of threat to Cornerians.

Living Relatives: Laura O’Donnell

Troy O’Donnell

Date of Birth: 2017-2054

Address: 3215 Lanksley Street

State: Genaver, Ginnada

Planet: Corneria

When Juliette finished the sheet, she was shocked. She lays the portfolio down in amazement. Brad came into the rec-room minutes later.

"Hey Juliette, you find anything interesting to read lately?"

"Yeah, how about Wolf’s story."

Brad’s face begin to frown, then he walked over to Juliette’s seat.

"Are you looking into Troy’s file?

"Um, yeah, just curious. I thought it would be okay to read on his father, not him."

"You know you aren’t right for doing that. Humph, you didn’t ask for his permission either did you?"

"No sir, I’m really sure he won’t mind none."

Brad sighs, "Well you gotta tell’em what you’ve been up to."

"Oh I will, I’ll tell’em when I go down to Corneria today."

"I hope he don’t pound ya for it," Brad said joking.

The monitor phone went off in the room. Brad walks over to pick it up.

"GF here, report."

"Hey fearless one, Gary here. Everything okay?

"Yeah, I sent Troy and Leo out earlier today."

"They came to the base about half an hour ago."

"Did they tell ya where they were going?"

"Yeah to CSP, I received a letter from there, but it was originally for Troy."

"Hmm, I don’t like this, why a letter from a prison?"

"No idea, just know it was from Pigma Dengar."


"Pigma, the traitor Brad remember?"

"Of course Gary, I think this could be a setup."

"How do you figure?"

"Why would anyone from prison want Troy?"

"Because Troy’s a relative of…"

"I’ll warn them of the setup."

Brad hangs the phone loudly, getting Juliette’s attention.

"Hey, what was that all about?"

Brad snapped back, "C’mon Juliette, we got to reach Troy before someone else does."

Brad grabbed her arm, and together they were off.

Chapter 5

"True lies never fail."

Linda Cunningham, Pilot of Dracos

The female wolf stepped out of her car, approaching her house. She had a raging headache from the sharp blow to her head. When she slides the key into the door, she barely fell unconscious. Feeling the back of her head, a dampness of fur. She pulled her right paw back revealing small amounts of blood.

Why did I allow myself to be so vulnerable? I’m better than that. I could’ve been more cautious. I was reckless out there, now I got what I’ve deserved. A damn headache, and a bruised cheek.

Turning the key clock-wise, she entered her domain. All was pitch black, shadows of furniture all around her, until she flicked on a switch. Vivid lights flooded the corridor, and faded images in the living room. She walks down the hall, peering at her answering machine, displaying 4 new messages. She sneers at the sight of them, and entered the bathroom. Pulling out an old box of bandages and a bottle of green alcohol. Pours a small amount on her palm and rubs it on the back of her head. The stinging sensation made her growl as it slowly wears off.

Unwraps the bandage and applies it on her right cheek, were a small noticeable cut glared. After patching up, she looked into the small cabinet above the mirror of the sink. Glancing at deserted pills, she finds red colored ones. She immediately swallows two small capsules, and exits the bathroom, back into the corridor. She studies the flicking red lights on the answering machine. She walks over to push the message button. A couple scratches of the small tape rewinding to the beginning, following a beep.

"Hi Laura, this is Kim, please give me a call regarding your email about the commission on Tuesday alright, bye."


"Hey Laura, your expertise is needed at the base, report ASAP!"


"Hello Laura, it’s Kim again, never mind the commission Tuesday, I was told it was concealed, that’s good news I’ve heard all year, see you later girl."


"Hi this Troy, I was calling to see if every things okay. I’ll be stopping by shortly; I have an assignment to do for the team. Leo and Raymond are with me. So don’t worry, oh, and I can take care of myself mom. I’ve told no one of your residence all these years, and you know I’m the only one you can depend on. I wish dad were here to see me now. Humph, Leo is strange on the team, but he is the smart one. I don’t find him to be a relative though, but he’s a reliable source. I know if he ever gets in my way, or step out of line; I’ll kill him. Sorry for sounding crazy there, but he and I do have some type of thing to work out. Call me if you need anything at all, I’ll be there. Bye"


Laura thought for a minute, then erased the messages. She went into the kitchen, preparing a quick afternoon snack. When she finished, she turned on the TV and sat back relaxing her head. Two hours have passed, and she had fallen asleep on the couch. A crashing sound of broken glass came from above. She quickly arose from her nice slumber in shock. Breathing hard, she examined the footsteps coming from her bedroom. She swiftly got up, and ran silently to her basement.

She opened the door and ran slowly down. The basement was pitch black, but she knew the perimeter well to manage. She came to another door, and entered. Flicking a light bulb above her head, she revealed dozens of guns, bombs, rifles, grenades, and other killing materials. She grabbed her bulletproof vest, and a glock pistol. She quickly turned off the light and shuts the door. She ran up the steps like a small child, and peered through the cracked door.

