How The Journey


This is like a prologue to my long story. Laina,Alaina,LaToya,and Desiree are real people. Rachel"Raichu"Pager is(C)myself,Thunder Cloud is(C)herself,Vampria Angel is(C)herself,LaTisha Conrad is (C) herself. All StarFox and Pokémon related characters belong to Nintendo.



Years ago,in a system far far away from ours,was a planet called Corneria,fourth planet of the Lylat system. In the same system,a planet far away from Corneria,was Venom,a greenish-yellow planet where evil inhabitants were banished. But one evil inhabitant,called by the name of Andross,was strong enough to build his own army and have his revenge. The evil ape has declared war on Corneria and sent his Venomian warriors to destroy them,but General Pepper,general of Cornerian Air Force,has sent his best pilots into battle.


The streets were crumbled,buildings were destroyed,and many Cornerian citizens were dead and badly injured,but one Cornerian still ran on. Who is she? A yellow cat with emerald green eyes and silky-looking black hair. She wore a uniform,similar to what the Cornerian acepilots. Her name:Lila Pager.

Lila was the leader of special-powered team known as the Furry Destined. The destined were made up of five furries. The leader,Lila,had electricity powers,her second teammate,Amanda Conrad,a grey dog with psychic powers,her third teammate,Gwenevere Angel,a vampire tigress with the powers of lover,her fourth teammate,Tiffany Cloud,a white wolf with thunder powers,and her last,Jennifer Darranger had no powers,but her special medical abilities saved many lives.


Lila rushed to the air force base,holding tight to her year old kitten-kit,Rachel. She looked exactly like her mother,but she had her dad's eye and hair color. Lila stopped to catch her breath and calmed her child down. Before her breathing started to calm,she heard recognizable footsteps.

-Lila:Oh no.

She grabbed her child again and set off down the torn streets. The steps got louder and tapped in a fast rhythm. Lila kept looking behind to see how far the Venomian was. The yellow cat didn't notice that she was running in an extremely rocky area and tripped over a sharp stone,injuring her bare foot. Lila's fall made her Rachel and she slid yards away from her mother. The kitten-kit sat up,wiped the tears from her eyes,and ran to Lila.

-Rachel:Momma! You okay?

-Lila(panting):I...don't think.... I can get up,Rachel.

-Rachel(tearfully):Yes you can. Please try.

Lila pushed against the ground,but her weak arms gave way and she fell.

-Lila:Rachel. Run. Run and hide. Quick now!

Rachel stood up and ran,but not very far. She hid behind a boulder so she could see what her mom was running from. Out of the shadows appeared a one-eyed wolf in a Venom uniform.

-Lila:Wolf O'Donnell.

-Wolf:Ah,Miss Pager. We meet again.

Lila staggered to her feet and faced the wolf.

-Wolf:This is your last chance,Pager. Join us or perish.

-Lila:I will never join you or evil forces!

Wolf's face darkened and he growled. Lila got into her fighting position. Rachel cowered in her hiding spot,fearing her mother's safety. The furries stared at each other coldly. Then,a signal in Lila's mind told her to attack and the cat ran toward the wolf,fists up. She thrusted her fist toward his face,but Wolf moved his head to the right and grabbed her fist. Lila struggled as the cyclops furry squeezed her closed paw tighter,and finally broke free. Lila stood back and formed her index fingers in an X.


Static bounced from one finger to the other then electricity charged toward Wolf. He dodged it,but felt the power shock him in his leg. He yelped and held his leg,the numbness feeling made him unable to mave. Lila saw her chance.

-Lila:Electric punch!

Electricity formed around Lila's left paw. She balled her paw into fist and charged toward the Venomian. Wolf saw her coming and pulled out his pistol. Rachel's eyes widened at the sight of the gun.

-Rachel:Momma! Watch out!

Too late,Wolf pointed the gun toward the cat and pulled the trigger. The bullet hit Lila in the chest and zoomed out her back,crashing into the boulder that Rachel was hiding behind and causing a large crack. Lila's green eyes widened and she slowly sank to the ground,holing her chest. The pain in Wolf's leg finally went away and he was able to move again. He walked toward the cat and smirked.

-Wolf:You're not so tough after all,aren't ya?

Rachel started to sob softly.


She punched the boulder hard. The rumbling from her little fist caused the crack to grow larger and the boulder crumbled into a million pieces,revealing herself to the Venomian. Wolf's eye widened.

-Wolf:You had a child?!

Rachel jumped and stepped back a few steps.

-Wolf:Ha! Why bother a powerful adult when I can just grab a electrified brat?

The Venomian wolf walked toward the kitten-kit. Rachel hissed at him. Her tail surrounded with electricity and she tossed it at Wolf. All he felt was a static shock.

-Wolf:*chuckles evily*Is that all you got?

Rachel's ears lowered as she backed away from the Venomian. Wolf grabbed her by the arm and yanked her up in the air,studying her.

-Wolf:You're nuthin' but a runt.

Lila lifted herself off the the ground with one arm and raised her free arm,aiming at Wolf's back. Rachel kicked her legs fiercely,trying to get free.

-Wolf:Don't worry. With a few weeks of training,you'll become a fighting machine for Emporer Andross.

-Rachel:In your dreams,you one-eyed freak!

The kitten-kit displayed her kitty claws and scratched the wolf in the face.

Wolf yelped and touched the spot where Rachel scratched him and felt a little bit of running down his face and over his open eye.

-Wolf:Ah! You lil'...

Before the Venomian could harm the kit,he felt a shock along his back,making him drop the kid. Lila had enough strength to get up,grab her child,and kept running toward the base. When she ran a mile down the streets,an ambulance slid-stopped in front of her. The back doors opened and the destined teammates,Amanda and Gwenevere,came by her side.

