The main charecters in this story is Robert and Ken Adam  these two are twins and they are both half human and half fox. This story is Ten chapters long, Enjoy.

Star Fox: The Time Travelers

By, Tga


It was a big down fall for Andross' Empire since he was defeted

and killed by Two people, Fox McCloud and Robert Adam, they both made an
excelent team, but soon enough Robert left the Lylat System to Mobius to
find his brother, Ken, and Fox thought he would never see Robert again,
but he was wrong. Because right now in the middle of the Lylat two
fighter jets called, Turbo Warps, just now enter the system's universe
through a Warp field and now the Adventure begins.

Chapter 1: The Return

"Yo, Ken, how's the new jet for ya?" Robert asked, "It's fine
better than what happend to my jet in the first place" "You better make
sure to keep your skills in place" "Why?" "Because you don't know what
can happen next. Mabey you might run out of fuel or get under attack
or.." Robert was enterrupted by a hit from one of the astorides in the
feild near Corneria, "or like that" Robert said in uneaziness, "well
another thing is to pay attention on what's going on" Ken said, "Ha ha,
very funny" "Who was your friend again?" "His name is Fox McCloud. I'm
telling ya, he is an excelent pilot, just like us, but he is not half
human you should know" "I understand now" as the ships exit out of the
Astorides and entering Corneria, in the middle of the bright day of
Cornerian Military Base, General Pepper, Fox McCloud, and Natlarn Borela,
are in the middle of a meeting, "now Fox, this is Natlarn Borela, and I'm
sure Natlarn know about you. So lets get on with buisness shall we. Now
we should come to a decision on who's team is better. Now since that Fox
has five and you have four Natlarn. I'm declaring a race to see who is
the best team we have, and Natlarn you will have Bill Grey as part of your
team for this competition. There will be five events for this race, and
will you two agree for this?" "Deal, Sir" Fox said, "It will be my
pleasure" Natlarn said, "alright the race will start tomarrow at 080
hours" "sir" someone said, "yes private, what is it?" Pepper asked, "we
have some visitors her. One of them claims to be Robert Adam" "Now where
have I heard that name before?" Fox asked himself, "You mean the famous
Robert Adam?" Natlarn asked, "it would be a yes, Nat" someone said,
"greetings General, nice to see you again" Robert said while shaking hand
with Pepper, "indeed, you do remeber Fox right?" "yes I have, nice to see
you also Fox" "thanks" "so this must be Natlarn Borela, Leader of the
Justice Cadets" "uh right. How did you know?" "I didn't he did" pointing
at someone else who looked like Robert, "everyone this is, Ken my
twin brother, and he is an excelent hacker for any computer even something
new." "when did he start being a hacker?" Fox asked, "nine years old while
on Mobius" Ken said, "now I see" "so what do you two have in plan?" Pepper
asked, "staying here on Corneria, what else?" Robert said, "you plan to
stay here?" Fox asked, "yes, why wouldn't it be without living on our
father's home planet?" "you got me there" "I'll explain later, right now I
got to find a place to live for now until Ken and I find a home" "you guys
can stay at my place if you want?" Fox asked, "okay, how's that sound,
Ken" "fine with me" "consider it done, Fox" "alright" "thanks Fox" and
both of the twins left the room.

Chapter 2: The Big Day

It was a fine time at the base because both teams, Star Fox and
Justice Cadets are ready for the events of the race. First they have to
do a Dog Fight to see who team mates are still standing, second they have
to do stunt moves to earn point to see who gets the highest score, third
they have to do target practice to see if they can hit the most amount of
ships they can destroy, fourth they would be in a battle with three
enemy squads to see if they can have any team member alive, finally a
race from Corneria to Katina to see who's the fastest out of both teams,
one with the most amount of events wins, "attention every one the race is
about to begin" Pepper said, "this is it guys lets show them who's the
best" Peppy said, "right" Fara said, "okay, lets give it to them" Natlarn
said, "right" Jo'hara said, there were crowds chering for either team, all
except for two who chered for both teams, "alright they're here" Robert
said, "teams to your Arwings" Pepper said, all team members getting in to
their Arwings and ready for the battle of the century, and all Arwings up
in the air and ready for the first race, "ready? fight!" came a loud
voice from Pepper and people chering the teams on, "all teams attack
formation" Fox said, and the fight began all ten team members went in all
range mode and began attacking. Half-Hour later six people out of the
match four remaining, and they were Fox, Falco, Natlarn, and Jo'hara, they
began tailing one right after another Jo'hara on Falco's tail and Fox on
Natlarn. Fithteen minuets later the fight ended with one person left and
the victory came to Falco Lombardi of Star Fox for the win of the first

