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Fantasy 7.

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"What does it mean, Red XIII?", Cloud asked of the inscription--one that
Fara had just discovered on her own pendant.

"Well, I don't understand all of it--I'm not an Ancient--but,
Grandfather did teach me enough to know bits and pieces of it."

"Um, Red, I hate to burst your bubble, but Bugenhagen wasn't an Ancient,
either. ", Cid corrected.

"No, but he did study a little...hey, that's it! Why don't we go to
Cosmo Canyon and see if the elders know anything about this?"

"OK, but we'll need a ship to take us there. The repairs still aren't
complete on the Highwind-II.", Cloud said.

"I've got just the idea.", Fara added. "My ship, the Phoenix, just got a
hyperdrive installed. Why don't we use it?"

"Why don't we just take the Great Fox?", Fox inquired.

"Because, ", Peppy interrupted, "that's the only ship capable of holding
all our Arwings. The Phoenix would probably be needed if we got attacked
again, and it's only got room for three fighters. The Great Fox also has
more firepower that the Phoenix."

"That means that someone will have to stay behind.", Fox concluded. "I'm

"So am I.", Fara added.

"Fara....", Fox began to say.

"Fox, you told me that you'd back me up if I ever wanted to know the
truth about my past. Well, if this inscription has anything to do with
that, I want to know about it for myself."

"And I'm going with her.", Darius added. "After all, she is my twin
sister, and if there's anything about her past, chances are pretty good
that it has to do with MY past as well."

"OK, so we have three going with us.", Cloud concluded. "So, you'll need
at least two, if not three, to stay here and help out." Then he turned
to his party. "Any volunteers?"

"Yo, Cloud, I'll stay an' help.", Barret said.

"And me. " Cid added. "If you're needing a pilot, Cid's your man."

"Cid, are you sure you can handle the Arwings? I mean, they are pretty
advanced fighters.", Fox inquired.

"Listen, Fox. The machine hasn't been invented yet that I can't
drive--or fly. So, let ol' Cid Highwind here handle it."

"All right. Anyone else?", Cloud asked. No one else spoke.

"We're all set then. Let's get back to your base so we can make the
final preparations. We have two worlds to save today, ladies and
gentlemen. ", Cloud ordered.


"You're going WHERE?", General Pepper demanded of Fox.

"Fara, Darius, and myself are going back to Earth with Cloud and his
friends to see if we can't save both our worlds.", Fox answered.

"Fox, what if that admiral decides to attack us again? If he knows
you're gone and thinks that Star Fox is not a threat to him..."

"General, I've thought about that, and two of Cloud's friends have
volunteered to stay and help us out.", Fox added.

"But, they...."

"I'm putting them through the most intense training programs that I can
find, sir. Bill Grey is helping me out there."

"Will they be ready?", Pepper asked.

"As ready as they can get on a few days' notice."

"OK. Dismissed, Fox."

"Cloud, you realize that we may not ever be able to come back for your
friends.", Fox warned.

"I know that. But, they're willing to make that sacrifice for their
planet. I won't stand in their way."

"Well, then. Let's go."

"Agreed, Fox. Let's move out, team!"

The Phoenix blasted off the landing pad at Cornerian Command and went to
lightspeed, headed for Earth.

Five minutes later, Fara heard a knock on the door of her quarters.

"Come in.", she said.

It was her brother, Darius. "What is it, bro?"

"Fara, I....I wanted to give you this after I got off that carrier, but
I didn't get the chance to. After that crash, I didn't think that I
would ever get the chance to...."

"What is it, Darius?", Fara inquired.

"It''s the sword that you fought me with when I was possessed. I
wanted you to know that it was one of the things left with me when I was
adopted. It was meant to be yours."

"Darius, you never really told me what happened to your adopted parents.
I mean, how did your life turn out up to now?"

"Well...I suppose that I could explain what happened to me for all those
years.", Darius said. "I never got the type of parents you did, sis. I
was adopted by a family that had quite a few of their own kits. Well, I
soon turned out to be the outcast of the family, so I ran away from home
at 12 years old. For the last six years, I've fought simply to survive.
About six months ago, I found out how to activate my pendant. It was Mom
telling me to seek out my sister. Left with the pendant were twin
swords, to be used in time of crisis. Before I could seek you out,
though, I was possessed...I still can't forget the terrible things that
I did while I was under Zeras' control. I almost...."

