The Furry Destined

Rated PG-13:contains violence and strong,foul language. Not appropriate for young children.


Chapter 1

-Vampria:What's wrong wit' this stupid thing?

Vampria Angel,a white,vampire tigress,kicked her foot against the van tank's tires. Quickly,she grabbed her foot and started jumping around,hollaring in pain.

-Foxer:Hey Vampria! Learnin' a new dance?

Foxer laughed. Vampria sat down and massaged her sore foot.

Theses furries survived an apocalyspe that occurred on Earth. But they weren't furries at the beginning,they were humans. Each of these humans were at their computers at the same time surfing for info about their favorite video game,StarFox64. As they did,the sky turned a rusty red color and meteorites collided to Earth. Before the computer-surfing humans could hide for shelter,a beam surrounded them,protecting them from the large metorites. When the beam hit them,they slowly changed into their StarFox star character they created,representing them. A young 14-year old girl named Laina changed into her character,a yellow catox(half cat,half fox)named Rachel Pager,nicknamed Raichu. Laina's E-mail pal,Alaina,transformed into a star furry Laina made for her,a grey dog with psychic powers named LaTisha Conrad. Laina's school friends,LaToya,morphed into a white wolf named Thunder Cloud and Desiree turned into a white tiger with vampire fangs and angel wings,formally known as Vampria Angel. Laina's dalmation-mixed dog,Rocky,transformed into a furry and had enough technology to build a fast moving,almost impenantrable tank out of the family van. Raichu and Rocky traveled the country,meeting the furries one by one. They met another furry named Foxer Lial,a silver fox from Corneria. He crash landed and his radio was a mess so he decided to hang with them until he finds a way back to his home planet. After hearing from a Venomian comlink that each StarFox member is imprisoned in a colored gem and held in the four corner states of the US,the Earth furries start their journey to find the gems,free the StarFox team,and stop Andross from planning his evil scheme.

Right now,they were in Florida searching for a red gem,containing Fox McCloud. Raichu stood on top of a pile of rubble.

-Raichu:This is the first time I've seen the 'Sunshine' state as a 'Barren Wasteland' state.

Before Raichu could say anything more, a raindrop fell on the tip of her black nose.

-Vampria:Oh boy,we're gonna be soaking wet.

Immediately it started raining harder.

-Foxer:Quick! In here!

Foxer led them in an old factory. Rocky,who was the very last one in,came in soaking wet and stood next to Raichu on all fours. The catox's eyes widened;she knew what he was going to do.

-Raichu:Rocky! No! Don't you dare!

Rocky shook,splattering water on the furry.


Raichu was now soaking wet and moved away to avoid getting wet as Rocky shook again. When he stopped,LaTisha forwned at him.

-LaTisha:Rocky,I thought you said the tank was impenantrable.

-Rocky:The tank is strong and powerful,but it dosen't do miracles.

-Foxer:That's too bad! Cause we could use one right about now! Look who's outside!

The furries ran toward the nearest window and looked to see four black jets landing outside.


-Thunder:But,how'd they find us?

-Raichu:Probably on radar.

Just then,a rapid beeping noise was heard.

-Vampria:What's that?

-Thunder:A bomb?

-Raichu(in her mind):'Better not be a bomb! We in enough trouble already.

-Rocky:It's my Jewel Radar.

Rocky took a small,metal box out of his pocket.

-Rocky:They're is a gem in her somewhere.

The furries followed Rocky into a small room with a high ceiling. Rocky pointed the device left and right,then pointed it at a crate and it beeped rapidly.

-Rocky:Ah ha!

Rocky tried to budge the box,trying to tilt it over.

-Rocky:It's too heavy.

Raichu helped her dog,but it still didn't move.

-Raichu:We could use a lil' help here.

Foxer came to help. Together,they were able to tilt the heavy crate. A red light flashed out from under. Raichu took her paw and swiped the jewel from under the crate. She picked it up in her paws.

-Thunder:It's beautiful.

Raichu squinted and could actually see a minature Fox McCloud inside. The fox jumped when he saw the catox's face.

-Fox:Who are you?

-Raichu:A friend. We're here to help ya.

-Vampria:Don't just stand there,Raichu. Free him already!

Raichu was about to rip the gem,but Fox shouted.

-Fox:No! Don't! This prison is part of my life;if you destroy it,you destroy me.

-Raichu:Then,how do we free you?

-Fox:There's this gun-like device that can free me and my team.

-Thunder:Great! Where is it?

-Fox:On Venom.

All the furries face-faulted and got right up.

-Rocky:According to how far the Lylat system is from our solar system and how fast Earth's air force jets go,it'll take us about 8,243.80 lightyears to get there.

-Raichu:Uh...Is that long?

Suddenly,a loud boom was heard down the hall.

-Vampria:Ack!!! They're here!!!!!

-Foxer:What are we going to do?

LaTisha looked at Raichu,who's tail was surrounding with electricity at a rapid speed.

-LaTisha:Raichu,you're not thinking.....

Raichu turned to her dog friend.

-Raichu:'Tisha,there's no other way. You guys try to find a way out and I'll destract StarWolf.

Raichu ran out the door and down the hall. Her boots could be heard,echoing down the hall. She searched around carefully and noticed a door,that she hasn't seen beofre,opened. The catox ran in and stopped in the middled of the room,in a fighting pose. The room was empty,nothing but towers of crates.

-Raichu:Alright StarWolf! I know you're in here! Show your self!

The energetic furry girl didn't know she was being watched from above on

of the tower of crates. As she searched around,she felt an uncomfortable presence behind her and turned.



Back where the other furries were,all the windows were locked tight.

-Foxer:I found a way out!

Foxer pointed up a tower of crates leading up to an open window.

-LaTisha:Mountain climbing anyone?

Thunder started to climb up,but Vampria just flapped her angel wings and landed on the top.

-Thunder:Show off!

As Foxer started to climb up,LaTisha pricked her ears up.

-Raichu:AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!! HELP!!!!!! LATISHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

-LaTisha:Raichu! You guys go on ahead,I'm give Raichu some help.

The psychic dog ran down the hall and followed the catox's cry for help into a room. Once in she stopped in her tracks.

-Wolf:Ah! You must be LaTisha.


- LaTisha: What of it Flea bag?

- Wolf: I just wanted to know what to engrave on your tombstone... Once I'm finished with you and all your friends.

- LaTisha: How about, 'here lies LaTisha... Died of old age.'

LaTisha started walking closer to Wolf, with her hands in tight fists. Wolf held up his paw.

- Wolf: I wouldn't come any closer if I were you. Or your furry friend here gets it!

Wolf stepped aside to reveal Raichu, tied to a chair and gagged. She struggled to get free, but her power was too low. When LaTisha looked closer, she saw a small device, yeilding a blinking red light, attached to the chair as well. LaTisha realized that it was a motion-sensitive bomb, and started to back away slightly.

- Wolf: If you come within a foot of your friend, that bomb will explode, and she becomes cottage cheese.

LaTisha didn't know what to do. She knew before she could do anything, she would have to get rid of Starwolf first. Then a thought occurred to her, which scared her even more. Wolf was there, but where were the other three? She began to get worried. She felt strangely outnumbered, but decided she had to keep her cool.... She had to stall.

- LaTisha: Alright Wolf, where is Leon? Where is Pigma, and Andrew? We saw all of your jets land out there. I know they're here.

- Wolf: It's funny you should mention that...

Just then, the other three Starwolf members dropped down from out of nowhere. They had been hiding on top of the stacked crates. Looking around, and realizing she was vastly outnumbered, LaTisha tried to think of how she could beat them... What their weaknesses were. She knew Pigma and Andrew were incredably stupid, but Leon and Wolf were another story. Just then, she got an idea of how to even the odds.

- Pigma: Awe, what's wrong little doggy? Are you scared?

- Andrew: Yeah... What he said.

LaTisha then put her psychic powers to work. One minute, Pigma was gloating, the next, an image of sizzling bacon appeared in his mind. He started freaking out, running around the room in hysterics.

-Pigma: AAAH!!! Not that!!! Not the bacon!!! They're gonna eat me!!! They're gonna eat me!!!

Just then, Pigma ran for the back door, plowing right threw it. He jumped into his wolfen jet, and flew away, all the time screaming his head off.

- Andrew: What's wrong with him?

Suddenly, Andrew heard a voice in his head. It was Andross, calling him back to Venom to clean his room.

- Andrew: Yes uncle Andross, I'm coming...

Andrew left the same way Pigma had, climbed into his jet, and flew off. Two down... two to go. LaTisha had been able to get rid of the first two, but for Wolf and Leon, she was going to need help. She sent a telepathic message to the others.

- Foxer: What's that?

- Vampria: It's LaTisha! She and Raichu need our help!

- Rocky: If Starwolf has penetrated the security of this reletively irregal environment, then a motive for their behavioral disorientation must have been decivively risen. Am I correct?

- Thunder: Huh?

- Vampria: Starwolf wants us dead.

- Thunder: Oh.

- Foxer: What are we waiting for? Let's go help them!

The four of them looked peered around the doorway to see Raichu, tied and gagged, and Wolf and Leon closing in on LaTisha. They were confused as to why she wasn't moving. Starwolf was closing in on her, but LaTisha stood perfectly still.

- Foxer: Why isn't she moving? What is she stupid or something?

- Thunder: She must have a good reason, Foxer. Now we gotta think of something, and fast.

They all huddled outside the door, trying to think of a plan.

- Vampria: What are we going to do?

- Rocky: What we need is a diversion....

Everyone looked at Thunder, who grinned.

- Thunder: One diversion... Comin' up!

Wolf and Leon grinned evily, as they slowly walked closer to LaTisha.

- Leon: What's the matter little doggy?... Scared? You should be.

Suddenly, there was a deafening clap of thunder. It echoed through the old warehouse, bouncing off crates, and piercing Wolf and Leon's eardrums. They put their hands over their ears, and slowly started to back up.

- Leon: What was that?!

- Wolf: It... It was only thunder Leon.

- Leon: Indoors?!

Just then, there was another clap of thunder, even louder than the first. The entire building shook, and Wolf and Leon backed up even further. They looked at LaTisha and Raichu, who seemed completely unharmed. The extreme blast of the thunder didn't seem to be affecting them. This made Wolf and Leon even more nervous, and when they stepped back, they fell over some crates that had been on the floor behind them. They struggled to get up, but couldn't. Their knees felt like jello, and gave in to their weight whenever they tried to stand.

- Wolf: What's going on?! Why can't I get up?!

- Leon: Neither can I! What's going on here?!

- Vampria: I can't hold them very long! Go help Raichu and LaTisha!

- Foxer: Let's go!!

Thunder, Foxer, and Rocky all rushed in to help, but LaTisha suddenly held her hand up to stop them.

- LaTisha: To come any further! There's a motion-sensative bomb attatched to Raichu's chair! I'm standing right in the sensor's feild, and now, so are you!

They all stood perfectly still, so not to set off the bomb. None of them so much as blinked. Raichu watched the events unfold in front of her, and she felt so hopeless.

- Vampria: You guys! Do something! I can't hold them much longer!!!

LaTisha looked at Raichu. If only there were something she could do. Suddenly, she got an idea, and looked over at Rocky.

- LaTisha: Rocky, how long has it been since Starwolf showed up?

- Rocky: I'd say this all started about a half hour ago.

- LaTisha: So Raichu's powers should be coming back.... I have an idea!

- Vampria: You guys!!! Hurry!!!

LaTisha sent a telepathic message to Raichu, who was just out of ear shot.

- LaTisha (Telepathically): Raichu, can you hear me? If you can, respond with your mind.

- Raichu: LaTisha?

- LaTisha: I have a plan Raichu, so listen carefully. What I need you to do, is to send a small electric charge through the ropes, and into the bomb to short it out. But don't over do it. Just the right amount of electricity should short it out, but too much will set it off... So be careful!

Raichu nodded, and sent the charge to the bomb.

- Vampria: I can't hold them any longer! They're getting up!

The red light on the bomb started blinking rapidly, and everyone held their breath. Suddenly, the light let off a small spark, and died out. Realizing the bomb was dead, Thunder ran to Raichu and quickly untied her. The two of them went back and joined the others. Leon and Wolf stood up to see a group of extremely angry furries. Realizing they were outnumbered, they made a run for their wolfens, climbed into their cockpits, and were off like a shot. Everyone cheered, but Raichu suddenly looked puzzled, and turned to face Vampria.

-Raichu:How did you do that?! I didn't know you could temporarily cripple people! I thought you just had powers of love!

Vampria laughed.

- Vampria: I do... Don't you know love can make you weak in the knees?

Everyone laughed, and patted each other on the back for a job well done.

- Fox: I don't mean to break up the little emotion rally here, but if you don't mind, I really want out of this stupid thing. And we need to find the others...

- Rocky: Fox is right. We've got some jewels to find...

- Raichu: And now we know that not even Starwolf can stand in our way!

- LaTisha: C'mon guys, we've got a mission to forefill. Let's kick some...

- Rocky: Let's keep this G-rated, okay LaTisha?

- LaTisha: You're no fun.

- Thunder and Vampria: (in unison) Ass!!

- Rocky: So much for that...



Rocky spent the next hour fixing the van tank. Raichu safely tucked the jewel into her backpack. After finally finding the problem,Rocky fixed it and they went on their way. Next stop:The tip of Maine. Once there,their eyes widened. The sky blacker than darkness and they was actually a volcano,belching out smoke.

-Vampria:This day is getting freaky.

-Thunder:Very freaky.

-LaTisha:So Rocky,where's the next jewel located?

Rocky pointed his jewel locater in all directions.

-Rocky:My jewel locater can't pick up anything. We'll have to move about

the premises a bit.

-Vampria:We'll split up to make the search easier. Thunder and I we'll go

this way. Foxer,you and Rocky go that way.

-Raichu:I'll stay here. I'm still a little shaken up about what happened back

there in Florida.

-LaTisha:In that case,I'll stay here with her.

-Foxer:We should be back shortly.


Two hours passed. LaTisha sat in the driver seat of the van tank.

-LaTisha:They said shortly,not hours!

LaTisha turned and saw Raichu,laying down in the back seat.



-LaTisha:What happened back there? When you were fighting StarWolf?

-Raichu:It's a long story.

-LaTisha:I would certainly like to hear it.

Raichu sighed and sat up.

-Raichu: When I ran into the room,I was surprised by bullets,coming from side-to-side. I dodged them using Pikachu's agility. Then,when StarWolf appeared from thier hiding places,I sent electric bolts. I manage to strike Pigma,but I missed the others. I transformed into Charmander and used mutiple fire attacks,but they dodged those,too. I was getting real ticked off. I changed into my normal self and used my ultimate thunderbolt. Bolts striked everywhere,causing smoke. I thought I had beaten them for sure,but when the smoke cleared,there they were again! I thought something was strange was going on,but the only thing on my mind was to get rid of them. I was gonna give them another thunderbolt,but that's when I realized I was out of power.

Wolf started walking toward me,smiling devilishly. I panicked and transformed into Hitmonlee,the kicking fiend. I was kicking like crazy at Wolf,but he dodged at every kick. I grew tired and changed back. I tried to get away by leaping on top of the tower of crates,but Leon shot his phaser at me. A bullet passed by my face,scaring me and making me lose my balance. I fell,but I quickly got up. Suddenly,Andrew grabbed my arms from

behind and that's when I started yelling for you.

-LaTisha:Tell me this,how fast does Hitmonlee kick

-Raichu:I'd say...I don't know...near 130 MPH.

-LaTisha:130!?!?! And Wolf dodged them?!?!?!


-LaTisha:Okay,something's not right here.

-(echoing)Help!HELP US!!!-

-Raichu:What was that?

-(Crying)Help! Some body please help!!!!!-

-LaTisha:It sounded like a child and it came form the volcano!

-Raichu:We gotta get up there.

-LaTisha:We won't make it in time.

-Raichu:Oh yes we will. Pidgeotto transform!

Raichu transformed into the bird PokÈmon,Pidgeotto. Grabbing LaTisha by the shoulders,she took off in the air,above the volcano. LaTisha searched and found the problem.


Raichu stared down and saw a furry. It was a two-tailed fox kit. The two landed and ran next to the kit.

-LaTisha:Are you okay?

The wailing kit shook it's head.

-LaTisha:What's wrong?

The kit pointed to the volcano's mouth. Raichu saw two paws,hanging on to the ledge of the mouth.

-Raichu:Oh gosh!

Raichu ran to the opening and pulled the furry out,a tiger cub. The cub ran to the kit's side.

LaTisha:What happened?

-cub:We found a jewel down the volcano.

-Raichu:Uh...excuse me. Did you say a jewel?

-cub:Yes,we tried to get,but I dropped it. My friend screamed,scaring me,and I was holding on to the ledge.

Raichu ran over to the opening and looked down. Something shined in her eye.

-Raichu:Yep,there's a jewel down there all right.

-cub:Is it yours?

-LaTisha:Yep. and inside that jewel is a very special birdy. What's your


-cub:My name is Timballi,but I liked to be called Timber.

-kit:And my name is Tailina Prower.

Raichu's ears perked up.

-Raichu:Prower?As in,like Miles'Tails'Prower?!

-Tailina:Tails is my older brother. I'm his baby sister.

-Raichu:I see. Where is he?

-Tailina:He's on Mobius,searching for Choas Emeralds with his friend,

Sonic. How'd you know about my brother?

-Raichu:I'll tell you later. Right now,I gotta get that jewel.

-LaTisha:Be careful,Raichu.

-Raichu:I'm always careful

As Raichu started to climb in,she slipped,but grabbed the ledge,then she proceeded to slid down the slopes into the volcano. LaTisha walked over to the kits and noticed Tailina's leg. It was was scratched and there was a bleeding opening on her knee.

-LaTisha:Hey Tailina,what happened there?

-Tailina:I was flying up the volcano's side and I hit my knee on a huge

boulder. When I felt the pain,I lost control of my flying and slid down the

rocky side,scratching my leg even worse.

-LaTisha:Here,let's fix that.

LaTisha tore off a strip of cloth from her jacket and wrapped up the cut.

-LaTisha:We'll take care of it when we get off this volcano. How's it goin'

down there,Raichu?!

-Raichu:I'm almost there.

Raichu,avoiding the heat,crawled on a narrow ledge and grabbed the jewel.

-Raichu:I got it! I'm coming up!

Raichu clawed up the sides and onto the top. Raichu held the jewel out to show LaTisha.

-LaTisha:Falco? You in there?

-Falco:Of course I'm in here! I've been in this friggin' cell for two whole days! What took ya'll so long?!

-Raichu:We had a little StarWolf problem.

Timber looked up in the air and gasped.

-Timber:Uh Raichu? Did these StarWolf people fly in four black jets?

-Raichu:Yes,but how'd you know?


In the air were four black jets,hovering toward them.



-Raichu:It's StarWolf!!! Run!!!

Raichu grabbed Tailina and ran,being followed by LaTisha and Timber. As they ran down the volcano's side,The Wolfens started shooting. Multiple shots of green lasers shot at them.The furries jumped and dodged each shot.

-Raichu:I know they didn't shoot that red stuff at me!

Raichu turned toward the Wolfens. Electricity surrounded her.


Raichu's power hit Wolf's Wolfen on the side.

-Wolf:Damn you!!!!!!

As they ran toward the van,everyone was there.

-LaTisha:Guys! We got company!

Foxer stared up in the sky and saw the Venonmian jets.

-Foxer:Oh jeez!!

-Vampria:Let's split!!!

They all piled in the armored van and took off like a shot,but the Wolfens still followed.

-Thunder:(screams)There on our trail!

-Rocky:Firing missles!

Rocky pressed a button and two missles on each side of the van shot out at the jets,but they dodged like if they were nothing. Rocky kept firing until he was out of ammo.

-Rocky:Ahhh! I'm out of ammunition!

The group stared as the jets shot at them. Then,Raichu got an idea.

-Raichu:Rocky,activate you laser cannon!

-Rocky:I'm out of ammo,Raichu!

-Raichu:Use me as ammo! I'll transform into Pikachu and give them the shock

of their lives.

Rocky was quiet for a moment,then spoke up.

-Rocky:Okay,load in.

Raichu transformed into Pikachu and loaded herself in the cannon.

-Raichu:All set!


The cannon shot off. Pikachu aimed for the Wolfens like a rocket.

-Leon:What's that?!


-StarWolf(in unision):Uh oh....



Electricity shot out and struck the jets. The StarWolf shiver as they were being electicuted. The jets' engine couldn't take much power. The engines overloaded and exploded. The force of the explosion threw Raichu back,flying in the air. Tailina flew out of the side of the van and caught Raichu and flew back into the van.

-Thunder:Raichu girl! You sure are a lifesaver!

Raichu was about to say something,but she looked out the window and gasped.

-Raichu:Don't thank me yet! Guess what's following us?

-Vampria:Another Wolfen?

-Raichu:No. It's something much worse!

The gang looked back and saw lava oozing behind them.

-All(in unision):Lava flow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


"Oh shit!"Foxer breathed. He whirled to Rocky,"Let's get the hell out of here!"

"Punch it!"Vampria grabbed hold of Tailina,who was scared out of her wits,trying to calm her down,"Move it or we're toast!"

"I'm trying to get us out of here!"Rocky ground his teeth as the tank hit some bumps and they were all jarred around,"We're in some sort of trench!It's too steep!!"

Their getaway from StarWolf had led them into a deep ravine,with banks that jutted up high on each side.The lava glowed bright red as it splashed after them,getting closer by the minute,the ravine providing a perfect pathway.

Raichu stuck her head out of the top of the tank,and a blast of superheated air hit her in the face,"You'd better move faster Rocky,or we're gonna get buried!!"

The lava sputtered and bubbled,and threw flacks of it toward the tank.A blob struck the top of the tank and splattered,and some of it hit her in the arm.

She screamed,the lava burning through her jacket instantly and then her fur and skin.

"Raichu!!"LaTisha felt a roar of agony explode in her head from her friend.She climbed up and grabbed Raichu.

"I'm on fire!"Raichu ripped of her jacket with LaTisha's help,and threw it away.

"Hold on!!"Rocky cried as they hit a big boulder.

LaTisha and Raichu fell to the floor and slid into the wall with a bang.

Thunder managed to get to them,"Are you okay?!"

"I'm fine!"LaTisha held onto Raichu,"Raichu's hurt really badly!!!"

"She's not conscious either!"Foxer braced against them to steady them as the tank hit another drop.

Vampria looked back from her seat beside Rocky.Timber climbed up onto her lap beside Tailina,both of them clutching Vampria,"Are you guys okay back there?!!"

"Raichu's hurt and she's unconscious!"LaTisha held onto the catox tightly.

"Rocky,sometime this week would be good!!!"Foxer snapped.

"I can't get us out of here!!!"Rocky snarled back.

"We're dead!!"Thunder's ears flattened back against her head in terror.

Everyone saw their lives flash before their eyes.

Suddenly,Rocky saw a flare shoot up into the sky and explode.His eyes followed down to it's source-

-and saw a dog waving it's arms at them with a flaregun in one paw,motioning to go right,to a spot where the bank wasn't as steep.

"Who is that?!"Timber looked up at Vampria.

"I don't know,but do as he or she says Rocky!"Vampria swiveled in her seat,"Hold on back there,guys and gals!It's gonna be rough!!"

Rocky swerved hard to the right,attacking the high bank of the trench,where there was a drop off in the steepness.The wheel spun and screamed in protest,and the rear of the tank swung to the left and right.

"Come'on baby!!"Rocky gave more gas,"What do ya got?!"

The tank bucked,and slid up over the bank and onto flat ground.The lava shot down the trench behind them.If it had been a second laterÖÖthey wouldn't have made it.

It was quiet for a moment,everyone wondering if they were dead or alive.

Vampria pinched herself,and laughed,"Phew!"

"Oh killjoy!"Thunder took a deep breath,"How many times are we going to get almost killed in one day?"

"Hey,we're still alive aren't we?"Foxer helped LaTisha lay Raichu out on the floor.

"Yeah,thanks to whoever gave me directions,"Rocky joined them,looking down worridly at Raichu,"Is she okay?"

"I don't know,she's burned pretty badly on her arm,"LaTisha pulled hair back away from her friend's face,"And all that transforming she did has really drained her power level."

"Have we got a first-aid kit?"Little Tailina knelt down beside Raichu.

"Sure,but I don't know the first thing about treating a wound like this,"LaTisha looked over at Thunder,"What about you?"

The wolf shook her head,"I deal with lightning and thunder,not injuries."

"But I do,"A new voice made them turn.

It was the dog that had just saved them,a brown and white husky with long brown hair.She had a pair of blue jeans on with boots and a green t-shirt.

A ninetails fox jumped down from the hatch.It's red eyes watched them cautiously as it went to her side.

"My name's HaleyÖ"The husky stopped and shook her head,"I'm mean Jenna Darrenger.Need some help?"

"Do we ever,"Foxer moved aside and gave her some room.

Jenna knelt down beside Raichu.She looked over the burn,and held the catox's wrist for a pulse,"That's okay there,her heart rate is strong."

She gently slid Raichu's eyelids back from her eyes and looked at the iris',"I don't think she was knocked out.More like sheer exhaustion if you ask me,she passed out."

"Got it right there,"LaTisha took the first aid kit from Timber and handed it to her,"Will she be okay?"

"Sure,if she has time to rest,"Jenna began to wrap the wound.

Vampria took a deep sigh,"That sounds like something we could all use."

"And I guess StarWolf won't be following us for awhile,"Thunder looked back at the horizon,"I say we make camp for tonight.Hopefully Raichu will be able to travel in the morning."

She turned and looked at Jenna,"And I would like to know more about our rescuer."


The sky was all black and beginning to fill with stars as the group rested around the fire Vampria had started,after eating some of their rations and working on the damages that the tank had suffered.

Jenna had a vehicle of her own,a chevy pickup with fourwheel drive that had belonged to her dad.She switched on the cassette player and stuck a tape in,being the radio didn't work without any stations left on the planet.She then went back and sat down beside Raichu,who was in a sleeping bag still unconscious.

The ninetails laid down beside her,and Jenna stroked the fox gently.

"So,where are you from exactly?"Foxer leaned back and yawned.

"The corn state."

"Huh?"Vampria gave her a puzzled look.

Jenna laughed,"Illinois.There's not much left of it now,except charred earth."

"You said your name used to be Haley,"Rocky rubbed his paws together,"Can I ask you something?"


"You weren't by chance hit by some energy beam from your computer before the apocalypse happened?"

"And it changed me into my character from my fanart and fanfiction,to Jenna Darrenger,"The husky smiled,"Right on Rocky."

"Then where did you get the ninetails?"Tailina giggled as she began to pet the white fox,and was joined by Timber.

"She's really my dog Molly,"Jenna stroked the white fox,"I'm guessing when I changed she did too,since she was sleeping at my feet while I was on the computer and that beam came out and hit me."

Thunder climbed into her own sleeping bag,"So,it's just the two of you?"

"I guess.After the earth was ravaged,I never saw my parents again after that.I woke up pinned under debris with Molly beside me as she is now.So,I managed to get my dad's truck working,got some supplies and with Molly we left,for good."

"Then what are you doing way up here in Maine?"LaTisha turned over on her side.

"I heard from Andronian comlink frequencies over the radio about the StarFox Team being trapped inside some gems,and where they could be located,"Jenna sighed,"But I guess you beat me here."

"Sure did,"Thunder pulled the two gems containing Falco and Fox and held them up for her to see,"Two more to go."

Jenna took the gems and turned them over in her paws,"I'm guessing Fox and Falco,right?"

"Right,"Fox's voice came from the red gem,"And Mr.Cocky is in the other one."

"Shut-up Fox!"Falco griped,"I'm in no mood to argue with you.I'm cramped in here!"

"We'll get you out of there soon guys,we promise,"Thunder took the gems as Jenna handed them back to her.The wolf slipped them back into the safety of the leather pouch on her hip.

Raichu suddenly groaned and opened her eyes.She looked up at the blanket of stars,then over at her friends,"Guys?"

"Raichu,"LaTisha climbed out of her sleeping bag and knelt down beside her.

"Hey Raichu,"Vampria smiled.

"Welcome back girl,"Rocky joined LaTisha.

LaTisha looked down at her,relieved,"How are you feeling?"

"A little lousy I guess,"The catox rubbed her bandaged arm,"But not too bad."

"Raichu,this is Jenna,"Foxer moved aside and Jenna sat down beside her,checking her arm.

"Hello Raichu."

Raichu shook her paw.

"Jen saved us from a really hairy spot back there,"Thunder put a paw on Jen's shoulder,"She took care of your arm too."

Raichu looked back at Jenna,"Awfully young to be a nurse."

Jenna laughed,"Well,as Haley Schauble I was.Becoming Jenna Darrenger,I suddenly knew some things I didn't when I was human."

"You were changed too,huh?"

"Yeah,from my writings and that on my computer,I'm now an ace pilot and I was a medical officer for two years in the army on Corneria,"She smiled,"I'm sure I could show you how to fly a jet if you put me in one."

The husky checked her arm and held up a finger,"Follow it with your eyes, okay?"

"Okay,"Raichu kept her eyes on Jenna's finger as the husky moved her paw left and then right,up and then down,"Do you feel dizzy,weak?Anything ache?"

"No,"Raichu rubbed her head,"I just feel tired."

"You'll be okay,"Jenna smiled,"I think with a night's rest you'll be fine by tomorrow."

"So,um,Raichu?"Vampria motioned with a nod to Jenna,"Does she get to come with us?"

"We could use that medical training,maybe even those flying skills,"Foxer shrugged,"And we'll have another truck to use."

"As long as I drive it,"Jenna smiled,"But I'll go with you on your quest if you'll have me."

Raichu shrugged,"Welcome to the team then if that's what you want to call it Jen."

Jenna laughed as Molly came up to her and licked her face.

"Hey,who's the ninetails?"Raichu tried to protect her face as the fox nuzzled her and tried to lick her cheek.

"Molly,she used to be my dog,"Jenna rubbed the fox,"She has to come with us,I won't leave her."

"Sure,why not,we could use that Fire Blast attack,"Raichu began to close her eyes,"Sorry guys,I'm just really tired.I can't keep my eyes open."

"Don't worry about it Raichu,"Rocky yawned,"I think we should all hit the sack and get some sleep.We've got a long ways to go."

"To where now for the next gem?"LaTisha slid back into her sleeping bag.

"California,way over on the other coast.and we've got a long ways to got to get threre,"Rocky turned over,"Goodnight everyone."

"Night Rocky."

Everyone crept into their sleeping bags,and it fell quiet.

Timber and Tailina curled up together in their sleeping bag,and Vampria put a blanket over them.

Molly slid in between them,her nine tails wrapping around them.The white fox rested her head close to Tailina's face,and closed her eyes.

Vampria became worried,"I thought touching a ninetail's tails would result in a 1,000 year curse?"

Jenna shook her head sleepily,"Molly can prevent them from getting the curse,don't worry.Besides,I think Molly has really taken to them,she'll protect them like she does me."

The husky turned over,"Seems to me you're worried about those two Vampria."

"Well,they're little kids,"Vampria stumbled on the words,"I just feelÖresponsible for them."

Jenna smiled,"There's nothing wrong with that.Night Vampria."

The tiger nodded,"Night Jenna."

She waited for a moment to make sure the husky was asleep,before getting up to check the cub and kit one more time.Molly watched her and leaned against a pat with her head as the tiger stoked her once,then went back to her sleeping bag.

The tiger yawned,and fell asleep.


The next day,they were on the road to California.Raichu sat in the passenger seat up front,Foxer was driving,Rocky was fixing his diamond radar,Timber and Tailina slept in the back seat with Vampria and Molly,LaTisha and Thunder were keeping their eyes on the radar,and Jenna rode in her Chevy pick-up truck next to them. Rocky looked at Raichu. She was staring out the open window,thinking about something.

-Rocky:Raichu,what are you thinking about?

-Raichu:Hmm? Oh,I was thinkin' about some friends.


-Raichu:That lived in California. There names were Shantana and Tina;they're both sisters. I hope Kay and Joy are having a happy life with them.

-Rocky:Who's Kay and Joy?

-Raichu:Kay and Joy were my puppies I had to leave behind when we moved. I left both with them.....I just hope they're okay.

It was quiet for a moment....

-Raichu:So Rocky,where are we going again?

-Rocky:To the far coast of California,where the next jem contains Peppy Hare.

Raichu stuck her head out the window.

-Raichu:Look out,Venom! Here come the Furry Squad of planet Earth!!!

The others cheered as they continued down the road.


Finally,they made it to California.

-Raichu:Too bad,this place was destroyed. I heard PokÈmon were really popular in this state.


-Rocky:Hmm?......Oh right.

Rocky took out the small radar. He pointed it too the left.

-Rocky:It's in that building.

They all turned toward a tall building. Raichu's eyes widened.

-Raichu:NO!!!!NOT MORE SCHOOL!!!!!

-Jenna:How can you tell it's a school?

-Raichu:I can tell it's a school! I mean,look at it.

-LaTisha:Oh,cut it out,Raichu. Let's go find that jem.

Raichu rushed to the two front doors.


With a karate yell,she kicked the door open.


The furries entered and saw on side to side a lot of doors.

-Foxer:Oh boy. This is gonna be tough.

-LaTisha:We'll split up to make it easier. Raichu,you,Vampria,and the kits

go in one group and the rest of us will go as one group. We'll meet in this hall when we're done searching.

The groups splitted up,going from room to room. Raichu and her group slipped into a science classroom.

-Tailina:This place gives me goosebumps.

She walked beside Vampria for protection. Then,they heard a creaking noise. Timber yelped and jumped onto Raichu's shoulders.

-Raichu:Easy fella,it's only the school settling.

-Timber:Well,can it be a little bit more quiet?

Raichu started walking backwards. Suddenly,a hand touched her shoulder. Her eyes met her shoulders and found out the hand was bony. Raichu and

Timber screamed in fear as the skeleton fell on the floor.

-Vampria:What happened?!

-Timber:D-d-d-The skeleton! I-i-it moved! It touched Raichu's shoulder!

A test tube fell on the floor.

-Raichu:There's something behind the counter.

Raichu catiously looked behind the counter. She was surprised by a shout.


Raichu and the mysterious furries rolled around the room,knocking down desks and chairs. Tailina and Timber jumped onto the counter and Vampria jumped up everytime they came her way. Finally,the rolling stopped. Raichu opened her eyes and two pairs of eyes stared at her.


Raichu sat up and saw the two furries,a monkey with blonde pigtails and a weird-looking Pikachu. She gave a gasp as she smiled.

-Raichu:Teeny and Pikocha!!!

-Teeny:Hey Raichu!

-Pikocha:Long time no see!

-Vampria:You mind filling us in here?

-Raichu:Teeny and Pikocha are my human friends,Shantana and Tina. These are their made-up furries. Teeny is the monkey and Tina is the


-Timber:A Pikawhat?!

-Raichu:A Pikachox-wolf. In other words,she's half Pikachu,half fox,and half wolf.


-Pikocha:Watch it!

-Teeny:Are you guys looking for a gem containing a StarFox member in it?

-Raichu:Yep,but how'd you know?

Pikocha reached into her knapsack and pulled out an orange gem.

-Raichu:Where'd you get that?

-Pikocha:I found it in the air vent.

Raichu took the gem from Pikocha.

-Raichu:Who's in here? Peppy Hare?

-Peppy:I've been stuck in this thing for weeks! I thought it would take someone forever and a day to find me!

-Raichu:Hey! Settle down in there! We'll get you outta there as soon as we find Slippy,then we'll get that gun Fox was talkin' about and zap ya'll outta there.

Raichu stuck the jewel in her knapsack,with the other two gems and was about to walk out the door.

-Raichu:And they said finding dragonballs were hard.

-Teeny:Oh,Raichu. I've got a surprise for you. *whistles*Come on out,guys!

An Eevee and Vulpix appeared from behind the counter.

-Raichu:Who's that?

-Pikocha:Don't you remember them? They're your dogs,Kay and Joy.

Raichu gasped and felt like crying for happiness. Kay,the Eevee,ran up to her with Joy,the Vulpix,following. Raichu took Kay in her arms.

-Raichu:It's been so long.

Tailina petted Joy and held her.

-Pikocha:They were very sad when your dad said they couldn't move with ya'll. They would look out the window all the time,wondering when you would return.

-Raichu:Well,now that I'm on my own,nothing can seperate us now.

-Vampria:I don't mean to break up the happy moments,but we gotta go find the others.

-Raichu:Oh,my bad. Let's go.

Vampria stuck her head out the door,checking for danger.

-Vampria:All clear.

They all slowly walked down the long hall.Raichu and the others found LaTisha and her group searching in the gym. As they were about to leave,they heard a low growling noise.

-Jenna:What was that?

The PokÈmon pets were on their guards. Then,all heads turned to a moaning Tailina.

-Tailina:My tummy needs food.

Vampria was about to make a comment when her stomach growled,which was so loud,you'd think she ate a lion whole.

-Vampria:*sweatdrop,nervous laugh*I guess we're all famished.

-Raichu:Man,I could go for some teriyaki chicken right about now.

-Falco:Hey! Watch it,kid! I've gotta cousin that's a chicken!

-Rocky:There's gotta be something in here to eat.

Rocky walked into the school cafeteria,with Raichu following. He kicked open the locked kitchen door and searched in the cabinets. Raichu opened a cardboard box and peeked in.

-Raichu:I found something. It's not food,but it'll please our sweet tooth.

Raichu tossed out tiny pieces.


Timber and Tailina immediatly skidded in the cafeteria and started chowing down on the candy pieces.

-Thunder:Candy's okay,but I need real food.

-Raichu:Hey guys,guess who I am.

Raichu pulled her ears until they were long and floppy on the side of her face. Then,she took a blue cap and placed it on her head and stuck a green lollipop in her mouth. She rested her head in her paw.

-Raichu:Who do I look like?

The gang started laughing. They laughed so hard,that some actually started crying.

-LaTisha:(laughing) look like General Pepper!

Foxer entered the cafeteria and when he saw Raichu's impression of General Pepper,he cracked a smile and rolled his eyes

-Foxer:I found some rations.

Foxer took out a bag and tossed out the rations toward the furries.


After chowing down,they were about to go out the door until they saw the event outside:Clouds black as darkness,wind blowing harshly,rain pouring down like a waterfall.

-Raichu:There's no way,I repeat,no way you can get me to go out there.

Kay and Joy backed up in fear.

-Rocky:She's right. We might as well stay here the night.

As they turned to leave,Foxer stopped and stared at the girls,they seemed familiar.

-Jenna:Foxer? You okay?

-Foxer:Hmm? Oh,I'm fine. I was just....daydreaming.


Rocky found a room warm enough to sleep in. As they readied the sleeping bags,Raichu turned to Foxer,who was quiet all day. She picked up Joy and walked over to him.

-Raichu:Foxer? Are you alright? You've been awfully quiet.

-Foxer:....There's something I've been meaning to tell you girls.

All ears perked up.

-Raichu:Tell us what?

-Foxer:You girls are.....the Furry Destined.

-Thunder:Furry Destined?

-Foxer:Yes,you see,a long time ago,when Corneria was getting used to technology,there were six female furries known as the Furry Destined. Those six females....were your mothers.


-Foxer:Lemme explain. The destined were you're mothers. Raichu,your mother,Lila Pager,had the same powers as you,electrical and PokÈmon transformation. Tasha Conrad,LaTisha's mother,had psychic powers. Thunder,you mother,Kayla Cloud,had thunder and lightning powers. Vampria,your mother,Gwenevere Angel,was a queen and had the powers of love. And finally Jennifer Darrenger,Jenna's mother,had the same medical techniques. They used their special abilities and powers to help defend Corneria against Venom. They,even helped the StarFox leader,James McCloud,when he needed help. Years passed,after James' death,the destined gave birth to you. At age a young age,you all became fast friends. A year passed,Andross had started another war,bigger than the first one. For safety,your mothers sent you in space capsules to planet Earth,where you were reborn as humans and had no memories of this at all. When the war ended,the destined were found dead. Everyone was in sorrow,but some knew the furture generation destined would return to help Corneria.

Everyone was speechless.

-Raichu:So,you're saying we're....

-Foxer:The Furry Destined.


-Raichu: Any chance you could have told us this before?

-Foxer: You try explaining something like that!

-Jenna: What does it matter anyway? We know now.

-Thunder: I actually think it's pretty cool.

Thunder turns toward Rocky.

-Thunder: So where are we headed next Rock?

-Rocky: To the very northern tip of Washington, where we'll find the jewel that contains Slippy Toad.

-Falco: Why can't we just leave him? It'll be much quieter if we do.

-LaTisha: You shut up in there, no one asked you!

-Falco: I'm just stating my opinion.

-LaTisha: When we want your opinion, we'll give it to you!

-Jenna: Man, I'd hate to leave you two alone in a room for five minutes. One of you wouldn't leave alive.

-Raichu: Okay guys, forget that canned turkey, and let's move out!

-Falco: Canned turky??? Man... When I get outta here...

-Fox: Falco... Just chill out.

-Falco: Yes master.

The trip to Washington was a short one. Time flew by pretty quickly, with Fox and Falco arguing the entire way.


-Raichu:Somebody pass me an asprin.

-Teeny:Getting a headace?