The footsteps grew closer; allowing her to understand the intruder was downstairs. Minutes later, a shadow came to the kitchen, right next to the basement door. She kept quite, and prepared her aim. Before she knew what hit her, she fell down the stairs, landing on her back. Looking at the door, the dark figure filled the doorway. She quickly locked onto the figure and returned fire. The bullet struck the person, making the victim fly back off their feet, landing on their back in agony.

Laura ran up the stairs, and busted through the door still aiming wildly. When she saw the figure, the moccasin was on her back, bleeding on the wooden floor. The bird looked up at the wolf, attempting to shoot again. Laura quickly fired at the bird’s arm. The bird drops her gun, holding her arm cursing out loud.

Who are you? Why did you intruded my territory?"

"I’ll never speak to the likes of you wolf. I’m a professional just like you. We’re hired to assassinate threats. And you are the threat."

"I’m the threat, I think you have it the other way around babe. You don’t know me, who ever hired you is a fool to come against moi."

"Haha, don’t get to cocky wolf, you can’t run from us. You will perish like the others very soon."

"What the hell are you babbling about spy?"

"Like I said before, I’ll never tell."

Laura shrugs her shoulders and points her gun at the female on her kitchen floor.

"I guess your no good to me, here’s some advice in your next life, don’t take a job that you can’t finish."

Laura fires two bullets into the moccasin’s chest, killing her instantly. She watched her victim lay dead for a few minutes, then analyzes her damaged vest.

Troy lands first on the prison grounds. He steps out of his arwing, breathing in air before he starts talking again. Leo and Raymond stares up at the wolf.

Hey Troy, time to get this over with, lets go," Leo complained.

What’s the rush fox, we’ve have ALL DAY," joked Raymond while patting Leo’s left shoulder.

"I don’t admire prisons okay. Nothing more, but a place for crazy psychos, murderers, and…"

"Oh shut up Leo, you sound like a damn dictionary," barked Troy while bumping into Leo’s shoulder roughly.

Raymond followed the wolf to the front gate, leaving the fox upset. Two guards were posted by the steel bar gates, facing the newcomers. Troy walked up to the left guard.

"We have special permission from the commander, on a particular prisoner."

Troy shows the pass to the guard. The husky examined the pass signature and allowed the wolf and cheetah to pass. Raymond turned back searching for Leo.

"Hey Leo, you coming in?"

The fox scans the large prison over, then back at the cheetah.

"Yeah, I’m coming, give me a few seconds."

Raymond nods, and proceeded pass the guards.

"He’s with us."

"Okay, he may pass when he’s ready."

The guard shuts the gate behind Raymond, and awaited the loafing fox to follow the other two.

Troy and Raymond glanced around the courtyard, peering at a straight fenced corridor that separated them from the prisoners. They saw most prisoners lifting weight: playing cards, sports, or either hustling a box of cigarettes.

Mostly a third of the prisoner looked at the two with angry eyes. Troy just in return exchanged the same facial expression back, in a mocking way. One of the prisoners near the fence attempts to spit on Raymond, but Troy took note, and punched the guy through the fence.

"Try it again, and I promise you will have a broken nose you bastard," threatened Troy.

The surprised cougar got back to his feet, holding his bloody muzzle. He turned to the others who were laughing at him. Troy gave a look of hatred to everyone. One particular wolf caught his eye.

Well, well, ain’t it the son of the crazy bastard Wolf O’Donnell," the voice said in a low tone toward Troy’s ears.

Troy’s ears raised up, and he turned slightly in the direction of the voice.

"You got something to say punk, speak up," Troy barked.

"Oh, touchy aren’t we? Why brother, I have nothing against you, I just wanted to call that Wolf a CRAZY BASTARD!"

The prisoner’s voice broke out into a big laugh, which enraged Troy. Troy turn completely around to face the suspect. The other wolf sneered at him, keeping an unwelcome grin.

"What’s your name and number punk?"

"Oh I’m scared, oh please show mercy boy. My name is Wolf Carter, number AK6-WTY, please do visit me sometime."

"Oh I will, don’t sweat it old man."

Troy and Raymond turned their back on the wolf, and entered the next steel door. When they got in, the hallways looked deserted. Together they searched for a sign that would lead them to the front desk. A towering bulletin board to their left, addressing the office.

They continued walking down the long hall to they reached a tight corner going westward. Turning left, they finally discovered some activity of workers and guards. They approached the front desk that was occupied by a leopard. When they were in sight, the leopard looked up at them.

"Yes, may I help you?"

"Yes, I need to see a prisoner named Wolf Carter, number AK6-WTY, and a prisoner named Pigma Dengar sir."

Raymond looked up at the wolf with concerned eyes.

"Hey, what are you doing Troy?"

"Just a minute sir, I’ll send guards to get your prisoners, and to setup a meeting room."

