The Sole Survivor: Wolf Part 2

note from author: this is a continuation to a fairly long running series centering around the apocolypse of earth, as a personal note from the author if you value your sanity at all dont wright one of these linking stories, it will warp your mind, once again please email me, im so desperate to get something OTHER than mailing list crap!!!!!

by the way, all non starfox characters such as janet, diane, and maxine are my creations, so if anyone by somesmall chance feels the urge to add them in a story i would appreciate a small note stating who's characters they are :<)


          By now it was officialy daytime, we had driven about fourty miles by the time i began getting suspicous. "diane" i said softly not to wake janet who was sleeping in the back seat, "i dont drive alot, but shouldnt we have seen another car by now". "mabey not" said diane thoughtfuly, "this is a pretty out of the way road, iv been down this way alot in my workings at the lab". "what's the closest city" i asked curious as to when we would be getting back into civilisation again. "the best place on earth" said diane smiling, "golden colorado, damn do i have alot of memories from that place". "what's in golden" i asked, i had heard of the place before, but i never went there, leon was more of the science person than me. "ok, alot of stuff" said diane reminicing, "the town is built around a fairly prestegeous engineering college, csm, thats where i studied biochemestry for four years". "what about the town" i asked eager to get off the subject of biochemestry. "the town is well, its nice in a way" said diane carefuly choosing her words, "it's based on one of the old west towns, they even restored a section to make it look historical". "intersting" i said, "so when am i going to learn about the joy's of a long car trip". "you'll see soon" said diane smiling slyly, not something thats all to reassuring comming from someone like diane. "oh, there it is just up ahead" said diane with stars in her eyes. she slowly pulled the bus into a emtp parking lot in front of a wierd dome shaped structure at the side of a huge gorge with a tall set of stairs leading up the face of the cliff. "it's nice" i said genuinly impressed. "it's called a rest stop" said diane, "it's like a really jigh tech restroom with a miniature museum conected to it". diane and i walked briskly over tho the glass door of the odd two story building, the inside lobby was pretty interesting, it was saucer shaped with a bunch of bullitin boards propped up everywhere with colorful sheets full of information of the rock formations. "hey wolf" said diane excited, "you have to see this, it's a movie". "a movie" i asked curiosly as diane drug me into a small adjoining room with a few rows of seats and a small projection screen. "i'll be right back" said diane as she left the room. "this is intersting" i thought to myself as i leaned back in my chair, it was one of those soft reclining chairs sort of like a computer chair. a moment later the lights dimmed and diane reappeared and sat next to me, "i've seen this a thousand times" said diane. suddenly the scren came to life, a vision of the gourge was displayed on the cracked old film. "dinosaur canyon" said a dull narrative voice thru the speakers, "this is a natural gourge formed out of the mountain billions of years ago by erupting volcanos and shaped by the flow of  the whitewater river that flows along the eastern edge of the gouge". "i didn't see a river" i said confused. "that isnt river" said diane laughing, "it's more like a stream, those stairs outside lead to an overpass bridge where you can look over it". "this river is frequented by avid and amature white water rafters alike" droned the mechanical voice, "for a great day of family fun, come on down to riverside bill's whitewater rafting hut for all needed rentals and supplies". "this is the good part" whispered diane into my ear as she leaned back in her chair, diane gently placed her left hand on my leg palm side up. i wasnt sure what to do, this was the last thing i expected. by now diane was giving me a cold look, "ahem" said diane in a fake cough, "wont you be a gentleman and hold a ladie's hand". "oh, yeah" i said, "but where is the lady". "very funny" said diane not laughing at all, she just glared at me, so i figued id better go ahead and hold her hand. i was once again surprised at how firm her grip was, it felt like she was crushing my hand, but in a good way. suddenly a low indian style music filled the room and the sound of falling rain could be heard in the backround, "dinosaur gourge" began the deep voice again, "this majestic sight has captured the hearts of tourists and inviornmentalists alike, dinosaur gourge got it's name from the heards of all types of dinosaurs that