-Amanda:Lila! Are you okay?

-Lila:Not quite.

Lila released her paw from the gunshot wound.

-Gwenevere:Oh my god.

-Amanda:Let's get you in the ambulance.


With Amanda's help,Lila limped into the ambulance. After the furries were in,Gwenevere jumped in and closed the doors. Lila laid on the bed,still holding on to her child.

-Lila:Gwen,take Rachel for me.

The angel-winged,white tigress took Rachel into her arms and sat down. Rachel blinked tears out of her eyes as she saw her mother wince in pain as a nurse fixed her wound. A wall of white feathers suddenly appeared before her. She looked up and saw Gwenevere smiling at her.

-Gwenevere:Don't worry,lil' one. You're mother is going to be alright.

A pink,glittery dust sprinkled off the feathers and around Rachel. Some of it got into her eyes,making her rub them sleepily. Soon,she got more drowsy and fell asleep in Gwen's lap. She moved aside her wing,showing Lila her sleeping child. The cat smiled and drifted off to sleep as well.


-Rachel? Rachel!-

The kitten-kit jolted her eyes opened,staring at a pair of green eyes. She lifted her head and saw a worried grey pup,who was a few years older than her.


-LaTisha:In the fur.

Rachel sat up in her bed and looked around. Her friends,Vampria Angel,Thunder Cloud,and Jenna Darrenger,were there.

-Rachel:Where are we?

-Jenna:We're in the base.

-Rachel:Where's my mom?

-LaTisha:She was takin' into the next room.

Rachel jumped out of bed and put her ear to the wall,hearing the mothers' voices.

-Lila:I'm dreaded to say my friends that I'm not going to make it.

-Amanda:Don't say that,Lila! You're a strong woman,you can make it.

-Jennifer:No. The bullet pierced her heart and it's in bad-shaped.

LaTisha,who heard this,went to her friend's side and put a paw to her shoulder.

-LaTisha:Rachel... I'm sorry.

Rachel turned to her friend,her eyes welled up with tears,and burst out crying on her friend's shoulder. Vampria was the next to put her ear to the wall.

-Tiffany:Lila,what about the kids? If Andross ever found out about our children,he would surely try to kill them.

-Gwenevere:Tiff's right. It's too dangerous for them to stay here.

It was quiet for a moment,then Lila spoke up.

-Lila:We'll have to transport them to another planet,far away from the Lylat System.

-Amanda:What?! But Lila-

-Lila:No buts! It's the only way to protect their future.

Again,all was silenced,but then they spoke up again and agreed to cooperate with Lila's plan.

-Vampria(sadly):Well guys....I guess this is.... good-bye.


-Rachel:What you talkin' 'bout,Vampria?

-Vampria:Our moms said that they were going to transport us to another planet,far away from here.

-Thunder:What?! But they can't do that!

-Vampria:Well,that's what they said. They said it'll be better for our future.

Then,all ears pricked up to the sound of footprints . When the mothers' stepped in,the kits played with their toys and pretended not to no nothing about their plans. Vampria smiled and ran to her mother who embraced her.

-Gwenevere:I want you kids to follow me.

The kids didn't waste time they got up and followed the vampire tigress down the hall. Rachel was stopped by Jennifer,Jenna's mom.

-Jennifer:Rachel,your mom wants to see you.


Rachel followed the husky down the hall,into the sickbay ward. Jennifer opened a room door,showing the kitten-kit her mother. She laid in bed,hooked to IVs and all kinds of medical machines. Lila opened her eyes halfway and turned her head to the open door. The cat smiled at her small daughter as she slowly walked to her bedside.

-Lila(weakly):Rachel,you and your friends are going on a trip to another planet and going to live there.

-Rachel:Are you coming with us,mom?

-Lila:No,I can't. I have to stay here and protect our planet.

Tears started coming out of Rachel's eyes.

-Lila:I want you to remember that no matter what,you'll always be a destined. Okay?


-Lila:Go with Jennifer now.

Rachel watched as her mom laid her head down slowly in the pillow. The kitten-kit stood there and stared,then she felt herself being lifted up. She looked up and saw Jennifer.

-Jennifer:Come on,Rachel. You're friends are waiting.

Rachel took one last look at her mother as she was taken out. She wasn't able to hear her mother's whisper.

-Lila:Good-bye my child.

The husky took her into another room,where all her friends were put into space capsules,fast asleep. Jennifer placed the kitten-kit in a capsule. Gwen came and used her sleeping spell again. Rachel fell into a deep sleep and Gwen closed the capsule door. The mothers' started shedding tears.

-Amanda:Good luck,children.

The grey dog pulled a lever and the capsules were shot of into space,unaware of what was happening.

Back on Corneria,Jennifer walked into Lila's hospital room.

-Jennifer:They've been transported to planet Earth,Lila,


Lila wiped the tear,going down her eye.

-Jennifer:Why are you crying? They're now safe from harm.

-Lila:I'm sad because,not only will I miss my child,but they will have no memory of this. They won't remember anything,about Corneria,about the destined,

Lila laid her head on the pillow. A slow beep was heard. The husky looked up at the respiratory machine and saw:______^______^______^______^

-Jennifer:Lila,don't give up, Not yet.

-Lila(weakly):My time is up,Jen. Take care of yourself.

Lila closed her eyes and her head moved to the right. The husky looked up the respiratory machine and saw:____________________

-Jennifer(tearfully):Oh Lila.

Amanda saw the event from outside the room. She turned to Gwen and Tiffany and shook her head. Before they could say anything,a loud alarm wnet off.

-Computerized voice:Warning! Intruder alert! Warning! Intruder alert!

A loud explosion was heard and the destined saw four,familiar Venominas down the hall......