Chapter 3: Battle Contiues

It was five hours long with the other events of the race tied with
two round for both teams and last came the big race with only six team
members Fox, Falco, and Peppy of Star Fox and Natlarn, Jo'hara, and Bill
of the Justice Cadets enter the final race and there were two head
officials for the final event and they were Robert and Ken, "every one the
final event is about to begin" Pepper said, "all six this is the last
event for the tie breaker and good luck to all of you" "ready Ken?" Robert
asked, "ready as I'll ever be" Ken said with excitement, "lets go" "Ready,
set, Go!" Pepper yelled and all six Arwings left Corneria for Katina and
it was a close race Natlarn vs. Fox, Peppy vs. Bill, and Falco vs.
Jo'hara, "there they are, Ken" Robert said. Both Robert and Ken reached
Katina before the others did, and it came to be Star Fox at the Finish
line first and victory for them. Three hours later on Great Fox the Star
Fox team are celebrating the victory of the competition they were also
joined by Natlarn and Jo'hara on Great Fox, but as thier victory starts a
laser hit struck Great Fox and shaked it a bit causing a minor damage,
"what happend?" Peppy yelled, "I don't know?" Falco said while rubbing his
head from hitting the table, "lets find out" Fox said getting up from
being knocked down, "Robert, I think you should see this" Ken said while
typing on his computer, "what is it? Oh my Gosh! Ken the C.O.T. is back"
"we better tell Kelly about this" "you do that Ken. I'm going to Great
Fox to help the others" "Right" and Robert rode off in his fighter jet,
"Computer, increase impulse power to full, charge all weapons, and move it
fast!" "understood" "just hope I can make it" it was too late Great Fox
was shut down on all power except for Lifesuport and Docking Bays, and
Robert enter the powerless ship. "What how can that be?" Kelly asked.
Kelly is Robert's Trainer in the Academy at Earth, "I don't know who or
what is working with the C.O.T.?" Ken said "I'll try to send the new
iventions that Chris made, okay?" "alright and hurry" "right" and the
screen went blank and Ken shut off his computer and went to his fighter to
catch up with Robert.

Chapter 4: Obduction in Lylat

Great Fox was all dark and a mess from whatever attacked the ship.
Robert continues to find anyone on the ship, until he heard a moan comming
from underneath a table, it was Natlarn, "Nat, are you okay?" Robert said,
"I think so. Its just that..." Natlarn was interrupted by a gasp of pain
in his leg, "Nat, your leg. They're broken" Robert heard a small cry
for help in the room and he saw Jo'hara locked in the closet, "Jo, you're
okay?" "I'm fine, but I can't get out" Jo'hara said, "make sure you don't
get in the way off the door, because I'm going to slash it open" and
Robert pulled out from his belt a Beam Saber and it lit up a bright Green
and he hit the door making a hole in the middle off the door for Jo'hara
to get out, "thanks. Oh my Gosh, Nat" Jo'hara ran to Natlarn and knelt
down to see his leg. It was bleeding all over his leg and a bone struck
out, they all heard another moan from across the hall and it was Peppy
traped under a piece of wreckage, "Peppy, hang on we'll get you out.
Jo'hara I need some help here" Robert said, "I'll help you" someone said,
"who is it?" Robert asked, "it wouldn't be a surprise to see you again"
"Jason, is that you?" "yes it is" "long time no see" "here I'll hold up
the wreckage while you pull him out" and Jason's strengh held up the
wreckage and Robert pulled Peppy out of there and Jason dropped the wreck
with a loud crash, "Robert, I can't see a thing" Peppy said, "its because
you have your eyes closed" "oh man, my arm hurts" Peppy said, "your arm is
broken as well" "Robert, I found someone eles" Ken said while he carried
someone in his arms, it was Fara, "she is knocked out, Bro and we need to
get her back to Corneria" "also two others, Ken" Jason said, "lets try to
get this ship working again" Peppy said, "is everone okay?" someone else
said, "Slippy, where's Fox and Falco?" Robert asked, "Falco is traped in
Enginering, and Fox is Kidnapped" "I bet the C.O.T. had something to do
with this" Jason said, "Jason, Slippy, lets get Falco, and Ken stay here
with the rest" "right" and the three left the others.