roamed thru this pass billions of years ago, even today, their fossilised remains have been found all over the gourge, making this area as much of a wonder to scientists as it is to tourists". diane's eyes seemed to enlarge and fill with stars as the scnenes of stunning areal photos played accross the screen, i think i even saw her cry almost. "but, the fate of this beautiful place is uncertain" said the voice, "with greedy buisnesses looking to cash in on all the minerals in the canyon, we need to stand up against the onslaught of corporate oppression, take a stand and fight for the rights of mother nature". with that the film ended and the lights came back on, diane looked over at me and smiled, "see didnt i tell you it was amazing, does vemon look like that". "not a chance" i said laughing, "venom makes this place no matter how polluted it is look like a garden". "do you wanna see the river or not" asked diane crossly. "i thought you said it was a stream" i asked laughing. dine got up and literaly pulled me out of my seat, she took off into the loby dragging me behind her like a dead cat tied to a truck. once we were back outside, diane pulled me up the long stairway to the rim of the gourge. there was a sudden dropoff into a large canyon with a roaring river at the bottom. "people actualy raft on this thing" i asked skepticaly. "sure" said diane, "it's done all the time, mabey you and i can go sometime". "dmanit woman" i said , "what are you planing to do, plan our whole life". "it would appear that cenomian men are just as fearful of planning ahead as earth men" said diane jokingly. suddenly it hit me, something was not right with this place, "diane" i said. "yeah, what is it" asked diane worried. "is this place normaly this deserted,we havent seen a single person yet". "that is odd" said diane thoughtfuly, "but dont you worry none, lets get back to the bus". "ok" i said skepticaly. we went back to the bus and got in, janet was still sleeping peacfuly in the back, almost unaware of what was going on around her, diane jerked the bus into gear and drove out of the parking lot back onto the deserted highway.

        After an hour had passed i was about to tear my fur out, "diane, are we there yet" i asked impatiently. "i swear wolf" said diane giving me an odd look, "you sound just like an impatient child". "i swear diane" i said mockingly, "sometimes you act like your fourty or something". diane burst out laughing at this remark, "oh wolf" said diane thru her laughing, "i am fourty, forty-five to be exact". "wow" i said surprised, "you dont look like your fourty". "flattery will get you nowhere with me" said diane smugly. "gross" i said, "dont even go there, your old enough to be my mother". "if i had enough room to move my feet" said diane ofended, "you would be talking like slippy for a year". "how did you know about slippy" i asked surprised. "you told me about him half an hour ago, you know when you basicaly told me your life story". "oh yeah" i said remembering our long talk.  suddenly as we went over a large hill, golden spread out in front of us like a magical kingdom, it was beautiful, this was the first real civilisation i had sen in months, being couped up in that remote base on venom and all that space travel really got to me i guess. "whats is that ugly factory" i asked pointing to a huge grey building on the outskirts of town. "thats the coors factory" said diane, "golden colorado, booze capital of the us". "charming" i said sarcasticaly. "hey dont knock it" said diane, "it's a really nice place, this is where i found my first true love". "what's taht" i saked, "alcohol". "no you dumb-ass" said diane, "bio-chemistry". "how did you ever get from something like bio-chemistry to freak lab experiments" i asked curiously. "that's a hard one" said diane thoughtfuly, "i first started out doing normal science, but i guess the idea of all the money and promotins clouded my morals". "your morals dont seem to clouded to me" i said reassuringly. "thanks" said diane forcing a weak smile, we drove on in relative silence for the next few miles, we were in the main city now, and i began to realise why diane was worried, the highway was deserted. "we should be prepared for the worst" i said calmly not liking to be the one to bring up the inevitable. a minut later, a huge sign loomed over the road reading "golden colorado", the area was just like your steriotypical small town, there was an old fashioned drug store and a small bookstore and several other shops. "we should go to the drugstore first" said diane as she parked the bus neard a row of cars. "why did you bother parking" i asked jokingly, "it's not like were likely to get a ticket or anything, unless there are some zombie meter maids". "your awful wolf" sneered diane. we were in the