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Stories by: Puffy Wulf
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Fox's Valentine- It's Valentine's Day, and Fox is pretty bored. He then asks Fara out, but he unprepared of what's going to happen during his date. pages-5
A Lasting Relation- It's 2 wolves, who will always be friends forever, but will it always be? Forever? Must read if ya want to know more on Edward da' Wolf. pages-7
To Love Again- Continuing A Lasting Relation, Ed is depressed by the death of his girlfriend, but things happen. His friends turn on him, he's captured and everything turns upside down for him from there. Does he have the will to turn in to Venom? pages-5
A Beginning to an End- After Ed's escape, and losing two more friends, can he face the fact of returning to Venom, with the whole entire Lylat System's fate in his hands, along with 2 powerful hackers? And is there a true reason that Vix turned on his whole team? pages-6
Stories by: China H
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Journey to Cedena- Bill Grey takes leave for a day to escape from all his work, but his relaxing break somehow turns for the worse as he struggles for his life, with his life in Fox McCloud hands...
Rising Darkness- With the end of Corneria nearing, there is no hope for the Cornerians as a devastation weapon is set to shoot in 3 days... the key to stopping this weapon lies in the past of Fox. Will he find it before it's too late?
Piece of Mind- Peppy Hare detects a signal from afar, and Starfox goes to investigats. Suddenly, the signal stops, a being of the unknown takes over, and our hero, Fox is infected with it, chanting: "Clear of mind..."
Stories by: Toasty
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Angel Demon- The boys head for a resort planet for some much-needed relaxation, but it all goes pear-shaped when four mysterious assasins, who have take the place of Star Wolf are set on their trails. Rapidly, the situation becomes more and more complex... Part: 1 | 2 | 3
Stories by: Jake Richards
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The Spectre- The Spectre was supposed to be Andross' weapon to dispose the Warlords and eventually rule the Lylat System. Then things did not go the way Andross wanted to...
The Crucible- Fifteen years had passed since the Lylat System has been taken over by the Kronosians. An Invader-III pilot found the so-called "Lost Colony", Fox McCloud and his famous teammates among them, and told them what had happened to Lylat after the "Survivors" had fled the system. The Imperialism had fled to another star system called Gamma, but their Emperor felt that Lylat still remained their true home. Can they reunite and fight back against a possibly superior enemy?
The Wall- With the Lylat System being defended by what was called "The Barrier", Nathan McCloud and his new team (fresh off the Academy) were sent off to Bolse to hunt down several pirates there. In the process, Nathan was captured and was sent to a Titanian prison called "The Wall"....
Stories by: Haley "Jenna" Schauble
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A New War- Andross has been defeated, the Lylat system is now safe... or is it? A new war has once again broken out, and this time it won't be so easy. Fox must now face two new wars that have arroused: the war against Venom... and himself... 1 | 2 | 2 Con't | 3 | 3 Con't | 4 | 5 | 6
Choices- The story of Falco and Katt to decide if they were meant to be the couple they always dreamed of...
Shattered Hopes and Dreams- Fox thinks he's letting the team and his fatehr down. However he'll learn that he's done much more than he thinks.
Let Me Die Young- After Falco's second girlfriend has died, Katt comes back to soothe his pain.
A Special Friend- Jenna's old friend Edward has come back to see her and ask her... "friends forever?"
Char- Slippy leads a expedition on Titania, who later finds a pet dragon named Char.
Stories by:
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A StarFox Halloween Tail- Fox and the gang are partying for Halloween, see how silly a fuzzy party could get.
Starfox... After Andross- Ever wonder what happens after Andross was defeated, and who Fox would marry? Then read this fanfic, it's a must! Second fanfic that shows what happens after the defeat of Andross. pages- 4
The Coming of StarFox- Fox and Vixxi... how did they meet. Why were they even attracted to each other, even if they did beat eachother up. A behind the scenes with Fox and Vixxi...  pages- 5
New Beginnings- After James's death, Fox make a new beginning in realizing his father is really gone. Plus there's Falco, and how he meets him in the most unlikely place (well, not for Falco!).
Regrets- The story of Wolf, and how he lost his eye, and well, his regrets. 
The Missing Fox- After the war has begun, Vixxi wakes up one night to find that Fox is missing......
