Let Me Die Young



"How's he doing?"Fara joined Fox after putting Justin to bed.

"I don't know Fara,"He put his arms around her,"Falco won't talk to me.He won't talk to any of us."

Fara sighed,"And Talon?"

Fox was interrrupted by a door creaking open upstairs.They both watched as Justin emerged from his room and snuck down to Talon's.

"Sshhh,"Fox pulled Fara aside so their son wouldn't see them.

Justin slowly went inside,and closed the door behind him.

Fox felt a lump in his throat,"He's knows,Fara.Justin knows that Skye is dead."

Fara pulled free from him and slowly went up the stairs.At Talon's door she opened it just a bit,and looked inside.Fox appeared behind her and looked over her shoulder.

Talon and Justin were sitting up together.Talon was sobbing,and Justin had a comforting arm around him.

Fara closed the door and leaned against the wall.She held a paw to her mouth before pushing by Fox and ran back down the stairs.

"Fara,"He went after her.

She stopped in the den room,rubbing her arms ruefully,and began to cry.

"Fara,"Fox wrapped his arms about her.

She turned and buried her face into his jacket,"Oh Fox.Why did she have to die?Why did she have to leave Talon and Falco?!And us?!"

"Sssshhhh,"Fox held her in a comforting embrace,and tried to ignore the moisture sliding down his own cheeks,"I don't know honey.I don't......know."

"Why do Talon and Falco have to go through this?Talon is only five years old?!No one that little should have to go through this and lose their mother!"

Fox held his grieving wife,trying to console her.He looked up as Kimmy and Jenna came into the room.

Fara pulled free from him and went to Kim,wrapping her in a hug,who was also crying.

Jenna's eyes were red and there were dark traces on the fur of her cheeks,"Bill is still at the crash sight.They already took Skye from the accident,"Her voice caught.

Kim wiped tears from her eyes,"Slippy stayed too.He keeps blaming himself.You know he checks over all the arwings,and now he thinks it's his fault she got killed."

Bill suddenly came in.He walked like he was tired.

He looked at his friends,"Hi...how are Talon and Falco holding up?""

Fox put a paw on his shoulder,"Justin's upstairs with Talon right now,we haven't seen Falco since the crash."

"Damn,"Bill looked away.

Kim caught his paw in her hand,"Does anyone know what happened up there?There must be something that could tell us."

Bill pulled his gaze back to them.He rubbed the back of his neck ruefully,"Groundcrew say it was engine failure,but the sight was so torn up.....there really wasn't anything left to really tell what happened.Skye probably-"

He shut his eyes tight and looked away.Jenna went to him and they wrapped each other in an embrace.Bill yanked his helmet off and threw it to the floor.His voice was hoarse,"Where are the kids?"

Jenna smoothed his fur back from his eyes,"I put them to bed,they're asleep."

"Good.Do they know?"

"Yes,"Fara answered him softly.She clasped Fox's paw as he came and stood beside her.

The room became silent.They looked at each of there teammates,trying to accept that they had lost one of their own.

Slippy suddenly walked in.His clothes were dirty and his hands were covered in minor cuts and bruises.He had been crying,streamlines running down his face that had washed away the dust and charred earth.

He pulled his hat off and tossed it on the table,then turned and leaned his forearms against the wall,and began to sob.

He struck the wall hard once with his fist,"This is all my fault.If I had looked over her fighter better....Skye would still be alive."

"Oh Slip,"Kim went to him and hugged him.His jacket felt cool against her tear-warmed cheeks,"Don't you blame yourself.I watched you go over Skye's fighter several times,like you always do for all of us.It isn't your fault."

Slip looked up when Bill put a paw on his shoulder,"A ground crewman told me the failure accured in flight.You wouldn't have found the glitch when the ship was grounded.There is no possible way this is your fault."

Slippy only nodded.

Fox's mother quietly came downstairs.Her voice was gentle and full of concern,"Talon and Justin are finally asleep.I suggest you all try to do the same."

Fox asked her,whispering,"Where is dad and Peppy?"

