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Starfox meets "Who Wants To Be a Millionaire?"

By: Alex Greenberg

This game is set in space, the host on this version is called Regis

Spacebin. So here we go.

Regis Spacebin: Hello everybody, and welcome to "Who Wants To Be a

Millionaire?". Today, we have 10 contestants from outer space waiting to get

in the hot seat. So here they are:

Fox McCloud

Peppy Hare

Falco Lombardi

Slippy Toad

Bill Grey

Katt Monroe

Wolf O'Donnell

Leon Powalski (sp?)

Pigma Dengar

Andrew Oikonny

Regis: Those are 10 contestants, and now let's see the first fastest finger


Put these letters in order, from first to last. A. A B. B C. C or D. D.

Regis: Time's up, and the correct answers are... oh, what's the point of

telling you, you already know it. Now let's see who our first player is.

Fox McCloud: 6.24

Peppy Hare: 10.96

Falco Lombardi: 7.95

Slippy Toad: 5.42

Bill Grey: 9.66

Katt Monroe: 8.71

Wolf O'Donnell: 5.97

Leon Powalski: 5.56

Pigma Dengar: 12.52

Andrew Oikonny: WRONG

And the winner is Slippy Toad. Let's play for a million dollars, Slippy!

(everyone laughs at Andrew)

Andrew: Hey, stop laughing. I thought it was D-C-B-A!

Regis: (ignoring Andrew) Ok Slippy, here are your three lifelines, you can

ask the audience, use the 50/50, or phone a friend. And now let's play "Who

Wants To Be a Millionaire?".

Regis: For $100. What is your name? A. Slippy B. Peppy C. Falco D. Fox.

Slippy: Um, I'd like to ask the audience.

Regis: You don't know it? Let's see what the audience says. Wow! 100% say


Slippy: Um, I don't trust the audience, so I'll use my 50/50.

Regis: Ok, the 2 answers left are Slippy and Fox.

Slippy: I'd like to phone my father.

Regis: My god, how could you not get this. Well, tell you what, why don't I

just tell you that the answer is A!

Slippy: No, I'm going to say B. Peppy.

Regis: Is that your final answer?

Slippy: Yes.

Regis: No, the correct answer is A. Slippy! What an idiot! You leave with

nothing and we go to the next question.

Regis: Put these words in order to form a title, from first to last.

A. Trek B. Generation C. Star D. Next

Regis: Time's up! It's time to see the correct answers. C. Star A. Trek

D. Next B. Generation. And let's see the next winner.

Fox McCloud: WRONG

Peppy Hare: WRONG

Falco Lombardi: WRONG

Bill Grey: WRONG

Katt Monroe: WRONG

Wolf O'Donnell: WRONG

Leon Powalski: 4.00

Pigma Dengar: WRONG

Andrew Oikonny: WRONG

Regis: Wow, Leon is the only one! We'll be right back after this!

Leon secretly steals the answer cards.

Time passes...

Regis: Wow, Leon! You've won $500,000! And you haven't used a lifeline! Now

let's see the million dollar question.

The Earth is approximately how many miles from the sun?

A. 9.3 million B. 39 million C. 93 million D. 193 million

Leon: (looks at answer card) Regis, the answer is C. 93 million.

Regis: Oh boy, I have to ask you this. Is that your final answer?

Leon: Yes. (smiling)

Regis: You've just won a million dollars! Hey, wait a minute! What is that

piece of paper in your hand?

Leon: Um, nothing.

Regis: Hey, that looks like my answer card! Leon, you cheater! Who gave you


Leon: Uh, the producer?

Regis: LIAR! You lose everything! Security, get this chameleon out of our


Leon: (gets kicked out) NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!


Regis: That sound means our time is up. Next time, our contestants will

be... oh forget it, this is our last episode. I've had enough with these

people, so I quit!

The End

The Very, very, very first interview
pertaining to Senorita Insano Korean
Americano, @nne!!