-Raichu:Yeah,from all that arguing that turkey's doin'.

-Falco:When I get out of here,I'm gonna hurt you so bad,your ancestors can feel it!

-Raichu:Your momma!

-Falco:My what?!?!?!

-Raichu:Yeah,you're whole family!

-Falco:You little-------

Raichu wondered off,leaving Falco cussing and swearing. She soon joined Rocky,who was near the beach with his jewel locater.

-Raichu:Hey Rockster. You find anything yet?

-Rocky:Not y---

The radar started beeping rapidly.

-Rocky:Wait! I found something!

Rocky pointed the radar near the water.

-Rocky:It's on the bottem of the ocean.

LaTisha ran up to the two furries.

-LaTisha:Found anything?

-Raichu:The jewel's in the water,at the bottom.

LaTisha leaned over and looked in the clear,blue water.

-LaTisha:Ooh,this is gonna be tough.

-Raichu:Not for me. Dratini transform!

Raichu transformed into the eel,water PokÈmon,Dratini.

-LaTisha:Wow! Cool!

Raichu slid into the water.

-Raichu:Jeez! It's cold!(turns to LaTisha)I'm gonna need some help. How I'm I gonna carry the jewel and I have no hands?

-LaTisha:Don't look at me. I can't hold my breath that long.

-Raichu:Just hold still.

Raichu glowed a neon blue and the light zoomed toward LaTisha. The power zoomed right at her head,but nothing happened.

-LaTisha:What you do?

-Raichu:Now you can breathe under water for as long as you like. Come on,try it.

LaTisha looked at Rocky then she stepped into the water.

-LaTisha:Aughhh! It IS cold!

-Raichu:Rocky,we'll be back shortly.

Raichu and LaTisha submerged under water.

-Rocky:Good luck,you two.

LaTisha walked on the bottom of the water. She could breathe,talk,and walk.

She made huge jumps.

-LaTisha:Now I know how an astronaut feels.

-Raichu:I see something glowing.

LaTisha saw a green light shining on a boulder. As they grew closer,they saw a light green gem.

-Raichu:There it is.

LaTisha bent down gave a few tugs on the jewel and swam up to the surface. Raichu swam to the beach and transformed into her furry self,completly dry. LaTisha was a different story.

-LaTisha:I'm wet and it's cold!

-Raichu:I can fix that. Charmander transform!

Raichu transformed into the small,fire dragon,Charmander.

-LaTisha:Raichu,what are you doing?!


Fire surrounded LaTisha. The grey dog panicked as the fire surrounded her growing in closer and closer. Then,the flames disappeared and LaTisha was completely dried off.

-LaTisha:Don't ever do that again!!!

-Raichu:Your welcome.

LaTisha let out a heavy sigh. The two girls walked back to the van.

-Raichu:We got the last jewel.

-Rocky:Great! Now all we gotta do is go to Venom and retrieve that device to free them!

-Vampria:Just one question:How are we gonna get to the Lylat system? It's light years away,remeber?.

-Tailina:We can take my mothership,The Hurricane. It can travel at a fast speed. We should probably appear there in 24 hours.

Everyone looked at Tailina in surprise.

-Thunder:You have a mothership?!

-Tailina:Yeah. My brother built it. Only one problem,it's parked over a continent that looks like an island;also known as 'The Land Down Under'.

-Raichu:You mean Australia?


-Thunder:Oh great,how we gonna get there?

Rocky looked around and spotted a boat that looked like a pirate ship.

-Rocky:We'll take that ship. It looks big enough to hold us and our vehicles.

-Raichu:What are we standin' around here for? Onward to Austraila! Let's go!

Molly,Kay,and Joy looked alarmed,then their fur stood up on end and they showed their teeth.

-Jenna:Somethin' wrong,Molly?

-Raichu:Kay,Joy,what's up with ya'll?

Raichu looked up and saw two shadowy figures. A one-eyed wolf and a lizard stepped out of the fog.




-Wolf:Hand over the jewels.

-Thunder:Not on your life!

-Leon:Make this easy on yourselves. Just give us the gems and we'll quietly leave.

-Raichu:No way,JosÈ!

-Wolf:This is your last chance. Give us the gems!

-LaTisha:What part of NO don't you understand?

Wolf took out a black sphere out of his pocket and threw it on the ground. A thick,purple gas spreaded everywhere.

-Wolf:Get the gems!

Raichu grabbed the leather knapsack,containing the jewels,and took off in the streets.

-Foxer:Run Raichu!

Wolf and Leon took off after her. When the smoke cleared,the gang was baffled.

-Jenna:Where'd they go?

-Tenny:I forgot which way they went.

-LaTisha:I'll see if I can find her using my telepathic power.

LaTisha placed her middle fingers to her head.

-LaTisha:Raichu? Raichu,where are you?

-Raichu:I'm stuck in the allies!

Raichu ran up and down allies looking for a place to hide,avoiding the Venomians.

-Raichu:You guys gotta help me. When I first looked at them,my power dropped to ground zero.

-LaTisha:Hang on Raichu! We're comin'! Come on guys,Raichu needs help.


Raichu ran into a deserted building,still clinging on to the leather bag full of gems. She ran into a window-less room and locked the door behind. She sat on the floor panting.

-Raichu:Man.....those furries can run! I'm safe for the moment.

She noticed that it was pitch-black in the room.

-Raichu:There is no such room that has no windows!

Raichu felt around the wall for a light switch and turned it on. She noticed a broom,a mop,and a mop bucket.

-Raichu:A janitor's closet. I stand corrected. I gotta get out of here.

Before she could put her paw around the doorknob,something violently thump against the door. Knowing who it was,Raichu stepped away from the door into the corner of the room.

-Raichu:Uh oh!

Raichu cowered in a corner,still holding on to the bag. The door crashed to the floor. In stepped Wolf.


Raichu looked up at him,her ears flat against her head,knowing she was trapped.

"Give me the gems kid,"Wolf smiled,"And you can go."

"You go to hell,"She spat back.Her energy was gone,what could she do?

Wolf swung a fist at her and hit her along side her head.Pain shot along her temple and jaw and cheekbone and she fell,rolling to the side and held a paw to the side of her face.

Wolf reached down to grab the knapsack,and Raichu kicked out with considerable strength.

Her feet connected with Wolf's face and he cursed loudly.He stumbled and fell over backwards.

Raichu grabbed the knapsack,and shot by him.

Just as she made it out the door Leon appeared out of nowhere,grabbing her and ripping her around.She dropped the knapsack,the jewels clinking against each other.

She fought wildly,but his grip was firm,his long claws digging into her wrists and making them bleed.He turned her around,holding onto her arms and made sure she didn't touch him with her tail.It wouldn't have mattered anyway,she had no power left.

Wolf came out of the building,wiping blood from his nose,and smiled.He took the knapsack,and looked at the four gems inside.

"Thanks for finding em for us kid,saved us the trouble,"He laughed.

Raichu spit in his face.

"You little bitch!"He smacked her across the face,and Leon threw her to the ground.

They looked down at her,and Leon pulled a lazer from it's holster at his side,"Sorry babe,can't have you living and trying to take these back.Hafta get rid of the rest of them friends of yours too,now won't we?"

Raichu heard the lazer charge up,she closed her eyes.

Only when Leon cursed did she open her eyes,to see Kay.The eevee had ahold of Leon's arm,snarling and yanking on him.

"Damn mutt!"He swung his arm and tried to throw her off,but Kay was a little reluctant.

Wolf grabbed her by the scruff of the neck and shook the eevee violently.

"Kay!"Raichu cried.

Wolf laughed,"Want your dog?Want me turn her into kibble food!"

He threw the Eevee down.She yipped and slid across the ground,throwing dirt and gravel.She tried to get up,her feet slipping from under her.

"Kay!"Raichu screamed.

The catox kicked her legs out and tripped Wolf,sending him on his butt with a curse.

Wolf snarled at her and jumped on her.Pinning her down,he wrapped his hands around her neck and began to choke her.

Raichu struggled as her supply of air was cut off,but Wolf was too heavy.Her vision blurred as he shook her violently,laughing at her.

Leon aimed at her dog,"Stupid mutt!Bite me will ya?!"

Kay caught sight of Raichu,and the little eevee yipped loudly.Her little ears flattened against her head and she jumped to her feet.

Then,something incredible happened.

Kay began to change,her body shifted and grew,a strange power glowing around her.Her brown fur became spiked and jagged,turning to a bright yellow with a white collar of spikes around her neck.Her eyes flashed a brilliant white and dimmed to a coal black.

Even as she changed,she darted toward Leon,and leapt at him.

As soon as her paws touched him,electricity sparkled all along her body and raced through her into Leon.

Leon began to scream as he was being electicuted.

Wolf loosened his hold on Raichu,and with a gasp she took a deep gulp of air,and began coughing.

She stared over at her brave dog,and managed a smile.

Kay had turned into a Jolteon.

Kay didn't hold onto Leon,she used him more like a spring board,pushing off of him and barreling into Wolf.Her spiky fur stabbed into him and with a howl of pain he rolled off of Raichu.

Kay stopped in her pursuit.Electricity sparked off of her and she licked Raichu's face.

"Oh,Kay,"Raichu carefully wrapped her arms about her dog's neck.

Leon,shaking violently from the amount of power that had run through him,reached for his lazer.He staggered to his feet and went to shoot Raichu and Kay.

"Take'em Molly!"

Leon turned to see a white face with needle fangs leap at him.

"What the-"

Molly snarled latched onto the front of his shirt,ripping savagely and made the lizard fall down.

Little Joy bit down on one of his hands,the Vulpix stopping him from swinging to hit Molly as the white fox ripped him around on the ground,like he was some sort of toy.

Wolf turned on Raichu,reaching for his own lazer,when he heard a click behind him,"I wouldn't."

He turned to see a group of rather furious furries,Foxer holding Leon's lazer and Jenna and Vampria backing him up in ready to attack poses.

"Wanna make our day?"Vampria smiled,"Just move."

By this time Leon was begging for his life,"Please!Call them off!!Call them off!!"They're killing me!!

Rocky looked over at Jenna,"What do ya think?Call em off?"

Jenna smiled,"Molly,watch em now hon."

The ninetails let go of Leon,but she stood over him,her face close to his.Her fangs were bared and her fur spiked as she growled menacingly when he tried to move.

"Unless you want her to bite you in the face,I wouldn't do that,"Jenna shook her head.

"Might lose some skin off them cheeks babe,"LaTisha laughed.

Joy left her post with Molly and went to Raichu,who by this time had gotten to her feet,transformed Kay helping her stand as she was still trying to catch her breath.

Thunder began to glow and a spark of lightning spat from her one hand,"What do we do with them guys?"

"Well,they're gonna keep following us-"Pikocha suddenly snapped her fingers,"I got this wacky cool idea."

She turned to Teeny,"You got that rope we found in the school?"


"Let's make us some pinatas,"She smiled,a little wry smile that made everyone smile too.

A little while laterÖÖÖÖ..


"Well,they won't be going anywhere,"Rocky finished tying the rope with Foxer's help.

The two boys stepped back and looked at their handiwork.

With some help,they had wound the rope around the two StarWolf members to cacoon resemblance,and had hung them upside down by a beam of a rubbled building.

"You're right Pikocha,they look like pinatas,"Rocky laughed and spun the two starwolf pilots around.They cursed and struggled to get free.

"With all that rope,they won't be following us for awhile,"LaTisha motioned for them,"Come'on,let's get out of here."

The three of them joined the others,where Raichu was worrying over Kay.

"You silly dog,"Raichu laughed,"Look at yourself,a Jolteon.Now how can I hug you when you're so much bigger and with all those spikes?"

As if her words were like some spell,Kay became rigid and was surrounded by the glowing energy again.Her body shortened,her fur becoming brown and smooth again.When the energy faded she was a normal little eevee again.

"Look at that,"LaTisha shook her head and smiled.

"What can you say,a dog is a man's best friend,"Jenna stroked Molly when the nintails jumped up and rested her paws on her chest,"Well,wait,check that.A dog is a furry's best friend.

Raichu grabbed her dog up and held the eevee above her head,laughing,"Little toughy,aren't you?You saved my life,Kay!"

Kay managed to lick her face,and Raichu laughed.Joy climbed into her lap and the catox hugged her two dogs tight,"And you Joy,are quite the little back-up for miss Molly."

Everybody started laughing.

"I didn't know she could shift like that,"Thunder reached over to pet the little dog,"I thought once they evolved they couldn't turn back."

"I guess Kay here is an exception,"Raichu set her dogs down and stood up.Her tone took on a more serious note,"What about Andrew and Pigma?They weren't around when we took care of Wolf and Leon."

"Who cares,I say we get out of here while we still can,let's leave just dust for them to chew on,"Vampria stretched her wings.

"Well,I suggest we get back to the truck and the tank and get moving then girls,"Foxer pointed a thumb toward the horizon,"We've got traveling to do."

The group of furries formed a loose line and started walking over the rubble and torn streets.

Their fleeing and fighting with Leon and Wolf had taken them quite a ways from their vehicles,and they were all tired.The going was hard too.

It was unually quiet,everyone trying to concentrate on not losing their footing or were just lost in thought.

"Ouch!"Tailina suddenly slipped and fell down,hurting her knees and palms.She normally wouldn't have cried,but she was tired,and it did hurt.

Molly stopped and went back for her,making the whole group stop.

"Tailina,you okay?"Vampria called out to the kit.

Molly nudged her,and the kit looked up at her.Molly whined and licked away a tear falling down her cheek and went to her belly,so Tailina could climb up onto her back.

The ninetails turned and caught up with the group,Timber hopping on behind Tailina when she stopped for him.

Going further on,LaTisha lost her own footing and started to slide,"Whoah!Help!"

Thunder grabbed her,"Careful girl,it's dangerous going."

Even Teeny was having trouble keeping up.Foxer picked her up and set her on his shoulders,giving her a little time to rest.She rested her arms on the top of his head,her pigtails bobbing in the breeze.She was too tired to even fly.

Raichu and Jenna were in the front of the group,talking.

"Ya think we can make it all the way to Australia Raichu?"

"Sure I do.I haven't had time to think about it though to really question if we can,"Raichu watched Kay and Joy run by them and slip around playfully on lose rubble,"Why?"

"Oh,nothing,"Jenna sighed.

Thunder joined in on the conversation"Kinda strange to be normal and have a normal life one moment and then have it all taken away from you in only seconds.I wonder what will happen to us."

"Simple Thunder girl simple,"Raichu put a arm over her shoulders,making their walking a little more difficult,"No matter what,we've got each other.Heck,when ya have friends,you can do anything and go anywhere."

"So you're saying,we'll just play out whatever this crazy adventure of ours deals us?"

"Exactly,"Raichu giggled,"and hey,we got all four gems with the StarFox team members-"

Pikocha ran out ahead of them and began to frisk with Kay and Joy.Despite everyone else being tired,she seemed full of energy.

The what are we waiting for?!"She spun around,holding her arms wide,"Let's go!!"

The excitement in her voice seemed to bring more energy and strength into the whole group–

-and they arrived back at the vehicles less than an hour later.



Transforming into Pidgeotto,Raichu flew over to the ship and checked to see if the boards were weak and if there were any problems with it. After a thourough check,Raichu ran to the side of the ship.

-Raichu:This ship is in perfect condition.

Raichu pulled the wide ramp to the opening of the side of the ship and let it slide to the ground side. Rocky drove the van tank up the ramp with Jenna in her truck following. Foxer walked up the plank with his arms full of supplies that he'd taken from the school. Pikocha,Kay,and Joy played about going down into the lower decks back to the upper. Tailina ran after them trying to catch them.

-Vampria:Be careful,Tailina.

Teeny's pigtails waved around in a circles and she flew up in the air. Pikocha grabbed hold of her leg as she flew up. The two furries landed in the crowsnest.

-Rocky:Raise the anchor!

Foxer and Thunder pulled on metal bars that raised the anchor.

-Foxer:Open the sails!

Raichu and LaTisha pulled on ropes and the sails opened.

-Foxer:We're off!

A strong,but gentle wind blew smoothly. The wind hit against the sails,making the ships move. Soon,they were miles away from the docks and were heading into the Pacific Ocean.


Foxer turned the ship's wheel left and right. He looked up at the crowsnest where Teeny and Pikocha were looking out.

-Foxer(yelling):You two see anything yet?!

-Pikocha:Nope,not even an island.

Teeny did a double-take,looking to the left. Black,dark clouds came flying toward them.

-Teeny:Uh oh! Huge storm dead ahead!

The clouds hovered over them. Lightning flashed across the air and a large boom of thunder could be heard. It started to raining down hard and wind wooshed in their furry faces.

-Foxer:Hang on you guys!!! This is gonna be rough ride!!!



-Teeny:The storm looks pretty bad further down!

Foxer yelled over the thunder.

-Foxer:Teeny,call everyone onto the deck of the ship!

The pigtailed monkey gave a sarcastic salute and ran into the ship to get everyone. A couple of minutes later,everyone was huddled on the deck.

-Foxer:Raichu,give me the gems.

Foxer held out his paws to catch them.

-Raichu:Okay,but what do you need them for?

Raichu tossed the knapsack to Foxer.

-Peppy:Hey! Watch it! We aren't softballs y'know!

-Foxer:I don't think this storm's natural.

-Raichu:Whatever do you mean,Foxer?

-Foxer:Well,I mean....

-Rocky:That this weather maybe in subjection to some omnipotent force.

Raichu place her paws on her head.


LaTisha let out a sigh.

-LaTisha:What he's saying is that a person that might be controlling this storm.

-Raichu:So,what's with the gems?

-Foxer:Well...if it's ture that someone is controlling this weather -which probably is Andross- we should split the gems amongst ourselves,so it'll be harder for Andross to get all the gems.

-Jenna:So,how do we split 'em?

Foxer gave a sly smile.


-Falco:Hey,hey,hey!!! We aren't poker chips!

So with a few rocks,papers,and scissors the 10 furries chose the four who would be chosen to hold on to one of the gems.

-Foxer:I won first so....I'll choose Fox.

Foxer picked up the red gem.

-Raichu:Well,I got second so I'll choose the cutest of all three,Slip!

Raichu giggled as she picked up the green gem.

-Vampria:Uh...I guess I get Peppy then.

Vampria picked up the orange gem.

-Jenna:*sigh*...and poor little me got Falco.

Jenna picked up the blue gem.

-Jenna:Well,at least I got something to eat if I ever get hungry.

-Falco:Hey!!! grrr......when I ge--

Falco's sentence was cut off as Jenna shook the gem. She gave a smirk.

-Jenna:Wanna say that again?

-Foxer:Alright! So now that we've split up the gems,Andross can't get them all from of us!

Foxer laughed,but soon another thunder sounded and a bolt of lightning hit the hull of the ship. The ship splintered into every direction as all the furries flew into the sky. Raichu tried to transform into Pidgeotto,but was stopped when a plank hit her on the back of her head and she fainted. The salty waves carried everyone away as they scattered in all directions. Meanwhile,a tall dark figure watched all this from a vidscreen,and with a hoarse laugh turned the vidscreen off.



Jenna:Huh? Where am I?

-Jenna? You gonna wake up sleepy head?-

Jenna:Who is it? head hurts.

Slowly,the husky's vision returned as she opened her eyes. She looked around the room. It was very plain except a small computer lay in the corner of the room with its light flickering. There was a small stove on the left wall and an old-fashion fan on the ceiling. But as she turned to the right in front of the chest of someone.

-Ha ha. Thought you were never gonna wake up,Jen.-

She hadn't heard this person's voice before,and her vision was still a bit blurred. She couldn't focus just yet.

-Jenna:What...I mean who are you?

-Just someone. Get your rest now. You still seem a little dazed after you landed on the beach during the large storm.-

-Jenna:Storm? Beach? Where a-

Jenna quickly fell asleep again.


What seemed like an eternity,Jenna finally woke up.

-Jenna(to herself):Was I dreaming?

-No. No dream.-

Jenna looked up at the voice that she had heard earlier? Or was it earlier? It felt like she was sleeping for a long time. The figure that stood before her was a grey,slightly brown wolf with a loose fitting T-shirt and blue jeans. His tail seemed a bit awkward because of its large,poofy size,but what did she know,she had only been a furry not long ago.

-Jenna:How old is he? head hurts...

-Still dazed I see.-


She thought for a moment.


-Puffy:In the fur.

Jenna quickly got out from under the covers and jumped up and grasped his paws.

-Jenna(excitedly):You lived through the apocalypse too? Oh gee...I mean,I never thought I'd meet you here just now. Wow,gee,you sure look like those pictures on your computer and such. So hows ya been doing? Are you all alone living here?

-Puffy:Whoa...slow down Jenna. I can't answer a bajillion questions at once.

Jenna laughed.

-JennaOh,I'm sorry,it's just that this is so weird,th--

Her stomach growled. She blushed.

-Jenna:Uh....y'have anything to eat?

-Puffy:*laughs*Course I do.

He walked towards the stove and reached below in the cupboard.

-Puffy:Ever since the apocalyspse,most of the foods been gone. The only thing edible are the remaining canned foods and....these!

Puffy pulled out a Can O' Noodles

-Jenna:Has is been that serious?


He sighed as he readied a cup of boiling water on the stove.

-Puffy:Most of the electricity is gone too. Sometimes I have to find gas tanks to keep this boy running.

Puffy patted the top of the stove.

-Puffy:But with conditions now,I don't think Earth's gonna survive so long.

-Jenna:We can't give up though.


-Jenna:Hey! Didja get any cool powers when you turned into a furry? I mean,everyone else did,even I got some so called powers if you consider medical knowledge a type of power.

-Puffy:Everyone else?

-Jenna:Yah! Y'know,there's Raichu,LaTisha,Vampria,Thunder,Tailina,

Timber,Teeny,Pikocha,Rocky,and Foxer! Even some of our pets turned into PokÈmon. So what's your power?

-Puffy:The sprit of adventure.


-Puffy:Nothing special,just to adventure out and learn everything there is to know out there.

Puff picked up the boilng water,poured it into the noodles,and handed it to Jenna.

-Puffy:You must be famished. Here ya' go,if you still want more,I've got plenty.

A bit quiet,Jenna accepted the noodles and slupped away. As she ate,she explained the whole situation. About Andross,the gems,the Furry Destined,and the gang's adventure.

-Puffy:Furry Destined,huh?

-Jenna:Yep,I'm one of them.

-Puffy:Do you believe in fate?


-Puffy:Oh nothing. Sorry.

-Jenna:What's to be sorry for,silly Puff? So you wanna join our gang?

-Puffy:I'll think about it.

Jenna spent the next night at Puff's place. After debating on should get the ground,Puff finally won and got the ground. He couldn't let her sleep there.

-Puffy:Furry there such thing as fate? Does this mean we follow the paths our stories chose for us? errrgg.....

Puff scruffled his head.

-Puffy:Does this mean that I seperate from Jenna in the end as we choose different paths...

He soon afterward fell asleep.


-Jenna:So you going?

-Puffy:Of course!


-Puffy:Yup. Tail promise it.

-Jenna:Tail promise?

-Puffy:Yah. Don't tell me you don't know it?

-Jenna:Well,I've been a furry for a short while.

-Puffy:I'll show you. Give me your tail.

Jenna turned around,reveiling her tail as Puff picked it up. He looped his tail around hers and swished his around and finally letting it go,placed his tail on Jen's head.

-Puffy:A tail promise shows that we are bonded together so that we cannot break that promise.

-Jenna:And the tail on the head?

-Puffy:For reassurance.

-Jenna:So where do we search for first,now that everyone's split up?

-Puffy:Well lessee...there are six destined -including you- and 4 that tagged along on this adventure. Andross would probably want all of you as far as possible so split the 6 Furry Destined each on one of the 7 continents.

-Jenna:Then what about the other four?

-Puffy:Well,there's one continent left over after the six have split,so I'm assuming that those four are together.

-Jenna:And if your wrong?

-Puffy:A traveler's intuition is never wrong Jenna gal. So you ready?

-Jenna:Wait,wait,wait.....what continent are we on anyway?

-Puffy:Oh,I haven't told you? You're in California.

-Jenna:What?! Y'mean I floated all the way back here?

-Puffy:Heh....If motherships can fly lightyears in a matter of hours,then I don't really think that is impossible.

-Falco:Alright! Cut the pep talk and let's get going so I can get outta this gem!

-Puffy:Who said that?

-Falco:Me,you stupid fuzz for brains!

Jenna shook the gem again.

-Jenna:Oh quiet you.

Remembering a bit,Jenna whispered

-Jenna:I hope Molly's okay.......

Chapter 2

-Raichu:Ugh! Where am I?

Raichu opened her eyes slowly and stood up. She laid on the sandy beach,facing the ocean. She looked to the left and saw Kay at her side and she looked to the right and saw Joy. She held her head from a migraine

-Raichu:Ooh! What a head popper!

The catox turned her head and her eyes widened. She faced a big face of something. She screamed and fell down on the sand,scooting backwards. Kay and Joy growled at the creature. They faced a giant Arcanine!


Instead of roaring,it gave her a big lick in the face. Raichu wiped her face and had to smile.

-Raichu:I guess your not those kind of Arcanines.

Then,a cute Growlithe came out from behind and gave her a kiss too.

-Raichu:Your son?

The Arcanine seemed to nod.

-Raichu:Very cute!

Kay and Joy came next to the Growlithe and seemed to prance around with it. Raichu laugh,but a sudden pain in her head made her bend over,placing her head in the sand.

-Raichu:Ohhhh! Major migraine attack! My head hurts so much!

The Arcanine opened her mouth and picked up the catox around her waist,as she would pick up her own pup,and walked off into the trees with the small PokÈmon following her. As they journeyed through many paths,Raichu admired the surroundings:A giant field of tall grass and trees,ponds and rivers,and some animals like giraffes,lions,meerkats,and more animals familiar to her,she even saw an elephant graveyard.

-Raichu:According to all the plants and animals,I must be in Africa.

They came to a small,deserted village. The Arcanine entered a hut and set Raichu down on a table. Kay and Joy jumped up next to her. Next,the Arcanine opened a cabinet and took out a green bottle in her mouth. The green color reminded Raichu of the gem. She searched in her pocket and found the gem in her pocket. The catox sighed with relief. The Arcanine came by Raichu and set the bottle next to her.

-Raichu:You want drink this?

Again,the large dog PokÈmon seemed to nod. Raichu took the bottle and popped the cork off. She smelled it and made a face.

-Raichu:Eck! This stuff smells stinky *sniffs it again* Ick! As a 'matter fact it's 'stankey'.

Joy sniffed it,wriggled her nose,and sneezed. Arcanine nudged her arm,telling her to drink it. Raichu closed her eyes and swallowed a half of the medicine inside. And almost immediately her migraine disappeared.

-Raichu:Hey,no earthquake headache. Thanks. Who taught you about medicine?

Arcanine moved to the counter where the catox saw a picture of the PokÈmon pets,in their normal animal form,and their master.

-Raichu:He must've been a doctor. Where is he?

The Arcanine and Growlithe bowed their heads in sadness. family's gone too.

Raichu rubbed the dog's head. The catox jumped off the table,but lost her balance due to pain in her leg.

-Raichu:Oh god!

She touched her leg and felt warm blood running down her leg....lot's of it.

-Raichu:Holy crap!

The catox fell on her knees and laid on the ground. Kay came up to her face and licked her cheek. Joy nudged her,begging her to sit up. The Growlithe came to her side and Raichu grabbed her arms around its neck. Then,she felt someone licking her wound and saw Arcanine. Raichu winced in pain for awhile. As soon as the wound was clean,Arcanine took the bandage and wrapped it around Raichu's leg.

-Raichu:Thanks for all your help.

The furry scruffled the Arcanine's neck. She felt a collar around its neck.

-Raichu:What's that?

She grabbed the gold tag and looked at the name.

-Raichu:Kiona? Your name is Kiona?

Kiona licked the catox. Raichu looked at the Growlithe and saw a gold tag on it,with the name "Kip". She smiled,but her face turned into a frown when she heard jet soaring through the air followed by a sonic boom. Raichu looked up,seeing through the straw roof,and saw a black color appear and disappear.

-Raichu:Oh shit! It's StarWolf!

Kiona,Kay,and Joy growled as she looked up through the roof,seeing the black jet pass by.

-Raichu:We gotta get outta here before they find me.

Kiona barked and pointed to a calender with a pic of a boat on it.

-Raichu:Huh? I don't get it. Water?.....Ocean?.....Boat?

Kiona nodded.

-Raichu:Boat?! You know where a boat is?!

The Arcanine nodded again.


Kiona went to a map hung on the wall and pointed to the ocean near the continent in the lower part of the lower African continent. Raichu squinted,trying to look at the small words.

-Raichu:The Indian Ocean? And where are we?

Again,the Arcanine pointed on the map in the northern part of Africa.

-Raichu:Nigeria?!?!?! It'll take us hours to get there........we'll let's get going.

Raichu limped out the door with the pets behind her. She heard a low growl behind her. She turned and saw a pride of hungry lioness,licking their chomps and walking slowly toward them. Raichu slowly stepped back into the Arcanine. Kay and Joy's bravery suddenly disappeared and moved behind Raichu. Kiona growled at the intruders and the intruders growled back. One lioness leaped at Kip and with one swipe of her hug paw,Kiona knocked the lioness to the ground. Another leaped at Raichu. Her tail jolted with electricty. She turned and slapped the female lion with her electric tail,sending her knocking into her sister. The catox grinned.

-Raichu:That'll teach 'er.

Suddenly,something roared and jumped at Raichu from behind,knocking her down. The catox could feel the vibration of the lioness' angry growl and could feel drool dripping on her neck. The lioness opened her mouth wide and bit around the furry's neck,choking her. Raichu felt her circulation cutting off and struggled for air. Kay and Joy leaped at the attacking lioness,but somehow the large feline was able to use her paws and swipe the small PokÈmon. Kiona ran toward Raichu and knocked the lioness off of her. Kiona stood over the catox,Kay,Joy,and her pup. The blood-thirsty lioness' surrounded the protective PokÈmon. They all leaped at her at the same time. Raichu held her head down,waiting for the animals bite. With a might roar,Kiona let out a flame of fire toward the lioness'. Some got burned and quickly retreated to find a lake,some died from the severe burns. Raichu looked in the background and saw more lions coming.

-Raichu:Kiona! If we don't get outta here right now,we're lunchmeat!

Kip ran in the other direction,ahead of his mother,with Kay and Joy following him. Kiona grabbed Raichu around the waist by her mouth and took off after her pup with lions right behind her. The gem holding Slippy about fell out of Raichu's pocket,but the catox grabbed it and held it tight. She watched as the lioness got confused, losing them in the deep jungle.



When they finally reached the boat, Raichu and Kiona scanned the area cautiously. They looked down and saw fresh footprints leading away from the shore, and burned lines in the sand, indicating that several jets had obviously landed there a short time ago.

-Raichu: Looks like they left. They must have given up when they couldn't find me.

Kiona came by her side.

-Raichu: But that means that they could find one of my friends. They'll have him or her alone this time, and lord only knows what they'll do! Let's not waste any time. Let's go find my friends.

Raichu along with the PokÈmon pets climbed into the boat and started out to sea.


LaTisha slowly opened her eyes, but the intense light caused her shut them again quickly. She forcfully sat herself up, and sheilded her eyes with her hand. Again, she forced her eyes open, and looked around. Straight ahead was nothing but ocean, and a white sand beach on either side of her. Turning around, she saw behind her a dense jungle that extended as the ocean did, wave after wave of nothing but trees, seeming to have no end. She weakly struggled to her feet, fighting to keep her balance. She looked around again, and tried to recall how she got there.

-LaTisha: Great... Now where am I?

Suddenly, she heard screaming coming from the jungle, and ran to find it's source. But when she did, she wished she hadn't. Only a few yards in front of her, she saw Wolf and Leon. They were beating on someone, and screaming demands at her. LaTisha ducked behind a nearby tree, and tried to think. When she looked closer, she saw that the tree she was hiding behind was dead and hollow, with two small hollow branches sticking out from either side of the trunk. Just then, she got an idea.

-Wolf: (yelling) Now, you little runt! Answer me! Did you see any furries around here? Furries with gems?!...

-Little girl: No... Not...Not since the appocolypse! I...I swear!

-Leon: You're lying!

-Little girl: I promise! I'm not! I swear, I've seen no one!

The little girl started to cry out of sure fear, but suddenly something startled her, and she stopped. Wolf and Leon paused, and started looking around.

-Wolf: Did you hear something?

-Leon: Only if you did.

-Voice: I am the phantom of this jungle. Release the young one! Or I shall feast upon your soul!

-Wolf: What... What was that?

-Voice: Did you not hear me?! Be gone, trespassers!

Suddenly, something snapped both Wolf and Leon on their rears. The stinging pain caused Wolf to let go of the little girl, and jump back. Just then, they turned around to see two vines, hovering in the air, and snapping at them like whips.

-Leon: Let's get outta here!!!

They turned and bolted out of the jungle, with the vines chasing them the whole way back to their jets. LaTisha started rolling on the ground with laughter, almost forgetting about the little girl.

-Little girl: Oh, please don't hurt me! I...I didn't even know there was a phantom of the jungle! Please... Don't hurt me!

Just then, LaTisha stopped laughing, and came out from behind the tree.

-Little girl: Hey, you're no phantom.

-LaTisha: (laughing) Nope.

-Little girl: Then, how did you do that?

-LaTisha: Like this...

LaTisha leaned over to the tree, and spoke into one of the hollow branches. Her voice echoed through the hollow tree trunk, and came out the other branch as a booming, phantom-like voice.

-Little girl: Okay then... But can you explain the vines?

-LaTisha: I'll explain that later... What's your name?

-Little girl: Marahbi Yeltin... I thought I was the last one on earth. I was hiding in a hollow tree when the appolcolypse happened. I had been hiding from my brothers... We were playing hide and seek. They... Didn't survive. When I came out, I found had been transformed into a feild mouse, but I was my normal size and everything. It was really weird.... Wait a minute, who are you?

-LaTisha: My name's LaTisha Conrad. I'm on a mission with my friends. But we were seperated. Are you all alone?

Marahbi started crying.

-Marahbi: Yes... My mommy and daddy were killed. And so were my brothers. I'm all alone!... I'm all alone.

LaTisha put a paw on Marahbi's shoulder.

-LaTisha: It's alright. You can come with me. You're much too young to be on your own anyway... How old are you?

-Marahbi: Four.... And a half.

-LaTisha: You're way to young to be out here alone. Come on kiddo... I'll take care of you, I promise.

LaTisha picked up Marahbi and placed her on her shoulders. Marahbi stopped crying, and then paused.

-Marahbi: What was that?!

-LaTisha: What was what?

Marahbi: I heard something...

LaTisha turned around to see that the bushes behind them were moving. And she got an odd feeling, like she was being watched.

-LaTisha: Don't move....

Suddenly, something sprang out from the bushes, and started running toward them,scaring Marahbi. But LaTisha recognised the joyful creature right away.

-LaTisha: Molly! What are you doing here?! Jenna must be worried sick about you!

-Marahbi: Is... Is it friendly?

As if answering her question, Molly stood on her hind legs, and licked Marahbi's face. Marahbi giggled, and wiped her face with her hands.

-LaTisha: Molly wouldn't hurt a flea... Unless of course the flea's name is Leon.

LaTisha lifted her eyes toward Marahbi, who was looking down at her from on top of her shoulders.

-LaTisha: Come on, we've got to get off this continent and find my friends.... Where are we anyway?

-Marahbi: South America.

-LaTisha: Well, we'd better get started then... Because we're never gonna find them just standing around.... Molly, come girl!

Molly ran up by LaTisha's side, pausing once and a while to look up at the new little stranger on her shoulders, and continued walking.

-Marahbi: Will I like your friends?

-LaTisha: Marahbi... You'll love them.

"Foxer,Foxer.Wake up."

Foxer moaned,hearing a voice calling him that seemed so far away.But he didn't want to wake up,even as two paws gently grabbed his shoulders and shook him.

But finally,consciousness won over,and he opened his eyes.

He looked about,his vision blurry,at a large room,of what appeared to be a cabin.

He was in a bed,under a few warm quilts,and his shirt and boots with the red gem on top of them were sitting on the floor an arm's reach away.

A bed was across from his,and looked to have been occupied.

The room took on a soft pink tint from a giant window,almost as big as a wall of the room,which showed a coastline and a bright setting horizon of reds and blues and pinks,across nothing but ocean spotted with ice.

He then looked up to see Thunder,a smile of some relief and mostly concern on her white face.

"I was wondering if you would wake up,"She smoothed his hair back from his face,which was warm with fever.

"Thunder,what happened?"He rasped.

"We got separated from the group during the storm.I don't remember anything till waking up on this beach of wherever we are.I found you a short time later,both of us covered in a sheet of ice and you were unconsciousness.It was so cold,and I think I passed out.Now,we're here."

Foxer went to sit up,but a terribly painful headache suddenly bursting through his skull made him rest his head back on his pillow.He had never felt so sore,and he shivered despite the quilts,"If you said there's ice,we're either somewhere north,or very far south."

Thunder shook her head,"Either way is the wrong way,Foxer."

She looked out the window,"I hope the others are okay,I haven't seen anyone since the storm except you."

Foxer pulled his arms under the covers,so only his head could be seen.His teeth were almost chattering,"Then,how did we get here in this place if we were both out?"

"I brought you here.And welcome to Alaska on the border of the Yukon Territory,"A gentle voice made them look to see a figure standing in the doorway.

"W-who are you?"Thunder stood up,a little trace of electricity forming at her fingertips,wary of the presence of a stranger.

"My name is Shard Doeven,"The figure stepped from the doorway,revealing an artic fox.

She was pure white,with wings of the same color that were flecked in tiny spots of black.She wore a button up white collared t-shirt and a jean skirt.Her silvery hair was pulled back in a loose braid,that hung over her shoulders.

Her blue eyes studied them both intently as she walked across the room and sat down on the edge of Foxer's bed.

"I'm glad the both of you are awake.How are you feeling?"

Thunder let the electricity fade instantly,"I'm okay I guess.Foxer could be better."

"Foxer?So that's your name,"She touched his forehead and her brow furrowed with concern.

"And I'm Thunder,"The wolf watched the white fox carefully.She didn't like the look on her face as she looked over Foxer.

"Well,Foxer,you've got quite a high fever,"Shard smiled gently.

"A fever?But I'm freezing,"Foxer shivered again.

Shard grabbed another quilt and covered him,"After being hypothermic and unconscious for three days,I'd be happy to feel anything."

"Three days!We've been here for three days?!"Thunder rushed to the window and looked out,"That can't be!"

"You were nearly dead when I found you,"Shard's voice was strangely calming,and Thunder turned to look at her.

"How did you get us here?"

"That wasn't easy,"Shard laughed softly,"I used my snowmobile with the pack sled.I'm not the strongest gal in the world,and you guys were hard to move."

She looked back down at Foxer,"I suggest you stay in bed for a couple more days if I were you.You've been through a lot the both of you."

"A couple more days,but we can't!"Thunder cast a glance at Foxer,"Our friends may....."

She fell silent.

"Friends?You can't rest a couple of days?Would you explain to me what's going on and why I found you on the beach after being in freezing water?"Shard looked at the both of them.

Foxer and Thunder cast a glance at each other.

"How about you tell us about yourself first,"Foxer wanted to be cautious.Although it was very likely this gal was a friend,he wanted to be safe.She could possibly be an enemy.

Shard sighed,"I guess that would only be fair."

She flared her long wings,and pushed a few strands of her long hair from her face,"I used to be a human.My real name is actually Karen Doeven,and I turned seventeen this January.I moved from North Dakota to here with my family after we lost our old house to debt and my parents wanted to start over.Everything was going all right....."

She looked out at the horizon through the window,"But then,there was this terrific earthquake,and everything became dark and there was great explosions of fire and things fell from the sky.I was with my family in town when it happened,and after ....I was hit by something and then........when I woke up...I was like this.And I never saw my family again after that."

"I came back here to the house and I've been here alone for quite awhile.Usually I go down to the coast to hunt.That's when I found you."

Her story fit,and her voice was truthful.Foxer turned slightly so he could see her better.

She smiled,"I've told you my side.Now it's your turn."

Foxer turned it over to Thunder,and the wolf nodded.

She told Shard everything,about Raichu,and Vampria and the others.About the StarFox gems,evading StarWolf ,Lylat,and traveling to Australia.

When she had finished Shard shook her head in wonder,"That's incredible.You've come a long ways........."

She got up abruptly and helped Thunder to her feet,"I wish I was that strong."

"Shard,we have to find our friends,"Foxer watched the fox help reluctant Thunder back into her bed,"They could be hurt or worse."

"Ssshhhh,"Shard answered him gently,"I'll help you find them,but not till you're better.Get some rest,and we'll see about it in the morning."

She stopped in the doorway and said goodnight to the both of them,and closed the door after she shut off the lights.

Foxer turned and looked up at the ceiling,thinking.

Thunder's voice through the dark interrupted him.


"Yeah Thunder?"

"Do you believe her?"


"I don't know,I just wanted to make sure."

"What?You don't?"

"Well yeah,I do.I just wanted to know if you trusted her.She seems so gentle,almost kinda fragile."

"What do you mean?"