"They went to find Falco.They told me to tell you that the best thing you can do,is rest."

She hugged each of them,before disappearing back upstairs.

They watched her go.She was right,but sleep was the last thing on their minds.


The main hanger of Corneria city's central military base 2200 hours:

Falco smashed his fist into the hull of his arwing.It didn't give under his blows,and soon his knuckles were torn and bloody.

He took a drink out of a bottle.The alcohol suddenly made him sick.He used to drink a lot.But because of his friends and family,he'd been clean for quite awhile.

"I'm such a traitor!!!"He screamed,and threw the bottle against his fighter.

"Oh Skye,why did you leave me?"He fell to his knees,sobbing.

His mind tumbled over the events,the horrible events that had happened earlier in the day.His emotions pulled him back-to then.

The Starfox team were performing in an airshow at the base,pulling aerial stunts and just having fun.There was quite a big crowd,and everything seemed great and not at all boring.

He and Skye were pulling scissor passes.He remembered their conversation,her laughing and joking with him.He felt proud thinking his son was watching them down on the ground.Never had he felt so happy.

As he and Skye passed each other a third time,getting a roar of applause from their audience below,something went terribly wrong.

Skye's frightened voice came over the com,telling him she had lost fuel pressure.Then the arwing's engine died,he could hear the sound of the engine cutting off,fire appear from the tail,seeing the arwing's nose angle down.....and Skye scream his name.

He could only watch in horror as she crashed,smoke and fire rolling as her fighter slid down the runway.The wings snapped off and the fighter screeched sideways.

He made a hasty landing and ran to the fighter.The arwing was burning,and beside the risks,he pulled her from the crash.

No sooner than he had did the arwing rock the base with a horrific explosion.

Falco held his dying wife in his arms,telling her he loved her,and he couldn't live without her.

He remembered her soft smile,telling him she loved him too,and asked for a kiss.

And then......she never opened her eyes....or answered him.He screamed her name over and over again.

The silence that seemed to fall around him felt like it was trying to choke the life from him,suffocating him.

He had fought against Fox and Bill as medics took her away,remembering one saying,"Time of death fourteen-hundred,2:15 P.M.-

"No!"Falco screamed.He came back to reality.He lashed out blindly,when two strong paws grabbed him.

Peppy kept his voice even,"Easy Falco,easy son."

Falco stopped struggling.He saw James come up beside him,"Wha-what are you doing here?"

"We came to take you home,you can't just stay out here,son,"James watched Falco carefully,afraid he would pass out.

"No,just leave me alone.I want to be alone."

"You're drunk Falco,"Peppy pulled his one arm over his shoulder.The old veteran pulled him to his feet,"We won't take no for an answer.Besides,your teammates are worried about you."

James pulled his other arm over his own shoulder,"Come'on Falco."

He didn't argue any further.He was too tired and heartbroken to even try.

James and Peppy took him back to GreatFox.


A week later..after Skye's funeral....

Falco had never felt so empty.He had been unable to sleep or eat.He fell away from his teammates,and became withdrawn and depressed.

His team didn't know how to approach him,and they felt helpless.They wanted to help,but how when he kept pushing them away?

Talon himself had become listless,although he responded to Justin and the other kids.He kept having nightmares,and now usually stayed in Justin's room to sleep at night.He kept asking Uncle Fox and the other senior members of the team why his dad wouldn't really talk to him or play with him.They didn't know how to answer him.

Falco tried to talk to his son,but his thoughts were out of order and he was so confused.

He kept having nightmares of his own,and couldn't find the way to go forward.All he could think of,was Skye.

He woke up early on a Friday morning,after a horrid night of nightmares and no rest.He looked up at the ceiling for several moments,before rolling over-to where Skye should have been asleep beside him.

Then he remembered,she wouldn't be there.Nor any nights in the future.

He climbed out of bed,and dressed.

Walking down the hall,he stopped at Justin's room,and opened the door.

Talon was curled up in a beanbag on the floor.Falco silently knelt beside him,and smoothed his son's coal black feather's back.He pulled the blanket closer around him,before getting up and leaving as quietly as he had come in.

