Hiya everyone, this is a short horror story about currupt politics and an evil monster, this story only contains one new character wich is copywrighted to me

jocelyn: she works in the p.r. wing of the cornerian acadamy, she got dragged into the night of horror by a phone call from a mysterious scientist

           &nbs p;  Corneria academy is the largest and most famous military training grounds in all of the cornerian alliance. Over a hundred of the best young pilots are trained here every year, but there is something else behind the training, a much deeper more complex organization. There are many hidden branches of the academy, some reputable, some not One such branch is the public relations branch, here people have been hired to deal with all the publicity and other events, such as taking complaints and other miscellaneous stuff. In this branch a young woman named jocelyn has worked for over the past three years, she is a soft yellow furred cat in her mid twenties. Jocelyn doesn't have that big of a job in running the pr wing, she just goes into work everyday like everyone else, nothing special about her or her job at all. It had been raining all day, and jocelyn was just about to finish the days work, she hated the rain, it alwqays made her depressed, and since it was a slow day, all she had to do was just sit at her desk and watch the rain. It was six o clock finaly, and she was just putting in her time card for the day when the phone beside her desk began ringing. hello said jocelyn wearily. bad.... this is very bad said a panicked voice on the end of the line, jocelyn was confused. hello she repeated in utter bewilderment. this is bad, im telling you this is very bad repeated the man on the phone, then she heard a harsh scraping sound and the line went dead, Jocelyn waited two minutes before she put the receiver back, it had to be a joke, thats all it was, just a sick practical joke. Satisfied with her answer she got up and left her cubicle and began to walk to the elevator down to the loby. She didnt much care for working on the second florr, but all the other levels were closed off to her level of security clearence, she often wondered what was kept in the secure areas, probably nothing she always told heself, just meaningless papers that noone cares to read. It was already dark outside and all of the other employees had already gone home for the night, even the security guard who normaly waits by the front desk till closing was gone, so the cavernous lobby was empty except for her. She was about to leave the front door into the parking lot when the security desk phone began to ring, curious, jocelyn picked up the phone, hello, is anyone there she asked.  I need help came the same frightened voice, the basement.... god its awful, it happened, it was a disaster, the basement with that the line went dead. Jocelyn slammed the phone down hard, this was beyond a stupid joke, she began to think that the phones should be fitted with tracers so this kind of thing couldnt happen. She walked away to the doors once more but was stopped again by the phone, she walked over and picked it up, listen you sick-o I dont know what type of stunt your pulling but its not funny screamed jocelyn into the phone. There was an awkward silence on the line then the voice began, calm and haunting, dont go into the parking lot, dont leave the building. Jocelyn nervously looked out into the dimly lit parking lot, as far as she could see it was completely empty, not a sign of life anywhere, listem said jocelyn, im hanging up and im leaving now. no, dont leave the building came the voice again this time actualy panicked. why not, who are you asked jocelyn, her anger reaching her fear. theres no time for that now, you have to trust me said the voice, you are in grave danger, you must leave the lobby, go into the security office and lock the door. She didnt know what she was doing, but she hung up and walked into the security room anyway and locked the door, she felt very claustraphobic in the small room, she nearly screamed when the phone rang, it was a portable. hello she said shakily, im in the security rroom, now what, I know said that voice, sit down at the desk, this could take a second. She did as she was told. let me explain began the voice, you are not alone in the building, we are not alone, there is something else in there. what asked jocelyn nervously. I dont know said the man, come down to the basement so I can explain this to you face to face, but right now, you need to trust me, can you do that. i... ill try said jocelyn scared. Suddenly, she heard a muffled scratching sound on the door, she glanced over fearfuly trying to make out what it was. The scratching was comming from risht above the ventalation grid at the bottom of the door, the creature could be no larger than a dog whatever it was. what is outside the door demanded jocelyn. i... I dont know repeated the man, you have to trust me, that thing is dangerous, do you see the ventalation grid in the celeing right aboce the bookshelf. Jocelyn looked over the the large bookshelf