"I don't know,she's just soft spoken,"Thunder rolled over,"I guess we hafta wait till tomorrow.You being sick and it being almost night and all."

Foxer sighed deeply,"I guess so too Thunder.Goodnight."


It fell silent again.And Foxer didn't remember nodding off.


He woke up to feel a warm wing draped over him,and looked over to see Shard.She rested her head in the crook of her arm on the bed,asleep.

He nudged her gently,"Shard?"

She opened an eye and looked up at him,"Foxer?"

He smiled,and looked at her wing.

She blushed and instantly folded it back,"Sorry.You got worse over the night and I didn't want to leave you alone."

She touched his forehead,"But I see that was the end of it.Your fever broke."

Foxer smiled.He was gonna make her blush,"You stayed up with me all night?"

She shrugged,"I didn't want to leave you,and Thunder was asleep."

He watched her for a moment.

She pretended not to notice his gaze and lifted her hand,a sly smile on her face.Her eyes lit up with a blue color and ice formed on her hands.She blew on her palms,and sent a sparkling shower of ice into the air.

"Whoah!"Foxer gasped in disbelief,"How did you do that?"

"Came with my body changing I guess.I fiddle with the ability when I'm bored."

"Can you do more than that?"


"Depends on what?"

"How angry I get,"She sighed and looked back down at him,"How do you feel?"

He sat up slowly,waiting for that explosive headache.It didn't come.More confident he yawned,and stretched fully,"Never better."

She tossed him his pants,"Then you might as well get up.I probably couldn't get you to stay in this bed another minute,let alone one more day.I couldn't Thunder.Besides,you'll miss breakfast."

She stretched her wings,showing the pattern of black flecks,and whipped them to rest against her back again.

As she closed the door behind her Foxer called,"So how are Thunder and I gonna get back on track to where we're going?"

"I'll help you out.We'll go cross country with the snowmobiles to town,and find a ship there.You can go back out the way you came."

"Are you coming with us?"

It was quiet for a moment,before she answered,"What the hell.I'm gonna die of boredom and loneliness here if I don't."

Foxer smiled,and hurried to get dressed.






Tailina opened her eyes slowly,sat up,and looked around. She was on a beach.

-Tailina:Wha' happened?

She stood up and heard a muffle yell. She turned around and saw two legs kicking out of the sand.


Tailina ran over to the cub and heard him yelling. Tailina giggled.

-Tailina:Hey Timber,is this your way off playin' in the sand?

-Timber:(muffled yelling)Would you quit playin' around and pull me out?!

Tailina grabbed his tail and gave a tug.

-Timber:Ouch!!! That hurts!!!!!!

Tailina pulled harder and Timber came flying out of the sand along with Teeny and Pikocha.

-Tailina:Everybody okay?

-Teeny:Yeah. Think so.

Pikocha rubbed the back of her head.

-Pikocha:Anybody catch the liscence plate of that bus?

-Timber:Where's Vampria?

-Tailina:I hope she' okay.

-Teeny:Look,over there.

The young furries ran over to Vampria and stopped. Pikocha and Tailina giggled and Timber and Teeny smirked at what they saw.

-Pikocha:Aww,isn't that cute?

-Teeny:Better wake 'em up before it gets too cute.

Teeny walked over to Vampria and tapped on her head. Vampria groaned and slowly opened her eyes.

-Vampria:T-Teeny? What's goin' on?

-Teeny:Nothin',but look behind you.

Vampria felt a stronghold around her waist,then she turned to see the furry face of someone. She screamed in surprisment,waking the furry who also screamed. It was Rocky.

-Rocky(talking very fast):Who?!What?!Where?!What's wrong?!What's happening?!

Rocky looked up at Vampria,who was giving him an angry look and blushing at the same time.

-Vampria:Whatta tryin' to do?! Seduce me?! you mean?

-Vampria:Never mind. I wonder where we are.

Suddenly,a beam zipped right by them. It zoomed toward the horizen and slowly sank into the ocean where it exploded,causing a bright light and a strong force the raise out of the of the rising water.

-Teeny:Woah,what was that?!

-Rocky:Haven't got a clue!

-Pikocha:Hey,look up there!

Everyone looked up and saw fire flames and power beams going off in the sky.

-Timber:What is that?

Tailina twisted her two tails and hovered up in the air. Moments later,she landed on the ground.

-Tailina:There's a huge fight going on back there,deep in the forest.

-Vampria:They may need out help. Let's go!

Vampria grabbed Rocky by the arms and took off into the air,flapping her angel wings.

-Tailina:Wait for us!

Tailina's feet went under Timber's arms and she took off twirling her tails and Pikocha hopped on Teeny's back before she twirled her pigtails and flew after the others.

Soon,their flight was cancelled when they came to a deep,wide canyon,where the flames and beams were shooting out. Vampria saw the source. There were a bunch of furries going against Andronian soilders. A white kitten and a fuchsia kitten leaped at the soilders,scratching them,leaving horizontal scars on the soilders face,arms,and legs. A kangaroo jumped high up in the air and came back down,stomping his enemy. A white rabbit and a tiger rabbit grabbed a vine and ran around their enemies with great speed,tying them up. A Pikachu ran side to side,confusing the Venomians with its agility,then it jumped in the air above them.


All the soilders shook from the electric shock and fell down dead.

-Rocky:They're all....lil' kids.

The army jumped up and ran away. The kids cheered.


Suddenly,they heard something explode and a cloud of smoke appeared overhead. Something came closer and closer,it was too hard to see in the air,but it grew closer they discovered what it was...a net! The net covered the kids. They paniked and struggled to get free,but the more they struggled,the more they got tangled. The tiger rabbit turned to the Pikachu.

-t. rabbit:Comet! Thundershock!

-Comet:Pika! PIKAA!!!!

The electricity traveled through the ropes of the net,not at all harming the kids,but nothing happened.


-t. rabbit:Why didn't the ropes snap?

-Because its fibers are made out of rubber.-

They turned their heads to a cold-hearted voice. Vampria's eyes widened.

-Vampria:StarWolf?! But what are they doin' here?!?!?!

Pigma walked around the net. His eyes studied them carefully.

-Pigma:How can a group of brats have so much power?

Andrew started thinking that himself as he stared at the kids. His tail waved in the kangaroo's face,irratating him,and he bit it.

-Andrew:YEOWCH!!!!!!!! You lil' runt!

He grabbed the kangaroo by the arm,dragging him from under the net,and lifted him high in the air. The joey kicked with all his might to get free,but he was only lifted higher. It looked like his arms was about to come out of his socket.

-Vampria:That's it!!! I can't take it anymore!

Vampria jumped into the air and flew toward the ape.

-Andrew:What the--?!

-Vampria:Fire Chain!

A starnds of fire surrounded Vampria and chraged toward Andrew. The young ape paniked and dropped the kangaroo. The line of fire seperated and charged toward Pigma.

-Pigma:Let's get outta here!!!

The two Venomains ran up the cliff and out of sight. Vampria freed the young furries. Then,she noticed the tiger rabbit.



Misty jumped and hugged Vampria tightly around her neck.

-Vampria(choking):Ack!!! Misty,you're killin' me!!!!!


Rocky and the others slid down the cliff and went by Vampria's sdie. Rocky was about to say something,but Misty interuppted him.

-Misty:I know what your gonna say,"Exactly,where are we?"

Rocky's eyes widened.

-Rocky:But how--?

-Misty:I can read people's mind and know what they're gonna say.

-w. kitten:You're in Europe.


-w rabbit:Actually,we're on the border line between Europe and Asia.

-Vampria:Then,what are guys doin' here?

-Misty:We're looking for gems.

-Vampria:Ya' mean,like this?

Vampria took out the orange gem that contained Peppy Hare.

-Misty:Yes,so far we found three.


Misty took a clear gem out of a little bookbag and handed it to Vampria. Then,she handed it to Rocky.

-Vampria:Anybody you know?

Rocky took the gem and looked at it,then his eyes widened.

-Rocky:Bill Grey!!!!!

-Vampria:Bill who?!

-Rocky:Bill Grey of the Bulldog/Husky Squadron! Lemme see the other two.

Misty handed Rocky a pink gem and a purple gem. The pink gem contained Katt Monroe and the purple gem contained Fara Pheonix.

-Pikocha:But,we didn't hear anything over the radio about these gems.

-Rocky:Guess Andross captured them after he made that annoucement on the radio.

-Vampria:Oh boy,Raichu is gonna have a fit!

-kitten:Did you say Raichu?

The white kitten stepped foward.

-kitten:Do you know a catox named Raichu?

-Vampria:Yes,she's my friend. She and a few other friends of ours were seperated in a storm.

-kitten:She's my cousin!

-rabbit:Mine too!

-kangaroo:And she's our friend.

The kangaroo and fuschia kitten stepped forward.

-white kitten:I'm Shakeisha and this white rabbit is my sister,Keisha.

Don't ask how we're related.

-kangaroo:I'm Bouncer and this is my sister,Cassie. Ditto about the relationship question.

-Teeny:Dang! How many relatives and friends does Raichu have?

-Pikocha:Speakin' of Raichu,we need to find her and the others.

-Tailina:Just one question:How are we gonna find them and we have no boat?

-Rocky:I saw a boat on the shoreline we can use that. Come on,let's go.

Vampira,Rocky,and the rest of the kids climbed up the cliff.



Raichu turned the moterboat's wheel,searching for the continent. Joy fell asleep on Kiona's back. Kip watched as Kay tried to catch fish in the water.

-Raichu:(sighs)We're never gonna find land.

Kay looked to the left and yipped pointing in that direction. Everyone look to the right and saw a big piece of land.

-Raichu:Land ho! All right. Kay,give me the map.

Kay grabbed the scrolled-up paper in her mouth and handed it to Raichu. Raichu opened it and looked at the land,then the map.

-Raichu:According to the map,that's South America.

Kay yipped and pointed to the shore again. Raichu looked at the shore and saw two shadowy figures. When she took a closer look,she recognized them immediately.

-Raichu:It's LaTisha!

Raichu turned to the boat to the left.


LaTisha turned her head and saw the joyful catox.


Raichu brought the boat ashore. LaTisha ran toward the boat,grabbing Raichu in a hug.

-LaTisha:For a minute there,I thought I would never see you again!

-Raichu:I felt the same way.

Molly licked her face and Raichu patted her on the head.

-Raichu:I'm happy to see you,too,Molly.

Then,she looked up and noticed a young field mouse on her LaTisha's shoulders.

-Raichu:Who's the kid?

-LaTisha:This is Marahbi. Wolf and Leon were beating her to death.

Raichu's eyes widened.

-Raichu:I know the StarWolf team is cold-hearted,but not that cold-hearted!

A loud bark made the two furries jump and Kiona rose her head out of the boat.

-Raichu:I found them in Africa.

-Raichu? Is that you?-

Raichu and LaTisha turned to a feminine voice and saw a brown-and-white husky,besides her was a wolf with a very fuzzy tail.


Molly ran to Jenna's side,jumped up,and licked her on the face.

-Jenna:Hey Molly!

LaTisha stared at the poofy-tailed wolf.

-LaTisha:Lemme guess. Puffy Wulf,right?

-Puffy:That's right.

-Raichu:Puffy Wulf? Oh wow.I can't believe---

Raichu stopped and frowned at the wolf.

-Raichu:How come you never responded my E-Mail? Huh,huh,huh?

-Puffy:*sweatdrop*Hey,give me a break. I've been busy.

-Raichu(in her mind):Yeah,right. Whatever.

-Jenna:Look what we found.

Jenna stepped aside,revealing the van tank and truck.

-Raichu:The vehicles! But I thought they were destroyed!

-Jenna:That's what I thought. We found them in California undamaged and we drove them down here looking for ya'll.

-Puffy:We also found a boat exactly the way Jenna described.

-Raichu:I hope the others are okay. We haven't seem them.

-Jenna:Well,Me and Puff came back from the U.S. and LaTisha was in South America. Raichu,where are you coming from?


-Jenna:Something tells me there on either Europe or Asia.

-LaTisha:Let's not waste time. After we find the others,we still have a long ways to go.


All turned to a voice unfamiliar to them. A dark figure in a navy-blue hooded robe appeared. Electricity surrounded Raichu. The PokÈmon pets got into their fighting poses.

-Raichu(sternly):Who are you?! Show yourself!

The figure threw off its hood. A red chameleon with an open white vest,blue jeans,and white boots stood before them. His wild,black hair scattered all over his face as a wind blew by. The wind revealed a long rattail on the back of his head.

-chameleon:I'm Oku Nauctson. I'm from Venom,but--


More electric bolts surrounded her body and the pets showed more teeth. Even Puff was getting in a fighting pose.

-Oku:No! Wait! I'm not who you think I am! I'm here to help you.

-LaTisha:Help us?!

-Oku:I want to get back at Andross for what he did to my family. All this time, I thought my family were being taken care of,but then I found out Andross had killed them all.

The furries looked at each other.

-Oku:I know where all security traps are. That way,you won't get caught....Please,lemme go.

Raichu stared into Oku's eyes for awhile. Suddenly,yells could be heard and the furries were jumped on by Venomian soilders. Oku leapt into the trees and looked out toward the event. The scaly soilders had the furries by the arms. The furries struggled widly,but they couldn't get free. The other soilders had their guns at the PokÈmon dogs. Marahbi hid behind Kiona. One soilder walked to the furries.

-leader:These are the furries gettin' in our way?! I would've expected a bunch of furrie from the air force,but a bunch of children with their dogs?!

-Raichu:Who you callin' "children"?!

The catox stomped on the foot of the soilder that held her. The Venomian hollered in pain. Two more came toward Raichu. The catox smiled and electricity circled her fist.

-Raichu:Thunder Ground Wave!!!

She punched her fist into the ground and thunderbolts zoomed across the ground toward the lizards. They shivered from the surge and fell down. Raichu blew on her fist like if she was blowing smoke from a cannon of a gun. She turned to the other soilders.

-Raichu:Anybody else wanna piss me off?

No one answered.

-Raichu:Let my friends go!

The soilders still holding her friends didn't move.

-Raichu:I said,let my friends---

Raichu felt someone push her to the ground,then gripped their arms around her neck. She looked up and saw the face of the lizard leader. He took his dagger and pointed the tip at her neck. Raichu gulped.

-leader:How about you be the first to die?

The furries started to struggle harder.

-Jenna:Get your fucking hands off her!

-Puffy:Pick on someone your own size,punk!

-LaTisha:Don't make us get really wild!

The pets growled and barked. The leader brought the tip closer. Raichu clenched her teeth,waiting for the blade to go all the way in her neck. The leader heard rustling in the bushes behind him and turned. A red chameleon leaped at him,knocking him down. The leader flipped Oku off of him and grabbed for his laser. Raichu kicked the gun out of his hand. It flipped in the air toward Jenna. She grabbed it and shot the soilder that held her. He fell down in the sand,blood flowing on top of it. The other soilders let go of the other furries and ran for their lives. The husky managed to shoot two of the fleading soilders. The leader walked toward Oku and started to choke him.

-leader:You traitor!

Oku coughed for air as the leader's hands squeezed his neck tighter.

-leader:I'll make sure Emperor Andross will hear about this!

-Raichu:Emperor Andross ain't gonna hear nuthin'!

Raichu slammed her fist into the leader's back.


The catox sent her power into the soilder. He yelled in pain and shook from the awesome power. Raichu calmed her power and stepped back. The soilder made choking sounds,then his pupils went to the back of his head and he fell in the sand.


Marahbi ran toward LaTisha,hugging her around the legs. Raichu grabbed Oku's hand and helped him up. She smiled at him.

-Raichu:Welcome to the group,Oku. My name's Raichu Pager.

-LaTisha:I'm LaTisha Conrad.

-Jenna:Jenna Darrenger.

-Puffy:Puffy Wulf's da' name.

Raichu turned to the others.

-Raichu:Come on,guys! Let's get this show on the road!

LaTisha drove in the van with Raichu,Oku,Marahbi,and the PokÈmon pets inside. Jenna drove her truck with Puffy and Molly in the back. Kiona ran behind them on account of he was too big to fit in either vehicle. Raichu felt sorry for him.

-Raichu:I bet he's tired.

Jenna shook her head.

-Jenna:Kiona has lungs just like a horse. He can run 3,000 miles without taking a break.

-Marahbi:Raichu,do you really trust this Oku guy?

Marahbi looked at Oku,worridly.

-Raichu:Of course I do. I can tell if someone's lying or tellin' the truth just by looking in their eyes. When I looked in his,I could tell he did want to help.

In less then an hour,they were at the dock where they boarded.



Back in Alaska,Shard led Thunder and Foxer in their snowmobiles. They traveled through the snow into town where they found the ship. After breaking the ice,they were on their way to Australia.


Raichu looked out on the ocean on the upper deck. LaTisha walked up from the lower barracks.

-LaTisha:Raichu,you okay?

-Raichu:Yeah,just thinkin'.

-LaTisha:'bout what?


Raichu motioned her head toward Oku,who was on the other side of the deck. Kay walked past him. As he reached down to pet her,she growled and ran away. LaTisha smiled.

-LaTisha:You like him,don't you?

-Raichu:Sort of.

LaTisha raised an eyebrow at her.

-Raichu:Okay,I like him alot.

Raichu blushed.

-Raichu:Can I help it if he looks so cute?

Raichu watched as Joy run on the side of the deck,a few yards from Oku,and jumped up on the bar.

-LaTisha:Have you spoken to him yet?


-LaTisha:Well,then go speak to him.

LaTisha pulled Raichu by the arm,but she held back.

-Raichu:No,I can't. What do I say?


LaTisha's sentence was cut off by a sound of multiple,paniky yipping. Raichu looked to the other side of the deck and saw Joy leaning too far over toward the ocean.

-Raichu:Joy! Watch out!

Raichu started to run toward the side. Joy finally lost her balance and started to plumage into the water.


The Vulpix waited to fell the wet water to splash against her face,but all she felt was a slight breeze whisk pass her. She opened one eye and noticed she was high above the water. When she looked up and saw the face of a red chameleon:Oku. Oku pulled Joy up and handed her to Raichu.


-Oku:No problem.

Oku walked off leaving Raichu staring. LaTisha tapped her on the shoulder,making her turn.



Raichu tried to think of an excuse.

-Raichu:He's probably the "hard to get" kinda guy. Heck,he might already be hooked up with someone.

Before LaTisha could say anything,a red ray zoomed thorugh the air,right past Raichu and LaTisha.

-LaTisha:What the heck?

Raichu looked up and saw a bunch of unknown jets being led by four,familiar jets.

-Raichu:*Shimatta! Not again!

-LaTisha:Jenna! Puffy! We got company!

Jenna and Puffy came up to the upper deck and saw the Andronain jets.

-LaTisha:Guess they didn't get enough the last time.

One of the jet fighters shot lasers at the group of furries. The group seperated,dodging the lasers. Wolf smirked and shout in his com.

-Wolf:Get them!

The jets dived toward the ship,shooting multiple shots.

-Raichu:Oh,these people wanna cause trouble? Thunderbolt!!!

The clouds turned grey,rumbling with thunder and flasing lightning bolts.


One huge thunderbolt struck Raichu. She raised her arms a numerous amounts of large thunderbolts sruck the fighter jets and sending them into the ocean.

-LaTisha:Psychic Beam!!!!

LaTisha glowed a deep blue color.


A blue beam shot out from the furry girl's forehead,sending more jets into the sea. Jenna and Puffy watched the power furries shooting down the bogies. One Andronian fighter started shooting at them.

-Jenna:Molly! Fire Blast Attack!

Molly jumped up,facing the fighter,and opened her mouth. A weird sign shot out of her mouth,flaming in fire. The sign rushed toward the fighter and it burnt up in flames. Kay started to glow again. Her brown fur started turning red and a white fluff of fur wrapped around her neck and tuft of it on top of her head. Her tail grew long and puffy,matching the same color of fluff around her neck. She had become a Flareon. Raichu started to transform. As she shrunk,her fur turned into scales and the tip of her tail was a huge flame. She had become Charmander. Joy ran to their side. Another fighter dived at them.

-Raichu:Kay! Joy! Fire!!!!

At the same time,Raichu,Kay and Joy opened their mouths,fuming out flames at the fighters. Raichu saw more jets. She turned to Kiona and Kip.

-Raichu:Kiona! Kip! Fire Spin!!!!

Kiona and Kip breathed out fire. The flames spinned around the fighters and made them exploded. Raichu and Kay finished off with their Ember Attack.

Raichu and transformed into thier furry self.

-Raichu:Is that it?

-LaTisha:No,there's four left.

Raichu looked up in their air and saw the Wolfens.

-Raichu:I can take of them with no problem. Electric punch!!!

Raichu turned her paw into a fist and it started to glow with small bolts of lightning that got bigger and bigger.

-Raichu:Take this!

Raichu swung her fist in the direction of the Wolfens,shocking each of them. When the power ended,the jets still hovered in the air. Raichu rubbed her eyes,she thought she was seeing things.

-Raichu:What da' heck?!?!?!

-Wolf:You're power can't destroy us. Thanks to a lil' science,we made devices to keep your powers from harming us.

-Andrew:They're also the devices we use to against your powers back at thata warehouse.

Wolf felt like jumping out of his jet,into Andrew's,and bashing his head in.

-Wolf:You idiot!!!! You weren't supposed to tell them that!!!!!!!!!

-Raichu:Well,at least I know how that furry cyclops dodged my kicking attacks.

-Wolf:Enough talk! It's time to finish you off!!!

The Wolfens dived at them,shooting at them.


Raichu and LaTisha ducked and Jenna,Puffy,and the PokÈmon pets ran into the door leading into the lower deck. LaTisha and Raichu got up and ran in seperate directions. The catox tripped over a loose board. Wolf smiled evily and shot at the catox.


Kiona came running out jumped in front of Raichu,taking the shots. Raichu watched in horror as the dog collapsed to the ground she ran to the Arcanine's side. LaTisha joined her. Raichu gently placed her paw on Kiona's side and felt,something warm,watery,and thick. Raichu picked up her paw and looked at it. It was blood. Raichu looked to her side and saw large amounts of blood running down her side and soaking into her fur. Kiona looked at her one last time and gently closed her eyes.

-Raichu(quietly):No. Kiona.

Raichu let a tear run down her cheek. LaTisha put a paw on her shoulder to comfort her.

-Raichu:She gave her life to save me.

Raichu clenched her teeth and growled angirly,turning toward the Wolfens.

-Raichu:This time they have gone too far!!!!!!

Raichu's eyes flashed red,then turned pearl white. The clouds turned grey,the sea waves started to grow larger,and a strong wind blew.

-Pigma:What's goin' on here?!

-LaTisha:It's.....Raichu's rage attack!

Raichu faced the Wolfens. Her white eyes shined brighter and her teeth looked shraper. A big amount of energy rose from her body,making her hair fly up. The catox seperated her feet and turned her paws into fist. The beam of energy got larger and larger.

-Leon:This can't be happening!

Raichu rose her arms into the air.

-Raichu:Ultimate Thunderbolt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The beam disappeared into the clouds.


A gigantic thunderbolt struck Raichu and,with a scream of rage,powerful thunderbolts shot at the Wolfens. The device hidden deep within their jets blew up,causing the members to feel the extreme shock.

When the power stopped,the Wolfens were still there,but in bad shape. Raichu's energy faded slowly,the sky turning blue again and the sea calming. Her eyes felt heavy and she fell to the ground. The ship tilted and Raichu slid to where LaTisha was.


LaTisha helped the catox sit-up.

-LaTisha:She passed out again.

Wolf started to come out of unconsciousness. He shook his head and stared down from his cockpit at Raichu.

-Wolf:This kid may be to important to kill. I'll have to tell the emperor about her power. Leon!

Leon was coming out consciousness when he heard his name being called.


-Wolf:Come on,we got work to do. Andrew,Pigma,return to the base.

-Pigma:Wait a minute! How come you guys get to have all the fun?

-Leon:Because you two are nothing but a couple of fools.

Wolf and Leon opened their cockpits and jumped of the nose of their jet fighters onto the ship.

-Wolf:Give up the gems. There's no way you can beat us.

-LaTisha:We ain't givin' up. We'll die if we have to save the StarFox team.

-Leon:You're putting your lives in danger. I suggest you hand them over and get it over with.

-Raichu:*Eigu ga wakarimasu ka?

LaTisha turned to see Raichu getting to her feet.

-Raichu:We ain't handin' over the jewels. Not no way,not no how!

-Wolf:Ya' know,you're too powerful to meet a horrible fate. Why not dump these furries and come with us?

-Raichu:Huh?!?! Say what?!?!

-Wolf:Emperor Andross would like to hear about that new power of yours. You'll get twice the pay. Whatta ya say?

Raichu looked at LaTisha,then back at Wolf and Leon. Then,she made her decision.

-Raichu:I wouldn't join you even if you paid me three times!

LaTisha let out a "phew!".

-Wolf:Fine then,be that way! You're nothin' but a simple bitch anyway!

-Raichu:Well,I'm proud to be a bitch so fuck you,*yaro!

This made Wolf angrier. He pulled his laser ready to fire,but a thunderbolt shot at his paw,making him drop the

-Wolf:What the--?

-Hey! Why don't you pick on somebody your own size?-

They looked up to see Rocky and Foxer jumping onto the deck



Foxer turned to the two Venomians.

-Foxer:Pickin' on a bunch of girls. What are ya',a couple of schoolyard bullies?

-Leon:We'll see,furball!

Leon shot his laser at Foxer. Foxer jumped high in the air and kicked the lizard to the ground,standing on his chest. Wolf was about to leap on the tiger,but Rocky grabbed him around the neck and threw him to the ground.


Raichu looked around and looked out toward the ocean and saw a white yacht with a familiar furry waving at them.


LaTisha noticed another ship coming from the other side with another familiar furry.

-LaTisha:It's Thunder!

Foxer and Rocky watched as the small boats rode up to the bigger one. Suddenly,they felt a stronghold around their ankles and both fell.


Leon aimed his laser at Raichu.

-Jenna:Raichu! Look out!

Raichu turned to see Leon aiming at her. Oku ran up from behind him and both of them fell to the ground.


Oku and Leon wrestled around like alley cats. Wolf jumped in and grabbed Oku around the neck. Joy came up behind Wolf and bit his tail. He howled in pain.

-Wolf:You lil' runt!!!!!!

Wolf went to grab Joy,but Oku tripped him. Leon sneaked behind Oku.

-Raichu:Look out!

Raichu tackled Leon,sending him to the floor. They rolled along the floor until Leon had her by the neck,choking her.

-Raichu:Not again!

Oku came up kicked Leon off the catox. The Venomian lizard rolled at Wolf's feet and stood up. Oku stood in front of Raichu,protecting her,and held up his laser.

-Oku:Get the hell outta here before I shoot both of your brains out.

Wolf and Leon backed up.

-Wolf:Traitor! We'll leave,but we will be back!

The two Venomians jumped in their jets and took off.

-Puffy:Cowards! Look at 'em run!

Raichu looked around.

-Raichu:We're all reunited and have new friends to join us and help us continue our journey.

-Tailina:All we have to do now is sail to Australia get to my mothership,Hurricane.

-Raichu:We might have to take the other ship.

Raichu turned and saw Kiona's body,laying there.

-Thunder:Eww,what happened there?

-LaTisha:It's a long story. We'll tell you about once we get on the other ship.


The sky started to turn a pinkish-orange as the sun started to set. The boys started loading the supplies on the next ship that Thunder,Foxer,and Shard came in. Raichu walked onto the upper deck,sitting next to her dead dog. Kip came by his dead mother's side and let out a mourful howl.

-Raichu:It's all my fault that your dead. If I would've tripped,this never would've happened. But don't worry,I'll make them pay.

-Vampria:Hey you two,it's time to go.

Raichu and Kip boarded the ship and sailed off. Foxer,in Shard's yacht,followed behind. Raichu leaned on the side of the rail and stared at the ship that they just left,which now looked like a ghost ship. One last tear rolled down her cheek and into the water.

-Raichu:Goodbye,my friend. I'll never forget you.


Chapter 3

Raichu sat in a chair near the captain's wheel. Puffy was steering.

-Raichu:The StarFox members have been awfully quiet.

Raichu peeked in the knapsack to see if they were all there.

-Puffy:They're probably under a sleeping spell.

Jenna peeked her head in the door.

-Jenna:We're nearing Australia,Puff. Might wanna slow down.


Puffy steered the boats onto land. Raichu walked onto the beach and looked around everything was crumbled down and she didn't see anything that looked like a mothership. Tailina came by her side.

-Raichu:Tailina,where's this mothership?

-Tailina:Look up.

Raichu looked up and saw a tiny black dot. Tailina pulled a button control out of her pocket. She pushed one on the side and the tiny dot started getting closer and closer. When it landed,sand blew from under it. All looked up and saw a gigantic mothership.



-Tailina:This is my mothership,The Hurricane. It's big enough to carry 35 people. During the war,few people survived. So my brother,Tails,built this ship for the survivors. After the war,my brother gave it to me and Timber.

It's so big that 2.2 million basketballs could fit in it.

-Pikocha:Man! That's big!

-Rocky:Let's not waste time. We must get to Venom and stop this madness.

Tailina nodded and pressed another button,opening a huge door.

-Timber:Everybody in.

Raichu walked up the ramp and into the ship followed by Kay and Joy. Once the whole gang was in,they found themselves in a room with a contol panel. Tailina ran to the panel.

-Tailina:I would hold on.

Tailina pushed a few buttons. Suddenly,everyone started to shake.

-Misty:What's happening!?

-Shakeisha:We're taking off!!!

It felt like an earthquake. Then,the shaking stopped. Tailina pushed another button which opened a door.

-Timber:Follow us.

The group followed Timber and Tailina down a wide hallway. Tailina led them to a wall of doors.

-Tailina:These are the barracks.

Timber pointed down another hallway.

-Timber:Down here is the living room,kitchen,training room,and bathroom.

-Teeny:Bathroom? That's good 'cause I really need to go.

-Pikocha:Not if I get there first.

Teeny and Pikocha ran down the hallway.

-Jenna:This place is amazing!

-Foxer:You can say that again.

-Keisha:How long did it take for your brother to build this.

-Tailina:About 11 months. He's a real good mechanic. Can fix anything.

LaTisha,Vampria,Jenna,and the others claimed their barracks. Raichu walked into the living room and looked out the window,looking at the stars and planets deep in the space.

-Raichu:Wow! Outer space is beautiful.

She sat on the couch,still looking out into the deep space. It was warm in the room,making her eyes heavy. Soon,she fell asleep,but she didn't know that Oku was watching her.


LaTisha walked down the hallway with Marahbi.

-Marahbi:I still don't trust Oku. He kinda scares me.

LaTisha walked passed the living room entrance and smiled.

-LaTisha:Well,there is one way you can trust him.



Marahbi looked in the living room and saw what made LaTisha smile. Oku sat on the couch,asleep,holding Raichu in his arms,who was also asleep.

-LaTisha:I see Oku has the same feelings for Raichu.

Oku could feel the two girls presence and he lifted his head. He placed a finger to his lips,motioning them to keep the talk down. LaTisha nodded and she and Marahbi continued down the hallway. Oku smoothed the catox's hair back,yawned,and went back to sleep.


Hey! I noticed that the lil' furries are being left out!)

Raichu and Oku slept soundly in the living room. All of a sudden,they both heard a thunp that made them jump. Raichu opened her eyes first and when she saw what position she was in,she immediatley sat up and blushed. Then,they heard the loud thump again.

-Oku:What was that?

-Raichu:I don't know. It sounded like it came from down the hallway.

Raichu got up from the couch and walked down the hall. She turned into the room where the StarFox gems were hidden. Inside,were two shadowy figures,knocking everything down. Raichu turned on the light and gasped.

-Raichu:Not you again!

Wolf and Leon turned to the voice.

-Wolf:Raichu,we meet again.

Wolf walked toward her,smiling evily. Raichu backed up.

-Raichu:Don't make me call the others!

-Wolf:Go ahead. They won't hear you. We used a tranquillizer on them and they're in a deep sleep. No matter how loud you yell,they won't hear you.

-Raichu:How'd you get in here? This ship is protected by a high security system.

-Wolf:That's none of your damn buisness,but the emperor wants us to bring in you furries and the gems to Venom.

-Raichu:Well,you ain't gonna get them!

-Leon:That's what you think. We already have your friends in our cargo area of our jet fighters. And look what I found.

Leon picked up a knapsack.

-Raichu:Don't make me get crazy up in this mutha--

Then,another thump heard coming down the hallway. It sounded like a body falling. Raichu looked at the two Venomians then out the door. Finally,she got an idea.

-Raichu:Koffing transform!

Raichu transformed into Koffing,the poison gas PokÈmon,and let large,thick black clouds,making a smokescreen. Unable to see,Leon dropped the bag. He tried to find it,but couldn't see throught the smoke. Raichu transformed into Pikachu,grabbed the bag,and ran out the door. When she returned to the living room,Oku was laying on the floor,unconscious. The catox transformed back to herself and ran to Oku's side.

-Raichu:Oku! Are you okay?!

Raichu perked her ears up. She heard someone laughing evily. She turned to see a pig and a young ape,aka Pigma and Andrew. In Pigma's hand was a tranquillizer gun.

-Raichu:Oh boy.

Raichu was going to turn around,but saw Wolf and Leon blocking her way.

Raichu started sweating bullets,this was second time she was trapped. As she sweated,she started glowing with a bright arura that the enemies didn't notice.

-Leon(shouting):Well,what are you waiting for?! Grab her!

Andrew took a step foward and Raichu sensed it. She started screaming in a high-pitched tone,that deafen the StarWolf members.

-Andrew:Make her stop!!!!

Raichu finally stopped screaming. Seeing the members having trouble hearing,she jumped over Andrew and ran down the hall. Pigma took off after her.

-Raichu:This guy don't know who he playin' wit'.

Raichu screeched to a stop and faced Pigma. The traitorous pig had his hand held out,ready to grab her. With quick speed,Raichu grabbed his arm and flipped him over to the right,then the left. Then,she lifted him above her head,twirled him in circles,and sent him flying to the wall. Raichu wanted to use her powers,but she didn't want to damage the ship. She steadied her breathing ready for the next challenger. Andrew and Leon appeared,but where was Wolf? This made her nervous. All of a sudden,something behind her took ahold of her arm and slammed her against the wall. Inside the wall was a secret room where Tailina,Timber,Teeny,and the other lil' furries slept. When they heard the bang against the wall,they all jolted awake.

-Marahbi:What was that?!

Tailina jumped down from her bunk and open a small visor window(it's invisible on the outside so StarWolf did not see them).Tailina was soon joined by the others and they all saw Raichu sulking to the ground in pain.

-Pikocha:What's wrong wit' Raichu?

Then,Leon appeared in front her.

-Tailina:Huh?! How'd StarWolf get on board?!

-Timber:Oops,I just remembered. I forgot to fix the security system!

-Tailina:Whaaat?!?! And you're just remembering that?!?!?!?!?

-Timber:*sweatdrop*(nervous laugh)Oops.

The young furries watched in fear as Wolf and Andrew pinned her to the floor. Then,Leon took out a syringe needle. He smirked at the catox.

-Leon:Don't worry,lil' kitty-fox,this won't hurt one bit.

Raichu only looked at him,clenching her teeth. Keisha,Shakeisha,Cassie,and Bouncer shreiked for the catox to get up. Tailina only shook her head.

-Tailina:It's no use. She can't hear you.

They looked away as Leon inserted the needle. Misty heard her sifle yell and felt like crying. When they looked again,Raichu started nodding off and then fell asleep.

-Wolf:Let's get outta here.

Wolf and Andrew dragged Raichu by her arms down the hallway. Leon swung the knapsack over his shoulder.

-Bouncer:He's got the gems!

-Cassis:We gotta wake the others and quick!

-Misty:We can't. They're all asleep. I can tell because I tried waking them in my mind,but they won't.

-Tailina:I guess it's up to us,then.

-Keisha:Us?! What are we gonna do? We're too small.

-Tailina:My motto is:"Size don't matter." Raichu,and I bet,the other destined

have been captured. We gotta save them. We're their only hope. Who's wit' me?

It was quiet. Then.Timber spoke up.

-Timber:Count me in.

-Teeny:Me too.

-Pikocha:Let's go.

Marahbi,Keisha,Shakeisha,Bouncer,and Cassie joined in also.

Tailina pushed a button which automatically opened a hidden door. Timber peeped his out the door.

-Timber:All clear.

The young furries stepped out of the room,on their guard.

-Tailina:Follow me to the hanger.

Tailina tip-toed down the hall with the others following. Once at the hanger door,they saw the Wolfens were still there.

-Tailina:Follow me and be quiet.

Tailina opened the door slowly and quietly.

-Tailina:Watch and learn.

Tailina tip-toed a few steps from behind the door and saw Andrew and Pigma,arguing about something. Wolf and Leon appeared,trying to stop the fight.

-Tailina:Good. They're destracted.

Tailina bent her knees and darted toward one of the Wolfens and jumped into the cargo area. She gasped when she turned and saw Oku and Raichu laying on the metal floor,unconscious. Tailina motioned Timber to come next. He took a deep breath and ran into the cargo area. Teeny peered around and saw the Venomians still arguing. She felt a cold feeling go down her spine. She turned to Pikocha.

-Teeny(nervously):W-w-why don't you go next,good friend?

-Pikocha:*sweatdrop* You gon' ahead.

Pikocha pushed Teeny ahead. Teeny tried to hold back,but her small friend was stronger than her. The Pikochox-Wolf gave her a forceful push. Teeny slid into the room and fell with a thud,which echoed around the hanger.

-Leon:What the-?

Teeny quickly got up amd zoomed into the cargo area. By the time,Leon looked behind him,nobody was there.

-Leon:Let's get outta here before the others wake up.

Marahbi,Keisha,Shakeisha,Cassie,Misty,Bouncer ran into the cargo area together. Tailina quickly closed the doors at the sound footsteps. Andrew went to the back of his jet to close the cargo doors,but noticed they were already closed.

-Andrew:That's funny,I thought the doors were opened.

The young ape shrugged and rushed to his cockpit. The cubs and kits hid inside a giant crate.

-Teeny:Now what do we do?

-Tailina:We wait.

Suddenly,they felt rumbling and the air pressure forced them against the wall so hard,that they were knocked out.


Hours later,Cassie woke up. She looked around,a little confused,then she realized where she was. She shook her kangaroo brother up by shaking him.

-Cassie:Wake up,Bouncer,wake up.

Bouncer finally woke up.

-Bouncer:Huh? Wha?!

Bouncer sat up and looked around. He peeked through the small spaces and saw that Raichu and Oku weren't there anymore.

-Bouncer:Guys,get up!

Immediatly,they all got up.

-Tailina:We must be here.

She crawled from under the crate and opened the doors slowly.

-Tailina:Yep,we're here.

It was dark in the hanger,but she could feel the presense of the other jets.

-Teeny:Well,what are we waiting for? Let's go save the gems and the others.

Teeny jumped out of the jet,but Timber pulled her back in.

-Timber:Teeny! We can't just run in there. This place is probably heavily guarded.

-Keisha:Timber's right. We gotta think and plus we've got to seperate in groups so one group can find gema and the other can find our friends.

They sat down and started to think.



Raichu heard Oku's voice echoing in her head. She slowly opened her. Her eyes faced a row of metal bars going up and down. She smelled an awful odor from the floor that made her wanted to gag. She got up with her arms aching.

-Raichu:Oku? Where are you?

-Oku:I'm over here.

Raichu heard his voice from the left of the cell she was in.

-Raichu:Where are we?

-Oku:I don't wanna scare you or anything,but believe it or not,we're in a torture chamber.

Raichu's eyes widened and almost welled with tears.

-Raichu:How'd the heck we ended up in here?!

-LaTisha:That's what I'm trying figure out.

Raichu looked around,but she didn't see LaTisha.

-Raichu:'Tisha? Where are you?

-LaTisha:I think I'm next door to ya'.

Raichu looked at the cell ahead of her and saw Thunder,still unconscious.

-Raichu:There's Thunder. Vampria and Jenna must be next door to us too.

Their ears perked up to the sound of a metal door slamming closed. Then,two familiar enemies appeared.

-Wolf:Well,well,look who's up.

Raichu and LaTisha said nothing,but looked at them angrily.

-Leon:Looking for these?

Leon waved a leather knapsack in the air.

-Raichu:The jewels! Give me those!!!

Raichu poked her arm between the bars,trying to grab the bag. Leon laughed

as he moved the bag back and foward. Raichu was getting ticked.


Raichu called her electric powers,but instead of attacking the Venomian,she felt the painful shock around her whole body.

-Leon:I see the power drainer works.

Raichu felt something metal around her neck.

-Leon:That metal neckbrace keeps you from using your powers against us. Instead,your power go against you. Your power-filled friends have one on also.

-Raichu:You son of a---

Raichu jump-kicked the bars and bounced back on the wall.

-Wolf:Tell you what,since you're so energetic,why don't you go first as our first toruture volenteer.

The cell door opened. As Wolf stepped in,Raichu stepped back into the wall.

-Wolf(in a hurt tone):Awww,do I frighten you?



Raichu tried to keep her voice from shaking as she answered.

-Raichu: N-no! You d-don't frighten me one b-bit!

-Wolf: Somehow I don't believe you.

