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           &nb sp;         CHAPTER 7

At length, the teams finally converged at the center of the crater.

"All right, guys, this is it!!!", Cloud shouted over the roar of the
wind from the core. "Everyone ready?"

"Yep.", Fox said.

"Ready.", Darius declared.

"Let's do it!", Fara exclaimed.

"Right on!", said Yuffie.

The rest of the team confirmed their readiness, then Cloud said, "Move
out. Who's going with me?"

"I am.", said Fox.

"Me too.", added Fara.

"Everyone else, form into groups of three.", Cloud ordered.

Darius went with Red XIII and Vincent, while Tifa, Cait Sith, and Yuffie
made up the final group.

"All right then. Let's go!!!"

The three teams made their way down the core of the crater. Soon, they
reached the bottom.

"So, where's Sephiroth?", Fox inquired.

Suddenly a large form came into view. It had the head and upper body of
a woman, but the rest of its body was a giant spherical form, and it had
two tentacles for arms.

"Is that...Sephiroth?". Fara asked.

"Nope. That's Jenova.", Tifa answered.

"This is getting old.", Cloud muttered. "You'd think that after gettng
her clock cleaned three times, she'd get the point. Oh well--time to
teach her again. Let's go, team!"

Cloud promised to make this a short fight. He held a red stone and
shouted, "Knights of the Round Table, come and defeat this
evil...ULTIMATE END!!!"

>From out of thin air, thirteen knights appeared, each one hammering
Jenova. When it was all said and done, Jenova was gone.

"Good riddance.", Cloud quipped. "Now, on to Sephiroth."

'What inİcreation was THAT?", Fara asked. She was absolutely stunned
by the power she'd just witnessed.

"Oh, yeah, I forgot. You were still out of it when I used the materia.",
Cloud stated. "That was magic."

"Indeed.", Fara gasped, astonished.

"Don't worry about it.", Cloud sad as he flipped her a green stone.
"Here, take this and place it in your sword."

"What is it?", Fara asked.

"It's materia. I don't know which one it is exactly, though. You'll know
when it's time to use it."

"And how do I do that?"

"Simple. Hold your sword and concentrate. The words will come into your

"All right...I think.", Fara quipped. "A strange power, indeed. You'd
think that if I were descended from the Cetra, I'd know all that
already. Guess I have a lot to learn, eh?"

"We all do, Fara", Tifa added, "We all do. About the Ancients--and

"OK. So, let's get a move on, shall we?"

Finally, Cloud came face to face with Sephiroth--for the second time.

"Ah, Cloud. I see you've brought new friends to try and defeat me.
Though I assure you, they are no match for me!"

"We'll just see about that, Sephiroth!", Fox retorted.

"Very well, then. Take me on, if you can. HA HA HA!!!"

Cloud, Fox, and Fara faced Sephiroth directly. On the left were Yuffie,
Cait Sith, and Tifa, while on the right side were Darius, Red XIII, and

"Now you will know the meaning of power, fools!", Sephiroth said.

"Sephiroth, WILL YOU PLEASE PUT A SOCK IT IT!!!" , Darius shouted.

"Not bad, for someone who five minutes ago had never seen him.", Vincent
remarked about their new ally.

"Very well, pathetic creature. I will start with you, descendant of the
Cetra.", Sephiroth said to Darius as a bright beam lanced out at him.

With a speed born of instinct, Fara stepped out in front of it.

The beam hit her full force.

Everything seemed to move in slow motion. Fox ran to her, but not in
time to keep her from being hit. She fell to the ground, barely moving.

"FARA, NO!!!!!!", Fox shouted. He leaped to her side as she hit the

"Fox...", she whispered.

"Fara, I'm not going to lose you this time!", Fox shouted.

"Fox...there isn't sword...defeat...Sephiroth..."
Then she blacked out.

Fox gently took the sword from her paw. Then he turned to Sephiroth,
eyes blazing with uncontrolled fury. "Sephiroth, by the time I'm done
with you, you will wish you never heard the name Fox McCloud. You've
tried to destroy my world, and now you've harmed Fara. I will never
forgive you for that. YOU WILL PAY!!!"

