"You're welcome. Goodnight." He flew away, feeling relieved. He was about
to switch to auto-pilot, when another private call came from Jason.
"What did he say?"
"Jason? I thought you were asleep."
"I couldn't snooze. Not without being sure he's okay."
"Well, he's okay. Jason, keep this quiet. It was his dad. That's all
I'll say."
"What went wrong, Wolf?" Andross asked quietly. Wolf trembled in fear.
He could be dead in an instant.
"Well, you see, sir, there was a different ship from the standard
Arwings. We haven't studied these ones yet. We haven't captured one yet.
The missiles came out from the back. If I had known, I assure you that we
would have won."
"Wolf. I tolerate failure only because it occurs in the lower ranks.
You are my admiral. If there are many slip-ups like this, you will be
"Oh, god." thought Wolf. "Replaced here means death."
"Sir, there will be no more mistakes. I-I promise you." he said.
Andross turned around. Wolf suddenly lost his breath.
"There had better not be. I hope for your sake you are right."

* * * * * * * * * *

A few hours later, STARFOX left Katina with their ships in perfect
condition. All were enthusiastic. At Katina, they had contacted General
Pepper to alert them about the other team.
"I'll send some damn defensive ships and scouts to handle them if they
come into our damn area." Pepper told them.
"They're coming after us. I can't believe the General doesn't realize
that." Falco said later.
"I think he does, Falco. This is a master's degree we're talking about,
and a 4.83 master's degree at that." Peppy replied calmly. Jason shook his
head inside his ship and smiled. His earlier confrontation with Falco had
started him thinking. Heck, at this rate of purifying his sins, he might
even go clean for a whole day. On pure impulse, he called Fox.
"Hey, Fox?"
"Yeah. Um..I wanted to see if you're all right. You know, after what
happened last night."
"I'm fine. You're the last one I'd expect to hear that out of, I must
"Mmm. Actually, I want to apologize for the way I've been acting. It's
been really immature, I can see now."
"! Well!.... It's okay."
"Druggie! Where are you? Are you sick? I haven't heard a peep outta
you since we left!" Slippy hooted to him.
"See ya, Fox." Jason said. "Yeah, Slippy. I'm here. Sorry, but you
know I have to give myself a fix every once in a while, heh heh."
The next two days were rather uneventful. By now the team was ecstatic.
In only two more days, they would be nearing Venom. About halfway into that
day, some strange signals were picked up.
"Whoa! I am reading some odd signals from ahead." Fox said. The others
"No, it's from the side." Annabelle added.
"You're both wrong. It's from behind us." Falco corrected.
"Holy -Bleep-! We're surrounded!" Jason yelled.
"Six ships approaching from subspace. Think it could be our old pals?"
Fox announced. Sure enough, Andross's team came from subspace and surrounded
"Are we gonna have a real battle this time, or are you guys gonna wimp
out again?" Falco shot. "Because we really don't have time to play with you
little kids."
"Oh, shut up, you ignorant little prick." one of the generals countered.
"General Bortoi, hush up. You know our rules." Wolf hissed at him.
Peppy made a mental note that a general's last name was Bortoi. STARFOX
started firing at them. To their surprise, the enemy didn't move.
"Keep them busy." Wolf instructed his pilots. They executed his orders.
Soon Fox was left with Wolf once again.
"What are you up to?" he asked.
"It doesn't concern you......much." was the reply, and a strange pink
light shot from his ship.
"What the....?!" Fox yelped in surprise. It enveloped Virtue in a
bubble-like cover. He fired two missiles at Wolf. They both connected, and
the other's ship rocked, but still the pink light came. Fox, in desperation,
shot a barrage of lasers and missiles. Soon Wolf's ship was in awful
"What are you doing? Are you insane?" Bortoi's voice came over the
intercom. He stopped fighting. Almost immediately after, the only weapon
activated was the strange pink light.
"Fox, what's going on?" Falco called.
"I don't know. But now I can't shoot. This signal is jamming my ship.
Can you help me out here?" Falco zoomed towards the ships.
"NO! Stop them now or Andross will have your head!" Wolf screeched.
The other enemy ships chased after Falco.
"Sorry Fox, kinda busy over here. Hang on a sec." Fox cursed silently.
Then he glanced down at his computer display and what he saw chilled him.
All of the data on his computer was being extracted and given to Wolf's
files. All of the locations of key bases, passwords, and new technology were
transferred to the scientist's possession.
"Oh, geez! Somebody get their -bleep- over here NOW!" Annabelle
recognized the urgency in his voice and fled from her attacker.
"I'm coming, Fox. Hold on." She grimaced as the ship behind her closed
in. As she began firing on Wolf, he thought that it was enough. The pink
light disappeared instantly.
"THANK YOU!" Fox began firing at the ship as well.
"Aw...crud. I didn't get it all. Andross's gonna kill me.... All
ships, back out immediately. Mission......semi-complete." The ships
disappeared into subspace.
"Fox, what's wrong? Something went bad, didn't it?" Annabelle asked
"Um...just slightly. Okay, we're in serious trouble. Whatever light
that was, it somehow was extracting data from the computer system."
"Oh my god." Slippy gasped. "Are you saying that that freak now knows
most of the codes to the ships out here and locations of bases?"
"Yes. He also knows of some new technology designs. I told you it was
bad news."
"We gotta warn Pepper, pronto." Falco broke in.

