& nbsp;           &n bsp;           &nb sp;        A "Katt's" Tale
            ;                          By Gecko Liz

   " As  Funny as it seems, Katt is like no other cat in Lylat"
           &nb sp;           &nbs p;             ;        ~Dr. Sharpie Katt's Doctor
           &nb sp;         A huge hand was chasing a pink cat in a labyrinth made of catnip. The cat was running forcefully. She ran as the monstrous hand was clawing its way to it.  The cat ran and a few minutes later she wan lying on the floor unconscious.  The giant hand punched a huge hole next to the cat. It had its hand in a grabbing position and the feline woke up suddenly. the cat panted heavily as it grabbed its chest forcefully.  It swept the blankets right off the bed as she ran to the bathroom to throw-up. A few minutes later, the cat swept some sweat from its brow.
  "I gotta cut down on the coffee." a smooth voice hoarsely said.  It got up and had a drink of water. The feline crawled back to bed and stayed there until the next morning.................
           &nb sp;           &nbs p;             ;                Chapter One: Dream Apocalypse

     "The nightmares will never stop is what she tells me."
           &nb sp;           &nbs p;     ~Fox McCloud: Katt's friend
     "If these dreams keep happening, let me know." a faint voice called over the phone.
 "I hope they don't happen again too Dr. Sharpie." Katt Monroe replied.  Katt hung up the phone.  She sulkily walked back to her chair.  She was thinking and then dozed off in her seat.  After 10 minutes of snoring, the nightmares began........

       Katt was now in a 3-D realm walking by stain glass windows.  She was confused by the windows and stopped suddenly. She looked as a huge laser fired right by her and she saw the arwings. She tried to warn them, but they couldn't hear her.
   Falco LomBardi peered at his scanner.  He sat quietly as some jazz music played, unaware of the hyper laser about to hit him.
   Katt was hyperventilating at the sight of a ship getting blown to smithereens.  She screamed, but softly because her scream was stuck in her throat.  She woke up quickly and fast.  She cried softly as the remnants of the dream or nightmare filled her head.  She fainted quickly.  When she woke up, the sounds of murmuring filled the air. Then it struck her on where she was: The Hospital.  Katt felt tears of sadness run down her cheek.

    Dr. Sharpie ran a sleeping Katt through the C.A.T. scan.  She was nervous about her favorite patient so she did all that she could do.  Buzzers beeped and  heart rate monitors did what ever sound they did.  Doctors were saying that they hoped this scan on Katt would monitor her mind.
   But Katt had a bad nightmare one that would stay in her memory forever.........

           &nbs p;             ;                        Chapter 2:  Maze of horrors
           &nb sp;        "She never acted THIS weird before!"
           &nb sp;           &nbs p;             ;     ~Falco LomBardi: Former Boyfriend

   Katt "woke up" in a closed room. No windows or doors. She paused for a moment to look around.  What was to see except blank white walls.  Then the fact hit her. She was claustrophobic. Her heart raced as she ran taping on the walls.  Then, as she pounded furiously, a wall collapsed on top of her.  A woman was standing with HER boyfriend.  A  look alike of Katt stood next to Terrick.  Katt's mind raced in madness.  The girl embraced with Terrick. He stood next to her and KISSED the clone.  Katt ran down a hall screaming.  Hands grabbed out and tried to grab her.

     She woke up just as the clone threw her to the ground.  She panted hard.  Her boyfriend Terrick was standing next to her.  Katt still in her dream state, thought Fara was the clone and slapped her.  Fara was suprised that she slapped her.  Katt woke up in a hurry.

  "Sorry Fara. I was asleep." she said.

  "That's ok Katt, you were asleep." Fara replied.  Dr. Sharpie ran into the room. Apparently, the scans were off the map. The doctor was worried about Katt.  She examined her and hooked her up to a machine.