Escape From the Planet of the Ape- Well, Vixx was left on Venom after rescueing Fox, and this is about her escape.
Stories by: Gray Lancer
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My friend, you I will never abandon- Gray is called on a mission by the Cornerian Special Forces to go to Venom with some other mercenaries and destroy this really powerful planetary defense weapon. Of course, things are not as they first seem. Pages-91
Bloodlines- Fox McCloud and Gray Lancer got mixed up in something very evil in their past. Now it's coming back to hunt them and their families down... including Gray's unborn daughter.
Knights of Justice... #1: The Chosen Ones- Wolf O'Donnell is given command of a powerful force of commandos and a new squadron to run terrorist operations. To stop him, the Cornerian Military calls on Wolf's uncle Sennik O'Donnell to form a group of young warriors to fight Wolf. Will they be able to live up to the challenge, or will they die trying?
Knights of Justice... #2: Training Sessions- The five have been assembled to fight Wolf... but they need to be trained in the Power. They donít know anything about war. This is only made worse by Sennik OíDonnellís sudden urge to push them to a battle with Wolf.
And There was One- Andross is long gone. But the Lylat system is on the brink of a very large and very violent civil war. At first the war appears to be the result of old tensions and resentment building up... but upon closer inspection, a deeper and far more sinister cause is found. Something is awakening in Lylat, and it must be stopped... or else the end may really be coming.
Cold as Hell- No Summary.
Stories by: Joel Morgan
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The Chosen Path- It is four months since the defeat of Andross,  but there are still battles to fight.  Fara Phoenix is running her father's company in his stead, but sorely misses being on the wing of her love, Fox McCloud. Suddenly, she receives news that her father is on his deathbed.  He also has some revelations about her past. Now she faces a decision-- should she seek out her past? All this while a being that puts Andross to shame in telepathic power is suddenly discovered to be leading the remnants of the Venomian forces.  Now, the only hope for the Lylat system has to discover herself-- and the powers she has within-- before it's too late.....
Worlds Apart- A Final Fantasy and Starfox crossover 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | Epilouge
Wolfpack Squadron- A young Terran falls through a rift in space-time. Never would he have realized that he would be the leader of a team as legendary as Star Fox. This is the story of how four unlikely comapnions would form the legendary Wolfpack Squadron--and find friendship where few thought it would exist... 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11*
*Chapter 11 is by Lt. Cmdr. Adrian
Stories by: Corneriette Priyme
A Secret Divulged- About Corneriette's life of as a slave, and rest of her life..
A Slave's Revenge- It's the sequel to the first one. It's called "A Slave's Revenge" Um, if you read it, it may seem that Corneriette's getting revenge, but it's her mother who gets revenge on Andross.
Procrustean Maelstrom- It's pretty bloody. This is about Corneriette's six years as a slave on Macbeth and my escape from Karakul4. It kinda explains why SHE HATE ChaosGrotto and Andross with a passion ::glares:: It's called "Procrustean Maelstrom" If you think about makes sense for this story.
Echoes in the Darkness- Viceroy and Corneriette get seriously hurt at the end of this. But Corneriette did get back at ChaosGrotto! Well...Croakella got back at them for her! Karma Leafbarer from Mouth Off!! is in this one. Slippy is having some girl problems and Corneriette's base gets CrUsHeD! Maxine Wolf is in this one too!
Stories by: William Jones
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Shadow Wolf Episode #2 Of Sun Hawk- About an alien wolf who comes to the Lylat system, helps and joins the SunHawk crew.
Enter Pandora Episode #3 of SunHawk- About a seemingly lovely, but evil and insane collie who tries to destroy the crew.
Agendas Of War Episode #4 of SunHawk- The ship's captain must fight her superiors to get her ship alongside Great Fox to help them attack a Venom space station.
Chime of the Past Episode #5- The SunHawk and its crew, along with a bunch of other Cornerian warships along with Star Fox, are getting ready to attack a major Venomian space station.  However, Captain Dallas's father on board will complicate things for her, as well as an elusive traitor
Assault Fire Episode #6- the battle against a major Venom space station and the fleet protecting it and SunHawk, Star Fox, and a small task force are ready to begin a fight.
Black Heart of the Second Fox Episode #7- Andross has gained the clone of Fox McCloud in hopes of destroying Star Fox and the Cornerian Army from the inside.  But not even he will be prepared for the terrible nightmare that will be spawned from this calamity.
