Chapter One

"One reason I like Slippy with us is that he knows how to work on a team."

-Fox McCloud, Star Fox

The Star Fox team was in Fortuna, trying to take out a Venom base. It was rumored that one of Andross's best bio-wepons yet was being built there. But it wasn't done, so Star Fox wanted to strike before it did.

"Fox, help me! I've got five bogeys on my tail, and I can't shake them." Slippy cried.

"Hold on, Slippy." Fox replied.

Slippy was trying to do a loop, but he nearly crashed into the bogeys. He lost his right wing, and his engines were failing. Suddenly, Fox came out of nowhere. He shot down three of the bogeys

before the rest decided to flee. Peppy came and shot down the rest that were trying to excape.

"Thanks, guys. I owe you one." Slippy said

"You own me a million, Slippy." Fox said jokingly

"Yeah, I do" Slippy replied

"Where's Falco?" Peppy asked

"He was trying to shut down the power by shooting the generators last time I saw him."Slippy said

"Let's go check the generators, then." Fox said

"Ok." Slippy and Peppy replied

Over on the other side of the base, Falco had his hands full. The bogeys that didn't get shot down by Slippy, Peppy and Fox went to attack Falco. He suffered 49% shield damage, and he had lost both wings.

"Aw, man!" Falco cried when he saw that he had only 45% shield left. But he had too much pride to ask his teamates for help, so he decided to give them hints that he needed help.

"There's another one on my tail!" he shouted into the coms.

"Need some help, Falco?" a familer voice asked

"Fox! For once I am glad to see you."

Fox laughed. He knew Falco would never admit it, but he knew that Falco had been glad to see Fox many, many times.

"Alright boys, split up, and take them down!"Fox shouted

"Wahooo!" Peppy cried when he destroyed seven bogeys with one charged up laser.

"I got one!"Slippy announced

"Slippy, we don't need to know every time you actually shoot one down. Although, it only hapens every so often, I guess you can tell us." Falco said

"Hey!" Slippy replied, but he knew that Falco was just teasing as usual

The battle went on. After awhile, it was apparent what the outcome would be, and it was in Star Fox's favor. The rest of the pilots realised that, and tried to flee. But Peppy hearded them back to his teamates, and they shot them down. After that, they destroied the eight generators that supplies the base with power.

"Alright!" Falco cried.

"I wonder why they're only Invader II when this new bio-weapon was rumored to be very powerful, and the base was heavily guarded." Peppy said, mostly to himself

"Who cares? As long as we get paid, I'm happy." Falco said

"I agree." Slippy added

"But Peppy's right. What if Andross has something bigger to guard this base? We still have to destroy the base, you know. What if he has a bomb, or something worse?" Fox said

"Like Star Wolf?"Slippy asked

"Yes, like Star Wolf." Fox replied

"Well, you're right, because my radier says that four Wolfen II are comming this way from the south." Slippy announced

"Crud!" Falco said

The others sat in silence. They were handicapped, with Slippy and Falco with low shileds. But they had to do the job, so Fox started giving orders.

"Alright, Slippy, you hid behind that big rock, and after they pass you, you come out from behind and shoot at their backs. After they turn to get you, Falco, you come out from behind that big beam. It should be large enough to hide you. While they're chasing Slippy, get as many hits in as possible. Then, hide before they try and get you. Peppy and I will come out from opposite sides once Slippy gets Star Wolf over to these two bolders where we'll be hiding. We can shoot them, and Slippy and Falco, you keep hidden, shooting out at them when they can't see you. Once their shields are as low as yours, come out into the open and take them down. Got it? They'll be comming soon, so get to you hiding place!" Fox commanded

They all went to thier hiding places. A minute passed, and Star Wolf came into view.

"Where are they? Andross was sure that they would come, and I wanted to fight them so bad." Wolf said

"I wanted to torture that anoying brid, too." Leon said angerly

"Maybe they're on the other side." Pigma suggested

"You know, there actually may be a brain in that fat head of yours, Pigma. Although I'm still not sure." Wolf said

"Wolf!" Pigma said

"It's true, you lazy oaf." Leon told him

"Oh, stop your fighting and lets find Star Fox. I wanted to be sure that anoying toad is a guy, and not a girl." Andrew said

"Wow, and Andrew actually said something halfway funny. This is amazing! First, there's evidence of Pigma having a brain and now-"

Wolf got cut off suddenly as a laser blast struck his ship. Slippy was firing at all four of them at the same time.

"I got you now!" Slippy cried

"Ha ha, you think you can take on sll four of us, you stupid toad? And with your shields that low?"Andrew said, noticing Slippy's heavily damaged ship

"C'mon, let's get that frog!" Pigma said

Slippy sped off. Wolf wondered briefly where the others were, but the thought got pushed out of his mind when Pigma accidently hit him.

"Pigma! You idiot!" Wolf shouted "When we get back, I'm going to pound you so bad, you won't be able to move."

"Like he can move very far now. He's so fat, the only time he moves is when there's food." Leon said

"Oh, let's just get this stupid frog!" Andrew cried

Fox was listening to all of this and he smiled. No wonder Star Wolf always lost, they didn't know how to work together as a team.

