warning: this story contains several scenes of graphic violence, this story is consiquently rated pg 13 and should only be read by people with really really sick twisted minds, also the structure of this story is a bit different than fox's section of the series, for most of the story it will be from wolf's point of veiw, though it will diverge every once in a while to other people, this is sort of similar to resident evil when you play as one of the sub characters, just like those scenes, the ones in this are pretty short and dont have that much importance to the main story, email any comments to, please email me, anything will do, im desperate, even if it's just to say my story sucks.


      my story of how i got caught up in this huge mess began when i first saw earth, that was right before the  situation where the dead began to rise and kill , i was touring the earth's central research lab with some of andross' flunkies when i met their top scientist, diane. diane's lab was the exact thing you'd expect to see in some low budget horror movie, it was completely white with several decontamination tents hooked to a bunch of flashy machienery, diane was going over some notes when we came in, she was about five foot six inches, a little under a foot shorter than me, her shoulder length blond hair was tied back in a hair net to prevent it from getting caught in anything, she wore the strangest glasses, they were some weird plastic substitute that could supposubly block out certain sources of light. "well hello there" said diane smiling as she extended her hand to me, "what brings you to my humble research lab". "were just here to make sure everything is in order" i said as i took her hand a little surprised how firm her grip was.  "well" said diane as she walked over to one of the nearest tents, "we have been making great progress in several research ares, for example take a look at this specimine". with one quick motion, diane pulled a protective cover away from the tent to reveal a thin scared looking man hooked up to a bunch of wires, "id like to introduce you to #371" said diane proudly, "371, like most of our specimines is a death row inmate, we have been researching the effects of hydro chloric radiation on the human mind". "whats hydrochloric radiation" i asked actualy a bit interested, im normaly bored to death with all this biological crap. "well, hydrochloric radiation in mice was found to increase the strength of their resperatory system as well as increase their metabolism" said diane, "but currently, out only problemb with the formula is that we cant get the process to stop once it has begun so the patient becomes thinner and thinner until they die". "very interesting" i said a little anxious to get on with my duties, "actualy, were here to asses the condition of subject number 666". "hmm, "666 is a very interesting case indeed" said diane thoughtfuly, "actualy, we have taken the liberty to name project 666, we have chosen the name janet". "may i see janet" i said trying to spped this up, even though im not the most caring individual in the world, this stuff truly makes me sick, especialy when the name the subjects. "sure follo me" said diane as she directed me to a veiwing area in front of a large velvet curtain. suddenly, the curtain opened up to reveal a large pit area where a frightened young woman sat in a pale pink hospital gown in the center of the room. "whats so special about janet" i asked trying to draw some reson for her being so afraid. "she is the daughter of resident mad scientist" said diane, "i feel sorry for her, she is basicaly your average woman, except for one thing, her sense of physical and emotional pain are surprisingly acute". "why does that make her a test study" i asked. "well, were not that well funded to get living subjects that easily, we needed her, and we had her parents concent". "you mean to say her parents turned her over to your lab" i asked unbeleiving. "well" began diane a little nervously, "yes basicaly, what were doing here is were testing fear inducing drugs for use in later wars so we can render the enemy totaly helpless, here is an example". diane lifted a cover and pressed a red button, and the chamder was filled with a thick gas, and janet began to tighten up into a small ball, ans she began to scream in terror pulling at herself madly. "what are you trying to prove here" i asked offended, i almost had to look away. "our goals are to create a chemical agent capable of sending pure terror into the subject" said diane, "i know it seems inhumane, but in the end millions of lives will be saved by her cooperation". "well, i guess thats all for now" i said anxious to get away from janets pitiful screaming, within a minut i was back outside the soundproof walls of diane's lab almost completely numb inside, how could andross possibly associate with those barbarians, they made the cornerian scum look like saints. not really having much else to do i decided to head back to the room i was assinged to and reprt back to andross via vid phone.