Archaic Ruins Episode #8- Katt Monroe has been taken over by a powerful alien entity.  When it runs loose on the SunHawk, hell follows with it as it also does on Corneria, inviting a premature apocalypse to Corneria and everyone who lives there.  It will take wits and guts on Captain Dallas's part to solve the alien's puzzle and save Corneria.
Harvest of Lamentations Episode #9-  Andross has let loose a super plague, and the SunHawk is sent to investigate.  What they find will be most shocking, and bring the horrors of surrender to Corneria like a black death. 
Zaq'Parri'Dos Last Episode- With the black clouds of surrender to Andross hanging over their heads, Corneria's last hope lies with Captain Dallas.  When she discovers a terrible secret about herelf, she recieves her first and last good chance to save her people from Andross' terrible grasp.
Stories by: Sillabub
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Once More, with Feeling- Really kewl story! The title says it all. A story about Katt and her whole history, and how it all crumbles before her and the start of her career of a mercinary, BUT WITH FEELING! Pages-11
With Right On The Side of the Mighty- Little more than a stream-of-consciousness essay on the horror of war with some appropriate characters plugged in to make it look like a story. 
A Stone Drag, Part 1: Nothing's Set in Stone- In which StarFox find themselves pitted against a monolith of pure power intent on destruction. 
A Stone Drag, Part 2: I've Got That Run-Down Feeling- In which the odds get worse for our boys (and girl). And also Falco has some weird luck.
A Stone Drag, Part 3: That Never-to-be-Forgotten Hit-In which the odds get EVEN WORSE and Falco has some more weird luck. We're talking major weirdness here. 
A Stone Drag, Finale: Crying to the Sky- In which the entire chuffing saga is wrapped up in a blaze of glory and weirdness.
Let Your Spirit Fly- Falco finally remembers his disturbing past and wishes he could forget.
Good Clean Fun- Shorty Blackwell is feeling very bad today. And that's not all. A weird story, even for me.<
~Opera Act 1.doc "So Goes Love, Act 1" Falco and Katt. 

~Opera Act 2.doc "So Goes Love, Act 2" Terreck and Katt. 

~Opera Act 3.doc "So Goes Love, Act 3" Terreck, Katt, and unrest. 

~Opera Act 4.doc "So Goes Love, Act 4" Katt.

Stories by: FlyerFox
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The New Crew-The original forming of The Pirate Killer's In DOC FORMAT
Fire Down Below Part 1-The Pirate Killer's meet Tourican's cousin Zaphir. But 
some suspect fires arouse suspiscion. IN DOC FORMAT

Fire Down Below Part 2- Continuation of Fire Down Below IN DOC FORMAT
The Shaow Of FlyerFox Trilogy 1 and 2 and 3- Flyer confronts his past, and gets captured several times into the bargain.
Stories by FoxUk
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Enter Fox McCloud: Act 1-1- The story of how Bill meets up with Fox and how they become friends. Pages-2
The Fight: Act 1-2- Short story on the fight and the continue of friendship. Pages-2
Enter Falco: Act 2-1- The story of how Fox and Bill meet up with Falco. A continue of the last story. Pages-2
The Cinema: Act 2-2- It's a first time meet with Fara Phoenix and Fox is going to make a move on her. Pages-2
Stories by CyberWulfe
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The Story of Wulfe Litefoot: Part 1- The story of how a young Canine named Wulfe went from a promising pilot to one of the most dangerous mercenary in the Lylat system!
The Story of Wulfe Litefoot: Part 2- The second half of Wulfe's story. After learning the mercenary skill from another mercenary, a Canine, Wulfe goes on a reign of terror, attacking Venom bases. Then, along with his mercenary partner, he mounts a final assault on Venom!
Venom's Last Stand- Remember when you were playing Starfox64, you missed some enemy fighters? Well, they  are trying to take over Corneria again, so read this story, if you want to know if Starfox will triumph again. Pages-25
Worlds Apart- The Lylat System is in danger again, but this time it's not Andross! Eight years after his defeat, a massive fleet of warships is planning on destroying Solar, causing a shockwave that will destroy all of Lylat, therefore eliminating any of Andross' destructive influence. Using their vast resources, Corneria groups together their own fleet. But will they be able to stop the invaders?