Darius turned and locked his gaze with Fox. "To paraphrase something
I've heard, ' hell hath no fury like Fox--especially after someone's
harmed Fara. ' ", he muttered. Compared to Fox's wrath right about now,
the devil himself would be easier to reason with--and fight.

Fox charged at Sephiroth with all the anger and rage he felt, his sword
at the ready.

"Fox, no! You dont stand a chance against him alone!', Cloud pleaded.

Fox listened about as well as a brick wall. Steel clashed against steel
as Sephiroth defended against the charge. As far as Fox was concerned,
this was his fight and his alone.

The fight contiued for several minutes. But Fox was tiring. Only his
feelings for Fara and his desire for payback kept him on his paws.
Still, Sephiroth was a master swordsman, and he soon had Fox against the
wall. Just before he could deliver the final blow, two swords blocked
his with sufficient force to knock him backwards.

It was Cloud and Darius.

"Thought you could use the assistance of two better-trained swordsmen.",
Cloud said.

"Swordsfox.", Darius corrected.

"Whatever. Fox, you don't stand a snowball's chance in hell against
Sephiroth by yourself. Look, I know what he did to Fara. Still, he is
far more powerful than you alone. Getting yourself killed isn't going to
help her--or Corneria. We have to work together.", Cloud pleaded.

'All right, then.", Fox answered.

In unison, Cloud and Fox turned to Sephiroth. Whatever he did before, he
had a whole lot more to answer for now. There was only one thing left
that they could say to Sephiroth.

"To the settling of all things!!!"

Sephiroth changed before their eyes. He became a large being with what
appeared to be wings. It was composed of five different parts.

"OK. Fox, Darius, and I will concentrate on the torso and core. Tifa,
you and your team take out the left magic defense and the head. Yuffie,
you and your team's got the rest. Let's do it. For Fara!"

"HA HA HA!! You cannot defeat me!", Sephiroth gloated.

Fox leaped high into the air and slashed at Sephiroth. The sword found
its mark, inflicting heavy damage.

Or so he thought. Sephiroth folded his wings inward and healed the
wound. "You see, it is impossible to defeat me!!!"

Fox's and Darius' eyes burned with fury.

Suddenly, the edge of Fox's sword glowed red. At the same time, Darius'
blade began to glow a bright blue.

"What the...", both of them gasped.

>From Fox's sword, a sheet of pure flame shot forth and struck the left
magic part. A spear of solid ice reached out from Darius' blade and hit
the right.

"Red and blue..", Cloud muttered.

"Of course. Fire...and ice.", Red XIII spoke. "They are opposing

"Just like brother and sister.",Tifa added.

"Those are weapons of the Ancients.", Red XIII stated.

"Why can Fox use it, though?  And what triggered its power?"

"Something links him to Fara, allowing him to use her powers. As for
what triggered the power, it must have been extreme anger, sort of like
our limit skills", Red XIII explained.

'I see. ", Tifa stated.

"OK. Well, that takes care of the magic defense. Let's finish this!",
Cloud shouted.

Within a few minutes, they had defeated Sephiroth. Or, so they thought.

"Not yet. Now I will show you my true form. Now nothing can defeat me!"

As the team watched, Sephiroth changed again. Now, he looked like a
being with a sword for an arm and huge wings.

"I'm not impressed.", Fox remarked, "Time to see what this stone can
do." He held his sword in front of him and concentrated. He spoke a
single word, "Ultima!"

An intense flash of light erupted between the team and Sephiroth. The
flash expanded until it hit Sephiroth. When the light cleared, he had
been heavily damaged.

" can you...use the materia...", Sephroth gapsed, showing a true
sign of weakness.

"OK, Sephiroth. Time to finish this. Fox, follow my lead!", Cloud

"What are you doing?", Fox asked.

Cloud raised his sword to the heavens. A bright light shone from the tip
of the blade. Then, he leaped at Sephiroth, and started slashing like a
man possessed by a demon. One, two, three times and more he struck,
until he finally leaped high into the air and brought his sword straight
down. The blade struck with the force of a bomb.