Slippy, by now, was very low on shileds, but he had lowered Wolf's and Andrew's shields a bit. Falco sneaked up and started shooting. While Star Wolf was confused about who was shooting, Slippy turned around and got in lots of hits on Pigma's ship. Falco and Slippy then darted out of site as they passed the two boulders.

"Where'd they go?" asked Wolf

Suddenly, Wolf's and Leon's ships got hit as Peppy and Fox shot at them

"Right here, Wolf!" Fox announced

"Fox McCloud. Ah, how nice to see you. One last time! You're going down, Fox! And I'm the wolf who's going to do it." Wolf cried out

"Sure, Wolf. I remember the last time you said that and-"

"Shut, up! Shut up, shut up!" Wolf cut in. He remembered the last time he said that, Fox shot him down so bad, he nearly died

Meanwhile, Peppy was taking on Pigma. Andrew was firing retenlessly at him, but Falco kept going out and shooting at him.Andrew was so confused, he shot at Pigma by accident.

"I see there's two to beat up now. Andrew, I wish you weren't related to that insane ape, or you'd never be on this team." Wolf said.

"Wolf! That's my uncle you're talking about, and he's going to be the emperor of the Lylat System soon, so you'd better keep your mouth shut."

"You, crybaby! The day when Andross takes over the Lylat System will be the day when you will stop whining and Pigma goes on a diet." Wolf said angerly

While the squabble was going on, Slippy and Falco came out of their hiding places and surrounded Star Wolf. Their shileds were lowered as they fought, but Star Wolf realised that there's a fight going on.

"Heh heh, Star Wolf, looks like your shields are lower now." Fox told them

They looked. Wolf had 32% shield left, Leon had 25%, Pigma had 18% and Andrew had 15%.

"Star Fox! You'll pay!" Wolf cried

"I'll get you for this, Star Fox!" Leon said

"Uncle Andross!" Andrew cried when Slippy knocked his ship out of the sky.

"One down, three more fools to go!" Slippy said!

Peppy and pigma were fighting each other.Peppy shot a dirct hit at Pigma. Pigma tried to shoot at him, but it was too late. His ship fell out of the air.

"Two more to go!" Peppy cried

Wolf and Fox were engaged in a private battle, neither seeming to have an advantage. Fox was barrel rolling all over the place, and Wolf kept doing U-turns.

"What's the matter? Can't even do a simple filp?" Fox asked

Fox then did a flip to tease Wolf. Wolf got so mad, he began shooting everywhere. He charged at Fox head on, but Fox sped away and got some hits in.

Meanwhile, Falco and Leon were fighting with each other

"When you're in my claws, you're going to be tortured so bad, you won't want to live, just to be dead. Ah ha ha ha ha!" Leon cried as he shot at Falco's already badly damaged ship.

"Oh no you don't!" Falco cried as he fliped around and shot relentlessly at Leon's right wing. It came off, and Leon got very mad.

"You anoying bird!"Leon cried "I can't wait to torture you."

"What makes you think you will torture him?" Peppy asked

Peppy and Slippy went to help Falco, since Fox wanted to fight Wolf by himself.

"Oh, shoot!" Leon cried when his other wing came off.

Leon knew that he was going down, since he only had 3% shield left, but he saw that Slippy had as much as him.

"If I'm going down, I'll go down fighting!" Leon announced

Suddenly, Leon swerved and headed right for Slippy. He let loose a barage of lasers, and Slippy got knocked out of the sky.

"Slippy! Nooo!" Peppy cried

Falco wanted to get even. He shot at Leon's ship until he went down, and he even shot at the crashed ship.

"We have to get Slippy." Peppy said.

Peppy and Falco landed by Slippy's crashed ship, preparing to help him out.

While all this was going on, Fox slowly lowered Wolf's shields. Wolf, now with 13% shield left, was getting very mad. Fox looked around and saw that Slippy was down, but he was a good distance away from the base. Fox also saw that while the battle was going on, someone shot

the shield off of the reactor core. He thought that if he can shoot a bomb at it, the base will blow up.

"Fox, I'm not throught yet!" Wolf said

Fox aimed and shot a bomb at the core. Then he boosted away to where Slippy crashed. Wolf wondered what Fox did. Then, he saw that the base was going to blow, and got out of there, crying to Star Fox: "I'll get you next time!" Then he went to call a transport to pick up Leon, Andrew, and Pigma.

Chapter 2

"I could've been a pilot, but I think it's better to save lives then to take them away.

-Pamila Hare, Fortuna General Hospital nurse

"Is he alright?" Fox asked, getting out of his Arwing.

"He looks like he got some broken bones. Slip's unconsious right now, but he needs medical treament." Peppy replied

"Is there a hospital around here? There's usuauly a hospital on or near a base." Fox asked

"My cousin's a nurse on a Corneaian controlled hospital around here. We can call for a transport, and Slip can be treated." Peppy said

"Ok. Get me a radio." Fox commanded

Falco handed Fox a radio, whcih he then gave to Peppy. Peppy looked for the hospital, and found it. He then handed it back to Fox, who began telling the hospital about what happened.