As Wolf stepped closer, Oku crept slightly forward, blocking his way. He starred at him with angry eyes, his hands clenched into tight fists.

-Leon: Back off pretty boy! You've no place here, rather than to be stuffed, and hung on a wall!

-Oku: You're right! I haven't any place here! I only wish I had realized that sooner!

Oku slowly intercepted them, blocking them from Raichu.

-Wolf: Don't be foolish! With that collar on you're as weak as a kitten! Are you stupid enough to pretend otherwise?

-Oku: (cracking his knuckles) That won't stop me from wringing your scrawny neck....

Wolf and Leon slowly backed away. When they neared the door, Leon leaned over to Wolf and whispered in his ear.

-Leon: (quietly) Let's wait a couple days, starve the enregy out them... Then we'll break them.

Wolf nodded, as they continued out the cell door, slamming it behind them. As they passed by the other cells, Leon laughed aloud with painstaking mockery.

-Leon: What's with all the long faces? You're the guests of honor!

He stared into LaTisha's cell, meeting with a pair a despiteful eyes. She stared at him coldly, her lips frozen in a solid frown.

Leon then turned his focus into the other cell adjacent to Raichu's. Jenna was bearing the same solem expression. He laughed again, with deceiptful mockery, hoping to trip someone's nerve.

-Leon- What faces! If I only had a camera!

With that, Wolf began to laugh as well, and their cackles echoed down the hallway as they turned to leave. Before closing the door behind him, Wolf turned to catch one last look at his newfound treasure of helpless victims, and smiled.

-Wolf: Nothing like a hard day's work, eh Leon?

With that, Wolf slammed the door behind him, once again sealing the unbroken silence within the cold chamber. Raichu stared ahead into the dark cell across from hers, seeing Thunder stirring on the floor. She watched as she slowly regained conscienceness, and sat up on the cold floor.

-Raichu: Thunder? You okay?...

-Thunder: I guess so... Where are we?

-Raichu: You don't want to know... Jenna? Can you hear me over there?

Jenna's voice filtered through the cold stone wall of the chamber, creating a muffled sound, yet still, one that could be made out.

-Jenna: Yeah... I'm alright. As alright as one can be who's sitting in a torture chamber.

Vampria, who was in the same cell as Jenna, leaned against the wall and sighed.

-Vampria: I'm okay too... But, like Jenna roughly put it, okay as in 'not dead' . Not okay as in 'just fine, now how about a spot of tea?'

-Raichu: LaTisha? How 'bout you?

There was a slight delay before any answer was heard.

-LaTisha: Um... Yeah... Yeah I suppose... But, I can hardly move. I think I hit my head or somethin', because well... I just don't feel too good Raichu.

-Raichu: Too bad Jenna didn't end up in the same cell as you. You sound like you could use a little medical attention.

-Jenna: I don't think that would matter much anyway Raichu. I don't think I could apply a band-aid if I remembered how.

-Raichu: What are you talkin' about?

-Jenna: It must be this collar... I... I can't remember anything about medics! Nothing what so ever!

Jenna leaned back on the old wooden bench, which was mostly rotted, and sighed.

-Jenna: Raichu... What are we gonna do?

Raichu looked over toward Oku, who had retired on the old bench in their cell.

-Raichu: Any ideas?

Oku shook his head regrettably. And Raichu addressed Thunder, acroos the room.

-Raichu: Thunder? How 'bout you? Any ideas?

-Thunder: My mind is completely foggy Raichu. I'm lucky I remember how to breathe!

-Raichu: Anything from you Vampria?

-Vampria: Nothing.... My mind is just as blank.

-Raichu: How 'bout you LaTisha?....

No one answered.

-Raichu: LaTisha? LaTisha, why won't you answer me?

-Vampria: Maybe she can't hear you.

-Raichu: She could before.... Thunder, can you see inside her cell?

-Thunder: It's too dark. I can't make out a thing...

Raichu looked back at Oku, who was now sitting up much straighter.

-Raichu: Something's wrong....


"LaTisha?LaTisha?!Answer me!"Raichu listened for her friend to reply.

She got no answer.

"LaTisha?!"Raichu hit the bars.


The catox looked back at Oku,"What's wrong?!Why won't she answer me?LaTisha?!Are you alright?!

Oku got up and gently grabbed her by her shoulders,trying to calm her down.

"Shhhh,you keep up the noise,they'll be back down here,"Shard whispered softly a few cells down.

"But what can we do?"Raichu tried to see LaTisha,"She's hurt!"

"Calm down,"Shard answered softly.

Her calm voice made everyone grow quiet.

There was a rattling,and a soft sound like wind.And immediatly following it,a cell popped open.

Everyone instantly spun in the direction,and Shard appeared down the darken walkway.

"But?But how?–"Vampria looked at the fox in shock.

Shard smiled,"They never bothered to put one of those collars on me.And since I'm guessing since they've never dealt with me before-"

She touched the lock on one Raichu and Oku's cell and immediatly it froze.The fox hit it with her fist and it shattered"-they didn't know I had any abilities.And I was a rather weak when they grabbed us all."

Raichu and Oku slipped from the cell unsteadily.

The catox hugged the fox,"Lucky us.But why didn't they?It makes no sense that they didn't put a collar on you."

Shard smiled weakly,"I"m not the healthiest gal in the world Raichu."

"What do you mean by that?"Oku leaned against the wall,trying to steady himself from the impulses of the collar.

"I've got cancer."

Her voice was very blunt,but not to Raichu,"Luekemia. Makes me very weak.the chemotherapy does anyway."

The fox started to meddle with Raichu's collar.

"Cancer?"Raichu looked at her,a painful memory a friend she'd lost to such an illness coming to her head.Cancer.

"I thought you seemed fragile when Foxer and I met you,"Thunder grasped the bars of her cage.

Shard firmly gripped Raichu's collar,and with considerable effort froze it.It shattered into a thousand pieces.

Raichu rubbed her neck ruefully,feeling her strength flow through her like a comforting warmth.

Shard touched Oku's collar too,and broke it as well.

Oku flexed his arms,and turned to Raichu,"I suggest we get everyone out of here while we still can.No doubt Leon will wanna come down here and have some fun with us."

"Right,"Raichu watched Shard slide to the floor,"Shard?"

"I can't do anything more,"Shard's wings drooped against the floor,"You'll hafta free everyone else yourselves.I don't have anymore strength."

Oku looked at Raichu who seemed a dumbfounded,before gently pushing by her and went to Jenna and Vampria's cell.

"Better hurry Raichu,"Shard motioned to the catox.

Raichu came out of her spell and joined Oku.

"Any ideas babe on how to open this?"The chameleon cast a glance at her.

Raichu thought a moment,and a little flicker of electricity came from her paw.She touched the lock and threw up a shower of sparks.The lock popped from the door and swung open.

Raichu knelt down beside Jenna and touched the collar.She sent a shock through it that sent it into overload and the collar simply popped off of Jenna's neck.

The husky shook her head,"Boy,does that feel good."

Raichu did the same for Vampria.

"I feel my energy coming back,"The tiger stretched and moved aside as Raichu ran to LaTisha's cell.

"Oh LaTisha,"Raichu gasped as she looked down at her friend's still form lying on the floor of the cell.

She broke the lock and was at her side instantly.

The dog's head was smeared in dried blood,not to mention dirt and grit.Her arms and cheeks were scratched,and she felt very cold.

"Jenna,hurry,"the catox cradled her friend in her arms as the husky knelt down beside them.

Vampria and Oku went and worked on Thunder's cell.

"I'm have a full slate in my mind now,"Jenna breathed gratefully.She looked over the wounds,felt for a pulse.

"She's got a big crack on the head Raichu,and she's lost alot of blood,"The husky pulled off her warm jacket and tore it into strips.She began to wrap the wounds,"Probably a concussion."

"Will she be okay,"Raichu barely heard Thunder's cell finally opened.

"Raichu,help us here a sec and get this collar off of Thunder,"Oku's voice called down the hall.

Raichu didn't like to cut the conversation,but went to help.After Thunder was free of the energy collar she ran back to Jenna,"Well?"

"I don't know,I'd have to look at some x-rays,"The husky's voice was very unsettling,"I suggest we don't move her till she wakes up."

"But we can't stay here,"Raichu looked toward the door of the torture room.She expected the Starwolf team to burst in any moment.

She heard more cells open and Thunder using her electrical power to remove collars from the others.The chamber was filled with soft whispereing from Oku as he told everyone to be as quiet as possible and to move fast.

"No you can't,but I can,"The husky looked up at her,"I'll stay behind with LaTisha and Shard while you take the others and get the gems back."

"But Jen,we can't just leave you here."

"Raichu,LaTisha's hurt fairly badly and Shard is too weak to fight,"The husky grabbed her arms,"I'm the medic here.That makes me the logical choice to stay behind."

"But you could-"

"Don't argue,take everyone and go."

By this time Oku with Vampria and Thunder had freed the rest of the group.

Molly with Kay and Joy bounded into the cell.Jenna hugged Molly and Kay jumped into Raichu's arms

Oku with Foxer and Puffy followed.Oku carried fragile Shard in his arms and gently sat her down beside Jenna.

"Go,quickly!Before Starwolf comes back and has ya all cornered."

Raichu looked at her,then down at LaTisha.

Shard gently grabbed Raichu's wrist,"Raichu..."

The catox looked up.

"Time to be a leader hon,and you've got to do what's best for everyone,"The weakened fox smiled.

Raichu took her paw and squeezed it gently,"Shard,if ya had told me sooner,I'd...."

"No time for regrets Raichu,"The fox smiled,"Go.hurry."

Foxer moved and knelt down beside Shard,"I'll stay here with them Raichu.I owe it to Shard who save Thunder's life and mine."

Shard looked up at Foxer and almost blushed as he looked down at her.

"Me too,"Puffy nodded,"I'll stay and help Jen with what I can.Me and Foxer can protect them I think."

Molly lay down Jenna.The ninetails red eyes looked up at her master worridly.

By this time Rocky had discovered their weapons in the main room of the torture chamber,where Wolf and his team had dumped them.He had called everyone to collect whatever was thiers,before grabbing Jen's weapon along with Foxer's and an extra for Edward.

He stood in the door frame and tossed Foxer a lazer pistol and Jenna her knife.Puffy almost shunned the lazer Rocky handed to him.But casting a glance at Jen with her patients,took it.

Raichu clasped Jenna's paw too,"When the coast is clear,we'll come back for you.If we don't......"

"We understand Raichu,"Foxer looked down the walkway,"Move.Get the gems back from Starwolf.You're the only hope to save the system now."

Oku motioned to everyone,speaking quietly,"Everyone,get your tails on guard.Be ready to fight as soon as we clear the room."

As everyone filed down the walkway Jen grabbed Raichu's arm.Her voice was soft.But the tone in it made Raichu's heart sink,"Raichu.I don't believe Shard will be with us when and if ya come back."

Raichu's ears quivered,and flattened in shock,"What?Why?"

"She's going through total systemic failure.It's from the cancer cell,they're poisoning her system.If she had gotten help earlier......the chances of her leaving even till tomorrow....are...."

Shard smiled weakly,"No need to whisper.....But she's right Raichu.Since the destruction on earth I haven't had any treatments for my illness.I know that my abnormal white blood cell count is too high by now without the chemo treatments.I've relasped."

Raichu swallowed at the lump in her throat,"Shard.........."

"But I'm glad I came.I'm glad I can be a part of this,"The fox 's paw slid from hers,"And I've got a favor I want ya to do for me."

Raichu ignored the tear sliding down her face,"Sure Shard.Anything."

"I want you to kick some major ass.Take StarWolf and rub them into the ground.Show them you're tough and nothing can stop ya."

Raichu almost smiled,"You can bet on that Shard.I promise ya we will.Then can ya do something for me?"

"I can try."

"I want ya ta hold on and we'll get you some help.Don't give up yet.promise me that."

"I promise,"Shard closed her eyes.She leaned back against Foxer,who swallowed hard.

"Molly,go with them,"Jenna ordered her dog.

Molly whined and flicked her ears at her mistress.

"But Jen,it'd be better if she stayed with you,"Raichu watched the ninetails get to her feet and mope to her side.

"She's better off helping you guys than us.Take her,do that for me Raichu."

Raichu stroked Molly's head,and Kay whined,"If you want."

Jen never replied as Puffy pushed Raichu gently toward the door of the cell,"Better move gal,they're waiting for you."

"Go,"Jen whispered.

Her voice whispered in the catox's ears as she ran after the others,Molly and Kay at her heels.Never had it been so hard,as to make a decision....

.....than to leave them behind.To leave some of her friends behind alone.

And now,she was gonna make Wolf and his team pay.Her eyes flashed a deep and burning red.No way would she let this pass.

"Paybacks are hell,watch out Wolf.Here I come,"Raichu snarled.




Chapter 4

The continuous dripping of water droplets made all the while harder to bear. Every prip and drip felt like hours and soon it felt like days. Yet,in reality,only a while had past since everyone had left except five furries. Even with these 5,only 3 were conscious. Puff,the only one without a job to do,fiddled around with his laser. Ever so bored,he tossed the rifle up and down,up and down,until he lost his balance and the laser slid off into a dark corner. Instinctively,he got up and went to get it,but he noticed something...

-Puffy(yelling):Hey! Foxer! Come here!

-Foxer:Whadda ya want?

Foxer approached the area where Puff was and looked at him.


Puffy pointed at a screen in the corner.

-Puffy:Do you know how to work this thing? I mean,you're Cornerian,so I assume you should know how to use these.

-Foxer:Why? I mean,this computer is ancient. I don't think you'll be able to do much with it.

-Puffy:Well,it looks high-tech enough for me to maybe find something useful with it. Can you teach me? I might evem find this cure for Leukemia.

-Jenna:Puff...I don't think that's possible. There dosen't seem to be any resonable cure for Shard now. Just let it go.

-Puffy:NO! Puff never gives up!

Puff clenched his fist.

-Puffy:Not 'til the end.

He turned to Foxer.

-Puffy:So,are you gonna help me or not?

Foxer was quiet for awhile. It seemed a bit hopeless to try,yet there seemed still of that one in a million chance of happening. He nodded his head.

-Foxer:Alright,givit a go.

Foxer clicked and typed onto the keyboard and the computer began to flare with life. A bit of tutoring later,Puff was on his own. With the resource at hand,Puff quickly browsed through lists and lists of files through the database. After many minutes,he finally reduced his document onscreen down to 2.

1. C O R N E R I A N R E S E A R C H: On the human disease Leukemia...~No description~

2. F D ~description of file:.....Leukemia....~

Naturally,Puff clicked on the first choice.

-Puffy(in his mind):Alright

Some hope was coming to him. The computer stalled a bit,and then loaded the entire document. All that was listed inside the document was:

We are sorry to say that the research of the disease called Leukemia has been aborted. With the devastation of the apocalypse on Earth,there have been no more subjects to be able to conduct further research. However,the earthlings have found once cure that maybe would be of some use to those who find this document. However,the method is considered primitive the only way of transfusing an exact bone marrow sample of the victem to the victem. However,this is highly impractical as it is very hard to find such a thing. Our research ends here...

Silent for a moment,Puff banged on the keyboard. Was there no hope? Was there no easy cure for Shard? Quickly,he backtracked and clicked on the document called:FD. The document read thus on the top:

The Furry Destined

A bit stunned by this,Puff quickly scrolled down:

....Her voice was blunt,but not to Raichu,"Leukemia. Makes me very weak. The chemotherapy does anyway....

And a bit more:

....and so the furry named Shard lost consciouness. Her grasp on life quickly lessened and weakened. And then she could hold on no more longer and let go...

Puff quickly turned around to check up on everything. He saw Foxer grab Shard by the paw.

-Foxer:I don't want you to die. Please,hold on. For me. Please.

Shard gave him a weak smile.

-Shard:When people die,life goes on. And for me,will you go on?

-Foxer(tearfully):But..I....I..don't want....

Foxer was breaking up. He couldn't say anything sensibly. His tears slowly dripped like the water that surroundedd them in the cell. Not able to bear this anymore,Puff took out his diskette that he had brought from Earth,saved the document FD and a few moments later,the computer died. Just as the furry Shard had. Jen,who was quiet and speechless,looked at Puff,whose response was a shake of his head. Could he tell her what he had saw? He remembered the night of the question he had asked her and now it had come back to haunt him. Maybe when they could finally get out this hell hole,he'd tell Everyone. Or maybe,he'd change the chains of fate and tell no one. Maybe when they got back onto land,he'd find more of FD. Just then,he felt something warm embrace him. He looked down and saw the husky,who could not stand to see...hear...taste the reality of it all. And Edward,remebering who he once was,gave an embrace back,reciting the last lines he has read,silently to himself:

-Puffy:...and the yell of the silver fox echoed out. Out deep...into the very cold dark outer limits,and into the depths of the universe...



After planning for hours in the cargo area of the Venomian jet,they all finally agreed on their plan. First:they had to destract the guards. That was Teeny and Pikocha's job. They quietly opened the hanger door and saw a guard at the end of the hallway.


The guard turned to see a young chimp and another strange creature making faces at him.

-guard:Huh?! How'd you two get in?!

-Teeny:You'll have catch us to find out!

Teeny and Pikocha turned and ran with a few other guards running after them. Timber opened the door slightly and looked down both ways of the hall.

-Timber:All clear. Let's go.


Raichu,Thunder,Vampria,and Rocky slowly sneaked down the hall following Oku. The red chameleon stopped them after spotting two guards ahead of them. He took his laser,added the silencer,and shot them without the loud blast. The gem radar in Rocky's pocket made a rapid,beeping noise.

-Rocky:We must be gettin' closer to the gems.

They sneaked down the hall until they came to a door. Rocky pointed the radar toward the door.

-Rocky:They're in there.

Suddenly,small footsteps were heard coming slowly down the hall. Oku's laser charged and pointed it at the unknown furries.

-Timber:Woah! Hold it!!!


-Timber:This is swell way to welcome us.

Oku sighed and put his laser back in his holster.

-Oku:What are you doing here?

-Timber:Me and the others came to save you,but I see you're taking care of yourselves.


Tailaina,Marahbi,Cassie,Misty,Keisha,Shakeisha,and Keisha appeard from around of the corner.

-Vampria:Where's Teeny and Piko?

-Tailaina:There takin' care of the guards. They know what they doin;they'll be okay.

Raichu slowly creaked the door and looked in. She saw TV screens,computers,and controls buttons.

-Raichu:This must be the camara room.

Her blue eyes scanned to the right,the gems were right there on the conrols panel with the device to free them. To the left,saw a wolf and a young ape arguing.

-Raichu:The gems are in there,but Wolf and Andrew are in there too!

-Thunder:What are we gonna do?

-Raichu:.....It's risky,but the plan I'm coming up with might work. Rocky,you still have that device that can make you go at light speed?


-Wolf:You're doing it wrong!!!!!

-Andrew:I know what I'm doing!!!!!!

-Raichu:Hey! Yo!

Surprised,the Venomians jumped and turned toward the feminine voice to see Raichu and Rocky.

-Wolf:How'd you escaped?

-Raichu:That's for us to know and for you to find out!

-Rocky:You two are nothing,but male offsprings of a female canis familiaris.


-Raichu:He said,"Ya'll ain't nuthin' but sons of bitches!"

Wolf and Andrew pulled out their lasers and shot at them. Raichu and Rocky dodged going at lightspeed. They taunted the StarWolf members as they disappeared and reappeared. As this happened,Tailaina slowly sneaked toward the control panel where the bag was,and grabbed it and the device. Rocky grabbed Tailaina and zipped out of the room.

-Rocky:Come on,Raichu!

Raichu zipped left and right,then she stopped.

-Rocky:What's wrong?!

-Raichu:I don't know. I think I'm outta juice.

Raichu turned to see Wolf approaching her. She tried to shock him,but all she got was static.

-Raichu:Ack! I'm outta power!

The Venomian wolf dived at her and Raichu step-sided out of the way. Andrew was sneaking up behind her. She could fell his presence. She jumped up and did a round-house kick,kicking him in the face. Suddenly,she felt a strong embrace around her neck. She looked up and saw the one-eyed wolf,smiling devilishly. With a lot of will power,Raichu flipped Wolf over her head and slammed him down to the ground. Raichu ran out the door and joined the others down the hallway.

-Timber:Where'd you learn to do that?!

-Raichu:My dad taught me. He was a champion boxer and karate expert.

Teeny and Pikocha came down the hall with Foxer,Jenna,Puffy,and LaTisha. Puffy held LaTisha in his arms. Raichu was afraid to ask,but she had to.

-Raichu:Jen,where's Shard?

Jenna's voice was in a sad tone.

-Jenna:Raichu,I'm sorry to say....

-Raichu(sadly):She's dead,isn't she?

Jenna's head bowed her head. Tears welled up in the catox's eyes.

-Raichu(tearfully):Why did she have to die?

Raichu leaned on Oku for comfort. Oku embraced her,starting to cry. Raichu looked up at Foxer. She could see traces of tears on his furry cheeks. Suddenly,a loud alarm went off.

-Puffy:Uh oh! We'd better move!

The furry group ran down the hall into the hanger and out the hanger's door.

Raichu was about to go out the hanger door until she heard sounds of bodies falling,karate yells,and yelping.Then a stun gun went off followed by a scream of pain.

-Raichu:Oku! You guys gon' ahead! I gotta go get Oku!


Too late,Raichu was down the hall and gone,with Kay following her. Vampria looked to the right and saw Venomian soilders leaving the base,running toward them armed with guns.

-Vampria:Here comes the calvary!

-Thunder:What do we do now?!

Talaina looked up and smiled.


Everyone looked up to see her mothership,Hurricane,hovering above them. She took out a portable control panel and pushed a button. A beam shot down from the bottom the ship.

-Tailaina:That beam will bring us into the ship.

All the furries ran into the beam and were sucked back into ship.

-Teeny:We gotta wait for Raichu.

Lasers were shot at the mothership from the Venom base. Foxer shot back using the ship's double cannon.

-Foxer:There's no time! If they keep shooting like this,the ship we'll go down and we'll be done for!

Foxer pulled up the steering wheel,making the ship hover up into space.

-Thunder:No! Raichu!


Back in the base,Raichu found Oku trapped in a big room by a group of Venomian soilders. He was hurt badly,trying to stay on his feet.

-Raichu:Ready Kay?

Kay nodded and she started to transform into a Jolteon. Raichu screamed in rage and she and Kay shot electricity toward the soilders. Some were killed and some were stunned. Raichu and Kay ran to Oku's side.

-Raichu:Oku,are you okay?

-Oku:Yeah...I think.....

Suddenly,Raichu,Oku,and Kay felt an uncomfortable numbness feeling all over them.




LaTisha started to come out of unconscious and sat up in bed. She rubbed her head. She looked around and saw Jenna,laying on the couch.


Jenna opened one eye.

-Jenna:LaTisha. You're awake. How are you feeling?

-LaTisha:I have a major migraine,but other than that,I'm okay Where's everybody?

-Jenna:Everybody's here....except four.


-Jenna:Shard died in the torture chamber from cancer.

LaTisha's heart sank hearing that.

-LaTisha:Who are the other three?


LaTisha's eyes widened.

-LaTisha:What happened? Where's Raichu?! Raichu!

LaTisha got out of the bed.

-Jenna:LaTisha! Take it easy. You lost alot of blood.

LaTisha slowly sank back into the bed,feeling weak.

-LaTisha:Where's Raichu? What happened?

-Jenna:She and Kay went to go get Oku. That's when the mothership appeared and picked us up. We tried to wait for Raichu and the others to come out,but we couldn't. If we'd stayed,the ship would've crashed down.

-LaTisha:We've got to go get Raichu back.

-Jenna:Calm down,LaTisha. Rocky and Talaina are trying to figure out how to work that device and free the StarFox members,and once we do,we'll go back for Raichu. Now,you get your rest.

Jenna left LaTisha in the room to rest. The grey dog laid her head down on the feather pillow,but she didn't go to sleep.

-LaTisha(thinking):Raichu,I hope you're okay.


Raichu woke up feeling sore all over.

-Raichu:(groans)What happened?

She looked around and noticed she was chained to a brick wall by her arms and legs. She looked liked if she was in a freeze-form of doing jumping-jacks. And that power drainer neckbrace was around her neck again. She looked ahead and saw a cell and in the cell was Oku. He sat up against the wall,looking even more battered than ever. Kay was back in her regular form,laying unconscious in the corner.

-Raichu:Oku? Where are we?

Oku stared at her.

-Oku:This is Leon's torture room.

-Raichu(whining):Not again!

She looked to her side and saw all kinds of things that could bring pain such as knives,needles,saws,electric phasers,and so on. The knives,needles,and saws were covered in fresh blood. She looked down at herself and there was not a scar on her. Then,she looked at Oku who was covered in blood from head to toe.

-Raichu:What happened to you?

-Oku:They tortured me first while you were still unconscious. They even managed to torture Kay a little with their daggers.

Raichu looked over to Kay,who was still unconscious. She had scars and cuts all over,even a tip of her ear was chopped off.

-Ahh. You're finally awake.-

Raichu and Oku looked over to see Leon.

-Leon:You're name is Raichu Pager,right?

-Raichu:That's name,don't wear it out.

-Leon:I don't attend to.

Leon turned to Oku.

-Leon:While you're resting,for your viewing pleasure,I will torture your lil' sweetheart here. Won't that be fun?



Oku stumbled to his feet as Leon picked up a small knife.He grasped the bars of the cell and his knuckles turned white.

"Keep your hands off of her."

Leon just laughed,"Oh.......what are you going to do?Get mad at me?I'm hurt."

He laughed and spun on Raichu,sticking the blade in her belly just beneath her skin.

Raichu almost bit her tongue to keep from screaming,and her paws clenched into fists.

Leon smiled cruelly,and proceeded to cut through her skin,like he was skinning an animal.He cut further up her belly,slowly.

"Stop!!!Don't!!!Leave her alone you son of a-"Oku hit the bars with rage.His eyes took on a deep glow with fury.

Leon stopped,pulling the blade out from Raichu's stomach.

Raichu felt warm blood trickle from the wounds and dampen her jeans.She almost started to cry-

-but no way in hell would she do it.Not for Leon.

He walked up to Oku's cell,"So,the boyfriend is a little-"

Oku shot his hand through the bars and wrapped it about Leon's throat.He ripped the other chameleon to the bars and did the same with the other hand.Then he shook Leon violently,his face contorted into a snarl.

That was when Wolf entered the chamber.Raichu lifted her head watched the wolf pull out his lazer.

Leon couldn't say anything since his throat was nearly crushed in half,but he made a motion that made Raichu scream.

"Oh God!Oku!!!!Look out!!!""

Wolf aimed between the bars,and shot Oku at point blank range in the chest.

Oku gasped and his hold on Leon weakened.He stumbled back,staring at the hole in his chest,before sliding to the floor.

Raichu sobbed with fear and shock,"Oku!!!"

Leon tried to catch his breath.Wolf asking him what the hell had happened.

"Ki-kill-KILL that-damn mutt too,"Leon held his throat,wheezing.

Wolf looked down at Kay still unconscious,and lifted the lazer again.He smiled and laughed,the weapon charged-

Raichu could only scream hysterically as another shot rang out,before she lost consciousness.

She woke up in a cell,sick,tired,hungry,and in pain.Her stomach was raw and covered in dried blood,the wound becoming infected.

She sat up,dragging herself into a sitting position.Her one arm felt numb and she saw that two of her fingers were broken,bone sticking out at the knuckles.She was covered in cuts and bruises.

Leon must of had his fun after she had passed out.

Her head rested on her knees as she pulled her battered paw into her lap,and began to sob.

Then her dog and Oku exploded in her thoughts.They were gone too,like Shard,like her family.

"Oh Oku.......Kay.......not you too.Not like Shard...."She rocked back and forth,"....I didn't want you to die........"

The catox cried quietly.She had never felt so alone.

-almost alone.

There was a sudden movement,and a soft clatter of hooves.

She looked up.Fear created a lump in her throat that choked her and she couldn't swallow or breath,"Who's there?Who are you?"

A form approached her from the other side of the cell.A rattle of chain came with it.

"Who are you?Stay away from me!"Raichu shrinked back into the corner.

It didn't stop,just slowed and seemed to melt from the shadows.A soft wedged head with brown eyes that were filled with great sorrow and intelligence.It's legs were long like that of a deer.It looked to be a horse.

Raichu didn't say anything.Strange that Leon and Wolf would have a horse in a cell.Almost stupid.

The nickered softly and touched her shoulder.It's long hair draped along it's neck fell across Raichu's head and shoulders.

"Well,hi,"Raichu sniffed and touched the horse's soft neck,"What are you doing down here-"

Something hard brushed Raichu's temple,and it was sharp at the tapered end.Spiraled.

She yanked her head up,expecting Leon or Wolf,but there was only the horse.She grabbed the object that had bumped her face.

It was firm,and didn't give way when she tugged on it.The spiral form felt warm,almost comforting,and she slowly reached further back.She felt is become slightly thicker,till she was surprised to touch the horse's forehead.

"Wha?"Raichu stared into liquid brown eyes of what she thought had been a horse.

"A-a-unicorn?......."Raichu muttered,shocked.

The unicorn touched her face,lipping at her tears.

She saw the animal's tail,like that of a lion with cloved hooves that were trimmed with locks of long hair.Raichu stroked the horn,then the animal's neck.Power seemed to flow through her fingers,taking away the pain from her injuries and calming her heart and mind.

She tried to remember from movies she'd watch and books she read about a unicorn.They were just legends,fairy tails.They were wary and easy to frighten,and could only be tamed by innocence of a young girl.

"But I'm not innocent,I've got the dirtiest mouth sometimes and-"She choked on a sob,and tried to smile.Buy Oku and Kay kept running through her mind."Where did you come from,you're not even real."

The unicorn rubbed against her gently,and words that seemed to come from it although it's mouth never moved asked softly,"Of course I am real child.Why are you crying?"

Raichu didn't know what to say,she stumbled on words that wouldn't come out..Things like this were the nominal now for her and her friends,but it was a strange feeling for a imaginary unicorn to ask a question.

"Are you alright?"the voice was femimine.

"I'm-I'm in trouble,"Raichu finally studdered.She held her broken hand close to her chest,and almost started crying again,"And this is too weird even for me."

The unicorn touched her forehead,"Calm down,I've never felt so many painful emotions from someone before.Did those men bring you here?"

Raichu looked up at the unicorn,and nodded,"Did they bring you here?"

"Out of my own foolishness,yes,"She seemed aggravated,"I was asleep when they must have stumbled upon me in the forest.I woke up in this awful place with these on."

She shook her neck and lifted each of her hooves.A energy collar was about her neck,and shackles on her legs,"I should have known better."

Raichu started to sob again,and the unicorn rubbed her face,"Don't cry,you're safe with me.What's your name child?"

"R-Raichu,and I'm not a child.You?"

The unicorn laughed gently,"I have no name Raichu.And to me,you are a child.I've probably lived a few hundred years longer than you have."

Raichu about choked on that comment,but let it go by,"I thought unicorns were just fairy tales.You don't exist."

"To most,I don't.But you see me."


"I'm not sure.Maybe because you have a different view than most people have."

Raichu managed to laugh,"You mean that people had."

The unicorn looked at her puzzled,"What do you mean?"

Raichu wiped her cheeks from tears,"Nothing."

The unicorn slowly sank to the cold floor,folding her legs under her,"Talk to me child.What's happened that I don't know?And tell me more about yourself."

Raichu was puzzled herself.This was too wild.A unicorn that talks,that doesn't exist,who doesn't know what's gone on......but....

.....she was so gentle,and comforting.And her voice reminded her of her mother in some way.

The catox slid over weakly and leaned against the horse.She rested her head at the top of her back and rubbed a paw through her silvery white mane.

Over the next hour she explained all she could to what had happened,to her,her friends,the earth,the quest,everything.The unicorn's calmness and gentleness made it easy for Raichu to talk to her.She started to break up again when Oku and Kay and Shard entered the conversation,and the unicorn nudged her with consolement.

The unicorn lifted her head when Raichu had finished,"How aweful.And all this time I thought...."

She looked down at the girl,who returned the gaze.The unicorn felt herself soften more,and slowly she got to her feet.

"I will help you Raichu,in anyway I can.I'll help you to escape and get back to your friends."

The unicorn lowered her head to allow Raichu to reach the chain collar,"But I can't use my powers with this on.I can't remove it myself because of the latch,since I don't have paws or fingers.But you do.That is the only thing holding it."

Raichu dizzily grabbed the collar,and fumbled with the latch.The collar fell to the floor with a loud clatter.She did the same with the shackles.

The unicorn shook her neck,her white mane flying in an arc wildly.Then she looked back down at Raichu.

"Raichu,stand up child."

Raichu tried to do as the unicorn said,but her legs gave way and she collapsed against the white horse,"How can we escape when I can't even walk or fight?My hand is broken and Leon slit me wide open."

The unicorn smiled,"It's alright Raichu.with the energy collar gone,I can use my powers again."

With her words Raichu felt a warm energy flow through her body like a warm wave.The pain vanished completely and she felt a strange sensation at the spots of her wounds.Her broken hand tingled and she looked to see it healed completely,no broken bones and the blood stained fur clean.Her stomach showed no sign of any giant tear that had been there,not even a scar.The energy collar popped free from her neck and she felt electricity race in her veins like wildfire.

She looked at herself and then back at the unicorn,"You-you healed me."

The unicorn laughed,"Of course."

Raichu ran to the cell door and grabbed it.Electricity formed from her paw and the locked glowed hot form the energy,before blackening and crumbling away.

Raichu pushed the door open and the unicorn followed after her.

They entered the main room again.Raichu looked to se if Oku and Kay were still there......but the bodies were gone.Leon and Wolf must have gotten rid of them.The catox clenched her paws.

The unicorn nudged her,"You must go Raichu and escape before they come back.But first-"

Raichu looked into her brown eyes again,"I give you three wishes Raichu.You can ask me three requests,and I will give them to you.But they must be from your heart .Choose wisely."

"Why?Why give me wishes?"Raichu almost felt skeptical.

"You've helped me to escape,so I will return the favor."

"But you also healed me and got that collar off."

"Raichu,simply ask,"The unicorn smiled at her wanting to be even,"And hurry."

Raichu thought a moment,then Kay and Oku fell into her mind,"Is-is it possible----to-?"

The unicorn smiled,"The answer is yes,but make it in the form of a wish."

Raichu hoped against hope,"I wish that my two friends Leon and Wolf killed were alive again."

The unicorn's horn shone at the tip,and two glowing forms appeared in front of

Raichu,who covered her eyes against the brightness.They took on form and color-

-and Oku with Kay dropped to the floor.They wobbled in disorientation,before they saw Raichu.

"Raichu?"Oku rubbed his head,"Wha-"

Raichu let out a sob as Kay yipped happily and jumped into her arms.The eevee licked her face and Raichu hugged her tight.

Oku turned to see the unicorn,"Holy-shit!"

"It's okay Oku,"Raichu laughed.

Oku gave a mildly disturbed look at the unicorn and then to Raichu,"What the hell is going on here babes?"

"Two more wishes Raichu,quickly.I sense your enemies are coming back,"The unicorn whispered urgently,ignoring Oku.

Raichu smiled,and knew exactly what her next wish was,"I with that Shard Doeven was here,without her cancer and totally okay."

The unicorn smiled,"That sounds like two wishes in one,but I'll let you by with it."

She seemed to strain visibly this time,but the form just like the one of Oku and Kay appeared,and Shard materialized.

The artic fox looked around in shock,"What?How?"

Her gaze fell on Raichu with Oku and Kay,and her wings flared out,"Raichu!"

Raichu hugged the fox,"Welcome back Shard!Foxer will just die when he sees you!"

"But,I was dead,"Shard shook her head,"From the cancer.How-"

Raichu smiled,"What cancer?"

Shard never got to answer as the unicorn lifted her head toward footsteps running down the hall to the chamber.

"I bet that's Leon and Wolf-I'll-"Oku stopped when Raichu grabbed him.

"Best make the last wish wisely Raichu,"The unicorn warned.

Raichu looked at all her friends,and yelled,"I wish we were all on the Hurricane right now,with the rest of the gang!"

The unicorn's eyes flashed,and a portal opened.It whipped up a high current of wind that blew against all of them with considerable force"Hurry then!"

Raichu lifted Kay and handed her to Shard,"I'll explain all that's happened later Shard!Go!!!"

The fox jumped through the portal and vanished.

"What about you?!"Raichu cried,turning to the unicorn.

The unicorn turned toward the door,"I'll keep them here as long as I can.Go Raichu,and good luck!"

Raichu hugged the unicorn about her thin neck.

The animal met her eyes and smiled,"Here child."

A part of her mane came free in Raichu's paw,but the catox saw it was a silver chain with a emblem shaped like a star strung on it.A diamond.

"It contains alot of power,use it wisely Raichu."

The unicorn pulled away from her and blocked the door as Leon and Wolf hit the scene.She whistled with fury and reared,her hooves striking out and connecting with Leon's face.

"But how will I know how to use it?!!"

Oku grabbed her and spun the catox around.He pushed her toward the portal.

"Ladies first,"he smiled.

"But we can't leave her here!"Raichu looked back at her four legged friend.

"She'll be alright,come'on!Leap of faith!"

Raichu looked at him a second,before wrapping her arms about his neck and pressing her lips to his.

Oku's green eyes widened with surprise,and closed instantly.

Raichu pulled away just as quick and yanked him after her through the portal.It closed behind them with a flash of brilliant light.




The ending part of the portal opened in the living room of the Hurricane. Raichu,Oku,Shard,and Kay fell out of the it with a thud,startling LaTisha, who was resting.

-LaTisha:What the--?! Raichu!

LaTisha got up from the couch and helped the catox up. That's when the others appeared.

-Vampria:What's goin' on here?!

Foxer gasped when Shard caught his sight. He helped her up and embraced her in a hug.

-Foxer:But I thought you were dead.

-Shard:That's what I thought.

-Jenna:Raichu,what happened back there on Venom.

Raichu told her friends about the torture,the death of Oku and Kay,the unicorn,the ressurection of Oku,Kay,and Shard,and how they got out. When she got to the unicorn part,they thought she had hit her head real hard.

-Thunder:Sure Raichu,and I'm the queen of the universe.

-Raichu:But I'm tellin' ya'll the truth,a unicorn was in the cell with me. She granted me three wishes and I brought back Oku,Kay,and Shard and I brought us back here.

Jenna touched her forehead.

-Jenna:You don't seem feverish.

-Raichu:Of course,I'm not feverish 'cause I'm tellin' the truth! Ask Oku and Shard,even Kay saw it.

Kay nodded in agreement.

-LaTisha(thinking):Raichu has really lost it.(to Raichu) I think all guys need is some rest. Being in the torture chamber and all must've made ya delerious.

Raichu bowed her head,frustrated,and a sweatdrop ran down at the back of her head. Then,she looked back at Oku and Shard.

-Raichu(thinking):At least someone believes me.

Raichu walked into lab where Rocky and Tailina held the gems and the gun-device.

-Raichu:Have ya'll found out how that thing works yet?

-Tailina:Yes,but we need to go back to Earth to get the source.

-Raichu:Huh? Why?

-Tailina:Because it needs a star sapphire to work. Before me and Timber met you,we saw a faded-blue gem with a faded-white starfish shape in it back in the state of Maine.

-Raichu:Well then,to Maine it is.


Hours later,Thunder looked out the window. She saw large pieces of rubble,earth,and gravel all mixed together and the volcano. The Hurricane landed near the volcano. Rocky looked at the ravine where they escaped from the molten lava. By this time,the lava had cooled and turned into hard rock.

-Oku:When was the last time you saw the sapphire?

-Tailina:Up on the volcano,where LaTisha and Raichu saved us.

-Raichu:Up we go.

Raichu transformed into Spearow,grabbed Tailina and Timber,and glided up to the volcano. Once landed,Tailina and Timber started looking for the gem. Raichu transformed back and laid her paw on rock. To her,the rock felt smooth and glossy. When she looked at it,she saw that paw rested on a shiny,glassy surface with a faded-blue color.

-Raichu:Hey Tailina,is this is?

Tailina came to Raichu's side and saw the color.

-Tailina:Yes! This is it! We need to cut 7 of these,one for each gem.

-Raichu:No problem.

Raichu whistled for Kip,then,transformed into the all-muscle,lizard PokÈmon,Machop.

-Raichu:Kip,I need your help to push the boulder down the cliff.

The Growlithe nodded. They both stepped back until they were near the edge of the opening of the volcano,then,charged full speed toward the boulder with her hands sticking out toward it. They gave it huge push,but it only tilted.

-Raichu:One more time!

Again,they charged and this time the boulder started rolling down the side of the volcano.

-Timber:Look out below!

Everyone moved aside and watched the boulder crash into another larger boulder.

-Raichu(yelling):How many pieces are there?

Jenna counted the pieces that broke off the boulder.

-Jenna:Two small ones and one large one.

-Tailina:Oh man! We'll have to chisle out the rest out of the large one.

Raichu looked at Timber and Kip,who were looking down the volcano for more star sapphire. They were staring at the smoke rising out of the volcano,shaking with fear.

-Raichu:Timber? Kip?

They started backing up.

-Tailina:You two are scaring me. What's wrong?