Chapter Five

"You have got to be damn kidding me." Pepper groaned.
"I'm afraid not, sir." Fox replied wearily.
"Well, we'll change the damn codes as quickly as possible and damn pray
that it's enough. Pepper out." The next few minutes continued in silence.
"So." Falco said.
"So." Fox agreed.
"You know, we're almost at Venom."
"Mmm." Silence. Nobody said anything over the next few hours. All
switched to auto-pilot feeling rotten. However, when they awoke next
morning, they were in a better mood, but still worried. The arrival at Venom
was a few short hours away. Peppy was especially freaking out mentally. He
didn't want any traitors developing like last time, and if they did, he
didn't want to be responsible for the death of a team member again.
Especially not the son of the guy he'd already gotten killed. He would go
nuts if he had to see those eyes in pain again.

* * * * * * * * *

"I warned you, Wolf." Andross said quietly. Wolf gulped and started
thinking of an excuse.
"Sir, there were..ah..certain difficulties that could not be avoided. were not performing their duties, and so I will punish
them accordingly."
"I know it was your slip-up. I listened in." Pause.
"But you will not die." Wolf breathed a sigh of relief and started
"Thank you, sir. I swear to you tha..." He was interrupted suddenly.
"No, you will not die. By the way, are you aware of the fact that our
laboratories are running low on experimental hosts?" Wolf's eyes went wide
with fear. He began to protest, but Andross pressed a calling button and
four armed guards rushed in. He gestured to Wolf and they seized him.
"Take this puny excuse for an admiral to the scientific research labs.
Make sure he does not escape."
"Yes, sir!"
"No! No! Please! Noooooooooo!" Wolf howled as he was dragged away.
Andross turned with an expressionless face.
"Such a waste, sir." the vizier commented as he stepped from the shadows
of a corner.
"Yes. He showed such promise. A pity."
"Sir, will you be promoting First General Kvanitch now that the position
is available?"
"Kvanitch is better at receiving orders than giving them. I am bringing
up the Fourth General Briar."
"But, sir...General Briar is a lower rank. And besides, the General is, know."
"I know. But it will work out. If not, General Briar will join Wolf."

