Part 2-2 The Cinema,
That’ll be 20 bucks said the husy Taxi Cab driver to Bill,
With this Bill hands over 20 Cornerian Credits,
“ So what we gonna go see ?” asked Poka
“How about Thurday the 12th part 9 ??” Commented Jenes.
“ No way Jenes !!” said Swift , “Thats way to Scary !!”
“ Dont be such a Chicken Swift !” Joked Fox.
“ I liked part 8 when He cut that Wolf’s head of with the scissors” said Falco.
“ Ok then Its aggreed we’ll go in and See Thursday the 12th” ended Bill.
“ There was Blood pouring out of his nose and his mouth and hi....
“ Give it a Break Falco your making Me feel Sick !!” chocked Poka.
(So the Gang went into the Complex bought Tickets and made there way to the Snacks)
“ 5 Credits for a Zoke a Zola !!” Shouted out Swift in disbelief !! “Ill have 6 !!”
(After the Gang were packed up with as much Popcorn and Zoka Zolas as they could carry they made there way to the back seats of the cinema)
“ WOW !!” said Fox
“ What is it Fox ??” asked  Bill and Jenes.
“ 2nd Row in 5th seat down to the left !!” blurted out Fox Like a computer
“ You aint got No chance with her Fox” quickly Interupted Falco
“ Why not Falco ??” questioned Fox.
“ Thats Fara Phoenix She’s the Vixen  in everyones dreams Fox !!”
“ She’s not in Mine” added Poka
(All the others Look at Poka and the Penguin hides head low..)
“ Im going to ask if I can sit next to her” said Fox excitedly.
“ Good Luck !” said Jenes and Swift , “ You’ll need it !” added Falco.
( Fox Slyly walks down to the 2nd row and edges along and sits down in seat 6)
“ Hi my names Fox im new here do you mind if I sit here ?”
“ Not at All” giggled Fara
( Fox and Fara talked quietly together all the way through the film to the others
  amazement )
“ How come Fox Pulls her in 1 night when i’ve been trying nearly 6 months questioned
   Falco ??”
“ Fox’s get all the Luck” added Bill”
“ If I could re-arrange the alphabet I would put U and I together Fara” said Fox
“ That would be ..... Nice” said Fara.
( Fox and Faras eyes meet and both hug each other and passionatly kiss)
“ WEY HEY !!” the whole of the back row shout,
“ Hey whose that Hunk over there asks Poka” looking to her right,
“ Thats er.. Sloppy er.... Slappy ????” Jenes tried to answer but failed,
“ Thats Slippy Toad” said Bill,
“ He’s the one that passed his Mechanics exam 3 years ahead of everyone else”
“ Im gonna go talk to him” concluded Poka already half way there.
“ AHH YES did you see that Swift ?? ,He cut his feet of with the scapel” said Falco
( But Looking around he realises everyone else is chattin up someone apart from him)
( Falco goes in a humph) Coming soon 3-1 (Part 5) The Date,