The Coming of Star Fox

Note from the author: This is narated from Vixxi in some parts. Some of it is in her view.
"It was the summer of 1992. I was twelve then, living on Corneria with my mom, dad, and brother, Wolf O'Donnell. This summer would change my life. Forever."
An alarm buzzed in Vixxi O'Donnell's ears. She groaned and slammed her fist on her alarm clock. The buzzing stopped almost immeaditly.
The young fox yawned and began dressing. The phone in her room rang, but she was to busy to answer it. Everyday it took her so long to figure out what to wear. Vixxi decided on a pair of old jean shorts and an emerald green shirt that matched her eyes.
Vixxi hopped down the stairs to the kitchen. Her mother and brother were sitting at the table, eating fresh scrambled eggs.
Vixxi looked away as she saw her mother nursing a swollen black eye. Her mother, named Gwen, lied about the occasianal bruise or cut she had. Vixxi and Wolf both knew the truth. Vixxi's father hit her. He was so much worse than Wolf's old dad, who had disappeared one day when Wolf and Gwen lived on Katina.
Vixxi smiled at her mom. "Ma, I'm going out with some friends today, alright?" Gwen nodded. "That's a great idea, honey." she said, "Wolf, what are you going to do?" Wolf shrugged and walked away to his room.
Vixxi stepped out into the warm breeze. Today will be a good day, she thought.
She was so busy day dreaming that she didn't notice the yellowish light brown bulldog run up to her. It was her good friend, Kayla Simmia who lived down the street. "I called you this morning." she said, frustrated, "Why didn't you answer?"
"Busy." Vixxi replied, looking the other way. A brown husky on a bike was coming down the road.
"Hey, here comes Daphne." Kayla said. Daphne Dogg was another one of Vixxi's best friends. She was the girliest and youngest of the trio, which was Vixxi, Kayla, and Daphne. A regular site to the neighbor hood.
"Hey gals!" Daphne cried as she pulled her bike into Vixxi's yard. "Your late." Kayla said, kicking up the kick stand from her own bike. "By two minutes!" complained the husky. "Hey, stop it you to!" Vixxi said, "Let's go to the park today. Their havin' a parade down there." Everyone agreed, so they rode off down the street to the park.
Meanwhile, three other child hood friends had already made it to the park. Well, two anyway, one, a chubby toad was far from the others. He pedaled as fast as he could, but by now, he was out of breath.
A yellowish gray bulldog laughed as the wind flipped his ears back. "Bat Dog!" yelled a fox, wizzing by him. They both stopped near a bench and sat down, waiting for the toad.
"Slippy!" cried the bulldog, "Why do ya have to take so long?!"
"Sorry." Slippy mumbled, out of breath. He sat down on the bench next to his friends.
Kayla, Vixxi, and Daphne pulled their bikes up to a bench next to Bill, Fox, and Slippy. Daphne sat down on the bench and began drinking from a water bottle.
"Hey, wanna play basketball?" Vixxi asked her friends, "I brought one." She bounced it on the pavement a few times, and looked at Kayla. "Sure." Kayla replied.
Vixxi and Kayla stepped onto an old besketball court. Daphne declined to play, she read a book she had brought instead.
Fox, Bill, and Slippy sat around eating a lunch Bill's mom had packed for them.
"Whoa, Slip. Don't you chew?" Bill joked as Slippy stuffed his fourth sandwich in his mouth.
Fox looked over at Vixxi and Kayla playing basketball. Trying to be funny, and trying to be cool in front of his friends, he yelled "Girls can't play basketball!"
Slippy looked up at him, suprised.
"What did you say?" Vixxi asked angrily. She dropped the ball.
"You heard me. I said girls can't play basketball." Fox said, with a smug grin.
"Fight!" Bill joked, but there really was a fight.
Daphne saw Vixxi storm off the court. "Hey, Vixxi!" she said, "Remember you're a lady!"
Vixxi ignored her. She stepped up to Fox and kneed him in the groin. Fox unexpected the blow. He stumbled back. After he recovered, he swung at Vixxi, but she ducked. She punched him, and gave him a bloody lip. Fox fell on the ground. Kayla and Daphne pulled Vixxi away from Fox.
Fox stood up and said "To bad your mom is too afraid of your dad! Some one needs to teach you how to act like a girl!"
This time, instead of Vixxi, Kayla jumped in. She kicked Fox until he started crying. Bill and Slippy dragged Fox home.
Vixxi gave Fox a smirk before she left.
"I think Fox diserved what I did to him. Every one in the neighbor hood knew my dad beat my mom, but no one ever said anything. Fox was bold enough, but also, stupid enough."