Anne: Oikonny! ;-) Welcome, my friends, to my first Star Fox interview!
(If it's anything like rambles, this ought to be good, kyeh heh!) Err,
well, I'm here with Fox, Falco, Peppy, and Slippy, and I am going to
interview them. *nods* OK...
Fox: You're not going to ask us what our opinions are on everybody, are
Anne: *sweatdrop* Uh, no?
Star Fox: Aaaahhhhhhh...go on.
Anne: *looks at camera* Uh huh. Well, anyway, Fox, do you like Herseys
Fox: What kind of question is that?!
Anne: It's valid, appropriate, chocolatey, and sugar-filled!
Fox: Uhhh...OK...they're OK...
Anne: OK, then you don't mind me eating some! *grabs a bag full of
Herseys Kisses and pops a few in her mouth* Slippy, what twisted
thoughts were running through your head when you said "Your carcass is
Slippy: Huh?
Anne: Ohhhkkeee... FALCO!
Falco: *wakes up* What?!
Anne: How many time have you telephoned Katt today?
Falco: AHHH! I KNEW I FORGOT SOMETHING! *runs out of the room*
Anne: *evil, chocolate-covered grin* I knew I would get him with that
one! Pep--- *Star Wolf suddenly falls through the roof and land on top
of Anne*
Wolf: OW!
Leon: Ugh!
Pigma: AAAAHHH!!
Anne: *picks them all up over her head and put them down on the floor*
Please refrain from falling through the ceiling, OK?
Everyone: ... *crickets chirp*
Anne: Anyway, Peppy---
Jynx: MWA HA HA!!! I have found you, Emblem of Light! You cannot hide!
Anne: Oh shut up. LUMINA ULTIMA CHAOS BLAST!!! *sends a collasal beam of
light at Jynx*
Jynx: ACK!!!! Where's the rest of DRAGON when I need them?! Talpa!
Twinevi! Sym! OW! *zapped by the light* MOMMIE!!!!! *runs away*
Everyone: ...
Anne: Kya ha ha, I always felt like doing that. Well, anyway...
Falco: *runs back into the room and sees Leon* Did too!
Leon: Did not!
Falco: Did too!
Leon: Did not!
Anne: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *blows a hole in
the ceiling* You two had better become SILENT or I will see you get a
prompt whacking with a ruler!
Everyone: ...
Anne: Good boys. *pats Falco and Leon on their heads* As I was saying...

Andrew: *sniffle, sniff* I never get picked for an interview.
Fox: Crybaby.
Andrew: You're mean!
Pigma: But, it is true...
Falco: Yeah, I agree... *crowd advances on Andrew*
Andrew: ...Help...

What happens in the next scene is a little cloudy for all of us. It
resulted in all the characters who were advancing on Andrew lying on the
floor all swirly-eyed and those who were not clinging to the furniture
for dear life.

Andrew: Yea! My heroine! :)
Anne: Oh, my pleasure, el Senor Hermoso! How'd you like to go out for
some soda?
Andrew: Oh, yes! *grins* You're so much nicer than my uncle!
Anne: Oh, claro que si! Do you like grape? Orange?

Alex: *holds hands to neck* ACK!! I don't believe it! I knew Anne was
insane, but this?!!

A Starfox Inteview by Jerry Springer... Submitted by: Eminem MyNameIs

(On the stage of Jerry Springer)
(The crowd starts a "Jerry,Jerry,Jerry" chant)

Jerry (on stage):Alright,alright. Settle down crowd. Today on
the show,the
topic is "Star Fox"....

(crowd is silent)

Jerry:Umm...y'know,the video game.

(crowd goes crazy)

Jerry:Alright! There we go! Okay,let's bring out our first
guest, Fox

(Fox comes out on stage and waves then sits down)

Jerry:Hello Fox,it's nice to have you on the show.

Fox:No problem Jerry.

Jerry:Now Fox,you just got back from defeating Andross in the
battle for
Corneria. How does it feel to know that you saved Corneria?

Fox:It's a great,huge,warm and fuzzy feeling Jerry.

Jerry: I'm sure it is. Well, I understand that you and Falco
have been
having problems. Is this correct?

Fox:It is Jerry. I went on one date with Kat and Falco went
crazy. He really
needs to take a chill pill and cool down. He totally

Jerry:Well,we've got a big surprise for you Fox. Bring him out!

(Falco runs out from the backstage and waves at everyone and
flips off Fox.
Fox takes out his laser but a gaurd comes out and restrains Fox)

Jerry:Whoa! Settle down Mr.McCloud! Thanks for coming Falco.

Falco:No problem,Harry.

Jerry:Uh,it's Jerry. Jerry Springer.


Jerry:Well,you and Fox have had problems,correct?

Falco:He told you pretty much what happened. Him and that d*mn
screwed me over. (yelling at Fox) I hate you!You ruined my

Fox:Eat my *hit!!

(Falco takes out a laser and shoots at Fox but misses and hits
the gaurd
that was holding onto Fox. Fox jumps at Falco and they start
fist fighting.
Gaurds come out and break them up and sit them down on chairs.)

Jerry:Calm down guys! I think we better bring out our next two
guests. Give
a warm welcoming to Peppy and Slippy!

(Peppy and Slippy enter and sit down)

Peppy:Thanks for having us Jerry.

Slippy:Yeah! We really appreciate you having us out here!
Heehee! *giggle

(Jerry stares at Slippy for a minute)

Jerry: I understand that you have something to tell your fellow
Star Fox
members,Slippy. Is that correct?

Slippy:Yes! Well! I'm really a woman.

