Fox awoke in a daze, still unclear as to what had happened. He remembered flying over Tatiana

and being hit, but after that, everything was a blur. Slowly, his eyesight adjusted and he came to

the conclusion that he was in a cave. A fire was lit near by, meaning that someone was with him.

A soft rustle of fabric forced him to see what had caused it. To his surprise, he found Sassy right

beside him.

" You’re awake." She said softly, " Your very lucky that I was able to walk away from my crash or you

would be a dead man." She smiled sweetly.

Fox started to sit up. Pain surged though his body causing him to cry out. Sassy quickly eased him

back down.

" Don’t move." She told him, " You’ll hurt yourself even more."

" Sassy…" He panted, " what… happened?"

" We crashed." She started, " You went down before I did. I was able to get out of my ship just in

time to pull you from yours. I don’t know how to break this to ya’, but it kind of blew up a few minuets

after I pulled you from it."

" That’s great." Fox rolled his eyes, " How long have I been out?"

" About 24 hours." She took a small cup from beside the fire and helped Fox sit up, " Drink this. It will

help is the pain."

Fox managed to take a few small sips. He recognized the liquid as a tea that Morgan had given him

before. Sassy had obviously kept some in her arwing in case of an emergency.

She laid him back down carefully, trying her best not to cause him any more pain. Sassy hated to

see her friends suffer.

" What did you do with my com?" Fox asked.

" I didn’t do anything to it." She got up, " It cracked when you smacked your head on the windshield

of you ship. Now, it’s just fragments spread across the dessert."

" You have a knack for making things sound so cheerful, don’t you Sapphire."

She laughed at his remark, " Just like you have a knack for being all high and might?"

" Shut up." Fox started to sit up again. This time, it didn’t hurt as bad. The tea had kicked in faster

then he thought.

Sassy shook her head and started towards him, " You shouldn’t be sitting up. You lost a lot of blood

back there."

" You don’t have to mother me!" He scolded her, " I’ll end up pay for it later."

" I don’t want to lose my best friend!" She yelled and turned away, " I’m tired of losing my friends."

Fox thought he heard tears in her voice when she spoke her last sentence. He didn’t mean to upset


" Sassy," He started softly, " Sass, I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to make ya’ mad."

Sassy neither spoke or turned around.

" You now," Fox started, " you could make this easier on me and came here. I really don’t think I can

come over there and hug you at the moment."

Sassy laughed slightly and turned around. She came over and sat beside him.

Fox hugged her, " I’m sorry I made ya’ mad."

" It’s alright," Sassy sighed, " I just worry about you. You’re my best friend Fox. I don’t know what I’d

do if I lost you."

Fox managed a smile until he looked down at Sassy’s ankle, " Is that blood?"

" Huh?" She looked down, " uhh… maybe."

" You’re hurt."

" Not bad. I already took care of it. I should be fine." Sassy stammered.

Fox looked up at her, " Does it hurt?"

She shook her head, " It’ll be fine Fox. You need to worry about yourself anyway. Lay down and


Fox obeyed her command and laid back down. To his surprise, Sassy let him rest his head on her

lap. He was skeptical at first, but knew Sassy was only doing it to make him comfortable.

" Sassy," Fox asked quietly, " have you slept at all?"

" I can’t sleep until I feel safe. Besides," She smiled, " Someone has to watch camp and keep us


" I thought that was a man’s job." Fox sighed.

" You’re really asking for it, aren’t you?" Sassy pushed on his noise.

" I trust you." Fox yawned, " I just can’t remember the last time I was being protected by a girl. It’s like

we’ve switched places."

" Now’s your chance to feel helpless against everything and have to rely on someone to protect

you." She gently began to stroke his head, being very careful of the bandage that had been placed

there, " Get some rest. And don’t worry, I’ll take care of you."

Fox smiled sleepily. Slowly he fell asleep. He felt safe knowing that Sassy was watching over him.

He knew she wouldn’t let anything else happen to him.