on the opposite wall, sure enough there was a ventalation duct just big enough for her to fit into, she put the cell phone in her pocket and pushed a chair over and yanked the grid off. The air ducts were cold and cramped, she felt like the bottom would collapse on her at any moment, none of this seemed real to her, it was just to strange to be real. She wasnt exactly the type of woman to get scared easily, so the few times she felt threatened she trusted her instincts. Right now they were telling her to get as far away from the building as possible, she could almost feel something rushing up the air duct behind her. She began to hear a strange clanking sound, kind of like grinding metal parts comming from behind her, she crawled as fast as she could to the nearest hole in the duct system and dropped down into one of the administrative offices and shut the grate. She stood up and looked around her new surroundings, the office was dimly lit much like her own, there was a wall of windows looking  out on the hallway outside wich was also deserted. She decided her first move should be getting away from the hole in the celeing, she made her way to the back of the office and hid behind one of the desks in the corner. Suddenly her phone rang, she picked it up and answered, listen, who are you, what was that thing back there she asked her voice shaking in rage. not now answered the man, my name is greg, does that help you at all. Jocelyn was struggling to recognise the name, it didnt mean a thing to her, no, sorry she  said, do you work here. yes said greg, but im not part of the acadamy. what do you do then asked jocelyn even more confused. ill try to explain said greg, you work for the pr wing right, there are a lot of wings to the acadamy that dont deal directly with the acadamy, mine is one of them. go on said jocelyng glancing nervoucly around the room, but it was still empty. I hate to have to be the one to tell you this said greg softly, but your employers arent as moralic as you would like to believe, my operation is not exactly legal. J?ocelyn didnt know what to say at all, why should I trust you then she asked her voice shaking. damnit swore greg, just listen to me, if you dont youll never leave this building alive. Jocelyn had had it, no one played wit her like this, all right, you little punk she said loudly, this isnt funny anymore, im calling the police and there going to get me out of here. no dont said greg paniking, there in on it to. your insane screamed jocelyn as she turned the cell phone off, it seemed that this greg wasnt going to be much help, so she would have to get out on her own. She got up and began to walk accross the room, she got a little faster when she passed the hole in the celing, even though she didnt believe anything was up there she didnt want to risk getting hurt at all. She was just about to open the door when she head a dull thud behind her, she turned to see a small lump fall onto the ground, it was no bigger than a large rat, but she couldnt make out anything in the darkness, it seemed to move backwards slightly, she just watched it dumbfounded, then it flung itself at her. The creature burst into flames in middair and jocelyn had just enough time to duck out of the way, she watched the creature as it burst thru the window like it was a paice of paper. Jocelyn stumbled backwards into the office away from the flaming creature. The creature flamed once again thru the window melting a second hole in it, it sped accross the carpet at a blinding speed.  Jocelyn turned and ran as fast as she could, but she was trapped in the corner. The thing got c,oser and closer, just then she spotted a large fire extinguisher behind her, she grabbed it and began to spray at the creature in midlunge. The creature let out a unholy screamm of paina nd it seemed to shrivel up into a tiny ball. She bent down and touched t gently, it was way to hot to pick up, so she grabbed a nearby ruler and lifted it ont one of the deskes and turned the light on. She almost screamed when she saw the thing, it looked like a cross between a baby frog and god knows what, and it was dripping with a sickly colored slime. Just then the phone rang, she picked it up, damn it all to hell greg, tell me what is this abomination screamed jocelyn in pure rage. im not greg answered the voice almost playfuly. who are you asked jocelyn even more confused. im a freind answered the voice, it sounded male, but it was strangely high pitched, all I want to do is help you, dont listen to greg, he is in ot it. in on what asked jocelyn her head spinning in confusion. the project answered the man, my name is foxin, dont be afraid of me, like I said before, im trying to help you. all right foxin said jocelyn shakily, what is this creature I just killed. There was a stunned silence on the other end of the line, what, you killed it asked foxing stunned, thats impossible. no, im sorry said jocelyn, but it is possible, I used afire extinguishe on it. you fool said foxin panikec, where is it, are you watching it now. yeah said jocelyn, its lying there dead. Just then, the creature began to convulse on the table, it was melting, in one quick blinding motion, the creature melted into a ball and formed a creature about the size of a large dog, except it had what looked like insect legs. The thing let out a gutteral cry and lept off the table and into the air ducts and away from the terrified jocelyn. now do you believe me asked foxin. I guess I have no choice said jocelyn, she was still very shaken from watching the creature escape like that, where are you anyway. im in the executive office on the sixtieth floor answered foxin the executive offices asked jocelyn surprised, dont you need heavy clearence to access those levels. yes you do answered foxin, I am pretty high up in the acadamy.   