Timber pointed to the smoke. Raichu didn't see anything until.....a navy blue blur passed them with great speed. It came back and knocked Timber,Tailina,and Kip down,sending them rolling down off the volcano. Vampria ran to their side.

-Vampria:Are you guys okay?

-Timber:Yeah,I think so.

-Tailina:I think I bumped my head.

Kip staggered to his feet.

-Vampria:Raichu! What did you do that for?!?!?!

-Raichu:It wasn't me!

The blue blur calmed and showed its true form. A navy blue chameleon with a raggedy-black shirt,black jeans,and black boots to match. He levitated in the air. A wind passed and his blue hair waved in the air. He slowly landed on the ground,staring at Raichu with his red eyes. The catox felt him as threat.

-Raichu:Who are you? What do you want?

-chameleon:The name's Leroy Nauctson and I'm here to destroy you.

Oku appeared by Raichu's side,after struggling up the mountain.

-Leroy:Well,if it isn't my runty brother.


Raichu looked at Oku.

-Raichu:You never told me you had a brother.

-Oku:That's because he's not on our side,Raichu. He's filled with pure evil.

-Leroy:Shut-up Oku and step aside! The emperor wants her and her friends dead!

-Oku:Well,it ain't gonna happen!

Raichu turned her head to scream down the volcano. She saw her friends,in fightinig form,facing an army of Venomian soilders.

-Oku:Raichu,you go help your friends. I'll take care of my brother here.

Raichu nodded and slid down the side of the volcano. They stared at each other angrily,then Oku made his first move.


Down below the volcano,another fight was on. Raichu knocked out 2 soilders with her fist and shocked 5 more with her electric power with Thunder's help. LaTisha used her psychic power to lift a group a soilders into the air and slam them back down to the ground. Rocky,Foxer,and the rest of the boys used their physical abilities. The pets used their powers and their fighting ability. Jenna and Tailina hurridly chisled at the big stone for more pieces and Marahbi stayed by their side. Timber,Teeny,Pikocha,Misty,Keisha,and Shakeisha protected them. Finally,the last Venomian was destroyed.

-Raichu:Phew! That was a workout.

-Jenna:Guys,we've finally got the pieces all cut out.


Rocky was interuppted by a seris of yelps and thuds. Raichu looked up and saw Leroy levitating of the ground,holding Oku by his front collar.


Raichu climbed up the side of the volcano with force. Leroy smirked as he rose Oku high above his head.

-Leroy:Now lil' brother,it's time for you to die.

He floated over the volcano and dropped Oku down into the opening. Oku grabbed the ledge and tried to climb up,but his brother landed hard on his hand. Oku yelled in pain as the painful pressure from his brother's boots crushed his fingers. Leroy stomped on his left hand. Oku quickly pulled it away and stared at his ashy,bleeding fingers. Leroy stomped on his other hand. Finally,Oku couldn't hold on much longer and he let go.


Oku splashed in the lava. Raichu heard his cry,but relized she was too late. She lifted herself up onto the top.


LeRoy turned to Raichu.

-Leroy:Who? Me?

-Raichu:I will make you pay for this!!!


-Leroy: Don't make me laugh... Runt!

Raichu was so angry, without thinking she charged at the chameleon, and lunged at his stomach. The crafty lizard side-stepped just in time to send Raichu tumbeling over the side of the volcano, deep into it's mouth. Raichu summed up whatever power she had left, and transformed into Pidgeotto. She hovered over waves of hot air and steam, staring below her into the pool of boiling lava. A tear ran down her cheek, but evaporated quickly in the intense heat.

-Raichu: (silently) Oku....

All of a sudden, something caught her eye. And she watched with hopeful anticipation as her eyes met with sudden movement in the lava pool below her. It moved with a swim-like motion, barely showing the very tip of its head, lower back, and heals of its feet. Then the movement slowed as all but the creature's head sank back under the lava, and it came to a complete standstill... It slowly started to bring its head above the surface, and Raichu watched with both fear and curiosity as it brought its head completely above the surface, revealing his face...

-Raichu: Oku? Oku!

She started to dive toward him out of sheer excitement, but suddenly remembered that she couldn't get too close to the steaming lava. She came to a halt, and simply hovered in the air about 30 yards above Oku.

-Raichu: You... You're alive!!!... But how?

-Oku: I never told you? I can swim in lava... It's no more threatening than a hot bath...

-Raichu: A really hot bath...

-Oku: Now for the hard part... The walls are way to steep... I have no way of getting out of here...

-Raichu: Hold tight Oku... I'll think of something... I'll be right back, I promise!

Riachu flew up and out of the volcano as far as she could. When she reached the top, she was shocked to see what lay in front of her. There was Leroy, on the ground, tied up in every kind of material imaginable. He squirmed and tried to scream out curses through the tightly-fitting gag, but it muffled his words, and his struggles were in vain. Raichu was dumbfounded.

-Raichu: How'd you do it?!!

She stared up at the group of furries standing behind him.

-Vampria: He was pretty outnumbered Raichu....

-Raichu: What is that you tied him up with?... Looks like... Hankercheifs, paper-towel, clothes, bubble paper?!... Who's underwear is that?.... Never mind, I don't even wanna know.

-LaTisha: We ran out of rope...

LaTisha kicked the struggling lizard, and he hollared a muffled swear.

-LaTisha: Oh... Shut up!

-Raichu: (laughing) You guys are somethin' else!

Suddenly, Leroy began to mysteriously glow.... And disapeared, with his restraints left behind, sagging to the ground.

-Rocky: HOW'D HE DO THAT?!

Jenna bent down and picked up the material that he had been tied up in. Molly sniffed it, and crinkled up her nose. Jenna laughed...

-Jenna: He needed a bath, didn't he girl?

Raichu, who had transformed back into her original form, suddenly got an idea.

-Raichu: We can use these!!

Raichu began tying the material together at the ends, making a long rope. She then wrapped the bubble paper around the outside of it, making something of a protective cover.

-Thunder: Very nice Raichu.... What's it for?

-Raichu: Oku's still trapped down in the volcano... We can use this rope to get him out... It's long enough.

-LaTisha: And the bubble paper?

-Raichu: Bubble paper is used for packaging... So it must be therefore, tolerable to excessive amounts of heat, it'll make the rope last longer with out catching on fire....

-Rocky: It's not tolerable to that much heat!

-Raichu: It'll buy us some time as least... but we'll need some insurance... Shard?

-Shard: Yeah?

-Raichu: We'll need you to keep the rope cool as long as possible.... C'mon people, we can do this!

Raichu held the rope over the edge of the volcano and slowly lowered it down. Shard got down next to her and grabbed hold of the tip of the rope, sending a wave of cold air down the extentent of it.

-Raichu: Don't make ice... Oku won't be able to climb up on it.

Shard nodded, and tried her best not to overdo it. Oku reached for the descending rope.

-Oku: Just a little lower... Got it!

Oku grabbed the end of the rope and slowly began pulling himself up. the furries at the top of volcano were also pulling with all their might. Throwing all their weight into it. Oku kicked his legs, trying to must up the strength to pull himself up higher. His knuckles turned white, and his arms were aching from the strain. With everyone's combined effort, Oku finally reached the top, grabbing furiously of the edge of the volcano's mouth. Raichu grabbed his hand, and LaTisha grabbed the other. Together they tried with all their strength to lift him.

-LaTisha: Man Oku... How much do you weigh?!

Just then, in the mist of it all, LaTisha felt a small tug at her jacket. She looked down to see Marahbi staring up at her.

-Marahbi: LaTisha... I have to go to the bathroom...

-LaTisha: Marahbi... Your timing kinda stinks... I'm kinda busy right now....Can't it wait?!

Marahbi sighed and took a couple steps back, waiting patiently... With one final tug, Raichu and LaTisha were able to pull Oku safely to the top. Oku rolled onto his back, exhausted. Raichu threw her arms around his neck and laughed.

-Raichu: You're okay! Man, you scared me half to death!!!

-Oku: I guess I should have told you that I could swim in molten lava a little earlier huh? *laughs*

Marahbi started tugging on LaTisha's jacket once again...

-Marahbi: LaTisha... I gotta go!

-Raichu: (laughing) You better take her LaTisha... She's gonna blow!

LaTisha took Marahbi by the hand and headed down the volcano's slope toward the Hurricane.

-LaTisha: Wait a minute... Marahbi, why do you need me to get with you?

-Marahbi: Well... The bathroom on the Hurricane is occupied... I have to go into the woods, and I'm not going alone...

-LaTisha: Well... you're right in that respect. It's not safe.

The two of them headed into the woods, and Marahbi went off behind a tree while LaTisha waited patiently not far away. Just then, she got a strange feeling that she wasn't alone. She listened closely for sounds that may prove her right, and thought she heard voices.

-LaTisha: (whispering) Marahbi... Wherever you are, stay there... I'll be right back...

-Marahbi: But LaTisha....

-LaTisha: Don't argue...

LaTisha followed the voices, and soon came upon a small clearing. She ducked down behind a row of thick bushes and peered through the dense branches in front of her. In the clearing, she could see the distinct figure of a blue chameleon, talking to another figure, not quite as visable.

-LaTisha: (quietly) Leroy!... But who the hell is that?!

The figure stood tall and ghastly, with piercing green eyes and a firm upper lip. He was about LeRoy's height, but obviously not of the same species... Just then, LaTisha felt someone tap her shoulder. She jumped, and almost let out a startled cry, but caught herself.

-LaTisha: (whispering) Raichu!

-Raichu: What on earth are you doing?

-LaTisha: Get down!

LaTisha grabbed Raichu's arm and pulled her down behind the bushes. Immediately Raichu noticed the two figures in the clearing in front of them.

-Raichu: Leroy!... But, who's that?

-LaTisha: I don't know... I wish I could see him better.

Then, as if answering her wish, the strange figure shifted his weight just enough so that the sunlight touched him. Raichu and LaTisha stared up to see a collie, with rusty colored fur, and a menancing smile. He spoke quietly to Leroy, and it was obvious they were plotting something. LaTisha's eyes widened, and she backed further away from the two minions.

-LaTisha: Colby!

-Raichu: Who?

-LaTisha: Old boyfriend... I can't believe I ever dated that guy!

-Raichu: You dated him?! But... He looks evil.

-LaTisha: He didn't used to be... 'Till he went mad. I still don't know what caused it... But when he actually tried to kill me... That was my cue to leave. Have you ever seen a psychic go insane?... It's not pretty... And he's dangerous.

-Raichu: You mean he's psychic? Like you?

-LaTisha: Even more so... Once he hit the wall, he kinda... Became even more powerful. It's only matched by his evil intentions now... And something tells me that he and Leroy are going to make one twisted team... We've got our hands full Raichu. And you'd better warn Oku... His brother has reinforcements now...

LaTisha, for the second time, felt someone tap her shoulder, and turned to see who it was.

-Marahbi: I know you told me to stay where I was, but I heard something, and...

-LaTisha: It's okay Marahbi... Just speak quietly... And get down!

-Leroy: Did you hear something?

-Colby: Yes... And I feel something too... Someone's watching us... It's coming from those bushes...

Raichu, LaTisha and Marahbi watched in fright as Colby and Leroy began closing in on their hiding place...

-Raichu: Oh man... They're headed right for us!

Leroy and Colby stepped up to the bushes, and Leroy pulled the branches down to look behind them.


Raichu leaped at Leroy,knocking him down and scaring Colby. Raichu landed on her feet and turned toward the misfits.

-Leroy:You again! Why don't you go play with dolls or somethin'?!

-Raichu:Leroy! You gonna find out I ain't dat kinda girl!

Raichu leaped at Leroy,but she was stopped in mid-air and went in the other direction and banged against the tree. She sulked to the ground,but quickly got up. Suddenly,a strong force pushed her against the tree and she couldn't push away. She looked at Colby,who was glowing a bright blue color.

-Raichu:He must be using his power on me.

LaTisha watched the action from the bushes

-Marahbi:What's going on out there?

-LaTisha:Raichu's in trouble,but I can't just march out there because if I do,one of those bastards will find you and take ya hostage. C'me on Marahbi. We gotta go get the others.

-Marahbi:What about Raichu?

LaTisha didn't answer. The young field mouse followed her canine friend. Raichu still struggled from the pushing force,but it was too strong.

-Colby:Do whatever you want with this rugrat,Leroy.

Leroy smirked with delight. He walked up to Raichu with his fist clenching tight.

-Leroy:This is gonna hurt you alot more than it'll hurt me.

With that,the blue chameleon punched the catox in the face at a fast speed. Raichu wished she could just die right now. At the 18th strike,blood started running down her nose and mouth. Leroy stopped to catch his breath,then he took a dagger out of his boot and pointed it at Raichu's face.

-Leroy:Alright,lil' kitty-fox,be prepared to get a one-way ticket to hell.

Leroy pulled the dagger back and forced to to Raichu's forehead,but a sudden force kept him from making the kill. He looked in front of him and was face-to-face with a red chameleon,who was holding the blade of the dagger.


Leroy pulled the dagger from its restrainet and started slashing at his kid brother. Oku dodged the strikes and tackled Leroy. He was about to sock him in the face when he started to levitate....

-Oku:What the--?

And was slammed hard against the tree. A shadow covered him. When he looked up,he saw a collie staring at him evily.

-Colby:The emperor will be pleased when he hears we've gotten rid of you,your girlfriend,and all your other friends.

Colby glowed a yellow color,so did Oku. The red chameleon started to levitate off the ground,but higher,until he was over the treetops.

-Raichu:No! Oku!

Raichu pushed away from the tree with more force,her eyes started to glow a blood-red. She strained harder until veins started to pop out of her forehead and neck. Finally,the blue glow disappeared and Raichu was free. By this time,Oku was high in the clouds. He gulped.

-Oku:I think I can see the volcano from up here.

The glow Oku was surrounded him disappeared.

-Oku:Uh oh.

He started tumbling down. The ground started getting closer by the minute. Oku closed his eyes awaiting the ground to hit him hard on the face. The time he did open his eyes was when he felt a strong grip on his shoulders. He looked up and saw a falcon-like bird carrying him,descending down to the ground in a slow motion.


Colby was surprised.

-Colby:How did she get free from my grip?!

When they were close enough to the ground,Oku jumped down and Raichu transformed to her regular self,her eyes still glowing red.

-Leroy:What's she doing?

Her eyes widened,causing blinding light. When Colby opened his eyes,his face met with a yellow-furred fist. He cursed,holding his bleeding muzzle. When he opened his eyes,Raichu was nowhere in sight,but when he turned around,Raichu flew right toward him with her leg extended. Her leg connected with his stomach,sending him flying right into Leroy and both of them banged into a tree. Raichu roared and leaped at them. Then,out of nowhere,a laser bullet slid against her arm,burning it. Raichu shreiked and fell flat on the ground,her eyes slowly turned to her normal color. Out of the bushes,stepped the evil,Venomian team. She stared angrily at Wolf,who had the laser pistol in his paw. The determined catox staggered to her feet.

-Raichu:I'm not gonna give up that easily,you *bakas!

She surrounded herself with lightning bolts.

-Raichu:Thunder Cannon!!! FIRE!!!!!!!!


Back at camp,Tailina took one of the star sapphire pieces and inserted it into the gun.

-Tailina:I hope this works.

Tailina pointed the gun at the gems.


Raichu and Oku landed on the ground with a thud. They were sore from fighting StarWolf,but their determination kept urging them to go on. Raichu stood up slowly followed by Oku,who had one eye closed.

-Wolf:Give up,you two runts,once we get you and your friends out of the way,we will rule this planet!

-That's what you think!-

Wolf whirled around to see his teammates knocked out. He turned the other way and his face met with a familiar one. He stepped back in a surprised state.


The StarFox leader stood in front of the one-eyed wolf staring at him coldly. Out of the bushes,stepped out the whole team,Falco Lombardi,Peppy Hare,and Slippy Toad,along with Katt Monroe,Fara Pheonix,and Bill Grey. Right behind them were the young group,LaTisha,Vampria,Thunder,Foxer,Rocky,and all the other furries.

-Wolf:Dammit! I'm outnumbered!

He pulled a black sphere out of his pocket and threw it on the ground. A thick smoke simmered everywhere. When it cleared,Wolf,his team,Colby and Leroy were gone.

-Falco:Crud! Where'd they go?!

A deep,gruff voice echoed around the area.

-If I lose,everybody loses!(cackles evily) There's a bomb buried deep in this planet's core. When it explodes,this whole planet will blow up with it! It's set to go off in 3 minutes!(laughing manaically)-

All looked up at the sky,which turned black. Misty looked at the ground and jumped.


Raichu looked down and saw a small crack in the ground which grew bigger and bigger,then opened.

-Raichu:Earth's crumbling!

-Cassie:We gotta get back to the ship!

Suddenly,the ground started to rumble violently.


Some of the ground caused faults,causing some grounds to go up and some down,sepreating the furries.

-Jenna:We gotta get of here!

-Rocky:According to my calculations,we have 2 minutes to get off this planet!



Raichu spun on all her friends,"Back to the ship!Get your tails in gear!Move!"

All of them turned for the ship,but a giant chasm opened up before them,the earth crumbling and dropping of into blackness.

They all fought to keep their balance,sliding and wobbly.

Fox looked through the sky,muttering under his breath,"We're done,this is it."

As more chasms opened blasts of lava and hot air shot through the surface with such piercing whistles they covered their ears.

Timber and Tailina let out a scream of fright as they ground they were standing on slanted violently,and they slid down toward a pool of bubbling lava.

"Someone grab them!"Vampria went to take off,but was thrown off her feet by a tremor and a blast of superheated air that jetted up around her.

Tailina grabbed onto Timber as they tumbled-

-and with a howl Molly jumped in with Kay.Kay turned in a Flareon and threw up a shield of flame to stop a splatter of lava from hitting the two youngsters.Molly stopped their slide by digging her paws into the ground,using herself as a block.She pushed on them and nuzzled them gently.Crying and shaken,they climbed onto her back,and the ninetails took a giant leap onto level ground again.

Kay followed after her,and were joined by Joy.

Raichu was able to breath a sigh of relief,and grabbed Oku's hand as he yanked her back from the opening rift.

Jenna screamed when suddenly the ground beneath her dropped away,tumbling into the open rift-

-when two gray paws caught her and yanked her to a halt.She looked up into the eyes of Bill Grey.

"Fancy meeting you here miz,"He smiled and pulled her up.

Any other time,she would have been blushing red,from the fact that in her writing they were married and had three children.But right now,she was scared to death.

LaTisha grabbed Marahbi up and backed away from the opening chasm.

The earth shook violently,and the wind howled in a piercing whistle.

"It's too late!We're cut off!"Rocky braced himself against another tremor.

Raichu tried to keep her balance,and saw the looks on her friends' faces.They were all terrified,were waiting for her to come up with the next move.

Something gently flew about her neck...and she remembered.

The necklace,that the unicorn had given her.

She pulled it from her neck,and looked at the sparkling stone in her paw.

The unicorn had told her she would know how to use it.

Raichu swallowed hard,her heart in her mouth.

Another quake shook,and the rift split open further.

Foxer watched the ground split between his feet,"Oh my God-"

The ground gave way,and they all plummeted,screaming.

Raichu tumbled,clasping the gem.

Rocks buffeted against them,cutting them.

A large chunk of stone whacked into Cassie,knocking her out and sending her into a tumbling dive.

Vampria saw her and twisted in the air,spreading her wings and grabbing the little girl-

-when a larger rock smashed into her wing,snapping the bone and hitting her a glancing blow in the back.

The tiger gasped,and rolled into a ball of agony.

"Vampria!!Cassie!!"Raichu saw them get hit,and knew there was nothing she could do.

She clutched the necklace tighter in her paw-

And as if it heard her thoughts,took on a white glow that blinded her.

"I want us on the Hurricane!I want us safe and away from here!!!"She screamed.

The light flashed brighter-

-and suddenly they were dropping in a big pile to the floor of the bridge of the Hurricane.



"Rocky,babe,get off!"


"Get you butt out of my face!"

"Get your foot out of mine!"

"Who's got their tail in my-

"That's not my tail!"

"Better not be!Get it out of my face or I'll bite it!"

"Ain't my tail!"

"Fine!Whoever's it is asked for it!"


"Ouch!Gosh damn it!Who bit me?!!!"

"I said to get your tail out of my face Fox!"

"You're crushing me!"

"Foxer you're sitting on me!"

"I'm being squished!I'm on the bottom of this damn pile!"

"Whoever is sitting on Comet better get up!"



"Ahoo!!!Don't shock me!Ain't my fault!"

"Oku!Get up man!"

"I can't!I've got four other people on top of me!"

"I don't care!I can't breathe!"

"Vampria!You're claws are digging into my-"

"Rocky!!!Shut the hell up!"


They all untangled themselves.Windblown and in a state of shock,they all looked at each other dumbfounded.

"Tay,why is it every time before we're supposed to die we suddenly end up in another place?"Vampria shoved Rocky off of her and helped Raichu up.

Raichu slipped the necklace back under her shirt,"Tailina,where are we exactly?"

The little vixen jumped to the controls,"Just in orbit from earth!"

"Cassie?"Thunder was held back by Rocky.

Vampria sat wincing,her back curved backward to ease the pain and unable to move.Her wing hung at an odd angle,her shirt torn and was bleeding.

"Get us further away!"Slippy was at Tailina's side in an instant.

Tailina switched on the thrusts,and Hurricane hummed softly,gathering momentum.

After a few seconds the little vixen called over her shoulder,"We're a safe distance away Raichu."

The catox looked up at the main port window,and her gaze was caught by everyone else.They all followed her eyes.....

...........and looked at earth.

The planet had turned bright red,cracks of light forming on the surface.Shaking violently,and rays of light lit against the Hurricane.

"Oh"Raichu's ears dropped back and her jaw dropped in horror.

Earth exploded,a giant blast of light and the Hurricane shook from the shockwave.

No one spoke,all holding their breath.... the light faded,Earth was gone.Nothing remained but an expanse of stars.

Raichu shrank back from the window,and slumped against the wall.

She slid down to the floor,and the catox shook her head with a moan.....beginning to sob.

A few hour later the Hurricane was silent as LaTisha walked down the main hall.She had put Marabhi to bed,the little girl totally exhausted.

The gray dog looked in the sickbay ward.

Jenna had treated Vampria's broken wing as best she could,and the tiger lay wrapped up in warm blankets in a bed.She looked pale,and Rocky sat close by,almost asleep in the chair he was occupying.

Jenna went to him after a moment and touched his shoulder.He jolted awake,and he looked up at her with a tired smile.

She pulled him to his feet and led him over to another bed,and he didn't argue,just slowly got on his back.He turned over after a moment,and watched Vampria.

Cassie was curled up in another.She'd suffered a big bump to her head,but would be on her feet in a day or so.

Jenna returned back to the table,and began wrapping Bill's paw,which had been cut during the chasm opening.The Husky Squadron leader smiled warmly at her,and Jenna returned it,slightly blushing.Bill was studying her quite intensely,and LaTisha gave a big sigh.

She continued down the passageway,and just happened to spot Foxer and Shard down another hall.

The gray fox touched her face,and caused the white arctic vixen to look up at him.She looked to have been crying,and Foxer had his arms around her.Her ears laid back as he put a thumb under her chin and kissed her.

LaTisha wasn't surprised by it,and slipped by unnoticed.She headed for the den room.

Puffy was sitting with Fox and Peppy,talking over something.

She caught a glance of Raichu,who looked to be in tears,run from the room.Oku chased after her.Normally she would have gone after Raichu herself,but knew that with Oku her friend would be okay.

Kay and Joy with Molly and the other pets were curled up with the kids on some blankets on the floor.They were all asleep,although Molly and Kay flicked their ears at her footsteps.

LaTisha reached down and petted Kay and then Molly.Molly lifted her head and whined,before curling her many tails closer about Tailina and Timber,against her side.

LaTisha plopped down on the couch.She rubbed her temples from a slight headache,before grabbing a folded up quilt and wrapping herself up in it.

She had only closed her eye for a moment when two tiny paws tugged on her arm.


"Marabhi?"LaTisha helped the little gal climb up,"I thought you were in bed."

"I couldn't sleep,"The mouse snuggled under the quilt against her.

LaTisha sorta smiled.

Marabhi kept quiet for a few moments,watching Katt and Fara join Fox with Peppy and Puffy at the table.She thought a moment,a question on her tongue that she had to ask.

The little girl looked up her friend,"LaTisha?"

"Yeah Marabhi?"

"Nothing is going to be the same ever again,it it?"

LaTisha felt her throat tighten.

She looked over the room,at all the tired faces.No one spoke hardly,if at all.The room had grown quiet.

The gray dog looked back down at Marabhi,"No honey,it won't."

"Our home is gone forever?"Marabhi's eyes brimmed with tears.

LaTisha knew there was no point in lying,the little mouse knew already.She was just asking her,hoping against hope as children do.

"It's gone's gone forever."

The little mouse lowered her head.

"Hey,come here,"LaTisha felt tears in her own eyes and she wrapped the little girl in a warm hug.She looked out the main window,at the stars.....

......and the great expanse of blackness.


Chapter 5

The Hurricane drifted off in the blackness at a greatly reduced rate. The team needed the rest. The children cried off into sleep and some fell asleep all together. Those that remained awake were talking. The StarFox Team sat under a dim light talking over thier return to Corneria. Raichu and Oku were cozy in their corner of the room, Shard showed Foxer how to make a snowman with her powers,Jenna over at her side with Bill,chatting about her stories,and Puff laid on a sofa in the middle of the room. He was holding some papers and flipping through when...

-Hey. Whatcha got there,hon?-

A bit shaken,Puff got out of his laid back position and sat up. He stashed the pappers underneath him and looked up. A pink cat stood right in front of him.


-Katt:Who else? Hey,you're one unique guy.

-Puffy:What do you mean?

-Katt:I mean,the only ones awake are those that have someone close to them.

Puff looked around the room. Shard was blowing some snow to give to Foxer,Raichu was morphing into her favorite PokÈmon for Oku,Jenna and Bill were having a conversation,and the StarFox team were playing a game. The game was similar to a game of cards but...

-Katt:Oh,I forgot to ask you. What's your name?


-Katt:Oh geez. That sounds funny.

-Puffy:Oh,ya think?

-Katt:Well I'm not making fun of you or anything.

-Puffy:'Course not,or I'd hafta paf you with my tail.

Katt giggled.

-Katt:It's rude for a furry to paf someone with their tail in Lylat. they have big tails like mine?

She shook her head.

-Katt:Never seen one as big as yours.

Puffy glanced around the room.'ve got a thing for her I see.



She pointed over towards where Jenna was sitting.

-Puffy:N-no. We're just friends. I'm just a bit worried.

-Katt:About what?

-Puffy:Er...well she's a friend,you have to worry about them sometimes.

-Katt:That much?


The two were quiet for awhile. The conversations and card shuffling continued on.

-Katt:...hey,so what's so special about you?


-Katt:I mean...what makes you so special? Everyone's got some power,or so it seems. But...

-Puffy:You haven't seen mine?



Puff was silent for a moment.

-Katt:What? I guess,as humans would say,"Cat got your tongue?"

She winked.

-Puffy:Well,I guess you can say that.

He smiled.


-Puffy:Can I ask you a question, and can you promise me something?


-Puffy:Promise me you won't tell anyone this...

-Katt:All right.

Puffy reached under him and pulled out the sheets of papers. He held about 40-50 pages.

-Puffy:You believe in fate?

-Katt:Of course not. I mean,if fate was there then wouldn't we be just programmed just to do thing not under our control? You can choose who you want to be friends with,who to fight,who to join,what to eat....

-Puffy:What if what we thought we controlled and what we think of was really just set into place some big blueprints?

Katt was confused.

-Puffy:What if the possibilities we could choose and thought we had the power to choose were just illusions to make us think that we controlled our lives?

-Katt:What does this have to do with your powers?

-Puffy:You'll see. Can you give me your paw?


She brought out her paw onto Puff's paw.

-Puffy:A lot of bruises I see...

-Katt:Yah... when Earth was ending I got purdy scratched up.

Puffy smiled and put his right paw on top of hers and his left on the bottom. A subtle wind blew in. Just subtle enough for only the two furries to notice. It seemed like the winds twirled and twirled around the paws and a faint blue glow surrounded her paw. It felt as if a gentle splash of soft water has engulfed her paw,and yet,there was none. The glow diminished and Puff took his paw away. There were no bruises...

Puff handed Katt the papers.

-Puffy:This is the blueprint I was talking about.

Katt remained silent.

-Puffy:It knew about the death and revival of Shard, it predicted-I mean knew-that Earth was going to end. And somehow it knows our every action,our every future selves...

-Katt:But how....

-Puffy:I don't know.

-Katt:Then,why not read all the way ahead? Find out if we do win in the end.

-Puffy:That's the problem. It covers almost every,maybe even microsecond of our lives. And if you put it in text,you get about pages and pages of silence...nothing...and somehow in that pages and pages of nothing there's something in there.

-Katt:So,why does all this you've handed me contain some substance in it?

-Puffy:Well,I've skipped pages and pages,but do you know what happens when you skip? You miss things. So it's impossible to tell everything single detail.

-Katt:Like what?

-Puffy:Like how did we get transported back onto the ship? Who's behind all this? Why did all this happen? How does it end? I know it's somewhere in there,but if I were to read every single detail,the pace I read would be even slower than the time that passed.

-Katt:So why do you read? Why not tell everyone to help?

-Puffy:...People get scared of future if they feel they can't control it.

-Katt:So? It's to find out if we live or die. If we succeed or fail.

-Puffy:I don't's all too confusing.

-Katt:Then read ahead. See if we win.

-Puffy:What if we lose?


-Puffy: I'm sorry for telling you this...

-Katt:...then what's this got to do with your power of healing?

-Puffy: I learned that sometime farther in the future.

-Katt: So you brought that skill to this time now?

-Puffy: I guess...

-Katt: So it's not entirely fate...

-Puffy:But the story constantly changes everytime we do something different. It's like if we tried to go against the story, it'll remold itself so that it fits.

-Katt: So...could that mean that the possibilities we could choose do exist?


-Katt: Oh this is so confusing. Silly Puff. You think too much.

Katt gave him a warm smile that eased the tension.

-Katt:Let's just forget about this for awhile. We're going to Corneria first stop. Why don't you go ask her out on a walk on the beach at Ginny Beach? I mean, there's lots of couples aboard this ship now so I don't think they'd mind.

-Puffy: Her?

-Katt: Yeah, y'know

She nudged him.

-Puffy:I thought I told you we were just friends.

-Katt:Of course,silly. Who said friends can't go out on the beach together. It's not like it's bad or anything.

Puffy sighed.

-Puffy:All right. Whatever you say.

-Katt:Besides,I'll be able to go out with my honey,Falco. You'll be doing me a favor if you back me up and support my idea.


The Hurricane continued to drift in space toward Lylat. It would be only a couple of hours 'til they reached Corneria.


A few minutes had passed. Oku and Raichu were in the command room of the Hurricane, looking at Corneria that was approaching by the large window.

- Oku : What'll we do, when we're there?

- Raichu : We'll help Star Fox and the Cornerian army to defeat Andross. Then we'll be able to live in peace in the Lylat systemÖ Since there isn't Earth anymore.

She sighed thinking of the Earth.

- Raichu: That is making me feeling so bad is thinking there were maybe other survivors on the Earth that exploded with it.

- Oku: Don't worry, Raichu, if they had been other survivors, we would have found'emÖOr they can have escaped by their own. Hey, isn't that a venonian jet?

Raichu looked at that he was watching. There was an average ship near the Hurricane that seemed to be heading to Corneria.

- Raichu: YeahÖ It looks like a venonian jetÖ What is it doing alone near Corneria?

- Oku: Be careful! There are maybe others!

They were wondering how to fire at other jets with the Hurricane when a little screen in the command room lit on. A red bulb lit on too, and their could hear a female voice with a strange accent:

- Voice : Hello there! Do you speak English? Parlez-vous franÁais ? Habla espaÒol ?

The catox went to the screen and watched who was talking. That was a female wolf with light brown hair.

- Raichu: We speak English. Who are you? Are you in that jet in front of us?

- Voice: Neat! Well, my name is Julie, uhhÖ It used to be Le Mest, but now it'd be Lobo. And yes, I'm in this ship

- Raichu: Juju? Is it you? You're alive too?

- Juju: UhhhÖ Who's talking?

- Raichu: It's me, Raichu!

- Juju: Raichu??? I thought I was the only survivor of the catastrophe! How are you? Are you alone here? What are you doing in this great ship?

- Raichu (smiling): Oh no, I'm not alone!! We're nearly thirty here! It's a long story, I'll tell you later, ok?

- Oku: Who is it?

- Raichu (to Oku): It's a friend. Could you go awake Tailina and ask her how we can make her enter here? (to Juju) Juju, do you think you can enter in our mothership? It'll be easier to chat!

- Oku: Are you sure she's a goodie? Can you ask her why she's in a venonian jet?

- Raichu (to Juju): By the way, why are you in a venonian jet?

- Juju: Of course I can enter, I turned like my avatar, I'm a good pilot! And, now, I can speak English with a not so bad accent! I was unable to do this before! Oh, I'm in this ship because it's the only one I could find on Earth. I only met venonians there, and I stole this jet from one of them. Did I pass the entry exam?

- Raichu (smiling): A last question: what's the square root of 45,014?

- Juju (smiling too): Oops, I'm afraid I've forgotten.

- Raichu (laughing): Well, you pass anyway.

Oku came back with Tailina. She wasn't very happy of being awoken before they were in Corneria but she showed to Oku and Raichu how to make a ship enter in the Hurricane during the fly without danger. Raichu explained that to Juju.

- Raichu: And I'll go to the dock to greet you, 'kay?

- Juju: It works! Let's go!

A few minutes later, Raichu was waiting for the jet with Joy in the dock room. Soon, the venonian ship arrived. It was bigger than she thought. A door on the ship opened and Juju appeared.

- Juju: Hello Raichu! You don't how much I'm happy to see someone I know. I was feeling really alone, and I wondered what I was going to do, lonely in Corneria.

- Raichu: You're no more alone, now! It's coming really crowded, here. There are the Star Fox team, Bill, Katt, Fara, a lot of furry friends from earth, and the kids, and the petsÖ

Suddenly, Joy started yapping and ran in the jet. Raichu and Juju heard some falling objects noise, and then a persian, twice as big as the vulpix, ran out of the jet and went hiding behind Juju's legs. The vulpix followed it, amazed of looking so frightening.

- Juju (sighing): This is my persian. It was my cat, but she turned into a pokemon persian when I turned into a furry. She's clever, but really timid. (to the persian) Persian, this is a kind puppy who only wants to play with you. He won't hurt you if you're nice with him.

Persian started shyly to sniff Joy's nose. Raichu laughed

- Raichu: The vulpix is one of my puppy. He's called Joy. I also have an eevee named Kay. But, what did that noise we heard in your ship?

- Juju: Oh, you'll tell me I'm a sentimental fool, but I didn't feel like letting all my stuff on earth. So I brought some things I likedÖ

Raichu walked in the ship and nearly screamed. There was hundreds of books and CDs everywhere in the ship.

- Juju: Thankfully the ship was big enough to put all that I wanted insideÖ I know it's silly, but it hadn't be destroyed by the catastrophe and I thought it was maybe the last time I was going on earth soÖ

- Raichu: It was the last time you were going on earth! Don't you know that the earth has exploded?

- Juju: The earth hasÖ What?

- Raichu: I think there's a lot of things you need to know. Come on, we go to the living-room.

When they arrived in the living-room, the persian screamed and tried to escape. Juju caught her tail and pulled her in the room. The other people here watched the newcomers with curiosity.

- Juju (shyly): UhhÖ Glad to meet you!

They sat in a sofa near the one where Puffy and Katt were.

- Juju: So, what happened to you all?

- Puffy: You have a strange accentÖ

- Juju: I know, I'm French.

- Puffy: Wait thereÖ Aren't you Juju?

- Juju: Yeah, it's meÖ Do I know you?

- Puffy (angry): Yeah! I'm Puffy !!!

- Juju: You're Puffy? I didn't recognized you! Do you turn into Purry here?

- Puffy: Uh no, I haven't tried.

- Juju: I can't turn into Badjuju too. Well, I think it's better like itÖ

- Raichu: I was supposed to tell you our story, no?

- Juju: Oh, yes, sorryÖ

Raichu told the story with nearly all the details. It took awhile to say everything that had happened to them.

- Juju: What a storyÖ You could write it and do a book, I'm sure that some people'd buy itÖ And I can't believe the Earth has explodedÖ I left beforeÖ

- Raichu: And you, what happened to you?

- Juju: Well, I have been lucky. When the catastrophe happened, I first thought I was dreaming. But I tried to fly, and it didn't worked, so I knew I wasn't dreaming. Then I wandered a few in my city looking for food and other stuff. I thought I was alone on the earth, but one day I met a venonian that had landed here because he wanted to check his ship. I attacked him with Persian and I stole his ship. Then I headed to JapanÖ

- Raichu: Japan?

- Juju: YeahÖ I had met a venonian and my cat had turned in a Persian, so I thought Nintendo was linked up to all that had happened and I wanted to see what the Nintendo SARL had comeÖ It was difficult to find it, but I finally found it and I've took their files about Star Fox and Pokemon. But it's all in Japanese, and I can't understand any wordÖ Then I went to America, because I thought if there was other survivors, I'd meet them there, but I haven't seen anybody. Finally, I decided to go to Corneria, since there wasn't any people alive on Earth. So I came back to my hometown to take my stuff and here I am. But, there's something I don't understandÖ What is your theory about the causes of the catastrophe?

- Raichu: We have never really thought of thatÖ I suppose that the Lylat system has always existed, that Nintendo must have heard of it and made a game about this storyÖ

- Juju: So why have we turned into our fan characters? That's the thing I can't understand.

- Raichu: We were already our fan characters! I talked about the destined furries, no? We were from Lylat, and we must have created our chars from memories we had from our other life.

- Juju: It work for you, Jenna, LaTisha, Vampria and Thunder, but not for us all the other fans who aren't destinedÖ I can't understand.

- Raichu: And you, do you have a theory?

- Juju: I had thought of that too, that's why I took Nintendo's filesÖ I suppose the answer is there. But I also thought we could have gone to a kind of parallel world, where we would do that we imagined on our computerÖ A kind of Star Fox world seen by Star Fox fansÖ

- Raichu: A kind of giant fanfic about Star Fox?

- Juju: Yeah, that's itÖ

Puffy's eyes widened and he looked at his papers and then at Katt. But Katt was thinking of something else.

- Katt: Something's wrong with your theory. I'm here, I'm alive, I've been living in Lylat system for a long time, before you were there! I'm not a product of your imagination!

- Juju: So this theory is wrong too. I can't understand anything and I hate that!

- Raichu: Don't think about it too much, after all, who cares?

- Juju (whispering): meÖ

Suddenly, they all heard a siren alarm. They ran to the command room. Oku, who were there, turn off the siren.

- Oku: Sorry for turning this on, I wanted you to come fast. Look at thisÖ

He showed the window. They all gasped: far, far away, they were seeing huge ships coming to Corneria. Oku took a pair of binoculars linked to a screen and started looking trough it. On the screen, they could see that their was thousand of minions with the ships. A smaller ship passed near the window.

- LaTisha: It's a wolfen!

- Wolf (evilly, of course): Hello there! I can see you're coming to Corneria. How cool! Us, and the venonian army are coming there too.

- Leon: the rock crusher took time to destroy all the asteroids but it's done nowÖ

- Pigma: Look! There's no more asteroid belt to protect Corneria now!

- Wolf: All the venonian fleet can attack CorneriaÖ

- Leon: Some cornerian are going to be really surprisedÖ

- Pigma: You can try to go to Corneria now, it's too late!

- Andrew (yelling): My pretty uncle will rule the Lylat system!!!

- Wolf (angry): Andrew, I remember having told you to shut upÖ

- Fox (to the others): We must do something! We must warn Pepper!

- Leon: I'm afraid it won't be possible. You see, you're currently in a call with usÖ

- Pigma: and you can't call someone else until we stop speakingÖ

- Wolf: And we wouldn't like depriving you of the sound of our voiceÖ

- Juju (looking at Wolf in the caller screen): WowÖ He's cuter than I thoughtÖ

- Puffy: Uh, Juju, it's WolfÖ

- Leon: So we'll keep on talkingÖ

- Pigma: Until our fleet make your mothership explodeÖ

- Wolf: Did I mention our fleet goes faster than your mothership?

- Leon: Did I mention our fleet can fire on your mothership?

- Pigma (blinking): Aren't we machiavellian?

- Andrew (yelling again): It's time to revenge!!!

- Wolf: You shut up stupid monkey.

- Raichu (yelling ultra loud): Shut up! You all make me sick!!!!

- Wolf: Oh you're breaking my cold heartÖ

- Leon: I guess you're jealous of our synchronized wordsÖ

- Pigma: You see the biggest ship, there, which is approaching fast?

- Wolf: it's the one which is going to fire you!!

- The four at the same time: Mwa hahahahahahahaahahah !!!



The furries looked behind them to see larger ship,bigger and wider than the Hurricane. All their eyes widened.

-Raichu:Like woah!