Shadows Cast in the Darkness- This story takes place during the ending of Venom's Last Stand, as well as the next two months after. The Fulva Assault Team, who are also the protectors of the Royal House Of Corneria, are caught in a plot to kill the Prince. Can they stop the killers before the whole squadron is murdered? Pages-28
Stories by Kay
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A Rising Star- Fox has crashed on Venom, and there seems to be no hope for him now. But a misterious person comes out and is going to help Starfox to save Fox. Who is she? pages-29
Shining Star- Falco has a broken wing, and now Star is taking his place. She is now living with Starfox, but they think she's kind of a pain in the tail. pages-21
When Midnight Falls- Star's leaving and is going back home. But her adventure's not done yet. Her chip has been spotted at Venom, and she must get it before it's too late. pages-23
Liberation From Venom- Just when you thought Star was gone, she's back to help the Starfox Team, and helps to find Roveran. Pages-13
Slip-Shot- Slippy's a big goof up. Everyone thinks he's a jerk, but can he now prove himself that he isn't such a screw up? pages-23
Katt's Jealousy- Falco in love with Star?! Will Fox let this happen? or even Katt? Will Katt give Falco up for a Fox? I think not. pages-27
Wisdom of a Veteran- The Isthamels are trying to destroy the Lylat System. There's no way to penetrate their ships, so what should they do? Can even Star stop all this? pages-23
Star's Quest Part 1: Storm Across Lylat- It's so peaceful in Lylat since the confrontation of the Isthamels... then all of a sudden, all power goes down, and Andross unleashes the biggest attack ever before. Only Star McCloud is left, and what can she do, one fox against Venom, and her bestest friends trapped. The whole Lylat System's fate rests in her hands now... pages-21
Quest 2 and Quest 3 and Quest 4: Storm Across Lylat- A relationship starts between two special heros, and somehow the two attempt to save all of Starfox and Lylat
Stories by Evan Allison
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The Soul Survivor- The Apocalpse has happened on Earth. The dead have risen up, killing and eating human flesh. The cause? Artemis. Starfox is seaching for survivors, and finds Janet, the soul survivor. She is a nice girl, but doesn't seem what she is...PG13- contains some foul language and scary scenes pages-7
The Soul Survivor Part 2- Great Fox is heading back with Janet to see if they can cure her. Fox takes Janet a tour around the ship, but they are unexpected of what's going to happen next... PG13- contains some foul language pages-5
The Soul Survivor Part 3- Fox is determined to get back Janet, but they are shocked at what some bad things happen next... pages-5
The Soul Survivor: Wolf- How did Wolf meet Diane, and how does he know her. And what does Janet got to do with all this? PG13- Contains some gore and foul language pages-9
The Soul Survivor: Wolf Part 2- What's happening? Every place is deserted and there seems to be no sign of life. Is there any survivors on Earth anymore? PG13- Contains some gore and foul language pages-12
The Darker Side of Night- Um... this is a story, of a guy named Cray. He's a transexual, but is not into physical love. He meets up with Wolf O' Donnel, and will Wolf understand? or is he just a cold hearted guy... PG13- Unapropiate for real little kids pages- 23
A Ray of Light- Continue of the Darker Side of Night. Cray is dumped by Wolf, and now, he is haunted by the fear of shadowmen. Is it all an illusion? or is it reality? pages- 6
Surfacing- Just when everything has been looking up to Cray, she it all seems to be crumbling part... pages-6
Heart- Cray seeks for help and meets up with a wolf name Edward. He wonders if he'll understand, and soon finds a bit more about this wolf... pages-6
Resonance- Joycelyn works for the Cornerian Academy, but one day gets a phone call at work when all the staff is gone. She must now find out who she should believe on the phone. There's a monster lurking about, and she has to make the right choice to save Corneria, or even Lylat. pages-13
Stories by Jwolfman
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Natlarn's Influence Part 1- Natlarn's life has turned upsidedown! Is the Katina Air Force acting strange, or is it just him? Pages- 15
Natlarn's Influence Part 2- Who will help Natlarn bring justice? Will his friend's agree to help, and is he willing to kill his once friend, Buck? Pages- 13
Natlarn's Influence Part 3- The end of this continuing saga of Natlarn. Is he willing to kill his friend, Buck for revenge of Fran? Pages-15
Wolf's Destiny- (Kinda ties in with Natlarn's Influence) Wolf wants revenge for Fox. He captures Bill Grey to lure Fox in. Will Bill be killed, or could it also spell the end of StarFox?? Pages- 17
Bill's War- After the capturing and suffering from Leon, Bill is having nightmares of his capture. He dreams of having revenge and meeting up with him, and gets his chance... Pages- 14

Warmth in a Cold Heart- Wolf is not just a cold-hearted wolf, he can love and be warm too. A moving story. Pages-21

Of Snow Leopards and Leon- A snow leopard loves Leon, and is dieing to meet him. And she finally gets the the chance to join him in the Starwolf team. Pages-19 Note: His dad edited this story for him.