"Ok, Fortuna General Hospital will pick Slippy up soon. The doctor that answered the call said to

keep him warm, don't touch him, and keep him elevated."

"Good thing he's already elevated. I don't want to move him." Falco said

"We need to keep him warm, though. These tempatures will kill him of frostbite before he dies of other injures." Fox said

Falco and Fox started putting blankets from their Arwings over Slippy. Then they tried to start a fire. They only got a small one going, but it helped keep them warm.

Meanwhile, Peppy sensed something in his mind. He realised it was his cousin, and attempted to talk telepathically with her.

-Pam? Can you hear me? It's Peppy, your cousin.-

-Peppy? Is that you?-

-Yes, it's me. I'm sitting here in the cold, waiting for that transport to arrive.-

-What transport? And why are you sitting in the cold? Did you know that it's fifteen degrees below zero?-

-Yes, I can tell. I'm waiting for the transport from the hospital to pick Slippy up. He's hurt from a battle with Star Wolf. We radioed the hospital earlier and asked for them to pick us up. I though you knew about the accident.-

-I heard about it, but all I heard was that there was a toad injured and taransport was going to pick him up. I didn't know you were with him.-

-Oh, the transport's here. I'll talk to you soon.-

-Ok. Bye, Peppy.-

-Bye, Pam-

Fox helped load Slippy on to the transport. Peppy and Falco went to thier arwings, and warmed them up. Fox, after Slippy was loaded, got in his, and they followed the transport to Fortuna General Hospital.

Chapter 3

"I hate being injured"

-Slippy Toad, Star Fox

At FGH, Slippy was rushed inside to the intensive care unit. He was still unconsious, and the doctor inside the transport was worried that he might have internal blood loss. Peppy noticed that Pam was nearby, and he called to her.

-Pam? We're here.-

-Where are you?-

-The lobby, I think.-

-If you're not sure where you are, look at the signs.-

-What signs?The ones hanging above us that say things like 34B and


-Thoese are the ones. Look at the bottom and see which floor is above

you and below you-

-It says basment with an arrow pointing down, and first floor with an

arrow pointing up-

-Then you're at the lobby. The lobby's between the basement and the first floor. I'll be right there. I'm at the cafateria right now. Hold on.-

-Ok, Pam.-

They broke off contact. Peppy told the others that his cousin was comming. The other team members have head about Peppy's cousin, but they've never met her. Pam was also eager to meet the Star Fox team, since she's heard so much about them.

"I hope Slippy's ok. And if he can't fly for a while, who will we get

to replace him?" Fox wondered, mostly talking to himself

Suddenly, Pam came into the lobby. Pamelia Hare was a 28 year old hare with blond hair and red eyes. She was rather short, only 5'3, but she was a great nurse.

"Pam!!!"Peppy shouted "It's so good to see you!"

The embrased in a big warm hug. After awhile Peppy remembered the rest of the Star Fox team, and went to introduce her to them.

"Fox, Falco, I'd like you guys to meet my cousin, Pam." Peppy said "And Pam, I'd like you to meet my teammates Fox McCloud and Falco Lombardi."

"It's an honor to meet the famous Star Fox team which defeated

Andross." Pam said

"And it's a pleasure to meet you. But unfortunetly, Andross has

cloned himself, so we haven't fully defeated him." Fox replied

"Oh. Well, it's an honor to meet you all the same."Pam said

"Well, I'm cold. Got anything to drink? Something warm, I mean." Falco asked

"Sure! I'll get you some hot choclate." Pam said "Today's my day off, so why don't we go over to my house?"

"Where's your house?" Falco asked

"Right next door. I have to live close to the hospital in case there's an emergency, and besides they gave it to me." she replied

"Ok. Let's go. " Falco said

On their way there, Fox wondered why she works on Fortuna, the most desolate planet in the system, rather than somewhere more popular like Corneria. He asked this, and Pam answered.

"Well, on Corneria there's a lot of doctors and nurses.So the demand for them is low, and they get lower salires. On Fortuna there's hardly doctors and nurses. So the demand here is high. You get high pay because you're wanted here. They pay you an overall sum of up to two million credits a year."

Fox whisteled. He never thought that doctors and nurses could get that much.

"It's true, though. My overall pay last year was 1.3 million credits."

"We get alot doing missions, but they only come about once a month. Pepper keeps switching between mercanarys. Whoever wants the least ammount of credits he'll hire. But we really cleaned up when we attacked Andross." Fox said, smiling at the memory of Pepper's reaction to the bill he sent him.

"Oh, here we are. Come on in to my humble house." Pam said

They stepped in. Her house really was humble, it had nothing more than a bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen, and a living room. They were in the kitchen, and they could see the whole house from here.

"Sit down while I make some cocoa. This is from my friend, Ca- Oh!" Pam slapped herself on the forehead, remembering

"What?" Fox, Falco and Peppy asked

"My friend, Carole Maylin was going to come over today. I totally forgot when Peppy called." Pam answered

"Oh. Well, I'd like to meet her." Fox said

"Me too." added Peppy

"I just want some hot chocolate. I'm still cold!" Falco announced

"Ok. Hold on."