enteranceway to the drug store, it was quite a odd shaped hall, there was a small balcony on ground level, a short set of stairs leading down to a general store, and a small set leading up to a family restraunt. "why dont we get something to eat if there is anyone alive up there" i suggested to diane, who from the look on her face seemed to agree, both of us hadnt eaten since the start of this whole mess. we ascended a second set of stairs to the restraunt level, despite it being totaly empty, it had a nice homey look to it, there was a large panoramic window looking out over the street below and in the distance we could see the rocky mountains. "anyone here" diane called out warily. suddenly a heavy set woman in her mid fifties jumped out from behind the desert counter with a small handgun, "hold it right there" she screamed. "dont shoot were alive" protested diane. "oh, sorry" said the woman a little embarrased, "the namess maxine, what brings you in here, do you have any idea what the hell is going on". "were looking for survivors" i said releived that the woman wasnt going to shoot us. "well" said maxine, "you wont find to many of them around here, as i asked do you have any idea whats going on". "we'll discuss that later" said diane pushing the conversation out of her responsibility. "well that dosent matter now does it" said maxine a little warmer now, "you two look hungry, come on back and we'll discuss this". diane and i both shrugged at eachother having nothing better to do we followed her to the back of the restraunt where a small table for four sat in almost utter shadow. "i was begining to think i'd never see another living person again" said maxine with a sigh as she slid into a seat with great trouble. "what happened here" i asked looking her dead in the eyes. "it's not a pretty story" said maxine as she sighed and stared of into the distance, "it started late last night, it was the end of my shift and i was about to leave when this man came in clutching his arm, he said some psycho bit him". "so the bites are fatal" i said my mind drifting back to the injured man at the lab. "youv seen one of them to" said maxine sitting staight up in interest. "have we seen one" said diane with a wierd expression on her face, "we practicaly waded thru a hundred of those things just to get here, but so far we havent seen any outside of the lab". "excuse me" said maxine confused, "what lab". "theree is a government lab about fifty miles in the wilderness of denver" said diane, "thats were we came from". "that wasn't one of those freak labs you see in those science fiction movies" asked maxine with obvious distaste. "im afraid so" said diane as her eyes darkened with shame. "thats beside the point" i said trying to get the subject away from diane's lab experience. "hey i recognise you" said maxine pointing to diane, "didn't you always come here every saturday". "yes" said diane smiling from the warm memory, "like the sign says, the pancakes make you come back for more". "this is all very interesting" i said in a bored tone, "but we really should be getting back to more pressing matters, like what happened with the victim". "well" said maxine fidgeting with her hands, "at first we thought he was just sick, so i took him to the hospital, but when i got there, i was greeted with thirty other bite victims, thats when i knew something seriously wrong was happening". "so you came back here" asked diane. "no, not immediately" said maxine closing her eyes tightly. "im soory" said diane, what happened". "it's ok" said maxine forcing a smile, "i went home to get my husband of thirty years frank, but when i got there, the windows were broken in and he was ... oh my god". "it's ok" said diane as she put an arm around her, it was amazing how sympathetic she could be, "we understand". "after that i didnt know what to do" said maxine almost in tears, "so i got frank's gun he used in the service and returned here". "you'v been here ever since" i asked a little surprised. "yes" said maxine, how did you guys get here". it took a while, but diane and i managed to explain everything starting from my arrival to when we arrived in golden, during this time, maxine diane and i went thru a whole stack of the house pancakes, they were pretty good, but they had an oddly greasy feeling to them, i guess that's homemade. "sorry i couldnt scare up something more substantial" said maxine, "but ever since i saw those things eat, im a strict vegetarian". "i hear you" said diane in mutual agreement, "wolf, would you please go out to the bus and get janet". "sure" i said getting up and walking back to the door, by now it was about five oclock, it was hard to imagine so much time had passed sitting in the restraunt. i hastily made my way out to the bus and entered thru the passenger side