The destined were missing for days,but were soon found in the opening of a forest,all dead. Everyone was in depression,but when they heard about the future generations of the destined were transported to Earth,the Cornerians dreamed that the future destined would remember who they really were and would come back to support them.



On Earth,the destineds were reborn on different days,months,and years.

They had different lives,families,names,and had no idea that they were the destined. But soon all that would change.


Bus 14 stopped at the corner at the entrance of the neighborhood. An energetic girl walked down the bus steps and ran down the street. This girl's name:Laina. Laina was tall,14 year-old with short black hair and shining brown eyes. She jumped up in the air and whooped.

-Laina:Hooray! It's da' last day of school! Haha! No more homework for this ghetto gal!

She continued running down the street when she was stooped by a shout.

-Laina! Wait up!-

-Slow down,girl!-

Laina looked back and saw two girls. One was on rollerblades. She had black eyes and black hair. The other one rode on a bike. She had short,light brown hair and greyish-blue eyes.

-Laina:Hey Toya! Desiree!

Desiree hopped off her bike.

-Desiree:Our school let out early. That's why we're here so soon.

-Laina:*sweatdrop*(thinking)Lucky dogs!

-Toya:Why you off in such a hurry?

-Laina:My dad's gonna have my new pool in the backyard and it is BIG!!!!!!!! *spreads her arms*

-Desiree:Can we come?

-Laina:Uh...I don't think he finished with it with it yet,but I'll give ya'll a call when he's finished with it. K?


-Desiree:Fine with me.

-Laina:Okay then. See ya's!

Laina ran down the street until she came to her house,a two-story,faded forest green house. She noticed the back gate opened. She peeked in and saw her father,fixing the pool up.

-Laina(thinking):Still not done yet,eh? That's okay. I think I'll E-mail China and Jen and tell 'em I'm outta school.

China and Jenna were two of Laina's E-mail pals. To them,she was known as "Raichu",based on her main StarFox character she created named Rachel"Raichu"Pager. She opened the front door and was greeted by her dalmation/lab,Rocky.

-Laina:Hey Rockster.

She patted her dog on the head and proceeded to the den,where her computer was. Clicking 'Start',she went to 'Internet Mail'. It took a long time for it to check new mail,but finally it disappeared saying 'No New Messages'. Laina let out a sigh.

-Laina:No mail again. Oh well,I'll write China,then Jenna.

As she typed in the address,she heard a lot of yelping and turned to see Rocky,running away with clothing on. He zipped past the girl and out the back doggie door.

-Laina! Can you get Rocky? He fell in the laundry basket and got caught up in clothing.-

-Laina:I noticed that. I'll get 'em.

Laina walked out the back door and soon came back in,holding her dog.

-Laina:Ya' crazy dog!

Suddenly,the sky turned a rusty-red color and the clouds turned coal-black.

-Laina:Huh? What's happening?!

She started to fell the ground shaking violently and fell to the ground. Rocky ran under the computer desk. Laina got on her hands and knees and crawled in with him.

-Laina:Momma! Where are you?! Are you okay?!

A meteor crashed through the room,causing the girl to cry in fear. The computer on top started to glow and it surrounded around the girl and her dog.

-Laina:Wha?! What's happening?!?!?

Laina opened her eyes and found herself floating in a pink,misty area.

-Laina:Where are we,Rock?

Another misty cloud started to surround her and Rocky.

-Laina:I feel funny.

Rocky barked in agreement. Then,she felt something on her arm and looked down to see her hand was now a paw and yellow fur started to grow around her arm.

-Laina:(screams)What da' heck?!?!?!?!

She felt her ears going to the top of her head and widen in a triangle shape. It kinda hurt so she closed her eyes and clenched her teeth.Her black hair started to turn brown and her brown eyes started to turn blue. Her nose grew into a muzzle and she felt her teeth get sharp. All Rocky could do was watch his master in horror as he floated. All the yellow fur started to go around her body,from head to toe. When she opened her eyes,she looked down at herself.

-Laina:Oh my god! I've turned....into my character....Rachel"Raichu"Pager.

She looked at herself,admiring her new look. Laina wore her character's uniform:A black shirt,blue jeans,white jacket,and white combat boots with lightning bolts on them.

-Laina:Wow! This is boombostic!

Suddenly,she was interuppted by a howl. She turned to her dog who also had a mist surrounding him.


Rocky started to whimper as he changed. He grew taller and his body started to become bigger,like in human form. Rocky started to grow into the clothes that he was still wearing. When the transformation stopped,he looked at himself of what he had become. He turned to Laina.

-Rocky:Laina,what happened?

Laina almost fainted. Her dog could talk! The pink area around them disappeared and once again they standing on the ground. Laina looked around. Her house wasn't completely crumbled down,but there were a few holes in the ceiling with meteorites under them.

-Laina:Momma? Dad?

She went into the kitchen and held back a gasp. Her parents laid on the floor dead. She ran to them,holding her mom. She shouted them to wake up,but there was no response.

-Laina:No. No!

Laina stood up and backed away.

-Laina:This isn't happening.

Tears rolled down to her cheek.

-Laina:I don't know who did this to you,but when I find out who did,I'll make them sorry!

The catox heard something fall and a yell. She ran into the den and found Rocky with a lamp on top of them.

-Laina:Rocky,what happened?

-Rocky:I'm trying to walk like you humans,but it's too difficult.

Laina quickly forgotten that dogs walked on four feet and now that Rocky was in a human form,he had to learn to walk on two. She laughed as she watched him get up and then fall down. Rocky lowered his head as he laid on the floor. His eye caught Laina's paw in front of his face.

-Laina:Need help?

Laina grabbed his paw and pulled she pulled him up to his feet. He wobbled when he stood on his legs,but managed to stand straight.

-Laina:You got your balance right. Now,put one foot in front of the other.