Recollections of a Traitor- The third chronicle of the "Starwolf Chronicles" featuring Pigma Dengar and the reason of his betrayal. Pages-20

A Son's Amibition- Andrew is about to be shocked by news, because Clark McHara has hired J.Wolfman to bring him to Venom, to tell Andross that he is his... Pages-19

A Dream Shattered- J. Wolfman and Clark McHara are trying to get revenge on Venom, but has only a small miltia. Then as things are getting better, everything turns upside-down. Bandit has turned traitor, killed 2 people in the milita, and he's not planning to get rid of Clark's Militia. Pages-23
Sweet Redemption- Bandit has gone mad and is killing little kids and enjoys the scream of the brats. The Firehawks, along with the Justice Cadets and a mysterious person must stop this insanity, before it's too late... Pages-27
Downfall- It's the final saga of Bandit, and how it all turns out. Who will win the war? Pages-24
Golden Hammers and Skies- StarWolf is captured, and Andross is depending on a new team to save them. But will it be possible to save them with this new team? pages-27
Memoirs of a Cheetah- Natlarn Berola recalls a event in the past. That was when he was with Fran, and with a buddy called Buck, that he could trust. But all this turns out what it wasn't meant to be... pages-20
Haran's Main Target- While the Lylat War has been going on, you never thought anyone would make their own side. You thought it was impossible for anyone to make their own side as powerful as Coneria or Venom, but you were wrong. One person has done it. His mission? Destroy all domesticated felines. Reason? His past will remain a mystery, till you, the reader finds out...pages-32
Survivors- Not the only problem is ACL, but the FireHawks areing up too. Will the problem ever stop and will Haran succeed?
The Battle of Trevadooran- The Kismet....Andross' greatest starship ever assembled.  This massive ship had been launced and now heading toward Corneria, hoping to end the conflict to turn to Andross' favor once and for all.  Will StarFox and all of Corneria be able to stop this deadly menace? Pages- 80
Stories by Jaguar Janks
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Lylat War Extention- Star Wolf's last attempt to get back at Star Fox. They plant a bomb to go off inside General Pepper's base, and tricks Fox to go into a dogfight. Many events take place in this suspense/ action story. Can Fox defeat Wolf? Can Fox save the General on time?
A New Awakening- Years after Andross¹s defeat next generation of species emerged from Corneria. Leo McCloud, son of Fox McCloud meets Troy O¹Donnell of Wolf O¹Donnell. A story about their surprising relationship, shocking story of the end of Star Wolf team, and next to that a Mercenary Team called STARS takes place in this first story. Pages: 33
A Jaguar's Past- A concise short story about the author Jaguar Janks. Dealing with his past events from cub to teenager. Explore in-depth look of the creator of Lylat Wars Extension, A New Awakening, and Wolf's Ambition. This story is a dedication to his friends and fans everywhere. Get to know your author. Pages: 3.
Wolf's Ambition - A wild deception game enters a confused wolf's mind as he believes strongly in his father. Living hidden along side his mother over the years, he has been in denial of his father's wrong doings. The commotion inside his mind leads to only one thing... Revenge. Endangering the life of his blood relative.
The Fugitive Conspiracy - Framed for murder of a remote space station, Agent Gold Bond must use his skills to survive from Corneria's best Commander and his bounty hunters. Luck changing when he meets a female mercenary who choses the nonviolent way of defeating her oppenents. Together, stuck on a space station must elude the strong clutches of Corneria & Titania.
