Chapter one


One who thinks they can make a living creature and control it, is greatly mistaken

A prophet

Blake O'Shane was just waking up from a night of hell, the other workers that were with him last night couldn't agree on how they were going to do something, what it was he couldn't remember, and he didn't care because he quit the project when he noticed the one of the female workers were drunk from something and trying to get him to go with them somewhere in the back room.

Blake was a Fox, a very intelligent one at that, and one of the top sciences in the Venom empire.

When he got up he searched around for his glasses in the dimly light room, he always had his room the way it was so he could see what he was doing when he got up or else he would be bumping into things in the dark.

Just then his video phone went off so he jumped out of bed and quickly turned it on, on the other line was Andross his face as fearful as ever, "Emperor Andross! For what do I owe this pleasure?" Blake said in a suprised voice, "I under stand you've been trying to get some weapon done with a group of other workers and haven't finished yet Dr. O'Shane, what is the hold up?"

"uh, well you see sir……" Andross quickly interrupted Blake before he could finish, "never mind that, I can guess what happened, in the mean time I have a different job I want you to do"

"really? What?"

"I want you to use you incredible genius to build a super weapon"

"you want me to what!?"

"you heard me Dr. build a super weapon"


"consider it a test of you ability"


"you will be working at station 27 for this project"


"Andross out"

And with that the screen went blank leaving the fox to his quiet room, "a super weapon! How the hell am I going to make a super weapon!?".


At lab station 27 Blake was hard at work on making blue prints for this super weapon Andross wanted him to build, he thought of every thing tanks, fighters, he even thought of making his own bio weapon, "lets see now, I can't do a bio weapon, Therese not enough bio tech equipment here, a tank it unclad for way to big and clumsy of you ask me, hmm… no not a fighter, I want to make something new something that Venom doesn't even have for a weapon lets see…" Blake thought for a moment and then it hit him, "Of course!" then he began to lay out the plans for his new idea "I can build a cyborg!"



Chapter Two

When I was made I was meant for one thing and one thing only. To kill.

Felicia 1 "Sam" - Rouges Of Justice


It was late at night when Blake O'Shane finished his work on the super weapon that Andross wanted him to build two days ago, with a hot cup of coffee in his hand he looked over his accomplished work, "very nice piece of machinery if I do say so my self", Blake praised him self taking a sip of his coffee, "now I just need to activate the thing and see what happens", as he walked over to the near by table he put down his cup and then picked up a computer chip, then walked over to the cyborg and put the chip in its head just as soon as he sealed up the top of its head the creature opened its eyes and a female cat sat up from its former position and looked around the room, Blake always had a fascination with the opposite sex and believed that a female could easily over power a male if one tried hard enough, he had no real reason for making it a female cat though, "Its alive! ALIVE I TELL YOU!!", with that the cyborg got up and covered Blake's muzzle "please don't do that", the cyborg said to him and then let go of his muzzle Blake looked at the cyborg with suprised eyes, "I don't believe it you actually talked!"

"yes I did, is there something wrong with that?"

Blake looked at the cyborg, "oh no, there's nothing wrong with that, I just didn't think your speaking protocols would kick in so quickly", Blake thought for a moment and then continued talking, "what is you variant?"

"My variant is Felicia 1 military cyborg unit"

"what about the nick name do you know your nick name?"

"My nick name is Sam"

Blake looked very impressed with his work, "what about your protocols?"

"protect and serve the Venom empire"



A few hours later Felicia 1 was standing in the middle of a battle arena waiting for her next orders from Blake, he was testing her abilities all night and each one was turning out a high point score in each test.

"Okay Sam, I want you to fight off some bio weapons, as soon as they come in destroy all of them, you understand?", Sam looked up at the booth where Blake was speaking to her from, "Yes Dr. I under stand"

"Good, I'm letting the bio weapons out now Sam, get ready", as some gates opened to let out some of Andross' bio weapons that he uses to make combat games with for entertainment Sam went into a battle stance and waited for the first target (as she called them) to come out of its cage, after a few minutes Sam began to go off her guard, "Dr. is some sort of sick joke? You said I would be fighting so…." Before Sam could finish what she was going to say a large tentacle came out of the darkness and grabbed Sam with extreme speed "never mind Dr." and with that Sam began to struggle, finally when Sam was almost in side the cage she got her left arm free and out of her arm cutting through her flesh like a hot knife to butter out came two long blades cover in blood from her body, and then with that event happening she jammed the blades down into the creatures "own arm", after that a loud roaring sound could be heard at least three flours up and down in the base, as the monster that had Sam let go it started to come out of hiding to reveal its face, it had one eye in the center of its head with at least five tentacles on each side of its body at a mouth that could swallow Sam hole.