(Fox and Peppy gasp and Falco barfs)

Fox:I knew it! I *ucking knew it! Haha!! I was *ucking right!
Pay up, Pep!

(Peppy hands Fox a $50 bill and Falco throws up again)

(Slippy walks over to Falco and puts,her hand on his

Slippy:Are you okay Falco?

Falco: Don't *ucking touch me you nasty *itch!

Slippy: I just wanna help!

(Falco reaches into his pocket and pulls out a small revolver
and shoots
Slippy in the head then kicks her over and over. Security comes
out and
Falco shoots two of them but another one tackles him and punches
him out.
Falco is then dragged off stage.)

Jerry: Well...I don't know what I can say in this kind of a

Fox: Have anymore mystery guests?

Jerry:Oh,right..send her out.

(Kat comes out from backstage wearing nothing but a small
bikini. Kat sits
down and smiles at Fox)

Kat: Hi everybody!

(Kat looks at Slippy's dead body)

Kat:Oh my! What happened here?

(Falco comes running back from backstage and shoots at Fox but
misses and
hits Peppy killing him)

Jerry:Uh-oh! My superiors are gonna kill me! 2 dead people in
one show!

Fox (whispering in Jerry's ear): Yeah,but think of the ratings.

(Jerry grins)

(Falco grabs Kat and runs away)

Fox:Hey! Bring her back!

(Fox runs after Falco and tackles him and sits on top of him and
punches him

Kat: Ahhhhh!!!

(Fox takes out a laser and shoots Falco in the eye)

Kat:Ewww! That's gross!

(Fox points the gun at Kat)

Fox:What did you say Kitty Kat?


(Jerry chants begin again)

(Jerry runs and knees Fox in the face then punches him. The "Jerry" chants
become louder. Jerry bashes Fox's face against the wall
mercilessly. Kat
picks up the discarded lasergun and aims at Fox and fires and
hits Fox but
goes threw him and hits Jerry also.Both men die. )

Kat: Oopsies. My bad.

(Kat neals down next to Jerry and cries)

Kat: Oh Jerry..please don't die! Your my one true love!

Jerry:I just met you today.

Kat:Oh yeah...

(Kat gets up and walks away)

(Bill stomps out onstage)

Bill:When the hell was I gonna be introduced? This is screwed!

(Bill flips off the crowd and walks away)

An interview with Bill Grey by Blue Dragon

Blue Dragon: Hiya, everybody! I'm the legendary Blue Dragon, with my first
preview interview with the only Husky/Bulldog Unit Cornerian Defense yadda,
yadda, yadda, Bill Grey!

Bill: Hey.

Blue Dragon: So, Bill, let me create the atmosphere for ya. We're in a
Pokémon Gym.

Bill: Yippee! Yay! Whoohoo! Yay! Yippee!

Blue Dragon: :backs away: Okay, so, how do you like being the commander of
the Cornerian Defense?

Bill: Oh, it's great destroying Andross for the...1,000,000,000th time. With
100 more, I get a new car!

Fox: Hey! I deserve that!

Bill: Well, you kn...what's that!?

Puffy Wulf: I'm da Fuzz!

Blue Dragon: That's a little disturbing...

Bill: Is that a...NNNNNNNOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!

Squritle: Squirtle Squirt!

Blue Dragon: Go, Wartortl...oh, sorry!

Fara Phoenix: :talking into a phone: ...yes, with pepperoni and extra

Blue Dragon: Oh, no you don't! I've heard other interviews. You don't want
to do that. :grabs phone out of Fara's

Slippy: I need to go to the bathroom real, real, REAL bad!!!!!

Peppy: Is that...

Falco: It's not possible!

Jessy from Team Rocket: Prepare for trouble!

James from Team Rocket: Make it double!

Meowth: Shut up with the rhyme! Let's just grab the Pokémon! :eyeing me:
Ohh! A Dragonite!

Blue Dragon: I'm not a pokémon!

Wolf: Growlithe, go!

Leon: Charmander, go!

Andrew: Mankey, go!

Pigma: Psyduck, go!

Fox: What a dead-end pokémon...

Blue Dragon: This is going nowhere! Bill hasn't answered a SINGLE

Bill: Blah!

Blue Dragon: Huh?


Blue Dragon: I'll try again with a regular gym! :inches toward the door:

Lt. Surge: SO, you're the one behind this! Raichu, Thunderbolt!


Blue Dragon: Oh, geez! :zooms out the door: Bye-bye for now! I'm so outta

Bill: Hey, wait up! :gets zapped by Raichu: BLUE, WAIT UPPPPPP!!!!!!