"Thanks you sir."

The leopard walked out of his office, entering a different hallway. Troy turned quickly back to the cheetah next to him.

"You go see Pigma for a second, I have unfinished business with this Carter asshole. Just do it alright."

"Alright, what about Leo?"

"He’ll be joining you in the same room okay."

The leopard returned with two different keys.

"If you would follow me please."

"Whoa, hold up."

Leo came walking up behind Troy and Raymond.

"Leo, you go with Raymond, I’ll join you guys shortly."

"Okay," agreed Leo.

The leopard took the three to Pigma first. Leo and Raymond entered the room. Troy shuts the door behind them, and continued on.

The room was small in size, containing a small rectangular table, and four sets of chairs. Leo and Raymond sat opposite of each other. The prisoner arrived ten minutes later. Leo and Raymond looked up at the sweating pig, seeming a bit frustrated about something. The guard forcefully pushed Pigma into his seat then cuffed him to the chair.

The guard smiled at the fox and cheetah, "You guys enjoy," laughing while walking out.

Pigma studied the two figures, then sighed.

"Who are you guys anyway?"

Leo looked at Raymond for a minute.

"He’s Mr. Sparks, and I’m Mr. McClaude."

Raymond began to chuckle, then attempted to straighten his face. Pigma had a perplexed sense of confusion, but quickly took the joke.

"I don’t know who you are, but I had summoned a wolf, not a fox nor cheetah of the matter!"

"Oh don’t worry, you’ll get your wolf," reassured Leo.

"Oh man, is it hot in here, or do I smell some bacon?" Joked Raymond waving his paw back and forth from his muzzle.

"Oh very funny," Pigma said with disgust.

Leo and Raymond broke out laughing. Then Leo started again…

"What’s this? Sniff, Sniff, I smell, I smell BACON, I can’t believe it’s BACON!"

Raymond broke out into tears from laughing so hard, so did Leo. Raymond laughed so hard; his own saliva dropped on his shirt. When Leo saw that, he begun to cry, and making bubbles from his muzzle. Finally Pigma joined in the laughter about himself.

The ape stood in line for his lunch, trying not to say anything that would offend someone. Andrew was picky with food, missing the things he had taken for granted during the war. Now, he was stuck with slop after slop, and to drink water instead of wine.

After coming out of the lunch line, he looked for Pigma, who happen to be absent. He glanced at a table were they usually sit. While walking to the table, he attempted to cut through the crowd of eating prisoners, but his leg got caught by some ones foot. He took a hard nosedive to the floor, spilling his food onto the same panther from the other day.

The black panther studied his messed up fur, and turned to the culprit. Andrew went into shock of the sight of the nemesis.

"What, you again, oh this time you won’t just get slapped. Oh no, you’ll get worse off then your buddy. Meet me in the courtyard in an hour or else…"

The panther slid his fangs around his throat. Andrew was so scared, he didn’t realize he had lost control of his bladder. Before Andrew knew what happened, everyone was laughing at him. He raised up off the floor, but was kept down by the panther, walking over his back.

Chapter 6

"Life is all about the survival of the fittest."

Jaguar Janks, Tiger Hawks leader

Oh Michael, I knew he would have said that. After all, we were accurate of the matter. Can’t say we didn’t try, so what, you didn’t know two existing members were left. Don’t get all bent out of shape now."

"Your right, I’m not always right, but still…"

"Don’t sweat it, let’s go home."

"Sure baby, I need to soak in a hot tub."

The two couples drove down their street slowly, observing the neighbors. They came to suspicion when they saw a female wolf putting a black plastic bag into her trunk. The leopards got a good look at the wolf then scanned the driveway. Michael spotted some thing red dripping from the bag. He pulls the car over to the side of the road to investigate further.

"Michael, what’s wrong?"

"Kiara, you didn’t see that red color liquid drip from that black bag?"

The female leopard looks closer at the driveway. She immediately locates the red spots.

"Yes, now I see it, but what are you thinking?"

"Hmm, I’m thinking she has a dead body in that bag."

"That’s absurd boy, why don’t you go ask her then?"

The leopard turns his head onto his wife in disbelief.

"You go ask her, I mean, females communicate better," he explained while giving a big smile.

"Alright you dick, I’ll go ask her."

"Humph, at least I’m not the one with the…"

The car door slammed by Kiara interrupted him.

"What you say?"

"Umm, nothing about you babe, honest."

"I thought so!"

Kiara walks away toward the house. Michael begins mumbling to himself,

Ha, she thinks so, god, why do females think their so high and mighty against males? That’s a all animal kingdom question."

Michael watches his wife’s every movement. Kiara made it to the car, but the wolf had retreated inside again. Kiara took a good look on the driveway, analyzing the blood-like markings. After a minute, she decided to go up to the door of the house. She politely knocked on the door.

"Umm, hello, anyone here?"