door, janet was still in the back seat sleeping, "hey wake up" i said as i gently shook her, she did not stir, it looked like i was going to have to use a more intense method of waking her up, i bent down gently right next to her ear and screamed as loud as i could. janet jumped up with a startled scream knocking me into the street, "wolf" said janet crossly, "that was highly ungentelmenlike", she gave me a very un ladylike gesture and walked into the general store leaving me alone. back in the restraunt, maxine diane and janet were all sitting around the table discussing me, it was actualy quite embarrasing, so i hid at the front of the store so i could here them and they couldnt see me. "yeah i guess he is kind of cute"" said maxine with a slight laugh. "im not sure if he cares about me" said diane skepticaly, "mabey he only flirts with me because i was the only person who saw him as something other than dinner". "he seems to like you pretty well" said maxine, "what do you think janet hun". "well" said janet stifly, "he certainly is a man". "that i am" i said as i walked in. "oh your back" said diane a little embarresed. "i dont get it" i said cooly as i sat down at my seat, "if this place is crawling with zombies, why havent we seen any of them". "i dont know" said maxine, "they seem to be in hiding almost". "hey if i were one of those things and i heard janet scream like that i would be afraid to" i said giving janet a funny look. "well i wouldnt have screamed if someone we all know hadnt yelled in my ear" said janet defensivly with ice dripping off every word. "stop messing with janet" scolded diane. "i wasnt messing with janet" i said equaly as defensivly. "geez" said maxine, "with they way you to argue one would think you were a married couple". "shut up" both diane and i said in unison. a few minuts later we cleaned off the dishes and i went upstairs to the living area, maxine showed diane and i to our room and janet to her's. we each fell into oppsite beds utterly tired, sleep came fairly easy, luckily i didnt dream, because i know it would have been a nightmare. i woke up with a start a little later, i rolled over and looked at the digital clock on my nighstand, it read 12:30. i instinctivly checked diane's bed, she wasn't there. i got up as quietly as possible and made my way up to the roof were i expected to find diane. there she was, sitting at the edge staring off into the heavens. i lay beside her and looked over at her. "sorry" said diane softly, "i couldnt sleep". "me either" i said, "brings back alot of memories dosent it". "what" asked diane now laying beside me. "the night sky" i said, "the last time i saw it so clear was the last time i was on corneria". "is corneria a nice place" asked diane. "yeah" i said, "it's pretty, i would have stayed there, but due to current political atmospheres, i had to leave".  "the last time i saw a sky like this was probably a month ago" said diane sadly, "i dont get out much, i have alot of all night experiments sometimes". "can you identify any of the constellations" i asked, "im new here, but when i was on corneria i knew every single one". "look up to the moon" said diane, i followed her gaze to the giant oval moon in the sky, "look to the right a bit, that's the little dipper". "intersting" i said finaly making it out, "the constelations on corneria are much more interesting and well defined". "do you want to ever go back there" asked diane as she took my hand. "im afraid with my reputation i couldnt" i said  with a little regret. "mabey after the war" said diane hopefuly. "mabey" i said, "hey whats that". "what asked diane. "look at the moon, right above it" i said pointing to a large obstruction passing in front of it". "we have no idea what it is" said diane, "it appeared a lmonth ago i think, that was what janet's father was studying, though he never let anyone into his lab to explain what it was, except janet that is". "hmmmm" i said quietly. "wolf" said diane, "would you look at something please". "what is it" i asked. diane gently pulled a small black stone out of her pocket and put it in my hand, "do you know what type of stone this is" asked diane. "i have no idea" i said glancing it over, "where did you find it". "i found it in janet's father's lab, it looked important" said diane. "my your quick" i said sarcasticaly. "give that back" said diane coldly taking th stone back, "do you want to go back to our room or just stay out here". after a good bit of thought, i turned to her and said, "let's stay out here tonight, not every day i get a chance to sleep under the stars". "goodnight" said diane quietly almost unaudible as she lay her head on my arm, after a few minuts she was fast asleep, she lloked amazingly child-like in the moonlight, i closed my eyes and let sleep overcome me to.

