A Beginning to an End
by: Edward Lee
Dedicated to: Vixette, StarVix, Mary, and my favorite game Starfox64
Chapter One

       “IF I’M GOING DOWN, YOUR COMING WITH ME!” were Andross’s last words as his face blew up and Fox escaped his place. When he flew out of the burning hole, his fellow companions congratulated him on a job well done.
       “Fox! Your ok!”
       “That’s our leader.”
       “You made it Fox!”
       But Fox wasn’t paying much attention to them. He thought he had saw his father, and scanned the skies for him, but it was no use. Nothing.
       “You alright Fox?”
       Fox looked at Peppy. “Nothing... nothings wrong...” and they flew off back to Corneria. As they left surprisingly, Andross hadn’t died yet, but he was dyeing and struggled to his controls. With his last ounce of strength he typed his last commands, sent a message and there he collapsed... lying there stone dead.

       “GENERAL PEPPER!” General Pepper looked up from his desk and was sucking on a lolly pop. “WE JUST RECEIVED A MESSAGE FROM ANDROSS. THIS IS URGENT!” Pepper looked shocked. “I thought we killed that bastard. Put the message put NOW!” The soldier did so as ordered and the A/V screen flicked on. No visual was there, but a message from Andross.

       Pepper: MWAHAHAHA! U may have thought u killed me you old hound fool, but though u killed me, as I told Fox: “If I go down, your coming with me!” MWAHAHA! and I’m keeping my word. In 24 hours, the whole Lylat galaxy will blow up. Gone. Kapowee! Ha! there’s no use stopping it. NO stop button. no nothing. It’s heading for Solar now, and once it reaches it, buh bye Lylat! You can’t win Pepper! No way to win!


       Pepper was shocked at this message. Lylat blown up? No way of stopping it? This couldn’t be. There had to be some way. He quickly told this to Fox McCloud and told him to try to find any powerful mercenary or hacker to help us save Lylat. In 24 hours, Lylat would be no more.

Chapter Two
        “WAKE UP EDWARD! THIS IS IMPORTANT!” Ed quickly arose from his bed, only to meet the top of his other bed above and fall back down. “OW! What is it Pepper?” Ed was really sleepy and was sorta grumpy. “Hurry and dress up! Meet me at my office now and I’ll give you the briefings.” Ed shrugged and woke up from his bed. His bedroom wasn’t the cleanest place on Lylat but it would do. Some clothes were scattered on the floors and bed. The room was dimly lighted, but you could see the table in the middle of the room with a ceiling fan on top of it. Magazines lay on the table, scattered on them. Sigh.... they were a present from Vixette, before she turned evil.
       When Ed finally made it to Pepper’s office, Ed saw a fox and a black panther. They turned around and faced Ed. “Nice to meet you,” the black panther said. He was black from top to bottom, and you could even see anything that wasn’t black on him. Even his eyes looked like one big pupil or something, but Ed wasn’t really interested in him now, and turned to Pepper. “So what’s the urgent call Pepper?”
       “Andross has sent one of the most powerful biological weapon towards Solar. If it reaches the star and we don’t stop it in time, the whole galaxy could be wiped out. We need your help, along with Jo’Hara Pranther and Star McCloud. They will aid you if you need help. Jo’Hara is a computer specialist while Star is uh.... a good hacker, I mean really good, even can look up the most personal files, and good pilot.”
      “Puh-leez! Is that all you can say? GOOD?! I’m way better than good, Salty!”
     Ed and Jo’Hara tried not to laugh. “Anyway, you three have to infiltrate the Venom base and deactivate it. You are the best hackers that Corneria can find, and we are counting on you. The Justice Cadets and StarFox will help you guys out in the air, but once your in, you guys are on your own.” Ed was sweating nervous. If he entered that base, he was sure to be noticed. He’d been there for two times and one of Leon’s favorite torture victims. He hadn’t yelled in pain once from his tools and Leon was probably making more toys to torture Ed. The three nodded and left for Venom. ‘and may god be with you’ Pepper thought as they left...