No response was her answer. Kiara grew curious by the minute, but she didn’t want to enter the house. She simple turned around and was startled by the wolf.

"Whoa, you scared me for a minute there."

The wolf gave a friendly smile, while Michael kept an eye on the suspect.

"Oh, sorry bout that, can I help you with something?"

"Oh umm, I was going to ask you that, my husband and I," pointing to the car, ‘we thought you might need some help moving something?’ Or not."

"What’s your name?"

Kiara felt it was awkward, but answered with dignity.

"My name is Kiara Andrewson, and my husband is Michael Andrewson."

The wolf turned to the car, waving at leopard.

"My name is Fang, Elise Fang."

They shook paws and went into the house. Michael stepped out of the car, and ran up to the house entering also.

"Nice to meet you Elise, do you live alone?" Kiara asked showing concern.

"Yes, but my son Robert stops by time to time. I’m use to being alone, it doesn’t faze me none, I just wish my husband was still alive. He died during the Lylat Wars."

"Oh, I’m sorry to hear that," Michael addressed, showing sincerity.

"Oh thanks, you must be Michael right?"

"Yes ma’am," Michael said while shaking paws with the shorter wolf.

"May I get you two anything to drink?"

"Sure, I’ll have some milk," answered Kiara.

"I’ll have the same thing," answered Michael.

"Okay, have a seat in the living room, right of the corridor."

The wolf pointed the way as she went into the kitchen. The two couples found their way into the living room, admiring the furniture, collections of trophies, and luxury entertainment system. Moments later, the wolf came back into the living room with a small tray with two glasses of milk.

"Here you two go," the wolf said while handing the glasses to them.

"Oh thank you," replied both leopards.

The wolf took her seat across from them, placing the small wooden tray on a nearby counter. She folded her arms, and studied the two couples.

"Hmm, Andrewson’s, is that with the General?"

Michael was taking a sip, when Kiara answered.

"Yes ma’am, this spot next to me is the general’s son," Kiara joked.

"You two newly weds?"

"About a year now," answered Michael.

"That’s good, marriage is a powerful thing, something that should never been broken," the wolf said glancing around the room.

"I totally agree with you Elise," agreed Kiara and Michael."

"I bet everyone in Corneria told you two, that you two together make a cute couple?"

"Oh yes, about a thousand times like a thousand spots," Michael joked, taking another sip out of his milk.

The wolf laughed out loud, then got up out of her seat, and approached a desk. She reached in and pulled out a photo album. She brought it back to her seat, and lays the small book onto a glass table.

"This is a family album, small in size due to the wars, but it’s still holds the past in it."

Kiara and Michael put their glasses down, and bent closer to the table to see the photos. The wolf had begun her story.

"Hey Brad, slow down, your leaving me in the dirt back here," Juliette demanded over the com-link.

"Keep up Juliette, we have to reach the prison."

Juliette growled as she continued speeding her arwing in formation.

The door opened, and a middle-aged wolf in orange prison uniform came in. Troy stood up from his seat, watching the wolf in furious eyes. The guard cuffed the wolf to his chair, then left the two species alone. The locked up wolf grinned at the younger wolf.

"What’s up junior, still wetting your pants, mommy still changing your diapers," Carter taunted.

Troy walked over to the prisoner, bent down into his face.

"You still talking about my family, I guess I have to teach you manners, something your mommy didn’t teach ya long ago scum."

"Woo hoo, it’s easy to call someone scum, your nothing but talk sonny, where’s the walk to walk?"

"If I did walk the walk all the time, you wouldn’t be here," Troy threatened.

"Why don’t you sit your wanna be tough ass down, before a real soldier teach ya a lesson or two."

"You’re in no position to tell me what to do!"

"If I’m not mistaken, your mother’s name is Laura O’Donnell, am I right?"

Troy raised his ears at the name, and then he went back to his chair, folding his arms.

"What’s it to ya?"

"Oh, just making sure I got the right wolf here, that’s all."

"Enough games, if you got something to say, speak now, your wasting my time here."

"Okay, down to business. I worked by your father’s side one time, before the war. He was one to be feared by many, but not me. I joined his beginning squadron one time, and I remember what jerk he was. He was a big loafer, lazy bastard. He never cared for any of his comrades, just the power he would get from Andross. He took what he wanted, killed who he wanted, it was like he had no class. He’s soul was evil, eccentric canine I’ve ever met. His only goal was to kill his enemies, no matter how dangerous it was to achieve. When Andross came to power, he changed a lot. I don’t know if you read his records lately, but your old man is one sick bastard."

"Hey enough with the sick bastard comments!"

"Alright, the sick bastard…"

He was interrupted by a smack across his muzzle.

"That felt good, am I ever going to finish this story!"

"Quite that stupid ass remarks, or I’ll turn into Wolf on your ass."