And after making sure he hadn't woke anyone of his teammates up,he grabbed his jacket and slipped outside.

It was raining,and he scanned over the lines of fighters and watched some of the groundcrew checking the jets.Then his eyes fell on where Skye had crashed,the scarred part of the runway blocked off and being repaired.images of her burning jet flashed through his mind and he wrenched his gaze from it,

He walked by the hangers and the main compound,before leaving base limits and heading into Corneria city.He pulled his collar close around his neck,and kept his head down.the city was still quiet from the night,and just beginning to come awake.A few ladies under umbrellas brushed by him,heading up the street.

Water splashed under his feet as he walked through some puddles and slipped through a couple alleys,a shortcut to the cemetary.

He couldn't pull himself away,he had to see Skye's grave.

The gates to the cemetary were open,they creaked as the wind pushed on them as he walked in.

He walked along the gravestones,reading some of them.One of a young infant caught his eye,and another of a fourteen year old.He once could only imagine what their parents felt when they lost them,but now..he could share the same feelings.

He shook his head,before finding Skye's place underneath the large oak tree,tucked away in the corner of the cemetary.

He laid two roses he had brought with him on the fresh dirt that covered his wife,before falling to his knees,reading the words on the cold granite stone.

He could see her face,her soft smile,her voice,and her laughter.He remembered when she would get him to dance with her in the rain,or how she and Talon would laugh together.He began to sob,his shoulders shaking.

The rain fell harder,running cold over his face.He stared up at the dark sky.

He didn't hear someone stop behind him,watch him for a moment before tentatively asking"Falco?"

The familiar,soft southern voice made him turn his head.

He couldn't see who it was at first,since she had a long black cloak on.It wasn't until she pulled back her hood-

-did she reveal the face of someone he never expected to see again.

Katt Monroe.

She gave him a soft smile.

Falco was at a loss for words.The last time he saw her,she had been in tears when he had broken up with her...for Skye.


She nodded,"Yeah,it's really me."

"Why are you here?"

"I heard about the accident,and came to see you,"She looked thin and tired,but her eyes were filled with gentleness and concern.

Falco looked back at Skye's grave,"You came to see me?Why?"

"I was worried about you,"She looked down at the grave,"I'm so sorry Falco."

He didn't answer her.

"If this is a bad time,I can meet you later at GreatFox."

"No,"He stood up and faced her,"It's alright."

There was a gap of uncomfortable silence,before Falco nodded toward the direction of the base,"I guess we can go back to the ship,like you said."

"I've been by there already,it's nice to see everyone is together still after I've...been away."

"Are you going to stay awhile?"

"I think so,for only a few days though I think."

"Come'on then,it's been awhile.I'd like to do some catching up."

Katt didn't like how he had drastically changed the subject from Skye,but could only turn and follow him.

He stopped momentarily and turned to ask her,"How did you know I was here?"

"Fox guessed you had come here,he saw you sneak out earlier this morning."

Falco nodded,and an uncomfortable silence falling around them again as they walked together back toward.home.


They were greeted by a little calico kitten who came running outside,"Mommy!"

Falco stared in shock,casting a glance at Katt who didn't notice.

Katt smiled and caught her,"Hey sweety!How's my little Cally girl!"

"Fine,"Her green eyes were bright,"Fox and Fara and Slippy and Peppy and everybody are so nice,like you said."

"I told you they would be,didn't I?"Katt laughed and sat her down.

Fara came to the door,a smile on her face for once in a long while,"I'm so glad you're here.We thought you would never see you again."

Katt smiled and hugged her,"I didn't think I would come back either."

Fara looked down at Cally,"Come'on sweety,I know a few others who would like to see you."

"Okay,"Cally took her paw,and they walked back inside.

Katt and Falco followed her,taking off their wet jackets and hanging them up beside the door.

"I didn't know you had a daughter?"Falco looked over at Katt.

Katt didn't answer him.

"How old is she?"


Falco tried to understand her sudden defensiveness.He didn't mean to say the next words that blurted from his mouth,"Where's her father?"

"He's dead."