       As the team got dressed up, Ed noticed Star changing into a disguise. She turned from a slim looking fox to a humble looking squirrel. As she puffed up her tail, Ed walked over to her.
       “Can I ask you something , Star?”
       “Sure. Shoot.”
       “Can ya disguise me. I’ve been in then Venom base so many times, that everyone over there knows me. Please...”
       Star thought a moment. “ok ok... fine... I’ll disguise you as a fox, ok? But you have to put on the orange paint. I’m not looking at no body of yours.” Ed just smiled and Star helped out with the disguise for Ed.
       Little did they know that Vixette was spying on them. ‘the fools she thought.. they think they can deactivate the bomb. GEEZ! get real! HEY! Ed’s coming over too! heh heh...’
       Starwolf team was watching the computer screen flicker as Vix’s hands flashed through the keyboard.
       “Wow! She’s pretty good.” said Pigma. “But do you think we should also give a memory potion to Starvix too? Y’know she can turn traitor.”
       “Nonsense,” said Wolf. “She’s helpless. She wouldn’t turn on us.”
       Starvixen just sat there. She knew the Lylat System was going to blow up. She shed a tear. She should have never sided with Venom.

Chapter 3
      As Starfox, the Justice Cadets, Star, Jo’Hara, and Ed flew towards Venom, Ed asked Star a question. “You ever get scared once during war, Star?”
      Star laughed at the question. “Ya kidding me? Venom are wimps. They suck so much, they are even worser than Slippy.” Ed just looked down. “OH... the strong type huh. Ever love before?” he asked, as Starvix, Vixette and Mary flashed through his mind. “no...” she answered. “Some furries just think I’d give in to them, but who are they to kid. I’m no stupid, helpless Vixen. I can take care of myself. Why? Why’d you ask?” Ed looked down and turned a little red. “No reason. Just nervous.”
       When the party met the missile heading for Solar, the party broke up. The Justice Cadets and Starfox headed for the missile.
       “Ok! You guys go on ahead while we take out the missile.”
       “Correction dork bro’! That’s guys and gal. Ya got that?”
       Fox just murmured under his breath and left.
       “Is that enough to stop that missile?” Ed inquired.
       “Don’t worry, reinforcements will arrive soon. You guys and er- gal go on and we’ll take care of it. But if we can’t, that’s why you furries are sent to Venom HQ to try deactivate the bomb. I know that Andross said there wasn’t a switch, but with you guys and gal brains you can do it.”
       Ed gave out a big sigh and the trio went towards Venom.

       “WHAT?! They’re coming towards Venom?!” shouted Wolf. Wolf looked at his watch. “Shit! Only 3 more hours to detonation. Heh heh... we’ll just leave and since the other’s don’t know about this bomb, they’ll guard the Headquarters.”
       The StarWolf team left, not knowing that their lives were gonna end then.
      “Heya there!” a feline voice rang out.
      “WHAT?! HEY! Where’d you come from pussy cat.”
      “HEY! Don’t call me that or you’ll regret it!”
      “HAH! You and what army!”
      “Will Star McCloud and some other mecinary’s do?”
      “WHAT?! Star? she’s here?! HEY! They were far away from here as our scanners picked it.”
      Just then a foxy voice rang out. “Puh-Leeze Wolfy boy. ever hear of hacking? DUH!”
      “DANGIT!” yelled Wolf as he looked at his watch. 2 hours... but that suddenly ended as Star came right behind him and shot a barrage of lasers. Both of Wolf’s wings broke off, but he somehow managed to stay in the air. The rest of the Starwolf gang weren’t doing so well either. Pigma had already crashed on the surface of Venom, Andrew was a scardey ape and ran away, and Leon was trying to still stay in the fight.
       “SEE YA LATER WOLFY!” called out Star harrassingly as she shot down the last of Wolf’s ship.
       Leon... the only one left tried to hold on, but his loyalty to Venom couldn’t save him now as he got shot down and landed next to Wolf as well.
       “Whew...” said Ed. It had been his first encounter with StarWolf in the air, but with Star here, he knew that they would win. She was too strong to be dealt with.
       “Don’t get too cocky,” said Jo’Hara. “It’s not over yet. We still need to get into the base.”
       “Well I did my deed for today. SEE YA GUYS!” rang out Katt Monroe.
       “And gal!”
       “ok ok. fine. and gal. geez.. haven’t changed a bit eh, Star?” Katt smiled and left.
       “Yah yah... well let’s get into the base now.” Star said as she typed into her computer to shut off all security systems on Venom. “Ok..... now let’s get going!” And the trio flew off into Venom with one more hour to go.