"Whatever kid, just listen up. Like I said, he’s sick, I guess you didn’t read his records then. Anyway, I noticed how he changed. With his new power, he used most often unwisely. He would do a number of things to fellow comrades. We’re talking about blackmail, assault, kill, steal, and even rape.

Troy lowered his ears, but his curiosity grew of new knowledge.

"Everyone was afraid of his wild ways around the force. After all this shit he did, I decided to break away from the team. When I did, it wasn’t easy, he broke my leg in a fight, but I took his left eye with me."

The prisoner laugh, while spitting in Troy’s face. Troy immediately got up, and started to choke the wolf madly.

"Is it funny you crazy bastard, spit in my face huh, I’ll kill you."

"Get off me you foolish son of a bitch!"

Troy let the prisoner go, still filled with anger, but allowing the wolf to recover his breath.

"I’m going to finish, sit your furry ass down!"

"NO, I’m standing up, cause the next time you say something stupid, I’m going to cut your throat, you lying bastard."

Troy held his combat knife out in his right paw determined to use it.

"Alright, I’m going to finish this story weather you believe me or not. Anyway, during the same time, your heartless father took my lady from me, your mother. Laura and I were destined to be together, but that jerk took her away from me. I’m surprised he married her, instead using her as a chew toy."

Troy held the knife closer to the prisoner’s throat.

"I’m sure you know who murdered your father. That McCloud bastard, he’s the one you should kill not me. Sure I took your father’s eye, but he took your father’s life. That’s a big difference sonny. Oh, I bet FOX has a son too. Maybe you should go slice his throat with this knife. Makes no difference to me who you kill, but just remember your mortal enemy continues to exist with you. Hey, I have some connections; I can tell you were the McCloud’s are stationed throughout Corneria. Do you want the list boy?"

Troy lowers the knife, and thinks about the past. Putting his anger from the prisoner to Leo.

"No thanks, I’ll hunt them down myself, thanks for the info old man."

"No problem, just be sure up hold your father’s ambitions."

"To destroy all enemies right?"


Troy acts like he’s walking toward the door, but turns around behind the wolf. The prisoner’s attention was on other thoughts, when he felt someone grabbing his muzzle. Troy got a tight grip, raising the wolf’s head back to where eyes were met. With a clean swipe, Troy ended the wolf’s life. The prisoner slumped down, falling out of the chair. A bloody puddle formation flowed instantly to the floor. Troy scanned the body over, then his messy knife.

"Kill all enemies, you were his enemy Wolf Carter!"

Troy places his knife back into his sheath, hiding the blade under his shirt pocket. Acting normal again, he walks out of the room, heading toward Pigma’s meeting room.

"Hey porky, why do you smell?" Raymond taunted continuously.

"Maybe he don’t believe in a shower," answered Leo.

"I do too you skinny punk," threatened Pigma.

"Shit, I’m done with jokes, down to business," Raymond advised.

"Alright Pigma, are you a member of Star Wolf?" Leo questioned the smelly pig.

"Yeah, well I was, until capture."

"Hey Leo, if my memory is correct, he betrayed the original Star Fox team."

"Your right, you son of a bitch," Leo cursed, ‘You got my grand father killed.’

"Serves that fox right, taking all the credit, that greedy slob…"

Leo got up punching the pig out of his seat, making sure every blow counts. Raymond quickly got up, restraining the wild fox in a headlock. When pulled away, Leo continued to kick out at the fallen foe.

"Cool it Leo, you got your FEW licks in that scum, time to take a break."

Leo cooled down, then took a seat next to Raymond, cause he believed if he went back to the pig, he would finish the job before Raymond would pull him away. Pigma regained strength to sit up again.

"Well, Fox McCloud had a son after all, to bad he’ll never get another chance at me like you did."

"Shut your trap piggy, or both of us will beat the shit out of you for FUN!"

"You don’t know who you’re dealing with Piggy, we’re the new Star Fox team members, or Star Fox 2," Raymond complimented proudly.

"WHAT, another Star Fox team again, shoo, you guys will never be as good as the original one years back. I’m surprised that Fox allowed you guys to take the team name. He should’ve never retired, that fool."

"Who you calling a fool, at least he’s not rotting in this dump," barked Leo.

"True, how many members now?"

"Five to be exact," Raymond answered.

"You will DIE, RICO TOMS will take care you guys," Pigma advised.

"What, we stopped his operations six months ago, where have you been?"

"WHAT, no way, Toms is a powerful guy, Pigma yelled in disbelief.

"Yeah, ONLY IN THE DAMN PAPERS you idiot," Leo laughed.

Suddenly the door opened, and Troy entered in.

"Hey Troy, you ready to interrogate this slim bucket?" Raymond answered.

Troy stood motionless, then gave orders.

"Let’s go, I found out enough information today."

"But the piglet…"

"I SAID MOVE OUT, You got a problem Raymond?"

Raymond felt offended, but continued to argue.