He fell silent,unable to utter another word.

She didn't meet his gaze,but pushed by him,and stumbled into Fox.

He smiled,"Your room is all ready upstairs for ya Katt."

She gave him a hug,"Thanks hon."

"Is there anything else you need?"

"Oh,for heaven sakes,me and Cally will be fine."

Fox shrugged,and headed upstairs to see where Fara went with Cally.

Kimmy came from the kitchen,and caught Katt in a warm hug,"I'm so glad to see you.How long are you staying?"

"Just a little while,"Katt got a hug from Slippy as he joined the conversation,"Hey Slip."

"You look a little worn out,"He laughed,"Hope you're hungry.Jenna's cooking tonight."

Jenna poked her head from the kitchen,"Slip's right.I hope you are hungry."

"You bet,"She turned to Bill as he came downstairs with Peppy.

The veteran hare tilted her chin up,"A little tired,but you look great lass."

"And so do you,"She hugged him too.

"Hey,what about me?"Bill elbowed her.

Katt laughed,"How could I forget you?"

"Cause you can't,"He smiled and hugged her.

Everyone laughed at his joke,and Fara joined her with Fox.

"Your daughter just made a lot of friends,"Fox laughed as the kids came downstairs.

Katt looked at all of them,"My goodness,you guys have quite a bunch of youngsters here."

The conversation went on as Falco watched.Everything looked as it should be-

James McCloud and Vixa slid by him,James putting his paws on his shoulders and telling him to join them.

Falco stopped Vixa,"Mrs. McCloud?"

"Yes hon?"

"Katt's staying here?"

"Well,of course.Is there something wrong with that?"

"No,no,I just wanted to know."

"Well,come'on,we're about ready to eat."

She left him,and joined the group.

Falco shook his head.He thought Katt would be staying at a hotel or something,not on ship.But then again,how stupid to think she wasn't.

Sighing,he followed his teammates into the kitchen.


After dinner,everyone made themselves comfortable in the den room.Falco was the most quiet as he just listened to the conversation.He felt old emotions begin to ignite and burn inside of him.His gaze kept falling on Katt as she told her teammates about where she had been and things she had seen.Although,she never answered any questions about Cally's father,and steered around them to talk about something else.

Before long,many hours had passed,and the kids were all asleep.

Peppy was the first to get up and stretch,"I think it's late,and time to call it a night everyone."

There were nods from all around the circle.

Slippy gathered Lily up into his arms,and with Kim they went upstairs,saying their goodnights.

Bill took Buck and Breeze,while Jenna carried Blaze.They said goodnight and disappeared up the stairs.

James and Vixa headed upstairs as well,then Fox with Justin asleep,his head on his dad's shoulder.Fara followed up after them.

Peppy stretched and said goodnight to Katt and Falco,before toddling into the kitchen for a midnight cup of coffee.

Katt gave Falco a small smile,before gently gathering her sleeping daughter in her arms,and left him alone.

Falco picked up Talon,who stretched before resting his head on his dad's shoulder.Falco took upstairs and put him in his room,for the first time since Skye had died.He then went and took a cold shower,before climbing into bed himself.He prayed for a night with no nightmares,before dozing off.

Katt had listened for him to settle in,before creeping back downstairs.In her nightgown with a robe thrown on,she went to the kitchen where Peppy was sitting at the table.


He turned,surprised,"Katt,I thought you turned in."

She sat down beside him.

"Would you like some coffee?"

"No thanks,I don't care for it."

It was quiet for a moment,before he asked,"What's on your mind,lass?"


"You never came down here to sit with me except when you were wanting advice or wanted some answers,"He gave her a gentle smile.

"How did Skye get killed?"

"You mean that Falco didn't tell you?"

"He didn't tell me anything."

Peppy shook his head,"Of everyone,I thought he would either talk to you or Fox.."

Katt listened intently as he told her about the accident,the funeral.She felt her heart twist.So much had Falco and Talon had been through.

When he finished Peppy took her paws in his worn ones,"Ya know lass,you can bring Falco around.You need to talk to him."

