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Enter Max
Chapter One

 " Max is Lucky. A living girl friend, two really good friends, and a great life. Thats all anyone needs."

      Edward Lee; Cornaria

 Max lay in bed at about 6:00 am listening to the radio with the lights on at 31.2, his favorite station.  Even though Andross was at war with Cornaria, he still felt peaceful when listening to the radio.  He listened to his favorite song, "Mad About Me," but when he heard his Moniterlink buzz he knew it was time to get up.  He walked over as his Moniterlink impatiently buzzed.
 "I'm coming, I'm coming," he groaned as he stopped the buzzing.
 "Yo. Oh, hey Scott! What's up!"  Max said as an arctic fox's head appeared on the monitor.
 "Hey!  Man, you get rough last night or what? Anyway, I know it's your vacation time, but we need more pilots at Katina.  Care to join?" Scott asked much like an order.
 "OK, but after this I get extra vacation time. Me and Sarah are gonna meet tomorrow."
 "Fine," Scott said as he hung up.
 "Just can't work without me, huh?"

Chapter Two

"Sometimes I worry myself being in the Cornarian Air Force. But we always come through somehow.

       Sarah Terana; Cornaria

 "My scanners show forty flees around the base and twenty Katina jets! Pick your target and cut 'er loose.  Remember, were not the only good guys out here!"  Max screamed as the fifty Cornarian jets flew to the Katina pilots' aid. Man, when it came to leading a group, he was the person to do it.
 "Watch it, T.D. You almost nailed me!" Max said over the comlink as a laser sailed right over his modified jet.  He was worried that T.D. would take a piece of one of his turrents.  He loved his weaponry system.  He had two Smart Bomb compartments, twin laser cannons, a rotating laser system, four Mini Missile compartments, and a special anti-shield turrent for heavily armored ships. Armor was designed to repel energy blasts, not anti-energy blasts.
 Ships were exploding everywhere in the rain of lasers switching blows. Then right after his ninth hit his comlink buzzed and Scott's head was displayed.
 "Hey, Max we need ten pilots on Zonnes for a counter attack.  Call eight people to go with you and Bill Grey."
 "Sure!" Max replied excited.

Chapter Three

"I don't know which is stupider, Andross attacking with all his force from a planet, or us attacking during then."

       Max Weeks; Cornaria

 "Are we there yet?" an anxious pilot asked as Max and his group entered Zoness atmosphere, ready for combat.
 "Ask me that one  more time and I'll kill you with all weapons full power." Max said. Of course that shut him up for a while, because no one challanged his weapon system and lived to tell about it.
 "Ten flees strait ahead. Let's kick butt!"  Max yelled to everyone but Bill, because he knew not to give him orders.
 "Whoa! Help me!"  Sarah said aloud as three flees swarmed behind her damaged jet.  It was hard enough to fly a slightly damaged jet, but to do so with three flees on his tail was nearly impossible.
 "I'm on it," a pilot said as he tried to shoot the jets
 "Watch it here.  This is a great fighter.  You scratch it, you pay the bill," Max said as he barrel rolled away from a barrage of lasers spewed in his direction.
 "I'm bitin' it hard. Help now!"  Sarah said as she was shot down to an island on the polluted water.
 "I'll help ya!  Don't worry! Sarah?"  Max yelled as he saw Bill go down.  He knew Sarah would go down due to her fighter was damaged as they got to Katina.
 "I don't see ya, Sarah.  If you hear me send a flare,"  Max ordered as he shot down another flee.
 "Whoa! Not at me!"  Max shouted as a flare exploded next to him. "Sheesh she almost hit one of my Smart Bomb holders!"

Chapter Four

 "A crash landing is easy, you just lay back as your fighter bites the big one. This process is not for people with weak stomachs."

       Sarah Terana; Cornaria

 "Sarah!  Where are you?  I saw your flare, I know you're okay.  Sarah!" Max said as he climbed out of his cockpit and on to the small island.
 "Who is there?"  Sarah managed to say as he hung out of his jet almost limp.
 "Don't worry, Sarah, I'll help you out,"  Max said, worried about his love.
 "Max.  If that is you help me.  I can't move and I'm falling out slowly," Sarah said weakly.
 "Well.  I'll be right back.  I need my medikit."
 "No time.  Use mine.  Please help."
 " Okay.  Here.  I've done all I can.  I'm going to take you back to my ship. Sarah, are you okay?  We’re almost there," Max said quietly as Sarah laid behind his seat in the transport seat.
 "I’m feeling woozy, but I'll make it to Cornaria, Max.  Thank you," Sarah said feeling better than before.
 "We’re here," Max said as medics took Sarah to the stretcher.  Her diamond eyes glistened as Max took one last look at her as they took her in the hospital.

Chapter Five
 "I loved Sarah and Sarah loved me. When I let go of her, I felt like half of me was gone.
        Max Weeks; Cornaria

 It had been three hours since they had taken her and there wasn't any response from the doctors or anyone.  All anyone would say is, "We’re working as hard as we can. Just be patient and she will be fine."
 (Well, I've been patient long enough. I'm going to start asking questions.) Max thought as he waited in the waiting room.
 "Okay.  I want answers, and I want them NOW!"  Max yelled to the clerk impatiently.  He was ticked off from the stress.
 "Calm down sir.  I'll ask how they're doing, but I doubt I'll get an answer." The turtle said calmly as he straightened his glasses.
 " You better, or I'll..."  Max said interrupted by the opening of the operating room door.
 " Sir.  She's a mommy!"  The lion said, excited.
 " What?"  Max said confused.
 " Not you.  Mister Jermon, you’re a daddy to a brand new girl!"
 " What about me?"  Max asked angrily.
 " Sorry.  Sarah didn’t make it."
 " What!!!???"  Max said, too shocked to yell back.
 " Sorry!  Couldn't help myself!  No, Sarah is fine.  You can visit her now," the lion retorted, sort of laughing as he talked.
 " Thank God.  Where is she?"  He asked calmly.
 " Room 576--fifth floor seventh hallway sixth  room down the hallway. You can't miss it."
 "Thanks.  What's the bill?"
 "No charge.  Just be careful."
 "Thanks!"  Max said as he left.
 After a while Max said, "Huh?"

Chapter Six
" Love is wasted on the young."
            ;                         & nbsp;           &n bsp;   Poet Unknown

 " Yo!  So I here you’re out in a few hours.  Feeling better?  Your ship was found and repaired.  I paid the bill," Max said cheerfully.
 " Max, thanks for helping me out," the mouse said happy that he was there.
 " So.  You want to go out tonight?"  Max asked nervously.
 " Sure!"
 " Cool! I'll be waiting in the waiting room.  I've been there so much that turtle is starting to think I'm a patient."  They both laughed.
 Bleep! Bleep! Bleep!
 " What?  Oh.  It better not be Scott with another mission."  Max said as he turned it on.
 " Max!  Listen!  First off, where are you?  Second off, even though you left for your love-life, we still beat the Zoness fight and almost took out the base. Could of used your weapons, though." Scott said.
 " First off, I'm in the hospital waiting room.  Second off, do I still get my extra vacation and extra pay?"
 " Yeah, I guess so," Scott answered.
 " Cool.  Thanks.  Yo, I gotta go.  Sarah's waiting for me."

     The End