Chapter 4
       “ERRRGGGGG DAMNIT! This is impossible!” as the whole Cornerian Army, Starfox and Justice Cadets shot at the missile. “I hope Star and the rest are doing better...” Fox thought.

       As Star, Jo’Hara, and Ed entered the base, the whole Venomian Army was in panic. The Venomians ran here to there, knowing that StarWolf had been defeated and that the Lylat System was going to end at any second. In the scuffle, no one noticed the trio, but they still decided to split up to make the main computer easier to find.
       Ed nervously entered the halls. He knew Starvix and Vix were still alive in this base, and he was afraid that they might get him. They knew him too well that they could see through his disguise, but he still had to take the chance... only 20 minutes remained.

      Jo’Hara entered one of the rooms, which was brightly lit. A mainframe computer lie next to a wall and the tiles on the ground were neatly polished. There was no traps in sight, so he sat down at the computer.  His fingers were a blur, but that was soon stopped once he pushed the enter key, his body jerked and fell limp. A vixen then entered the room and patted it on the back. “Poor fool,” it said. “You think it’s that easy to find the mainframe computer? well you just fell for our false one, so go rest in Hell assured that the Lylat System will be no more. MWHAHHAHA!”

      Star was not doing so great herself as she scanned the hallways. Then a voice rang out. “STAR! YOU DOING OK?” Ed said through her comlink.
      “AGGH! Don’t do that again! Scared the hell outta me!”
      “I thought you were a strong vixen Star. What’s the matter?”
     “HEY! The Lylat System is about it end in about 10 mins. And you’re telling me that I can’t be scared?! GE- AHHHHH!” A laser shot rang out and the comlink went into static.
      “STAR?! STAR! YOU THERE?!” Ed called out, but little did he know that a red vixen was on the other line with Star.
      “So. oh strong and brave one. Guess this is the end of the line for you.” Vixette called out.
      Star attacked Vix, but that ended there when she was once again shot through the head, and Vix chuckled. “now it’s time for Edward’s death now. Silly, puffy wolf. Think he can stop all this. WAHAAHHAA!”

      Ed was extremely nervous now. He couldn’t connect with Jo’Hara nor Star. It was all up to him now. 5 minutes left. He ran into one of the rooms where a orange vixen stood.
      “HALT!” the vixen said.
       Ed looked a little closer and saw to his amazement Starvix! The room was dim so it was hard to see the vixen, but he managed to make her out.
      “STOP RIGHT THERE PUFFY.....” Starvix said nervously, but Ed could tell she was going into tears.
     “Look you don’t have to do this. For Lylat’s sake! Just let me through.”
     The orange vixen stared at Ed... then she took out her pistol.
     “HEY! What are you doing?!” but it was too late, Starvix brought up the gun and shot herself in the head.
     “I’m... so.... sorry... Puffy.. <cough> but it has to be this way.... good bye” and she fell dead.
     Ed was in tears now. He had lost another one his friends and he was the only one left. He entered the dimly lighted room. Wooden crates lie next to the wall with a old, dull lamp above. Ed then spotted a computer next to the crates and a TV moniter above it. The computer wasn’t too big, but big enough to support the whole mainframe computer. Ed sat down on the chair and typed away. But then the TV caught his eye. There it was. Starfox, Justice Cadets, Cornerian army, all there shooting the missile and not one dent was on it. Tear filled Ed’s eyes from nervousness and fear. The fate of Lylat now rested in his paws. Ed typed away and then a prompted came up. It read...