good said jocelyn, then you should know what is going on, what is that creature. not now said foxin coldly, ill explain everything when you get to the top floor. alright said jocelyn wearily, whats the quickest way. your near the lobby right asked foxin. yeah said jecelyn. alrigh, its simple said foxin proudly, just take the service elevator up to the thirtieth floor and ill guide you from there. With that the phone went dead. Jocelyn walked out into the lobby and she went into the small service elevator and she was about to press the button for the thirtieth floor, but she stopped. What about greg in the basement, she didnt have a clue who to trust, they were both pretty strange characters. She reached up and pressed the thirtieth floor button, she hated basements, but she was also never very fond of heights, she guessed she would be visiting foxin after all. The elevator grinded to life and began the long ascent, she began to feel very nervous, she was very vulnerable in the elevator, that creature could get in and if it did, that would be the end of her. Suddenly the cell phone went off again, hello, who is it this time asked jocelyn angrily. its me greg answered greg. oh said jocelyn, listen, im sorry but I have something I have to deal with before I can meet you, do you know who fxin is.  There was a dead silence on the other end, no, you must not listen to him, he is in on it said greg terrified. What the hell is going on asked jocelyn, he said the same thing, now one of you give me a straight answer or im just going to call the police and let them sort this thing out. no, you cant call the police begged greg. all right, then give me some answers demanded jocelyn, what is this thing after me. alright said greg with a defeated sigh, have you heard of something called the threashold project. yeah  said jocelyn, she had, it was just some stupid rumor though, it was specualted to be anything from biological weapons to money laundering, but they were all lies werent they. its not just a rumor said greg, a few years ago, some of our scientists picked up a strange disturbance in the basement, we later found it to be a hole in the very fabric of space and time, we had no idea where it lead, but after a lot of testing, something came thru. what asked jocelyn already beginning to peice the puzzle together. something sent a baby thru said greg, we kept it and raised it in the lab watching it for two years, it lay in a coma, unresponsive to anythign, until a few days ago. what happened asked jocelyn. it moved in its sleep said greg, it was determined that the subject needed to be eliminated, so they sent a tem of there clean men into kill it, but the thing killed the clean men and escaped. your telling me that whats trying to kill me is from another demension asked jocelyn unbeleiving. Suddenly the phone went dead, jocelyn banged it a few times but it was useless, she heard a faint clicking sound comming from the elevator shaft followed by a loud thud on top of the elevator. She froze still almost like a statue, she didnt even breath, then the scraping began, the beast must be trying to get into the elevator. Jocelyn fell down and hid in a corner prepared for the worst, then as soon as it had started, the scratching stopped. She slowly got up but kept a sharp ear out for anything unusual, now she heard a soft clicking, followed by a hollow snap. Her heart stopped the instant she heard the noise, ans she felt as if her stomach had done a backflip, the elevator had been cut it was going to fall. Not knowing what else to do, she pried the top grate of and climbed onto the top of the falling elevator, she could barely stand uner the sudden gravity change. She blindly jumpd off the falling car over the wall and grabbed onto a nearby service ladder. The elevator continued to fall and it crashed deafingly at the bottom, jocelyn was shaken, but safe. She followed the ladder all the way down to the ruined elevator and out into the basement, it would look like meeting foxin would have to wait. The base ment reminded her of a hospital she had once interned at before she joined the pr wing of the corerian acadamy, her original intention had been to be a nurse, she had wanted to do something to help people, but she just couldnt take the endless sea of viloence she encountered at the hospital so she just quit. She