Pam went to the cupboard, and pulled out a bag with brown stuff in it. She poured it into four cups, and got the water in the kettle boiling. After it boiled, she poured it into the cups. She then handed one to each of them, starting with Falco.

"Mmm. This is good!" Falco announced

"I agree." Peppy said

"It is good." Fox said, tasting it

"Perfect on a cold day like this." Pam added

At the back of his mind, Fox was very worried about Slippy. He was also worried about who he'll get to replace him.

"Oh don't worry about Slippy. He'll be fine. And I'm sure you'll find someone to replace him. Maybe Bill knows someone." Pam told Fox

"But...? How did you....?" Fox stammered

Peppy and Pam chuckled

"I guess I forgot to tell you that Pam was telepathic like me." Peppy said

"I guess you did forget." Fox answered, laughing

There was a knock at the door. Pam got up to answer it. A tall black panther with almond shaped, cocoa colered eyes steped inside. She was wearing a blue-green colored sweater and jeans and tall black boots. Around her neck was a gold necklace with a diamond in the shape of a teardrop on it. Pam knew right away who it was.

"Carole! You came!" Pam cried out

"Pam! How good to see you!" Carole cried

"Is this your friend?" Fox asked, getting up

"Yep." Pam replied

"You have guests? I'd never have come if I knew you had guests." Carole said

"Oh, it's alright." Pam and Fox said at the same time

"Ok." Carole said

"I didn't even know I was going to have guests. Peppy came here, and I wanted them to come visit my house." Pam said

"Peppy? Your cousin?"

"That's the one." Pam replied

"Then you're the Star Fox team!" she said, pointing at them

"Yep." Peppy and Fox replied

Falco, who was before absorbed in his cocoa, suddnely got up.

"I drank it all. Now, who's this panther here?"

Pam made introductions. After they were all introduced, they sat down on the two couches.

"Well, tell us a bit about yourself, Carole, if you don't mind." Peppy said

"I don't mind. Well, my full name's Carolyn Ann Maylin, but you can just call me Carole.I work as a part-time cook. I was born here on Fortuna. I work on Corneria as a part time cook, and I have an apartment there. My home, it was my mom's home, though, is here on Fortuna. I never knew my dad. My mom-her name's Callie-never told me who he was. She never even told me his name. She always said "when the time was right". But she died before it was the right time." A flash of sorrow appeared in her eyes as she said the last part. She was silent for a moment, and then went on. "Mom died in a crash when I was fourteen. I'm seventeen now. Before that she was a cook, and a good one at that. I always ate delicious meals. When she died, she was taking a transport to work, and several Venom invaders stopped them. The driver went on, trying to get by them, but they crashed and she died. I hate Venom. If it wasn't for them, my mom would still be alive." She sat there in memory for a minute

"Well, if it helps any, my mom and dad were both killed by Venom. My mom died when Andross put a bomb in the car, ment for my dad, because Andross loved my mom, but she loved James, my dad. She got in the car, and it exploded, killing her. My dad died later when Pigma betrayed the original Star Fox team." Fox told Carole

"Thanks. It makes me feel better. Anyways, a friend of mine taught me to spy, and another friend of mine taught me to hack into computers.i'm not as good as a cook as my mom, except for cocoa. I

took her already delicious recipe, added a few things, and took out a couple things, and perfected it." Carole said proudly

"That's for sure!" Falco said. The other nodded their heads in agreement.

"You've had it?" Carole asked

"Yep." Pam said "I gave them some a little while ago."

"What's in it?" Falco asked

"Sorry, that's my secret. But I can give you a bag with some in it."

Suddenly as they were talking, someone knocked on Pam's door.

"Now who could that be?" She asked, getting up to go answer it.

A bear was at the door. He was Dr. Mike Harvin, one of themain doctors at FGH, and he was treating Slippy. Fox looked eagerly at him, wanting to hear good news.

"Oh, doctor Harvin. Why are you here?" Pam said

"Well, I'm here to see the Star Fox team. I have news about Slippy." he said

"Really? What is it?" Fox asked anxiously

"Well, he had heavy bleeding, but we stopped that. He has several broken bones, but he should be fine in five months."

"Five months?!"Fox cried "What am I going to do until he gets better?"

"Well, you're lucky he will be better, and after only five months. Some don't recover even after a year." Dr. Harvin said

"Oh. Well, I guess I'll have to find a replacement. I'll call Bill tonight and ask him. Maybe he knows someone." Fox said

"Alright. He's still unconsious, but you can visit him soon. Not right now, though. Maybe tomorrow." Dr. Harvin told them

"Ok. At least we get to see him." Fox said

"Well, I'd better be going now. I've got lots of patients to take care of."

"Bye, Mike." Pam said

"Bye, Pam." Dr. Harvin said

"We'd better be running along, too, and collect the pay from Pepper. It was nice meeting both of you." Fox said

"It was nice meeting you, too." Carole said

"Same here." said Pam

"Ok. Bye." said Fox

"Bye." said Peppy and Fox

The Star Fox team left, headed for Corneria.

Chapter 4

"Then what?"