Rocky did what his master said. He started out clumsily at first,but soon he was walking,running,screeching to stop,and even did a cartwheel followed by a backflip. He walked past the kitchen door and jumped when he saw the bodies.

-Rocky:Your mother....and father.

-Laina:Help me get them outside. We're going to give them a proper burial.


After buring the bodies,Laina placed roses on top of the spots where the bodies were buried.

-Laina:They will be remembered.

Laina bowed her head,shedding more tears. Rocky didn't say anything,just frowned. He didn't like Laina's parents that much because they always yelled at him or ignored him,wanting to get rid of him.

-Rocky:So what'll happen to us,Laina?

-Laina:I don't know,Rock. Now that Earth is destroyed,who knows what'll happen to us.

Laina walked from the backyard into the front. Everything was destroyed:trees were knocked down,house were demolished or just standing there crumbling,and meteorites were on the ground,still sizzling hot. She turned and looked at the garage. The family caravan was still there.

-Laina:Wow. That thing must be indestructible.

Rocky walked toward the van and looked around at it.

-Rocky:You know,I can build a fighting machine outta this van.

-Laina:How Rocky? You're just a dog.

-Rocky:Yeah,but this transformation has made me smarter. I feel like I know a lot about technology.

Laina looked at her dog surprised,then smiled.

-Laina:Alright. I'll help. Whaddya need?

Rocky found a piece of paper and a pencil stub. He wrote down the items he needed and Laina went off on her motorcycle. She arrived to large junkyard where badly damaged cars and jets were sent. The catox started to take big strips of metal and put them in the back of her motorbike.


The catox heard her name being called out. She saw two figures walk up. One was a white wolf with a gold heart in the middle of her forehead. She wore an 05,purple jersey and blue jeans. The other furry was a white tiger with fangs of a vampire and wings of an angel.


-Laina:Toya?! Desiree?!

-Toya:Correction Laina:Thunder and Vampria. We see we're not the only ones who've changed.

-Vampria:What are you doin'?

-Laina:My dog changed and he needs some parts to make our van into a tank.

-Thunder:*cocks an eyebrow*Your dog talked? Van tank?

-Vampria:Are you feeling okay,Lainaa?

-Laina:Fine,grab some parts and meet me at my house.

Laina took off on her moterbike. Thunder grabbed a metal board,put it over head,supporting it with her paws,and ran after Laina. Vampria grabbed a metal part and flew up in the air,flying over Thunder.

-Thunder:Show off!


Back at Laina's house,Thunder and Vampria were surprised to see Laina was telling the truth. Rocky was pleased at all the salvage parts the girls brought and got to work on the van. Vampria watched him work. Laina saw the vampire tigress standing like a zombie. She waved her paw in front of Vampria's face and the tiger jumped.

-Vampria:Hmm? What?

-Laina:You okay? You starin' at Rocky pretty hard.

-Vampria:No,I'm fine.

Laina smiled and cocked an eyebrow.

-Vampria:I don't like him.

Vampria walked off.

-Laina(thinking):Sure you don't.


Rocky was finished with the repairs .After installing the weapons,Rocky tied some wires together,turning the radio on. First,all they heard was static,then a voice came on.

-radio:Attention all Venomians! Attention all Venomians!


-radio:Report back to headquarters at once. Emporer Andross has imprisoned the StarFox team in gems. He needs four soilders to take them to the four corners of this country.

-Laina:Venomians?! Andross?! StarFox?! But that's just a video game;they're not real.

-Thunder:Maybe there is such place as the Lylat System.

Another voice came on the radio,but the voice sounded deep and gruff.

-voice:Attention all soilder!

Laina recognized the voice immediately.


-Andross:The apocalyspe has been a success,but the radars have detected that there are some earthlings still living on this planet. If you spot them,bring them to me and you shall be rewarded.

The radio cut off again. The furries looked at each other.

-Vampria:Aw man! These Venomian people are gonna be searchin' high and low for us.

-Rocky:I suggest we get goin'.

Vampria and Thunder climbed in the back. Rocky drove and Laina sat in the passenger seat.

-Laina:What about gas?

-Rocky:Don't worry,I installed a device that keep this baby runnin'. If it gives out,I'll I gotta do is recharge it.

Rocky started the van tank.

-Rocky:Ready to go,Laina?

No response.


Laina looked at her humanoid dog and smirked.

-Laina:Rocky,from now's Raichu.



"Alright Seniors! Class of 2000, please pull your tassels to the right side of your cap... AND GRADUATE YOURSELVES!" Holly Simmons, senior class president yelled as the tassels were shifted, and the caps began flying into the air. All the seniors began cheering at the top of their lungs at that very critical moment in the ceremony. It was over, and after 4 years, they were finally free! As the front row spilled out of line, Alaina, age 18, bursted through the shuffled crowd of seniors to show her diploma to her mother, who waited patiently on the left side of the graduation lawn. Alaina had never been so happy or so proud in her life as she ran to greet her mother... There was much in the way of crying and hugging that day, as expected; and the ride home was far from quiet.

"Whew!" Alaina sighed as she walked in the door. "I've never been so hot in my life! I felt like a baked potato in that robe!" Her mother laughed as she headed upstairs into the living room. Alaina made her way down the long hallway which led to her bedroom, unfastening the hot robe as she walked. When she entered her room, she threw the robe onto the bed, and plooped down face first into her pillow. "I did it..." She whispered to herself. "I did it..."

Suddenly she heard a strange rumbling sound, but couldn't tell where it was coming from. As it grew louder, she assumed it was her grandfather working on the car outside... She sat up and peered out her window, but she didn't see her grandfather. Instead, her eyes met with sudden horror as she witnessed the Sky grow blood red before her very eyes. The wind burst through her yard with sudden fury, snapping all the trees in half. Overcome with fear, Alaina rolled off her bed and onto the floor, covering her head with her hands.