Fox, as instructed, followed Cloud exactly. He let all his anger over
Fara flow into his attack. This time, he knew, Sephiroth must be

Sephiroth shouted, "NO!!! THIS ISNT POSSIBLE!! I'M SUPPOSED TO BE....."
as he slowly disintegrated.

Finally, he was gone, no longer existing to this world.

Fox didn't waste a moment but ran straight over to Fara, who hadn't
moved from the spot where she fell.

Worse still, she wasn't breathing.

"NO!!!!!!!!!", Fox shouted.

"Cloud, I need your materia NOW!", Fox demanded.

"Fox, " Red XIII said with a dread look, "she is too far gone for the
materia to be of any use."

"I refuse to give up. Let me try it. Please...", Fox pleaded.

"OK. Here's some revive materia. It's all we have left.", Cloud stated.

Fox clutched the stone tightly. The words came to mind, as before.
"Life.", he chanted.

Nothing happened.

"Life two. ", he intoned.


"Fox....she's...", Tifa said, grimly. "She gave her life for the
planet...just like Aeris did..."

"NO!! DAMN IT, I WILL NOT GIVE UP!!!", Fox screamed. He refused to bow
to the inevitable.

He clutched the stone in one paw. The other he placed over her heart. He
opened himself, letting everything he was, everything he felt for her
now, flow into the stone. A force more powerful than magic alone...

"LIFE TWO!!", he shouted. At the same time, a single tear fell upon the

For long moments, no one spoke, or even moved. It seemed that all time
had stopped for these two creatures.

Suddenly, Fox felt her chest rise. She weakly opened her eyes.

"Fox....", Fara whispered.

Fox looked straght into her eyes. There were no words he could say to
her. He simply embraced her.

"Not bad, for someone who's been near death twice in a week.", Yuffie

Red XIII corrected Yuffie, "Yuffie, she WAS dead....."

"What?", Fara gasped. Fox only stared at him.

"Yes, Fox, she...was dead. I checked her myself. Frankly, I have no idea
how you pulled it off. Neither of your spells worked, and those were the
most powerful we had. I...I cannot explain...",Red XIII explained,
amazed by what he knew to be nothing short of a miracle.

"Red XIII, there is a force more powerful than all the magic in the
world--and I've just witnessed it.", Tifa explained. "There is a great
power in unconditional love."

"Indeed.", Red XIII whispered in awe.

"Well, "Fox said as he gently picked Fara up off the ground. "let's get
out of here, shall we?"

'Wait.", Fara said, still a little weak. "What about Holy?"

"Um, I think it's on it's way now. We'd better get out of here, now!",
Cloud said.


The Phoenix cleared the crater just ahead of the gigantic white light
trailing them.

"Punch it, Fara!", Fox shouted. After all, this was her ship.

"All right. Everyone, hold on!", she shouted as she threw the lever
forward for lightspeed.

Fortunately, the delay between order and execution gave the ship enough
time to clear the atmosphere and safely accelerate to lightspeed without
baking them like a bunch of crispy critters.

Fifeen minutes later, they arrived at Corneria. Meteor was quite close
by now. Holy had followed them all the way there.

Even now, Holy blasted out to intercept Meteor. The two ultimate magics
seemed to have personalities of their own and were mortal enemies.

Holy finally caught up with Meteor. It started to be driven back, but
Meteor pressed onward.

"It's not enough. Darius, come over here.", Fara ordered.

"Why...", Darius started to ask.

"Because WE are the only ones who can. And we are the only ones who know
how. After all, we are the last of the Cetra, the ancient defenders of
the planet."

"OK.", Darius said as he moved over by Fara to accept his destiny.

Fara took his paw and began praying in a way she had never done before.
Although she had never spoken the language of the Ancients, the words
came to her now through the currents of time. Darius followed her lead.

As they prayed, Meteor began to break apart.

"Look! It's working!!", Cloud shouted.

Finally, with a flash like a rogue star, both Holy and Meteor

Only then did Fara snap out of her trance. "Did..did we do it?"

'Yep.", Fox beamed. "We did it."


           &nbs p;       -END OF CHAPTER 7-