"You weren't yourself that time.", Fara said matter-of-factly. "I've
already told you that."

"But....I guess that even though you've forgiven me, Fara, I still can't
forgive myself. I...I should have fought harder to break that control."

"It's OK, Darius.", Fara said, with an understanding paw on his
shoulder. "One day, you will be able to. But, we can't look to the
future with both eyes on the past, now can we?"

"I guess you're right, sis.", Darius said, with a sigh. "I just hope
that the day doesn't come too late."


The Phoenix was soon back at MIdgar. There was too much security around
to land back at Junon.

"Welcome, my friends, to Midgar, the 'city on a plate' ", Cloud said.

Cait Sith, along with a teenage girl and a strangely dressed man, came
up to greet them.

"Welcome back, Cloud. How was the trip? Where's the craft? And, who's
with you?"

"Funny, I was just about to ask the same question.", Fara said.

"Well, "Cloud said, "let me introduce everyone. Fox, this is Cait Sith,
Yuffie Kisaragi, and Vincent Valentine. Cait Sith, this is Fox
McCloud, Fara Phoenix, and Darius Starfire, all from Corneria."

"Cool, aliens!", Yuffie exclaimed.

"By the way, where were you guys? We've been wondering where you went.",
Cloud asked.

"Well, ", Vincent explained, "Yuffie decided that she was going to go
look for some more materia to assist us in our fight. I went with her to
provide an escort, though she certainly didn't need it."

"Nope! ," Yuffie beamed, "I could have kicked their butts with one arm
behind my back."

"A little bit cocky, isn't she?", Fox grinned.

"Wh..what did you say, furball?", Yuffie said, a little peeved by his

"All right, enough. We've got to get to Cosmo Canyon to see the elders.
They might help us solve a mystery here.", Cloud said. "Are you guys
going this time?"

"Sure.", Yuffie said.

"Very well.", Vincent added.

"Can't we go by Chocobo?", Yuffie asked, "I mean, ships and I don't..."

"I know, Yuffie.", Cloud interrupted. "I guess it's time to stop by
Choco Bill's"

"What IS a Chocobo?", Fara asked.

"Oh, you'll see....",Yuffie grinned. This would be an interesting trip,
after all.


"Which way am I pointed? No, don't go THAT way, you silly bird!! HOW DO
YOU STEER THIS THING????", Fara shouted, exasperated.

"Just go easy on it. It'll get used to the rider soon enough.", Cloud
replied, though he had to supress a laugh.

Cloud was right about that; soon Fara had the bird under control,
although the Chocobo still tried to show her that she still had a LOT to
learn about its kind.

Fox came up right behind her, his Chocobo nipping at Fara's tail.

"Um, Fox, nothing personal, but would you kindly tell your bird to LEAVE

"OK. I'll try.", Fox said, grinning.

"One of these days...", Fara muttered.

"I heard that. Just add it to my bill!, Fox called back.

Fara had to laugh at that one.

Soon, the team arrived at Cosmo Canyon. "This is Cosmo Canyon, home of
the study of Planet Life.", Red XIII said. Even Fara, the inexperienced
Chocobo rider, had to wonder how he could ever ride one of those massive

"Well, let's go. Maybe, we'll find our answers here."


Meanwhile, back on Corneria....

Cid and Barret were just finishing up another round of training.

"Hey guys, you're getting pretty good. Even got to me a couple of
times.", Bill Grey, leader of Husky Squadron, commented. "Not bad for

"I told you that they haven't built the machine that I can't drive--or
fly--yet.", Cid said, a hint of pride in his voice.

"Yeah, go on Cid. " Barret retorted, an edge of sarcasm in his voice. "
I still dunno if we'll be ready for the real thing."

Suddenly, an alarm blared out. "All pilots to their fighters. This is
NOT a drill. I repeat.."

"I guess we get to find out, Barret.", Cid said as he ran for the Arwing
assigned to him.