The entire house began to shake. Pictures cracked and fell from the walls. The lights flickered, finally dying and sending sparks flying to the ground like rain. The soft rumbling she had heard was now deafening, filtering through the room like sand through a siv. Then suddenly, a burst of unbearable heat blew against her skin as the walls around her collapsed outwardly, revealing her to full fury of the outside. The heat still poured through her body. It burned, and brought unbearable pain. She cleanched to teeth in agony, but it was not over yet. She opened one eye through the blinding light, only to notice her hands were becoming paws, and she was growing grey fur all over her body. She closed her eyes tightly, hoping it was just a dream, a horrible nightmare.

As suddenly as it had began, the nightmare now began to die down. The winds slowed to a steady warm breeze. The sky went from red to grey, as if it were nothing more than a cloudy day. The heat blaze had stopped, and the temperature was like any other summer day. Alaina slowly opened her eyes, scanning the world around her... Or what was left of it. Suddenly, she remebered her family, and turned to go see if they were alright. "Oh God..." Her eyes met with nothing more than a pile of broken rubble... Rubble that used to be her home. "Mom! Dave! Katie!..." She ran to the rubble and began picking through it hysterically... "No..." Finally realising her family had been killed, she sat down in the broken pile of wood and cried... Through her tears she could see only what was no longer there... Wreckage and rubble surrounded her... All the trees were gone, the house, the barn... But suddenly something caught her eye... There, on the ground, in perfect condition, was her laptop computer. She breathed a sigh of slight releif, as she logged onto the internet to find anyone who might have survived.

As she typed, she noticed that her hands were paws, and she was covered in fur... "So, that wasn't a dream... I've actually turned into LaTisha Conrad..." She continued typing frantically for someone to answer. Suddenly, she began to pick up a signal coming from somewhere in southern Georgia... "Raichu?... It can't be!" After recieving a visual, Alaina know she wasn't mistaken. The image of a yellow catox came in through the screen, and smiled.

"China! You're alive?!... Is it really you?!"

Alaina laughed, happy to see a familiar face. "No Raichu... It's the pizza guy. I'm here to collect..."

"Yup, that's China alright!" Raichu looked back at Rocky, who was thumbing through a bunch of wires near the back of the van. "Hey Rocky... The com-link works great!"

Rocky smiled. "Was there any doubt?"

Raichu laughed and turned back to Alaina. "So, I see you've turned into LaTisha..."

"Yup... Looks like you've had a bit of a transformation yourself." Alaina thought for a moment. "I guess that means you can call me LaTisha then... So, where are you? Looks like the inside of a..."


"Yeah... Is that the family car?"

Raichu laughed. "Used to be... Rocky sorta rentavated... Are you calling from New Hampshire?"

"What's left of it..."

Raichu bowed her head. "Yeah, Georgia's been destroyed too... Hey, we'll come get you!"

LaTisha laughed "Great... I could use a ride... My car is totally demolished!"

"Alright then..." Raichu agreed "We're on our way! Rocky... Shove off to New Hampshire!"


Night started to fall.Raichu,Thunder,Vampria,and Rocky rode up to New Hampshire. They searched for LaTisha until they found her sitting on a pile of rubble,next to a used-to-be barn.

-Raichu:'Tisha! Wuz up,my dawg?

-LaTisha:Hi Raichu! It's great to see you.

The grey dog tilted her head to look at the van tank.

-LaTisha:Wow! When you said Rocky changed the van,you weren't kidding.

-Rocky:Somebody call my name?

A black dog with a white spot on his throat appeared from behind the tank.

-LaTisha:Is that Rocky?

-Raichu:Yep,my pet dog,now a mechanic and an almost genious of technology.

A white wolf stepped out the back door and stretched.

-Thunder:Thank goodness we've stopped. I was gettin' cramped back there.

-Raichu:That's Thunder Cloud,the wolf I've been tellin' ya about.

The two canines shook paws.

-LaTisha:Where's Vampria?

Raichu waited for Vampria to jump out,but just heard snoring. She looked in and saw the vampire tigress,laying on a matress in the back. She smiled and giggled,lost in the dream.

-LaTisha:What she dreamin' about?

-Raichu:Probably dreamin' about Rocky.

Rocky blushed. Raichu seemed to smirked and hit against the van side with her fist. Vampria jolted up.

-Vampria(sleepily):Are we there yet?

-Raichu:It's a lil' too late for that question,Vampria.

Vampria yawned and rubbed her eyes. Rocky laughed quietly,but soon her stopped and pricked his ear up.

-Raichu:Somethin' wrong,Rock?

-Rocky:I hear jets.....lots of them.

-Vampria:It's Venom.

-Raichu:I suggest we get our roll on.


They piled and the tank and definately got their roll on. Rocky took off down the street toward Florida.

-LaTisha:So,what's goin' here?

Raichu explained to her friend about the apocalyspe,Venomians,Andross,and the StarFox Team imprisoned in colorful gems and kept in the corners of the US.

-LaTisha:Well,looks like we're gonna get some action after all.

-Raichu:Florida,here we come!

The van started to sputter and started to slow down.

-Raichu:Rock,what's goin' on?

-Rocky:We're running outta power.

-Raichu:Well I'll be damned!

-Rocky:We're gonna hafta camp put here for the night.

The black dog stopped the car into the forest,into an opening. Rocky opened the hood and took a chip the size of a disk.

-Rocky:Yep,it's outta power.

-Raichu:How are gonna charge it up?

Rocky smirked and stared his master's tail,looking at the electric bolt at the end of it.

-Raichu:Me? Oh no. I need this power for my protection.

-Rocky:Now just hold still,Raichu.


The catox ran in the opposite direction,but Rocky grabbed her tail and pulled her back.