remembered the exact last day as a nurses assistant, she had seen this seven year old boy who had been shot nineteen times by another seven year old boy over some toy, that had been to much for her, she had resigned right after the three hour surgery failed to save the child. She had failed as a nurse as she had failed at everything in her life, even with relationships she was awful, she couldnt respect herself enough to make anything work. Well none of that mattered, she was lost in the basement with some thing from another dimension after her, if this greg was telling the truth that is. She pulled out her cell phone and did a star 69, and in a moment she had greg on the line. alright said jocelyn, im in the basement now what. ok said greg, do you see a yellow line on the floor, that leads to the lab areas, follow that till you get to a door marked hazardous materials and ill direct you from there. Jocelyn put the phone away and began to follow the yellow line, sure enough it lead to a door with the hazardous chemicals sign on it. Suddenly the phone went off again. hello said jocelyn. hello, its me foxin, where are you. oh, its you said jocelyn, im in the basement after that thing cut the elevator down on me. sorry about that said foxin, your not talking to greg are you, he is lying completely. why should I believe you asked jocelyn. let me explain said foxin it looks like your not going to be getting up here anytime soon so it cant hurt anything. alright began foxin, have you ever heard of something called the threshold project. yes said jocelyn, greg told me all about it. he probably lied to you said foxin, ill tell you the truth about the threshold project, a few years ago, there was an outbreak of a strange disease in the southern regeion of aquas, remember. yes said jocelyn, the outbreak had been the biggest thing on the news for months it even cut out the venom/cornerian war. anyway, it was our job to find a profitable cure for the disease began foxin again, we were using an advanced for of cell regeneration to fix the dying cells, but something went wrong, one of our patients began to overgrow their cells, and they began to breed these awful creatures, like the one thats been after you. you mean theres more of them asked jocelyn. many more of them, they are kept in branch offices all around corneria, they have all been dormant until now, we believe they are hibernating, the original patient is still in deep sleep, we believe the creatures are its way of finding food. and what happens if this creature finds enough food asked jocelyn. well then said foxin, the patient will probably mutate into god knows what and that will be disasterous. what can be done asked jocelyn. first do me a favor said foxin, go into the door marked hazardous materials and look for something for me. sure said jocelyn as she opened the door, inside looked like a warehouse, and there were operating tables everywhere, on all of them were dead animals. what are all these animals doing here asked jocelyn. they are the subjects from the aquas outbreak said foxin, this is where the creatures bring there kills, I have watched it sevral times from the cameras up here. Jocelyn felt a little better knowing that foxin could see her and that she was nsot alone, but did that mean that greg could also see her, who should she trust, right now there seemed to be more evidence for foxins story but that could change any moment. listen, foxin, I need to know smething said jocelyn, I need to know who greg is and why he would lie to me. greg is another scientist sais foxin, when the cornerian govt heard about the falure of the threshold project, he was bought off into telling you some lie so that he could get you killed, his orders are to let noone escape from the acadamy period, and that means you and me. There was a long awkward silence, then jocelyn hung up, she began to inspect some of the bodies, with her limited medicle knowledge, she was able to determine that the bodies were in fact infected with a sort of virus, so greg was after all lying. Suddenly the phone rang, jocelyn picked it up. listen, you have to get out of the room, one of those creatures is returning with a victim said foxin panicked. Jocelyn looked around the room frightened, and ran from the doorway and hid in one of the empty body bags. The door opened slowly and the dog-sized creature came thru, it looked like your average dog, but it had sores all over its body and what looked like insect wings. The creature was dragging the dead body of a security guard behind it, it drug it over to a small hole and began to spin a thread around it. Jocelyn understood what was happening, it was making the body into food for onem of the dead bodies. There was nothing she could do but watch the spectavle of horror in front of her, suddenly the phone rang and her heart stopped. The creature looked in her direction and began to walk over to her. It began to probe the body bags, she held her breath and didnt move and inch. Finaly the creature turned and left the room. Jocelyn turned the phone on, hello she asked