* * * * * * * * *

"Hey, everybody, may I have your attention?" Annabelle asked. "I just
want to say one thing before we get to Venom.... You guys are the best, and
I wish you the best of luck now."
"We'll need it." Jason sighed, feeling the urge to give himself his dose
again, but deciding to keep clean for the upcoming battle.
"Yo, stop being so negative. You're depressing me." Falco snapped at
"Well, excuse me, hotshot." A weak form of argument. He couldn't come
up with better retorts without his fix.
"Falco. Jason. Don't even start." Peppy warned. Falco was about to
reply when signals were picked up.
"Hey, I think it's Wolf's team. Be extremely careful. We're in their
territory, and they can call for backup." Fox informed them. Sure enough,
it was the team. But they were surprised to hear a new voice ordering the
"Do not get yourselves killed, please. It would not look good on your
"Yah! What happened to Wolf? And who is this chick commanding them?"
Jason yelped.
"Wolf met with a rather unfortunate end for his failure to complete his
last mission. I am his replacement. And I am not a chick." she said
smoothly, sounding amused. The others split up as Fox approached her ship.
Fox gritted his teeth and began to shoot at the ship. She easily avoided
them. Still Fox had not been shot at. All around them, the others were
viciously fighting. It was very strange. For a few minutes he shot at her,
but was not able to land one shot. Finally, he decided he'd had enough.
"Why don't you shoot at me?!"
"Because I am not responsible for destroying you."
"What? Aren't you the new admiral?"
"Yes. But I do not feel the need to fight you. This is Wolf's battle,
and I do not intend to follow in his path. Look at his fate. I will not end
that way."
"That's pretty smart." Impulse. "What's your name, so I know how to
address you. I'm McCloud."
"McCloud, that sounds familiar. Oh! You are that son? I heard from
Wolf. I am so sorry for what happened to him."
"You didn't answer my question."
"I am Admiral Briar." she said primly, with a new sense of pride.
"Gee, I hope you aren't like Wolf."
"Absolutely not. I do not hold grudges like the one he had against you.
For that matter, I do not intend to fight you. I am sorry I cannot say the
same for the others."
"I see. Then, why don't you tell your squad to stop. Once our team
beats them, they're going to go straight after you."
"An interesting point." Suddenly she switched from private mode to
broad. "All units cease fire immediately. Do not shoot nor retreat into
"Huh? What gives?" Lenard whined, but he and the others obeyed.
"Hey, are they surrendering?" Slippy asked. Suddenly all battle ceased.
The ships were floating silently for the time being.
"Well, they are stopped." she said to Fox.
"Obviously. I can't believe you actually obeyed me."
"It was not obeying. It was a point brought out into the open and
approved of. That is all."
"Um...Fox? An explanation would be greatly appreciated." Annabelle said.
"Yeah, same here, Admiral Briar. We're a little confused, too." Another
general agreed.
"I'm not exactly sure." Fox confessed.
"I have no wish to fight you. It is that simple. I am only out here
because the squadron seemed so eager to do so."
"That doesn't sound quite right. It must be a trap." Falco said
"It is no trap." Briar said.
"Admiral." Pigma said. "What are you doing? It's like giving up! You
can't let them get away!"
"Hold your tongue. It is not your decision to what I will and will not
do. If I say we are not attacking them, then we are not attacking them."
"How can we trust you? You're the enemy! You're part of the lying scum
that is destroying the universe!" Jason broke in, feeling panicked without
his life-support.
"Excuse me. You are not acquainted with my lifestyle. If I wanted to, I
could annihilate you."
"That's awfully cocky!" Falco yelled. "I'd like to see you try that on