-Clay Walker, country singer, Earth

"Oh, what are we going to do?" Fox asked

"About what?" Falco said

"About getting a replacement for Slippy." Fox told him

"Oh. I don't know. Maybe we're better off without him." Falco said

"No, we need another member." Fox said

"Just ask Bill. He'll know what to do." Peppy said

"I was planing on that, but I wanted to see if I can think of someone first." Fox replied

When they got back to the Great Fox from Corneria, Fox went to the vid-link to call Bill.

"Hello?" said Bill, when he answered the call

"Bill! Hi!"

"Fox? Is that you?"

"Yes, it's me."

"Why are you calling?I thought you were busy with that Fortuna base."

"We took it out. And we met up with Star Wolf along the way."

"Wow. Did they give you a good fight?"

"Well, it happened like this...."

Fox told Bill everything that happened, from Slippy being injured to meeting Pam and Carole.

"Oh. Well, who are you going to get to replace Slippy?" Bill asked

"I don't know. I thought you might have a suggestion."

"Well, there is this one young cougar. He's a great pilot, Pepper says he's as good as us when we were his age."

"How old is he? And what's his name?"

"His name's Casey Damon. He's seventeen years old.He just graduated from the Academy. I think you should check him out."

"Why not? It's worth a look."

"Ok. Come on over in the afternoon. I'm off then, and I can introduce you two."

"I'll come over at five o'clock. Is that alright?"

"Yeah, sure."

"Ok, then."

"Well, I have to get to bed. I have to wake up early tomorrow to take the Huskey squadron out for some early morning target practice."

"Ok. Bye, Bill."

"Bye, Fox."

The transmition ended. Fox knew he'd better get to bed, too. He couldn't wait for tomorrow so he could meet this cougar. He went off to tell Peppy and Falco the good news.

Chapter 5

"I'm a good pilot, but I never dreamed I was good enough to join Star Fox."

-Casey Damon, Star Fox replacement pilot

The next morning, Fox woke up and noticed something strange. He realised that the silence was what's strange. There usuaully was a fight going on between Slippy and Falco over breakfast or who gets to use the bathroom first. Today there was none of that. Only silence. Fox got up and went to make breakfast.

After he made breakfast, he got dressed and got ready to do some target practice for fun. He couldn't wait for five o'clock, so he was a little eager shooting. He got in some good hits, though. After that, he went back. Fox looked at the time and saw that it was four o'clock. He got Falco and Peppy and went to Katina.

Once at Katina, he went to find Bill.

"Bill!" Fox shouted

"Fox? You're here early."Bill said

"Yeah, I couldn't wait." Fox told him

"Where's this pilot? I just want to see him and leave." Falco said.

"Ok, I'll show him to you. Come on!" Bill said, laughing

They went down a hall. This hall was where the members of the Huskey and Bulldog squadron lived. Bill knocked on a door and a cougar came out. He had short brown hair, blue eyes, was medium height, and was wearing a standered Cornerian uniform.

"Hello, Casey. Star Fox is here." Bill said

Earlier this morning, Bill had told him that Star Fox wanted to see him as a replacement for Slippy. Casey couldn't believe it. But he stayed calm, he really wanted to be on the team, even if it was only tempoary.

"Hello." Casey said

Bill made introductions. After they were done, Fox asked to see him in action.

"Ok." Casey agreed

They went to the hanger. Casey got in a ship and went off. Star Fox and Bill steped outside to get a better look. Casey went through the test with grace and aglility. Then he headed for the rings on the test course, flying though them perfectly. Then he shot some boulders, doing it wonderfully.

Nice. Fox thought. I think he's the one. We'll see. But if Bill think he's good enough, then he is. So I'll hire him, after I ask the others.

Casey landed. He walked over to the others.

"Well, what do you think?" he asked. He thought he did well, but he

wasn't sure.

Fox was consulting with Peppy and Falco and Bill. Finally, he walked over to Caesy with a big grin on his face.

"Welcome to the Star Fox team. Casey, you're now Slippy's replacement."

"Oh my God! Really?! I'm in?!"

"Yep. Come with us and we'll get you an Arwing and give you a tour of Great Fox."

Casey followed them in a happy daze. They went to the garage and showed him a new Arwing.

"Is that mine?!" Casey asked

"Yep. I though you might be the one, so I went ahead and got it." Fox told him

"I can't believe this is happening. This must be a dream. But don't wake me up, please."

Fox laughed. "This isn't a dream. Now come on, get in, and we'll show you Great Fox."

Casey got in his new Arwing and follwed them, once they were in theirs. They landed on Great Fox, where Peppy and Fox began to give him a tour. Falco just went to take a nap.

After Casey finished the tour, he setteled in his new bed. He started to unpack, but he deciede to call his girlfriend first.

Karen Gustom was a seventeen year old female cougar. She had blond hair and green eyes. Karen lived on Kitra, one of the less populated citys on Katina. Karen had met Casey one day at the grocery store when her grocery bag broke. They've been daiting for several months, and already they were deeply in love with each other. She was looking forward to hear from Casey, since he told he this afternoon that Star Fox was interested in using him as a replacement pilot.

