"Yes! Yo, freak! I'm taking you down!" He began to head towards
Andross, but Fox held him back.
"Wait." he said. "You can't do it alone." Falco muttered under his
breath, but he knew Fox was right. For another hour, Jason and Fox struggled
to produce some form of energy. Finally, Fox stared at a small ball of red.
"Hey, I got it!" he exclaimed happily.
"So do I." Jason said, as he grinned and held a large, bouncing ball of
"Are you ready yet?" Andross demanded.
"Remember, STARFOX, that there is no limit to how much you can use, so do
not think that defense will win. And work together! I will join you
"Join us? How quickly?" Fox asked.
"I do not know. Just soon." She answered.
"Are you prepared to die, STARFOX?" Andross interrupted as he fired a
blue beam at Falco.
"Yipes!" he exclaimed. He paused, then floated in the air. "This is so
cool! If only the circumstances were different." He fired a thin yellow
beam at the madman, who easily avoided it.
"Hey, remember, work together, guys!" Jason reminded everyone. "Fire on
three…one…two…three!" He shot out his green blast along with Fox's red and
Falco's yellow. Andross jumped high with a grunt.
"Okay, this won't work. We'll just have to keep the pressure on him."
Fox decided. He shot rapid beams and Andross was forced to take a defensive
posture. Then Jason fired his own energy and Andross concentrated solely on
staying alive. But, when Falco joined in, he could not avoid it any longer.
He screamed and forced a large defensive shield around him to begin pushing
the energies back.
"Holy crap!" Falco yelled. "He's outnumbered three to one and STILL he's
winning!" Just then, a stronger pink beam joined their energies. Briar had
revived enough to add her support. With all four of them (and mostly Briar)
working, Andross found he was trapped. He could not push them back, but if
he stopped to escape, the blasts would reach him before he would have a
chance. He gave everything he had but could not win. In a minute, the
energies touched him and he ceased to fire energy. He threw his hands into
the air, screamed, and disintegrated.

Chapter Eleven
Over at Last

"Oh, my god!" Annabelle shrieked. "Is he really dead?" Briar smiled
"Certainly considering that he has no body, I would say he is." They
stood for a moment, smiling like fools.
"Let's get off this stinky planet. We can let Septar or someone else
explore it. I just want to go home." Falco said. They seemed to agree.
Just then, Briar felt an intense pain in her head and sank to her knees.
"Oh, Briar! Are you okay?" Peppy demanded.
"Y-yes. I have not quite recovered from nearly dying, I suppose. I
will be fine. Let us just go." She stood up shakily and staggered into her
ship. Not a word was spoken about the powers.

* * * * * * * * * *

"General Pepper, please. Tell him it's urgent." Fox said to the
secretary over his communications.
"Please hold." He waited eagerly.
"Pepper. Oh! Fox! Report!"
"Sir, we have successfully eliminated the scientist."
"Don't be pulling my damn leg."
"I'm serious, sir. He's dead."
"Don't worry about exploring the damn planet. We'll get the damn U.G.
forces to do that."
"Yeah, that's what we figured." He paused in discomfort. "Hey, guys?
Can you turn off your consoles for a minute? I need to talk to General
Pepper privately." The others switched off their communications. Briar did
not, seeing as she had no communications that connected with the Cornerian
"Sir, I…"
"Spit it out."
"Well, you see, we are traveling with the admiral of the Venomian army."
"WHAT!? Are you damn insane?"
"Sir! Please! She is the only reason we succeeded! She got us into
Venom, got us out, and assisted us in killing the scientist!"
"Still. I'm damn sure that she's killed a damn slew of innocents. I
don't know. What in heaven's damn name do you want?"
"I want you grant her refuge, if she wants to stay on Corneria."
"…You're damn crazy. But, I suppose I could try and talk to the damn
council. I'm not making any damn promises, you hear? But I'll try."
"Thank you, sir."
"I'll contact you at Katina. Congratulations, again. Pepper out."
"Okay, you can turn your communications back on now." Fox informed the
rest of them.
"What did you talk about?" Jason asked.
"It's PRIVATE. That's why I asked you guys to not listen. Get the
hint?" Jason shut up.
"Well, only an few hours from Katina. You know, we'll probably get
medals." Falco said. They began a discussion on what sort of medals they
thought they deserved. Briar had not a clue what they were talking about.
Her head still pounded and she felt on the verge of fainting. She tried to
make plans for the future; no way she could ever be accepted on Yata or
especially Corneria. Maybe…no. That would be too much to ask of them. Just
then, a shooting pain shot through her mind. OUCH! Everything got wavy,
then cleared.
"Briar should get a medal, too." Annabelle observed.
"I do not really need a medal." the so-named recipient replied earnestly.
"Don't worry, Briar. We'll take care of you." Fox said, giving a double
meaning that he hoped she understood.

She did.

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