me!" He flew up to her.
"Falco, don't!" Peppy warned. He did not heed him, and shot a missile
at Briar.
"Fine. Have it your way." she said, and suddenly she was circling
"Holy cow!" he exclaimed. He could not lock onto her because of the
ship's amazing agility and speed. However, she could definitely lock onto
him and she did. In a matter of seconds, Falco's ship was battered.
"Is that enough demonstration?" Briar asked. Falco did not respond.
"Falco, are you okay?" Slippy called.
"Yeah." he said, sounding shaken up. "I'm cool. But did you see that?!
In a few seconds...!" A soft green light came from Briar's ship and
surrounded Falco's. There was a brilliant flash of light and suddenly his
ship was completely healed.
"Eeek." Falco squeaked.
"She's apparently not bluffing." Fox said blatantly.
"Jeez, apparently not!" Yet another general exclaimed in awe. "What
model are you flying, Admiral?"
"It is my own design."
"How can you repair the damages that fast?" Slippy demanded.
"You would love to know."
"Don't we need to continue on to complete our mission now?" pressed
Jason, feeling oddly uncomfortable with the chick they had just met.
"Yes, we do." said Fox, noting the discomfort and readily agreeing.
"You are going after Andross?" Briar questioned.
"Well, duh." Falco said.
"Why." More of a statement than a question, implying that she already
knew the answer.
"Well, how's this? You are all the bad guys and we're the good guys.
Bad guys are ahead for awhile, but good guys fight back. Good guys always
win." Falco said smugly.
"Why do the 'good guys' and the 'bad guys' fight?"
"What do you mean, why?! Because the bad guys are evil and we have to
put a stop to it!"
"What makes you think that all of us are evil?"
"Well," Falco hesitated. "Because...that's the way it's always been.
Otherwise you wouldn't be part of the scientist's crew. If you weren't evil,
you'd be with us."
"Have you considered blackmail?"
"What does blackmail have to do with loyalty?"
"Some are blackmailed into fighting for Andross."
"Oh, so them doing something mischievous or having an affair 'forces'
them to follow him? I truly doubt that."
"What if it were something more valuable? Like precious lives?"
"I can't discern your meaning here..."
"Well, if someone has..oh..a wife, let us presume, Andross will have that
wife seized. If the husband refuses to cooperate and follow through with all
orders, the wife will be eliminated. It is like an impetus to obey."
"That's poignant."
"It is."
"So, will you permit us on our course now?"
"I will. Under one condition."
"Oh, geez. That one condition kills ya every time." She then used the
private intercom to answer him.
"I have to go with you. You cannot continue to Andross's headquarters
without proper assistance."
"YOU WANT TO WHAT?!??" Slippy screeched, being very loud and obnoxious,
and letting the generals know what was going on at the same time. "ARE YOU
"I'm with you." Lenard agreed. "This isn't right at all. Your
loyalties are somewhat clouded and misguided. Step aside, Admiral. You are
"No!" a general protested. "Listen to me! Be sensible! You can't
possibly survive! Have you seen her ship?!"
"You guys are pretty low. Betraying both sides?" another said pityingly.
"Nice knowing you. Or not."
"Please, Lenard,'s not worth it. Please." pleaded Bortoi.
"Are you threatening me?" Briar asked, suddenly calm, seeing as the
traitors did not respond to the pleas of the generals.
"Yes I'm threatening you. Bring it on." Lenard taunted.
"Fine." Suddenly she took off towards the (once again) traitors.
"Boy, this is familiar." Slippy said, shocked and horrified. Peppy
"Should we ask her to stop? I mean, we know them. And it's
"No." said Falco coldly. "They deserve it. They brought this onto
themselves. Let them die." An explosion rocked before they could even move.