  my room was about as utiliatarian as you could get, while it was spotless it still had a dirty feel to it, it was about the width of a walk in closet and all there weally was room for was a small vidphone and a bed and desk. after the door was securly closed behind me i dialed up andross, within a second his face appeared on the screen, "how have things been going with our new allies" asked andross dragging out every word to it's fullest. "i must ask why we are associating with them" i said, "all they appear to be doing is tourturing innocent people". "thats funny" said andross, "i thought you had no heart". "i may have been thru my share of pain, but this is just plain satanic" i said decisivly. "wolf wolf wolf" said andross in a fatherly tone, "havent i told you time and time again that evil like this is a nessasary element to the balance of life" "if you say so" i said a little unconvinced. "is everything up to scedule" asked andross suddenly serious. "yes" i said, "everything appears to be on schedule, may i ask what your intrests are with this janet". "soon you will see" said andross as he closed his side of the connection. a little dihearted i closed my own side of the connection and lay down on my bed, this was getting harder all the time, it seemed andross was becomming more and more cold, he has been this way ever since he began working with the earth government, ever since he bought that stone. suddenly there was a knock on my door, "come in" i said". the door opened up and diane walked in wearing civilian clothes now. "hi wolf" said diane, i have nothing to do, so do you want to come down to the cafe with me". "sure i said" glad to have something to do. a minut later, we were walking down the main hallway to the cafe section, diane seemed to be almost a different person out of her lab clothes, she seemed more alive, now here hair was hanging down freely, she was surprisingly attractive for a scientist. "tell me diane" i said, "dosent it bother you at all having to do those things to inncoent people". "i guess it bothered me at first" said diane, "buit after a while you just kind of stop feeling, thats what the company psycologists told me anyway". "the place where im from is also involved in a war right now" i said, "but we think venom will be victorious". "what type of name is venom" asked diane laughing, "come on down to enjoy a sunny vacation on the beautiful planet venom, you yes you can be a part of this fabulous vacation experience". "i have no idea why it was called venom' i said laughing also since i hazd to admit venom was not exactly the most appealing name. by now we had reached the cafe, it was just as institutionalised as the rest of the building, diane and i took a seat at one of the small tables overlooking a huge window facing a large lake. "wolf" asked diane, "how did you lose that eye". "oh that" i said a little surprised, "well, it was back when i was first working for andross, i went along on a ground attack, and i lost it during an ambush". "couldnt modern medicine have saved it" asked diane. "yeah" i said, "i knew that, but i kept it the way it was, i didnt like the idea of fake body parts, besides it adds character, do you have any implants". after the darkest glare a woman can give a man, she said, "wolf, that is not the type of question you ask a lady, they happen to be very real". "oh, thats not what i meant" i said a little embarrased. "oh course not" said diane mockingly, "why did you join andross in the first place". "you know the usual resons" i said, "i used to be with corneria, but that was when they were all righteous claiming to protect the innocent, i basicaly got treated like trash and payed almost nothing, in their reaches for god like power, they kind of forgot the little guy". "and andross treated you better" diane asked. "well yeah" i said, "plus he had vision, something cornerians didnt, all cornerians did was follow the rules and not ask questions". "earth is kind of like that" said diane a little sadly, "on one hand we try to say were moralic, but when we march off to another country to save them, there is always some financial number behind it, people like me just sit back behind the grey ares of the law producing the means to keep on killing". i really didnt know what to say, i had always heard of how bad the situation on earth was, but i never imagined their people could be so divided, it almost made the cornerians seem like freinds. "but there isnt anything we can do about that" said diane as she leaned back in her chair. i felt strange all of a sudden, almost like i wanted to hold her and protect her, but i dint know what do.  "so" began diane, "what have your impressions of earth been so far". "earth is ok" i said, but the dating situation here is worse than zones". "whats zones" asked diane. "oh, zones is a toxic waste dump of a planet" i said. "have you ever dated a human before" asked diane with a mischevous look in her eyes. "yeah" i said, "but it never worked out". "tell me about it" said diane. "well" i began, "there was this one woman, she was a singer, but her attitude was so annoying, she was way to conneced to her mother, and it was always girl power this, girl power that". "you dated one of the spice girls" asked diane unbeleiving. "oh yeah thats what group she was from" i said, "and there was this other woman, also a singer, she was way to possesive, her name was alanis something or other, and she even wrote a song about me, but i never heard it". "wow" said diane, "you sure get around, what was the name of the song". "it was you ought to know or something" i said not really sure why she was laughing at me. "you sure have a screwed up love life" said diane as she got up and put her trash in the recycling bin, "thanks for comming with me, i had fun, do you want to mabey do something later tonight". "yeah me to" i said non-commitedly as i watched her leave, perhaps this visit to earth wont be as boring as i feared.