Chapter 5: Friend in need

Back at Corneria everyone on Great Fox are at the base and
Natlarn, Peppy, Fara, and Falco are being treated for their injuries and
the rest are now searching for Fox, "anything yet Ken?" Robert said,
"almost I have to get into the mainframe of the C.O.T. and find out who is
behind this" "Jason how's everything back at the Academy?" "It's fine, but
we can't seem to find Kevin" "where do you think he might be?" "he might
be at the other locations that you traveled to" "guys I found something"
Ken said, "what is it?" Robert asked, "I found out where Fox is and who's
behind it" "where and who?" "on Venom, and it is someone by the name of
Wolf O' Donnel who served for Andross and is part of the C.O.T." "great
Ken, and do you think you can find where Kevin is?" Jason said, "sure
thing" "I better report this to Pepper, see ya guys" Robert said, "see ya"
Ken said, "oh boy" "what Ken?" Jason asked, "Kevin is on Venom as well"
"we better get the equipment back at Earth" "right" and both of them left
the room to their fighters and left Corneria.

Chapter 6: Help is on the way

One day later Robert, Jo'hara, Bill, and Jason are on their way to
Venom while Ken keeps them updated on anything happening, and something
did. Fox was going to be sent to another dimension of time. So Robert
went at a faster speed than the others and arrived at Venom less than ten
secons, and he enter the old base on Venom and he reached the place where
Fox and Wolf was, "hold it right there" Robert said, "oh I don't think so"
Wolf said as he pointed to two robot guards standing right behind Robert,
"now you're surronded and there's nothing you can do to stop me" "mabey
not, but I still have a trick up my sleeve" "oh and what's that?" "this"
and Robert's arms lit up in flames and he made an upper cut move and the
robot guards fell to pieces, "you're next, Wolf" "oh I don't think so
because I still have one last trick" and a force field appeared
surrounding Robert and also Fox, "ta ta you two" and both Robert and Fox
dissapeared, "I did it, I got rid of the kid" "you're wrong, Wolf" someone
said, "what the?" "take this" and Wolf was hit on the arm by a laser
swing, and it was Ken who made the swing, "ha that didn't hurt" Wolf said
as he saw his arm undameged, "oh look at you're legs, stupid" "huh?" and
Wolf saw both of his legs disappearing, "what have you done to me?" "I
just hit you with a Warp Saber, and now you should be going to where the
rest of your friends are, even Andross" Ken said while the saber was
turned off, "you mean I'm dead?" "no, you're going to another dimension.
So long, Wolf" "ahhhhh!" Wolf yelled as he disappeared, "Kevin its okay
now" "thanks Ken" Kevin said as he enter the room, "now we need to get
Robert and Fox out of that dimension, and lucky I can go Time Traveling"
Kevin said, "right, you're the expert in that" and Kevin started typing
away at the computer system to see if they could find Fox or Robert.