frightened. its me greg said greg softly, listen, I need you to get to me fast, are you in the hazardous  chemicals room. yes answered jocelyn, where do I go from here. just continue to follow the yellow line answered greg. Jocelyn turned off the phone and left the hazaradous chemicals room, she felt much better leaving the bodies behind, she continues following the yellow line until something struck her as odd, the lighting semmed different as she followed the corridors. The lights were almost ed now, and there was black blood everwhere, jocelyn realised this must have been where the creature had caught up to one of its victims. Suddenly she heard a loud clanking from behind her, she turned to see the grate fom the air duct fall to the floor loudly, and a tall fox climbed out. you must be greg said jocelyn releived that it wasnt the monster. yes, thats me said greg strangely calm, good thing your here, there is something I wan to show you. Greg walked of down the corridor without even a glance to see if jocelyn was following him, he didnt seem to really care either. She followed anyway, after a few turns in the complex basement, jocelyn began to wonder if greg had a clue where he was going, that dount dropped the moment she saw where they were going.  At the end of the hallway was a large pair of double doors, just like the entrance to an operating room, greg pushed thru them without even waiting for jocelyn to go thru, it was obvious to her that he didnt have a clue how to treat someone kindly. On the other side of the doors was a small room about the size of a police interrigation chamber, there was a one way mirror looking out on a highly mechanical looking room, there was a small glass dome in one corner of the room that appeared to be some sort of containment are, and there was also a large scary looking console on the other side of the room. what is this asked jocelyn confused. its the work area for the threshold project answered greg, that was the containment pod where that creature used to live. what are you talking about asked jocelyn, foxin told me that thing out there was the product of the plauge on aquas. Greg looked at her stunned, listen, foxin is only trying to cover his own tail said greg, there was a plauge on aquas, and yes, foxin was in charge of finding a cure for it, but the creature came out of my research, not foxins. why would foxin want credit for creating a monster asked jocelyn even more confused. simple said greg, its about why I didnt want you to call the police, the police are in on it to, so is general pepper. genral pepper asked jocelyn stunned, what does he want with that mutant. simple said greg, were nothing but a test, the untimate soldier, if he could drop a couple hundred of those things on venom, the war would be over, not a single cornerian casualty, he  is just using us to see how effective the creatures are. I think I understand said jocelyn, and the person who created the creature would get a very high reward right.  correct said greg. then we have to kill it said jocelyn decisivly. kill it asked greg stunned. yes replyed jocelyn with pure anger, if pepper sends those things down onto venom, think about the innocent civilians, and what will happen to a planet ovverun with monsters. I guess he plans on nuking the planet then said greg carelessly. tell me began jocelyn, what is in hazardous chemical room, why is the creature stockpiling bodies there.  the creature said greg thoughfully, the creature is not what we have to worry about, when the alien child killed the clean mean and escaped, it lay an egg in the body of one of the clean men, the egg hatched and is now what you see out there, the child is hibernating in the hazardous chemical room, waiting for enough food to make its sfinal transformaton. what then asked jocelyn. then said greg, we have a full grown monster on the loose, we have been surveying the other demension, and these things grown to be about the size of a skyscraper, in short, corneria would be destroyed.  so you see said jocelyn, if we kill the child, then we can stop it from becomming the giant monster. its not that simple said greg, that creature is guarding the child, it has sensors put up around it to smell aout any danger, if we go near it, we will have that monster on us. I think I know what to do said jocelyn obviously impressed with herself, follow me. Jocelyn led greg back to the hazardous chemicals room, it was still the same inside. Jocelyn walked over to the hibernating child and looked around for the sensors, sure enough, there were several large pod shaped sensors lying around the child, jocelyn took out a large bottle of air freshener and began to spray the sensors. what the hell are you doing asked greg shocked. I want to confuse the ceature said jocelyn after she emptied the whole bottle, now I need you to take me to the enviormental control center for the basement. sure said greg confused, they left the hazardous chemicals room and greg led her down another set of corridors to a small non-descript room with a computer and several moniters in