     The next morning i awoke to feel a warm hand on my face, when my vision cleared i saw diane standing over me looking down on me concerned. "hey what's the matter" i said bitterly, "never see a man sleep on a roof before". "you look troubled" said janet in a motherly tone, "whats bothering you". "who cares" i said dismissing her. "i care" said diane in the same calm voice, "you can tell me, what's bothering you". "it's fox" i said, "have you ever tried to kill yourself". diane looked at me with a knowing smile and sat down on my level, "everyone has a time in their lives when they feel they were better of dead".  "what was your reason" i asked surprised someone as outwardly happy as diane would ever be in a position like me. "alot of things factored into my decision" said diane thoughfuly, "it was my work for one thing, it was getting to the point where i didnt see the sun for weeks, and thats when i lost my faith in the government, the day they had me first begin the testing on janet". "what stopped you from doing it" i asked . "i tried" said diane, "but no matter how hard i pressed the knife against my wrist it would not draw blood, i figured that mabey it was a sign sort of". "what stopped me wasn't some sign from god" i said envoloping myself in the bad memory, "well, i had always hated fox, and i had the chance to kill him, but he got away, and it was later that day when i almost slity my wrist, if leon hadn't stopped me i wouldnt be here today". diane stared off into the distance for what seemed like eternity, i felt cold and alone, why was i feeling this way, i never cared what others thought of me before, so why should i start now. "did you ever try talking to him about why you hated him" asked diane. i was a little off put by her response, "of course not" i said. "well, why not" asked diane. "well" i said struggling to find the right words, "you know". "oh yeah" said diane laughing, "i know you men and your fragile egos". "whatever" i said, i didnt have the energy for this type of conversation. i walked to the edge of the roof and looked over the early morning street, there were only two zombies in the main street, but not seeing them for so long made this encounter strangely unsettling. "dont look" said diane softly, "please come down with me, breakfast is ready". "sure" i said, "i'll be there in a minut". diane walked off slowly to the ladder leading back in the restraunt and stopped, "you sure your ok" she asked me. "yeah" i said a little stronger, "i'll be fine". a few minuts later, i went back into the restraunt, janet was sitting alone at one of the tables waiting for something almost. "good morning" i said as i sat down. "do you want fox dead" asked janet evily. i was to stunned to answer, "what are you talking about" i asked. "you heard me" said janet, "do you want fox dead". "well yeah" i said. "you know why he is still alive" asked janet. "why" i asked irratated. "you have been going after him so wrong" said janet, "you have to hit his mind, then his body while he is weak". "and how would you suggest that" i asked with a little growing interest. "well" said janet smiling, "first you need to be close to him, make him trust you, make him put his life in your hands, then stab him in the back". "that might work for you women" i said skepticaly, "but that dosent help me much". "mabey mabey not" said janet, "but i could get close to him". "really" i said sarcasticaly. "sure" said janet, "i promise that if i ever get the chance, i will help you get fox's heart, in your hand". "thanks" i saidreally meaning it, janet may be a bit odd, but she knows how to pick me up with a warm fuzzy comment like that. "well good morning to all of you" said maxine in an almost sickeningly sweet voice, "what can i get you all for breakfast today". "i'll have some proton eggs" i said. "what the hell" said maxine confused, "i'll just make that chicken eggs, will that be fried of scrambled". "what do you suggest janet" i asked not really wanting to make the decision by myself. "scrambled are always nice" said janet looking like a sweet and innocent girl again. "hey whats up" said diane walking in brushing her hair mindlessly, she was wearing a white cotton bath robe and a pair of funky looking reading glasses. ""not much" i admitted, once maxine was gone i looked at diane and janet seriously now, "all right, we need a plan here, we cant wait around here for the rest of our lives, none of those things have discovered us yet, but i dont want to be here when they do". "im not sure what my plans are" said diane thoughtfuly, "i can really do anything now, that im out of the lab". "if i could get to some sort of radio tower i could contact a way out of here" i added. "if you all run away thats fine by me" said maxine surprising us