-The End-

An interview with Star Fox and team by: Kevskove

Kevskove = KK
StarFox = SF
Peppy = PP
Slippy = stupid, err i mean SL
Falco = FL
Bill = Bill

KK: Star Fox, how did Screw-up, err Slippy get to be on your team?
SF: We owe his dad 9 years of him.
KK: Why?
SF: Well, Falco ate frog legs and his dad sued the pants off the team.
KK: Ooookkaaayy. Peppy, why do you bug Fox about doing things that are worthless?
PP: What? When I was yer age, I was able to give advice without being questioned! Like who threw a cane at the TV, who put slippers in the dishwasher, who (dentures fall out) mmffmfff mmfmfmfm, (PP picks them up, wipes them off, and shoves them back in his mouth.) When I was yer age, I had dentures that fit! (Toupe falls off.) Back in the good days, I used to put oinions in our belts, 'cause the was the style 'round then, anyway, I used to put oinions in our belts, 'cause the was the style 'round then, anyway, I used to put oinions in our belts, 'cause the was the style 'round then, anyway, I us-ZZZzzzZZZZzzz (PP falls asleep)
KK: (Puzzled) Right. Slippy, why do you have such a high pitch voice?
KK: And excactly how old are you then?
SL: Ummm, 37! (There's one huge gasp, and the room falls silient.)
KK: Uh-huh. Falco, how did you get to know Kat?
FL: Well, Back in hig-
PP: BLAARRGG! (PP woke up, yelled again, and fell on the floor. Medics run in, put him on a stretcher, and run out with him)
KK: Bill, how much money did you have to pay ID4's producers or vice versa?
Bill: Let's just say I've been moved.... TO A BIGGER HOUSE! (Smacks his head. Mumbles to himself.) Darn! I said the loud part quiet and the quiet part loud!!!
KK: Well thee you have it. The long awaited questions revield. This is kevskove, signing off. (KK leaves and your computer blows.)

Interview with Kat Monroe by:H20

H20:Kat,why didn't you join the Star Fox gang?
Kat:Because I wasn't aloud to,only four could join.
H20:Would you join if you could?
Kat:Yes,but not to save Lylat...
H20:Why then?
H20:Do you like Falco Kat?
Kat:Of course I do.I love him.
H20:I love you though.
H20:I love you Kat!
Kat:I love you too!
Falco walks into the room and finds H20 and Kat making out.
Kat:Uh oh.
H20:Leave us alone Falco,she loves me!
Falco takes out a laser and shoots H20 in the head.
Kat takes out a gun and shoots Falco.
Kat:I'm gonna get some coffee.Bye bye.

An Interview

WolfBlazers mission breifing:-

Gen Pepper:Sean, we have two missions for you.
Sean: Good.
Gen Pepper:BUT... you can only do one of them.
Gen Pepper:Mission one is on Venom and mission two is on Macbeth. Pick one?
Sean:Nah... we'll do both.
Gen Pepper:Pick one... you have no choice!
Sean: Well why are you telling me to do it if I have no choice?
Gen Pepper:Grrrrrr.... Pick one mission... just one ok?
Sean:What where they again?
Sean:What about Aquas?
Gen Pepper:What about it?
Sean:Lets do a mission there.
Gen Pepper:Nothing needs doing on Aquas.
Sean:Why not?
Sean:Nah... Aquas...
Gen Pepper:Why Aquas?
Sean:Well me and my team (Roxanne, Mary, Jade,Fury,StarVixen) could go
Gen Pepper:What?
Gen Pepper:I don't pay you to go swimming!
Sean:Oh no... you don't need to pay... we will.
Gen Pepper:YOUR REALLY ******* ME OFF!!!
Sean: Well if your gonna be like that!
::Sean turns of the commlink and goes to get a Pepsi::


Interview by Todd Jackson

Todd: Hey sup y'all! Todd Jackson here on my first interview ever! Now from all da tings dat happen in other interviews, I have put my self an
da guy I'm interviewn' in dis reinforced titanium-steel alloy room!

Any way..

Fox: Can we just get on with it Todd?

Todd: Oh yeah! Sure here is Fox McCloud! Da guy I be interviewn' blah blah blah.

Okay, Fox! First question!

Fox: Okay shoot.

Todd: What! Is yo opinion, on how Andross run's tings wit his army an all?

Fox: Well, to be blunt. I think he's not even trying, because well. He can't even break through Corneria's border's with out getting his attack
force killed some time after they cross over the line.

Todd: Mmm. Yeah, I hear dat. Second question!

Fox: Shoot!

Wolf: Okay (Shoots at Fox but misses)

Todd: Hey where did you come from?

Wolf: Uh, that. (Points to plot hole)

Todd: Oh no! not one of those!

Fox: You know Wolf, you are a really poor shoot!

Wolf: I missed on purpose!

Fox: Sure you did.

Wolf: Grrrrr!!!!

Todd: Hey knock it off you two! An get back in dat plot hole Wolf!

Wolf: And who is going to stop me!

