DOC FORMAT FOR Soul Survivor Part 3

   Sole Survivor 3: secret of the dark planet

 katina, one of the latest planets in the lylat system to be populated, katina is sort of like a cross between mars and earth, the whole planet is covered by desert like plains of red orange grasses. a large building rose over the horizon blocking out most of the light from solar, this was the katina hq, while it was not as big as the cornerian base, but it served it's purpose. the commander of this base wasbill grey, an old freind of fox's, fox thought he would have to help him, ever since the incident at katina last year, bill did owe the fox team a few favors. after a whole hour of explaining what was going on, fox peppy and falco were dead tired, "so bill" said fox, "do you think you can help up". "im not sure all of what i can do exactly" said bill as he considered the problemb, "but if i can in any way get back at leon thru this, ill do anything i can". "bill" said fox, "do you think the starwolf team will be involved in this, if andross is also after the dark one, he definately would send out his favorite flunkies to stop us". "this is way to complicated" said peppy shaking his head, "this mess is so convoluted it makes the old war between corneria and venom look pleasent". "i hear you" said falco". "well, there has to be something we can do" said fox decisivly, "hey falco, mabey we should get in touch with kat, mabey she knows something". "um" muttered falco, "id rather not". "what is it with you and kat" asked fox jokingly, "i swear you two act like boyfreind/girlfreind". "oh shut up fox" said falco defensivly, "either way we should try to leave kat out of this mess". "i think i might know something you should know" said bill, "i was probably not supposed to see this, but the other day, i found this memo at the cornerian hq, it's about your father fox". "whatb do you mean" asked fox. "well," said bill as he streatched in his chair, "well, your father was also a part of the research on this dark one, no one knows this, but when james was returning from his escape with peppy, he had something with him, a peice of jewelry, that has the power to alter peoples thoughts, like changine hate to love or love to hate, that medal, was part of a larger peice, a huge part of the rock that the earth government got from the dark planet". "your saying that my father went to venom with the ulterior motive of finding this medal" asked fox confused, "and that this medal was part of the dark planet, but why was this medal on venom".  "well, began bill, "like i said this is a long story, the medal once belonged to andross, he used it to contrl much of his army, he got the medal from the earth government who sold it to him for practicaly nothing". "but i dont get it" said fox, "why would general pepper want that medal badly enough to send my father on a suicide mission for". "pepper didnt know it was a suicide mission" said bill quietly, "he could have never guessed what would happen when the medal bonded with the psyonic powers of that colony, but im still not sure why he still wants the medal after all that". "wait a minuet" said fox, "wasnt janet wearing a peice of odd looking jewlry". "yeah" said peppy, "now that i think of it she did always wear that ugly stone, mabey that is how artemis can control her". "im not sure about that" said bill, "but what i do know is that if we dont somehow rescue janet, we are all doomed". "ok" said fox, "our first priority should be getting janet back, than we should try to figure out what that rock does, then we need to find a way to get to diane". "yeah" said peppy pesimisticaly, "but where is janet".

            ;      At the same time a long way away, janet slowly regained concousness to find herself on board somekind of military transport, there were about 18 troops around her, they all looked pretty nervous, and didnt appear to have much more of an idea as to why they were there than she did. "where am i" asked janet groggily. "miss, your on c97" said one of the nearest crew, "interplanetary military transport". "where are we going" asked janet suspicously. "i dont have a clue" said the guard, "where were heading is not my concern, my orders are to just make sure you get to the comet in one peice". "listen" said janet exasperated, "you cant control the dark one, he is an evil beyond time itself". "shut up" yelled the guard. "i need to speak to the person in charge of this mission" said janet. "you must mean general pepper" said the guard, "he is in the back". slowly geting up, janet walked over to the sliding door in the back of the plane, inside was a fairly ornate office, large stuffed dead animals stacked three of the four walls, and at the center of the room was a large wooden desk with general pepper behind it. "you wanted to see me" said general pepper. "yes" said janet, "iv changed my mind, i want to help you control the dark one". "hmmm good" said pepper, "i knew you would eventualy see my point of view". "yes" said janet, begining to feel a little awkward lying like this, "but first, i need to know what your plans are to control him". "well" said pepper, "we know that the dark one get's his power fom the dark comet, the one with the lost civilization on it, we know that the dark comet is flowing with a strange form of spirit energy, and that if you compress this energy, you get a rare rock called soul stones, it was stated in their mythology that there were two soul stones created to contain the dark one, one containing the energies of life, the other containing the energies of death". "wich one did i have" asked janet. "you had the stone of life" said pepper, "capable of returning life to the sick". "what about the stone of death" asked janet. "well, the stone of death, was originaly discovered by the earth government" said pepper, "but they handled it wrong, and look what happened, so the earth government sold it to andross, and it twisted him into an evil cold creature, he began to do horrible things to the people of corneria, so we exiled him to the planet venom, where we thought he would no longer be a threat, but when we learned of the stone, we were interested in it's powers, so we sent  the original star fox team to retreive it, and james mc cloud, found the stone and left with peppy hare". "wait" said janet, "i thought he was betrayed by a member of the team". "that was the cover story" said pepper, "pigma died on venom, he was the first to find the dark stone, and it's power overwhelmed him, so when james and peppy were on their way back with the stone, they received a distress call from a small civilization, we thought it was just one of thiose small unknown pockets of life, but this one was different, these were telepathic, they bonded with the stone and that brought apon their demise, the dark one sensing that the stone of death was being moved, he sent artemis after it, and artemis killed james, and the dark stone was returned to corneria where it sat in our vaults for all this time, then we learned that you possesed the stone of life, so once again, we sent the star fox team after it, but once again, the dark one was their first, wich explains your contact with artemis". "but i dont understand" janet said, "what happens when you get both stones". "well" said pepper, "this is where it get's good, if we combine the stones, we get the orb of life and death, wherupon we will control the dark one's access to the power from the dark comet". "what then" asked janet. "well" answered pepper, once we shut off his power, we will determin how he gets the power from the dark comet" "and you yourself will take this power" said janet realising the true goal of general pepper. "of course" said pepper, "and you and i will rule over creation, with an iron fist of tyrany, together we will clense life of its sickness and evils". "thank you" said janet trying to hold back from killing him, "fox, you have to help me" prayed janet desperately.