it. Inside jocelyn fooled around with the computer until the monitor shoed the hazardous chemicals room. Just as she suspectd, the creature was snifing around the room cautiosly, jocelyn pulled the temperature level and leaned back and laughed. freeze to death you little freak said jocelyn thru her laughing. what are you doing asked greg shocked. im freezing the thing said jocelyn, I did this before and it seriosly injured it. Just as suspected the creature stopped moving and collapsed to the floor. now we have to hurry said jocelyn. She and greg ran as fast as they could back to the hazardous chemicals room, it was freezing in there, and the creature was lying dead on its stomach, jocelyn picked up a lqarge knife from a nearby table and was about to plunge it into the child when she was hit with a flashback, of the hospital room, the child with 19 gunshot wounds. whats wrong asked greg. I cant do it said jocelyn strained, the visons were to strong it was almost as if they were being fed to her by the child. let me try said greg, he took the knife from jocelyn and was about to kill the child when he dropped to the ground clutching his head. whats wrong asked jocelyn, but she knew, something was very wrong with this child. Jocelyn took the knife, she was determined, no stupid vision was going to stop her, she raised the knife but this time the visions came stronger, she almost lost reality completely, this time they were random pictures from her past, images that wouldnt have bothered her normaly, but under this light they looked scary and evil. Suddenly she was snapped back to reality, the creature behind her was moving, it was changing again. it almost melted into a puddle, this time it was bigger, the size of a person, except it was all wrong, it was furless and grey, almost like a dolphin, and it had two bright red eyes and large claws, and it walked upright. It began to wallk towards greg and jocelyn, it moved swiftly, almost mesmerising, jocelyn couldnt even move, greg grabbed her and they ran from the room back into the hallway and greg slammed the door shut and locked it. There was a deafening banging sound as the creature slammed itself against the door, hurry, use the air ducts to escape yelled greg, its to big to follow you. what do you mean me asked jocelyn confused. you go on ahead, I have some things I need to deal with down here explained greg. With that, he ran off leaving jocelyn alone. She ran for the air duct system and climed in just as the creature burst thru the door into the hallway. She collapsed  as soon as she was safe, she didnt know where she was going, but she knew she had to get out of the basement and fast. Suddenly the phone rang, she picked it up, hello she said. its me, foxin said foxin, where are you. im, on my way up said jocelyn thinking fast, ill talk to you when I get there. With that, she hung up and followed the air duct system back to the elevator shaft, she got back on the ladder and began to climb. It was a tourturous climb, but she finaly made it back to the first floor lobby. Once there, she took the second elevator, she prayed this one wouldnt fall. She felt nervous again the moment the doors closed and it began to climb. The floors flew past her, she just stoood there watching waiting for the elevator to fall, finaly it iopened up on the sixtieth floor. The executive offices were incredible, they had a huge wall sized window that looked out on the city below, in that moment jocelyn was determined not to let the creatures out into the city, she felt almost like the city was her child and she was protecting it. so, you finnaly made it said foxin as he walked in from the shadows, I have been listening in on you and greg, he is lying, you cant trust a word he says. what is the truth asked jocelyn. the thruth said foxin almost laughing bitterly, ill tell you what you can believe, first of all, there was a thrshold project, it was two projects really, gregs and mine, my project was a cure for the aquas plaig, his was to examine a disturbance in the space time continuim, sort of like time travel. but he failed said jocelyn beginning to peice the puzzle together, and your cure created a monster, and he wants credit so tat his project will look like a success. exactly said foxin. I dont care said jocelyn, all I know is that we need to kill this thing before the child wakes up. how would you plan on doing that asked foxin, I saw how neither you or greg had a chance at killing it. There must be a way of stopping its mind control system said jocelyn hopefully. by the way said foxin, care to know what greg is doing right now. I guess said jocelyn a little confused, then she remembered the video camera system. observe said foxin with a dark laugh as he turned on a nearby moniter. On the screen was greg, he was in the enviornmental control booth, he appeared to be warming the office area up. what is he doing asked jocelyn stunned. dont you see asked foxin impatiently, he is making the offices hot, so that the creature will come up here. why would greg do that asked jocelyn suddenly nervous, then