Todd: Maby I will! (Sits up and pulls out field pistol)

(Sam & Max: Free lance police come out of plot hole)

Sam: Look little buddy! That inner dimensional portal has brought us into a large metal room with other furry creatures like our self's.

Max: Yeah Sam! And look at this one wolf like creature with the eye patch! He's so cute!

Wolf: Hey get away from me you little! Uh, bunny thing you!

Todd: If only I made this place plot hole proof! Hmm, can I really do that? I wonder.

Fox: Hey Todd. Aren't you interviewing me?

Todd: Uh, oh yeah! Um, Second question.

Sam: What are you? And what is he? You look like a wolf type creature too and he looks like a fox type creature!

Todd: Dats cause I am a wolf!

Sam: Look little buddy! This one speaks in gangsta!

Max: Wow! Neat-o!

Todd: Oh geez! Why did I have ta go an try and interview!

Max: Hey, can you say any more?

Todd: How about shut-up and get back in that !@#$ plot hole!

Sam and Max: HEY LANGUAGE YOU!!!

Todd: Man shut-up! I'm da one doing dis interview! An all cuss if I as well what to!

Wolf: Get this thing off me!

Max: But your sooooo cute!

Wolf: NO GET AWAY!!!

Max: Hey Sam. Look! The one-eyed wolf thingy is reaching for a pistol to riddle me with gun fire!

Sam: obviously he has taken as much of our antics as he can handle.

Max: Yeah! And you know what that means!

Sam: Yup, we get to enforce involuntary justice on him.

(Sam & Max beat down on Wolf)

Wolf: OW! OW! STOP IT! OW!


Todd: Who is dis freak?

Sam & Max: ITS LOREN!!!

Singers: The friend for life!

Fox: Where did that come from?

Max: It happens.

Loren: Gee guys I am so happy I found you cause I am really really stoked about what is about to happen

Todd: Does dis guy ever stop?

Sam: Afraid not.

Max: Lets get out of here!

(Sam & Max jump back through plot hole and Loren follows still talking)

Todd: (pushes Wolf through plot hole and it closes) There! Maby now we can get back to da interview.

Fox: Sorry Todd but I need to go.

Todd: What now?

Fox: Yeah, sorry, maybe another time.

(Fox exits room through large door)

Todd: ** sigh ** well, guess dis just shows dat ya can't keep da insanity out of one of these things.

The end

An Interview with Bill Grey With Gemineye

Gemineye: Heya folks! This is Gemineye, commonly known as BunnyRabot. I'm interviewing my favorite Husky/Bulldog squadron leader today.

Bill: I'm the only Husky/Bulldog squadron leader.

Gemineye: Ohhhh yeaahhhh . Well. Let me create the senario for ya. We're in my basement.

Bill: Okay, well. Wadda ya wanna know about me....Bill Grey the Great?

Gemineye: Yup. Bill Grey the Great . ::coughs loudly while mumbling 'yeah right':: Why'd you chose Katina over Corneria? Wasn't it in Corneria where you trained for piloting and all that jazz?

Bill : Correctimundo !! But If I wanted to have my own team I would have to go to Katina, 'cause that's where the new bases were made and where most army recruits were... what? What? What the heck is that dance you're doing?

Gemineye: ::points frantically at the ceiling. Continues to jump on sofa::

Bill: ::looks up:: Oh. It's just a spider. Here let me get it since it's bothering you. ::rolls up a magazine::

Gemineye: Ahhghhhhhhhghhhhh !!!! No Bill... No !!! Don't be a hero! Keep away from it! It'll kill us all!

Andrew: Scaredy cat! Scaredy cat!

Bill: Here, Andrew. Catch! ::Flings spider at Andrew::

Andrew: I'm melting... I'm melting !!! Oh what a world!! ::Rubs face where the spider hit him::

Gemineye: A tad excitable ain't he ?

Bill: D arn tootin' .

Gemineye: Why exactly was Venom trying to destroy your base anyway? Wouldn't it have made more sense if they just took it over and moved all of their troops in? And how come you tell Fox that if he shoots you, you won't help him again. But mysteriously you show up at Solar. And I quote, "See if I help you again.".

Bill: Nah . I was only kidding with him. We've been friends for years. He just brushes that stuff aside. It can't hurt him. We joke all the time.

Fox: No you weren't! Now I'm emotionally scarred. I was only tying to help. ::Big puppy dog eyes::

Falco: No you weren't. You shot him on purpose.

Fox: He's lying. He's framing me!!

Gemineye: Why do you think Leon hates you? What exactly did you do to him?

Peppy: Leon hates everyone.

Gemineye: Yes, but I was asking Bill's opinion on this. Sorry Pe....