"Hey pal, I didn’t ask to come here in the first place, If I knew I would’ve wasted my time with this pig, I would’ve never come here in the first place."

Troy turned his back and walked out of the room.

"What’s his god damn problem anyway?" Leo asked the cheetah.

"I don’t give a damn, let’s go, I’ve had all the fun I wanted around this shit hole."

Leo and Raymond walked out of the room, leaving Pigma alone again. They caught up with the wolf minutes later.

What’s your damn hurry Troy?" Raymond questioned the speedy wolf.

"Look, I got my info, and that’s all I needed, now I’m leaving this place to see someone to gather the true accounts. Leo, you come with me, Raymond, you report back to GF, and that’s an order."

Raymond ran passed the courtyard ahead of the two cousins, mumbling. He jumped into his arwing, and flew off angrily. Leo and Troy got into their jets and took off in a different direction.

Chapter 7

"Your worst enemy can be your best friend."

Gary Grey, Commander of Corneria

Minutes after leaving the prison, two other members of Star Fox landed. Brad and Juliette stepped out of their cockpits and met each other by the front gate. The same two guards occupied the same spot, staring at the two newcomers.

"So this is it, the CSP, not too shabby," Juliette complimented.

"Don’t get too cocky, shabby but contains hell within," Brad advised.

"Alright fearless leader, shall we enter, or just stare at it?"

Brad turned his head toward his comrade with a smirk.

"Sure, let’s enter tough one."

They walked to the front guards. Juliette approached the right guard, facing the jaguar.

"May we enter?"

"Do you have clearance by 1st or 2nd class top official, or a passing signature from Commander Grey or General Anrewson?"

"No sir we do not, but our comrades came by here, three guys, a wolf, fox, and cheetah."

"Oh yeah, they came, and they left."

"They tell you where?" Brad asked.

"No sir."

A scream came from the courtyard then alarms within the building sounded off. The two guards immediately opened the gate, and scanned the area of the courtyard. Two other guards came from within the building, running toward the front guards. Brad and Juliette stepped inside the fenced corridor.

"45 and 47, a prisoner has been annihilated, a ground search for culprit is in process," yelled one guard.

Another scream came from the courtyard, and Juliette managed to pin point it’s location. She discovered an ape being held down by five strong prisoners, and a panther dropping heavy weights onto the ape’s hands.

"Guards, there’s the screaming prisoner," Juliette yelled, pointing in the direction.

"Thanks, we’ll take it from here."

Three guards entered the facility, while the fourth one fired his rifle into the air. The blast caught the troubled gang that was torturing the ape to attention.

"Let him go, or be terminated!"

The panther’s gang backed off the ape, and went elsewhere. Before leaving, the black panther stomped the ape in the face. The guard lowered his rifle, then turned back onto the newcomers.

"Your comrades separated, one went westward, the other two went eastward. Now get out of here, this is no place for you two."

Brad and Juliette ran back to there arwings.

"I hope Raymond is still in a 20 mile radius, then I can call him," Juliette suggested.

"Give it a try, then advise me of his location."

Juliette turns her com-link frequency up, entered Raymond’s Arwing code, and pressed a button. The radio showed static for a moment then it went clear.

"This is Juliette, I’m ground force, come in Raymond."

Even more static after she released the button.

"I repeat, this is Juliette, I’m ground force, come in Raymond."

The static duration was short, and then a cracking voice appeared.

"This is Raymond, I’m airborne, what’s your location Juliette?"

"Thank god I reached you, Brad and I are at CSP, investigating the three whereabouts."

"Well, I’m fine, Troy and Leo took off together somewhere. My transmission is breaking up, so I’ll meet you there in forty cycles. Raymond out…"

Static took over the com-links, then Juliette turned the frequency low and entered Brad’s arwing code.

"Hey Brad, Raymond is on his way, he has no idea of Troy’s or Leo’s disappearance."

"I read you loud and clear, no idea huh, damn, I wonder if…"

"If what?"

"If this culprit search has anything to do with Troy."

"I doubt it, plus you seen that panther attacking that ape back there, it’s probably his fault or something. Plus the guards didn’t give us enough info to determine that it was one of ours."

"Yeah, your right, but I still consider Troy to be some how a part of this, this mess is all connected some how, I just don’t figure it out."

"Same here, but lets put this up with Troy when we find him. Oh I was reading that file remember?"

"Yeah I do, what about it."

"It said Troy’s mother Laura doesn’t contain an address of her domain. I think Troy know where it is, and he’s taking Leo there for some reason."

"Your right, but there’s something not right about this, I mean, who would want Troy to come to this prison anyway?"

"No idea, due to that guard not allowing us to pass."

"We need Gary’s signature to enter, and find out what the hell is going on here."

"Perhaps Raymond has it."

"Hopefully he does, or we’ll be finding Troy like a needle in a haystack."

"Sheez, don’t rub it in Jul."