           Later that night while i was all alone in my room, i began to wonder, why was andross so curious about the human experiments here, it was not as if the human's technology was any better than ours, probablybecause the human scientists werent under the same ethcial laws as the venomian and cornerian ones. what was the point of what they were doing to janet, it didnt seem like their cover story about a fear inducing toxin was true, it was probably just some sicko who is looking for a weak and inncoent persion to tourture. but why was diane involved in all of this, she didnt look the type of person capable of the things going on in these labs. suddenly, the interior of my small room was bathed in a soft orange light as diane walked thru my door and sat at the foot of my bed. "hi wolf" said diane softly, "sorry i woke you, but this can wait until tomorrow". "whats wrong" i asked. "im not sure" said diane as she sighed, "everything, i just dont know about anything anymore". "thats pretty vauge" i said trying to figure out what her problemb was. "talk to me" demanded diane. "about what" i asked. "anything will do" said diane, "do you think there is a god". i was stunned by her question, "well, i think there must be some form of higher power" i said. "i dont know anymore" said diane, "if there was a god, why are we in the state we are, everyone is at war with eachother, it's like love has become wrong and hate right". "diane, there has always been war" i said, "and there will probably always be war". "i dont understand why you all fight like you do" said diane tired as she lay down next to me, "there is no good and evil, the only conflict with your worlds is lack of communication, do so many people really need to die to settle things like land disputes". "your one to talk about mindless cruelty" i said defensivly. all of a sudden diane just looked at me, she seemed so small and vulnerable in the darkness, and she collapsed into me and began crying. i had no idea how to react, so i juat put my arm around her and waited until she was finished. several minuts later, she just stopped and looked up at me and said in a shaky voice, "i, i, im a monster". "why do you say that" i asked. "you dont understand" pleaded diane, "i have done horrible things, i have tourtured inncent people in the name of scientific progress, i have turned a blind eye to the pain of others for money and a higher position, when i began working here, all i cared about was the presteige and money, but now look what i have done". i had no idea what to say, no woman ever acted this way towards me before, so i just held on to her and didnt say a word, i didnt even know what to think, when i looked into her eyes i say a lost helpless woman, but i also felt disgust, how could anyone have done the things that i have witnessed. "why dont you leave this place" i asked. "where would i go" asked diane, "besides, there is no escape for me, i know to much, anyone who leaves is killed". "i dont know what to say" i admited. "i dont know what im going to do tomorrow, i have an appointment to keep" said diane sadly. "whats that i asked. "well, a while ago, i began to volunteer for a day care program so that i might mabey reedeem myself, but lately its geting harder and harder to look these children in the eyes and tell them all these stupid lies about the joys af giving and how it's worng to kill when i do all of these things myself". "mabey i can come with you" i said hoping to cheer her up. "would you" asked diane hopefuly. "sure" i said, "now go to sleep, it's late, ill see you tomorrow morning". within a minut, diane was asleep in my arms, and soon after i to joined her in the welcoming darkness of sleep.

     It was the next day and i finaly reached the day care section of the base when i first began to notice something was wrong, as of yet, i had seen no one in any of the halls, at first i figured it was empty because it was early so most people would be still asleep, but when i reaced the day care center, my thoughts changed. at the door, i felt the sudden internal change that happens whenever i enter a dangerous area, the inside of the day care center was brightly decorated with cartoon rabits horses and bright circus animals and several small tabels. i suddenly sensed that i was not alone in the dimly lit room, i looked behind me to see a lone child walking up to me dragging a stuffed animal behind him, he looked as if he were looking for a hug almost, but he seemed sick, like he wasnt all there. i began to feel very nervous by the time he was ten feet away, i felt almost like he was going to attack me, i raised my side arm and warned him away, but he didnt even seem to notice my gun. i began to panic, he was comming closer and closer, but i couldnt shoot a kid, suddenly, he walked into the light were i could see him better, his face was a pale greenish white, and his eyes were darting around confused with almost a cloudy layer over them. "run wolf" screamed diane as she charged into the room and slammed the blunt end of a baseball bat into the the boy's back. not even phased, the boy turned and stared at diane as she raised the bat over her head and brought it down onto his forehead with all her strength. the small boy sort of froze like a statue, then crumpled to the floor in and unmoving heap. "you killed him" i said shocked, "you killed a child". "he wasnt human" said diane desperately, "there has been an accident in the lab, everyone is dead, and there are zombies everywhere". once again, like the night before, diane collapsed into my arms and almost began to cry, but didnt. "talk to me diane" i said slowly but strongly, "tell me what happened at the lab". "i cant explain right now" said diane panicking, "we have to get out of here and fast". just as she finished her sentence, a tall thin looking man walked thru the door, his white shirt torn and covered in blood. with a blood curdling war cry, diane lunged at the man hitting him square in the head with her bat, dropping him like a load of bricks, "there more comming" pleaded diane, "you have to come with me". needing no more of an invatation, i followed her out the door and into the long hallway. in the hall we could see three scientists, one woman and two men slowly stumble around the corner, the same dull expressions on there faces. quickly gaining my senses, i took diane's hand and pulled he along the hall until we reacehed a dead end with a small locked door.  years of military training took over as i pulled out my gun and fired a few quick shots into the approaching threesome, one of the shots hit the lead man in his shoulder sending him a few feet back