"Oh, my god. You killed Pigma." Lenard wept. "Oh, please, spare me,
admiral. I didn't mean-"
"Shut up, coward, and pray for your soul." Briar said, and then there was
no Pigma Dengar. For the next ten minutes, an embarrassingly awkward silence
existed. Finally, someone spoke.
"Well." Fox said. "That was pretty ruthless."
"Hey, lay off our admiral." a general defended. "They deserved it and
you know it."
"Aren't you supposed to back up your teammates? You're all a bunch of
scrubs. No loyalty whatsoever." Falco said nastily. He was still shaken by
the deaths.
"They weren't friends, and they were definitely not teammates. They
didn't help us out, they were awful pilots, and they were the ones with no
loyalty." another countered.
"Cut it out." Bortoi interrupted warily.
"Agreed." Briar said.
"Well, why the heck would we need an escort? Especially from someone
like you?" Annabelle asked.
"Because Andross's quarters are heavily guarded. There are seventeen
separate force fields, each with over twenty-nine million watts of
electricity, and over sixty-thousand soldiers."
"And how would you be able to help us?"
"I have the status now that allows me to dismiss all soldiers, and
passwords to disarm the force-fields."
"That could do it."
"How can we trust you?"
"....I do not know how to prove it until the actual moment of truth
"Well, STARFOX? Do you accept the proposal?"
"Anybody think not?" Fox asked, getting nervous.
"Let's do it." said Falco, getting naturally high.
"Why not?" sighed Jason, getting artificially high.
"Me too." said Annabelle, getting morbidly interested.
"Yeah." said Peppy, getting frighteningly worried.
"I'm IN." said Slippy, getting comically offended. "You are not going
to be leaving me out of this one."
"I guess that's a yes." Fox said nervously.
"Then let us go."
"Admiral." one general hesitated. "What you're talking about is treason.
I want as much as you do to eliminate Andross 'cuz he's nuts, but..."
"Then what is the problem, General Kvanitch?"
"Well, if this fails, we have families...and we want to see them again."
"Very well, Generals. I am giving you orders to return to base eleven.
When something happens, remember I gave you orders without telling you what
was going on."
"Thank you, Briar. Good luck. I hope to see you again." Kvanitch said.
The generals left quickly.
"Ready?" Briar asked. All said yes. "Then move out."
They followed her until Andross's base was in sight.
"Oh, holy cow. That is a lot of defense." Jason gasped.
"Hey, hush or they will hear you. Let me dismiss them."
Immediately there was not a soul in sight.
"That was pretty efficient." complimented Peppy.
"It is standard procedure. Now I will disarm the force-fields. They are
voice activated only for security reasons." She sighed suddenly and
63ALIER71NCB96QQM68. ENTITY 17-" She took a deep breath.
clear path to Andross's headquarters.
"Oh my, that was very strange."
"I agree. When I first heard it, I thought that it was a joke. As it
turns out, it is quite serious. And for good reason, too."
"I guess it's time for us to go inside and find the scientist." Fox
said. "I guess it's also good-bye and thank you, Briar."
"Are you kidding me? I am coming with you!"
"Why are you doing this?"
"Because the base is a maze. All corridors go in circles except for one
secret entrance. And besides, I have a long-awaited appointment with
"What's your story?"
"That is not your business. Andross is, and that is that."
"Touchy, touchy."
"Yes, I am." They landed their ships and got out. STARFOX had not set
foot on land since the repairs at Ickus, and were a little woozy. This was
the first time that Briar and the team actually saw each other. Briar was a
tall, auburn-haired fox. She had emerald eyes that flashed in the unusually
close sun, the Frepenlar. Falco realized with a start that she was probably
a descendant of the ancient Wanin. Why was she with Andross, then? This was
giving him a headache. The Wanin fought against evil. Only the Omori would
stoop so low. But she could almost pass for a Cornerian except that a thin
scar ran down her left eye and cheek and was extremely noticeable. On
Corneria, such a thing would be treated.
"Well, it is a pleasure to actually meet you face-to-face finally." she
"Same here." said Fox.
"Follow me." She led them around the building to a certain spot. She
pressed a spot on the wall and a door opened mysteriously in front of them.