       by now it was dawn on katina, and fox, peppy, falco, and bill were all in the bridge of the great fox watching katina dissapear into space for what might be the last time. "how long till we intercept the ship" asked fox checking his watch. "about two and a half hours" said peppy checking the charts, "bill, i have to ask you a question". "shoot" said bill not really paying attention. "why are you helping us" asked peppy. "i have my resons" said bill darkly, "fox, do you think we will run into starwolf along the way". "im not sure" said fox, "but if andross knows about the dark planet, than he will surly send wolf to get it, what is your intrest with wolf". "he knows that son-of-a-bitch leon" said bill angrily, "some way i will make him pay for what he did to me". "this is no time for stupid vendettas" said fox, "listen bill, the future of all life is at stake here". "thats easy enough for you to say" said bill, "but i dont understand your envolvment in this, your a mercenary fox, you get paid to kill people, no one has hired you to do this, there is no money reward". "thats not all that i care about" said fox insulted. "it's true" said bill, "your no different than star wolf, if the money is there you dont care". "i dont kill for money" said fox almost angrily, "i do what protects the innocent". "it's all the same to me" said bill looking off into the distance not really focusing on anything.  "listen, im going to my room now, somebody tell me when we get to the intercept point" said fox as he left the room.

   exactly two hours later, the ship finaly came into view on the radar. "ok, is everyone ready" said fox as he stepped onto the last teleporter and readied his gun. "all systems go" said peppy as he did the final ajustments, "within a moment, we will be aboard the prison ship". suddenly fox was envaloped in a bright light, and when the light cleared, he was standing in the cargo bay of the prison ship, everyone was there, except falco. "where the heck is falco" asked fox as he scanned the room."how should i know" said peppy also a little nervous. suddenly they were surrounded by ten armed guards, and general pepper. "so, you came" said pepper as he looked down on them. "return janet to us at once" said fox. "why would i ever do a thing like that" asked pepper in a mock of fox's voice, "the army needs janet, her powers will do the whole of corneria good".  "what are you trying to prove here" asked fox angrily, "even if you control the dark one, his evil power will completely corrupt your soul". "my soul is non of your worries" said pepper darkly. suddenly, janet pused her wat to the fron of the mess of guards, "fox, you came, help me" pleaded janet as pepper grabbed her and put a gun to her head. "shut up you ungrateful little...." said pepper in an uncharacteristicly dark voice. "your insane" said bill as he drew his gun on pepper. "woah, looks like we have a problemb here" said pepper laughing insanly, "heres the deal, you are going to accompany janet and i to the dark planet, where she will give the power of the dark one to me".