all, "i know this dosent apply to wolf, but dont either of you girls care at all for your species, this is our homes, our country, out past generations fought hard to keep this land for us, now if you want to jump ship because of some stupid plauge than thats just fine by me". "face it maxine" said diane sadened, "there is nothing left to fight for". "i dont beleive you people at all" said maxine coldly. "mabey she is right" said janet, "even though life here was never easy, we cant just abandon the planet". this was totaly alien to me, this type of strength and corage that existed within maxine was stunning, while on the outside she looked alot like that woman off that syrup bottels aunt jumima, inside i could feel she had the strength of ten men. "listen" said janet standing up, "i have made a decision, you and diane go on ahead, im staying with maxine, mabey there is hope for are small world after all, i know it's polluted, and it's devastated, but damnit, i cant turn my back on my home". we were all touched by her words, even though i could never admit it, i sometimes felt a longing for that sense of duty that janet posseses. "we understand" said diane giving janet and maxine a quick goodbye hug, "thanks for the breakfast, wolf and i ware going to be leaving soon". "where you planning on going" asked maxine cleaning up some loose dishes. "were going to the college to see if we can get us a way out of here" said diane, "i know for certain that they have state of the art communications facilities there". "if i could contact andross he would have us out of here in under an hour" i said proudly. "i'll be right back wolf" said diane , "i have to get dressed, then i'll be ready to go". "ok" i said as i watched her leave, "what do you plan on doin about that army of those things out there" asked maxine. "i havent decided yet" i admited. "here" said maxine as she dug thru one of the drawers and produced a sack of long peices of wood and a rags, "you can use these to make torces, one thing iv heard is that there afraid of fire". "thanks" i said absently. "wolf" asked maxine, "do you care about ANYONE". "what's that supposed to mean" i asked a little put off. "you'll only break her heart you know" said maxine softly. "you mean diane right" i said focusing on her trying to figure out what her point was. "i know your type" said maxine, "diane is very vulnerable right now, if you hurt her she might break". "i can take care of myself " i said darkly. "if you must" said maxine, "but dont say i didnt warn you". "im ready" said diane as she entered the restraunt from our room. "well, i guess this is goodbye" i said as i walked to the door, "good luck you two". "wait" said janet walking right up to me, she seemed a little nervous like something was on her mind, "i want to say something before you leave". "what is it" i asked curious what she would have to say, even though she was pretty odd i would miss her. "well" stammered janet, "i never was to good at things like this, besides actions speak louder than words", with that she leaned into me and kissed me gently in the mouth. a moment later, she turned and left with one final comment, "remember what i said wolf, break his mind and you can break his body". "geez you two" said diane with a huf looking away. "i cant beleive it, your actualy jealous" i said laughing. "i am not jealous" said diane smugly. "we'll see about that" i said pulling her close and kissing her deeply. "i think a simple goodbye is fine for me" said maxine jokingly, "you better get going now, you dont want to lose any more daylight". after we had said our goodbyes and gotten back on the streets, it was almost noon, we climbed back into the bus and diane pulled into the deserted street, we drove in silence for a few moments just watching the passing city. occasionaly we would spot a loose pack of the dead hovering around some of the alleys, but for the most part we avoided them csm was finaly comming into view. "what do you think" asked diane gazing at the tall  structure that was about four stories high shaped into two blocks connected by a glassed in bridge. "what is this crazy thing" i asked disbeleiving. "that's weaver towers" said diane, "this was were my dorm was when i was here". "id love to have a nice tour of this place sometime, but there are more pressing matters" i said hurrying her along, "like where is the communications center for one thing". "it's on the roof of weaver towers" answerded diane, "that's a good idea, why dont we take a tour of this place sometime". "yeah yeah whatever" i said not really interested, diane led me up a small winding brik stairway to a small door slightly under gound level. carefuly opening the door, diane pulled me accross the lobby wich led off into two glassed in sitting areas