Username: Andross
Password: _________

      Ed started to panic, he had only one chance before the Lylat System was going to blow up. Ed then typed in the word, DuolccMDIZE. It was McCloudDies, but Ed wasn’t really sure though, but he was going to have to make that decision then when Ed was shot in the arm.
      “ARRRRRHHHHH!!!!” Ed screamed. He fell on the floor and turned around and pushed the enter key. Then he saw it. It was Vixette. He was face to face with his friend.
      “HEH HEH! Well you silly wolf. This is the end of the line for you boy. Any last words?”
      Ed was scared but had to risk it or he may never ever get his friend back. He took out one of the magazines that Vix gave as a present. “Don’t you remember the good times Vix?! WHY? why did it all have to end like this? Remember when we met, you said that one promise you made with me? You said that we’d be friends no matter what the COST what the SITUATION was. I trusted you, but what has gotten in to you. You lied Vix.” Ed was in tears now. “You lied to me.”
      Vix stared at the floor... Her eyes were shadowed over then she raised her head... “i’m.... so.... sorry.... puffy....” and she dropped her laser on the ground. The computer screen flashed and then it read: ERROR! ERROR! PREPARE FOR DETONATION IN 1 MIN!
      Vix fell to the floor, but Ed caught her in time and he hugged her tightly. This was going to be his last time seeing his only friend left. Mary was dead, and Starvix was helpless.... it was no use. Ed hugged Vix even tighter and he cried. “well vix.. guess this is the end. <sniff> your one of my bestest friends in the Lylat System, and I never knew we <sniff> would end this way, but at least we’ll be together. Right?” as he looked at Vix.
      Vix looked up at Ed and said, “yah. puff.. yah...” and she hugged Ed tighter. Ed stared at the TV screen as he saw Starfox, Justice Cadets, and the entire Cornerian army shooting at the missile relentlessly. It was hopeless..... in.... 5.....4.......3........2.......1........0...... and the TV flashed a white light and everything went bright. And the only thing Ed could see was white light........

      “HEY! Fuzzhead! Time to wakey!”
      It was a lupine’s voice. ‘Mary?’ Ed thought and opened his eyes. A lupine’s face appeared right in front of Ed. ‘Am I in heaven?’
      “Hey sleepy head. Time to wake up! You fell asleep all through biology class. hehe.”
     “Wha-?” But just then a Vixen’s head popped right in front of Ed. “HIYA! Whatcha been up to sleepy Puffy?”
       “Wha-? the missile! Lylat!”
       “What are you talking about Puffy? You were crying in your dream as well.. hehe silly wuffy. You were murmuring Mary a lot during the first half of biology and was crying during the end. What were you dreaming about?”
       Then another vixen popped up. And Ed jumped back in his chair and fell down. “YAH! AUSSIE POWER! HI PUFFSTER! HEHE THAT WAS REALLY FUNNY WHEN YOU WERE ASLEEP! HEHE WELL WELCOME BACK TO CORNERIA!”
       Ed looked around. Mary, Vix, and Starvix still were here. They were alive. And Ed shed a tear. It was all a dream... sigh.... and he smiled at the gals, and laughed with them too.


Misinterpretations: Plz do not think that Star did die nor did the Justice Cadets. Star is Kay’s character and Justice Cadets are J. Wolfman’s characters. Plz do not use those characters unless given permssion by them.
Kenny and Vix are not evil, in fact, they are really kewl palsys. Do not use Kenny, Vix, Starvix, or Mary unless you ask them individually. They are real life furries, and I have asked permission to use them in the story.
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