but causing no apparent damage, the other, hitting the woman in her abdoman sending her to her knees with her stonach contents pouring out of the charred wound, but she to got back up again, and the third shot hit the last man between his eyes turning his face into a cloud of gore, sending him onto his back permanantly. "aim for their heads" said diane picking up on their weakness a moment before me. "right" i said as i sent to more shots at the advancing ghouls, this time sending both of them back to death. "what is the quickest possible way out" i asked hoping for a quick easy answer. "im not sure" said diane, "but i think it is thru the hospital section of the building". "i hope there is a way around that place" i said darkly as i continued onward to where the three dead had appeared. around the corner. it was  very similar to the one we had just left except it had a clearly marked exit door at the end. i was surprised when the door led outside, we were on the third floor walkway wich looked over the lake and in the distance the ocean. "it's beautiful isnt it" asked diane as she gased over the horison at the rising sun. "yeah i guess" i said a little surprised by her out of place remark. "look what we have done to ourselves" said diane in despair, " i can remember a time long ago, when the sky was blue, long before our big cities and macheinery turned it to the cold grey it is today". "i once read that pollution is what makes the sunrise and sunsets so vivid" i said trying to comfort her. "but at what cost" said diane coldly, suddenly, she stopped cold and almost collapsed again only managing to mutter a weak "oh god". "whats wrong" i asked. "loko for yourself" said diane weakly as she pointed over the walkway down to the ground below where four male zombies were tearing apart the corpse of a deer. even i had to look away, i pulled diane close to me and whispered in her ear softly, "listen, we need to continue on, just because there outside the building dosent mean this isnt contained to the lab grounds". diane just meekly nodded and we went on again, this time i did not let go of her. on the other side of the walk way was another corridor, this one a slight orange color instead of the blank white of the preveous one. "diane, where do these door lead" i asked pointing to the doors lining the corridor. "im not sure" said diane, "i never wen to this section, they might be supply rooms, i dont know". without a moments hesitation i kicked the nearest door open, inside there was a small room about the size of your average laundry room, with two washing machines slowly operating. "this must be the residential area" i said pointing to the machines. "i guess so" said diane waiting at the doorway. suddenly i noticed an odd sound, a soft gurgling comming from the ground, what i saw made me almost lose it, there on the floor wraped in a pile of bloody cloths was a baby that resembeled a discarded chicken wing more than anything, and it was gurgling on a pool of it's own blood. i raised my gun, and closed my eyes and pulled the trigger, i could hear a dull splat announcing the death of the baby, but the silence was only momentary, diane screamed as an old woman zombie bit down on her arm, her mouth sliding off leaving a smear of blood and saliva, the woman didnt have any teeth, not waiting a second, i put a bullet into the woman's head giving her peace at last. that couldnt be said for diane though, she was now in a complete nervous breakdown, she began to scream and scream, and she just fainted, right there in the hallway. "shit, this cant get any worse" i said as i knelt beside diane's unconcous form tring to revive her. i was wrong of copurse, it did get worse, diane's screaming had brought several curious dead, about five of them, two on my right, three on my left. i stood up shakily, and i just started laughing, i couldnt stop, i felt numb all over, and i felt as if i to might faint, pressing the feeling away, i raised my gun and dispatched the two zombies on my right, and turned and took out the three on my lieft. luckily, these dead were all men, and there were in pretty good condition so i didnt have to see their disfigured remains well not much of them anyway.
now i had a problemb, what was i going to accomplish with diane unconcious, i decided id would have to leave her in the laundry room, after a minut or two of straightening things up i had formed a makeshift bed out of blankets and sheets and lay diane on top. once i was sure she was safe, i left the room and returned to the hallway. the first thing i noticed were the two zombie corpses near the second door, not realy caring where it led, i opened the second door and went in. the room inside was about half the size of the laundry room, and it had two didtinctive vending machines, one for assorted snakes, and the other for soda, it was even equiped with it's own ice maker. deciding there was noting i could do in this room i returned to the hall and continued to search for a way onward, but to my dissapointment, those were the only way s out of the hallway, except fot he window on the far wall. with nothing better to do, i decided to look out the window, the view was impressive, i could see the ocean from here, and it was very windy judging from the noise. glancing up, i saw what would be my salvation, there a floor above me was a window washer cradle, , if i could just get to it, mabey i could find a way to the ground. i opened the window, surprised by the sudden early morning chill. after a few minuts of disapointing searching, i deduced that the only way to the cradle was from the roof, so i would have to find another way, i went out the window onto the ledge, and looked both ways, to my right the ledge ended in a sheer three story drop, to my left, the ledge continued until it reached another window. i decided i had no choice but to get to that window, with alot of contortians, i crawled along the face of the bulding until i reached the window. the window lead into a darkened living courters, probably a living room. once inside, i followed the wall groping for a light switch, i didnt find a light switch, but what i did find was the arm of a zombie, i jumped in fright, and stumbled a few stapf away from the dead man. this one was in his mid fourties, from the look of him, he was probably no more than a janitor, but job levels held no meaning for the dead, so a few carefuly aimes shots later, i was alone again. i finaly found the elusive light switch, the room was filled with a dull yellow light, the room was no bigger than my quarters had been from my cornerian days, i actualy felt bad for the poor janitor, such a waste.