an andministration office and a laundry room, the celeing extended all four floors of the building. a moment later, diane found the elevator and pushed it opedn it was thankfuly empty. i waited patiently as the elevator rose to the top floor, the doors noisily slid open to reveal a long hallway leading to the walkway. "this way" said diane as she forcefuly pulled me by the tail down the hall. "yeouch" i howled in pain, "watch it". "sorry" said diane blushing, "i couldnt help it". when we got to the other side of the walkway, we were greeted with a familiar crunching sound, only this was a little different. "oh god" muttered diane  motioning to the second elevator, there was a dead young man lying in the elevator, the doors closing shut at his waist, only to bounce open again and repeat. while diane was distracted with pulling the dead man out of the elevator, i examined the inside of the elevator, it was a little nicer than the other one, but not by much, by now diane was inside the elevator with me, she walked over the box and pulled out her hairpin and stuck it into the box. the box popped right open exposing the bare wires, "now where did such a nice girl like you learn a trick like that" i asked curiously. "i am a multi talented woman" said diane with a mischevis grin on her face, "technicaly none of the students have access to the communications booth, but i guess this proves a lifetime of studying electronics wasnt a total waste". it only took diane a moment to rewire the security lock preventing roof access and we were up on top finaly. there in the center of the roof was a small cabin with a satelite on top, there was an old fashioned computer terminal inside wich liks to the satelite, "diane" i said, "set the frequency to 106z". "what's that" asked diane as she set the dial. "that's where the rest of my team is" i said, "they are waiting for me to signal thwem to pick me up when i was done at the labs".  "you think they'll still be there" asked diane a little worried. "dont worry" i said, "they have direct orders to wait as long as possible". a moment later, the computer screen flashed on revealing leons less than pleasant face, "leon, there has been a change in plans, pick us up at a place called csm, i'll explain later". "sure thing boss" said leon in his usual dull annoying voice. "see" i said proudly to diane, "they will be right here". we were both startled by a sudden breaking sound comming from the elevator, three zombies were climbing there way onto the roof. "diane, give me your gun" i said as calmly as possible. "didnt you take it" asked diane confused. "shit" i said "we left the guns back with janet and maxine".  the dead were very close to me now, two former students and one janitor, they were heading right for me. they were backing my to the edge of the roof, from the corner of my eye, i could see diane was struggling with something, as if she was unsure what to do, suddenly she put her hands together almost as if in prayer and concentrated very hard and shoved her hands out toward the zombies. i saw what appeared to be a heat wave flash accross the roof exploding the approaching dead in a ball of flame. "what the heck" i asked stunned. "there's no time for that now" said diane desperately. "your psychic" i asked unbeleiving, this was twisted, humans are incapable of using psychic energy, everyone knows that. "i'll explain later" pleaded diane, suddenly there was a huge darkening in the sky, and a gigantic ship floated down to the roof's edge. "there's leon" i said, "come on we have to go now". "alright" said diane breathlesly, it looked like doing whatever she had done had taken alot of energy from her, helping her walk, we made out way accross the roof to a small opening that appeared in the ship's hull, a first put diane in than climbed in myself. "ok" i said, "were on the ship, open the door", the hidden door slid open a moment later, and diane and i walked inside the storage area and took what would probably be our last view of earth as the ship pulled back into orbit.

to be continued

what will wolf and diane do now that they have escaped earth, will they return to venom, can they, or is there a darker more sinister force at work, and what about diane's mysterious psychic powers, can a human really have such powers, what about HER parents, who where thay, how did she get caught up in the lab in the first place, and what if anything does the mysterious stones have to do with the dead rising, and what are janet and maxine going to do, do they even have a plan on how to fight back agains the increasing army of the dead, and what of janet's plan to kill fox, will she go thru with it, the answers to these and many more questions will be answered in the next thrilling chapter of

Sole survivor: WOLF