-Raichu:This unbelievable! I'm caught by me own dog.

Rocky snickered and taped the chip to the electric bolt.

-Raichu:How long will it be 'til is charged up?

-Rocky:Probably in the morning. And don't even think of taking that chip off Raichu.

-Raichu:Hey! I'm your master. I should be commanding----

Rocky got in Raichu's face and growled,showing his fangs.

-Raichu:*sweatdrop,nervous laugh* Like you said,I won't take it off.

Rocky turned and went to work on another device.

-Vampria:Whatcha got there,Rockster?

Rocky raised an eyebrow.

-Rocky:(in his mind)Rockster???(outloud)I'm workin' on a device that'll give us an easy time to find the gems.

After connecting a few wires,he closed the box.

-Rocky:There! My gem radar is completed.

-Vampria:Hope it'll work.

-Rocky:Oh,it'll work alright.

The black dog walked away to get his sleeping bag ready. Vampria looked at the path where he walked.


The vamprie tigress jumped.


-Thunder:You okay?

-Vampria:Yeah,I'm fine.

Vampria stretched her angel wings and walked off.

-Thunder(quietly):Vampria? In love with Raichu's dog? Eww!

Unknown to Thunder,a furry watched them closely and kept his eyes on Rocky's gem radar.


The sky turned black and stars started to fill the sky. The earthling furries slept soundly as the campfire crakled. LaTisha slept near the van,Vampria slept in the van,and Thunder,Raichu,and Rocky slept around the fire. Rocky stayed close to the catox to make sure she didn't touch the chip that was wrapped around his tail. She started to untie the chip from her tail,but a black paw slapped hers.


She grabbed her paw and turned to see Rocky,who gazed at her angrily and growled.

-Raichu(whispering):Stupid dog.

She pouted and started to nod off to sleep.


Raichu's ears perked up. She looked at the bushes and some them moving.

-Raichu(in her mind):Venomians!!

The catox laid on the ground and scooted near Rocky,scared out of her wits. A shadowy figure quietly moved toward the van. It stepped over LaTisha and tip-toed to the open back door. The mysterious furry searched under the bed where Rocky kept all his devices,trying carefully not wake Vampria. It finally got from under the bed and pulled out a familiar device.

-Raichu:That's Rocky's gem radar. Rocky,Rock,wake up.

Raichu shook the dog,but he just snored away.

-Raichu:Guess it's up to me then.

The furry started to sneak away. Raichu jumped up from her sleeping bag.

-Raichu:Hold it right there!

The furry turned and saw the catox coming toward it and made a run for it.

-Raichu:Oh no you don't!

Raichu ran after the furry. She jumped over LaTisha,but accidently stepped on her tail. The grey dog jolted up and screamed in pain,waking the others.

-Thunder:Man LaTisha! That must've been some nightmare you've been goin' through.

-LaTisha:If it was a nightmare,I wouldn't be screamin' in pain.

-Thunder:In pain?

-LaTisha:Somebody stepped on my tail.

Rocky sat up and found Raichu gone.

-Rocky:Raichu? Where's Raichu?

Before Vampria could say anything,she was interuppted by a femenine scream of rage.

-LaTisha,Vampria,Thunder,and Rocky(in unision):Raichu!!!!!


Raichu chased after the furry.

-Raichu:You're not gettin' away that easy!

Raichu jumped toward its legs and grabbed them. She was could tell the furry was masculine because of the way it groaned when he fell. The furry struggled,but the catox held tightly to its legs.

-furry:Damn runt!

The furry was able to release one of his legs and kicked Raichu in the snout. The catox screamed and fell back,holding her bleeding muzzle The furry took off again and again Raichu was behind him. The catox tackled the furry and he fell,dropping the device. The catox ran in front of the furry,cluthced the device,and stuck it in her pocket. Now it was Raichu's turn to be tackled. The furry thrust himself foward and tackled the catox. They wrestled until the furry did an incredible move on Raichu and had her pinned down. The catox was able to get a good look at him. It was a silver fox with brown hair and beady black eyes. He wore a red shirt,black jacket,blue jeans,and black boots. He stared coldly at the catox.

-furry:Hand over the radar,Venomian!

-Raichu:Venomian?!?!?!?! I ain't a Venom!!!!

-furry:Don't try to fool me! Hand over the radar now!

-Raichu:No way,José! I don't see your name on it!

The fox took out a pistol and pointed it at Raichu's forehead. She gaspped and the silver fox chuckled slyly.

-furry:Yeah,you don't feel so tough,do you? Give me the device....Now!

Raichu,who was shivering in fear,slowly reached for her pocket.

-LaTisha:Hey! Back off,ya' bastard!

The silver fox looked up to see a grey fist coming toward his face like a meteor. He fell back,falling off of Raichu. Vampria helped the catox up.

-Vampria:You okay?

-Raichu:Yeah,just a bloody nose.

The fox started to get up. Rocky stood in front of Raichu,protecting her from another attack. Seeing that he was outnumbered,he retreated. LaTisha started to cluck like a chicken.

-LaTisha:Chicken! Wimp! Wuss!

Raichu stood up and dusted herself off.

-Rocky:What happened,Raichu?

-Raichu:He was trying to get your radar.

Raichu took the radar out of her pocket and handed it to the dog.

-Rocky:I didn't hear anything.

-Raichu:With all that snoring you were doin',I doubt you weren't even able to hear a siren. Well*sighs*I guess everything's back to normal.

-LaTisha:Not quite.

LaTisha lifted her foot and stepped on Raichu's tail,making sure she didn't step on the battery chip.

-Raichu:Owch! Hey!

-LaTisha:There! Now we're even.