A bright beam shot right towards them,causing the ship shake. All the furries fell flat on the ground. Another beam shot at the right side,piercing through the right wing. A loud alarm went off inside the ship. Tailina turned on a screen which showed what was going on outside.

-Tailina:Oh no!!! The right wing has been damaged badly! And the shield gauge is pretty low!

-Wolf:All minions,attack!!!!

At their commanders command,they shot at the mothership. All the furries braced themselves against the attack.

-Raichu:This is nuts!!!

-LaTisha:There's gotta be someway to attack them.

-Tailina:We can't use the ship's lasers because of the damage.

-Slippy:If this keeps up,the ship will go down!

Wolf fired a Nova bomb toward the ship. Everyone flew off their feet onto the ground. Tailina's eyes widened as she looked at the shield gauge.

-Tailina:Yikes!!! If we receive another shot like that,we're done for!

-Wolf:That's all I wanted to know.

The furries gasped hearing the enemy's voice. All this time,Wolf heard them talking. He flew in his wolfen to the other side.

-Wolf:Say goodbye.

He displayed the Nova bomb which headed straight toward the ship. Everyone braced themselves,awaiting another explosion,but instead the bomb exploded before it reached the ship.

-Wolf:What the--?!

He turned to see groups Arwings heading their way. One arwing had the name,Tornado III, on the side. A voice came through on the Hurricane's intercom.

-Hey Tailina! I thought you could take care of yourself.-

Tailina smiled to the familiar voice. Then,the screen turned on showing a male brown fox kit,probably at about 8 years.

-Thunder:Who's that?

-Tailina:It's my brother,Tails!

Tails fired at Wolf's wolfen driving him away from the ship. Raichu watched the action outside.

-Raichu:What about the ship? It's damanged real badly.

A red echidna appeared on the screen. He had two spikes on his hands,representing his knuckles.


-Knuckles:Don't worry,me and the mechanic crew repair the ship in a jif.

Knuckle's ship,The Smasher,led the mechanic team toward the damaged area of the ship.

-Bouncer:How can they fix the ship out there? You can't breathe in outer space.

-Timber:They have special sutis that help them breathe while they repair ships.

Raichu looked at LaTisha.

-Raichu:Why do I get the feeling these lil' tykes no more than we do?


Next,a blue hedgehog appeared on the screen in a ship called The Blue Blur.

-Tailina:Sonic,what's wrong?

-Sonic:Me and the team are outnumbered! We can't hold them away from the ship much longer!

Raichu turned to Tailina.

-Raichu:Isn't there anyway we can help?

Tailina spun her two tails,trying to think,then an idea popped in her head.

-Tailina:There is a way. Follow me.

Raichu and the others followed Tailina into the hanger docks and she leaned against the wall.

-Tailina:This is a secret hanger.

The vixen kit pushed the wall and a secret door opened.

-Bill:Open doors,secret passageways. I feel like I'm in a haunted house.

Tailina ran to a huge object covered and a black cover.

-Tailina:Here are your ships-

Tailina uncovered the object.

-Tailina:-The Tsunami!

All the furries were before a large,light-blue and white fighter jet. Raichu's eyes widened. Tailina motioned Timber to push a button and once he did,lights turned on showing more ships.

-Slippy:Wow! Did you build these all by yourself?!

-Tailina:I had some help with Timber and Tails. The Tsunami is a fighter jet that can turn sharp edges. It has double,lock-on lasers,can hold 10 Nova bombs,has AM/FM radio with CD player,and has a special shooting laser that powered furries can use.

Raichu walked up to the ship and placed a paw on the wing.

-Raichu:This is boombostic.

-Tailina:There are 16 jets;one for each of you.

Another explosion made the ship rumble. Sonic,Tails,and Knuckles came on the screen and seperate sections.

-Tails:Tailina! StarWolf called for back-up!

-Sonic:There's too many!

-Knuckles:Many of my men are getting injured!

-Tails:We can't hold off much longer! Hurry!

Raichu bent down to Kay and Joy.

-Raichu:Kay! Joy! You two and the other pets stay her and protect the kids.

The two PokÈmon pets barked in unision. Raichu turned to her friends.

-Raichu:Guys......let's go kick some Venom ass!


The hanger doors flew open as the 16 space jets rocketed out of the hanger, and into the depths of space. They flew in a formation of four rows of four, with Raichu on the left of the first row. She switched on her vid screen, and preformed a routine check.

-Raichu: Everyone check in.

-Jenna: I'm here...

-Thunder: Did you say something?

-Vampria: I'm all set over here...

-LaTisha: There's something sticky on my seat!

-Rocky: Do yourself a favor, and don't ask what it is... Yeah Raichu, I'm here...

-Foxer: Hey, are there snacks on this flight?...

Everyone continued checking in, and when finished, broke formation. Raichu and many others broke left, heading into the heart of the battle. While the rest broke right, forming a circle around the outside, and working their way in. The Starfox team fought in the heart of battle, while Sonic and his team battled through the outskirts. The battle raged on for hours, without much difference in the enemy population. The battle had become more spread out, extending as far as Katina. There was still a couple of asteroids floating about, and some of the enemy pilots had had some unfortunate accidents regarding them. Unfortunate for the enemy army, but fortunate for the spirited protagonists. The asteroids were helping, but not quite enough to make a big difference in the battle against them. Yet the high-spirited furries would not give up! They would fight to the last if they had to!

On board the Hurricane, all the children could do was watch, hoping against hope that the team would pull through with a victory... They couldn't lose anyone... Everyone was just too close to each other. Just then, there was a strange beeping sound coming from one of the control panels. Tailina walked over to see two small blinking red lights on the panel. Her eyes widened...

-Tailina: Oh no...

-Marahbi: What is it?

-Tailina: The fuel lights... There are low fuel warnings on two of the ships...

-Bouncer: Does that mean everyone's gonna run outta fuel?!!!

-Tailina: No... Only two.

-Marahbi: Why only two?

-Tailina: Two of the fuel tanks must not have been filled all the way... I can't believe this... I, I thought they were all filled!

-Misty: What are we gonna do?!

-Tailina: Hope that they are able to land somewhere before they are left floating in space... Sitting ducks...

The battle was racing on, as the enemy numbers were decreasing... Raichu was in hot pursuit of one of them, until realising she had an enemy on her six. It began firing its lasers at her, aiming for the engine... Raichu attempted to break free, losing the enemy she had been chasing. Suddenly, the laser fire stopped, and Raichu looked at her radar to find she had been saved.

-Raichu: Thanks Oku... I owe you one...

-Oku: Nah, we're even.

Oku broke away, and Raichu looked down at her control panel to see a flashing light...

-Raichu: Low fuel? How could that have happened?

At the same time, LaTisha had noticed the same light on her panel.

-LaTisha: Um... This is gonna suck...

LaTisha buzzed in on Raichu's com-link

-LaTisha: Raichu... Are you getting a low fuel warning by any chance?

-Raichu: You too?!

-LaTisha: So, that's a yes...

-Raichu: I've checked with everone else... We're the only ones!

-LaTisha: We're gonna have to find a safe place to land, before we become sitting ducks! And I don't know about you... But I can't quack!!!

Just then, Tailina buzzed in on their com-links form aboard the Hurricane.

-Tailina: Are you two the ones with the low fuel?

-Raichu: Yes... Tailina what's up with that?

-Tailina: I don't know... I thought the tanks were completely filled... Land on Katina... We'll come pick you up and fill the tanks aboard the Hurricane.

-Raichu: Sure thing...

Raichu and LaTisha used what they had left of fuel, and finally landed safely on Katina, with the Hurricane landing just after them. Their two ships were taken aboard, and they waited patiently inside the Hurricane, while the battle continued raging outside. Finally Raichu began to tap her foot irritably... She wanted to get back into the battle. She glanced at LaTisha to see if she was feeling as anxious, but her mind seemed to be elsewhere...

-Raichu: Hey, you on vacation? *laughs*

-LaTisha: Ssshh!

-Raichu: Huh?

-LaTisha: You guys hear that?

-Raichu: Hear what?

Suddenly, the whole ship began to shake violently.

-Marahbi: What's going on?!

Tailina dashed to the main control panel.

-Tailina: We're caught in a tractor beam!

The Hurricane tilted to its left side, sending everyone sliding across the floor, landing in a big pile on top of each other against the left wall. They remained there, unable to move, for what seemed like hours. Until suddenly, the ship jerked back up right, sending them rolling to the center of the room, once again, in a big pile.

Hey! Get off me!

You get off me!

Where's my tail?!

I'm sitting on it!

Who's this?

Hey! Watch the hands!

Get your butt out of my face!

This is terribly uncomfortable!

*cough* Air! I need air!

Hey! breathing is a luxury, not a privlege!

This is far from luxury sweetheart...

After a bit of confusion, they were able to sort out the mess, and get themselves out of the heap. Raichu ran to the window to see where they had ended up, but could see nothing... Everything was pitch black. Suddenly, she started to feel very faint...

-LaTisha: Woa! Head rush!

-Raichu: Me too... I feel so dizzy...

-Misty: Join the club... Hey... What's that smell?

Raichu and LaTisha looked at each other, their eyes widened...

-Together: Gas!!!

-Tailina: We've got gas masks in the emergency compartment... We can-...

Tailina had no time to finish her sentence, and she passed out on the floor, along with the other kids and pets... Raichu and LaTisha remained a few seconds longer, but slowly passed out soon after.

Raichu slowly opened her eyes and looked around, straining from the splitting headache... Her hands were tied behind her back, and she was sitting on a hard floor, with her back against a wall. She looked to her left to see LaTisha still unconscience, but could not see any of the kids, or the pets anywhere. Her whole body ached, and she felt unbelievably tired and weak. Suddenly, she looked up to see a very familiar, and very unwelcome face.

-Leroy: I was wondering when you'd wake up... Sure took you long enough...

-Raichu: Leroy!

-Leroy: No... Richard Nixon... Pleased to meet 'ya.

Leroy grabbed Raichu's shirt collar and spit in her face.

-Leroy: Who were you expecting, runt?! The pope?!

Raichu turned her face away, and saw that LaTisha was waking up.

-LaTisha: Aw, my head... Man, what stinks? (looks up to see Leroy) Oh...

Leroy dropped Raichu, and stood up straight. He looked at the two of them angrily.

-Leroy: I don't much care for smart mouths... But I suppose I'll have to put up with you two for awhile longer... (Looks at Raichu) I've been wanting to make you suffer for a long time...

Leroy looked back at LaTisha, grinning evily.

-Leroy: I have a friend that I'm sure would like to meet you personally... Though I believe you already know him. The funny part is... He has no idea you're on this ship. I found a picture of you in his wallet... Ripped in half. When I asked him who it was... He told me it was his ex-girlfriend. He has no idea... No idea what so ever... And boy is he going to get the surprise of his life when he sees you here...

LaTisha's eyes widened... She didn't have to wonder who he was talking about... she knew perfectly well... She was in big trouble. Just then, another thought crossed her mind.

-LaTisha: Where are the kids?... What'd you do with them?

-Leroy: They're downstairs, in the jail. This is a very nice mother ship, eh? It was very kind of Andross to lend it to us. But he was more than happy to help us take down the furry destined... Even if we have to do it one... By... One.

-Raichu: You better not have hurt them!

-Leroy: Calm yourself Runt! They're fine... For now. Now if you excuse me... I've got to go get Colby and let him know he has company.

Leroy looked at LaTisha and laughed.

-Leroy: Oh I can't wait to see this...

With that, Leroy left, but he could be heard in the next room, talking to someone. Just then, the door started to open... LaTisha and Raichu sat against the wall, too sore to move... Raichu looked at LaTisha with sympathy, and back at the door, which was now completely open, with Colby and Leroy standing in front of it...

"What the hell is going on down there?!Where are Raichu and LaTisha?!"Oku looked down at Katina's pearl surface frantically.

"Calm down!It doesn't do any good to lose your head Oku,"Fox shot another venomian fighter into cinders,"Let's take care of this mess first!We won't do your girl or LaTisha or the others any good if we get ourselves killed!"

"Damn!"Oku clenched his fists,and turned after another group of enemy fighters.He closed his eyes,Raichu,you had better not be harmed.Any jerk who so much as touches you has a meeting with their maker.

"Rocky!Look out!"Vampria screamed into her com.

The black dog turned his head to see an enemy screaming down on him,"Shit!"

He banked hard to the right,out of the line of fire.Vampria shot the fighter down.

"Thanks babe!I owe you one!"

"Babe?!Babe?!!Rocky,when this is over with you're gonna get it!I'm no ones babe!You wait till I talk to Raichu!You're a dead puppy!"

Rocky just smiled,something Vampria couldn't see.

Foxer pulled an eight point barrel roll and shot through an unsuspecting squadron,"Yee-hah!Eat my vapor trails!"

They took off after him,but Foxer was a more experienced Cornerian pilot,zipping to the left and right,weaving in and out of range.

"Get off of my butt!"Thunder bared her teeth,seeing two enemies on her tail.She banked hard and hit the boost,turning her stomach in a quezzy loop,"I'm gonna be sick........"

She fired,winging her enemy.

Jenna turned her com to Bill's and Puff's,"Hey boyz~Wanna play some follow the leader?"

Bill laughed,"Lead on Darrenger!"

Puff groaned,"Um,course please?"

Jenna laughed,"To Katina's surface.Sides,we need ta find Raichu and LaTisha and the kids.You coming or not?"

Puff threw on the boost,"I knew I should have stayed in bed."

Katt came on the com,"And I'm right behind ya Puff!Get moving doll!"

The wulf grinned.

The four jets blasted toward Katina's atmosphere,provoking a dozen enemies to follow in hot pursuit.

"Now where are they going?"Juju watched them go,till her jet was strafed by enemy fire.

She opened her com to see Wolf staring back at her.Her face reddened,"W-Wolf O-Donnel....!"

"Indeed,"He smiled,one she found heart melting,"Care to duel?"

She threw forward on the boost,and shot right over him,the belly of her fighter just scraping his cockpit.

"Son-of-a-"He cowered in his seat.Hey,she's actually pretty damn good...........

Shard weaved with Foxer in a wild corkscrew,"I think I can get to love this Foxer!"

"And I love the company I've got!"He turned to where she could see him in his cockpit from hers.She smiled.

"Whoah!Watch it!"He banked off as another enemy shot at them.He growled,"Hey!Don't you fools know that there's love in war?!"

Shard smothered a giggle,and the both of the rolled to the left to rejoin the battle.

"Hey Jen,Bill!We've got some mean biters back here!"Puff looked over his shoulder,dodging another strand of lazer fire.

Katt came up alongside him,"Better pay attention to what's going on in front of you Puff!At the rate of speed we're going,it's gonna get rough when we enter the atmos-"

A wave of turbulance hit them,jarring Puff and flinging him roughly against the side of the cockpit.

"O-o-o-o-o-o-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w-w!"His smarted through rattling teeth.

Bill pulled alongside Jenna,"Do you see the Hurricane?!"

She dodged another shot,"Nothing,not on radar!But I can-"

A sudden wall of white rock appeared in front of them,like it materialized out of thin air.

"Oh my God!"Puff leaned back in his seat.None of them had been paying any attention to their descent.They had been too occupied with the fighters on their tails and trying to find the Hurricane.

"Brace yourselves!"Bill screamed into his com.

They hit,almost in unison.

Bill fought to brace himself as he was thrown roughly forwardly,then violently backward.His controls flashed warning signals,as his fighter's wings snapped off and his jet slid sideways across the ground.

Katt bellied her fighter,and she let out a curse as she was bounced around in her seat.

Jenna bit back a scream as her cockpit shattered,and her arms and face were knicked from debris shooting past her.Something heavy sliced her leg,she didn't know what it was.............

Puff's controls exploded in a shower of sparks.He struck the back of his head against the cockpit,and everything turned white.

Bill was the first to climb out,holding his left arm to him.

Katt jumped from her own fighter,"Bill?Ya okay?"

He gave a painful smile,"I think I've dislocated my shoulder......"

Katt rubbed the bruises appearing on her arms and legs from being thrown about inside the cockpit,"Puff?Jenna?Where are you guys?Answer us!"

Jenna appeared through the sudden fog,limping heavily,"I'm here.Where's Puff?!"

"Are you alright?"Bill steadied her,seeing the jagged tear in her jeans,and blood seeping up from the tear.It looked deep.

"I'm fine!"She turned around,"Puffy!Edward the Wulf!Where are you?!"

Katt offered her a shoulder to lean on,pointing at the same time,"There!His fighter's over there!"

They made their way to the smoking jet,Bill glancing up at the foggy sky,"Where did the venomians go?It's too quiet.........."

"Who cares!"Katt jumped up on the jet's wing,opening the cockpit,"Puff?Puffy?"

Jen climbed up beside her,"Is he alright?Katt?"

The feline turned him toward her,"He's unconscious.Puff?"

Jenna pulled him forward,and something warm and sticky came off in her paws.

"He's bleeding!"She touched the back of his head,more blood coming off on her paws,"He must have struck his head while getting thrown around in here."

The wulf moaned,and opened his eyes.

A pair of violet and emerald green worried eyes looked down at him.

He smiled,"Ouch.........."

back up in space:


"What Rocky?!I'm kinda busy here!"

"We've lost Bill and Jenna along with Puff and Katt from radar....."

"What are you saying?"

Rocky was quiet a moment,when Falco cut in,"It means they're gone!They're dead Vampria!"

"That's bull shit Falco!"Oku snapped.

"How can you say that they're dead?!We don't know what's going on down there!"Thunder growled into her own com.

"Oh,you're breaking my heart!If it hadn't been for you stupid bunch of destined,none of this would have happened!"

"Falco,shut the hell up!"Fox's voice snarled over the com,"Keep your beak closed!Got it?!"

The falcon was quiet a moment,and rolled away,"Yeah.......sure Fox.We're all gonna die anyhow.........."

Fox opened his com to everyone on the team,"Listen!Raichu would want all of you to keep your heads!Keep your mind on the objective,the battle!We'll find our friends as soon as we finsh here!"

Vampria swallowed hard,a lump in her throat.She whispered to herself,"Even if we do,will they be alive?"


Chapter 6

-Shakeisha:Ugh! What happened?

The young,white kitten sat up and saw herself in a jail cell with the rest of the kids. She ran to her sister,Keisha,and shook her.

-Shakeisha:Keisha. Wake up.

Keisha slowly opened her eyes.

-Keisha:Huh? Hey,quit shaking me!

The rabbit got up on her feet and saw the other kids fast asleep.

-Shakeisha:What do we do?

-Keisha:We shall wake them up calmly.

Keisha walked to Tailina and lifted up her ear.

-Keisha:WAKE UP TAILINA!!!!!!!

Tailina jumped in the air,screaming,and landed on Teeny,who shreiked into Cassie's ear. The fuschia kitten jolted up and stepped back,stepping on Comet's tail. Comet screamed with both pain and fear and shocked the other kids and pets awake.

-Misty:Huh? Where are we?

Timber got up and dusted the dirt off him.

-Timber:We're in the prison.

-Tailina:But how did we----

Tailina was interrupted by a feminine scream of agony that was familiar to Teeny's ears.

-Teeny:That's Raichu!

Another scream was frequent to Marahbi.


-Timber:I remember now. We landed on Katina and got caught in a tractor beam. The ship tilted,everything outside was pitch black,we smelled gas and here we are.

-Tailina:Whoevers up there,must have Raichu and LaTisha.

Again.Raichu screamed,but louder.

-Cassie:The intruders must tortuing them something awful. We gotta get up there.

-Bouncer:But how? We're stuck in here and we ain't got no key. Grrrr...these Venomians are gettin' on my last nerve!

The kangaroo closed his eyes and griped the metal bars tight. Smoke started rise from his hand.

-Cassie:Bouncer! Look!

Bouncer looked and saw the smoke. He let go and saw that the bars were half melted.

-Pikocha:Bouncer's gotta new power! The power of fire!

-Keisha:All right! Now melt these bars so we can get outta here.

Bouncer smiled and squeezed the bars tight,melting them,providing a perfect crawl through. After they all crawled out,Tailina opened the main entrance of the jail. Tailina led the others down the hall and peeked into the control room. They saw Leroy and Colby laughing at the furries in front of them. Raichu and LaTisha were bruiesd from their torture.

-Keisha:What do we do?

-Tailina:Need to come up with plan.

The kits and cubs huddled up and whispered their plan. Joy and Kay watched as their master and her friends received a brutal beating from the Venomians. Joy's eyes flashed white and,then an light surrounded her. The Vulpix started to grow taller. Her fur turned white and her six tails grew three more,making it nine,and her eyes turned red. Tailina turned and gasped.

-Tailina:Joy's...become a Ninetails.

All the kids turned and noticed it too. Joy talked a plan with Kay in her "PokÈmon"language. Kay understood her and nodded,then transformed into Flareon. Then,they both charged in the control room.

-Tailina:Wait! Kay! Joy!

Too late,the two pets ran toward the Venomians.


In a flash, the two pets dashed towards towards Leroy and Colby. Shocked, Leroy fell back, but Colby was undetered. Joy's eyes burned a glowing fire. She was angry.

Colby laughed, "You think this is going to scare us?" A glow surrounded his body and Joy lifted in the air and was thrown back onto the wall. The Ninetail went limp.

"Grrr!!! Colby! You idiot! I'm going to get you." Screamed Raichu.

"Ho ho. It's not over yet. Watch." Colby snapped his fingers and Kay froze in her steps. Colby approached the Eevee slowly.

"What should I do with her Raichu? You've got two choices. Do I torture her by opening a wound on her one at a time? Or would you like me to brutally injure her with this lead pipe I hold here?"

Raichu's eyes filled with tears. "PleaseÖ don't."

Quite helpless the children hid.

"What are we gonna do?"

"Let's all attack at once!"

"You stupid?! You've seen what he's done. We're not gonna attack like that. Use your head!"

"But our powersÖ"

"He's got psychic powers. We're not gonna win if we attack him from the front."

"Then an ambush?"


"What about Kay and Joy?"

"That I-"

The kits were soon interrupted by a shriek. The sound of an Eevee could be heard throughout the room.

" What was it again? ErrgggÖ my head hurts. What was it I read just a couple hours backÖ KattÖ what was it about KattÖ owwwwÖ my head hurts."

"You okay?"

" Who is that? OuchÖ why can't I remember. Where am I? KattÖ what was it aga-Ö"


" Huh?"

"You gonna wake up?"

Puff opened his eyes. They weren't outside anymore. He looked around. They were in some type of room. The room was made of wood and a table with Katt, Jenna and Bill sat there. They seemed to be discussing something. The sun shined in through the window. Had it been one? NoÖ maybe twoÖ. Hours? Days? Everything seemed so muddled. Puff put his paw to his head, and when he did he noticed someone else beside himÖ

"Hey! You're awake!"

"OwÖ hullo. Who're you?"

Puff tried to focus on this new furry. She wore overalls and a white t-shirt underneath. Her tail was quite well-brushed and very puffed up. A female wolf stared right at him.


She seemed surprised. "Have weÖ met?"

Puff was silent for a moment. "Oh. No.. I must've mistaken you for someone."

"NoÖ My name is Purry. Nice t'meetcha!"

"How'd I get here?"

"You? Well you and your friends were quite hurt, and because the area you were in was quite dangerous, and helped you guys out. You're very badly hurt. You should rest."

"How long has it been?"

"Just a couple hours is all."

"Oh I see." Puff smiled. Then looked down at Purry's paws. "You're hurt."

"Aww.. it's nothing. Thanks for caring. I t must've been from those scissors I used to cut the bandages."

Puff grabbed her paw. "HereÖ" The cool feel of relaxation sounded their paws. The same when Katt held out hers too. Purry looked at her paw when the feel was gone.

"Hey. It's gone." She smiled.

"Can you keep it a secret?"

"Sure. So you just rest up a bit alright."

Puff wrapped his tail around Purry's waist. "You're not gonna leave are you?"

"Not in the condition you're in. I'll wait by ya."

Puff smiled. It had been a long time since he felt this way. A warm feeling of happiness. And yet, it was quite happiness, but a flush of emotions that ran through him.

Purry thought to herself. 'It seems like I've known him all my lifeÖ'


The day ran by. Puff was able to gain back consciousness and got up after a days rest. The four gathered together.

"SoÖ what now? Our ships destroyed and the Hurricane is probably far from here," asked Katt.

The other three thought about it. It was true. After a day away from the Hurricane, it was possible that the ship could be anywhere. They couldn't risk going back to search for Raichu and LaTisha. Not till they found their other friends and all of them knew that.

"May I offer a suggestion?" the female wolf piped in.

"Sure." Puff smiled warmly. "Whatcha think?"

"WellÖ There's a base near here. I'm sure if you go there, they'll help."

Jenna gushed with enthusiasm "Hey! That's a great idea. Bill? What do you think?"

"WellÖ I think there should be a base located around this area. Probably a small outpost though. But I'm sure they'll help. I am the Husky Squad leader." Bill winked.

"Then it's decided! On to the base!"

So the small group of four left. Puff stayed behind a bit.

"You're not gonna come with us?" said Puff sadly. "And I haven't thanked you enoughÖ"

"Well I've got stuff to do. Got to make a living and stuff y'know. 'Sides, I'm sure such a sweet wolfy as you will figure out something."

"Figure out something?"

Purr blushed. "MaybeÖ" She quickly placed a kiss on Puff. "that'll do as a thank you."

Puffy froze for a moment, then smiled. He ran towards his group to catch up with his friends who were quite a distance off. But little did Puff knew, after he had left a wolf wearing a Venomian insignia appeared and approached Purry.

"Good job General Purry. You've tricked them into going into that base. Everyone knows that Katina is now occupied by Venom. Guess Bill has been away from Katina too long to know that." He laughed.

Purry saluted. "I did my best Herr Wolf."

"You don't have to be so formal to me you know. Just call me Wolf." He put his paw under her chin. "Okay General Purr?"

"Yes sir!"

"Now if you'll excuse me, I'll be going back to that battle I just so happen to have left. I'm sure you'll take care of the rest?"

"Affirmative!" But deep down inside this female wolf's heart, there was a soft part. And that soft hidden part was PuffÖ




Far away in the space, the battle was still raging. But now the fight was coming really unequal. More an more venonian ships were coming, and now the bigger ships of their fleet were here. These ships were thousand time bigger than Tailina's jets. Fox was the first to understand that keeping on fighting was useless.

Fox : "This place is coming really unfriendly. Our last resort is heading to Corneria. We must warn Pepper before it's too late, and then we'll come back fighting with more jets.

Oku : No! I want to rescue Raichu first! If she's still alive, we mustn't waste time and come to rescue her now!

Fox : But if we rescue them instead of going to Corneria or fighting here, the venonian fleet will manage to go to Corneria and conquer it! Is that you want?

Oku : I don't care what happen to Corneria, if Raichu is in danger!

Falco (sarcastic) : AwwwwÖ Isn't love wonderful?

Thunder : Falco, I think it's not exactly the good moment to be sarcastic.

Fox : So, what are we doing? Who's still alive?

Thunder : Everybody is here, except Raichu and La Tisha, and also Jenna, Bill, Puffy and Katt.

Fox : * sigh * I can't believe that a good pilot like Bill was killed by those minions.

Juju : Those four aren't dead, I saw'em head to Katina.

Vampria : You couldn't say it before? I was thinking they were dead!!

Juju : Sorry, there was someone else on my com until now.

Fox : So, where are we going? To Corneria or to Katina?

Oku : Katina!

Falco : Corneria!

Foxer : I've a good idea : What about letting the Star Fox team go to Corneria and us to Katina?

Fox : Good idea. Good luck, you all.

Fox fired a last ship then headed to Corneria, followed by his team. Some minions tried to follow them, but their ships were too slow.

Foxer : "Let's go to Katina!"

The other ships headed to Katina. The wolfens left the venonian fleet to follow them.



Oku led the ships into Katina's atmosphere. The red chameleon frantically looked down at the desert surface for the Hurricane.

-Knuckles:Don't worry,Oku. We'll find them.

Foxer looked down at the surface and found a mothership,that looked a bit damanged.

-Foxer:I see it! The Hurricane's over here!

Everyone looked to their left and also saw the mothership.

-Oku:Let's go!

Oku descended his fighter jet near the Hurricane. Inside,Leroy kicked Raichu and she rolled into the wall. She moaned in pain and clenched her teeth. The navy-blue chameleon walked up to her and yanked her up by her shirt collar. The catox head laid back her head back and her legs folded up.

-Leroy:Not so tough now,aren't you?

Raichu opened one eye.

-Raichu:F-fuck you!

A little bit angry,Leroy slammed his forehead against Raichu's,both of them having bruises on their heads. He slapped the catox in face a few times,then dropped her to the ground. Raichu opened one eye and watched Colby having his fun with his ex-girlfriend. LaTisha screamed in pain. Raichu couldn't stand it anymore. She tried stretching her arms,stretching the rope tied around her wrist. She felt it tear off and smiled.

-Colby:Hey Roy,lemme try out the brat and see how loud she screams.

Leroy smirked and reached down to grab Raichu.

-LaTisha:Don't you dare!

Raichu smirked and kicked out her legs,tripping Leroy.

-Colby:What the h---?! How'd she get lose?!!

Raichu stood up and looked down at Leroy,who groaned in pain. Raichu walked toward Colby,but felt something grab her leg. Before she could look down,she felt herself being lifted up and slammed against the wall. Raichu slowly started to get up.

-Leroy(teasingly):Hey Colby,ya' think you can give me some help here? This runt's too strong for me.

Colby laughed and came to his friend's side. LaTisha tried desperately to break from her restrainents.


LaTisha turned her head toward the door of the control room and saw Tailina,Marahbi,and Teeny. The kids slowly sneaked into the room,toward the grey dog. Tailina took her pocketknife and started to cut the rope tied around LaTisha's wrists. When she was free,Marahbi hugged her.

-Marahbi:You okay?

-LaTisha:Yeah,I'm alright.

-Colby:What's this?

LaTisha lifted her head up to her ex-boyfriend's voice. The collie coldly stared at the kids.

-Colby:Yo Roy,we got ourselves some pests.

Leroy turned and saw the kids. LaTisha growled at the two Venomians and stood up in a fighting pose. Marahbi stood behind LaTisha,Tailina stood beside LaTisha,holding her small pocketknife,and Teeny stood in front of the grey dog,hiding something behind her back. LaTisha observed the object behind Teeny:a small metal stick. Kay and Joy tried to get up,but were too wak from their torture. The rest of the pets ran in,but Colby used his powers and sent them toward the wall. Leroy walked toward the furries.

-Leroy:This time,I'll make sure these brats sleep....permanantly!

Teeny jumped into the air,toward Leroy.

-Teeny:Power sword!

The metal stick exteneded and became a sword. Leroy backed away from the slashes. Teeny jumped into the air again,but this time she stayed in mid-air. She looked at Colby,who was surrounded by a glow.

-Teeny:Uh oh.

Teeny flew back into the wall and sulked to the ground. Teeny flew back into the wall and sulked to the ground. Tailina spun her tails around,causing her to go into flight.


Pikocha ran in on all fours and came toward Colby,trying to punch and kick him the face. The rusty-color collie dodged all her attacks.


Electricity came toward Colby. He let out laugh and his eyes turned red. The electric bolts turned and came toward Pikocha. The Pikochox-wolf kit ran in the other direction.

-Raichu:What's happening?

-LaTisha:Colby's using his confusion attack.

-Pikocha:Well,it's working 'cause I'm confuse why my powers attacking me!

The electricity shocked Pikocha in the back,sending her in the wall. Piko was able to stand up,but Leroy tripped her,making her fall. He stepped on and started the crush her back.

-Raichu:Piko! Stop,you cold-hearted son of a--!!!

-Leroy:Shut up,whore!

-Keisha:Hey! You can't speak to my cousin that way!

Shakeisha tried to stop her sister from jumping into battle,but was too late. Keisha kicked toward the chameleon,but he caught her by the foot and threw her against the wall. Keisha fell on top of Pikocha. Leroy started to pull his dagger from his belt until he felt something scratch him on the back of his head.

-Leroy:Damn rugrat!

Shakeisha wrapped her arms around Leroy's neck,trying to choke him. Leroy grabbed the kitten by the hair. Shakeisha shreiked in pain,releasing her arms around the Venominas neck. The navy-blue chameleon slammed her to the ground,holding her in place. He pulled his pistol out from his holster and pointed it at Shakeisha. The kitten shivered in fear.

-Leroy:Now,where shall I shoot you? Your head? Your chest? Or maybe your---

He suddenly jumped up,feeling hot water splash on his back. The chameleon turned and saw Cassie,smiling. She took a deep breath and sizzling hot water came out of her mouth. Leroy ducked and the water splashed at LaTisha.

-LaTisha:Ouch!!!! Hey!!!!


Leroy ran toward Cassie. She didn't notice it until he was a few feet from her. Buncer appeared,jumping over her.

-Bouncer:Stay away from my sister!

Bouncer kicked the chameloen into the wall. He stuck palms out toward Leroy.

-Bouncer:Fire Blaze!

Fire came out of the joey's paws. It started toward Leroy,but the flames mad a U-turn and came right toward him and his sister. Bouncer grabbed Cassie and turned,the flames hitting against his back. Both of them slammed into the wall. Misty rushed in with the rest of the pets,but Colby slammed them into the wall using his powers. Tailina couldn't take it anymore.She spun her tails around,causing her to go into flight. She flew right toward Colby,but the collie snapped his finger and she stopped in mid-air.

-Colby:Now,what should I do with you?

Raichu staggered up,holding on the wall for support. She was able to stand up without balance and ran toward Colby. Colby heard something and turned. Raichu leapt on him and punched him in face,numerously. Tailina was released from Colby's power and dropped to the floor. Leroy ran toward Raichu,but a click made him stop in his tracks.

-Oku:Don't move!

Leroy turned his head toward the familiar voice and saw a red chameleon with wild,black hair,pointing a laser pistol at him.

-Oku:You move,you die.

Leroy slowly rose his hands in the air. Rocky grabbed his arms and hand-cuffed them. Raichu backed away from Colby,who was knocked out stone cold. Foxer started to hand-cuff the collie,but LaTisha stopped him.

-LaTisha:Wait! Maybe those punches brought him back to his senses. Let's keep him here.

-Foxer:I don't know,LaTisha. After all he did---

-LaTisha:Please Foxer.

LaTisha gave the silver fox a puppy-eyed look. Foxer sighed.

-Foxer:Alright. We'll put him in the sickbay ward and strap him down just in case.

LaTisha sighed in releif. She smiled as she watched the rest of the kids run toward Vampria. Tailina went to Teeny's side.

-Tailina:Teeny,how come you never told us you had a weapon?

-Teeny:Oh,I guess I was so scared,that I actually forgot about it.

Kay and Joy walked toward Raichu,rubbing against the side of her leg. The catox picked up Kay and petted Joy,who was now a ninetails.

-Tails to Hurricane! Tails to Hurricane! Can you hear me?!-

Raichu ran back into the control room and opened a channel on the com-link.

-Raichu:You've reached the Hurricane. Raichu here.

The screen turned on and a frightend face of a two-tailed fox kit appeared on the screen.

-Tailina:Tails,what's wrong? Looks like you've seen a ghost.

-Tails:No,I-I'm okay.

Tails sweated heavily and kept looking behind him.

-Raichu:Well,what is it?

-Tails(in a serious tone):Raichu,there's a base on Katina that's being taken over by---

The screen blinked to static.

-Raichu:Tails! Tails!!!

The screen came on again,but a familiar face showed on the screen,but not the same one. Raichu screamed and stepped back.

-Raichu:You again!

The one-eyed wolf laughed.

-Wolf:Oh,did I frightened you?

-Raichu:What da' you want,ya' onore!?

-Wolf:Watch it,kid! That foul mouth of yours can get your friends in trouble.

Wolf stepped aside and revealed Bill Grey,Katt Monroe,Jenna,Puffy,and Tails tied up.

-Raichu(yelling):Let them go right now!

-Wolf:Oh I will,if you'll follow theses directios....

Angry tears flowed down from Raichu's eyes.

-Wolf:I want all the destined down to the base,only the destined. We will fight to the death. If you win,we'll turn them lose. If you lose,you and your friends get to spend another wonderful time in our torture chamber.

Raichu shivered when he said "torture chamber".

-Wolf:So what do you say?

Raichu turned back to the group of furries,then looked back at the Venomian.

-Raichu:It's a deal.

The screen blanked off. Raichu walked passed the furries.

-Raichu:Come on guys. Let's go.


Vampria stopped the catox.

-Vampria:Don't we need to come up with a plan first?

Raichu shook her head.

-Raichu:If StarWolf wants to fight,we'll give them a fight they'll never forget. Let's go guys.

The group looked at the catox with surprisement as she continued down the hall toward the door. The destined,LaTisha,Vampria,and Thunder followed behind her.



Chapter 7

Wolf laughed and turned,"Well now ladies,it looks like your friends will be here shortly."

Katt cast a glance at Puffy,whose fur was bristling as the StarWolf leader stepped forward.

Wolf looked down at Jenna,sliding his hand under her chin,"Ain't you a pretty doll-"

Jenna brought her knee up as hard as she could into Wolf's groin,"Keep your fucking hands of me trash!!"

Wolf hit the floor with a curse.

Leon went to hit the husky when Bill slid between them,flashing his teeth and snarling,"Don't,unless you want to end up like Wolf there on the floor."

Wolf took a breath and looked up,smiling,"Don't worry.By the time we're finished with you and your girlfriend and all your friends,we'll see who will be talking smart."


"Raichu,are you sure we can do this?"Thunder looked over at the catox.

Raichu nodded slowly,"We have to.We don't have much choice."

Vampria flexed her white wings,"Just us four,and Jenna.We should have brought the others with us."

"No,Wolf said only us,and he meant it,"Raichu looked down at her paws.

LaTisha studied her the catox for a moment,and was about to say something when the base's main doors opened,and out came starwolf.Bill,Jenna,Puffy,and Katt with Tails were in chains,ripped after the ruthless mercenaries.

Wolf nodded to Jenna,"Release her."

Andrew undid the chains about the husky's wrists and feet.

Jenna backed away slowly,joining the rest of the Destined.

Raichu touched her arm,"Are you all right?"

"I'm fine,"The husky eyes narrowed,"Raichu-Puff and the others."

Raichu motioned to Wolf,"You gotta let them go first Wolf."

Wolf's growled,but nodded,"Fine,let them go Leon.And you make them leave Pager.This is between you and us."

Leon releashed the rest of the prisoners.

"You guys,get back to the Hurricane and stay there.And get your tails in gear,"Raichu ordered flatly.

They were all about to protest,but from the look of the faces of the Destined,they fell silent.Bill brushed up against Jenna,Tails putting a hand on Raichu's shoulder as he passed.Katt gripped Vampria's paws,Puff doing the same to LaTisha.

Tails paused a moment and gave LaTisha a pouch,whispering something in her ear.

The Destined waited for their friends to escape in the jets,and turned back to Starwolf.

"Since their are five of you and four of us,we evened up the score abit,"Wolf smiled,and a dozen or so Venomian troops rushed out from the base.

The Destined mouths' gaped.

"You call that an even score?!!"Vampria screamed.

"We do!!Take them!!"Leon howled.

Raichu and her friend's took on fighting stances as the enemy rushed to meet them.

"Here everyone!"La-Tisha tosssed a small stone to each of the girls.

Vampria caught hers,"What is it?"

"Tails gave them to me,he called them power stones.He said to concentrate your thoughts on one purpose and the stone will give you the power to do it!"

Thunder caught her stone,the gem glowing gold and spread a strange warmth though her hand and arm.

Jenna smiled,feeling the same aura.She breathed sharply,the power growing.

LaTisha gripped her stone and closed her eyes tight.When she opened them they were ablaze with an ice blue hue.

Vampria's wings glowed red and she flared them out,her ears flattening back.

Raichu felt her own power growing.With a scream she whirled,"Take em girls!!!"

The destined ran forward to meet Starwolf.

As they did,their bodies changed.

Vampria's wings grew double their length,red armor covering her body and the length of her hair growing.Her green eyes glowed like embers,and a staff appeared in her paw.

LaTisha's color and form changed,till her body took on the color and shine of liquid silver.Her bright blue eyes flared.

Gray wings sprouted from Jenna's back,her fur changing to silver grey and her hair blue.A sword formed in her right hand,grey body armor spreading over her body.

Thunder sprung forward as black armor spread over her body,the lightning bolt on her forhead growing and sparking electricity.Talons of cold steel shot from her gloves.

Raichu's felt the blue armor grow over her body,the electricity inside her flaming so strongly she thought she could no longer hold it in.Her hair grew and flew wild about her shoulders,her eyes glowing yellow and electricity jolting across her fur.

Wolf and his team stopped short,as did the other venomians,at the suddenly changed Destined screaming toward them.

"What the-"Wolf never finished,as Raichu and her friend's combine all their power into one,engulfing the base in blinding light.

"What the heck?!!Tails,look at these readings!!"Tailina gasped.

Her big brother was beside her in an instant,"Dang!!The power level from Katina's surface has hit A-wall!!"

"A huge explosion of power,but from what?"Tailina looked up at him.

Tails shook his head,"I don't know.Something must be really going down on the surface."

Oku clenched his fists and looked out into space,"Raichu...Raichu...come back to me........"



come back to me.......