Grandpa Simpson: Now, if ya want my opinion...I say everybody should....* ::falls asleep in mid-sentence::

Peppy: People like him give us old folks a bad name. Come to think of it...what's my name again? I can't even remember if I still have birthdays anymore. I'm only 1000 and something. I think it's and even number. Dagnabitt.

Homer Simpson: Sorry about that.

Gemineye: Yeah, well you better be! He fell asleep with his bald head in my potato chip bowl. :: Glares and Grandpa Simpson::

Homer and Pigma: Mmmmmmm. Bald head potato chips.

Katt: Mahhhhnnn that's disgusting.

Gemineye: Get outta my basement!!

Fara: But we live here.

Gemineye: Oh yeah. That's right. Hey wait a minute! Liar! Now get out !!!

Bill: Pickles

Gemineye: Huh ?

Bill: That's the name of my Tamigotchi.

Gemineye: ::Gives Fox a 'he's fippin' out' look::

Katt: Oooooo . Can I see?

Slippy: I've got two! ::Puffs out chest::

Falco: Why is a raven like a writing desk?

Peppy: I dunno... why ?

Falco: Because if you times them by 3 and then add them by Corneria to the third power, they both add up to why did the chicken cross the road.

Everyone except Fox and Gemineye: Ha ha hahahaahaahhaaha::All suck up a deep breath:: hahahaahhhah

Andross : Mmmmwwwwhahahaahaaaaaazahas

Bill: Dude . Why are you still laughing? The joke was two seconds ago.

Andross: I just got it.

Gemineye: Bill ? What do you do all day when there's no threat from Andro...

::Ducks down. Bill swings from ceiling fan. Slippy tries to join him, but winds up missing and landing on his head. Fox, Fara, Peppy and Katt start doing the electric slide. Falco and Slippy are doing the limbo with a broom held by the washing machine and the dryer. Falco runs under too fast and slams into the wall.::

Candid Camera: We saw that. We saw that !

Falco: C'mere with that camera !!!

Gemineye: How did he get here?

General Pepper: I let him in. I'm a kleptomaniac. I stole your keys and ya ain't gettin' em back.

Gemineye: Uhhhh. Yeahhh . Can I get back to my interview?

Fara:... with an order of garlic bread please. You know what? Make that a large instead of a medium.

Gemineye: What are you doing?

Fara: Ordering pizzas.

Gemineye: Nooooo ! ::Runs in slow motion and grabs phone from Fara:: That costs money. I'm cheap . If it ain't free then I've never heard of it.

Bill: There were three in the bed and the little one said.....

Peppy: Roll over, roll over .

Fox: Stop that. Sesame Street's not for dingbats.

Falco: Ding Dong. Knock Knock...

Katt: Who's there?

Falco:Jiminey Cricket.

Gemineye: Ewwww crickets. Not in my house !!!!

Wolf: I'm tired.

Gemineye: So ! People in hell want ice water. But since they're not gonna get it.....what are you telling me for?

Wolf: I think we should get him a ladder.

Gemineye: Nah . Let him stay up there. The ceiling fan's bound to break any moment.

Ren: Stimpy ! You eeeeeediot !!!

Gemineye: Uhhh can I help you?

Ren: Listen ! I call the shots around here.

Gemineye: Bruno !!! Brutus !!!::Two stage hands from Jerry Springer grab Ren and "kindly" escort him out the door. Via the drop kick. One man grabs Bill from the fan and straps him to the couch.::

Bill: Tight. Too...tight..must have...cheesy...poofs...need air..can't breathe.

Gemineye: Now. Like I was asking 10 years ago ...

Peppy: I remember when I was 10. Back then, we didn't have remote controls. And did I ever tell you about the time I killed a grizzily bear with my loose-leaf note book? Boy...I'll tell you.....

Gemineye: Doesn't he belong in a cage or some old folks home or something?

Fox: Yeah, we tried that but he just started playing on the swing and eating bird seed. It wasn't too effective.

Gemineye: Mmmmhhhmmm. ::Rubs chin curiously::

Fara and Falco start squirting cheeze-whiz. Bill chewed through his ropes and started turning the lights on and off. Katt told Slippy that there was candy in the washing machine and when he got in, she closed the lid and turned it on.

Gemineye: Nobody's answering meeeeee !!!!!

My mom: I'm just gonna go down here and do some laundry and then.... Aghhhhhhhh . There's a frog in the washer . There's cheeze-whiz on the floor. Paw prints on the ceiling fan ?

Gemineye: Uhhhhh I gotta go. Everyone's gone Looney Toons . Better luck next time. I hope.

An Interview with Corneriette Octamus Priyme By Gemineye

Gemineye: Hiyas everybody! I'm back again with my second interview!

Bill: ::in an 'I could care less tone':: woo hoo. Let's break out the fire crackers.