Back at camp,they were able to get some peace and quiet,but they kept in ear out,especially Raichu. She perked her ears up to hear yell in the distance. She quietly got up and carefully stepped over LaTisha,being careful of her tail. She followed the shouts of agony that led her to a damanged jet.


The catox ran to the jet and looked at it carefully.

-Raichu:This isn't one of ours.

Again,there was shout of pain. Raichu peeked from around the jet and saw two Venomains. One was holding a furry by the arms to make sure it didn't get away and the other one repeatdily punched the furry in the stomach. She looked closer and saw the furry was the same silver fox that she had fought. He tried to get away,but the evil soilder had a good grip on him. The other Andronian pulled out a dagger with a curved end at the tip of the blade. He said something to the silver fox that Raichu couldn't make out,then the Andronian raised his dagger.......

-Raichu:Hey! Leave him alone!

The catox jumped from her hiding place and ran toward the soilder with the dagger. She thrusted herself forward and head-butted the lizard in the stomach. The soilder fell to the ground. Shadows covered over Raichu so she was unknown to the fox. Raichu turned to see the other soilder still holding on to the furry,but was shivering in fear.

-Raichu:Let 'em go.

The lizard released the furry and slowly walked to his partner,who was also afraid of the shadow furry.

-Raichu(with an accent):Now get yo'self up and git!

The soilders didn't move. They were too frightened.

-Raichu(still with an accent):Did you not hear me? I SAID GET UP YA MAGGOTS AND GET OUTTA HERE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Almost immediately,the soilders got up and ran into the forest. One looked back at the catox.

-Raichu:Git your ass outta here,boy,before I kick it!

Raichu jumped up in the air and roared like a lion and the lizard yelled and ran into the trees. As she walked toward the silver fox,the moonlight started to shine on her,revealing herself to the furry.

-silver fox:You're that catox I fought.


Raichu helped the furry up.

-Raichu:See? I told ya' I wasn't a Venomian.

-silver fox:So I see. Sorry I didn't believe you at first.

-Raichu:That's okay. My name's Raichu.

-silver fox:Pleased to meet ya,Raichu. Airman Foxer Lial.

-Raichu:Airman? Didya change into a furry like the rest of us?

-Foxer:Change? Naw,I'm from Corneria.

Raichu's eyes widened.

-Raichu:Corneria?! You're from Corneri.....Wait....Hold up....Time out! Tell me the truth. You're actually a Cornerian?

-Foxer:Yeah. So?

Raichu turned and held her head.

-Raichu(in her mind):This is nutz! The apacolyspe occured cause by Andross,but we survived it,we changed into furries,my dog can talk and orders me around,my family car is a fighting machine. Now I'm talking to Cornerian?! What's going on here?!?!?! head

feels real bad.

Foxer put a paw on the catox's shoulder.

-Foxer:Hey,are you okay?



Rocky appeared out of a thicket followed by LaTisha.

-Rocky:You're mother wasn't kidding when she said you were a meanderer as a lil' kid.

-Raichu:A meanawhat?!?!?!

-LaTisha:A meanderer is a wanderer.

-Raichu:Oh. I was about to say.

Rocky laughed and looked up to the see the silver fox.


He marched toward Foxer,growling angrily. Foxer started to pull out his pistol.


The catox ran in front of Foxer,arm spread out wide.

-Rocky:Raichu! You're takin' up for a guy that almost put a bullet hole in you brain!

-Raichu:He was confuesed,Rocky. He couldn't tell if I was a Venomian or not. He's on our side,so just chill out,okay.

Rocky backed off,but gave Foxer a mean look. The silver fox returned it. The black dog decided to change the subject and looked up in the sky,seeing the sun half rising over the horizen.

-Rocky:I suggest we get going.

Rocky walked over to Raichu,picked up her tail,and ripped the tape off. The catox clenched her teeth as she felt some of her fur being painfully ripped off. Rocky scanned the chip.

-Rocky:It's fully recharged. I'll just insert this in the battery and we'll be on our way.

-Raichu:And Foxer's comin' with us.

-Rocky:What?! But Raichu...

Raichu gave her dog a cold look that froze his sentence from coming out of his mouth. He just let out a sigh and walked on toward campsite. Rocky was still a little sore at Foxer for the trouble he caused that night. He almost didn't trust the silver fox.


On the road,Rocky kept quiet,keeping his eyes on the road,avoiding deep holes and debris. He even had to run over a few dead bodies or skeletons that made him gag. LaTisha kept her eyes on the radar and Raichu looked out the window,seeing Vampria flying overhead. Since she changed and all,she wanted to see if she could really fly. Foxer sat in a chair on the side of the van. Everytime he saw Rocky looking in the view mirror,looking at him,he snarled. And Rocky snarled back.

-Raichu:Would you two cut that out? You are acting like such children.

-Rocky:Oh yeah? Who's the one who runs to sleep with mommy and daddy everytime she has a bad dream?

-Raichu:*sweatdrop*But how'd you---?

She stopped and looked at LaTisha,who was laughing a little. Foxer was the next to start laughing,then Thunder. Raichu's furry,yellow face turned red. She looked at Rocky who was looking back,sneering.

-Raichu(angrily):Rocky,once we make a pit-stop,I'm gonna---


A force tossed the furries around in the tank,almost making Rocky jerk back from the steering wheel,but he jerked right back up and gripped his paws on the wheel and got back in control.

-Raichu:What da' hell was that?

-Rocky:Rocky to Vampria. Come in,Vampria.

Vampria turned on her walke-talkie.

-Vampria:Vampria here.

-Rocky:What's goin' on up there?

Vampria looked back and gasped.

-Vampria:There's a bunch of jets coming right toward us!

The Venomian jets started firing at her. The vampire tigress dove for the van. Rocky pushed a button putting the tank in "auto pilot" in charge and opened the sunroof. Vampria zoomed in and was caught in Rocky's strong arms.