Vixxi stood at the end of her driveway. It was now the end of summer, and her dad wanted to move to another city. She'd have to leave her friends. Kayla and Daphne said good bye, and left. Vixxi still didn't know why she had to leave, but it hurt her, her father knew that, and he was quite happy.
It was now 1994. Vixxi was 14, so were her friends. Her brother had run away, so Vixxi signed up for the Cornerian Air Force Academy. She couldn't stay in her house listening to the argueing, beating, and fighting.
Vixxi stood at attention in line with many other soon-to-be-pilots. A general walked down the line, checking out every one. "Okay," he finally said, "You can get your luggage now. Your dismissed, pilots!"
Vixxi walked over and picked up her only piece of luggage. She looked at the card the general had given her ealier. She had Cabin number 5.
Vixxi walked into the cold room. She was the first there. She picked a top bunk of one of the three bed bunks. There was a small shelf where she put a few of her things. She was putting away her clothes in a drawer when she heard, "Howdy, fox!"
A white mouse walked in. She was short, and had a tuft of blonde hair.
"Hi I'm B.B. Blackheart." she said as she held out her paw. "I'm Vixxi O'Donnell." Vixxi said shaking paws with the mouse.
B.B. started putting her clothes away in a different drawer.
A skunk stepped in shyly. "Hi," she said in small voice, " I'm Roberta Alum."
Every one introduced themselves as a white tigeress walked in. Her name was Sable Dantley.
A coyote named Leslie Manadell came in. Vixxi couldn't help but wonder who would be the sixth.
To Vixxi's suprise, Kayla walked in. Kayla smiled and laughed as she looked at Vixxi.
"Who da thunk it?" she said. Vixxi asked her about everything she did over the two years she hadn't seen her friend.
Kayla slept on the bottom bunk Vixxi had chosen.
Kayla and Vixxi parted. Kayla had a free period, but Vixxi had a class.
Vixxi stepped into the classroom 104. She sat in the back. A loud red fox came in, laughing about something with his friend, a bulldog.
The fox sat next to her, an his friend sat in front of him.
Funny, Vixxi thought, they seem familar.
The fox flashed a few glances at her, flirt, thought Vixxi.
The bell rang and Vixxi got up. She had a free period now. She decided to roam around the grounds.
Vixxi stepped around another corner, the building was boring. There was nothing but metal walkways and locked doors. She finally ended up at cabin 5 again. But, by this time, Kayla was gone.
Vixxi looked at the clock. It was 1:01 P.M. Oh, crap! Vixxi thought. She was four minutes late for her next class.
Vixxi ran down the hall, but she knew she wouldn't make it in time. She rushed into classroom 117.
"Your late, O'Donnell!" the general teaching the class said. "Sorry." Vixxi mumbled as she sat down.
Later, at lunch, Fox began thinking about the female fox he had seen earlier that day. He had seen her some where else before, but where?
Then, Fox saw her again. She was sitting across the room, alone. She looked like she was waiting for some one.
Fox's heart leaped. It seemed the sunlight was hitting her just right. Everything was right. Was he falling for her?
Vixxi sat at her table, waiting for Kayla. A few others from Cabin 5 said they'd join them for lunch.
Vixxi smiled as B.B. and Leslie came to the table. Kayla came too.
"Hey, look who I found!" Kayla said excitedly. Vixxi looked anxoisly at Kayla. "Who?"
"Hi Vixxi!" Daphne cried, stepping up to her.
"Oh, hi Daphne!" Vixxi said. She was very suprised, but happy.
Vixxi and Daphne began talking about what had happened the two years they didn't see each other.
The rest of the day went great.
It was about two weeks later. Every one had four days off from the academy. Fox was coming home. His dad was waiting at the academy for him.
At home, Fox began thinking about the female fox he had seen before. He stepped up to his dad, James McCloud.
"Hey, uh dad?" Fox said.
James was looking over a newspaper. "What is it, Fox?" James asked his son, not looking away from the newspaper.
Fox was very embarassed. "Uh, dad, there's like this girl at school, and I uh....." Fox trailed off.
James put down his paper and stared at his son. He sighed a patted his knee. "Come here, son." he said. Fox obeyed.
"See, there's two kinds of people in the world, female people and male people."
Fox was stunned. He almost snickered. Was his dad giving him the talk about something he knew already?
"Dad!" Fox cried.
"I already know about this!"
"Since when?" said James, suprised by his son.
"Uuuuuhh......" Fox looked down and didn't say anything.