Meanwhile, Kiara and Michael were having a friendly chat that continued to last for a long time. The wolf continued on about the photo album.

"Oh this guy is my son, Robert Fang, he played a couple sports but not many. He was into weapons, adventurous missions, and well girls too."

All three laughed, becoming fast of friends.

Hey, are you two thinking about having cubs?"

Kiara begin to blush, burrowing her face into Michael’s chest. Michael finished his glass of milk and then thought about the question.

"I’m not sure yet, I mean, cubs can wait, we don’t plan to start real fast, just want to make sure everything is settled you know?" Michael answered.

"Oh yes I understand, when I was married, I decided to have a child when I was about 26. It shocked me when it came for labor. The pain is almost unbearable to handle, but I don’t want to scare your wife there."

"Oh it’s okay, I’m going to have to bear the pain some day," Kiara said while giving her husband a kiss.

The wolf closed the album, and placed it back in its original place. When she turned around, Kiara for the first time noticed the wolf had bloodstains around her collar. Kiara quickly warned Michael of her discovery before the wolf turned around again. Michael glanced at the wolf for a minute than back at his wife.

"You two want some more milk?" The wolf asked while her back was still turned.

"Umm, no thanks, I had my days worth," answered Michael and Kiara.

"Okay then, I’ll be right back, I have something to get from my bedroom. Be back in a minute."

"Take your time, we’ll be here," reassured Michael.

The wolf left the two in the living room, and proceeded to the basement, shutting the door behind her. She walks downstairs, and cuts right. She flicks on a light bulb, and scanned the basement floor. She locates the dead body, and drags it into her large basement freezer. When she reached the rectangular box, she opened the door, then picked up the body, laying it inside.

This’ll be meat for a week.

She quickly closes the box, and puts a lock on its clamps. She turned the light out, and followed the stairs up again. When she got to the door, she remembered the bullet hole in the door, fired by the intruder. It was located off to the left side of the doorknob, barely noticeable.

Once in the corridor, she spotted a figure on the front porch, glaring through the front door. She went to the door and opened it. She looked into the eyes of a wolf and fox.

"Hi ma’am, can we use your restroom?" Troy asked the wolf.

"Why certainly, it’s upstairs, you can’t miss it."

Troy yanked Leo inside the house, pushing him to go upstairs. The wolf shut the door and walked back into the living room. Kiara and Michael wonder what the noise was from the front door.

"Who was that?" Kiara asked with concern eyes.

"Oh, that was just plumbers, just fixing a broken pipe upstairs. Nothing to be concerned about."

"Well, it’s getting late, we better get on our way home," suggested Michael.

The two leopards got up from their seats, approaching their friendly host. The two couples give a friendly paw shack.

"Well it was nice meeting you Ms. Fang, we’ll be seeing you around sometime," Michael said in a goodbye tone.

"The pleasure is all mine you two, have a nice day."

"You too."

The wolf waves goodbye and shuts the door and locks it.

"Troy, what’s the big idea?"

Troy threw the fox into the bathroom, and entered himself. Troy shut the door behind him and turns to the confused comrade.

"What’s the meaning of this, I want answers now."

"Why don’t you shut up and step into the tub!"

Leo attempted to walk pass the wolf, but he was pushed back forcefully.

"I don’t know what your big idea or problem is, but I ready to fight you. I’m not getting into someone else’s tub for you or anybody.

"Suit yourself, I guess I’m going to gut ya while you’re on your feet rather your knees."


Troy pulls out his knife again, Leo steps back getting his knife out.

"You ready Leo?"

"Why are you doing this, we’re cousins man, this makes no sense."

Before Troy could attack, a knock on the door seized his steps.

"Troy I presume, what are you doing?"

"Not now mom, I’m busy with this enemy."

"I’m not your enemy," Leo said trying to compromise.

Troy opens the door, and steps outside with his mother. He takes a good deep look into her eyes.

"Troy, what are you doing with that fox? I thought you was coming alone?"

"I was, but, it’s a long story, but I need to speak with you about my dad."

"Sure thing, but first give me the knife."

Troy hands the knife over to his short mother.

"Now, what’s this fox doing in my bathroom, and why are you trying to kill him?"

"His name is Leo, he’s one of the McCloud’s. Just come down stairs with me, I’ll explain."

Troy growls, and enters the bathroom again. He grabs Leo, pulling him out.

"C’mon Leo, lets head to the living room, and sort this out once in for all."

Troy walks downstairs alone, approaching the living room. Leo stares at the short wolf then followed Troy. Laura takes a good look at the fox, then followed him down. Troy was sitting in a chair, facing a wall when he heard Leo and Laura walk in.

"Take a seat Leo, right here."

Laura points to a chair opposite of Troy. He takes a seat and awaits the next step. Laura takes a seat next to Leo and then looked at the back of Troy’s chair.

"Hey Troy, why don’t you turn around, and face me."