-Vampria:Thanks Rock. For a minute there,I thought I was gonna crash-land.

-Rocky:Hey,no prob.

-Raichu:LaTisha,exactly how many jets are there?

LaTisha looked at the radar once more before she answered.

-LaTisha:Ahhh! There is exactly....20 of them.


-Raichu:Ya' mean,10+10?!?!10x2?!?!

-LaTisha:Yep,and they're coming in fast.

Raichu smirked.

-Raichu:Alright guys,it's time to show these guys that we ain't normal earthlings. Let's show these guys what we're made off!

All the furries agreed and put there paws together. The sunroof rolled open. Vampria flew out into the air. Raichu,Thunder,and LaTisha stood on the roof facing the bogies. Raichu stuck her paws out.

-Raichu:Electric machine gun!

Electricity shot out of her fingertips at the speed of a machine gun and shot down three.


The white wolf raised her arms above her head and clapped her paws together hard,making the sound of thunder. Two jets couldn't stand the viabration and shattered to pieces.

-LaTisha:Nice job,Thunder girl! Now it's my turn! Take this Venom!

LaTisha placed her paws to her head and,using her psychic power,picked up a huge boulder from the side of the road. And with all her strength,she threw it toward the jets,shooting down and two and scraping a wing off of one.

-Vampria:Flaming Hearts! Loop-de-loo!

Heart-shaped flames left the tip of Vampria's claw and looped around two jets,burning them,but there was still more to get rid of. Raichu stuck her head in the open sunroof.

-Raichu:Hey Rocky,time to show these bustas' your new invention.

With delight,Rocky pushed a button and machine guns slowly moved out from the side of the tank. The dog pulled a control stick,motioning the guns up.

-Rocky:Let set some fireworks off!

Rocky pushed another button,making the gun shoot at the jets,even Foxer pulled out his pistol and shot at the Venomian from the sunroof. One of the jets lowered at the tank's level and started to fire. Foxer saw this and gasped.

-Foxer:Rocky! Look out!

The silver fox pulled the dog down before the laser could strike him.

-Rocky:Thanks. I owe ya'

-Foxer:Does this means we're buds now?

They only shot down four jets before they ran out a bullets.

-Rocky:Gol darnit!

-Thunder:What do we do know?

Seeing that they were out of ideas and low on power,the Venomians fired their lasers. Vampria zoomed back down into the open sunroof and hid behind Rocky. Thunder dived in with her,but LaTisha remained on the roof,holding on tight. The bogies fired Nova bombs at them,seinding the two furries flinging violently around as the clutched the roof with their claws. Raichu growled and started to glow a yellow energy. LaTisha looked at her friend.

-LaTisha:Raichu,what's wrong?

-Raichu:*growls*I'm just too mad! I feel like exploding!

LaTisha stared as the energy got brighter and brighter,then fianlly,Raichu shouted.

-Raichu:Pikachu transform!

Slowly,Raichu changed. LaTisha covered her eyes as the energy glowed brighter. She became shorter and a little pudgy. Her fur was still the same color,but became a louder tint. Red dots appeared on her cheeks and her blue eyes turned beady eye black. When LaTisha opened her eyes,she saw a small Pikachu where the catox should be standing.

-LaTisha:Just like in your description:Can change into any Pokémon.

-Raichu:Yeah...except for the really big ones.

-Thunder:That's too bad 'cause we could sure use a Charizard right about now!

The Venomian jets shot at the furries. LaTisha dived into the sunroof,into the tank. Raichu,still in her new form,jumped toward the jets.

-LaTisha:Raichu! What the hell are you doing?!

The catox didn't say anything,but kept soaring toward the jets. And when she was close enough.....


Showers of lightining bolts came from the sky,striked Raichu,and raced toward the jets. They hovered there for minute,glowing from the electricity,and then they blew up. The force of the explosion sent the electric mouse toward the ground,but she slammed against the roof of the tank,falling unconscious. Foxer opened the sunroof and pulled Raichu in before the debris started to fall.

-LaTisha:Raichu! Are you okay?

-Thunder:Can you hear me,dawg?

Thunder shook Raichu and the furry started to glow again,forming back to a catox. Raichu slowly open her eyes,groaning.

-Raichu:Anybody catch their liscene plate?

Raichu got up from her chair. LaTisha looked at her surprisingly.

-LaTisha:Hey Raichu,don't your head hurt from the rough landing?

-Raichu:Huh? Oh no,it don't hurt. I think I was born with a stone skull. Watch.

Raichu smacked her paw against her head very hard a couple of times.

-Raichu:I can't feel a thing. I'm hard-headed.

-Rocky:You certainly are.

Rocky turned in his seat,grabbed the catox around the neck,and gave her a noogie.

-Raichu:Hey,hey! Watch my soft spot!

The furries started to laugh.

-Rocky:We should be arriving in Florida in just a sec.

Raichu looked out the window,observing the charred earth.

-Raichu(thinking)Ya' know,I think this could be the start of cool and dangerous journey.


Somewhere in space,in a great mothership. The two soilders that attacked Foxer cowered in front of their emperor.

-Venomian:W-w-we tried to capture the Cornerian,but a creature attacked us.

The emperor had a deep,gruff voice.

-emperor:Creature? What kind of creature?

-Venomian:I don't know. It was too dark.

The emperor was quiet for a moment.

-emperor:I should've thought of this before:Never send airmen to do a mercenary's job.

With that,the emperor opened his paw toward the Venomian and zapped them with a strong power,killing them instantly. He turned to his chair and faced a team of four,a one-eyed wolf,a lizard,a young monkey,and a pig,also known as StarWolf.

-emperor:I want you to find these "creatures" and destory them. Do I make myself clear,Commander O'Donnell?

-Wolf:It shall be done,Emperor.