"Oku?"Raichu looked up,where she had been lying prone on the ground.

Beautiful sky greeted her.

Her memories slowly came back to her,and her hand went to her hair,then the armor on her body.It hadn't been a dream,she had changed.

Slowly,she sat up.

LaTisha was already on her feet,her liquid like silver body flashing against the sun.

Vampria and Thunder woke up next,holding their heads to rid themselves of the dizziness.

Jenna woke up too,her grey wings folded against her instinctly,as she looked down at herself in shock.

"Um,what just happened?"Thunder groaned.

Raichu pushed her long hair from her face,something she wasn't used to,"Tails' power stones I think.They must have given us a boost in our energy levels."

Jenna pulled the catox to her feet,her now blue hair wild about her shoulders,"Where are Wolf and the others?"

The Destined looked around,finding the base silent and only themselves standing.Wolf's and his team's lazers and well as the other's of the venomians lay about their feet,but Wolf and his team were nowhere to be seen.

"I don't get it,where did they go?"LaTisha walked up beside Raichu.

"Who cares,they're gone,"Vampria tugged on her armor,"We smoked them."

Raichu shook her head.

Starwolf was gone.To where,that was a question she felt would never be answered.

"Um,does anyone have any idea as to how we change back?"LaTisha looked down at herself,"I've lost my clothes and my features.I look like melted silver walking around."

Jenna looked back at her wings,"You're telling me.Raichu,any ideas?"

Raichu sighed,"Drop the power stones."

They all looked at each other, checking themselves and finding the gems.They dropped the stones back in the pouch LaTisha had pulled them from.

Slowly,their changed bodies melted back to their original forms,leaving them feeling weak and exhausted.

"Come'on you guys.It's over,"Raichu steadied herself,"Let's get back to the Hurricane.

Slowly,the Destined headed for the few remaining Cornerian jet's on the base.


A few moments later they reached the hurricane,to the docking bay.

Raichu weakly climbed down from the cockpit,feeling Oku's strong arms grab her and help her down.She was unsteady,and the chameleon pulled her into his arms.

"Raichu,Raich,are you all right?"He whisped worridly.

The catox looked up at him and gave him a tired smile.

Oku breathed a sigh of relief,and kissed her gently.

Rocky helped Vampria down,the tiger falling into his arms and kissing the big black dog.Rocky's eyes widened to saucers.

After a second Vampria realized what she was doing.She ripped back,covering her mouth,"Oh-My God!!"

Rocky was still at a loss for words,"Uh-uh-Vamp-"

The winged tiger groaned,"Great-just great-I'll be hearing it now..."

Rocky snapped to his senses,his tail wagging and a big grin on his face as he looked down at Vampria.

The tiger growled,"Don't get any ideas."

"Ya know,"He put an arm around her waist,"I don't kiss on the first date.

"Move it or lose it,"Vampria tried to rip free from him,and suddenly felt faint.Rocky steadied her and picked her up off her feet.

Vampria folded her arms,"I'm not your woman,so don't even start."

Rocky just shook his head with a warm smile,"All right,I won't.Not right now anyway."

LaTisha climbed down slowly with Foxer and Shard's help.

"LaTisha!LaTisha!!"Little Marahbi ran to her and jumped into her arms.

"Careful now,I'm a little weak,"The gray dog laughed with a tired smile.

Bill lifted Jenna off her feet and gently slid off the wing of the jet. Molly yipped happily and jumped up,nuzzling her mistress' face.

Jenna smiled and looked up at Bill.

Thunder sighed deeply as she climbed out of the cockpit.Her white fur was frizzy and she muttered cusswords under her breath.

"What's the matter Thunder?"Raichu asked.

The wolf rolled her eyes and groaned,"Okay-I've been flying myself in circles fighting little wienies of Venomians up in space.I just battled Starwolf and went under a huge makeover.I'm tired,and I'm dirty.......I feel so violated!!How much can a woman take in a place like this?!!"

Everyone looked at her for a moment,and burst out laughing.

Thunder stood dejectly for a second,before a smile broke out on her face,and she laughed along with them.


The laughing slowed as everyone began to settle down, each making their way upstairs to take clame of a place to sit and rest. LaTisha was about to sit down, when she suddenly remembered something.

-LaTisha: Colby! I forgot all about him!

She ran to the sickbay, and went through the steel doors, locking them behind her. She stared at the still figure, strapped to the table, then back toward the locked doors. If he woke up, and hadn't changed, she couldn't take the chance of everyone else getting hurt. She had locked them from the outside, so she would be trapped in that room with him if he hadn't come to his senses. But it was better her than everyone on the ship.

He stirred, and LaTisha's heart beat rapidly, as he slowly opened his eyes, and began to look around the room. His eyes caught sight of her right away.

-Colby: LaTisha?... Wha- Where are we? Where's your sister?

LaTisha was confused.

-LaTisha: My sister?!

-Colby: Yeah... I was trying to get your necklace back... Remem- Oh yes, that's right, you didn't know I went...

-LaTisha: Went where?! Colby, you're not making any sense! What about my sister?! And, something about a necklace...

-Colby: Why am I strapped to a bed?!

Just then, his eyes widened, and he looked up at LaTisha in shock.

-Colby: God, please tell me that was all a dream! It was a dream... It was a dream! It couldn't have really happened!

-LaTisha: Well... If you're talking about going totally insane and trying to kill me... Then no, it was no dream.

Colby leaned his head back on the table...

-Colby: I'm sorry LaTisha, I'm so sorry! I... I had no control! No control at all! Your sister...

-LaTisha: Colby what does my sister have to do with any of this?!

-Colby: I remember... I went to your sister's place, to get your necklace back... The one she stole from you. I knew how much you wanted it back, so... I went to get it for you. I knew you'd try to stop me from going, so I didn't tell you...

-LaTisha: Colby, I didn't wouldn't have wanted you to go for that reason. *sigh* You know how much she hated me... Sometimes, I don't think I would've been surprised if she made an attempt on my life... She only had powers of hypnotism, which was too weak to work on psychics anyway... And she hated me for being one. And you too!

-Colby: Not your typical "jealous little sister"... But LaTisha, she must've hypnotised me... That's the only thing that makes sense.

-LaTisha: But I already told you... She was too weak for it to work on a psychic.

-Colby: Well... She must've been practicing... I've got a bone to pick with her now. *laughs*

-LaTisha: She's dead Colby... Everyone is.

Colby's eyes widened

-Colby: You mean the apocolypse?...

-LaTisha: That was real too...

-Colby: I guess I've got to catch up on my current events...

-LaTisha: It's been a year since you... um, flipped.

-Colby: A YEAR?! ... So, we're both 18?

-LaTisha: Yes... So, Colby... How do I know you're really back to normal? I don't know to trust you anymore...

-Colby: *gives her the sad puppy face*

-LaTisha: *laughs* Now that's the Colby I know and love!...

LaTisha removes the restaints from around him, and he sits up slowly, staring her in the face.

-Colby: I'll never be able to apologize enough for what I've done. If you never want to speak to me again... I'll understand.

LaTisha gave him a big hug, then looked up at him and smiled.

-LaTisha: Having you back is all the apology I'll ever need...

Suddenly she remembered something, and stood up with a somewhat guilty look on her face...

-LaTisha: Ah, Colby... I um... sorta forgot about something...

-Colby: What?

-LaTisha: We're um... Sorta kinda... Locked in here... heh heh... Oops! *shrugs*

Colby began laughing

-LaTisha: What's so funny?!

-Colby: That's the LaTisha I know and love...


Chapter 8

Jenna managed to get LaTisha and Colby out of the locked room. The Destined were all treated for their wounds. Raichu rested in a bed in the ward,tired and a little weak from fighting. Oku was by her side,holding her paw. The catox smiled.

-Raichu:That was fun.

-Oku:What was?

-Raichu:That fight we had.

-Oku:The fight?! You callin' punchin' and kickin' and shootin' fun?!

-Raichu:Yeah. Ya' see,I'm the kind girl that loves to take a challenge and hardly thinks of the consequences.

-Oku:*laughs* That's what I like about you. Other girls worry about make-up and stuff like that,but not you.

Raichu smiled at the chameleon.


Tailina flew into a room,holding a device that looked like a closed laptop computer.

-Raichu:Whatcha got there,Tailina?

-Tailina:This is an a/v moniter. It's kinda like a telephone. You gotta call.

-Raichu:For me?

Tailina nodded and placed the moniter in the catox's lap. Raichu opened the moniter.

-Raichu:Hello? This is Raichu Pager.

An image of a fox appeared on the screen.

-Raichu:Hey Fox!

-Fox:Hi Raichu! How are ya'?

-Raichu:Fine. A lil' roughed up,but fine.

-Fox:Just wanted to let ya' know,we took care of the Venomians on Corneria.

-Raichu:Oh okay. Sorry we couldn't have been there sooner,but we got a rude call and---

-Fox:That's okay. Venomians are so easy to beat---

A blue wing appeared on the screen and shoved Fox away.

-Fox:Hey! Watch it,Falco!

-Falco:Give someone else a chance to talk,Fox!

A blue falcon appeared on the screen.

-Falco:Hey kid,you might be the leader of the Destined and all that,but I'm still gonna get ya' for callin' me a ''canned turkey''!

The fox shoved Falco away.

-Fox:Falco! Give her a chance to recover first! *turns to Raichu* You'll have to excuse him.

-Raichu:It's no prob. I've dealt with all guys like and,lemme tell ya,they go their butts kicked.

-Fox:*laughs*We could use somebody like you on our team. Oh,and thanks for freeing us from those gems.

-Raichu:Again,no prob.

The screen went to static.

-Raichu:*sighs heavily* Why does it always seem that the screen goes into static everytime we're talking to someone?

Raichu banged her fist against the screen. It came on,but a different face came on:A face of a large ape. Surprised by its size,Raichu jumped back.

-ape:Fellow Cornerians...

Raichu recognized the voice immediately.


Her voice carried down the hallway. The others entered the room,staring at the a/v moniter.

-Jenna:What does that bastard want?

-Andross:I challenge two leaders to a duel:Fox McCloud of the StarFox team and Raichu Pager of the Destined.

Raichu's heart jumped when she heard her name called out by the Andronian emperor.

-Andross:Only these two will challenge me to a fight to the death on Venom. If they don't show in 24 hours,I shall destroy Corneria using my beam cannon. You've been informed.

The moniter blanked out. Everyone looked at Raichu. She had that serious look on her face again,her blue eyes seemed to glow red with anger. The catox sat up.

-Vampria:Raichu,what are you doing?

-Raichu:I'm going to Venom. I'm going to defeat Andross.

Raichu was held back by Jenna and LaTisha.

-Jenna:You gotta be crazy,hon. Goin' against that ape in your condition? I don't think so.

-LaTisha:At least give us time to think of a strategy.

Raichu looked at Oku.

-Oku:You should take their advice,Raichu. Wait until we come up with a plan.

-Raichu:Who needs a plan?! It's simple! Just go Venom and start kicking ass!

Raichu got ready to jump out of bed,but she was held back again. The catox was getting very frustrated.

-Raichu:Lemme go! Lemme go!

Raichu struggled roughly,but the husky and dog held her back. The catox struggled widly. She was turning into a hyperatic monster!

-Jenna:Strap her down!

Foxer held down her legs while Rocky strapped her around the ankles. Then,he strapped her around the wrists.

-Raichu:Didn't you hear him?! He said both of us need to be there or he'll destroy Corneria. I have to so this.

-Thunder:And I have to do this.

The white wolf gripped Raichu's arm and squeezed it. Her claws stuck out and poked into the catox's arm,going into the skin. Raichu's screams started to fall into silence and she struggled less.

-Juju:What'd you do?

-Thunder:I used my tranquillizer claws on her.

-Vampria:Tranquillizer?! But you don't have tranquillizer claws!

-Thunder:I've used it as a secret weapon. Not even Raichu knew.

Raichu tried to grab Thunder's arm and jerk it away,but started feeling dizzy and fell into a deep sleep.

-Thunder:This should keep her calm until we come up with a plan.

-Rocky:24 hours should be enough time.

-Jenna:Oku,keep an eye on Raichu.

The red chameleon nodded and watched the furries leave the room. Oku sat in a chair next to Raichu. He stared at her for awhile before he started to nod off to sleep.


-Raichu. Raichu,wake up.-


Raichu stirred awake. She shook her head and looked up at the face of a fox. She almost screamed,but the furry gripped its paw around her muzzled,keeping the scream in.

-furry:Raichu,it's me.


The vulpine nodded.

-Fox:I'm here to help you.

Fox took out his dagger and started cutting away at the cuffs. Raichu looked to her left and saw Oku,in a deep sleep in his chair.

-Raichu:How'd you get in,Fox?

-Fox:Tails let me in. The others have no idea I'm here.

He had cut the wristcuffs and started cutting the anklecuffs.

-Raichu:How much time do we have?

-Fox:Not much. We have to leave now.

When Fox cut the last cuff,Raichu was free. Fox stood in the doorway,looking down the hall.

-Fox:It's clear. Let's go.

Fox disappeared down the hall. Before Raichu ran out the door,she unwrapped her blue bandanna from around her forehead and placed it in Oku's lap.

-Raichu(quietly):Somethin' to remember me by.

Raichu sneaked down the hallway,looking for the docking bay.

-Tailina(whispering)Psst. Raichu. In here.

Raichu saw Tailina waving at her and disappearing into a doorway. The catox went in and saw the jets,lined up in a row.

-Tails:Over here,Raichu.

Raichu looked to her right and saw the two two-tailed fox kits,standing in front of her jet.

-Tails:Be careful,Raichu. Andross is a powerful being. There's no tellin' what kind of tricks he got up his sleeve.

-Raichu:I'll be careful,don't worry.

The catox felt someone tug on her shirt and looked down at a vixen kit.

-Tailina:Raichu,please come back. *smiles* When your around,I feel less homesick for my family.

Raichu smiled at the kit.

-Fox:Come on,Raichu. We gotta go now!

The fox jumped into his arwing and started the engines. Raichu jumped into her jet and waited for Tails and Tailina to clear the docking bay. She started the engines. Tails opened the docking bay doors and the two jets shot into space,leaving behind a sonic boom that shook the mothership.

-LaTisha:What was that?

-Rocky:Sounded like a jet taking off.

The furries looked at each other.

-All(in unision):Oh no!!!

They ran into the sickbay ward into Raichu's room,where they found Oku still sleeping in the chair.

-LaTisha(yelling at the top of her lungs):OKU!!!!!!

Oku jumped up and pratically fell out of his chair.

-LaTisha:You let Raichu free?!! She's to weak to fight!!!

-Oku:But I didn't let her free!

Rocky examined the chopped cuffs.

-Rocky:It's been cut with a knife.

-Oku:I don't carry a knife.

Rocky looked closer and saw a strand of fur.

-Rocky:This is a DNA sample of a grown,male vulpine.

-Vampria:....You scare me when you talk like that.

-Thunder:He said it's a strand of fur from a fox.

-Foxer:The only fox I know that knows how to sneak into motherships like this is Fox McCloud.

Tails and Tailina entered the room.

Timber:But how could he get in? I fix the security system.

All eyes turned to the fox kits. Tails and Tailina looked back.

-Tails and Tailina(in unision):What?!

As the furries argured,Oku felt something in hand and picked it up.

-Oku:Raichu's bandanna.

He looked at it and thought he heard Raichu's southern,gangster-like accent voice in his head.

-Raichu's voice:Somethin' to remember me by.

Oku brought the bandanna up to his cheek,wiping a tear away.



Raichu looked out in space from her cockpit.

-Raichu(into her com):Yo Fox,how big is this Andross guy?

-Fox:That guy's so tall,he's head would probably match the size of the Empire State building.

-Raichu:Yeah,and I bet he's so big around,his belt size is equator.

Fox started to laugh as he watch Raichu stick her arms out and puff her cheeks up. Raichu stopped and her eyes widened.

-Raichu:Hey! How'd you know about the Empire State Building? Foxer said Cornerians didn't know about Earth until Andross started the apocalyspe there.

-Fox:Oh,I read a lil' about your planet Earth. That planet is amazing.

-Raichu:It's boring if ya' ask me. We have war,but it dosen't immediately happen like it does on your planet.

-Fox:Earth? Boring? You try living on Corneria for a few days. It gets dull there.

-Raichu:I would love to live there. Fightin' and shootin' is the life for me.

Fox cocked an eyeborw at the catox.

-Fox:You're not like all girls,are you Raichu?

-Raichu:*shakes her head* Nope.

-Fox:You're one of those crazy ones.

-Raichu:And you know this,man! I would've been out here sooner if Thunder wouldn't have put me to sleep.

-Fox:Thunder put you to sleep? Aren't you a lil' old to be sung to sleep?

-Raichu:That ain't funny,Foxy boy! She has tranquillizer in her claws(and I just found that out). She stuck me with them and it put me to sleep.

-Fox:They had to do the same thing to me. I was so mad when Andross mae that challenge. So mad,I couldn't control myself. My team had to hold me down and they stuck a tranquillizer in me. And I just fell asleep.

Raichu looked Fox.

-Raichu:Is it just me or do we have a lot in common?

-Fox:What? So you're saying we need to out on a date or something?

-Oku:I heard that,McCloud! Watch your mouth;that's my girl!

Oku appeared on Raichu's a/v moniter.

-Raichu:Oku? How'd you---

-Oku:I hid my a/v moniter somewhere in the tank van. What's this about you and Fox going out? Are ya' cheatin' on me?

-Raichu:No,of course not! We were just playing.

-Fox:I'm not tryin' to hook up on your girl,Oku. Besides,I already got a girl.

-Raichu(sternly):So what? You sayin' I'm not good enough to hook up with a guy like you?

-Fox:*sweatdrop* No! I'm not sayin' that! What I'm sayin'--

Fox was cut off by Oku's laughing. Raichu started to laugh herself,followed by Fox.

-Oku:I knew you were just playin'. Raichu,everybody's upset with you for leaving. Going to Venom is suicide. You know you're too weak to against Andross.

-Raichu:Well,Andross is gonna get a first look at a girl who can take a lickin'. Tell the guys not to worry. After that treatment,I feel stronger and energetic than ever.

Fox looked ahead and saw planet Venom right ahead.

-Fox:Better sign off Raichu. We're almost there.

Raichu looked ahead and saw the planet. She looked back at Oku. His expression had changed.

-Raichu:Don't worry,Oku. I'll be just fine.

-Oku:Okay. I'll tell the others you almost there. Be careful.

-Raichu:*nods* See ya',Oku.

The screen blinked out. They started to closer and closer to the planet.

-Fox:This is it.

-Raichu:Andross,here we come!

At the same time,the arwings rushed ahead on full thrusters. The jets entered Venom's atmosphere. Raichu looked up and the greenish-yellow sky and the sandy surface. Raichu looked left and right,waiting for Venomian jets to appear like in the game.

-Fox:So far,so good.

Raichu felt an uncomfortable presence behind her. She looked at her radar and saw six Venomians closing in on them.

-Raichu(yelling):Look out! Behind!

The two arwings curved before the Venomians started to fire. Two Venomians followed behind Fox. He looped and shot at them,shooting them down. Another one follwed his tail. Raichu had three on her tail. She joined Fox at his side.

-Raichu:Fox,let's show these guys how to play "Follow the Leader".

Fox agreed with the catox's plan and they both started toward a canyon wall,with the Venomians close behind them and still shooting. They were getting closer and closer to the wall.


Both pulled in the driver's stick back and their jets pulled up. The Venomians crashed into the canyon wall.

-Raichu:Ha! Suckers!

-Fox:Raichu,follow me.

Raichu followed Fox into canyons where they shot down more jets. They flew in a large opening. As they flew threw the polluted fog,a large castle appeared in front them. Raichu's eyes widened.

-Raichu:Like woooah!!!! This guy's gotta big ol' house!

-Fox:Don't admire it too long. Just wait 'til we get in there.

Fox went into the building with Raichu following him. She got nervous as she went farther because she was kind of clastraphobic. She was expecting to see a giant robot in front of them running away from them,like in the game,but there was none. She thought the walls were closing in on her. When she looked at the walls,she noticed they were closing in on them.


Fox noticed the walls,trying to squeeze them in.

-Fox:Oh shit!!! Raichu,full thrusters!!!!

Raichu zoomed over Fox's arwing,exiting the builiding. Fox rushed out just in time of the walls closing.

-Fox:Phew! That was a close call.

-Raichu:What do we do now,Foxy boy?

Fox looked down at what seemed to be an entrance underground.

-Fox:Going down!

Fox dived into the entrance.

-Raichu:Hey,wait fo' me!

Raichu dived in,down the pipe-like entrance,avoiding the electrical rays. As she came closer,she heard a gruff voice.

-Andross:Back again,McCloud?

Raichu growled.

-Raichu:Andross! (yelling)I'm gonna get you,ya' bastard,and when I do,I'll make you pay!!!!

-Andross:(laughs macanically) Ah,Ms. Raichu Pager,leader of the Destined. Nice to see you. Too bad I have to destroy at such a young age.

The two acepilot leaders made to the end of the tunnel. They faced a wall of green light. A large head and hands of an ape crashed out,laughing evily. Raichu's heart almost skipped a beat.

-Raichu:Holy crap! This guy is huge!!!

Andross didn't waste time. He brought his gloved hand back and swiped the arwings. They both dodged the swipe attack.

-Fox:Shoot at his hands!

Raichu shot multiple times at right hand while Fox shot the other,both still trying to dodge the swipes. Fox managed to shoot the left hand away,but got hit,losing his left wing.


Raichu shot the other hand away. She waited for the ape to explode,but he was still there.

-Raichu:What to do now?

-Fox:Shoot at his eyes!

Before Raichu could shoot,Andross stared to suck them into his mouth!


Raichu started to panic,pulling back. She didn't know a Nova bomb slipped out and shot into the ape's mouth. The pulling stop. The bomb exploded inside his mouth. Andross made a funny face of pain and growled angrily. Raichu started to laugh.

-Fox:Raichu! This is no laughing matter! Start shootin'!

Raichu gave Fox a cold look before starting to shooting at the mad ape's eyes. Every shot,blood squirted out.

-Fox:Eww! He's gonna feel that in the morning.

-Raichu:If he wakes up in the mornin'.

Finally,the eyeballs popped out,blood drooling down like teardrops. And the head exploded,but a mechanical head replaced it,snapping at them.

-Fox:Won't this guy ever give up?

-Raichu:Lemme handle this.

At a machine-gun speed,Raichu shot the mechanical head and it exploded,just like the first head.

-Raichu:Well,our work here is done. Let's---

Before the catox could finsh her sentnece,a big,black hole exploded,trying to suck them in.

-Fox:What's this?! A black hole?!!

The leaders tried going back,but the force kept pulling them in. They couldn't hold back and got sucked in the hole. Yelling for their lives,they twirled into pitch-black void.


Raichu was the first to wake. She looked around noticed she was in a large,passageway-like path. Everything was made of rock:the walls,the floor,and the ceiling.



-Fox:Can you get off my back?

Raichu looked down and saw she was laying on Fox's back. She jolted up.

-Raichu:My bad!

Again,their ears heard the sound of evil laughter.

-Andross:Mr. McCloud and Ms. Pager. Welcome to my everlasting maze. You must survive through this if you wish to challenge me. This maze is filled hidden traps and four familiar acepilots will challenge you to a fight before you can pass. You might need this to stop them,that is if you can stop them.

A gun fell from the ceiling.

-Andross:Good luck,you'll need it. *laughs loudly*

Raichu turned to Fox.

-Raichu:Who does this guy think we are? Lab rats?

-Fox:By his point of view,yes.

The vulpine picked up the gun.

-Fox:This is the same gun he used to shrink us in those Imprisonment Gems.

-Raichu:What do we need it for?

-Fox:Guess we'll find out while we try to get outta here.

The two took off running down the passageways and stopped at a fork in the path.

-Fox:Which way?


They ran into the left passageway,but they only reached halfway. Before them was a river of lava.

-Raichu:Um...let's go to the right instead.

Raichu started to turn around,but a rock wall came down from the ceiling,blocking their path.

-Raichu:Or....we could just keep going this way.


Raichu thought,then slapped her head.

-Raichu:Ack! I stupid! I almost forgot! Fearow transform!

Raichu transformed into Fearow,a falcon-like PokÈmon. Fox looked at the catox with surprisement.

-Raichu:What? Have ya' ever seen a Fearow before?

-Fox:The only Fearow I've seen is a loud-mouth,hot-headed one named Falco.

Raichu shook her head and grabbed Fox by her talons and took off over the lava,flapping her wings feriously.

-Fox:Watch it with those talons,Raichu! They hurt!

-Raichu(straining):I'm trying to hang on to you! Geez man! You weight a lot! You must get a lot of iron in the morning!


Raichu looked down at the lava and thought she saw something coming out. A lava ball came out,shooting at the furries,but Raichu stopped and flew in reverse,dodging the fireball.

-Fox:Watch out!

Raichu looked behind and saw a fireball coming right toward her.


The catox flew faster,dodging the fire balls. When they made it to the end,Raichu crash-landed. Both of the furries tumbled,rolling along the ground. Raichu,still in her form,tunred on her back,panting.


Raichu changed back into herself. She rolled on her side,still panting.

-Fox:You okay?

-Raichu:Yeah,I'm just---

She stopped. Fox waited for her to finish her sentence,but there was only silence.


-Raichu:Who da' hell is that?!

Fox looked in the same direction the catox was looking and saw a pig with beady eyes.

-Fox:Pigma Dengar.

-Raichu:Pigma? The traitor of the original StarFox team?*laughs*We can beat this guy easily.

-Pigma:You really think so?

Fox reached down to grab his pitol,but it wasn't there.

-Fox:Hey! Where's my gun?!

-Pigma:We removed your weapons while you were knocked out.

Raichu noticed the pig wearing gold-colored gloves.

-Raichu(thinking):I'm afraid to ask him what those are for,but I'm gonna ask him anyway.(to Pigma)What are those for?

-Pigma:You'll see.

Before the furries very eyes,Pigma disappeard.

-Fox:What the f-----?

-Raichu:Where'd he go?

Their questions were answered when they felt a strong force hit them in the back,sending them to the ground. Fox back-flipped to block his fall,Raichu,on the other hand,accepted her fall. They all turned and saw the traitorous pig,smirking.

-Raichu:But how? You were---and then----oh,my head hurts again!

-Pigma:These are power gloves.

The pig held up his hands.

-Pigma:It gives us different kind of powers. Mine is speed.

Again,Pigma disappeared. He kicked Fox in the back of the head,sending him to the ground. Raichu tried to jump on him from behind,but again he disappeared,leaving the catox dumbfounded. Raichu felt an uncomfortable force kick her in the rear. She rolled like a ball,next to Fox.

-Raichu:Ouch! That hurts!

-Pigma:It's supposed to hurt,runt.

-Raichu(thinking):I'm sick of people calling my a ''runt''!

The beady-eyed pig zipped this way and that,confusing the furries.

-Fox:I don't know how we can beat him. He's too fast.

-Raichu:I know how.


-Raichu:I can use the mind of PokÈmon,but his is my first time using this power so don't get mad at me if I send you crashing into the wall. I'll tell you where he'll stop.

Raichu stood still,closing her eyes and clearing her mind.

-Raichu(whispering):I call on my powers. Give me the mind and power of a Zubat.

Raichu concentrated hard. She could hear Pigma's evil laugh getting louder and louder.


-Raichu:He's gonna stop.....right there!

Raichu pointed to the left. Fox ran in that direction and Pigma appeared. Unaware of the furry,Pigma got rammed into the wall. Fox went behind the pig and kicked him toward Raichu. Raichu mule-kicked Pigma into the air. He bounced off the ceiling and crashed against the ground.

-Raichu:Ooooh! That's gotta hurt!

Pigma started to get up. Raichu stared at Fox and noticed that gun in his pocket that they got when they first arrived here.

-Raichu(whispering):Fox,I got another idea. Just follow my instructions. (yelling) Hey Pigma! I heard ya' like money! Is that true?

The pig turned and looked at Raichu.

-Raichu:Meowth transform!

Raichu turned into a cat with gold coin sticking out of her head.

-Raichu:Pay day!

Gold coins started coming from Meowth's head,piling in front of Pigma. He squealed and jumped in the pile.

-Pigma:I'm rich! Rich!

While Pigma romped in the pile of gold coins,Raichu motioned Fox to move behind him. The fox slid past the pig and stood a feet behind him.

-Raichu:Oh,I hate to break this to you,Piggy,but all those coins....are fake.

Pigma looked at the catox,eyes widened.

-Pigma:Fake?!?!?!?!?!?! Why you lil'!!!!!!!!

-Raichu:Now Fox!

Fox shot the gun toward the pig. A blue beam came out and the color surrounded Pigma. He shrank and became a jewel.

-Fox:This is the same gun Andross used on us. Inside those Imprisonment Gems.

-Raichu:Yeah,but now one of his teammates is in them now.

Raichu picked up the gem and watched the pig inside it have a total fit.

-Pigma:Just you wait! Andross will beat you! Then you'll be sorry!

-Raichu:Shut the fuck up!!! Remember you're part of a BLT *smiles evily* and I am kinda hungry. *slurp*

Pigma squealed loudly.

-Fox:No need to scare him,Raichu. He met his match. Let's go.

Raichu stuck the gem in her inside jacket pocket and followed Fox,down the rocky cavern. Using his fox instincts,he guided him and his catox friend down the right paths.

-Raichu:So far,so good.

Fox felt the ground,shaking under him.

-Fox:What's that rumbling noise?

Raichu looked behind her and her eyes widened.

-Raichu:Maybe that'll answer your question!

Fox turned and saw about three or four large boulders rolling right toward them. The two ran for their very lives.

-Raichu:Why do I feel like Indiana Jones here?!

The boulders were getting closer. Fox spotted a path to the right. He grabbed the catox by the paw and jumped to the right,out of harm's way. The boulders rolled right past them.

-Fox:That was a close one.

-Raichu:Yeah,we would've been a couple of furry pancakes.

-Fox:Wonder where this path leads to?

Fox walked down the narrow path.

-Raichu:Wait fo' me.

Raichu followed the vulpine down the path into a big area.

-Raichu:Where are we now?

-In my battle opening.-

The furries turned their heads and saw a young ape.

-Fox:Andrew Oikinny.

-Raichu:Oikinny? What kind of last name is that?

The ape raised his hands,showing another pair of gold gloves.

-Fox:Not another power. What kind is it this time?

Long rope shot out toward the two leaders.


Raichu dived out of the way,but Fox was a little late and got caught in the ropes.

-Raichu:Hold on,Foxy boy. Charmeleon transform!

The catox shrunk and became a small,red dragon with the flame at the end of her tail.


Fireballs shot out toward the vines,but the fire just flared up and a bit and died out.

-Andrew:Ha! You can't get rid of these vines! They're non-flammable.

-Raichu:They're non-flammable,but are they non-chewable?

Raichu grabbed one of the vines that held Fox in place and started biting it.

-Andrew:Hey! Cut that out!

Andrew sent a vine toward Raichu. It wrapped around the catox's waist,pulling her away.


The relunctant catox held tight to vine,still biting. Finally,the vine broke and Fox was able to reach his dagger from his boot.

-Fox:I'm glad they didn't find this one.

He cut away the vines that held him and landed to the ground and backed away. He started to pull the shrink gun out,but saw Raichu still stuck in the vines. The catox moved her hands around,signaling Fox something. He understood every signal. His ears lowered in sadness.

-Fox:Well Andrew,looks like you got me where you want me.

The ape smiled.

-Andrew:For once,I did something right! Uncle will be so proud!

-Raichu(whispering):Not for long he won't.(outloud)RaiiiiiCHUUUU!!!!!!!!

Electricity rushed up from Raichu's tail toward the vines. Andrew shook from the shock. The vines blackened and dissolved. Raichu dropped to the ground. Fox took out the shrink ray out and shot at the ape. Andrew shrunk until he was inside a gem. Fox picked up the gem.

-Andrew:*yelling like a banshee*I'll tell my uncle!!!!

-Raichu:Oh be quiet,ya' big baby!!!!!!!

-Fox:*laughs*Well,that's two down and two to go.

Raichu stuck the gem inside her jacket pocket.

-Raichu:Good thing I'm wearing a jacket with big-ass pockets.

The catox lead this time into another narrow path and back on the right path. As they walked down,Fox didn't notice stepping on a trigger. Compartments in the wall opened and arrows started to shoot out. Raichu and Fox jumped over and ducked under. Raichu thought that the arrows did an outline on her poses as she ran against the wall. At the end of the path,the leaders gasped for air.

-Raichu:River of lava,rolling boulders,and arrows coming out the walls. What next? The floor opening under us?

The floor immediately opened and the leaders tumbled into it,sliding down a slope,into darkness.

-Raichu:I had to ask. From now on,I'm gonna stop asking questions until we get out of here.

-Fox:Mind if I ask one?

-Raichu:You just did. But go ahead.

-Fox:Where are we?

Lights came on. The leaders looked around,discovering they had slid into a room.

-Welcome McCloud and Pager.-

Raichu was too scared to turn around. She recognized the furry's voice and was scared of him.

-Raichu:Lemme guess,Leon Powalski.

-Leon:Right on the dot,runt.

The green lizard smikred.

-Leon:How do you wanna die? Quick or slow?

Raichu stepped back.

-Raichu:I don't wanna die at all.

The catox ran toward the opening they slid down and tried to climb back up,but it was too steep.

-Leon:Wassa matta',kitty-fox? Afraid?

The lizard stuck out his palms,showing his gold gloves. Fire shot out.


Raichu leaped up high and landed behind Fox.

-Fox:What's your problem? First,you were energetic and ready to fight,now you're like a coward.

-Raichu:I can't face him! He almost split me open down in his torture chamber and ever since then,I've been scare of him.

The leaders jumped out of the line of fire.

-Raichu:I'm gettin' out of here!

Raichu's black claws displayed and dug them in the deep slope,climbing up.

-Fox:Raichu! Wait!

The vulpine started climb up,but slid down when the slope started to get steeper. Raichu climbed to the top and gasped for breath. Her ears pricked up when she heard the fight down the slope. She thought she heard Fox yelp.

-Raichu:Oh,what've I done? Don't worry,Fox,I'm comin'!Charge!

Raichu was about to slide the slope,but she grabbed on to the ledge and pulled herself back up.

-Raichu:Woah! What am I doin'? That Leon give me the creeps! I can't fight him!

Raichu listen to the commotion down the slope. She could hear Leon yelling out his fire powers and Fox screaming in pain. The catox closed her ears,but could still hear the noise. Finally,she couldn't take it.

-Raichu:I gotta face my fears. If I don't.....I don't wanna think about the future. Here I come,Fox!

Raichu slid the slope with confidence in her mind. When she got to the end of the slope,she saw Fox still standing on his feet,his fur burnt a bit. Leon stood a few feet from him,his gold gloves still smoking.

-Raichu:Hey! Tall,dark,and ugly!

The lizard turned toward the voice.

-Raichu:Heeeeere's Raichu!

Raichu came toward Leon,with her leg stick out toward him. Leon blocked the attack,causing the catox to bounce back. Raichu landed on her feet.

-Leon:How dare you interfere!!

The lizard stuck out his palms toward Raichu. Fireballs came straight toward her.

-Raichu:Squirtle transform and seperate times one!

Raichu transformed into Squirtle and it seperated,causing two Squirtles(Raichu in her form and another Squirtle). They both shot water from their mouths,putting out the fireballs. The water hit Leon,the pressure sending him against the wall. The determined lizard staggered up.


A grey mist surrounded Leon,blinding him from the leaders. He looked around and started to yell out loud. Images of Molly,Jenna's ninetails,started leaping at Leon. First there was one image,then three,then five,then hundreds,causing Leon to go into a panic attack. Fox saw his chance and took out the gun and shot Leon. Leon shrunk just like the others inside a gem. Raichu picked up the gem and smiled evily.

-Raichu:I always wanted to do this.

The catox shook the gem as hard as she could. She looked inside and saw Leon,laying down with dizzy eyes. She laughed.

-Raichu:How about I torture you for awhile?

-Fox:Now that we got him out of the way,how do we get outta here?

-Raichu:Leave it to me. Pikachu transform and seperate times five.

The catox transformed into Pikachu and separted into five.

-Raichu and dupilcates:PiiiikaaaaCHUUUU!!!!!!!!

Electricity hit against the rock wall. When it hit the wall,it caused a hole going up to the surface. The leaders climbed up and out. They again started to run until they came to a dead end.

-Raichu:Oh great,a path that leads to nowhere.

They jumped when they heard a booming sound. They turned and saw the way they entered was blocked by a rock wall. Fox looked up and saw a passageway up.

-Fox:Wonder what's that for?

-Raichu(in a frightened tone):Um Fox?


Fox looked at the walls which now had spikes the size of swords. The two started to sweat. Raichu felt something wet around her ankles. She blushed,thinking she had wet her pants from fear,but when she looked down,she saw water rising to up to her legs.


The water started rising and the walls started to close in on them.

-Fox:Holy shit.

The water rose to their necks and the walls came closer.

-Raichu:We better do something before we become underwater shishkabob!

-Fox:This idea might work! Give me your dagger!

Raichu pulled her dagger out of her holster and handed to Fox. Fox dived underwater and stuck the blades under the walls like a stopper. The walls stop moving. Fox came from underwater.

-Fox:Now,climb on the spikes!

Raichu started to climb on the spikes up the upward passageway with Fox right behind her. Raichu got to the top and discovered another pathway.


The catox climbed onto solid ground and pulled Fox up. By this time,the pushing pressure of the wall broke the daggers and the walls closed together.

-Raichu:C'mon Fox,we still hava few more miles to go.

Raichu jerked Fox up and ran down the passageway. Fox thought he felt something hot right behind him. He looked back and saw molten lava right behind him.

-Fox:Raichu! You might wanna pick up a lil' speed!

Raichu looked behind and screamed. The leaders ran faster.

-Raichu:Hot stuff! Hot stuff! Hot hot hot hot stuff!!!!

Raichu looked down the hallway and saw another dead end.

-Raichu:Oh man! We're gonna get fried!

-Fox:No we aren't! My dad showed me this trick. Just follow me lead.

Fox jumped on the wall,then bounced to the other side of the wall.

-Raichu:Oh,I get it.

The catox copy-cat Fox,following him wall to wall and up the passageway. The lava crashed against the wall. Fox bounced along the wall. Raichu decided to use her claws for the rest of the climb. She thought she could still feel the lava's heat getting closer. She looked down and saw the lava rising toward her.

-Raichu:Oh god! Move it,Foxy boy!

Fox looked down and saw the lava catching up up with them. He looked up.

-Fox:Keep going! We're almost to the top;I see light!

At the word "light",Raichu started to pick up speed. The leaders came up to the top and discovered another path,but it was like a long bridge with nothing supporting the sides or the bottom and a deep drop pit if they took a wrong step. The lava still rose and now was right on their tail. They ran across the bridge-like path. The lava burned through the beginning of the bridge,causing it to crumble. The breaking bridge started follwing the furries. With a mighty jump,Fox and Raichu jumped onto a flat surface. The whole bridge crumbled down into the deep,bottomless pit,but they could here it crash. The lava drooled down the side,into the pit.


-Raichu:We must be ''the Furries of Luck'' or somethin'.

-Fox:What do you mean?

-Raichu:I mean think about it,man! We almost got squashed,drowned,burnt,vine-whipped,and shishkabobed,but we survived it all!

-You survived it all,but can you survive from me?-

They turned and saw the one-eyed wolf,they both know and dispise,levitating in the air.

-Raichu:How the heck are you levitating!?

Wolf showed his gold gloves.

-Fox:Oh no! Not more gold gloves!

-Wolf:That's right,McCloud! And these gloves have all the powers you witnessed when you met my teammates. Speed.

Wolf disappeared and reappeared bahind Raichu. The catox gasped and stepped back next to Fox.


Vines came out of Wolf's gloves and rushed toward the leaders,wrapping them up. They were lifted up in the air and slammed down to the ground. Not too hard though,they were able to get up.


Fireballs zipped past the furries,not doing any damage.

-Wolf:And two more powers:Wind!

A strong wind blew the leaders off their feet and sending them over the ledge,but they held on to the ledge and pulled themselves up.

-Wolf:And one more power Raichu's probably familiar with,but it's a lil' different and powerful than your weak electric powers:Black Lightning!

Electric bolts in the color black came out and shocked Raichu.


Raichu staggered to her feet.

-Wolf:Feel like takin' me on? Come on with it,then!

The wolf waved his paw in a back and forth motion like if he was saying,''Come here''. Raichu growled and leaped at Wolf. He disappered,making Raichu fall to the ground. She landed on all fours. Wolf appeared behind Fox,hoping to shock him in the back. The witty vulpine felt his presence and grabbed his arm,throwing him over his shoulder. Wolf headed for Raichu's way. The wiley catox ducked and mule-kiced the one-eye Venomian in the back into the air. Wolf levitated in the air and shook his head from dizziness. He growled and rose his paws in the air.

-Wolf:Black Lightning!!!!!! Strike!!!!!!

The dark-colored lightning bolt came toward Raichu.

-Raichu:Oh no you don't!!! Thunderbolt!!! Strike!!!!!

