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           &nb sp;  STARFOX: WORLDS APART
           &nb sp;            CHAPTER 6

The Phoenix finally arrived at the North Crater.

"OK, Cloud, so where do we go now?", Fox inquired.

"He's somewhere down there.", Cloud answered. "He's...waiting for us."

"Let's finish this, then.", Fara retorted. She hadn't put her sword back
in its sheath since they left Cosmo Canyon. Now, as the sunlight
reflected off of it, the blade shone with a hint of red light--her blade
was edged with ruby, while her brother's was edged with sapphire.

"Hey, guys , be careful. The enemies down here are strong.", Tifa

Step by step, the team made their way down towards the center of the
crater. Two enemies were foolhardy enough to challenge the party.

Fara and Darius never gave them the chance. Striking like twin eagles,
they quickly cut down their opposition.

"Man, can you guys fight or what?", Tifa exclaimed.

"Sure we can.", Fara said.

"She learned from the best.", Darius added.

"Riiiiiiight.", Fara remarked, sarcastically.

The team arrived at a fork in the path.

"So, which way?", Yuffie asked.

"OK, everyone. Which way are you going?", Cloud asked. "I'm going left."

Each of the team declared their direction in turn.

"Left.", Fox said.

"Left, too", Fara answered.

"Right.", Vincent said,

"Left. SOMEONE has to go with the alien guys.", said Yuffie.

"And SOMEONE has to go with the Earthlings. I'm going right.", Darius

"Right.", declared Red XIII

"Left," said Tifa.

"And I'm going right.", Cait Sith added, rounding out the crew.

"Five to the left, and four to the right. OK, then let's split up.
Everyone, be careful. We'll meet at the center. Move out!", Cloud

"Be careful, bro.", Fara called to Darius.

"Aren't I always, sis?", he called back.

Cloud, Fox, Fara, Tifa, and Yuffie started down the left fork of the
path. Soon, they arrived at another branch.

"Geez, another fork in the road? Whose idea is this, anyway?", Yuffie
asked, frustrated.

"Guess we'll have to split up again.", Cloud stated. "Fox, Tifa, and
Fara, go up. Yuffie and I will head down."

"Good idea.", Tifa stated.

"Gee, looks like I get to break up the all-girls group, eh?", Fox joked.

Fara and Tifa glared at him. Tifa spoke,"Is he always like that?"

"As long as I've known him, at least.", Fara answered with a little
laugh. "C'mon, Fox, let's go."


Peppy had to dodge fire from two fighters on his tail. "I could use some
help here, guys!"

One of the fighters exploded; the other fighter retreated. "Thanks,
whoever that was."

"Yo, rabbit. It's me, Barret."

"OK, Barret. Follow me and don't stray too far. I wish Fox were here.",
Peppy remarked.

"Don't we all, man. Awright, here we go!", Barret shouted.

Peppy and Barret dove into a thick concentration of fighters, firing all
the while. None of the fighters even got close enough to fire a return

"Hey, that's not bad, Barret. Maybe we could use you on the team.",
Peppy stated, amazed at the result of their attack.

"Probably, but I have a home to get back to when this is over. Besides,
I work a lot better on the ground.", Barret answered. Then he turned his
fighter towards a group of four enemies and uttered one of his memorable
lines. "OK. Playtime's over for you jackasses!"

Although Peppy didn't know the meaning of the word, the tone and
emphasis on it made his ears blush. "Um, Barret, remind me to ask you
about Earth language...especially the more 'colorful' words."

"OK, Mr. Peppy.", Barret answered as he blew through the quartet of
fighters, leaving four debris clouds in space.

"Where's everyone else?", Peppy asked.

"Whoa. Help me!!!", Slippy called out over the comm.

"Hold on, here I come!", called Cid.

Cid shot the fighter that had a lock on Slippy. "OK, kid, you're all

"Thanks, Cid.", Slippy replied, grateful.

Cid turned to blast another fighter that he had just seen. He didn't
even notice that it was tailing Falco.

"Gee, I've been saved by...", Falco started to say, then he corrected
himself. "Sorry, it's habit."

"We know. You like to think of yourself as the best, right Falco?"

"All right, if you say so. Guess I'll just have to prove it, then!",
Falco retorted, weapons blazing at the fighters in front of him.

Soon the fighters were mostly clear. Only the carrier remained.


Admiral Blath watched his radar screens with fury. "WHAT IS GOING
ON????", he roared.

The trooper in front of him could only cower in fear.

"I thought you said that Star Fox would not be a problem!", the Admiral

"Sir," another replied, "Star Fox is attacking the carrier."

"WHAT?? Then, shoot them down, you moron!!! We must stop them."


Peppy and the team went through the remaining fighters like a hot knife
through butter. There would be no repeat of the incident on Corneria.

"If only Fox were here.", Falco remarked over the comm. "He would have
loved to get a whack at that carrier for what they did to Fara."

"Well, he's not here, and we have to take it out, so someone has to do
it for him. Everyone in position?", Peppy asked.

"All set.", Falco said.

"Ready and waiting.", Cid answered.

"Right here.", Slippy stated.

"Yo, let's roast this crate.", Barret quipped.

All five fighters were out of the carrier's weapons range. But, the
carrier wasn't out of THEIR range. "Switch to nova bombs, team.", Peppy

The other four signaled their compliance.

"All right guys. This one's for Fara!"

He pulled the bomb trigger on his stick and watched as the other four
fighters did the same, all in almost perfect unison.

Five glowing spheres headed straight in towards the Vengeance.


"WHY HAVEN'T WE SHOT THEM DOWN YET???", Admiral Blath screamed at his

"Sir, they're out of our range.", the weapons officer stated.

"SIR!!!,", the tactical officer yelped, his eyes wide with fear. "I'm
tracking five incoming bombs."

"Time to impact?", he shouted.

"Fifteen seconds. We're dead."

Admiral Blath knew the Vengeance could not withstand the combined impact
of five nova bombs. "Can we move out of the way?", he roared.

"No sir. They're locked on to us."

In the last ten seconds of his existence, Admiral Blath of the Venom
Navy could only stare at the screen showing the five bombs headed in.
"THIS CAN'T BE POSSIBLE!!!", he shouted.

Then the bombs hit.


Peppy turned his head as the carrier erupted into a miniature sun.

"WE DID IT!!!", Falco shouted.

Cid turned--just in time to see a huge ball of fire in the distance.
"Looks like Meteor's on its way. I just hope Fox and the others can
finish THEIR job, or all we did will be for nothing."


           &nbs p;        -END OF CHAPTER 6-