Her vid-link rang. She ran to answer it.

"Hi, hon." She said, seeing that it was Casey "Did you the job?"

"Yes, I did! Isn't it wonderful?"

"You did?! That's great! I'm so proud of you."

"Yeah, I know! Want to go out tonight to celebrate?"

"Sure! Where?"

"I dont know. How about the Hot Spot?" he said, naming one of the more wild restarunts. He knew that she liked wild things, and loved to dance. The Hot Spot was a big wild dancing place, and he knew she'd agree.

"Yeah. I just love that restaruant."

"I'll pick you up at eight, alright?"


"Bye, love."

"Bye, honey."

The transmition ended. Karen wanted to hurry and get ready, because it was seven o' clock.

Chapter 6

"I love Casey. I want to spend the rest of my life with him. If only he'd propose to me!"

-Karen Gustom, Casey's girlfriend

Once it was eight o'clock, Karen was ready and waiting. Casey came and picked her up, and they flew off to the Hot Spot, which was on Katina. They ate and danced the night away. Soon, they were both exausted, but happy. Casey droped Karen off at her house.

Outside, they sat on her porch, looking up dreamily at the stars. Karen whispered things in his ear, while Casey dreamed about the fame he'd get from joing Star Fox, and about how happy he'd be, being married to Karen. He decieded that night to buy her a ring and ask her to marry him. Casey soon realised that he'd better get back to the Great Fox, but he didn't want this night to end.

"I have to be leaving now." Casey said with a frown

"Really? Why?"

"I might have to work tomorrow. It depends on General Pepper. If he has a job for us, then I'll have to get up early."

"Oh. Well, take care then." Karen said with a sigh

Casey got up and kissed her good night. Then, he got off in his new Arwing, which he had decided to call Karen, in honor of his soon wife-to-be, and sped off for the Great Fox.

When Casey got back, he found Fox sitting in the den, reading. He wondered why he was up this late, and asked Fox that.

"Oh, I can't sleep. I often read a book when I can't sleep."

"Oh. Fox, can I ask you something?"

"Sure, what is it?"

"Well, you know my girlfriend, Karen?"

"Yeah. Didn't you go out with her tonight to celebrate?"

"Yes, we did. I've decided to propose to her."

"Really?! That's great! But what do you want to ask me?"

"Well, how do I propose to her? Should I take her out to dinner, or to a movie, or to a hotel, or what?"

"Well, how about dinner and a movie? Then, you could rent a condo somewhere, and once you're there, you can propose to her."

"Hmm, good idea.I think I'll do that. I've decided to buy her a sapphire engagement ring, since she loves the color purple. Thanks for helping me, Fox."

"You're welcome. Pepper says that we can have the day off tomorrow, so you can buy her a ring then. And in the evening, we'll go and visit Slippy. Dr. Harvin, the doctor that's treating Slippy, called me while you were gone. He said that Slippy's concious, and we can visit him now, but we can't stay for too long, or make a lot of noise."

"Alright. Good night, Fox."

"'Night, Casey. And, congradulations on your soon to be engagement!"

"Thanks! G'd Night!"

Chapter 7

"That Casey Damon is a good pilot. Star Fox is lucky to have him with them."

-General Pepper

A week passed. Casey was doing beautifull with the Star Fox team. He helped them win a dogfight two days ago. But he still haden't asked Karen for her hand in marrage yet. Casey planed to do so tomorrow, though.

"Casey! Pepper has a job for us on MacBeth. He says that there's a huge warehouse there with jets, gun, a huge food supply, and plans for a new bio-wepon. If we take it out, we could get around two million credits! C'mon!" Fox told Casey

"Be right there!" he called. At last! he thought A chance to really show my skills. They were shown a little in that dogfight, but this place will really show them off. Excited, he put the sapphire ring that he bought back in its pouch. He was fingering it before Fox called him, dreaming of the day when he and Karen would get married. Casey hopped into Karen-the-Arwing (he called it that when he was thinking about Karen-the-cougar so he wouldn't get confused) and waited for Fox to tell them to take off.

Once they were at MacBeth, they looked around for a warehouse. Falco spotted it first, and told the others. They sped off for it, knowing without a doubt that it was heavily guarded if plans for a new bio-weapon were being built there.

"Six Invaders II are comming this way." Fox announced

"Let's get 'em!" Falco cried

They split up. In a matter of time, the invaders were destroyed, but a whole swarm was comming. Fox had five of them on his tail, but Casey was bringing down in bunches.

"Hey, can someone help me? There's now eight of 'em on my tail and- Auggghhh!" Fox cried out as his wings fell off

"Sorry, they're surrounding me!" Peppy told Fox

"Aw, man!" Falco told him "I can't get to you, either!"

"I'll take care of it!" Casey cried out

Fox was now totally surrounded by fighters. He was taking them down, but for evey one he shot down, three more came.

"Augghh! Quick! I'm going down!"

Casey shot by, taking six fighters out of the air with him. He made a U-turn, and shot down two more. Fox had shot down some, but Casey took down most of them.

"Thanks, Casey. You probably saved my life."