Love for Sulia 1 | 2- Separated by war as young cubs, a determined friend attempts to locate his lost soul-mate Sulia. Captured by Venomian forces, Sulia has been trained and raised under Venom's evil ways, only recognizing that her once people are her new enemies. If brought together once again, are these two close friends really allies or foes?
A Dark Past Prologue | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5-During the Androssian War, there were dark secrets hidden between both Cornerians and Venomians. Secrets leak and devious plots unfolds itself as lives are at stake and someone has to suffer the pain. The Lieutenant Commander Wolf O'Donnell plans something up for StarFox; with the help of his new ally--together, they will cause Lylat a great deal of peril. A story of revenge and love.
Stories by Zoe2000
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As the Raven Flies - After the fight against Andross, Fox McCloud has many things on his mind; one being Raven Helix, a young friend from his academy days, who was shot down by StarWolf during a dogfight. Partially blaming himself for her death, Fox relives the terrible fight, after taking his Arwing out for a solo flight to clear his troubled thoughts. All of this is soon wiped from his mind when General Pepper tells the team of their new assignment, not knowing that by accepting it they are walking into a cleverly devised trap. Along with the brash yet loyal bounty hunter, Tregar Folessa, StarFox soon find that something strange is going on when a mysterious pilot appears to warn them, a pilot that should be long dead.
Fighting Fire with Fire- Mercenary pilot Zenobia Steadfast, whilst visiting the new Fortunian military base, Hyperion, finds herself caught up in the intrigue of Tregar's hunt to find the mysterious Raven Helix. Tensions run high as the bounty hunter and the commander of Hyperion, Rad Strouda, compete for her affection, their friendship getting off to a rocky start. Tregar, having confided in Zenobia all he had discovered about Raven, asks her to come and meet him aboard Great Fox where he hopes to solve the puzzle once and for all.
Sacrifices- After hacking in the Equinox data-base by mistake, Tregar and Zenobia find themselves with a lot more information than they had bargained for. Wolf O'Donnel also has the problem of a hot headed feline assassin on his paws, whom Andross has recruited to take care of his next mission; an attack on a supply ship heading to Hyperion. Unfortunately Zenobia is caught up in the ensuing dogfight, sacrificing her life to let an old friend escape. Enraged at what happened, Rad contacts StarFox who also have some more news to add; news that the transporter was carrying important Cornerian officials, all of which Andross is now holding for ransom on Venom!
Lonely Path - Tregar, believing Zenobia is dead, undertakes a mission along with the StarFox team to rescue the hostages from the very heart of Andross's domain. Knowing there is only one way he can pull it off, Tregar goes in search of Raven, who finally agrees to help and leave Equinox forever. On the mission Tregar finds Zenobia, barely alive after being tortured by Shayde and Leon, and both finally see where their true feelings for each other lie, but still have the task of getting out of Venom alive.
Stories by Skylynx
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Out of the Ashes- No Summary
Storm - No Summary
The Conflict Within- No Summary
Other Stories
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Search for the Soul: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 - It begins during the graduation of Fox McCloud. A want for revenge, a rival within the team, and seeing them work in a different way. Story by: Zilakid2
A Sign of Courage: 1 | 2 | 3- Jesika Starwatcher is a teenager and like all teens, she doesn't always listen to those around her. She sets out into the real world as a Cornerian spy. On her first mission, she goes deep into the heart of Andross' empire, Venom! What could Jesika reveal behind Andross' forces? Will she make it out alive without being captured? Story by: Jesika Starwatcher
The Good and Bad: Story | Epilogue- Fifteen years before Fox McCloud led the Starfox team into battle against Andross, Peppy Hare found a young vixen with a very peculiar birthmark. One that might have a lot more meaning than he could've guessed. Story by: Jesika Starwatcher
The Aftermath: 1 | 2 | 3- No Summary Story by: Anubis
Desert Rose : 1 | 2 - No Summary Story by: Townie Lee
Mercenary Unit 6032- No Summary . Story by: Kiyo Tix
Dark Reflections: A guide to the Kronos War - No Summary . Story by: DarkSky