Gemineye: Shut up doggy boy! I tried an interview in my basement but that didn't work. So now Im here at the NebulaStorm base interviewing the leader of the team NebulaStorm! Everyone say "Hi" to Corneriette Octamus Priyme!!

Corneriette: Hi!

Gemineye: Not you, everyone else.

Corneriette: Hi!

Gemineye: Nevermind. So, Neri, tell us about yourself....

Corneriette: Uhh. I was born on Venom. I was named after Corneria. I'm a Catox, which is half cat and half fox and we're NOT at the NebulaStorm base!! Cause StarWolf blew it up!! We're in a trailer outside of the base and you know it!!

Wolf: Temper temper!!

Corneriette: Shut up you!!

Wolf: Yeah...well...YOU SMELL LIKE PLAY-DOH! :: Wolf sticks his tongue out::

Pigma: What is an Octamus?

Corneriette: Who knows. It's my middle name.

Andrew: My middle name is......

Slippy: Who cares what your middle name is!

Gemineye: Where'd YOU come from? I'm not having anymore interview crashers!! Out! OUT! Begone!! ALL OF YOU!!

Slippy: I was under the couch. I'm hidding from...

Croakella: THERE YOU ARE!! ::grabs Slippy by the legs. Slippy claws at the couch::

Karma: You get his legs! I'll get his arms! We'll teach him to date the both of us at the same time!!!

::They grab Slippy and swing him out of the trailer. He lands on the sidewalk and starts to run, so...they chase him of course::

Gemineye: Corneriette? What's with you and ChaosGrotto? Why do they hate your team so much?

Corneriette: Because they're a bunch of idiots and they can't fly that's why they hang out with StarWolf. They're really pissed at my team '!!!!!!

Katt: Woooo look at meeeeee!!!!! ::Katt comes into the room doing cartwheels and crashes into a table::

Katt: Sorry. Wait a sec...FALCO?! Explain yourself NOW!!

Corneriette: Somebody get the hose.

Falco: Oh...this is Squirt Osprey. She's..she's...

Squirt: She's his girlfriend!

Katt: Well we'll just see about that! Put up your dukes! ::Takes out water pistol::

Leon: 99 bottles of kick@$$ on the wall. 99 bottles of kick@$$!!

Wolf: ::Smacks Leon on the back of his head::

Bill: I wanna be interviewed again!!Waaaaaaaa

Corneriette: YOU wanna be interviewed? Mine didn't even kick off yet!

Gemineye: Where's that music coming from?

Fox: ICE CREAM!! It's the Ice Cream Man!! Can I borrow a dollar?

Gemineye: Fine! But only if you promise to pay me back. Oh...and buy me a chocolate ice cream bar okay?

Andross: I want vanilla!

Peppy: No way!! Strawberry rules!

Andross: VANILLA!!


Andross: VANILLA!!!


Some woman from outside: Stop the insanity!!

Viceroy Lombardi: Doo bee doo bee doo

Corneriette: Just ignore them. I do!

Gemineye: Okay. So who's on your team anyway?

Corneriette: Me, Vixen Foxxler, Viceroy Lombardi...he's Falco's twin bro, Croakella Froggen, Mortisha Freeling, Katt Monroe, Poodle O'Hara and Manito O'Donnell..he's Wolf's twin bro.

Wolf: I hate Manito!! I have no brother!!!

Manito: Who asked YOU, spaz wod?!

Pigma: Can I use you bathroom?

Gemineye: Ewwww. Don't touch the seat!! Hover as long as you can!! I'm out of disinfectant right now.

Pigma: Funny...very funny!

Corneriette: You're actually gonna let him in there? He'll break the toilet!

Vixen Foxxler: Either THAT...or it'll smell for DAYS!

Fara: Can I be interviewed next?

Gemineye: Surely. But no pizza like you tried to order the last time.

Fara: But what if I get hungry?

Gemineye: Imagine!

Fox: Here's your ice cream Gemin...whoops. ::Fox drops the ice cream on the floor::

Poodle: ::Poodle does the Nelson laugh from the Simpsons::

Nelson: Hey!! That's a copywright!!

Poodle: Get back in the cartoon.

Katt: Why...I'll..... ::squirts water at Squirt. Squirt takes out her super-soaker::

Squirt: C'mere you!! Mess with ME will ya?!!!

Cheetsy Coyote: Bow down to me NOW!

Super Crazzy: Oh YEAH?! Bow down to THIS!!! ::throws an orange at Cheetsy Coyote::

Cheetsy: You win for today!! But I'll be back!!!!

Gemineye: Uh-huh. Sure you will. ::throws a pillow at Cheetsy::

Cheetsy: Ow!! Insurgent little human you!! ::rubs his head::

Gemineye: Where are these people coming from?! Okay. Neri...Do you plan revenge on StarWolf and ChaosGrotto for destroying you base?