Chapter 7: Time is ticking away

Fox awoke to find himself on a beach of somesort and he found
Robert lying on the ground with a cut arm and leg, "Rob" Fox yelled and
ran twords the injured fox, "Robert are you okay?" "I don't think so"
Robert said in a low tone, "we got to get you patched up" Fox said as he
was trying to pick Robert up, "wait Fox, I have a better idea. In my
pocket is a electro shocker. It will heal me in a flash, but it will
change my DNA" "okay I'll try it" and Fox took out a little hand device
and put it near Robert's shoulder and press the button on it and
electricity started to come out of it and surround Robert and his arm and
leg was healed and he changed, "that's better" Robert said as he was
getting up, "look at you. You're.. you're" Fox was trying to say what
Robert was, "Human" Robert said. He was brown hair, blue eyes, and he was
the same person, but olny different body. "So that's what a human looks
like?" "yes, Fox and I havn't done one of these in a long time" "here is
you're thing uh what was it again" "Electro Shocker" "yeah that. Where
are we?" "I don't know Fox, but for one thing we have to get back to
Corneria" and both of them started to walk along the sandy beach in search
for a way back home. Back at Corneria Ken is not like himself lately, all
worried and scared of might happen to Robert and Fox, "will you calm down
Ken, I'm trying to work here" Kevin said, "sorry, I'm just nervous a bit"
"a lot is more like it" Jason said, "well is this pleasant or not" someone
said, "Kelly, am I glad to see you" Ken said, "enough of the small talk.
I have something for Robert and you, Ken" "what is it?" "this is a Comlink
Watch it will help out to communicate with another and it will help you
break any type of code near you, and Robert will be needing one of these"
she held out a metal handel which looked like Robert's Beam Saber, "this
is a Plasma Weapon, it will give you a Saber, Spear, and Shield in one"
"thanks Kelly" "no prob" "now what do we do?" Jason said, "we find Robert
and Fox."

Chapter 8: Big time

Fox and Robert found a small town from the beach shore and it was
a dump. There were machine parts all over the place, but Robert found out
that the place was abandon, "man its hot here" Fox said, "lucky I changed
into human" Robert said, "where are we?" "this looks like a city I was at
in Mobius" "what is it cal..." Fox was enterupted by Robert's hand across
his mouth, "I think someones comming?" Robert whispered and they both hid
behind a junk pile and they saw two figures coming and Robert found out
who they were, "Amy?" Robert said, "you know her?" Fox asked, "yes, she
was my friend back at the Academy" "and who is the other?" "Jacob, also my
friend at the Academy" "why are they here in this waste dump?" "I think
they are trying to find us?" "Robert?" a voice said behind them, "Chris,
am I glad to see you" "me too. Guys I found them" "Robert, its been a
long time" Amy said, "yes it has" "and we have bad news, kid" Jacob said,
"what Jacob?" "the C.O.T. has Sam and you better get there fast, and Ken
is on his way with the new weapons" "right. Every one lets go" and all
five of them left the area to get Sam back. Back at Corneria Ken, Bill,
and Jo'hara are ready to leave and catch up with the others, "is everyone
ready?" Ken asked, "were set" Jo'hara said, "all ships check your
G'Diffuser and Engins systems" Ken said, "Jo here every thing is okay"
"Bill here I'm all set" "wait for me" Slippy called, "are you sure about
this Slippy?" Bill asked, "I'm sure, and every thing is okay here"
"alright lets move it" Ken said and the Arwings followed Ken's ship and
they all hit a Warp Field and the ships started going at hyper drive and
wound up at a different universe, "all ship charge your weapons system go
for the third planet I'll be on the surface" Ken said, "lets go" Bill
said and all four ships entered the planet's atmosphere.