"I've tried,but he won't..."

"You can get through to him,"Peppy shook his head sadly,"That boy needs to grieve Katt.He's kept his emotions closed up inside,you need to break him and get to him.Or else his emotions will tear apart from the inside out."

"But I can't,"Katt looked away.

"Lass,he needs you."

She looked back at him.

Peppy nodded,before leaving her.She listened to his footsteps go up the stairs till everything was silent.

She sat there for some time,before getting up and turning in herself.She looked at her tiny daughter asleep beside her,before dozing off.



"Skye,where are you?"


He looked up at the sky to see his wife's burning jet bearing down on him.

Falco.Falco,please.I don't want to die.

He screamed-

-and came back to reality.He twisted around before falling from his bed to the cold floor of his room.

He lay where he had fallen,face down,covered in a cold sweat and breathing heavily.

"Oh..God.."He trembled.Flashbacks flew through his memory,the accident,Skye dying in his arms.

"No!No!NOOO!!!"He struck the floor with his fists,screaming.

Suddenly Katt was there.She grabbed his wrists and fought to calm him.

Falco lashed out blindly,in anger and emotional hurt and fatigue.And almost instantly knew he had hit her.

The force behind his blow was enough to make her fall back.She didn't move at first,before sitting up.She bit her lip as pain shot up and down her cheekbone,and jaw.

"Falco?"She rubbed her cheek ruefully,"Falco?Are you okay?"

He turned over slowly,looking up at her.

She had a white tanktop on and black boxers,beside a flimsy night robe she had thrown on.Her semi long hair hung over her shoulders in soft waves.

Her violet eyes showed hurt as much as concern.She winced as she spoke,rubbing her cheek,"Are you okay?I heard you scream.I'm surprised you didn't wake anyone else up."

"Oh Katt,I'm so sorry,"He knew he had hit her hard,"I didn't mean to-"

"It's okay,I'm alright,"She tossed her hair back,"You're trembling."

His eyes clouded over,"It's nothing."

"Falco,"Katt touched his shoulder.

Her fingers sent electricity running through his body.Instinctively,he reached out and touched her cheek,where he had hit her.

Katt felt faint,but swallowed as her heart attempted to leap from her chest,"Falco,please talk to me.We could always talk."

Falco searched her eyes,"About what?"

"About Skye,the accident."

"But why?!I'm sure that one of the gang already told you-"

"Not for me,for you."

Falco fell silent,staring at her.Katt looked so different,so changed.She wasn't as strong and as spirited as she used to be.She looked weakened,tired,like she had given up on life at some point and was only hanging on.Her eyes were dull and lackluster..Something had happened while she had been gone,and it had shattered her.

He felt his heart twist.Whatever it was or had been,it was his fault.He had broken away from her for Skye.He had been the coward unable to admit how wrong he was and hadn't gone after her.He had let her go.

But yet,here she was.There for him,even after how he had treated her.


"I don't want to talk about it."


He didn't like the feeling of breaking down.Worse,he could never cry,not openly in front of his friends.Especially in front of Katt,he couldn't break down in front of her...

..but this time,he had to.The pressure inside of his chest wouldn't hold any longer,and it escaped from his throat as a loud sob.

"It's my fault!If I had gotten to her sooner,I could have saved her!I should have saved her!This is all my fault!It's my fault she's dead!"

"Oh..Falco..."Katt wrapped in her arms.

He buried his face into the folds of her nightgown-

And cried,sobs wracking his body.

"It's all my fault she's gone!It's my fault!"

"Sssshhhhhh...."Katt rocked him as if he were a child,"It's not your fault 'hon.There was nothing you could have done."

"No,I could have saved her!I could have gotten to her!I could have saved her!"

"Oh...hon,"Katt felt tears spring up in her eyes.Never...never had she seen Falco like this.She smoothed his feathers back and continued to rock him.

He held onto her tight.She felt warm,comforting,"Oh,Katt.."

He was suddenly screaming,"I wish I would die young!!!!Let me die young!!!I want to be with her!!Let me die young!!!"