        the dark plaet was just like the name implyed, it was almost completely bare black rock, the surface broken by hundreds of craters, some deep as a mile, in the center on the planet was a large mountain, where the dark city once stood. now all that was left of the civilization was a few skeletal building frames and the large central temple. fox pepper and janet were alone in the feild in front of the temple, "what is in that building" asked fox as he took in the full view, the temple was very scary looking standing like a giant evil monolith in front of the grey sky. "you'll love this" said pepper darkly, "this is where the heart of the dark one is stored". "oh my god" said janet surprised, "this is almost identicle to a quake level". "whats quake" asked fox. "oh, some computer game" said janet smiling, it was obvious that this was one of her favorite topics. "shut up and get moving" yelled pepper angrily as he pushed fox and janet forward with his gun. they walked the next few minuets in total silence, just observing the view. the inside of the temple was more like a tomb than anything else, before long they were standing in front of a huge ornate door with two slots on it.
"all right" said pepper, "hand over the stone". janet quietly gave her stone of life to general pepper and he slipped it into the white slot. suddenly, from behind them, a familiar face appeared, wolf entered the room alone and glared at fox with pure hatred. "your finaly here" said pepper with an evil laugh, "did you get the stone of death like i asked". "it's right here" said wolf as he handed a small black stone to pepper, "well if it isnt my good freind fox". "who are you" asked janet, "is this really one of your freinds fox, why did he give the stone of death to general pepper". "thats no freind of mine" said fox just as angrily as wolf. "that dosent matter" said wolf pushing fox out of his way, "now your part of the deal, where is diane". "how do you know diane" asked fox surprised. "thats none of your buisness" said wolf , "where is she". "you'll find her soon" said pepper, "she is being held captive in the void". "all right" said wolf, "then i guess this is the end of our deal". "it seems so" said pepper as he put the stone of death into the dark hole, suddenly the two stones began to glow and merge, and the door slowly opened up revealing a gigantic room with an altar in the center in front of a huge mural depicting people in tourture. pepper purposfuly walked up to the altar, when he reached it, he bent down on his knees and began to chant, all of the sudden, his body began to glow, and a dark mist began to gather on the mural, the darkness spread over the picture like spilled blood, when the entire wall was covered, the blackness began to ripple in spots and take form, into a hideous demon. the dark one filled the entire room almost, it was like a giant mess of rotting flesh with a huge cold dark face, with empty black eyes, and a lone woman chained iside it. "diane, your alive" yelled wolf with happiness as he ran towards the dark monster. the dark one just stared at wolf confused, then bat him back like a child would push away a small animal, wolf flew back and got knocked unconcious on the wall. with a huge swing, the dark one grabbed pepper who seemed to be in a trance and crushed his body into a bloody mess with his huge claw.  "listen, janet" said fox, "i'll hold him off while you get the stone of life and death". "ok said janet". "hey you over her" yelled fox as he made various crude gestures at the dark one. it worked the dark one was now fuly focused on fox, he pulled his clawed arm back and swung it at fox, who was just out of reach. quickly, janet ran to the door of the chamber and pulled out the combined stone and ran to the altar, but just as she was about to place the stone on it, artemis formed in front of her. "what do you think your doing you little bitch" said artemis almost growling, "think about what your doing, this is the society that tourtured you all those years, dont you want to make them fell the pain they caused you". janet just stood there stunned, unable to move, she wanted to save life, but artemis was right, what was she saving anyway, jsut a planet full of empty people who only lived to hate and opress, but not everyone was like that, fox wasnt, he was different, she actualy cared about him, "no, i dont" said janet, "while what happened to me can never be justified or corrected, that dosent mean there isnt some goodness left in this universe". with that janet sat in front of the altar and placed the stone in it's place, suddenly diane began to glow, with a holy light that began to blend out the darkness to grey and then white, the dark one screamed in agony as his body was melted by the holy light, he began to shrivel up, and he dissapeared into the last bit of glowing light, leaving everything almost deathly silent. "its finished now" said fox as he helped janet to her feet. now free, diane walked over to artemis, and the two magicaly bonded into one again, and she walked to wolf, sat down and checked his pulse, "godd, he is still alive" said diane, "do you think we could be alone please". "sure" said fox as he and janet walked out of the temple. "i knew you would come" said diane as she sat next to wolf and held his unconcious body in her arms. when fox and janet reached the outside, they were surprised to see the sun had risen, and the dark planet was now bathed in the glorious light of day, "you know what we have to do now" said janet with a laugh. "whats that" asked fox. "you did promise me you would take me to see those springs on corneria, and that you would take me on the cable car ride" said janet. "oh yeah" said fox, "but i cant take you on the cable car, thats for married couples on their honeymoon". "well, we can fix that" said janet laughing. "i dont understand two things" said fox. "what are those" asked janet. "well, first of all" said fox, "how did wolf know diane, and what ever happened to slippy, he left to do some errands and never returned, and what happened to falco, we just lost him on the plane". "im not sure" said janet, "we'll find them, im sure about it". "well" said fox as he extended his hand to janet, "shall we be going,it's going to be a long flight back to corneria". "dont wory about me" said janet as she took his hand, "im sure i'll think of something to pass the time". with that, they both walked down the feild away from the temple and off into the dark planet morning.

            ;    the end

but wait, what about the loose ends, what did happen to slippy and falco, and how did wolf know diane, these questions and more will be answered in the sub series

comming soon

Sole survivor: wolf - this is how wolf knew diane

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