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Fox and the team walked into the bar at Cosmo Canyon. "So, where do we
begin?", he asked Cloud.

"Well...why don't we ask that man over there?", Cloud answered. "He
looks like one of the elders."

They walked over to meet the man, who was dressed in simple clothing and
looked tall and wiry, yet his eyes possessed an intelligence beyond

"Hello, Nanaki. Who do you bring with you this time?", the man said.
Obviously, he had recognized Red XIII.

"Greetings, Elder. I bring with me visitors from another world who seek
our advice."

"What is it they seek?"

"I can explain, Mr.....", Fara said, waiting for his name.

"Oh, sorry. I am Elder Bugah of Cosmo Canyon. And you are?"

"I am Fara Phoenix, and this is my brother, Darius Starfire, and my
fiance, Fox McCloud. We are from the planet Corneria."

"I see. And what are you seeking, traveler?"

"My brother and I was each left with a pendant when we were separated at
birth eighteen years ago. We have discovered an inscription on them that
we do not understand.", Fara explained.

"Furthermore, Elder, ", Red XIII added, "the inscription is written in
the language of the Cetra; though I cannot translate the text, I
recognize some of the characters."

Elder Bugah looked positively stunned. "Are...are you sure of this,

"Beyond a doubt, Elder."

"Then there is someone you must see. We know very little of the Cetra,
and this may hold new information for us all."

"Is he here in Cosmo Canyon?", Red XIII asked.

"Yes. He is the pupil of one of the leading experts on the Ancients, and
is familiar with the written language. He should be at the Inn."

"Good. Now maybe we can get to solving this mystery.", Darius said,

"We must hurry.", Red XIII stated. "There is very little time left."

Admiral Blath was standing on the bridge of the Vengeance, watching and
waiting. The scan distortion device was damaged in the last attack, so
there was no doubt that Corneria had detected him by now. Still, he
thought, they were no match for his carrier and the five hundred
fighters it now possessed.

"Admiral, I bring news.", the communications officer spoke.

"What is it?", the admiral retorted. He obviously disliked distractions,
even in thought.

"Sir, I have intercepted communications that may indicate that Fox
McCloud is not on Corneria at this time."


"It appears that he has gone on a mission to another world far away."

"Excellent. Now I will not have to worry about that cursed Star Fox team
ruining my plans this time. Prepare all fighters for launch. How long
before we are in attack range?"

"About 12 hours, sir. Wait, they are launching fighters from Corneria.
We've been detected!"

"Scramble the fighters. We attack NOW!"


Sephiroth sat in the core of the Earth. He was supremely confident that
his plan would not fail this time. Meteor would strike Corneria in about
thirty hours, and he would soon have the power to crush Cloud and his

No doubt that he was even watching the exchange between Cloud and the
new beings that came from Corneria to help. Even though he would wipe
them out, Sephiroth had to admire their courage. After all, Sephiroth
had once been a warrior, too. "Well..maybe this will be enjoyable, after

Just for fun, he reached out to take a mental look at his new
adversaries. He first took a look at Fox. "Hmmm...a born leader, but
nothing special beyond that..might be an interesting challenge..." He
then looked at Fara--and paused. He felt a presence he thought he'd
defeated along with Aeris.

" can't be....TWO of them?", he thought as he turned his mental
eyes to Darius. Then, he laughed, "Well, two birds with one stone. Now
I WILL finish off the last of the Cetra, and then nothing can stand in
my way..."


Fox and company arrived at the desk of the Shildra Inn. "Excuse me, but
we're looking for someone here. Elder Bugah told us that he could be
found here."

"Ah, yes. And whom do you seek?"

"Professor Art Wilson. He is the one who knows about the Ancients,

"Yes. I am.", a voice behind them spoke. All turned to face the
newcomer. He wore glasses, and appeared to be tall and thin, with wisps
of graying hair on his head. "And, who are you all? You're...not from
anywhere around here."

"I'm Fox McCloud, and these guys are Darius Starfire and Fara Phoenix.
We're from the planet Corneria."

"Why would you need to know about the Ancients?", the professor asked.

"Because...", Darius answered, then handed the professor his pendant
with the back side turned up so that he could read the inscription.

"This is the writing of the Cetra, all right. Let's go into one of the
rooms so we can all read it."

"OK." Fox, Fara, Darius, and Cloud all followed the professor into the
room. Everyone else stayed in the lobby.

"So, what does the inscription say?", Darius asked, anxiously.

The professor studied the pendant intently, then stated the answer that
everyone was waiting for. "It appears to be 'read this, my child, for
you are one of the last of our kind, the Cetra. When the time comes, and
your world is in danger, you must seek Holy.' Also, this appears to have
been written by one of the females of the Cetra--the men were far more
formal...and longer winded, if you get the point."

"Then, Mom...", Fara gasped, her eyes wide with amazement.

"Yes. It would appear that your mother, and therefore you and your
brother, was a descendant of the Cetra."

"Aeris had to know the same thing...", Cloud muttered, totally stunned
by the revelation. "But, how did they get to Corneria?"

"Remember, the Cetra were a wandering people.", the professor stated.

"Then what are we waiting for? We need to seek this...Holy. Where can it
be?", Darius stated.

"Um, Darius. I know where it is, but we're going to have a slight
problem with that.", Cloud interrupted.

"What is it?", Fara asked.

"Holy is at the core of the Earth. But...Sephiroth is keeping it from
moving. We have to defeat him to free it."

"He...he can do that?", Darius stammered, shocked that they would have
to face a foe of that magnitude.

"Yes. He is that powerful.", Cloud added. He knew what they were up

"Then we must hurry. If my calculations were correct, "Red XIII
interupted, "then Meteor is about to hit Corneria in about twenty-four

Fara placed a paw on the handle of her sword--the one that her brother
had given her and now wore at her hip. In one swift motion she drew it
and shouted, "Let's go, then. For Corneria--and Earth!"

"I agree with Fara.", Cloud added. "To the North Crater!"


The Cornerian and Venomian forces clashed near Fortuna, which wasn't
very far from Corneria. General Pepper had reasoned that the farther
away from Corneria they attacked, the better.

Cid checked his boards for the fortieth time. "Damn, I didn't think that
we'd have to do the real thing this early..."

"I hear you, Cid.", Falco spoke over the comm. Cid wasn't even aware
that he had it on. "It's not easy, the first mission..."

"All fighters report in!", Peppy ordered. With Fox gone for now, he was
in command of Star Fox.

"Falco here. I'm fine."

"Slippy here. I'm OK."

"This is Barret. Let's go!"

"Cid here. All systems go..I think."

"All right guys. Our target is that carrier. Take out all the fighters
you can along the way."

"Geez, I thought you wanted us to try something hard.", Cid quipped.

"A lot of courage coming from a rookie. Well, it's good, but don't let
it get to your head. Let's go.", Peppy said.

With that, one battle had begun. On Earth, though, a second--and equally
fierce---was about to begin as well........