Part 1-1  enter Fox Mccloud          &n bsp;           &nb sp;  Written By Fox Uk at
WAKE UP WAKE UP  its 5 am and your still not up Cabin 5 !!!, shouts Captain Wills
The President of the Flight academy.
“Jeez it gets early every day” moaned Bill.
“WHO SAID THAT” boomed out Captain Wills.
“It was Grey sir” sniggered Jenes Hughe the Hyena.
“IS this true William Grey ?? !”
“ Well N... yes sir” Bill sighed.
“GREY you’ve been a star student up untill a few weeks ago why cant u be a good student
Like Jenes othere there !”
With this Captain Wills leaves and Bill continues to wake up.
“Jenes why you go and grass Bill up for ??” asked Poka Lueilli the Penguin.
“Were not here to be friends Poka were here to learn , and  if  underachievers like William Grey  continue to hold  me  behind then  I  have to take action Jenes said smuggly”.
Bill rolled out of bed and started to get dressed.
Hurrying onto his Flight trousers he proceeds to do the belt buckle up
Next the T shirt and Flight Jacket , and then The boots which he laces up as fast as he can.
He then grabs his Flight Helmet and carry’s it under his arm , he brushes his teeth then combs his fur . Bill looks at the clock “ AHHH its 5 :14 !!!” he runs straight for the door
But remembers he left his Black sunglasses in the Cabin.
He runs back in and searches his draws for them but they are no where to be found.
In dispair Bill runs to lesson room 3.
“Sorry Im late sir” said Bill panting.
Take a seat William this is not aceptable you’ve been late 3 times in a row !!!.
“ Im sorry sir !!” bills said calmly .
“ This time sorry isn’t good enough Grey your going to have to come in for a detention
Training to make up for the lost time”.
“ Yes sir...” Bill sighs.
“ Todays lesson is In flying in Formation, one day most of you .. maybe with the exception of  Grey  there  willl  be  flying  as part of a team and if u want to be usefull to the team you have to be able to fly together” Cpn Wills points to a complex diagram on the blackboard.
“Come come” almost immediatly says Cpn wills.
“ Theres a New student starting today Sir he’s here with me” says Major Ricks
“ OH yes !! I have heard about him son ,of James Mccloud isnt it Major ??”
“ Affermative Capatain” I must go now I have to stock up on Lollypops for Gnrl Pepper.
“ Well son of James Mccloud Youve got a lot to live upto if you want to be as good as your
 Father yes I remeber him well trained together in the century of 56” said Wills.
“ What about the lesson sir !!!” demanded Jenes.
“ Yes Yes Hugyes, errr go and sit next to Grey  Mccloud”
“ Its Fox sir” Fox said shakely.
“ To me your are a student and your name is Mccloud so thereforeYou  will  be   called   MCCLOUD    do you understand ???”
 shouted Wills.
“ ye..s ssirr !!” replied Fox as he walked over to his desk next to Bill.
“ Hi my names Bill Grey you must be Fox Mccloud !!”
“ Yes hello Bill are you new here too ??” said Fox
Suddenly Giggling erupted from around the Class ,
Bill looked round from Fox and caught site of Jenes reclining on a chair with Bills sunglasses on Pulling faces.
“ HEY THERE MINE JENES !!” shouted Bill
“ WILL YOU BE QUITE GREY” replied Wills.
“ Whose that Bill” asked Fox.
“ Thats Jenes , Fox everyone in Cabin 5 hates him but everyone laughs at him cuse there afraid they’ll be beaten up by him
“ You shouldnt have to Put up with that Bill Im going to talk to him after the lesson”
“ FOX I wouldnt he could hurt you bad !!” said Bill intently.
“ He wont try anthing on me”.
After the Lesson had finished all Cabin 5 went back to outside the sleeping quarters.
“ HEY JENES” shouted Fox.
“ What do you want ??” grunted Jenes.
“ Why dont U leave Bill alone he’s done nothin to you”
“ He has to get you to fight his own battles now does he hahaha !!”
“ No Jenes I came here of my own accord”
By now all of Cabin 5 were circled around Fox and Jenes,
“ oooh you must be serious then Fox” sniggered Jenes.
“ Ok then I challange you and Bill to a fight then “ said Fox
“ Done Fox shake onit ??” said Jenes
They both shake Paws.
FOX WHAT HAVE U DONE !!!!! whispered Bill into Fox’s ear
“ Trust me Bill you’ll see” replied Fox           &nbs p;             ;                         & nbsp;   TO BE CONTINUED !!!