"Oh, no problem." he told Fox, but inside he was bursting with pride. Imagine. he thought I might've saved Fox's life! Think how proud Karen will be when she hears this.

The battle continued. Fox, now handicapped, went to the other side of the warehouse to see if he could destroy it from there. The other were engaged in battle, with about thirty Invaders to shoot down.

Suddenly, ROB-64 gave them a message.

"Base will blow up in two minutes." ROB told them

"Alright! Fox did it!" Falco cried

"Let's get out of here!" Peppy said

"I'm with you!" Casey told him

They flew off. In a minute, Fox came and told them what he did.

"Well, I went to the back. There was a nucler plant there, and I put a time bomb on it. It blew up, as you saw, taking the warehouse with it."

"Smart. Very smart." Casey told him

"Well, let's go get our pay. C'm on, team"

Star Fox flew off for Corneria once again to get their pay and to celebrate, Casey especially. He couldn't wait to tell Karen that he might have saved Fox's life.

Chapter 8

"I can't believe it. I just can't believe it. It's my wildest dream come true, almost."

-Karen Gustom

The Star Fox team did so well, General Pepper gave them a vacation. Casey though this was the perfect chance to propose to Karen. He called her last night, telling her about the battle. Karen was so proud of her boyfriend, she wanted to come over. Casey, however, was tired from the fight, so they made plans to go to a movie later tonight.

"I've got a 'gal, and she'll be mine. Oh, I want her so bad, I'll ask her this time. I hope she'll agree, to be married to me, because I love her!" Casey sang, making up the words as he went along.

"What's gotten you so excited?" Falco asked, watching Casey dance around the living room

"Tonight I'm going to ask for my girlfriend's hand in marrage."

"That's a big step. Eh, you'll do fine." Falco then got up and walked away.

Casey wasn't so sure. But he looked at the ring he was going to give Karen, and felt better. After all, Karen loved him as much as he loved her.

"Yeah, I'l do fine." he muttered and walked out to his ship.

Later, Karen and Casey were watching a movie. Casey was hardly paying attention to it, he was wondering how Karen would react when he proposed to her.

"Good movie, hun?"

"What? Oh yeah, it is." Casey told her, trying to pay attention on what was going on.

"I'm hungry. Can you get me some popcorn, Case?" the female cougar asked

"Well, I was going to tell you this later, but I've made reservations at the Gingerbread House."

"Oh, I love that dear, quaint little reasturant! But we only go there on special occasions. What's so special about tonight? Oh, wait, you're destroying that warehouse is the occasion, isn't it?"

Casey nodded. He didn't want Karen to know that he was going to propose to her, he wanted it to be a surprise.

After the movie was over, the two young cougars went to the Gingerbread House. Casey didn't tell her that he also had reservations at a hotel on Katina. They had fun there, eating pasta and drinking wine. They had chocolate cake for desert, which was Casey's favorite.

"This is been such a good night. I don't want it to end. What about you, sugar-pie?"

"It's not over yet." Casey grined mysteriously. He and Karen got in his other ship. It wasn't his Arwing, it was the two furry one that he used going on dates with Karen. They were squished when they went in his Arwing, so he got this ship. Casey flew off, headed for the White Beach Sands hotel.

"Why are we stopping here?"

"Well, I've got reservations here."

"Really?! I can't believe it. This is one of the most expensive hotels on Katina."

"Well, I got a nice sum of money destroying that warehouse. So I decided to splurge. Come on in."

They stepped out and went into the hotel. The bobcat clerk gave them the keys to their room-which was on the top floor. They went in, and Karen gasped.

"I can't believe it. This is the most expensive room in the hotel. It's like a penthouse."

"Believe it, honey. Let's go look at the stars!"

Casey spotted a balcony. He went on it, draging Karen along with him.

"Wow, pretty. Thoses stars make you feel small, don't they?"

"Yeah, they do, Case."

"Oh, look." Casey said, spotting a ladder to the roof

"Let's get up there." Karen suggested

They climbed up on to the roof, and layed there for a while, just looking at the stars. Casey got the ring ready, deciding that this was the perfect time to give it to her.

"Ah, it's so peacful here. It was very nice of you to give me all these things. A movie, dinner, and a night with you at the fanciest and most expensive hotel on Katina."

"And I still have one more thing for you."

"Really? What is it?"

Casey got out the ring, took her paw, droped down to one knee and said: "Karen, I'd be honored and lucky if you'd be my wife. Will you marry me?"

Karen was shocked. It was all she could do to sputter out "Oh, I will!". But she was overjoyed at the thought of marrying him. Casey then took the ring and slipped it on her finger. They then spet the rest of the night sleeping under the stars, happy and content.

Chapter 9

"I'll get Star Fox someday. I don't know when, but I'll get them one of these days."

-Casey Damon

A week later, Pepper called the Star Fox team into his office. There, he told them the details of their latest mission. Casey was busy daydreaming about his wedding, and he didn't hear Pepper.

"Casey? Casey! CASEY!" Falco yelled

"Hun? What?"

"It's time to go off." Fox told him

"To do what?"

"Didn't you hear Pepper?"


