Enter Falco
It was the the third lesson of the day .
Cabin 5 were seated at there desks listening to Captain Wills rambling on about engines.
Bill Grey , Fox Mccloud , Jenes Hugyes , Poka Powalski and Juiano Swift all are sitting
together at he back row of the class.
“ So what you up to after lessons then Fox” asked Bill .
“Nothin much what bout you Jenes, Poka , Juinao??” replied Fox.
“I was going to revise for the navagation test in 3 weeks” said Poka,
“Im just staying in the sleeping quarters watching Earth televesion”.said Juinao.
“Why do you want to know Bill ??”
“I was thinking how about us lot go down Corneria City and Go on the Pull ??”
All the Friends agreed that it was a good idea,
“What about my Navigation test though ??” asked Poka.
There was silence,
Poka reliesed that the test can wait.
( later at the sleeping quarters)
Bill sitting on his bed with his draws open couldn’t descide what he was going to wear.
“How about the Green  Ben Sherman shirt with the Black Calvin Klein jeans.”
 Bill thought to himself.
“Hey Fox do I look ok dude ??” asked Bill.
“You look fine Bill” commented Fox.
“Thanx dude” said Bill as he donned his Black polo sport sunglasses on.
Grabbing 40 Cornerian Credits out of his secret compartment in his drawer
He met the rest of the Gang out by the dining hall
“Where we gonna go then Bill” asked the others.
“Were gonna go down Cinema cause theres a new movie on”.
“Cool”said Juinao.
“Ive asked someone a mate from Cabin 4 to come along with us” Juinao said quietly.
“ He should be along any minute, aparently he’s being transfered to our Cabin!”
“ Who is he” said Junes
“ My names Lombardi” said the Blue Figure who had just appeared.
“Falco Lombardi ???”replied Bill
“Yep thats right” Falco said quickly.
“Nice to meet you Falco My name’s Fox Mccloud”
“ Mccloud !! your the son of Mccloud !!” said Falco in suprise
“ Yes I am “ said Fox
“ Pleasure to meet you too then Fox”
“ Ok enough with the introductions” Jenes butted in.
“ Are we gonna go to this Movie or wat ??”
“ Ive hired transport “ Bill commented.
No sooner had he said a Anti Grav Taxi appeared,
The 6 of them climbed in the back shut the door and drove off too The cinema complex
TO BE CONTINUED IN>>>>>          Part 2-2     Cinema coming soon !!!