  "Oh Katt, pray to God this works." Dr. Sharpie prayed softly.   But 4 seconds later Katt fell asleep. The Star Fox team and the crew of doctors were worried as Katt had the baddest dream in her dream realm........

           &nbs p;             ;                         & nbsp; Chapter 3:  Death and Marriage
           &nb sp;  "She is very nice but can be naughty at sometimes"
           &nb sp;           &nbs p;           ~Terrick Larose O'Donnel: Boyfriend

    Katt was standing in a foggy yet quiet realm.  She was in a strange position so she wouldn't move.  A haunting memory hit her then.  Her brother: Dead.  Falco got too drunk and he and Katt  were driving and her brother ran out into the street and Falco hit him. katt never forgave him ever since.  She saw it: right in front of her with her own eyes.  The laughing, the chatting the hurting.  SPLAT! Katt looked back in shame.  She killed her brother.

   " Why did I do that?"she sobbed.  Then, as she closed her eyes, the scene changed to a church. Flowers, Unity candles, Wedding decos, A wedding.   She saw the horrid image.  the bride was that Katt clone and the groom was: TERRICK?????!!!  Katt's heart skipped 100 beats.  She was in shock, sadness and Anger.  Adrenaline rushed through her body like water filling a cup glass. But as that was happening, Terrick and the clone were wife and husband.

   "No! Terrick! I'm The real Katt!" she shouted.
   "I don't know you." he said sternly.  he pulled out a gun. He held it right up to Katt.  He pulled the trigger.    She woke up fast.  She was crying and hyperventilating.   Later, Katt stepped out of the hospital's showers.  She got on her nightgown and fell down on the bed.

           &nbs p;             ;                         & nbsp; Chapter 4: Hatred and Capture
           &nb sp;      "Well, Katt IS cool but silly"
           &nb sp;           &nbs p;           ~Fara Phoenix : Close Friend

      Her eyes opened and closed quickly.  Then her eyes closed. She opened them to see a black and white background.  Katt opted to see a cute b/w cartoon, NOT a horror.   Then a voice cried in the distance....

  " Katt, Help us!" the voice cried.

  "Where are you?" Katt shouted.  The voice didn't say any thing back. Katt was alone.  A giant hand slammed down next to her.

   "Welcome to my playground kitty." the deep voice rumbled.  It sounded ALOT like Andross.  In fact, IT WAS Andross.   He had her friends tied to a rope over a vat of  nuclear acid.  Adrenaline rushed through out her body. Katt reacted quickly.  The fish crushed her to the ground. Luckily, she wasn't killed.  She weakly got up a staggered towards the pot of acid.  The fist crushed the pot and launch her friends in the air.  Moonraker lasers were pointed right at her and the Star Fox team.

   "I'll save you guys!" Katt weakly shouted. A ship came flying by. It was a Husky ship someone or something called:

"Leave them alone!" the voice cried.

"J.C.?" Katt thought.

"It IS me Aunt Katt!"  J.C. shouted.  Lasers fired and the ship was saving her friends. Then the plane flew away with her friends inside.

     Katt ran to the fist with all her might and smashed it along with her wrist.  The fist exploded in a million pieces.  Katt saw that she killed the fist.

"You haven't seen the last of me Kitty!" Andross shouted out of nowhere.  Katts' nightmares were over.

   3 weeks later Katt was out of the hospital.  She and her friends were at the pool in her backyard.

"Well, 3 weeks passed and no more bad dreams for me." Katt told Fara.

"That's good." Fara said after taking a breath.

   Elsewhere, Slippy was working on a machine.

  "There! My new work of art!" he said.

  "You are a helium sucking frog!" Falco shouted at the top of the steps. Slippy was hurt by that remark and all the others Falco called him. He wanted to get even.................................

           &nbs p;             ;          The End of "A Katts' Tale."
Stay tuned for "The "Slippy" files.......
    By Gecko Liz   This is my first time at this Sorry for the ridicuness. :(