StarFox...After Andross 

Fox McCloud woke up and blinked. He yawned as he turned on a lamp beside his bed. He sat up and looked at his love sleeping next to him, Vixxi O'Donnell. He smiled and quietly got out of bed. He didn't want to disturb her.
As he walked out of his quarters and into the hallway, he saw a picture of his mother and father. His mom, Lisa died at child birth. His dad, James did a good job of raising Fox until he was sixteen. Then, James was murdered.
Fox sighed and looked away. He yawned and continued down the hall. He looked inside the small pantry in the kitchen of the Great Fox. He didn't see anything that looked good enough for breakfast. Fox settled for some cold oatmeal. On the kitchen table, he saw an old copy of Starz. Fox opened it up and began reading it. "Morning, Fox." he heard Vixxi say. He looked at her. She yawned and smiled at him. She was wearing her fuzzy bed robe and her fur was fluffed up and messy. Even though, he had always thought she was the most beautiful fox he had ever seen. That made him wonder what she was doing with a dope like him. He knew he wasn't the cutest fox. He had always thought that his snout was to long and that his ears were too big.He began reading the magazine again to get his mind off this matter.
Vixxi pulled out a box of Crunchy -O's from the pantry. She looked in the fridge for some milk. "Okay," Vixxi said,"who drank all the milk?" She looked at Fox. He smiled sheepishly at her. "Mm-hmm" she said smiling. She walked over to the sink and poured water over the cereal. Then she joined Fox at the table. Fox reached across the table and kissed Vixxi. She smiled at him and the began eating again. "Hello everybody!" Slippy exclaimed cheerfully as he walked into the kitchen. Peppy followed in behind him. He began to make french toast. "Why didn't you tell me you we going to make breakfast, Peppy?!" Fox said making a face at his oatmeal. "I'll make some for you too, Fox." Peppy said, chuckling. "Oh yeah, and expect Falco to get up any time soon."
"I'm sure he's got a hangover. His ship didn't come in until late last night."
"Did he see his gang last night?" Fox inquired. He probably went to see Birdie." Vixxi cut in as she walked to the sink. She put her bowl in the sink and made he way to the bathroom to wash up.
There was a loud thud followed by cursing. Fox began to laugh. He knew what that was. Almost every morning, Falco woke up and hit his head on the top of his bunk bed. Falco grumbled and rubbed his sore head as he walked into the kitchen. Still cursing, he popped some bread into the toaster. Peppy flipped the toast in his frying pan as he chuckled and wiped a tear from his eye. "Oh, yeah you guys always get a kick out of that." Falco snapped still rubbing his head. Falco sat down at the table. Peppy sat down with a plate full of french toast. Slippy sat next to him.
A few minutes later, Vixxi came out of the bathroom in a dark purple button-down shirt and dark blue jeans. "So what's everyone doing today?" she asked the team. "I'm gonna zoup up the my arwing's engine!" Slippy said excitedly. "Hmmph. Iguess I'll watch a little T. V." Falco grumbled. "I was supposed to meet Tina at Corneria Park today." Peppy said. Tina Hare was Peppy's wife. In a couple weeks, she'd retire her secritarial job and join Peppy on the Great Fox. Vixxi turned to look at Fox. "Maybe we could do something together today, Fox." she said, "How about swimming at Aquas? They've cleaned the waters. Or about hanging out at one of Katina's white sand beaches?"
"You know about the media."
"Remember Fortuna?" Fox replied. "I do! I do!" Slippy cut in. "We all remember that." Falco said with his first smile of the day.
Vixxi blushed. That washer and Fox's first date after the war with Andross. Fox took her iceskating on Fortuna. She remembered that she had tripped and began to fall but Fox caught her. She looked up at him and he kissed her. Later, they went back to the Great Fox. In the morning, ROB had gotten Fox the paper. On the front page of the Cornerian Times was a picture of them kissing from last night! Vixxi guessed they didn't hear the cameras. Too caught up in the moment.
"Yeah," Vixxi said after a pause, "Kayla and Bill said they'd visit today." With that she put on Fox's comlink and walked into another hallway up to the bridge. Fox watch her. No wonder he didn't hear Falco. Falco snapped his fingers in front of Fox's face. "Huh? Oh, Falco uh...what do you want?"
"Hopelessly in love, huh Furball?"
"Don't call me that Featherbrain! Now, what do you want?!"
"I wanted to know if you would play a game of pool with me."
Fox thought about it for a minute then agreed. He cleaned up and joined Falco in the rec room. It was a big room, almost as big as the Great Fox bridge. In the left corner, furthest from the door, was a large, red leather couch. In front of that was a big screen T. V. On the other side of the room, was a bar running along the wall. Just in front of that was a ping-pong table. Next to that was a pool table. The pool table was behind the leather couch. A cross from the bar was a five foot tall rack of movies as long the wall. It had every movie made in the Lylat system on it. The room was very fancy. The bar had it's own tap, they had a N64, and cable that could even reach Earth channels.