it hit her, he wanted to take them out, greg was in it after all. you know what he wants to do said foxin. Suddenly they both heard a sickening cracking from the main doors to the exectutive offices, the creature was clearly visiable thru the thick glass. Jocelyn grabbed the control to the intercom, greg, what the hell are you doing she screamed in anger and fear. jocelyn, what are you doing in the executive offices asked greg startled, you have to get out of there, im trying to kill that thing. The easiest way out was the window, except for the sixty story drop to corneria down below. Jocelyn spotted the answer, it was the window washer cradle, follow me said jocelyn decisivly. She picked up a wooden cane from one of the desks and began to bang it against the window. Withing a few strikes the window broke out and the path was clear to the window washer cradle, she and foxin climbed onto the cradle and began to pull it towards the roof. It took what seemed like hours, but they finaly climbed onto the roof, it was almost dawn now and the city would be waking up soon, it seemed so close yet so far away. Jocelyn and foxin just stood there, they didnt know what they were going to do, just wait here said foxin, I have called for help, we should be picked up soon. wait said jocelyn panicking, greg said the police where in it to. you are far to trusting said foxin laughing coldly, I just called general pepper, he will be quite pleased to know that the weapon in complete. no said jocelyn with more emtion than she thought possible, you are not using this creature as a weapon, I will kill you and the damn thing myself before I let that happen. Just then the creature burst thru the sixtieth floor window and lept up unto the roof with jocelyn and foxin. Jocelyn backed away as far as she could from the creature, foxin just stood there staring at it. now for the final test said foxin darkly, he pulled out a small round bomb and threw it at the creature. The creature was caught in the explosion, but it was not fire, it was a freezing mist that left the creature frozen. Jocelyn knew what was going to happen now, the creature was going to mutate again. Suddenly greg appeared from the sixtieth floor window and climbed up to the roof. jocelyn, dont g near that thing, its not dead yelled greg as he joined her by the edge of the roof. well, looks like you are both here to witness my moment of glory said foxin laughing, neither of you will escape, no one will know that this creature was created by gregs experiment and not mine All was silent of the roof of the cornerian acadamy, jocelyn and greg and foxin were just standing there staring at eachother. Suddenly, the beast on the roof began to melt, everyone was speachless, it was mutating again, this time it liquified, it poured down the side of the building like candle wax, and it rested in a pool in the streets below. It began to harden and form the beasts final form, it was the size of the acadamy, it was huge. The creature looked like a giant lizard, it raised its head back and began to gather some sort of electrical current from the surrounding air. It had its sights on jocelyn greg and foxin, its blast would surely kill them all. At the last moment, jocelyn saw an explosion on the creatures back, it was from a helicopter, and general pepper called out from the door. you have done a very good job everyone, the creature has proved its usefulness. The monster turned its attention on the helicopter and began to draw another bolt of electric fire, the helicopter flew out of the way just in time to avoid it, and sent a second spray  of rockets at the beast. The beast got a rocket right in its mouth, it stopped cold and crashed into the ground leveling several nearby building. Everything was finaly over.

      Several hours later, jocelyn and greg were explaining the whole story to general pepper, about how foxin wanted t use the creature as a biological weapon. General pepper sighed deeply as they finished their story, im sorry, but it would appear that you to know something that is dangerous to you and me. He motioned to two bodyguards who walked over to his side, you know what to do, the usual said general pepper laughing darkly. The two men pulled out their guns and pointed them at jocelyn and greg. Jocelyn leaned against greg so that she wouldnt have to watch, and greg did the same with her, two gunshots later, there was nothing standing in general peppers way of intergalactic domination.

    The sun was rising slowly over the venomian capital, all was quiet, except for a lone helicopter flying over the city, it dropped a small container into the dirty ground, several containers began to fall from the sky, and the helicopter pulled out. One of the containers opened and six small creatures in form one crawled out, like all the other pods. The creatures scattered around their new environment, they would soon begin to feed, and grow, and reproduce, they would change several times, and venom would be no more, the creatures began to feed as the unsuspecting city slept.

           &nbs p;  the end