Beast shifted neviously in his arwing type ship. The Jamaris was small and
fast, unlike the arwings it was mainly built for speed. Beast was a young
huskey in his late teens. He was wearing a long black feather coat. Under
that was an old civilian t-shirt and some standered blue jeans. He was a
mercinary for hire. He had just finished a job and was heading home.
Suddenly his a/v came to life. The caller was a Wolf. He had an eye patch
over his eye, and an evil look to him. Beast liked that.
        "Unidentified ship, what do you think your doing?" the Wolf said.
        "First tell me who you are"
        "I don't think you deserve to know, but I'll tell you anway, I am Wolf O'
Donnell, leader of Starwolf, now who are you?"
        "Beast Davenport,uh, mercinary for hire," Beast said nervously.
        Indeed, Beast had heard of this legendary piolet. Wolf scoffed then shut
off his a/v. Beast sighed. He would never be as high as a great leader like
Wolf O' Donnell. No way, no how.
        Beast sighed again then began setting cordinets for Delnosas, his home
planet. His parents were there. He only wished he had made enough money to
pay for his mothers surgery. She had been ill for years, now she needed
surgery. His family had always been poor. So using his last bit of money
hired a mecinary to teach him the way to get a few jobs. He was a drunk,
but tought Beast well.
        The Jamaris, named after his mother, was the result of hard work, and a
lot of law breaking! All the same, he loved it. It won him six battles and
got him around. It was also able to use warp, light speed, and had a hyper
drive. He had pictures of his mother posted in his ship. He deaply loved
his mother. He looked at his wonderful home of Delnosas. Soon he was a
bright wall of fire heading home. When he was close enough, he sent an a/v
message home. No answer. He sent another. Still no answer. He became
frantic. He sent messages until he was praticly home. There was still no

           &nbs p;             ;                         & nbsp;       Chapter 1: THE DISCOVERY
        Before his ship could land, Beast was out, leaping to his home. He busted
down the door, and wished he had not. The wall was smeared with blood.
Beast ran all the way to his mother's room. Her burnt body was there. He
looked her over,crying. In her hand was a peice of paper. Beast took it and
unwrinkled it. On the paper, was on single word, POWER. Beast went to his
room. He sat in his bed and weeped. He began to wonder what POWER ment. He
sat at his computer and typed POWER in. Nothing. He tried looking at every
power wire in his home. Nothing. He sat at the a/v and typed Power in. He
got the power company. He sat down at the holo-screen. He typed in POWER.
It flickered. An image of his mother formed.
        "Beast, if you are watching this, it means I'm dead. This password turns
on a camra in my room. Look the recording over, and avenge my death," her
form whispered. Then the screen fliped to a camra veiw. A lizard barged in
and fired off ten shots, then ran out. She was slowly dying. She reached
inside a pocket in her nightgown and pulled out a piece of paper. She fell
to her bed, his mother was dead. The lizard had the mark of Andross on his
        "Don't worry mother, I will," he whispered.
           &nb sp;           &nbs p;             ;                     Chapter 2: THE JOURNEY
        Beast made his way to a local bar. He had nothing to lose. He ordered the
strongest drink he could get. Several drunk women came up and asked him to
take them to bed. He declined, even as he grew more and more drunk. He
would giggle every now and then when fights broke out. When another woman
came up he yelled no at the top of his lungs. He didn't know, blinded by
booz, that this was his best friend. She helped him out of the bar. At the
hotel he fainted. He woke up in the morning. His memory had left him.
        "Where in hell am I!" he yelled.
        "You got drunk and asked dumb questions," Kate, a fox, mumbled.
        "Oh" Beast giggled.
        "I heared about your mom," she sighed.
        He looked to the floor.
        "I'm sorry," she said then bent over and kissed him.
        Beast gathered all his weapons and hopped his ship. He asked Kate to help.

        "Sure, but we kinda need help," she said, "and I know just the guy."

           &nbs p;             ;                         Chapter 3: ENTER FOX
        Beast looked the Great Fox over. It was large, yet very sleek. He loved it
        "Unidentified ships, cut your jets and introduce youselves, or we will
open fire," a proud strong voice cackled over the a/v.
        "Cool it Fox, you big jurk, it's me, Kate," Kate said over her comm.
        "Oh, docking bay 1 please," said Fox more quitely.
        When he stepped out of his ship he was greeted by a small frog.
        "Who the hell are you?" he asked, trying to sound mean and dangerous.
        "Slippy Toad, and watch your language!" the frog yelled back.
        "Oh sorry," replied Beast.
        "I'm Fox McCloud, leader of Starfox team, Kate tells me you have a problem
with Andross. We do to. We have been short two piolets for a few weeks now
becouse two of our members wrecked their ships."
        "You have your piolets were in," cut in Kate.
        "Alright, welcome to Starfox team"

           &nbs p;             ;                         & nbsp;       To be continued????