Sassy watched as Fox fell asleep. < He reminds me a little of Bret when he would fall asleep on my

lap.> She though, < I’m happy that we didn’t loose him today. I’m not sure what I’d have done if

he were dead. He does look kind of cute when he doesn’t have that damn com on his head. I

hardly see him without it. I wonder why he doesn’t have a girlfriend. He’s so sweet and

kind…><?xml:namespace prefix = o ns = "urn:schemas-microsoft-com:office:office" />

< You have a crush on him.> A voice in her head teased.

< I do not Bret!>

< Oh yes you do.> He teased, < I can see right through you.>

" I can see right through you too, yet you don’t here me braggin’."

" …What did you say Sassy?" Fox asked sleepily.

" Oh…" She answered quickly, " I didn’t say anything. Just go back to sleep."

Fox smiled and closed his eyes again. Sassy gently placed a hand on his forehead, " Oh god…"

She whispered.

< He’s got an infection Sassy.> Bret told her, < You need to get him out of here and to a doctor.>

< The nearest colony here is fifty miles away! We’re better off here. The others will be here by

tomorrow morning. Hopefully he can make it until then.> Sassy bit her lip.

< He has a strong spirit. He’ll make it until then. But he needs you with him. You’re the only

one how can help him until the others get here.> She heard Bret sigh, < I’ll see what I can do

on my end.>

< Thank you Snowy.> Sassy thought to him. Bret had never let her down before, he wouldn’t let

her down now. Not when she needed him.

* * *

A bright star loomed in the distance. Sassy had been watching it since sunrise and knew it was

Great Fox. It was moving and had stayed after the stars had gone. They would probably reach them

in a few hours.

A soft moan from the back of the cave turned Sassy’s attention to Fox. She went over to where he

lay and placed a hand of his forehead.

" Damn, it’s back." She took the damp cloth from earlier and soaked it in cold water. She placed it on

his forehead.

" Fox, don’t give up on me." She took his hand. To her surprise, he squeezed back.

" Sassy…" He called weakly.

" Shh, I’m here Fox. Just please hang on for a little longer." Sassy gently stroked his cheek. Once

more, Fox clasped her hand tightly.

Suddenly, there was pain in her leg where she had been cut. She winced and gently touched the

sour area. Slowly, the pain left. She sighed and brought her attention back to Fox. She needed to

focus on him. He needed her now. Sassy took Fox into her arms and held him tight. She felt him

nuzzle against her.

" Oh Fox…" She whispered.

A gentle touch awoke Sassy. She looked into the eyes of Falco.

" You’re alive." He smiled.

" Yeah, but Fox needs medical attention fast." She explained.

" Here," Falco carefully took Fox from her, " Get to Peppy’s ship. He’ll take ya’ back home."

" Be very careful with him." Sassy stood up, " He can’t be thrown around."

Falco looked over Fox. He was in pretty bad shape, " I’ll be careful Sassy." He started to his ship.

Sassy sighed and started for Peppy’s ship. She climbed up on the wing and got in.

" Ya’ alright kid?" The old hare asked.

" Yeah, I’m fine." She smiled, " Just tired."

" Sure your okay? It looked like you were limping."

" I’m alright. My foot’s asleep, that’s all." She assured him.

" Alright." He sighed, " Hang on tight. We’re taking off."

On the ship, Fox had been rushed to Sick Bay. Falco had gone with him but was told he had to see

Fox later. He decided then to look for Sassy and make sure she was okay. He knocked on her door.

It opened enough to reveal her face, " Oh… hey Falco."

" Hey," He smiled, " May I come in?"

" Yeah, sure." She pushed the door open the rest of the way and sat down on her bed.

" What’s up featherhead?" She asked.

" Nothing really," Falco started, " just wanted to see how you doing."

" I’m alright, I guess." She smiled slightly, " I’m pretty tired. Fox… how is he?"

" I don’t know. They wont let me see him yet." He noticed the blood on her pant leg, " Shit! What


" What?"

" Your leg." He pointed to it, " You need to go to Sick Bay."

" No!" She backed away from him, " No, I’m fine. I took care of it."

" Sassy!" Falco started, " If your hurt bad, you need to have it looked at!"

" I don’t need to go to Sick Bay!" She yelled.

" At least let me look at it then." Falco calmed down, " Please Sassy."

" You wont make me go to Sick Bay?" She asked.

" I not unless it’s really bad."