finding nothing more of interest, i exited the room into another faceless hallway, these must be popular here, or the archatect was on drugs or something. not much stood out in this hallway, except for a single zombie, this one was a young woman in her mid twenties, from what i could see, she had probably died in her slepp since she was still wearing her night gown. "hey you" i said getting the woman to face me, it was not a pretty sight, there was a knife stuck in her chest, and blood smeared over her twitching jaw. not waiting a second, i put a bullet thru her skull and watched as the body dropped to the floor still twitching.  right behind the zombie was the best surprise i had gotten since this whole mess stareted, it was a gun case of some sort. after a minut of deciding, i chose a sawed off shotgun and a bag of ammo, at least when diane came to she wouldnt be totaly defensless.  all that was left in the hallway was a single green door at the end, the door lead into the strangest room i had seen yet, it was about the shape of a fork, with one end leading to the door i just came out of and the other leading to a locked door wich appeared to be a stairwell of somesort, and the final path led down a long hallway to familiar looking door. the decor of this room was no more natural that it's shape, there was a one inch high oak siding running along the base of the wall, wich was covered with a dark green silky wallpaper. i decided it would be best to leave the stairwell for later, so i headed down the long path to the familiar looking door. now i knew where i had seen the door before, it was the one that was locked back at the day care center. not really having anything better to do, i decided i would re-trace my route back to where i left diane. when i got back to the laundry room, i could tell something was just plain different than when i left it earlier, almost panicking, i ran into the laundry room to discover that diane was missing, and in her place was the mangled body of a male scientist. "shit" i said, "where the hell could she have gone to".

            ;                 Diane

            ; Wolf was long gone by the time i came to, i had no idead what to do, after calling out his name several times i began to think he might be gone for good. this is not good, he left me alone, unconcious, and unarmed, there could be hundreds of those things crawling all over this base. i decided it was probably in my best interest to wait there to see if he came back. after a few minuts i began to grow a little nervous, and a lot underarmed, i could almost hear one of those things outside the laundry room, waiting outside the door. this is insane i told myself, i saw wold kill those things in the hall, there coulndnt possibly be any more of them, otherwise we would have seen them, unless the can sense me. i couldnt take it anymore, i had to know, i slowly got up and crept to the door, and slowly pulled it open an inch and peeked thru. the hall seemed just like it had been before, except i could swear i heard someone out there. suddenly, my vision thru the door was obstructed by a hulking shape, it was a dead man. with a shallow scream, i dropped away from the door, the man saw me, he clumbsily pushed his way thru the door and was almost on me. i quickly backed up to the wall, i had no room to getup or even move, the man almost fell into me, clawing at my throught, i barely held him off with one arm. with the other i franticaly searched around me for some sort of wepon, i gabbed a hold of a loose board and began whacking the man in the face with it. this seemed to push him off of me a bit, but i didnt have the room to kill him yet, so i shoved all of my weight into him sending both of us to the floor. with him dow, i quickly scrambled to my feet and brought the board down onto his skull with a sickening crack. i was alone again, not really wanting to wait there, i ran into the hallway and took a long look around. if i were wolf, where would i go, it took me a few moments to see the obvious answer, he must have taken the window. after a lot of contortions, i was hanging on the window ledge like a trapped cat, the ledge didnt appear to go anywhere interesting, except  for a closed window wich didnt seem all that likely to me. looking up, i saw the answer, he must have taken the window washer cradle up to the roof, son of a bitch, he didnt even lower it for me. it appeared my mountain climbing classes were about to pay off, with considerable difficulty, i grabbed a dangling cable from the cradle and pulled myself up onto the roof. the roof was a mess, there was trash everywhere, it was one of those flat tar roofs that are normaly seen on the tops of factories, not exactly good for drainage, but cheeper than the alternative. at the far end of the roof, was a gigantic sky-light wich led to the lobby of the main lab building. i felt like one of those cops from those stupid action moveis when they were sneaking into the mansion of some nameless dru dealer as i lifted the sky light and lowered myself down onto the third floor walkway. the lobby was like a cavern almost, there was the ground floor level wich was nice and carpeted and held several computer terminals, and two narrow walkways for floor two and three. the walkway for the third floor lead to a lone ornate looking elevator wich gave access to all three floors. i walked cautiously over to the elevator and pressed for the door to open. after a second, the door slid open and i entered the elevator and pressed the ground floor button on the pad. the descent felt like hours, but i finaly arived on the ground floor, i suddenly felt vulnerable, like there were snipers above me trying to shoot at me. i was terrified by how much of an echo my shoes made on the floor, but i went on anyway. i saw the main exit, it was just past the security desk, if i could just make it that far, i would have freedom. my heart fell still as i pulled on the glass door, nothing, they were all electronicaly locked. "damint" i muttered, i would apparently have to find another way out, for now, i just sat there watching the parking lot in the early morning light, it was totaly deserted, i just felt plain numb, i wasnt scared, i wasnt angry i just felt nothing, until i saw a figure in the far part of the