Chapter 9: War and Peace

Ken arrived where Robert, Fox, Amy, Chris, and Jacob were and Ken
gave Robert the Plasma Weapon and told him what it does, "lets find Sam
and get rid of the C.O.T." Robert said, "right" everyone said and all of
them entered the main base of the C.O.T., Amy and Chris went one
direction, Fox and Jacob went another, and Robert and Ken went the other,
and meanwhile Slippy, Bill, and Jo'hara are right now attacking the
outpost of the base, "I got one" Slippy said, "wait I see something" Bill
said, "look at those ships" Jo'hara said, "lets move it, Attack Formation,
All Range" and the trio started attacking amount of one hundred ships in
the area, "man I got someone on my tail" Jo'hara said, "ah I'm hit"
Slippy said, "hope help comes soon?" Bill said, "hang on guys help is on
the way" Jason said, "now lets see some fireworks" Kevin said, "everyone
charge Photons and Lasers" Kelly said, back inside the base Amy and Chris
went for the prison cells to free Sam, Fox and Jacob went to disable the
main computer system, and Robert and Ken went to find the leader of the
C.O.T., "Amy I found him" Chris said, "and I found trouble. Hurry and get
him out I'll hold them off" Amy said, "stop them" one of the guards said
and Amy started to fire lasers at the guards while Chris was getting Sam
out, "I got him" Chris said, "and I got them" Amy said as she was putting
her blaster in her belt holder, "lets get out of here and help the rest"
Sam said and they headed out of the base, "Fox anyone coming?" Jacob
asked, "none yet" "I got the main system shut down and lets move it" Jacob
said, "right" and both of them also headed out, back outside the enemy
fighters were being shot down by all six ships, "all of them are almost
gone" Jason said, "keep it up guys" Kelly said, back inside Robert and Ken
started going through every turn until they arrived at the main hall where
the leader of the C.O.T. was, "I've been looking for you Robert" "so you
have Jamie" Robert said, "and I will get back at my daughter for betraying
me, and also trying to save you" "its because Kelly wanted you to stop
turning evil, and wanted me to be alive" "and now I have one thing to say"
"what's that?" Ken said, "is that your father is James McCloud, and I
want to fight only you Robert. To show your justice for your father" "you
mean Fox is my brother also?" "no, you and Fox are half brothers. Both of
your mothers are different and your father was the same" "and I'll show my
justice for my father. Ken go outside and help the rest this is my battle
alone" "right" and Ken left the room leaving Robert with Jamie, "well lets
fight it to the end" Robert said, "indeed and no using your Electro
Shocker or your weapons. Just your fists" "alright if you put it that
way" and they began fighting, Robert threw a punch and Jamie missed the
punch and hit Robert in the stomach, and Robert tried to gain his breath
again, but Jamie jumped on him and knock him down. Robert tried to get
up, but Jamie kicked him on the face and Robert's nose and lip was
bleeding and he had enough, "you give up you fool?" Jamie said, "no, I
wont give up and I will do this once and its for my father" Robert grab
his Electro Shocker and pressed the button on it and electricty started to
surround him and he changed from human to fox, "now I will live for my
father" and Jamie started to jump on Robert, but he was to fast for her
and he gave a swipe at her and she yelled as she was scratch on the arm
to see blood on it and Robert gave a kick at her and she fell back on a
table and she couldn't get up, and Robert walked over to her, "now you
will surender to me and be in jail for this" Robert said, "and you will
get me for what I did to your parents, and to tell you the truth your
mother died after you and Ken were born, and your father was sent through
that blackhole again and is trap there for who knows how long, and I was
the one who saved you from being captured by the old leader of the C.O.T.,
and now you have broken the mind controll device that was on me, and now
I'm no longer evil" "now lets get you out of this place and to Kelly" and
Robert picked up Jamie and threw her on his shoulders and ran out of the

Chapter 10: Peace begins

The C.O.T. was brought to an end and Kelly was gald to see her
mother back to normal again, and every one was gald to see Fox again,
every one was gald except for Robert who sat outside of his new house in
the night, "hi Robert" Fox called, "hey Fox" "is something wrong?" "no Fox
nothings wrong" "come on you can tell me what wrong" "I'm not sure if I
want to tell" "you can count on me" "okay. I just found out who was my
father" "who?" "James McCloud" "what? how can that be?" "its true Fox
James McCloud is my father and my mother is human, but your mother was
a fox and we were both born of the same father" "I see, but how can my
father be at Earth when he is in the black hole?" "Fox, he went through a
Warp field and wound up at Earth and he was sent through the blackhole
again and he is in there now today" "now I understand" "so we are both
Half Brothers, but we are just like being friends now" "should we tell the
others. I mean the rest are getting out of the hostpital tomarrow and we
are getting a celebration as well" "I think when the time is right we
should tell. Okay?" "okay, goodnight" "goodnight Fox" and Fox left the
steps to his motor vehichle and drove off away from the house and Robert
went inside his house for bed.

The End

I like to thank Jwolfman for Natlarn and Jo'hara, and the names of
Robert, Ken, Kelly, Jason, Chris, Amy, Sam, Jacob, and Kevin are created
by me and if you want to use these people you should ask me first, and as
Robert Adam in the book would say, "until then, we'll meet again"

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