Sassy timidly brought her leg onto the bed. Falco took her foot and rested it on his lap. The

bandaged she had on the wound was covered in blood. He undid the bandage and examined the

deep wound.

" Damn Sassy." The wound was deep and still bled a little. He gently touch the area around the

wound and caught Sassy wince from the corner of his eye.

" This needs to be cleaned and stitched." He got up, " I think I can take care of it."

" Do you even now how to dress major wounds?" Sassy asked seeing him start for the door.

" I have field training, I should be able to take care of it. Just stay there, if you get up, I’ll take you to

Sick Bay."

" Falco." Sassy called after him, " Don’t say anything to the others."

" May be I should." He stood in the door, " Teach you not to lie to us."

Sassy looked away from the avis. He left and went to get some medical supplies. When he returned,

he found that Sassy hadn’t moved from the bed.

" Funny how ya’ listen when your scared." He remarked sitting on her bed again, " Your lucky I feel

like being nice." He gave her an injection of painkillers ad began work on her leg.

" Why didn’t you say anything to us?" Falco asked.

" I didn’t think it was that bad." She answered quietly.

" Your nervous." Falco gently touched her cheek, " Just relax, this wont take to long. I’ll be easy on


Sassy sighed and looked up at him. She smiled a little. Falco went back to work on the wound.

" How did you get this?" He asked.

" When I pulled Fox from his ship." She leaned up against the headboard, " A piece of cockpit cut

into me."

" It really go ya’ good, didn’t it?" He smiled at her.

Sassy laughed and smiled back, " Yeah, I guess it did."

" When I’m done with this, I’ll make ya’ some lunch. I want you to get cleaned up." Falco smiled

again, " I think our little hero deserves that much."

" I’m not a hero." She protested, " I just did what I had to save my friend."

" Don’t be modest Sassy." Falco started, " You saved Fox. He would be dead if not for you."

Sassy blushed and looked away from the bird. He stopped what he was doing once more and

looked at her.

" You like him, don’t you?"

" What?"

" You have a crush on him."

Sassy fell silent. Falco could tell he’d found her secrete.

" Ask him out."

" I can’t." She sighed, " It be weird going out with my boss."

" You went out with me. Why can’t you go out with him?" He studied her gaze, " Your afraid too,

aren’t you?"

" He wouldn’t go out with me." She sighed again, " I’m not his type. He disserves someone how’s

more feminine then I am. I’m too much of a tomboy. He doesn’t like that. Besides, he’s my best


" You might have a point." Falco lifted her foot high enough for her to see it, " All done."

" Thanks." She sat up.

" I…uhh… better start your lunch." He got up and started for the door.

" Falco," Sassy got up and hugged him, " I still love you Falco. But I don’t think I could ever go out

with you again."

Falco sighed and put his arms around her, " I figured that. As long as your still not mad at me."

" I can’t stay mad at you Fal. Your like my big brother." She looked up at him and smiled sweetly.

" You get cleaned up." He let go of her, " Lunch should be done by the time your done."

" Alright," She walked to her bathroom, " Thanks Falco. You’re a sweetheart when your mouths not

getting the best of ya’."

" Same goes for you." Falco started to leave, then stopped, " Hey Sass, the guys have been asking

about ya’. I was wondering," He paused, " Would you want to hang out with us sometime."

" Alright, just tell me when." She winked at him and went into her bathroom.

Falco silently crept into Sick Bay. Fox lay unconscious still. At his side, Sassy slept peacefully. She

had come in not long after the med bots told them about Fox’s condition. He’d lost quite a bit of

blood from the crash and was suffering from a nasty infection.

Falco sighed seeing Sassy. He grabbed a spare blanket from the closet and covered Sassy with it.

" Fox you are so lucky that she was watching out for you." Falco whispered. He kissed Sassy softly

on the cheek and left as silently as he had come.

" I’ll always love you Sapphire."

Sassy awoke early the next morning. She was sore from the way she’d slept. She stretched and fell

back lazily in her chair. Fox was still unconscious, but that something she’d expected. Slowly, she

sat up on the edge of his bed. She took his hand and held it tightly.

" Oh Fox," she sighed, " I wish you’d wake up soon. We’re really worried about you." Fox suddenly

squeezed her hand. He groaned and slowly opened his eyes.