Chapter Six
Playing for Keeps

"Do you have weapons?" Briar asked.
"Of course. We wouldn't be in here otherwise." Jason rolled his
eyes, internally alarmed because his drugs weren't lifting him. All of the
team members had phooton guns.
"Well. A bit out of date, but they will do." And she pulled out a
magma63, the most deadly handgun known. "There is a possibility that there
are some guards around here. I am not sure, so be careful." She led them
through twisting corridors for the next hour and a half. Surprisingly, no
guards were encountered.
"We've been walking around for over an hour." said Falco. "Why aren't
there any guards?"
"I do not know." Briar said.
"You must be leading us around in circles." Slippy accused. "What's up
with that?"
"Give me a break, okay?" she replied testily. "But hush, because we are
almost there now. It should be right around here somewhere." She stopped
and started pushing the wall to the left in various places. Suddenly the
wall slid aside, revealing a poorly lit chamber. Two flickering torches were
the only light given.
"This cannot be right." Briar muttered.
"What can't be right?" Peppy asked.
"This is the way, but.....there are always some defense posts here. I do
not know why everything is abandoned. I have a bad feeling about this...."
"Great. This must be our lucky jellybeans day." Jason said
"Lucky jellybeans? Jeez, you are really high now, buddy." Falco
snickered. "Great drugs you're using." Briar gave Jason a weary look. He
quickly denied.
"I swear he's joking." he said hurriedly.
"Ah, back to reality. Anyway...we don't have a choice. We have to try
this way." interrupted Fox. "Is there any other way to get there?" Briar
shook her head.
"No. Not that I know of. And I am aware of every entrance. If you want
to back out, this is your last shot."
"No way." Jason persisted. "We've come too far to back out now." Briar
nodded, and then motioned for them to be quiet.
"Hey, this is it now. Andross's quarters should be through this wall.
Get your phooton guns ready." They prepared for a shoot-out.
When the panel opened and the wall no longer existed, all were surprised
and appalled. Andross's quarters were luxurious, but morbidly gaudy.
Everything was richly inlaid with gold and diamonds were hung on the walls
seemingly without care. Then they saw a tall, broad ape standing to the
"Hey you!" Annabelle shouted. "Show us where the scientist is or you
can kiss this life good-bye!" Jason looked at her.
"I just always wanted to say that since kindergarten." she said
sheepishly. He shook his head. The ape laughed coldly.
"You found him." he sneered.
"Now!" Fox shouted. Seven guns went off simultaneously. All
disappeared near Andross in a flash of green light.
"Obviously I have a force field protecting me." he yawned. They lowered
their guns. Force field? Not even Cornerian scientists had created
something like that yet.
"Okay, now what, miss genius?" Fox snapped at Briar.
"Well," she started, a panicky tone rising. "I am guessing brute
force." Falco cackled softly and stepped forward.
"I do not think so." Andross said quietly as he produced a little
transmitter. He pressed a button and the walls opened to reveal dozens of
soldiers carrying machine guns. Jason said a nasty thing not available in
print. They would have taken down as many as they could have, but the
machine guns went off and knocked the guns out of their hands. They clutched
their hands in pain.
"Contain them." Andross ordered. The soldiers rushed forward and seized
them despite their resistance. Andross took a long look at each of the
"This isn't fair, you cheap...." The soldier holding Jason sent an
electric volt through him, and he refrained from any more comments.
"Well, it looks like my worries are over. Now I can finally give payback
to that stupid moron on Corneria." He looked up quickly. "Take STARFOX to
prison 6C. Leave the admiral." Falco gave Briar a suspicious glance. She
could only watch helplessly. The team was dragged away.
"I am truly disappointed in you, Briar."
"I do not care whether or not I make you happy."
"Strong words. But I know you."
"That is not possible. You were never there. You do not know me."
"I check up on you from time to time. It is only my natural right. So
stop lying, I can see right through your facade. I know you are trembling
from head to foot."
"I have no reason to."
"Oh, Briar. You are going to meet the same fate as your predecessor."
"You would not."
"Watch me." He snapped his fingers. "Have fun." She was left with a
loss of words as she was taken away.