The Cyborg looked up at the giant beast that was now in front of her with fearless eyes, "well you sure are "armed" to the teeth ", after that was said like the monster understood what she said it gave out a loud roar and began lashing its tentacles at Sam one after another, each attack the monster made the cyborg avoided with ease, then after a few minutes the monster stopped attacking Sam, "C'mon ugly!", Sam yelled at the monster "I'm still standing, attack me!" but monster nothing more to try and destroy the cybernetic creature that was before it, "fine kill the fun way don't ya!", and Sam lunged forward at the beast now with four tentacles of her own coming out of her back, and before you could say, Mr. Harry the bio weapon was destroyed and Sam was standing in the arena with a pleased look on her face, "I didn't really like that thing any way, to loud", a few moments after Blake was standing next to Sam with a look on his face as if he had seen a ghost, "you killed that thing quicker that I thought"


"so that was one of Andross' most powerful bio weapons"

"And your point is?", Blake could only sigh and take the cybernetic creature back to the lab.


Chapter Three


After what I saw Sam do in to that monster, I realized that she was to powerful a weapon for the Venom Empire, or any one to have. Dr. Blake O'Shane


It was late when Blake was in lab 27, he was trying to think of what he could do to get rid of his new creation before he had to present it to Andross in a week, "what am I going to do?", Blake thought and then looked at the shut down cyborg in front of him, "I got it!", Blake went over to the work table and picked up a cutting tool from the table and then stepped over to Sam, "yes this will work, science I need to present something, I can just tamper with the CPU in her head, that'll fix every thing", and the rest of the night Blake worked on the CPU chip that acted like a brain for the cyborg, working non stop, then towards mid night there was a know on the door of the lab, and when Blake responded a female voice came from the other side, "Blake, you in there?", it was Blake walked over to the door and opened it to see his friend Sera McJohnson on the other side, Sera was a white wolf with a clean white lab coat on which almost made her look like an angel with out the wings and halo, "hey O'Shane what are you doing in there, making a atomic bomb or something?"

"Ha ha very funny Sera, you'll find out next…", but before he could finish his sentience Sera was already in the lab looking around, and that's when she saw the cyborg sitting in the chair, "Oh! I get it, your making your self a girlfriend right?" Sera said to Blake mockingly, "ha ha ha very funny"

"yeah I know, so what are you doing, really?"

"I'm building a new weapon for the Andross"

"your what?"

"you heard me", the wolf just looked at Blake with puzzled eyes, "I thought Andross made his own living weapons?"

"I did to, maybe he ran out of ideas and needed some thing made, so he came to me"

"out of all people he came to you?"

"yeah, don't ask me why, because I don't know why"

"I wasn't"

"yeah I know, that just slipped out"

"well, okay, I… guess… this explains it", as Sera left the room she turned back to Blake, "Oh yeah, I just remembered the main reason why I was looking for you"


"your coming to the party tomorrow right?"

"what party?"

"the one for Dr. Richard, he's finally made something that Andross was pleased with so Ramsie is going to through a party to celebrate Richard's new found competent ability"

"HA HA HA, that Ramsie what a nut! Sorry Sera, but I need to get to work on this project I'm doing here before next week", the wolf looked at Blake like she didn't know what he was talking about and looked like she was going to say something, but she just shrugged and replied by saying, "well all right" as if to say fine but you don't know what your missing and left the room.



Chapter Four


I don't care what I've hard about Sam, she's a reliable solder and has become friends with every one in my squadron. Todd Jackson- Leader Rouges Of Justice


The day of Blake's presentation was at hand and he could only hope that the work he did on Sam's CPU would take effect soon, "Well Dr. O'Shane what do you have to show us?", Andross said with a voice that could shatter any ones soul, well Emperor, I have a weapon so powerful it should give even Star Fox a run for there money", and then he motioned for Sam to come into the room he was in, "the Felicia 1 Military Cyborg, or F1MC if you want"

"you can just call me Sam", the cyborg said to Andross, "well… a weapon with intelligence, I applaud you on that Dr."

"thank you sir"

"now about its abilities"

oh yes it abilities", as Blake cleard his throughout he gave Sam his first command, "Sam see that target over there?" Blake said looking over at a target that was far off to the right, Sam looked over and replied with a simple yes, "good, I want you to destroy that target from here"

"very well" and with that she lifted up her right arm and out of her wrist came a red laser bolt that demolished the target on the first shoot, "target is….", before Sam could finish her sentence she became suddenly still as a statue, her exposed left eye turned from a glowing red, to a glowing blue, and then back again, "is every thing all right Dr.? your weapon seems to have stopped in its tracks", before Blake could answer Sam piped up, "every thing is just fine you old fool!", and then she took the gun from a holster that was at a guards side and shoot him in the head, blood spilling every where in the room, two other tiger guards came at the cyborg she shot one of them and by the time she had the gun ready for another round the other guard had tackled her, on the ground the cyborg drooped the gun and made a fist punching the guard in the stomach, he gasped from the glow and then went limp as two blades went through his body and then back through the way they went, after that Sam, now cover in blood pushed the guard off her and sprang to her feet running out of the room, "Uh, uh, Andross! This was not what I planed for her to do, if you can…"

"SHUT-UP DOCTOR!", Andross turned to a general that was standing next to him at the time, "sound the alarm! I don't want that thing to leave this building!"


To be continued…

Editors note: Blake O'Shane, Sera McJohnson, and Felicia 1 are my characters and not to be used with out my permission, this is my first time making trying to make a real good Fan Fic (the reason why you don't see any of my fan fic's ever) so let me know how I did.