"Well, we've got this disk to bring to a base on Katina. It has plans for a bomb. This is no ordinary bomb, it has two-thirds of the power of a Super Nova." Fox told him as the were walking down to the hanger

"Wow." Casey couldn't imagine such power "Are we going to blow up Venom or something like that with it?"

"No, it was orginally designed to destroy bases. But they made it too powerful, and that's why they're sending it to one of the labs on Katina. They scientist there will try and make it less powerful, and render it to destroy bases."

"Oh, I see."

"Pepper also wants us to test a new missle on. It's loading on Great Fox right now." Peppy added

"Let's just get going!" Falco cried impatiently

"Where are we going to test it?And why?" Casey asked

"We're going to test it on the desolate part of Katina. You know, the huge patch of land where there's no houses, set there for testing new weapons only. Usuaully Pepper tests them on Venom bases, but this time he was afraid of a malufunction." Fox replied


"Yeah. The prototypes of this missle kept going off course, hitting the wrong targets."

"Oh. That's terrible."

"Yeah. That's why we're testing it before we use it on any base."

"What about the disk? Can I see it?"

"Sure." Fox handed it to Casey.

They had reached the hanger.Casey was looking at the disk.It didn't look different from any other disk, but he knew there was something very different inside.

"Interesting." he said, starting to hand the disk back to Fox

"Ah, you can hold the disk. Just keep it safe."

"Oh, I will, I promise!"

"Good. Let's get going."

"I'm already ready." Falco said from inside his Arwing. Peppy was waiting in his Arwing, too.While Fox and Casey were talking, they walked ahead and beat them there.

"Well, let's go, then."

Casey and Fox hopped in their arwings. Star Fox sped off from Corneria, headed for Katina. It crossed Casey's mind that Kitra was near the testing zone, so he might get to see Karen after. He also wondered if Karen would be in any danger, but decided she was fine.

"Approaching testing ground. ROB, are you ready?"Fox called out

"Ready with the missle, sir." ROB-64 replied in his robot voice

"Ok, then. Team, get back. After this, we'll deliver the disk."

"Missle ready to launch." ROB told them

"Let's just get this show on the road!" Falco cried impatiently

"Oh, Falco, we'll be done soon enough." said Peppy

"Ok, ROB, launch it!" Fox ordered

ROB launched the missle. Just before he did, Casey saw that Kitra just bordered the testing zone, and that he could see it from here. He prayed that the missle wouldn't go off course, and blow debrie on Kitra, or even hit it.

The missle launched. It was headed for a small, rocky mountain. Casey breathed a sigh of relief. All was going well.

Suddenly, the missle veered aound in a half circle! It was headed for their Arwings! Peppy, Fox, Casey, and Falco scrambled out of there. Great Fox was hovering above Katina, and Falco headed for it.

Casey was numb. He knew it was going off course, which was scary. If I just stay out of its way, it won't bother anyone. Casey thought. But once again the missle went off course, this time bound straight for Kitra.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!! Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!" Casey yelled wildly, almost savage

Why aren't Fox and Peppy doing anything? Casey wondered as he boosted towards the missle. They had to destroy it, or change its' course. They had to do anything to stop it from hitting Kitra.

"No! You'll only get yourself killed!" Peppy yelled

"Coem back!" Fox added

But Casey went determinedly on, barely hearing their cries. He reached the missle and started shooting. One thing kept running through his mind, and that was that he had to destroy the missle.

But it was too late. Casey had just enough sense to pull up, though he kept shooting at it, even when it was exploding.

"Karen!!!!!!!!!!!!!" he yelled, in an hysterical voice, one that Peppy and Fox would never forget.

He landed. Kitra was very small, and the missle exploded in Karen's neighborhood. He hoped that she was alright, but Casey knew there was very little hope for that.

Casey ran as fast as he could to Karen's house. It was a pile of rubble by now, but he dove in, searching for Karen.

"Karen?" he asked as a small figure groaned

"Casey?" replied a weak voice

"Oh, Karen!" he said, rushing to her side

"Casey! Oh, what happened?"

"A missle exploded. But you're going to be alright my dear." Casey replied, taking Karen in his arms

"No, my time here is over. Let me just have one more kiss, sweety." Karen said in barley more than a whisper

"Karen, don't talk like that. You'll be fine." he said, still cradeling Karen in his arms

Karen reached up with all the strenght left to kiss Casey.

"Goodbye, my one and only true love......"

"Karen!!!!" he shouted "Please, noooo!!! Oh, God, no!!!!!!"

But Karen was dead. She layed their limp in his arms. Casey looked up and saw Star Fox landed on Great Fox. Revenge was burning deep in his heart. If they had helped him, the missle might've been stopped, and Karen would still be alive. Casey thought, getting more and more angry by the second. But no! I saved Fox's life, but he didn't care enough to save the life of someone who matters more to me than my own life.

"I'll get them someday." he muttered under his breath "And when that day comes, may God have mearcy on their souls."

Then, he shouted into the air, "I'll get you! You killed her! I vow on the death of Karen that I'll get you someday!" And with that he took off, planing to spend the night somewhere on Katina.

To be continued..........

*Author's Note*

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