Fox walked in and met Falco. "Okay, Fuzbutt, I'm gona beat you so bad!" Falco taunted as he passed Fox a que stick. "Yeah, right Feather Weight!" Fox replied as he took the first shot. The two ball and seven ball went into a corner pocket. "Hah!" Fox said, meaning it as an insult.
Meanwhile, Vixxi saw a small, Cornerian class fighter coming toward the Great Fox. Bill, she tought. She called Bill's ship on a radio wave. "Bill?" she questioned. Dumb she thought, of course it's Bill and Kayla. "Wrong-O." said a gruff voice. "Wolf?! My god it's you!" Vixxi said in amazement. "Yeah," Wolf began, "Listen sis, I'm hurt and I need some help." Vixxi chewed her bottom lip as she thought. "Okay," she finally said, "the front hangar is open." Inside the ship, Wolf struggled to get the fighter in the hangar using one arm. His right arm had been badly torn at the shoulder from a fight. He grunted as he flicked the switch that cut the engine after he landed the jet.
Falco slammed his que stick on the carpet of the rec room in defeat. "Yes!" Fox cried, "You owe me thirty dollars, Hardbeak!" Falco swore and growled as he pulled out his wallet. A transmission ROB interupted them. "Team to bridge." the robot said over the intercom.
Fox and Falco ran out of the rec room as fast as they could to get to the Great Fox bridge. The sounds of a sputtering engine stopped as Slippy stepped out of the back hangar. He had on an old, gray jumpsuit on with all over it. He began waddeling down the hall after Fox and Falco.
When they got to the hangar, they saw Wolf sqiurming out of a Cornerian ship. Vixxi was standing next to him with a sad expression on her face. Wolf finally got out of the ship and stood next to Vixxi. She put Wolf's arm around her shoulders. "C'mon, Wolf." she said as she dragged him down the hall. "Don't say anything." she whispered to the team as she passed by them.
She dragged Wolf down to the rec room. She put him on the couch. Wolf sat up and groaned. He grabbed his shoulder. The rest of the team walked in. "That was Bill's ship!" Fox yelled, "What did you do to him?!" Wolf grunted as he stood up. He smiled. "Don't worry, Fuz. I spared the life of your furry friend. He's fine he'll just wake up on that Cornerian strip with a bad headache." Wolf said witha laugh. "What of Kayla?" Vixxi asked sternly. "I didn't see anyone else there." Wolf growled. He stumbled over to Slippy. "Who's this grease monkey?" Wolf said snickering. He poked Slippy in the stomache. "Hey!" Slippy cried in protest. He backed away. Wolf howled in pain and grabbed his arm. He took a step backwards and colapsed on the couch. Vixxi gasped. "Good ridance!" Falco called. "I've gotta help him!" Vixxi shouted. She ran out into the corridor. She put a metal key into a lock and opened a closet full of medical supplies. She pulled out a first aid kit and ran back to rec room. "Oh, no! I know you're not thinkin' of savin' him?!" Falco said as Vixxi passed him. "He is my brother!" Vixxi retorted, "I've gotta do something!" She pulled on some latex gloves and got to work. "I'm not a doctor." she said as she cleaned Wolf's wound. "Slippy." she called. Slippy shakily stepped toward her. "Huh?"
"Go fix his ship."
"You heard me. You guys want him to leave? Fix Wolf's ship so he can leave." Slippy sighed and walked out of the room. Vixxi's hand shook as she began to sew Wolf's shoulder clothes.
Meanwhile, on Corneria,Bill woke up off the pavement. He rubbed the back of his head. Ouch he thought, what happened? Kayla walked out of a brick building. "Are you ready to go now Bi....Bill!" she cried as she ran over to him. "What happened?" she asked him. "I don't know...." Bill answered. Kayla helped him up and they both ran into the building to get help.
Hours later, on the Great Fox, Wolf groaned as he sat up. His should was fixed. "Vixxi," he said, " you,you saved me. Why?" Vixxi stood up. "You are my brother and I love you but you really must go." Wolf nodded and scrambled out of the room. Vixxi sat down and began to cry. She sniffed and went to her quarters. It was late, Peppy had returned from Corneria and went to sleep. Falco was watching T. V. in his room and Slippy was still working on his arwing.
Fox stepped into his quarters. Vixxi was already in bed. Fox crawled in. "Do you feel better that Wolf is okay?" he asked. "Yeah." Vixxi said with a smile, "I feel better that i know he's out there and alive." She turned out the light and smiled as Fox took her in his arms.