Katt caught his clenched fists and pulled them to his chest,fighting his broken heart,"Oh Falco!You don't mean that!!"

"Yes I do!!I don't want to live without her!I can't live without her!!"

Katt continued to rock him.

"Oh..God.please let me die young,let me be with her...."

Katt could only comfort him,holding him as he sobbed.For some time she held him,before whispering,"Falco,hon..."

She tilted his chin up to make his eye meet hers,and brushed tears from his feathery cheeks,"..No one you love is ever really lost.No matter what happens,they are always in your heart,and no one can take them from you there."

Falco took some deep breaths,and rested his head against her soft chest.

"Everyone loses loved ones Falco.Sometimes before they should have to,but we will all have to face the pain of losing someone we love dearly."

He swallowed.

"But you have to get on your feet again,hold your head up,and go on.Your friends need you as much as you need them.And."

He looked up at her again.

"...There is a little five-year old boy upstairs asleep who needs you now more than ever."

Falco didn't say anything,he just wanted her to hold him.

More silence passed,"Ya know Falco,I'd have given anything for Cally to have a father who loved her.Someone like you."

He looked up,his voice hoarse,"What do you mean?"

Katt gave a sad smile,"You want to know about Cally's father,so I'll tell you.After I left here,I traveled to Zoness.There were still Andronian forces around even after the war ended.I worked as a volunteer,went on raids."

Her purple eyes flashed,"Then I met Torin,Torin Asher.He was charming,and I fell for him.We got close,got married.Everything was right fine at first.Then-"

She faltered,"Then I told him I was pregnant with Cally.He changed-he became a monster.I don't know why.He became frustrated,began drinking,and that's when he began to beat me."

Falco sat up,not believing the words that had come from her mouth.

"He didn't want a child,He said to get rid of Cally or he'd get rid of us both.I refused to have the abortion he demanded and threatened to leave him."

Falco clasped her paws in his wings.

"Cally was born six months later.And one night,my brother Johnathan and my friend Renee Stripes with her band stopped by.Torin came in drunk.He took Cally from her crib,and threw her across the room."

Falco gasped in shock-but Katt cut him off from saying anything.

"Rick caught her,and there was a scuffle.Torin pulled a knife and tried to slash me...and John killed him.He shot him before he could touch me with the blade."

She wiped tears from her eyes,but more took their place,sparkling as they fell down her cheeks.

"No charges were brought up,authorities decided it was self defense.I had nothing left on Zoness,so with Cally I traveled with the band on tour until now,when I heard about the accident with Skye."

She shook her head,"So you see Falco,I know how you feel.I lost my husband and so many others I hold dear to my heart."

Falco looked away,afraid to ask,"Who else did you lose?"

She looked back at him,"You."

He met her gaze.

"I lost you,the gang,because I ran away.I ran away-"

"Because of me,"Falco cut her off.

She shook her head,"No Falco,you-"

"No Katt,I made you run away.I pulled a cruel stunt on you with Skye.I should never have kept her a secret from you.I cheated on you."


He rubbed her palms with his thumbs,causing her to fall silent.

"I can only begin to imagine what I put you through,"He looked up at her,"And I never stopped thinking about you,I worried about you upto now."

Katt saw real regret in his eyes,and as if he was searching for something in her eyes with his own.It was a strange feeling,especially to come from Falco.

Falco got up on his knees in front of her,and with a pleading tone to his voice whispered,"Katt.Please,forgive me."

She felt her gaze lock with his,and couldn't pull away.She smiled softly,"There was a time I would have given my life to hear you tell me that."

He studied her face,he didn't know what she was going to say.Would she even forgive him?

Katt suddenly wrapped her arms about his neck,"But now,I want to leave what's in the past in the past."

She pulled one of his crest feathers,and whispered in his ear,"I forgive you."

Falco felt a long carried burden lift from his chest.He held her tight.

She pulled back from him and laughed,wiping tears froim her eyes,"Gosh,look at us.What a bunch of babies."

Falco laughed,for the first time in what seemed like forever,"You're telling me."

They were interrupted by the door opening.Cally walked in,followed by Talon.