parking lot. i quickly got to me feet and strained thru the glass to get a better look at the figure, he appeared to be some vagrant pushing alnog a shappong cart collecting cans, i began to scream at him to get away from the building, but it was hopeless, he couldnt hear a word i was saying. suddenly i was aware of several other people in the parking lot, they were all converging on the bum, who just watched them dumbfounded. the five dead were now on top of the man, even thru the double sided glass, i could hear him screaming as he dissapeared into the mob. i couldnt look, i had to turn away and close my eyes in disgust, i must have been there for a good five minuts because i was startled by a ominous banging sound. quickly truning to face the glass doors i screamed, the five dead were on the other side, pressing agains the glass like it wasnt even there. needing no more cue to leave, i got up and went over to the directory in the center of the lobby, according to it, if i followed the first floor hallways, i would be back into my familiar section of the labs, my own research ares, wich was directly next to the top secret ares where even i dont have clearance to enter. mabey the answer to whats is going on is in the restricted ares i pondered, but that was absurd, this wasnt some cheap horror movie where government secrets made the dead return to life and kill the living. but it was undeniable that SOMETHING was causing the dead to return to life, it just wasnt likely that the government had anything to do with it. i decided that no matter what i did, i would have to get moving, because thos e dead outside the main doors are really starting to freak me out. i decided tat the best option was to go into the first floor hallway system, if i could get to the central security system past my lab, mabey i could find a way out. the first hallway i entered was not the most reassuring place in the world, the glass on the windows here was plaing glass, but even if i managed to break one of the windows, it would only lead to the side yard wich only lead to the fifteen foot high security walls. even though it was unlikely that there were any of those things outside, i gave the windows a safe distance and inched along the wall until i reached the doorway to the second hall. right away i could tell something was wrong here, there was that same dull munching sound that always goes along with one of those things finishing off a victim. i was right, in the center of the floor, i saw a male zombie crouched over a dead woman gnawing on her arm. since he hadnt noticed me yet, i decided to take my time in how i was going to deal with him, sice i had no wepon, not even a simple board. all of a sudden, the man just stopped tearing at his meal and just sat there staring off into space. at first i was totaly confused by this, but then i realised why, his victim was getting up, she to was one of them now. this was bad, i had two zombies after me now, also i didnt have the advantage of surprise now, so i had to think quickly. i just lost it all of a sudden, i just ran right thru them, this was the last thing they were prepared for, i hit them right between them sending them flying in oppsite directions leaving the path clear for me to run on ahead into the third and fianl hall. i quickly slammed and locked the door once i was on the other side, the third hallway wasnt much more intersting then the other two except there were a crowd of about three zombies banging on the windows. i didnt even stop for a second, i just ran as fast as i could to the security doors leading to my lab. i was finaly there, i reached out to the door and pulled as hard as i could, but it to was electronicaly locked. i franticly pulled out my id card and began to send it thru the verification process. at level two of the verification process, i heard an ear shattering crash as the three zombies fell thru the windows. "hurry up" i pleaded to the machine as the three dead got to their fett and began to walk toward me. finaly verification was done, the red light turned green and i grabbed my card and burst thru the door into the comforting stillness of my lab. "safe at last" i said as i fell to the floor panting. once i was back in my right mind, i began to look over my lab, i felt uneasy, like i wasnt alone, then i remembered why, janet, she must still be in her holding pen. "there she was, she was in her usual position huddled up against the corner of the room but today she was frightened. "janet" i said in a calm voice, "listen there has been an accident, it isnt safe here anymore, you have to come with me". "who are all the bad people" asked janet clinging to me like a scared child, it was probably the effects of the fear gas. "listen to me very closely" i said, "something very bad has happened, and those people are sick, they arent alive". "im scared" said janet as she collapsed to her knees, "there is something wrong with skinny man". "whats wrong with skinnyman" i asked realising she meant the man in the tent. "he is all sick" said janet, "is he going to be alright". "i'll have to see" i said as i walked over to the tent and peered in, the man was there, but he appeared to be sleeping, until i saw the tube wraped around his neck. "oh god" i said breathlessly, "listen janet" i said, "we have to get out of here, now i have a freind in the other section of the labs, were going to get out of here, were going to be ok, but you have to trust me". janet didnt say anything, but i could tell by the look in her eyes that she trusted me, it was wierd dealing with janet, while she was physicaly around seventeen, she had the mentality of a five year old, probably due to all the testing we have been doing on her, i hope she will heal someday, looking at her i wonder how someone could be so cruel that they could ever let their own daughter be subject to the horrors of the labs here, i dont even begin to know what her father did to her during his special sessions. suddenly our first moment of true peace was shattered by a banging on the door, they must have found us. "janet" i asked, "do you know what your fathers passcode for the door to his lab is". "yes" said janet uncertainly, "i think so". "good" i said, "we need to get into his lab, from there i can contact my freind and we can