Chapter Seven
Tricky, Tricky

Briar provided as much resistance as possible while being taken to the
research facility. Once they got inside, Briar saw the specimens that had
once been normal and she ceased to struggle and took in the sights. It was
awful. She was still gawking in disgust when she was thrown into a cell.
"I hope you two become friends." the soldier smirked as he slammed the
door shut. What? There was someone else in here with her? She turned to
find a strange, but still wolfish thing looking at her from the shadows.
"Um....hello?" she ventured. The thing arose. Briar gasped.
"Hello Admiral Briar." the thing said in a mock voice. "I am Wolf
"Wolf.. Geez, this is horrible." He shrugged.
"It gets easier to bear after a few days, believe me." Then he
shuddered. "But the first time it's awful." They fell silent, thinking of
the scientific experiments yet to come. Finally, Wolf spoke again.
"So, what are you in here for?"
"I was collaborating with STARFOX in a plot to eliminate Andross. I
should have known...." Wolf snorted.
"It's not your fault." he sighed. "Andross's crazy as a loon. He's
just incredibly well informed. The spy circuit is so complex, I can't even
begin to explain it. But, I wouldn't have thought he'd throw you in here,
seeing as you're-"
"Shut up about that. It means nothing."
"Fine. Be that way." He plopped to the ground. "I'm the only company
you're gonna have, so get used to it." Briar looked around desperately.
"This cannot be happening." she thought. "Oh, god. What is Andross
going to do to STARFOX? And it will be all my fault. Somehow I have got to
get out of here. Wolf will not be much help. What have I gotten myself
into?" And she went on thinking this way for the rest of the long, sleepless
STARFOX was in a separate cell chamber for those not affiliated with
Andross. Hardly anybody looked up when they were brought in.
"We've gotta get outta here fast." Jason blurted the second the guard
"Cool down. It's going to take time to be effective." Peppy said,
amazingly calm.
"He's right. We won't get anywhere without knowing at least a basic
structure of this place. Then we've got to find a way off this planet. That
could take weeks." Slippy said, specifically looking at Jason, who promptly
buried his head in his hands. Falco was barely listening. He kept thinking
of the strange connection between the scientist and Briar. Something had
definitely passed between them at the headquarters. He just couldn't figure
out what. Falco puzzled over this while the others strategized.
Later that night, Briar sat up suddenly with a realization. She shook
Wolf, but he did not stir, so she kicked him and he sat up groaning.
"What? What? Geez, Briar, what was that for?"
"Wolf." she said urgently. "I have a plan. But I need your help." He
"I've been waiting for you to say that, believe it or not." Briar
"So you will help?" He shrugged.
"Why not? My life is already over. My greatest pleasure now will be
seeing the end of Andross's reign."
"Great." she said. "Here is my plan."

* * * * * * * * *

STARFOX was sleeping soundly when an alarm began to wail. The entire
chamber was alive at once, and soldiers rushed out to another area.
"What the heck?" Fox muttered. They sat stunned for the next few
minutes until a strange, seemingly disfigured wolf rushed into the chamber.
It searched the chamber anxiously until it spotted the cell key, a universal
key for all of Andross's cells. Before they knew what was happening, STARFOX
was freed by it.
"Hey, thanks a lot. What's going on? Who are you?" Slippy demanded.
"Well, first, this is a jail break to get you guys out of here as fast as
you can. Second, already know me as Wolf."
"WOLF!?!?!" Jason yelled. "WHAT?! You hate our guts!" He nodded.
"Yes, I do. But Admiral Briar arranged this, and I'm the only one
available, so deal with it."
"Briar?" Falco asked. He wasted no opportunity. "What's with her and
the scientist?" Wolf looked at him.
"Don't you know? He's her father." Silence for the next few seconds.
"Well, that explains it." Falco firmly stated.
"Can we go? We don't have all night, you know." Wolf hurried.
"Sucks to be her right now." Slippy snickered. Annabelle shuddered.
"What about the other prisoners?" Annabelle asked.
"We don't have time. I'm sorry, but that's the way it is." Wolf said.