The two powers clashed together,but Wolf's power came closer and closer to Raichu. Finally,she could no longer withstand the power's strength and lost her concentration,causing her power to die out. Wolf's lightning shocked Raichu,sending her sliding to the floor.

-Wolf:*laughs evily*It looks like Raichu Pager has finally met her match!

The catox curled up in a ball,shivering from the surge going through her.

-Wolf:As for you,McCloud!

Wolf shot vines at Fox. The vulpine took out his dagger and cut the vines,but too many kept coming toward him. Fox started to grow tired and a vine wrapped around his neck,choking him. Wolf commanded the vine to lift in the air,taking Fox with it. He looked down and saw the lava below,filling up the pit. All Raichu could do was watch in horror,she couldn't move after that strong attack. Suddenly,a feminine voice filled in her head.

-voice:You must get up,Raichu. Defeat this evil.

-Raichu(talking in her mind):Huh? Who?

-voice:Get up,Raichu.

-Raichu:Whoever you are,I'm sorry to say. I can't get up. After that attack,I'm too weak.

-voice:Reach into your pocket,young one.

Raichu wealky slid her paw in her jean pocket and pulled out her power stone.

-Raichu:My power stone?

-voice:It will make you stronger and faster. Now,clutch the stone tight and concentrate.

The catox brought the stone close to her chest and closed her eyes. She started to glow like a bright light. The shine caught Wolf's attention.

-Wolf:Huh? What's going on down there?

Raichu's brown hair started to grow long again and the blue armor surrounded her body. The catox was able to stand. She looked up at where Wolf was.

-Raichu:You think you can defeat me? Leader of the Destined? I don't think so,Wolfy boy!

Wolf's vines dropped Fox and headed for Raichu.

-Raichu:Electric Beam!!

Yellow beam strips left the catox's finger,attacking and destroying the vines.


Balls of fire headed toward Raichu.

-Raichu:Give me the power of a Squirtle's water gun!

Raichu glowed a blue arua.

-Raichu:Water gun!

Water squirted out the catox's mouth,putting out the fire.

-Wolf:All right,then! Speed!

The one-eyed wolf zipped this way and that. Raichu stood absolutely still. The Venomian appeared behind Raichu. The catox looked at the corner of her eye and dropped to the ground,tripping Wolf. Wolf fell on his back. He slowly ar

-Wolf:You still can't defeat this power! You can protect yourself,but can you protect your friends?!

A black lightning bolt headed toward Fox. Raichu ran in front of him.

-Raichu:Supreme Thunder times 3!!!!!!!

A large lightning bolt rushed toward Wolf's power. Again,the two powers collided,getting closer to Raichu.

-Raichu:Supreme thunder times 5!!!

The lightning bolt grew larger and started pushing Wolf's power back toward him. The two lightning bolts hit Wolf,his power destroyed his power gloves and Raichu's power electricuted the wolf,making him shake violently as she yelled. When the power faded,Wolf dropped to the ground,burnt and still shaking from the electricity. Raichu helped Fox to his feet.

-Raichu:You okay?


A hole opened in the rocky ceiling and a beam shot down at Wolf,bringing him up into a hole. It shined on Raichu,taking the gems away. Once they was out of sight,Andross' gruff voice was heard echoing around the room.

-Andross:I see you've survived through the traps and your rivals. Now lets see if you can survive me!

A platfrom came out the other side of the canyon wall,causing another birdge. When it reached the platforms the leaders stood on,a door opened. Fox turned to Raichu.

-Fox:Let's show this monkey who's boss.

The catox nodded and followed Fox across the lava pit and into the door.

Chapter 9

As they walked further down the hallway,the doors closed behind them. The walls,floor,and ceilings turned from rocky to metal. Fox had his paw on the hnadle of his dagger and electricity jolted of the thunder bolt at the end of Raichu's tail. It seemed like the hallway lasted for miles as they continued to walk. It ended when they saw another metal doorway. The leaders had a serious mixed with an angry look on their faces. When they reached the doorway,it opened automatically. The leaders walked in and looked around and saw lots a screens and buttons and in the middle,a giant chair,with it's back toward them,with a three-stairway under it.

-Andross:Welcome McCloud and Pager.

Raichu could hear her heart beating when the voice silenced. The chair turned,sitting in it was the large ape himself. Raichu's heart leaped into her throat at the size of him.

-Andross:Fox McCloud,get read to say hello to your father cause you will meet him soon.

Fox growled and pulled out his dagger.

-Fox:I will make you pay for trying to destroy my homeplanet and for my father's death.

Raichu's electricity surrounded her.

-Raichu:You destroyed my first homeplanet. I won't let destroy you destroy this one.

Andross just smiled evily and pulled out his sword.

-Andross:Touching words from such brave leaders. Too bad I have to destroy you.

The ape brought the large sword down at the leaders,but they dodged from the blade. Raichu rolled along the ground and steadied herself on her knees. She formed her fingers in an X.

-Raichu:Thunder shock!

Lightning bolts attacked Andross,but all he did was laugh.

-Andross:You think that static power can stop me?

Andross brought her sword down toward Raichu,but she jumped foward from the blade and landed next to Fox. As she stood up,she noticed she felt a little lighter. She looked down behind her and saw her tail missing! The catox looked where she landed the first time. Her tail laid beside the wall. It twitched then fell still.

-Raichu:M-my tail! Now I can't use my powers!

The ape laughed.

-Andross:I knew that funny-looking tail of yours had something to do with your powers.

He stuck his palm out.

-Andross:Now,you're just a normal Cornerian,like you friend here.

A power beam shot out of the pae's hand. The leaders dodged the beam,but Fox got skinned on the arm by it. He fell down and rolled along the floor. The catox ran to his side,helping him up. As she helped him to his feet,Andross gazed at her.

-Andross(in his mind):Why does she look so familiar to me?

Raichu stared at the ape coldly.

-Raichu:You think you can hurt my bud and get away wit' it?! Electric speed dash!

Raichu glowed a bright yellow and dashed toward Andross,leaving behind a trail of electircity. As she fought the ape at lightspeed,Andross still tried to remember as if he'd seen her before. He pictured her with different colors;her hair black,her eyes green,and her fur a darker yellow. His eyes widened;now he knew who she was. Raichu calmed her power down and stepped back a few steps.

-Andross:But how! Impossible! Are you the descendant of Lila Pager,leader of the Destined?!

-Raichu:Uh....yeah. So?

-Andross:But I sent one of my airmen to destroy the destined leader. I thought she and the other destineds didn't have any offspring.

-Raichu:That's where you're wrong,ape face! My friends were born right after you killed James McCloud. I was born the year after. To keep us safe from you and your other evil men,our moms hid us. During the war,the destined sent us to Earth where we were reborn as humans and had a different life. Now we're back to kick your sorry hide! Oh yeah,one more thing,only one of your men knew that the destined had a generation,and that man's name is Wolf.

Andross clenched his teeth and his fist tightened and he already had a brutal punishment planned out for Wolf later.

-Andross:Well I got rid of the destined and I can get rid of their generation also!

A laser beam came at Raichu again. She jumped out of the way and looked back to see the laser coming toward her still! She ran,jumped,and ducked from the beam,but it followed her like a heat-seeking missle. It finally hit her in the back,sending her into the wall. The catox started to get up,but Andross shot another beam at her. She screamed in pain as she felt the power burning her. When the ape calmed his power,Raichu sulked against the wall. She felt some of the pain from her old wounds. The voice in the head returned to her.

-voice:Raichu,pick up the power stone and face it toward Andross.

The catox slowly slid her paw in her pocket.

-Andross:Say goodbye!

With a scream of rage,the ape started to send another beam toward Raichu,but he fell foward from a force that hit him hard in the back. Andross looked back and saw a fox.

-Andross:You interfering whelp!!

Andross brought his giant hand down of Fox,hoping to squash him,but Fox jumped up from his hand and kicked the ape hard in the forehead. Andross roared in pain,holding his forehead. Fox leaped toward him again,but Andross saw him coming and swiped him away with his hand. The vulpine slammed against the wall,leaving a small dent in it,but he got up and charged again. Raichu watched in surprisement as Fox fought the large ape furiously. Andross fell down to the ground.

-Fox:You give up,Andross?

The ape slowly grabbed the handle of his sword.

-Andross:I've only started,boy!

He swished the sword toward Fox.

-Raichu:Watch out man!

The catox leaped at Fox,pushing him out the way. Both leaders tumbled along the floor. Raichu pushed herself up and seemed to fly toward Andross. The ape laughed and grabbed the catox with his giant hand. He squeezed Raichu tight,making her yell out loud. He smiled and placed the blade of his sword to the side of the catox's neck. Tears started to wll up in Raichu's eyes.

-Andross:Awwww....don't worry. It'll be quick!

-Raichu(in her mind):This is just great. Now I'm gonna hafta walk around with no head.

Before the ape could make the kill,a fireball burnt his hand that held the sword. He threw the sword aside and dropped Raichu,quickly waving his burning hand. The catox looked and saw Fox with fire around his paw,his face in anger instead of pain. He threw a few more fireballs toward the ape,but he ducked. He opened his eyes and they were met by two fists with different color fur. At the same time,they hit him in the face. Andross jerked up holding his bleeding nose. The leaders charged at the large ape,but again he swiped his arm toward them,knocking them away. Fox landed in the corner of the room and Raichu landed near the control panel where the sword was. Fox was about to get up,but Andross stepped on his head. He laughed demonically as he pushed his boot on the fox's head. Fox couldn't get up because of the ape's great weight.

-Andross:*laughs* Say hello to your father for me.

He laughed again,still trying to squish Fox' brains out. Fox awaited for his skull to crush,but the pressure seemed to stop and calm. Fox was able to slide from under the evil scientist's foot. He stepped back a few steps and saw what made Andross go to a stand still. Raichu,bleeding a little,stabbed the scientist with his own sword. Raichu's blue eyes blazed with anger and her teeth clenched with frustration. She wanted to make sure that he was dead,so she sent her electrical powers into the sword,shocking Andross. The ape shook from the powerful surge. When she settled her power,she pulled the sword out,making a disgusting,sloshing sound. Andross fell foward,with his eyes going to the back of his head.

-Raichu:See you on da' southside,sicko!

Raichu fell to her knees,a little weak. Fox ran to her side.

-Fox:You okay?

-Raichu:Sorta. I'm just tired.

The catox slowly raised to her feet. She turned to Fox.


-Fox:..About what?

-Raichu:I know how much you wanted to destroy Andross yourself,but if didn't act fast,he would've squished your brains out.

-Fox:Hey,I wouldn't care if that mad ape died of old age,just as long as his madness stopped. I just want to know how I was able to throw fire. I don't have any powers.

Raichu laughed softly.

-Raichu:You've had that since you were trapped in that jewel. You see,when I picked up the gem with you in it. I could feel that you had some power in you. So,I awakened it for you.

-Fox:But I didn't feel anything.

-Raichu:You're not supposed to feel anything,but I did awaken your power ever since we first met. You can only use it when your very mad and against evil.

-Fox:I wonder why it was getting hot in that gem when I was arguing with Falco.

Raichu laughed again.

-Andross:Imcompetant fools!

The leaders jolted up and shivered in fear. They looked back and saw the ape's body still laying,unmoving. Then,they looked foward and saw Andross on one of the screens.

-Raichu:But how....I just ki-.....and he's.....How did he...?

-Fox:I don't know,Raichu.

-Raichu:It has to be a video tape. It's just gotta be.

-Andross:You may have defeated me,but I can still shoot the cannon toward your planet.

He laughed loudly and the screen blanked off,showing the outer space. A mothership bigger than the Hurrican appeared and a large cannon slowly came out the side of it. A computerized voice filled the room.

-voice:The beam cannon will destroy the planet Corneria in T minus 30 seconds.

-Raichu:Oh hell no!

All the leaders could was watch as the digital numbers pass by.


The beam shot out toward Corneria slowly because of the gravity in space.

-Raichu:Andross!!! You'll never get away with this!!!!

The catox brought the power stone to her necklace that the unicorn gave to her. Raichu started to change:her fur and armor turned gold,her eyes turned red,and her hair grew longer. Fox watched in surprisement. The catox turned to him.

-Raichu:We have to stop that cannon!

Fox shook out of his spell and nodded. Raichu waved her arms in a circle causing an electric bubble. It lifted in the air and through the ceiling. Fox looked below at Venom's sandy surface,then looked behind and saw Venomian minions being led by four,familiar jets.

-Fox:Not again! When will these guys quit?!

-Raichu:I got 'em.

Electricity surrounded the catox and rushed toward the jets. The Venomians barrel rolled,reflecting the bolts.

-Raichu:Say what?!?!?!?!

She could look inside Wolf's cockpit and saw him smile evily that made her shiver. The jet beams hit the electric bubble. The bubble reflected it too,but the electricity around it started to fade,telling Raichu that the shield is getting low.

-Raichu(in her mind)One more hit like that and we're done for.

Wolf could see the power fading and saw his chance. He decided to fire a Nova bomb at the leaders,but he felt something hit him from the side of hi jet.

-Wolf:Shiiiit! Not again!

Five jets with the name,Tsunami,on the side.

-Raichu:Guys! You're here!

-LaTisha:That's right,Raichu!

-Thunder:We never leave you hangin',dawg!

-Vampria:And were here to help!

-Jenna:To kick some Venom ass!

The Tsunamis seperated and headed for the minions,getting tangled in a dogfight. LaTisha couldn't shake a Venomian on her tail,but a jet with a collie in the cockpit shot it down. LaTisha smiled.

-LaTisha:Thanks Colby!

Colby waved at her and flew into the battle. The electric bubble started to regain its power and they continued out of the planet's atmosphere. Fox was a little bit worried because there was no air in space,but as soon as they were out if the atmosphere,he could breathe. He saw Andross' mothership and saw the beam heading toward Corneria.

-Fox:Raichu,even if we go inside the ship and stop the beam,it'll be too late.

-Raichu:You stop the beam inside the ship.

Raichu seperated the bubble,leaving Fox in another one.

-Raichu:I'll stop the beam from hitting Corneria with my Supreme Thunder.

-Fox:I don't think you can do it,Raichu. After those battles,I doubt your powers can stop it.

Raichu smiled.

-Raichu:Never underestimate this kitty-fox girl.

The catox sent the vulpine toward the ship while she headed to Corneria. The two didn't know they were being watched by an of evil eye.

Inside the ship,the bubble with Fox in it went through the wall of the control room. Fox looked on the panel to stop the beam,but didn't see it.

-Fox:Maybe I can make the beam go in reverse. Now what's that code again?

Fox typed into the keyboard trying to break the codes.

-Hold it right there,McCloud.-

Fox turned and saw his evil rival.

-Fox(angrily):Havent' you had enough of us from that crazy maze?

-Wolf:That was a fight between me and Pager. Now it's me versus you.

The vulpin reached for his gun,but forgot it had been taken.

-Wolf:Lookin' for this?

Wolf pulled out his gun and his rival's. He shot them at Fox at rapid speed. Fox ducked under control panel.

-Fox(in his mind):If he destroys the panel,then I won't be able to crack to code.

Fox remembered the power Raichu had given him and decided it would be a good time to use it. He balled his paw in a fist and concentrated. A flame surrounded his fist. He jolted out from under the panel and threw it the fire toward Wolf. The Venomian ducked from the attack,dropping one of the pistols. Fox grabbed it and charged it up,but he was unaware of the green fist coming toward his face.


The beam started to get closer to Corneria,entering the atmosphere. Raichu rushed toward the ground,landing in the path of the beam:in the streets of Corneria City. She saw Cornerians paniking and trying to evacuate. Some shouted at her to move out of the way,but she just stood there. The beam came closer. Raichu pushed her paws together and brought it apart slowly.

-Raichu:Supreme Thunder Beam.....

The beam was about to hit!

-Raichu:Times 5!!!!!!!!!!!

A wide,bright beam came out of the catox palms,holding the beam back. The bright light shined in the sky. She arms started to grow heavy,but she held them up.

-Raichu:I'm not gonna give up! No way! I came too far to give up now!

The catox pushed her beam foward,but the cannon's beam was too strong. She started to sink to her knees. Speaking with her mind,she sent a message to LaTisha.

-Raichu(speaking to LaTisha in her mind):'Tisha,I can't hold the beam back by myself! I need help! Quick!

-LaTisha:We're on our way,Raichu!(on her com)Guys! Forget these jerks! Raichu needs help on da' double!

-Thunder,Vampria,and Jenna(in unision):Right!

They broke away from their fight and headed toward Corneria. On the way,Jenna could tell something was going on in Andross' ship.

-Jenna:You guys go ahead. I'm gonna go see what's going on in there.

Jenna flew toward the ship as the others head for Corneria. They entered the atmosphere and landed their jets quickly a few feet from where Raichu stood holding the beam back. The catox was on her sitting on her knees,sweating heavily with her head down and her arms up holding the power back.


The furries at Raichu's side.

-LaTisha:Psychic Beam!!! Fire!!!!!

A blue beam left the grey dog's forehead toward the cannon beam.

-Thunder:Thunder Sonic Boom!

Rings of lightning left the white wolf and headed toward the beam.

-Vampria:Beam Hearts!!! Go!!!!!

Beam hearts left the tigress' fingertip and pushed against the beam. The powers joined Raichu's beam,making it stronger and powerful,but it wasn't enough to keep the beam from destroying Corneria.

-Raichu:Hurry Fox!

Aboard the evil mothership,Fox was getting beat by his rival team. Even with his new power,he couldn't beat them.

-Wolf:We're gonna start on where Andross left off.

The Venomian wolf took out his curved-blade dagger. Fox gripped the handle of his dagger.

-Jenna:Don't you move,you bastards!

The Venomian mercenary heard a click behind them. Wolf turned and saw a brown-and-white husky with her laser pistol,leveled and ready.

-Wolf:Look fellas,it's that husky chick from Katina.

His teammates laughed and the Venomian leader walked toward her.

-Jenna:Don't come any closer or I'll shoot!

Wolf kept walking. Jenna shot the laser at the wolf,but he just dodged them. When he was close enough,he grabbed the husky's arm and squeezed it,making her drop the pistol.

-Wolf:You're a fiesty woman. *smiles* Just how I like 'em.

Jenna growled and puched Wolf in the face with her free hand. Wolf wiped the slobber and drips of blood from his furry cheek.

-Wolf:You just made a big mistake,bitch!

The StarWolf leader brought his paw back to slap the husky,but something pushed him back. He slid on the floor,sat up,and saw a grey husky holding his laser toward him. The rest of the StarWolf members decided to escape,but they were stopped in the doorway by a black dog and a silver fox.

-Bill:Hurry and type the code Fox!

Fox nodded and typed in the code. On Corneria,Raichu and the rest of the destined stared to weaken.

-LaTisha:We can't do it,Raichu! It's too strong!

-Raichu:We've got to do this,LaTisha! Or we won't have a home to go to!

The cannon's beam came closer to the furries.

-Thunder:We can't make it!

-Raichu:Yes,we can!

Back on the ship,Fox typed in the last code. The beam went backwards toward the ships. When Raichu saw the beam going back,she calmed her power and fell on her face,breathing deeply and hoarsely. LaTisha helped her sit up.

-LaTisha:Raichu,you okay?

The catox smiled weakly.

-Raichu(weakly):We did it.

On the ship,Wolf kicked the laser out of Bill's paw and ran past him. His teammates right on his tail.

-Foxer:Why are they in such a hurry?

The beam came all the way back into the cannon. The ship started to shake and debris started to fall from the ceiling.

-Bill:She's gonna blow! Run for it!

Rocky led the gang back toward the Hurricane. A beam fell on Fox,pinning him to the floor. He yelled for the others,but they turned in the corner of the hallway,not hearing anything,but the rumbling of the ship. When the Hurricane started to float away from the enemy ship,Bill noticed Fox migging.

-Bill:Hey yo,where's Fox?

Jenna looked around,now noticing the StarFox lead gone. She stared turned looked at the moniter,at the enemy ship almost ready to blow.

-Jenna:Oh my god.

On Corneria,the group of Cornerians cheered as they watched the jets take off into space. Raichu rode in the back Vampria's double-seated jet,resting. LaTisha's com blinked. She opened the channel.

-LaTisha:LaTisha Conrad here!

-Jenna:LaTisha,you and others have to get to the ship immediately! It's about to blow and Fox is still trapped in there!

Raichu's eyes flew open. She turned colors again and went through the jet like a ghost would.

-Vampria:Raichu! No!

Too late,Raichu was already flying through the atmosphere into space. When she got to the ship,she busted through the wall,running down the hallways.

-Raichu:Fox! Foxy boy,where are ya'!

Her questions were answered when she found him pinned under a beam.

-Fox:Raichu! Go back! Leave me here!

-Raichu:No way,man!

Raichu tried pulled the beam up.

-Fox:You're gonna get yourself killed! Get out of here now!

-Raichu:I said I'm not leaving you and that's final!

Raichu pulled the beam up and Fox was able to crawl from under it.

-Fox:Let's get outta here!!!

Raichu formed another electric bubble.

Back on the Hurricane,the others wathced in horror as the ship rumbled.

-Oku:Raichu,please come out of there!

The ship rumbled violently,then it exploded,throwing debris everywhere. The others looked to see if Fox and Raichu were there.........but there was nothing but space.

LaTisha stepped back,holding the back of her head with one paw,sniffling. Thunder burst out crying. Vampria did too,Rocky held her to comfort her. Bill took off his helmet and his shades,bowing his head down. So did the rest of the team. Two good leaders,gone just like their parents. Tailina,who was looking in the doorway,turned to her friends. With tears in her eyes,she turned to the rest of the kids,shaking her head slowly. Oku banged his fist on the panel,not knowing he pressed the com button. He finally found someone who he loved,but now she was gone.

-Oku(speaking into the com):Raichu....if only.....

-Raichu:If only what?

The chameleon's eyes widened and he stepped back. The others heard the voice too. LaTisha looked back out the window and saw a bubble with two furries in them.

-LaTisha:It's them! They're alive!

The furries cheered and yelled with excitement. LaTisha called for Tailina. The two-tailed vixen looked out the window and saw the furry survivors. She smiled and quickly taped into the keyboard panel,opening entrance to the docking bay. Raichu guided the bubble into the entrance. When the door closed back,the bubble disappeared. The furries walked in and greeted the furries. Fox got a hug from Fara and greetings from his team. Raichu was able to stand up with the support from Oku. Fox shook the catox's paw.

-Fox:Good job,kid. You did it.

There was no response.


He turned and saw the catox,laying in Oku's arm.

-Oku:Raichu,speak to me.

Raichu opened her eyes slowly.

-Raichu(weakly):Did I win?

Oku smiled.

-Oku:Yep,blew 'em to smitherenes.

Raichu smiled tiredly,then her eyelids grew heavy and she fainted in her boyfriend's arms.


Oku touched her arms where he felt blood. There were fresh sores and bruises on her face,arms,and legs,still bleeding.

-Jenna:We need to get her to the sickbay ward.

Oku gathered Raichu in his arms and walked after Jenna to the ward.

Chapter 10

LaTisha looked in the window and saw her friend,laying in the bed,very still. Jenna examined her and stepped out the room.

-Jenna:She's lost a lot of blood. Tailina said that they have no blood bags,so we're gonna have to do a blood transfustion. Does anybody have A postive blood?

Everyone shook there heads and some kept quiet,saying to theirselves "I don't know".

-Fox:I have A positive.

The fox leader walked foward,out of the crowd.

-Fox:She saved my life,now it's my turn to save hers.

Jenna nodded. She led Fox into Raichu's room. He sat in a chair while Jenna got the insturments ready. She found a blood vein in his arm and wiped the spot with alcohal. She inserted the needle in his arm. Fox sucked in the pain,letting his claws pop out of his fingers,but needle was taken out and replaced with a tube that was hooked up to the blood transfuser. Fox's blood was sucked into the tube into another hooked to Raichu's arm. Joy,Raichu's ninetail,laid her head on the edge of her bed. Kay paced back and forth looking up worridly. As the catox laid in slumber,she dreamed was floating in a mist.

-Raichu:Where am I?

-voice:You've done it,young one.

She heard the same feminine voice,but it was louder. She turned around and saw a yellow cat with black hair and green eyes. Raichu was lost for words.


The cat smiled and nodded.

-cat:Yes,Rachel,I'm your mother,Lila Pager.

A smile appeared on the catox face. She was meeting her bioligical mother. The catox ran toward Lila,who caught her in a hug. Raichu was crying with happiness.

-Lila:My little girl.

Raichu looked up at her mother.

-Lila:You and your friends have accomplished your maindestiny,but there many of them are coming in the future,Rachel,you must be prepared.

-Raichu:Don't worry,mom,me and my friends have everything under control.

Lila smiled and stepped back.

-Lila:All will be restored.

Lila raise her arms and a bright light shined,making Raichu shade her eyes. When she opened them again,she was looking at the ceiling of a hospital ward.


Raichu started to sit up,but a red chameleon set her back down.

-Oku:Take it easy,kitty-fox. You've been through a lot.

Raichu looked around.

-Raichu:How come she's gone?

-Oku:How come who's gone?

The catox sat up slowly,still looking around.

-Oku:There's nobody in here,but me.

-Raichu:Must've been a dream then.

Oku poked his head out the door.

-Oku:Hey guys! Hero girl's up!

Oku walked by Raichu's side. It was quiet for a moment,but soon footsteps,getting louder,echoed down the hall. A grey dog with a young mouse on her shoulders appeared in the doorway.

-LaTisha:Hey Raichu!

-Marahbi:Hiya Raichu!

LaTisha's cheerful voice made the catox smile weakly. Soon,the others started to come into the room. Thunder scruffled Raichu's hair.

-Thunder:Had me scared there,girl! I thought I was gonna lose my best dawg.

-Vampria:Same here.

-Raichu:I thought I was gonna die myself after all the blood I lost.

-Jenna:You should thank Fox for that. He had the same blood type as you and we transfused his blood into yours.

-Puffy:You and Fox did a good job fighting against Andross. You guys kick butt.

-Raichu:You mean,we kicked butt.

Everyone laughed.

-Raichu:Where is Foxy boy anyway?

-Rocky:He returned to the GreatFox with the rest of the team to tell General Peppe what happened.

Kay ran in and jumped up hoping to land on the bed,but two silverish-grey paw grabbed around her waist.

-Foxer:Woah there,pup. She's still sore,so be careful.

Foxer walked toward Raichu and set Kay on the bed. The eevee hopped along the matress and carefully licked her face. Raichu laughed and held her dog. Joy walked in and laid her head on the side of the bed. The catox patted the ninetails head. Juju,Shard,Rocky appeared in the room with Teeny,Piko,Keisha,Shakeisha,Keisha,Misty,Cassie,and Bouncer behind them.

-Shakeisha:You feelin' okay,cuz?

-Keisha:Yeah,we were worried.

-Raichu:A lil'. I'm a bit sore,but okay.

-Cassie:I looked at the power readings with Tails and they rising toward the roof!

-Pikocha:Yeah,we thought you were gonna blow up or something.

-Misty:Blow up?! Piko,don't be silly!

-Bouncer:What happened out there,Raichu?

Raichu pulled out her power stone from her pocket and the diamond necklace from around her neck.

-Raichu:I think these have a lot in common. I joined them together and became even powerful than ever.

-Keisha:How'd you know to put them together?

Raichu smiled.

-Raichu:Let's say voices in my head told me to.

-Juju:Voices in her head. Oy vay.

-Raichu:You guys wouldn't believe the dreams I had. I saw my mother,Lila Pager. She said we've finished our main destiny,but we have many are coming are way,so we have to be ready. The last thing she said was "All will be restored".

-Thunder:"All will be restored"? What does that mean?

Raichu shrugged her shoulders.

-Raichu:I woke up before I could ask her.


Tails flew in with an compact a/v moniter in his paws.

-Tails:The Earth! It's back!

-Raichu:Say what?!

-Misty:What are you talking about,Tails? Earth blew up!

-Tails:See for your self!

Tails placed the moniter on Raichu's lap. Raichu opened it and stared at the screen. Her eyes stared at the screen for a moment,then they widened. There on the screen was a blue planet with five,green continents.

-Raichu:It is Earth! Our planet Earth!

The furries gathered around and saw the planet on the screen. Raichu thought she saw something and pressed a button that zoomed in on the planet,on the continent:North America. A million people holding up signs and cheering.

-Jenna:What's going on out there?

-They now believe in the destined story.-

All furries looked around to expect other furries,but didn't see anyone. A bright light shined in the room. Everyone shaded their eyes from it,but Raichu just stared. Five furries appeared:two on the fight,two on the left and one in the middle,wearing angelic dresses and a bright light shined from each of them. The right two furries was a grey dog with dark brown hair and a white tigress with angel wings and fangs,the left furries was a white and black wolf and brown-and-white-husky,and the one in the middle was a yellow cat,the same one Raichu saw. The others gasped,but Raichu smiled.


The older destineds spoke.

-dog:I am Tasha Conrad.

-tigress:I am Gwenevere Angel.

-wolf:I am Kayla Cloud.

-husky:I am Jennifer Darrenger.

-Lila:And I am Lila Pager.

-All(in unsion)We are the Destined!

The girls looked at them in both fear and surprisement.

-Tasha:Everyone on Earth knew about the destined legend.

-Gwenevere:But everyone thought it was a myth.

-Kayla:'Humanoid animals saving two systems? Ha! That's a laugh!' the earthlings said.

-Jennifer:But after five human females gave birth to you,right from the start,they knew that there was something special in you.

-Lila:The apocalyspe occured and they remember dying,but now that they're ressurected from death,they remember and now respect the legend.

The girls perked their ears up,listening to every word.

-Lila:You must finish your destiny,but you can choose your own paths. Choose it wisely.

A bright light shined againsr them again. Five bright orbs appeared and they seperated going around Raichu,LaTisha,Vampria,Thunder,and Jenna. Then,the arose into the air,up into the heavens. The bright light dimmed,causing the regular light shine into their eyes. The others started to come around.

-Shard:What happened just now?

-Vampria:Didn't you see them?

-Thunder:Our moms,the destined,were standing right there.

-Foxer:What are you talking about? Your moms are gone. They were murdered.

-Raichu:Foxer,it's true that their bodies are dead,but their spirits still live on,guiding us through the hard times.

The a/v moniter blinked to another scene. A human appeared on the screen.

-Raichu:Is that??

-Thunder:The President of the US???

-President:Destineds,we were very foolish for not believing in you,but now that you've proved your existance,we now trust the legend. May I speak to the leader?

-Raichu:You lookin' at her.

-President:Oh,well then. We would like to speak to you and your friends from Earth that helped you out.

All faces beamed.

-Raichu:All right! We'll be there!

The screen blanked off and the destined screamed at the same time,but silenced when they caught a glimpse of some sad faces of the Lyatians.

-Oku(sadly):So,I guess that means you'll be leaving,huh?

Raichu stared at him a moment. He walked out the door down the hall. Raichu started to get out of the bed.

-Jenna:Raichu! You shouldn't be standing in your condition!

-Raichu:No,really. I'm okay.

Raichu's bare feet met the cold,marble floor. Her knees weakened a little,getting used to her weight,then she slowly walked after Oku and held his hand.

-Raichu:I'm afraid so,Oku. But,now that Earth knows the Lylat exist. I can come and visit you.

-Oku:*sighs* Yeah.

-Raichu:Besides,if you wouldn't have came along with us on this journey,we all would've been buried underground with our moms.

-Oku:I just want you to stay here....with this system.


She gave him a light kiss on the cheek,embracing him in a hug. Oku hugged back. She pulled back and walked back toward the room.


After a lot of good-byes.the destined were ready to fly to Earth. Rocky sat on the couch,arms crossed and head down. Raichu came to his side.

-Raichu:Ready to go,Rock?

-Rocky(mumbling):I'm staying here.


-Rocky(normal tone):I'm staying here,Raichu.

-Raichu:Rocky,we've got to back.

-Rocky:You can go,but I'm staying.


-Rocky:I finally found my place,Raichu. All the time on Earth,I was tied in the backyard,eating dog food and scraps. Now,I found a place where I'm not treated like that. I dont' want to go through that again.

-Raichu:Rocky,once we land on Earth,I pormise I won't----

Raichu stopped. Rocky stared at her with a "please?" look. The catox sighed.

-Raichu:Okay,Rocky. Gonna miss you,man.

Raichu shook the black dog's paw and walked down the hall,looking back at her dog. When Raichu disappeared around the corner,Vampria appeared. She sat next to Rocky and laid her head on his chest. Rocky looked at her surprisingly.

-Vampria:If you're staying,so am I.

-Rocky:No Vampria,you must go back to Earth. You're folks are worried about you.

-Vampria:But Rocky---

-Rocky:No buts about it.

He placed a finger under her chin and lifted her head up.

-Rocky:I want you to go back home and have a happy life. Ya' hear me?

Tears started to come out of the tigress' eyes,but she nodded. She stood up and walked down the hall toward the docking bay. Rocky watched as Shard kissed Foxer good-bye,following Vampria. The kids from Earth piled into the storage area. Molly,Joy,and the rest of the pets jumped in with them. Kay jumped into Raichu's arms,yipping happily because she was going to ride in the cockpit with her master.

-Raichu:Ready to go,guys?

The Earth furries nodded in a somber way and they each headed for their jets. Raichu looked up and saw Oku looking from a window,staring desperately at her. He started to walk away. Raichu looked down at Kip,the Growlithe whined. The catox came up with an idea. She took a piece of paper and a half-broken pencil from her pocket. She wrote a message and gave it to Kip. She whispered something in the Growlithe's ear. He nodded and ran after Oku. The chameleon turned back and saw the small Growlithe following him.

-Oku:What are you doing here,Kip? You should be with Raichu.

He saw the note,took it,and read it:


Here's something to remember me by.

-Raichu O^^O

PS:I love you very much.

Oku felt like crying,but instead just laughed rubbed the dog's head. He walked back to window and watched the jets start up. Raichu looked back at him once more before flying out the hanger after the others.


The jets entered Earth's atmosphere and hovered over USA. They landed in the run way of Washington's airport. When they jumped out of the cockpit,they saw many humans from all over the world behind the fence,cheering and yelling out their names. Even a few TV camaras stared at them. The resident led them up to a stage,above all the earthlings. They all stared at the destined and their friends.

-President:Ladies and gentlemen,I introduce you to the destined!

The crowd screamed in excitement. The destined knew exactly how to introduce themselves.

-LaTisha:I'm LaTisha Conrad!

-Vampria:I'm Vampria Angel!

-Thunder:I'm Thunder Cloud!

-Jenna:I'm Jenna Darrenger! And this is our leader!


-All(in unsion):We are the Destined!

The crowd clapped and screamed with excitement.

-Raichu:But we didn't do this journey ourselves. We had help from friends!

Raichu held her paw out toward her furry friends. The crowd started again. The catox nodded,signaled them to introduce themselves.

-Shard:I am Shard Doeven from Alaska!

-Juju:Juju Lobo from France!

Juju could hear some people say "Viva La France!"

-Puffy:Puffy's da' name! *smiling and waving at a TV camara* Hi mom!

-Teeny:Teninda Lowns aka Teeny!

-Pikocha:I'm Pikocha!

-Marahbi:My name's Marahbi!

-Keisha:Keisha Sharpe!

-Shakeisha:Shakeisha Sharpe!

-Keisha and Shakeisha(in unision)And yes,we're sisters!


-Cassie:I'm Cassie!

-Bouncer:I'm Bouncer!

-Cassie and Bouncer(in unision)And we're related too!

Raichu waited for Colby to say something,but he didn't. She grabbed his paw and brought him a step foward.

-Raichu:This is Colby! He was confused who was good and who was bad,but in the end,he came around and helped us out.

The pets made yipped and meowed,wanting to be heard too. Raichu and the others laughed. Soon,reporters were around them asking them endless questions. Security shoved the reporters away. The President came by the leaders side. Everyone silenced.

-President:Now that you've completed you destiny,what are you going to do? Stay here on Earth or go back to Corneria.

Raichu's eyes widened. She stuttered a bit,trying to think of a good answer. LaTisha came by her side.

-LaTisha:She's kinda tired,Mr. President sir. Maybe if she gets a good-night's rest,she'll come with the answer.

-President:All right. We shall escort you to your homes.

The furries sighed in relief as the President walked toward the podium.

-Raichu(in her mind):Thanks 'Tisha.

-LaTisha(in her mind):No biggy.

Each furry was put into a limo to their long way home. As they reached closer and closer to their state,they started to change back to humans,their fur changed to skin,their claws to fingernails,their tails vanished,and their muzzles shrunk to a normal,human nose. At the furries homes,they were greeted with hugs and kisses by their family members. Raichu was now Laina again. In her room,the lights were out,but the light from her TV shined in parts of the room. She watched the news,the reporter talking about their return. Laina sighed and sank back into her pillow,still thinking of her decision. She felt a funny feeling in her head and heard a voice.

-LaTisha:Raich---uh,I mean,Laina?

-Laina:LaT----Alaina! How'd you do that?

-Alaina:I still have my powers,Laina. It's funny,we changed from furry to human,but we still have our powers.


Laina flicked her fingers foward and static came out.

-Alaina:Still thinking of an answer?

-Laina:Uh-huh. It's hard. I wanna stay here with my family,but at the same time I wanna go back to the Lylat.....back to Oku.

-Alaina:I know whatcha mean *yawns* Well,Raichu. I'm a let ya get some rest.

-Laina:M'kay. See ya' on da' southside,Alaina.

-Alaina:*laughs*See ya',Laina.

The feeling left Laina's head. Kay came in and jumped into the bed next to Laina. Joy walked into the room and laid at the side of the bed,closing her eyes. Laina turned off the TV and turned on her side,hoping to sleep. Kay crawled under the blanket and snuggled close to her master. Laina closed her eyes,but then they popped open.

-Laina:That's it!


Months passed since the destined defeated Andross. On the Hurricane,things were pretty dull. Oku laid on the couch with Kip at the foot of it,Rocky and Foxer helped Tails with some computer problems,and Tailina and Timber tinkered with some old mechanics. The a/v moniter beeped. Oku was the closet one to it. He sleepily got up and opened the moniter.


-Raichu:We're baaaaaaaack!!!!

Oku's eyes flew open when he heard the feminine voice. It echoed down the hall into the furries ears. Oku turned on the moniter and saw the image of a yellow catox with an eevee on her shoulders.

-Oku:Raichu! You're back!

-Raichu:And here to stay!

Rocky,Timber,and Tailina entered the den in front of the screen.

-Tailina:You guys are here to stay?!

-Raichu:Yep,sorry from not responding in awhile. Been busy building our space station.

-Timber:Space station?!

-Raichu:Yep. Our space station,known as StarGaze,is just like a mothership,but much smaller. We have rooms,a kitchen,a gym,everything. We're floating in-between the entrance of our Solar System and the Lylat System.

Raichu was shoved away by Vampria.

-Vampria(dreamily):Hey Rocky.

Vampria was shoved by Shard.

-Shard(dreamily):Hi Foxer!

The two furries were both shoved away by their leader.

-Raichu:Cut it out,you two! Can't you see I'm talkin'?!

-Foxer:*laughs* Well,when can we come and check your station out?


-Oku:All right! We'll be right over!


The furries landed in the station's docking bay. Oku jumped out of the cockpit and Raichu ran to him and embraced him in a hug. Oku returned it.

-Oku:Oh god! I thought I would never see you again.

-Raichu:Never say never,Oku.

Kip jumped out the storage area and jumped up on Raichu's leg. Raichu stooped down on her kness and patted Kip's head.

-Raichu:Been lookin' after Oku for me,Kip? Making sure he doesn't go out with any other girls?

Kip barked,answering Raichu's questions. The catox stood on her feet and looked back,seeing Vampria nearly knocking Rocky down when she hugged him and Shard landed in front of Foxer and the silver fox caught her in a tight hug. Raichu looked back at Oku and smiled.

-Raichu:You don't know how much I've missed you.

The catox kissed the chameleon on the cheek. Oku blushed again.

-Oku:I like that kiss. Hey,uh,could I have another helping?

Oku tapped the other side of his cheek. Raichu smiled.

-Raichu:You gotta catch me first!

Raichu jumped and ran off,Oku close behind her trying to catch her. She screamed girlishly as her boyfriend tried to catch her by the tail. They were interuptted by a moniter ring. Raichu stopped and opened the moniter.

-Raichu:Raichu Pager here.


A fox appeared on the montier.

-Raichu:Foxy boy! Wazuuuup?

-Fox:Nuthinnnnnnnn. I heard you were back in town and decided to call ya'.

-Raichu:Hey,I wanted to say thanks for givin' me a lil' of your blood.

-Fox:No prob,but seriously,General Pepper wants to sign you and the others into Cornerian Army.

Raichu's face beamed.

-Raichu:The General?


-Raichu:Wants us?

Fox nodded.

-Raichu:In his army?

-Fox:That's right.

-Raichu......Quit lyin'!

-Fox:I'm not lying.

-Raichu:Tell me the truth.

-Fox:I'm tellin' you the truth,the whole truth,and nuthin' but the truth,so help me. So what do you say?

Raichu looked at the others,then back at Fox.

-Raichu:Tell General Pepper we're on our way!




This story was first written:11/20/99

It was finished:7/13/00

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