" Sassy…where…am I…" Fox whispered.

" Fox," She smiled, " Oh thank god your alright." She carefully hugged him, " You’re on Great

Fox. Your safe now."

Fox smiled, " What…how long… have I been…out…."

" About a day." She answered, " You should really rest. Your very tired."

Fox sighed and looked up at her longingly, " Will…you stay, until I fall asleep?"

" Sure." She began to stroke his head lovingly. Fox slowly closed his eyes, but even after he’d gone

to sleep she stayed. In fact she was still with him when Peppy walked in.

" Sassy," The hare started, " Have you been up all…"

" Shh…" She held a finger to her lips, " Fox is asleep."

Peppy looked at her with surprise, " He woke up?"

" Yeah, early this morning." She whispered.

" Why don’t you get some breakfast then." Peppy took a seat in a near chair, " I’ll stay with him."

" Alright, but please don’t wake him yet. He really needs the sleep."

Peppy looked into her eyes and smiled, " I wont Sassy. Now you go get something to eat. Falco’s

cooking breakfast."

" Thanks Uncle Peppy." She got down from the bed and left Sick Bay silently.

She walked down the hall and straight to the kitchen. There was Falco at the stove. He glanced up

at Sassy when she entered.

" I was wondering when you’d drag you tail out of bed."

" Ha ha ha, shut up." Sassy spotted Slippy at the table working on something completely

unrecognizable to her, " Slippy, that is covered in grease and eats on the table we eat at. Get it off

before I throw it at shit head."

" Hey, lay off bitch!" Falco joked. Mornings where usually like this, but with Fox threatening to make

them clean the Docking Bay. This morning didn’t seem complete with out that threat.

" My Dad said he could have Fox’s new arwing here before the end of the week." Slippy continued

to tinker with the engine, " I can have yours fix in the next few day. It’s really not as bad as I thought

it would be."

" That’s nice." Sassy sighed tearing her toast into to small pieces, " Need any help?"

" Sassy," Falco glanced over at her, " You should lay off heavy work for a little while."

" Why should she lay off work?" Slippy asked, " I thought she was fine?"

" uhh… Falco’s right," Sassy started, " I should really rest for a few days. The sun on Titania can

take a lot out of you."

" Really? I didn’t know that." The toad started, " That’s okay, I can do it on my own."

" I’m sorry Slip." Sassy sighed.

" uhh… I guess I can help ya’ out Slip." Falco offered.

" But Falco, I thought you couldn’t stand to work with me."

" Hey, if ya’ want my help ya’ got it!"

" Alright. Thanks Falco." Slippy picked up his things and left, " See ya’ in the Docking Bay."

After Slippy was gone, Sassy dropped her plate into the sink, " Why did you offer to help Slip? I

mean, we all know you can’t stand him."

" You need to be easy on that foot of yours." Falco explained.

" Yeah but, you didn’t have to help Slip with my arwing."

" Don’t worry about it."

Sassy looked up at him. She reached up and kissed his cheek.

" Thank you."

" Yeah yeah." He pushed her away. He smiled though, " You owe me."

" I know." She ruffled his feathers (something he hated) and left the kitchen.

Fox wasn’t surprised to find Sassy at his side. He smiled at her, " Have you left Sick Bay at all


" Yeah, I left to eat and I got some sleep." She sat up on the bed again, " Want to try and eat


" Yeah, sure." He started to sit up.

" No." She told him gently. She got behind him and held him, " You really need to save your strange


Fox really had no choose but to listen to her. She held a cup to his lips and had him drink some

tomato. Fox drank about half of the soup before he took the cup from Sassy and began to drink it

on his own.

" How ya’ feeling?" Sassy asked.

" Alright, I guess." He handed her the empty cup. Sassy smiled and laid Fox back in bed.

" What’s wrong? Are you in any pain?" She asked.

" Yeah, a little, but it’s not that bad."

" I can make ya’ some of that tea if ya’ like." She offered.

" No, you don’t have too."

" I’ll be back in a few." She got up and left.

After about a week in Sick Bay, Fox was able to return to work. While he was recovering, Sassy

hardly left his side. Even after he was well, she secretly watched over him.