As an order, Troy turned around and faced her instantly.

"Before we start on you Leo, we need a family conversation first. Troy, my day has been terrible, I was attacked at a government store. I received a headache, a cut on the side of my face, another cut on the back of my head, and I was shot in the chest today by a spy. Then I found you bring me more trouble into my house. You better have a good reason, or you’ll be finding me your enemy as well."

Troy sighs and faces his mother.

"This whole mess started about around this morning, Commander Grey received a letter that was for me. It was from a pilot of dad’s dead squadron, Pigma Dengar at CSP. On my way there with my comrades, I discovered a prisoner, a wolf who said he was part of dad’s squadron a long time ago. He said he knew you from way back. He also told me some stuff about dad that you never told me. Lets say his RECORDS."

"What was his name?"

"Wolf Carter."

"That don’t rang a bell, but he must have gotten my name from someone else."

"Don’t lie to me!"

Laura’s eyes squinted.

"I never lie to you, NEVER! If I said I don’t know this Wolf Carter, I don’t know him. You say he knows Wolf’s records, hell, anyone could’ve looked that up on any computer. Can’t you tell that you’ve been tricked? Your so gullible Troy and you know better then that."

Leo grew interest of the matter and butted in.

"Is that why you went after me, because you believe him?

Troy didn’t answer.

"An you ma’am, are you Wolf’s wife?"

"Yes, you can call me Laura. I bet you heard a lot about me huh?"

"Not much, just that you are a good agent, and who saved thousands from the bombing of General Pepper."

"Yeah, that’s me, but I’m not in a good mood today to celebrate. I bet the CIA are still looking for me, trying to decide what side I’m on?"

"I’m not sure, it’s pretty obvious which."

"Thanks, aren’t you Fox and Fara’s son?"

"Yeah, that’s the one and only me."

"Humph, your father did a very heroic act during the war, and everyone should think him. Your grand father was a marvel too, still holding the title as the greatest pilot of all Lylat. I really admired the McClouds. Now I hear that the new Star Fox team stopped Rico Toms a while back."

"I don’t know if Troy told you this, but we’re on that team."

"Your kidding right?’

"No ma’am, Troy and I."

"It’s funny how trust is hard to establish between the two sons."

Troy looks at Leo, then gets up out of the chair, approaching a window. He faced the window, keeping his eyes shut.

"Leo, I want you to forgive on behalf my foolish act. I’m sorry for attempting to kill my only cousin. Do you forgive me?"

"Of course I do, just watch out next time who you believe, oh, if you try this act again, we’ll rumble!"

"Ha, very amusing, there’s another thing, tell the team I’ll need some time alone, I’m breaking away from the team for a while."

"What, you breaking away?"

"Yep, only temporary, I need to get my priority straight, before I cause anyone else harm."

"I understand, I will comply."

Leo stands up, walking over to Troy. Troy turns around and gives the fox a hug. Tears were running down his face.

"I’m so sorry Leo, I’ll never do something like this again. I promise you."

Leo returns hug, "I hope you don’t either."

"Another thing, don’t tell anyone about this place, my mother likes to be kept secret, hidden from everyone."

"I won’t, I’ll promise your mom that."

Troy releases his hug, "Now go, the others are looking for you."

"Alright, take care man."

Leo walks away from Troy, and shakes paws with Laura, then returns to his arwing. Troy waves goodbye at the door, then closes the door. He returns to the living room and sits beside his mom.

"I want to know something mom, who gave dad his eye patch?"

"Son, I have no idea. He never got a chance to tell me, but I always keep his ring."

Troy slides his muzzle underneath his mother’s chin.

"I’m so confused, I don’t know what to believe anymore."

"Troy, your heart is the only thing that you should believe in."

Chapter 8

"Loyalty and Trust is what ever team needs."

Regina Toms, Second Leader of Green Forces

Leo sped off, keeping in mind never to give away the true location of Laura O’Donnell. Leo sent transmission to Great Fox.

"This is Leo to GF, come in."

"We read you Leo, glad to see that your okay, what happened anyway?"

"Nothing of importance, just bad news Juliette. I’ll be docking soon, I’ll fill you guys in when I’m on deck."

"Alright, GF out."

Minutes later, Leo docked GF, and reported to the deck. Raymond and the others awaited his presence. When he entered, everyone was filled with relief.

"Hey Leo, I hope you got some explaining to do," Brad advised.

"Yeah I do, let’s say Troy is breaking from the team for a while."

"What! Everyone asked.

"He told me to tell you, that he’s taking a break, he’s got matters of his on to settle."

"Yeah, I got matters to settle myself with him," Raymond joked.

"Look guys, lets just give him so time alone, he’ll come through when he’s ready alright," Leo suggested.

"Okay, let’s hope he don’t fall into the wrong paws," Brad added.

Leo turned his attention into space, " I know he will be back!"


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