James laughed and ruffeled up his son's fur. "C'mon, Fox" he said, "Let's go to the ice cream parlor and you can ask me anything you want to know about."
Fox spent a wonderful four days with his dad, but he was anxious to get back to the academy. He wanted to see the fox again.
Vixxi had stayed at the academy the four days. She had no where to go, anyway. She stayed there with Sable.
They stopped at a near by store and got some marshmallows. At the academy, they built a small fire in a coffee can and roasted the marshmallows and made smores.
They played a childish game of Truth-or-Dare.
It was now the day classes startes again. Fox was failing Electrons, but he had other things on his mind.
He didn't hear anything his instructer said. "Did you hear me, Mr. McCloud?" the instructor said. "Oh, uh." said Fox, coming out of his daydream, "Sorry, Ms. Warner."
Fox grumbled as walked into Cabin 16. Fox looked up at the sign on the door one the membes of Cabin 16 had posted up one the first day for fun. It read, Come inside and meet the misfits of Cabin 16. Fox ignored the sign and walked in.
He jumped up to his top bunk.
"Hey, Fox!" called a jaguar.
"Hey, Jake." Fox said, sounding far away. He had been dreaming of the vixen all day long. He still remembered her, sitting at the table, all alone...
The word broke his thoughts. "What?!" Fox yelled, anoyed.
"Wanna go key Miller's car?" Jake asked, with a gleam in his eyes.
Miller was the worst general. He tought Enginering, and gave almost everyone a detention. No one liked him, he didn't like anyone either.
Normally, Fox would say yes, but he had better things on his mind.
"No." he answered, simpley. Jake looked away. He was dissapointed.
Fox took a walk on the grounds, not caring he had a class now. He thought of her again, it seemed that's all he could think about now. He sighed. She was so beautiful! "Hey!" he heard.
He was so involved in his thoughts, he wasn't watching where he was going and ran into a fox. It was a female. It was her.
"Hey!" Fox cried out, holding her back from running away. She looked at him. He looked at her.
"Hey, who are you?" she finally said.
"Uh, Fox McCloud, ma'am."
"That's where I know you from!" said yelled. She finally remembered. She knew him from the one day at the park. Before thinking, she punched Fox in the head. Fox's vision turned blury, then he blacked out.
"I've been waiting for the day when I could meet that smart-mouthed fox again. I wanted to beat him silly. Things have changed, though. I don't hate him now, but I am attracted to him. This I cannot figure out, but I do, from just a glance."
Fox sat up. He found himself on a bed, with a vixen leaning over him. He yelled out in suprise, and cowered against the wall. A mouse laughed.
Fox saw that he was in one of the girls' dorms.
"Chill!" the female fox said, trying to calm down Fox, "I'm not going to kill you."
"I remember you, now." Fox said. He remembered the day at the park.
"You, know I was just showing off in front of my friends. I didn't mean anything."
"It's okay." Vixxi said. "And, by the way, it's Vixxi."
"I'm Fox."
"I know."
Fox seemed to be drawn to her. He reached toward her. As if by magic, she reached toward him too. They kissed.
B.B. giggled some more.
"I really do love Fox now. Maybe that love was always there, I just never knew it."
It was about four months since Vixxi and Fox had first kissed. B.B. turned out to be a blabber-mouth and within three weeks, everyone knew about it.
Vixxi was not ashamed about it. Fox, on the other hand was bit embarassed about what the others said.
It was two years later, Vixxi and Fox and all their friends were 16. Fox was a bit dissapointed the his dad had to go on a new mission that he had promised Fox he could go on. Fox sat on Vixxi's bed, and sighed.
"Cheer up, Fox." said Vixxi, trying to sound as enthusiastic as she could. Fox sighed again and looked away.
The intercom turned on, and Fox's ears perked up. "Fox McCloud," Pepper said over the intercom( General Pepper ran the Academy.), "Fox, come to my office immeadeatly."
"I'll be waiting for you, Fox." Vixxi said as Fox stepped out of her cabin and into the hallway.
Fox stepped into Pepper's office. Pepper had a happy look on his face. It was supposed to be happy. Pepper was going to tell Fox that he was one of the best pilots and that he would probably finish first in his class. But Peppy interupted them.
He stumbled into the office, bruised and battered up. It suprised both Fox and Pepper.
Fox helped Peppy to a chair when he noticed the the hare had something in his paws. Peppy was about to tell Fox something, but couldn't say it. When he handed Fox his dad's dented in and charred comlink, nothing had to be said.
Fox had never really cried in his life, but at that moment, tears began streaming down his face. He new he'd never go on that mission with his dad he wanted to so badly. James McCloud was gone.