get out of here and warn the others". janet wordlessly got up and walked to the door to her father's lab and punched in a long numerical code, and the door slid open revealing the most horrible sight i ever saw, there was her father, half his face was just a burned charred mess, and one of his eyes was missing. janet seemed to undego a almost comlete change, one moment she was a frightened girl, and the next, she lept at her father screaming like a mad woman tearing at hs throught bashing his face in with sheer physical aggression. "you bastar" screamed janet thru her tears, "you dirty bastard, your going to pay for what you did to me". i was to stunned to do anything, she was bashing his face in, he barely resembled human now, "janet, he is dead" i pleaded for her to move on, the metal door was starting to bend inward now. "im sorry" said janet back as a scared girl again. without another thought, i pulled her thru the lab door into the dimly lit lab of janet's father, the place made mine look like a warm freindly place, it was completely destroyed by an explosion, all that was left was an examination table with an odd looking black rock on it. "janet" i asked, "do you have any idea what that stone is". "i dont" said janet, "my mother gave me this one, and it looks pretty similar, except it's white". i hadnt noticed janet had a necklace before, it had s small white stone on it, it was pretty looking but didnt look like anything i recognised. suddenly i remembered wolf, i saw the communication equipment, the screens here linked this lab to every power source and camera and intercom in the building. i scanned the monitors for a few minuts before i recognised the one i was looking for, there was wolf, how cute he was still in the laundry room waiting for me. "wolf" i said thru the macine, "can you hear me". "yes i can hear you" said wolf annoyed, "i would have to be deaf to not hear you, what volume do you have that set at". "oh sorry" i said as i turned the volume off ful blast. "where are you" asked wolf, "more importantly, how do i get there". "well" i said, your probably not going to like this, but you are going to have to climb up that window washer cradle". "cant you meet me there, we could take it to the ground floor" asked wolf. "sorry" i said, "we have a small problemb with a few people who think we might make a good snack". "we" asked wolf confused. "janet and i" i said, "i found her in the lab". "great" said wolf sarcasticaly, "all i need is another woman to deal with. "i heard that" i said laughing. "damnit" muttered wolf. "ok, i'll lead you to where i am now" i said. "ok" said wolf as he left the laundry room. "ok, i'm in the hall now" said wolf, "im at the window now". "good" i said, "now here is the hard part, you need to get onto that cradle". "i'll try said wolf skepticaly, a moment later, i heard a very pronounced damnit. "whats wrong" i asked concerned. "a damb brick broke off the ledge" said wolf, "i think i can make it now". wolf appeared on one of the other cameras, at least i could see him now, suddenly he slipped, and fell from the face of the building right onto the second floor window ledge, "are you ok" i asked genuinly concerned. "i'll live said wolf a little shaken, but it looks like im going to have to find my own way from here". "wait a moment" i said, "i dont have power to the second floor, i will lose contact the moment you enter that window". "well" said wolf, "it looks like im going to have to live without your stupid comments for a few minuts, im totaly crushed". "it's not nice to be sarcastic wolf" i said. "dont worry about me, i'll survive... somehow" said wolf in an overly dramatic voice. "oh shut up wolf" i said laughing. "i guess this is bye for now" said wolf as he opened the window and climbed in dissapearing from my sight.


     it felt much better to be back safe on solid ground again, the room i just entered was just another dark clone of the janitors room, except this was thankfuly uninhabited by anything alive or dead. i hesitated momentarily at the door, i pressed against the door straining to hear if anything was moving in the hall. reasonably reassured that it was vacant, i slowly pushed thru the door into yet another boring hall, the architect they used for this must have been smoking something when he desinged it. thanfuly the hall was perfectly straight and didnt have a single hiding place for any of those dad freaks. the hall connected into another similar one, except this one wasnt as empty as the others had been, there was a tall thin scientist zombie banging on a small wooden door like a drunk kicked out of his house for bad behavior. i decided i had better conserve my ammo for more pressing situations, so i brained him with the back end of the shotgun, he went out like a ton of bricks. as i passed the door, my curiosity got the better of me, there must be something still alive in this room. the room was identicle to the other living ares, with only one difference, there was an adjoing bedroom with a electric fan humming on the celing over a large queen sized bed. i saw then what the zombie had been trying to get at, on the bed was a frightened man, cluching a bleeding arm. "whats wrong" i asked. "kill meeee" said the man in a bairly audible voice motioning to his torn arm. "listen" i said, "there are other survivors, that wound wont kill you, it's not fatal, i can get you out of here". "you dont understand" gasped the man, "they bit me". i decided right then and there that i was going to get no where with this man as long as he refused my help, "this wont hurt muc" i said softly as i hit him over the head knocking him out. he was surprisingly heavy for being so thin, it took me almost forever to drag him out the door into the hall. i dropped him on the floor, he was way to heavy for me to carry, i would be dead meat if i ran into any zombies carrying him, there must be a better way. the only other option than to go on was a small janitorial closet, just as i hoped, it had one of those flatbed carts used for moving furniture and crates to various parts of the building. i picked him up and placed him on the cart with a dull thud, this was a much better way of transportation, i decided it was best for me to leave him here while i cleared the adjoining hall. in the