Never Cried - Fox looks back on a tragic situation, years after the first war. Story by: Lupe Caniday
Starfox Z: 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 - A Crossover of Starfox and Dragonball Z. Story by: MTrey
Copy of Rivals- A new mercenary group has turned up in Lylat and is beating out StarFox at taking out the Venomians. Who are they, and will StarFox be put out of a job? Story by: GeordiH
Andromeda Rising - An alien ship of immense size and power is approaching Lylat. Armed with a device capable of draining life energy from star systems and armor that can completely absorb weapons fire, there seems to be no stopping it, until the crew of the C.S.S. Andromeda, a prototype starship sent to investigate the alien vessel, receives a cry for help from within the mysterious invader. Story by: GeordiH
Road to Ruin- What Lylat was like before his corruption, and what happened in the wake of it. The journey starts long ago, 20 years before the events of Star Fox, in a time where the Republic ruled the Lylat System, and a newly reformed nation lies in the wake of disaster... Story by: Aldran
Terran Trouble - Ryan Lionheart, a just beginning terran pilot, is fighting a war against the mantids. The terran civilization and Starfox collide, and trouble stirs as the confront Starwolf . Story by: Grayfox
End of the Beginning: 1 | 2- This story contains material that may be unsuitable for children under 13. Story by:
Altered Universe 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7- A total new way at looking at the Starfox world. Peppy has no knowledge of where Fox lives and goes searching for him to inform him of Jame's demise... however, he gets a bit more of what he has been looking for. With Falco as a girl and so much in this new Alterted Lylat System, does Fox really stand a chance like he did in the previous universe? Story by: Falco-Chan
Starfox: After War: 1- about Peppy becomes deathly sick and the only cure is a legendary elixer on a sistering planet to Venom. The question: Will Fox be able to find the elixer before it is too late Story by: James McCloud
The Furry Destined: Characters | Prolouge | Story- Unleashing the apocalpse on Earth, Andross has trapped the Starfox team into gems. But the apocalpse has summomed forth 7 furries who shall save Earth and Starfox, and find out their true destinies that they are set to have. HUGE! (400K) Story by: Raichu P
A New Way of Doing Things- A few months after Jason and Ambis break up, Jason realizes he if falling to the Dark Side of the Force. And this takes a greater effect when he¹s on a mission for WolfBlazers, in which he lands on Fortuna and is taken hostage by a strange specter, which Jason senses as being the Dark side incarnate. After falling to the dark side completely, Jason is sent to destroy a small band of Cornerian Army holdouts in the lower levels of the Fortuna base. Story by: Jason Hunter
Worlds Apart: Prolouge | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6 | 7 | 8 | 9 | 10 | 11 | 12 | 13 | 14 | 15 | Epilogue- A Starfox and Final Fantasy 8 Crossover. Inspired by Joel Morgan's World's Apart Story by: NeverMore
Welcome Home - After a strange phone call, Fox is lead to believe that a dead childhood friend might still be alive and coming back home during there next battle. Story by: Sapphire
Starting Over- After a fight between Falco and Sassy, Falco takes off and is not seen for two days. Will he come back so they can be a couple again? Story by: Sapphire
Motherly Instinct- After a rough hit, Fox and Sassy wake up on the surface of Titania... Story by: Sapphire
The Brother of StarWolf- With StarWolf destroyed, Wolf the only survivor of the team manages to stay alive and find his brother, Terian. Story by: Tim Maloney
The Holocaust Part: 1 | 2- The Heartless Shivan Race emerged from subspace and overwhelmed the Cornerian army. The Terran where also fighting the shivans so the two races allied and declare war against the shivans. Story by: William Wong
Destiny: A StarFox Story - Andross is up to his old scemes again, this time hiring a brilliant little scientist lynx to take out the SFX team once and for all with a cunning plan. The following day, the entire SFX team is found murdered, with the exception of Falco, who has disappeared. The Cornerian force is devastated by the tragedy. Has Andross finally won? Then the whole mystery unfolds.... Story by: Saimain
Aresses- Aresses is a neutral lizard who broke off from the Venomin forces and lives on Katina with a cat named Cirn. He helps out some Cornarian pilots during a little skirmish, and they send message back to him about a raid on Fortunas. During that time Andross attacks Katina and takes their base. Aresses and the remnants of the Katinan forces then attack the 'newly claimed' Venomin base in an attempt to reclaim it. story by: Aresses Pages-3