Katt and Falco looked at each other.

"Hey sweetie,"Cally climbed onto her mother's lap.

Talon tried to rub sleep from his eyes and flopped on the bed beside his dad.He caught the wet traces on his dad's face,"Dad,are you okay?"

Falco ruffled his crest smiled and smiled,"Yeah son,I'm alright."

"But you're crying."

Falco cast a glance at Katt,then looked back at his son,"I was crying,but only cause I needed to."

He pulled Talon up onto his lap,"And from now on,we're gonna be closer buds and we won't get pulled apart again."

"Would mommy want that?"

Katt smiled softly,"You're momma loves you and your dad very much Talon.I'm sure she's watching you from heaven right now,and I know she wants you to be happy."

Talon looked at her,"You really think she's up there right now?"

"Course she is,and she's always gonna be there for you,"She looked up a little at Falco,"And your dad,she'll be watching out for him too."

Talon smiled,"So she's not gone,she's right here with me and dad?"

Katt nodded,"And right there too."

She poked him in the chest,making him laugh,"In that big heart fo yours."

Falco listened to Katt's words,and as he looked at her,he could see Skye in her.That soft and gentle and loving part of his wife.Even though she was gone,he could feel her.

Katt began to tickle Cally,"And what are you doing up you little scamp?"

The kitten giggled,squirming,and yawned,"I heard you and Falco talking,and I'm not sleepy.

"Oh,you're not huh?"Katt smiled as her little daughter yawned again.

"Mommy,are we going to stay here now?I like it here,I have a bunch of friends and there's so much to do."

Katt was about to explain why not when Falco cut her off,"You bet you are,the both of you."

Katt stared at him appalled.

Cally's eyes widened,"Really?"

"Your mommy belongs here with her team,so that means you do too."

Cally turned to her mother,"It it true mommy?We are really?"

Katt gave Falco a dirty look,and looked back at Cally,"I-I-I guess so hon."

"Alright!!!!!"Talon grabbed Cally's paw,"Come'on Cal,let's go get Justin and Lily and everybody up and tell them!"

Their parents watched them go,before Katt punched Falco playfully in the arm,"Nice going Mr.Lombardi!"

"Hey!What was that for?!"

"Now I really can't leave,Cally won't let me!"

"And neither will I!!!"He grabbed her up in her arms and began to spin,"Neither will any of this team.You're here,and you're here to stay!!!"

"Falco!!"Katt wrapped her arms about his neck and held on for dear life,"Mr.Falco Lombardi you put me down right this minute!!!"

He only laughed and spun faster.

"You're going to trip and fall down or you're gonna drop me!!Or we'll both fall down!!!!"She self-consciously felt him his arms around her,and never had felt so safe or happy in a such a long time."You devil,Falco!!!"

He held her tight,slowing his spinning,and set her down.He didn't let her go,but just held onto her in a warm embrace.

She gradually pulled away from him,and he caught the sparkles in her eyes and the sassy smile.

"The good old you is coming back,Katt."

"And the cocky Falco I remember is too."

By this time all the lights were on in the ship,as the rest of the team were beginning to wake up from all noise.

There was a crash out in the hall and a gruff holler from Peppy,"Hey!!!What's all the ruckus and commotion out here?!!!Doesn't anyone know that there are other older folks on this ship trying to sleep?!!!What's going on?!!!"

Falco snickered and Katt covered her mouth,before he answered him,"Awwww,nothing Pep!Just celebrating a teammate and a dear friend who's taken a long time coming back to us!"

Katt smiled,and wrapped her arms about his neck.He pretended to be choking before she tried to tickle him and they headed out into the hall,joining the rest of their team..

...who were still trying to figure out why their two teammates and all the kids had woke them up at three in the morning.


(Okay readers,got a question.Who wants to see Falco and Katt really get back together and stay together?I'll write the story,but I want to see who wants it first before I type it.

Breeze,Buck,Blaze,Justin,Vixa,Cally,Talon,Kimmy,and Jenna are all original characters by me.Ask me first if you wish to use them.All other characters are by nintendo.