Part 1-2 The fight          &nbs p;         Written By Foxuk

(The next day)
All of Cabin 5 circled around the back of the sleeping quarters.
It was here that Bill Grey aged 14 and Jenes Hugyes 15 were to fight.
All the rest of Cabin 5 were cirlced around the pair.
“ Go get him Bill !!!” shouted Fox aged 14
“ Cut him up Grey” said Juiano swift .
“ OK THEN GREY PUT UP YOUR DUKES !” commanded Jenes
Jenes lunges for Bill but bill’s to quick and avoids the blow.
Jenes tries again but Bills to quick for him, Bill legsweeps Jenes and he falls on his face.
“ YEAHH !!!!!” cabin 5 scream.
“ KILL HIM BILL !!!” replies Poka.
Bill silences the crowd and walks over to where Jenes lies on the floor Mouth bleeding.
“ Are you ok Dude ??” asks Bill.
“ Here let me help” an tries to help Jenes get up.
<SMACK !!!!!> Jenes kicks Bill in the stomach then punches him one it the face.
Bill unconcious and bleeding falls to the floor.
“ JEEEZZZ” cabin 5 shout as they circle round Bill on the floor.
“ He’s knocked out stone cold”says Juiano.
cabin 5 then watch as Fox rises from the crowd around Bill and walks slowly over to where Jenes is standing.
“ That was a real bad thing to do Jenes” said Fox.
“ Stupid rabbit Hurt my jaw” serves him right” replied Jenes.
“ No one messes with my friends Jenes , he tried to help and you hurt him bad.
“ And what are you going to do about it Fox ??” said Jenes slyly.
“ You might have tricked Bill but you wont trick me”
With this Fox circle kicks Jenes in the back of the head then follows with at least 4 jabs to the stomach.
“ WOW” said Poka “Jenes cant get a hit in Fox is so fast !!”
“ Jeeez Fox im gonna ... AHHH  !!!” said Jenes in a lot of pain.
But still Fox wouldnt stop More punches and kicks followed until Jenes was no more than a reck on the floor.
“ No one messes with My friends Jenes you understand??”
“ ye..ya...yes fox” panted Jenes.
“ Everyone I want this to be a new beggining , Jenes has never doneanything  wrong  you have  and treat him like a friend ,
 I think he’s  learnt his lesson now isnt that right Jenes ??”.
“ wha... whaatever you say Fox” Pleaded Jenes.
With this all of Cabin 5 walk to the sleeping quaters./
“Fox walks to his new bed and places all the things he loves the most neatly into there places”.
Bill on the other hand is allready half undressed when he notices Jenes walkin towards him.
“ HEY I dont want no trouble Jenes” said Bill.
“ Relax Bill I just wanted to give you these back” and with this Jenes hands over some items.
“ My shades !!!” shouts Bill in Joy.
“ Yeah im sorry I took them” aploigises Jenes .
“ Thats ok and I see you borrowed my Playwolf magazine”
“ Is page 7 a stunner or what Bill !!” jokes Jenes.
 (Fox walks over)
“ Its good to see you 2 getttin on” comments Fox.
“ Ive been stupid fighting Fox were here as a team !!” says Jenes.
“ And a Team we will be” jokes Fox.
Cheers erupt from the sleeping quarters !!.
“ GODSAKE SHUT UP SAID Captain wills I can hardly hear Miss Farl....  MYSELF think !!!” says Captain wills
   as he walks into the sleeeping quarters.
“ FOX McCLOUD I have a message from your father that he is going on a mission in 2 weeks,
   so will not be able to visit you on visiting day”.
“ Ok sir” said Fox dissapointed.
With this Captain Wills leaves the room
“ IT must be great having a father who’s known all over the Lylat system as a international hero!!” comments Poka.
“ I wish my father was famous said Juiano Swift”.
“ Yeah Im proud of my father , I remember the old times when I used to sit with him watching the airshows.
 Gee seems so long ago”. said Fox.
“ LIGHTS OUT” shouted Wills from His own Cabin.
As Cabin 5 listened in the Darkness they could hear a bed making a squeaking noise,
“ Bill that aint you is it !!” joked Jenes.
“ errr Pardon Jenes ??” as Bill woke up.
“ Nothing Bill said Jenes cya tommorow good night”.
Cabin 5 fall asleep thinking about the events the past 2 days have bought.
Fox curls his tail up under the covers then falls to sleep.           & nbsp;           &n bsp;           &nb sp;      COMING SOON PART 2-1 !!