third hall, i saw by far the worst sight since that dead baby, a small child was playing with a length of intestine like a peice of rope, resisting the urge to vomit, i struck him in the back of the head with the shotgun, killing him instantly. i went back to the injured man and pushed the cart along the hall and into the second floor of the lobby. it felt really wierd being in an open area again, it felt as if i were being watched, glancing up i noticed the busted sky-light, diane certainly wast subtle in making an enterance apparantly. i noticed that the man's face seemed to darken, sort of like all the blood in his body was in his face, and he was sweating worse than pigma at the beach, and that is certainly saying something. at least he was awake again, mabey he would be able to walk now, then i saw his eyes, they were cold, glased over and cloudy. he slowly sat up in the cart and reached out to me moaning pitifuly, i shoved him up agains the railing with all my strength and he went right over landing on his back with a sickening thud. at least he was out of my way for now, i went over to the elevator and pressed the button. once i was on the first floor, i remembered the dead man, he was crawling after me like an infant almost, except he was dragging his back half behind him like a dead weight.  a few carefulyy aimed shots later he was no more, suddenly a booming voice filled the lobby, "there you are" said diane thru the loudspeaker. "damnit woman" i said annoyed, "you have that damn thing on full blast again, are you trying to tell every zombie in the building where i am". "geez soory" said diane, "ok, do you see that hallway on the far wall". "yes" i said. "ok, you need to get thru there" said diane, "get your gun ready because there are a few freinds in there who are dying to meet you". "ha ha ha, very funny" i said sarcasticaly, i opened the door to the hall to see exactly what i expected, two zombies stumbling my way, i didnt really care about conserving ammo now, so i used the gun on both of them. "watch out for the next room" said diane, "there are five of those things in there". "how close are they to the door" i asked. "not very" said diane, "if you are as quick as you say you should have no problemb with them, but watch these windoes, there is no way of telling how many of those things are out there". with a silent nod, i kicked in the door and met my new freinds, it was kind of eerie to see all five of them turn and face me at once, i lifted the sawed off shotgun and pulled the trigger, the mob exploded into a mess of gore, all of them were dead. "damn" said diane surprised, "that is what i call a gun". "there are much bigger ones back on venom" i said. "why dont you take me there sometime" said diane. "what" i asked not totaly sure i heard her right. "why dont you take me there sometime so we can see all the big guns" said diane laughing to herself. ""well if we do survive i guess i'll have to take you" i said, mutering not damn likely under my breath. "hey i heard that" said diane. once again i was back in diane's lab, it was exactly the same as i saw it the first time. suddenly, diane burst thru the door to a second lab and ran right over to me and hugged me almost knocking me off balance. "well, it looks like somebody is happy to see me" i said laughing to myself. "dont get to overconfident now" said diane with an odd smile, "im not that easy". "so you must be janet" i said looking down on the young woman standing a few feet behind diane. she just looked at me scared, and didnt even say hello, but that wasnt important, "did you find a way to unlock the manin gates" i asked. "sure did" said diane proudly, "now all we have to do is just walk out of here".  " i have no big objections to that" i said as i took diane's hand, and the three of us walked out of the lab back to the lobby. "wait a minut" said diane as we reached the main doors. "what is it" i asked. "i was here before, and there were at least five of them in the parking lot, mabey more". "its a pretty open space" i said speculating the distance from the main doors to the security gate. "do you know how to hotwire a car" asked diane. "no" i said, "we dont use cars where i come from". "your missing out on alot" said diane, "someof my best vacation memories come from the long car trips". "yeah really" i said noncommitidly, "why dont we take a really long car trip when this is all over". "your making an awful lot of promises there wolf" said diane. "cars are bad" said janet shyly. "why is that" i asked. "cars kill people" said janet, "accidents". "do you have any idea what she is talking about" i asked diane. "not really" said diane shrugging, "anyway, there are alot more pressing problembs right now". "right i said, "who wants to do the honor of opening the door so we can leave". "i do i do" said janet like a small child. "well i guess so" i said. janet reached out slowly and pulled on the door, it opened right up, we ran like hell across the lot, at least those dead things werent anywhere near. "i'll get us a car" said diane decisvly, "you open the security gates for us". "ok" i said as i walked to the gates, there was a small security booth next to the main gates, just as i suspected they were locked, just then i heard a sickening croaking sound from the booth, the overwieght security guard stumbled out with outstreatched arms. i quickly got rid of him using my patented sawed off shotgun club and grabbed the key ring from his belt, after three tries i found the right key, with the gates open all i had to do now was to wait for diane and janet to get here with the car. a minut later, diane pulled up to me in a large sixties looking bus and pulled me into the passenger side seat. "well" said diane, "i guess this is the last time we will see the lab". "good riddence" i said as she pulled the bus out of the lot and down the road into the midmorning horizon.

to be continued......

will wolf, diane and janet be able to get back to civilisation in time, what is causing the dead to return to life, and is it just confined to the lab area or is it happening everywhere, and what is the secret behind the white and black stones found at janet's father's lab. all these questions and more will be answered in the next thrilling chapter of SOLE SURVIVOR: WOLF