The Shadows of Fox- The version of Starfox with a bit of a twist. Dark figures... malfunctions... and things that never happened but did happen in this story. Story by: SM
Dark Salamander- It is now one and one half years after the defeat of Andross. In the past month, though, a new leader has taken command of the Venomian forces. From his ship the Dark Salamander, Admiral Eriaz commands the Venomian fleet with renewed vigor. Especially dangerous are his seductive aide Nira and what he calls his "Royal Fleet", a group of advanced fightercraft with well trained pilots that no one can find. Will this new threat spell the destruction of the Lylat System or can Starfox and the Cornerian Army stop him? Story by: Omarba
The Beginning- Tiana DeLobo is a wolf pilot during the war, this is the first of four tales of her and her team. story by: Tiana DeLobo Pages- 12
Deadly Games- A story about Falco's life before Starfox, and everything else about him... Story by: Taylon Rene
The Beginning, Middle, and End- It takes place after the battle of Andross and Fox marries Vixxi. But,there is one thing that NOBODY counted on..was that Andross was only the beginning! For,the Star Fox Team will find out that nothing is as what it seems in "The Beginning,Middle and End" story by: Ken Dorvee
Fugutives Trilogy Part 1: The Jailbreak- Slippy Toad goes out one day to buy some helium tanks to keep his famous voice high. Then he gets drunk. Then he doesn't pay. Then he's in jail. It's up to Fox, Peppy and Falco to get him out! story by: General Salt
The Illegal Alien- No summary... story by: Jason Hunter
The Cyber Wars- No summary... story by: Jason Hunter
A Katt's Tale- The story of Katt, who has nitemares.... that probably would never end.... Story by: GeckoLiz
A New Recruit- How CJ, Flyer, and how all their palsy met and became famous. A humorous story. Story by: CJ(Claudia Jenson) Pages-9
Temptations- After a battle with Starfox, Slippy is badly wounded and Starfox need a replacement, and once they do find one, and one's dream comes true, does everything start falling apart.... story by: Carole Maylin Pages-23
The Lylat Chronicles- Long ago, before Andross and Star Fox, there was a legendary battle between two groups, the Space Pirates and the Cornerian Army. All that remains of this battle are the strewn remains of ships of long ago. By: ASimPerson
Vengence of a Mercinary- A story of a mercinary who loses something valuable and how he'll do anything for revenge... story by: Dean Tondreau Pages-11
Truly Unforgettable- What happens when a trusted friend turns bad.... when his memory is concealed in the depths of his mind, and finally figures out who he is... a loving story on friendship. story by: Finniusk Krill Pages-19
Enter Max- So wanna know a typical day of a furry in a war. Where love and honor awaits Max? Here's it all, and about a story of a animal and a war... story by: Max Weeks pages- 8
A Day in the Life of a Starfox- Ever wonder what would happen to Starfox after the fall of Andross with nothing to do. Here's the whole story of Starfox and what they did after. And no, Peppy is not chewing on a carrot if you read the humor by PsychoRaph. story by: Vixette Fulvain pages- 8
The Time Travelers- Robert and Ken. 2 half human and half animal twins, come back after the defeat of Andross. But something arouses, and some group called the T.O.Ds have attacked StarFox and his friends. What is happening? who is doing this? story by: Tga pages- 10
Bill Grey Trilogy: The First Encounter- While Fox and Peppy are looking for remains of James, Bill is going to fight with a fire-dragon on solar, with the help of a friend... Katt story by: Bill Grey the 2nd pages-11
The Rise Of Andross- a Venomin scientist named Blake O'Shane who is ordered to make a new Super-weapon for Andross and decides on a cyborg. He names it Felicia 1 and shows it to Andross, but things don't go as planned. The cyborg goes berserk, and Andross orders the Venomin Army to destroy it before it escapes from Venom. by: Fox McClous
Heart Of Steel - a Venomin scientist named Blake O'Shane who is ordered to make a new Super-weapon for Andross and decides on a cyborg. He names it Felicia 1 and shows it to Andross, but things don't go as planned. The cyborg goes berserk, and Andross orders the Venomin Army to destroy it before it escapes from Venom.
Bother John - Katt throws a party at Bills house, but how weird can it get? It can get pretty weird, let me tell you. by:Meddle72
Childhood by:Meddle72 TXT FORMAT
The Past's Future- By:Aero Seth HTML FORMAT
A Sworn Oath- No Summary by: Ringshadow
Anna- No Summary by: Amy Wolf