Corneriette: OF COURSE! ::Wolf throws an apple at Andrew but it misses and hits Corneriette::

Corneriette:That's it! I've had ENOUGH!! ::Jumps at Wolf with her paint ball gun::

Wolf: I'm sorry! No! No! Don't...please......FOR THE LOVE OF GOD....NOOOOO!!! Manito! Terreck! Help meee!!

Manito: Oh yeah...that's right. I just forgot. You don't HAVE any brothers REMEMBER?

Terreck: Heh heh! ::Terreck takes out a Nerf gun::

::Corneriette shoots green paint at Wolf. Manito takes out a BB gun and Terreck shoots Nerf darts at Wolf::

Gemineye: I'll never get anything done NOW.

Andrew: My middle name is...

Fox: Go AWAY will ya?!

Leon: GERONIMO! ::Leon jumps off of the refrigerator and lands ontop of Falco::

Katt: OH! So you're going out with LEON TOO?!!

Falco: No! Wait! I can EXPLAIN! Darn it Leon!!

Andrew: Doesn't anyone want to hear what my middle name is?!

Bill: My tamigotchi named Pickles died! Waaaah

Peppy: SO! Just reset it!

Bill: Oh yeah!

Gemineye: So...Corneriette...wait! DON'T SHOOT! I ONLY WANNA ASK A QUESTION!!

SPLAT! ::Corneriette shot me anyway! Now I have green paint on my face::

Corneriette: Sorry friend! Here..let me wipe the paint off . ::Grabs some Kleenex tissues::

Gemineye: No! Don't wipe it off! You'll smear it all over my face.

Corneriette: Oh stop it! I'm trying to help you! Hold still.

Gemineye: NO! You're not wiping it're rubbing it IN!!!

Corneriette: See? There! Now there's no more paint on you fa...oops! ::Holds up a mirror so I can see my face::

Gemineye: MY FACE IS COMPLETELY GREEN!!!! Why you little......

Fox: ::sighs:: Might as well...... ::dumps a bucket of green paint on me::

Karma:: SLIPPY?! Get BACK here!!!

Croakella: ::Comes in the trailer weilding a stick:: Anyone of you see a little green froggy with a red hat hop this way?

Lenny: Duhhhh. He went thata way George.

Karma: ::with a noose in her hands:: Thankee!

General Pepper: Look at what I can do! ::Turns off the lights::

Fara: HEY! Turn the lights back on!!

Carol Anne from the Poltergeist: ::In a creepy voice:: Go into the light.


Andrew: Does anyone wanna know what my middle name is?

Everybody except Andrew: NO!!!!!!

Slippy: ::Knocks on the front door of the trailer. I answer:: Whew! I finally lost Croakella and Karma! Who the....? ALIENS!!!!

Gemineye: Cool it Slippy! It's only me! It's just paint!!

Slippy: Kill it! DIE! DIE! DIE!

Gemineye: I gotta go guys! See ya next time!

Andrew: Why doesn't anyone wanna know what my middle name is!!?!

Pigma: Hey, Gemineye? Your toilet don't work so good.

Gemineye: That's it! No more interviews!! ::Gets into a straight jacket:: Creedemore here I come!!!!

An interview with Fara Phoenix By Gemineye

Gemineye: Hiya everybody! First it was my basement, then a trailer, but now I'm having my third interview in my school's gym.

Fara: let's start interviewing shall we?

Gemineye: Okily dokily. Fara? Does your father know you are a stunt pilot and have your own team?

Fara: Why, yes he does. You don't think I wouldn't tell daddykins that stuff do you?

Gemineye: ::swears under her breath:: Oh. I just thought maybe...perhaps you were more than the little rich girl. But, DARN!! You're as clean as the inside of a dogs mouth!

Bill: Oh GEEZ! Thanks for the compliment!

Peppy: ::weilding a carrot:: Watch your mouth sunnyboy!

Falco: Who are you calling sunnyboy anyway? You're only 46! It's not like you're his grandfather or something!!

Gemineye: ::bangs her head against the wall:: Not again! Huh?

Fara: Who the heck?! Is that possible?

Vixy: Oh, what are you all gawking at anyhow? If James can do I can TOO!


Vixy: Stop it! Everybody stop staring at MEEEE!!!

Gemineye: Does anyone else hear twilight music besides me?

Vixy: Want some peanut butter?

Pigma: OOOOO! Me! Me! I want some peanut butter!!

Everybody except Pigma: Was there ever any doubt?

Fox: Mom? MOM! Here I am!

James and Vixy: Here we go again!

Gemineye: Fara, if you and Vixy are two different species of fox, why do you think you both look the same?

Fara: Closely kept beauty secrets.

Katt: I WANT THOSE BEAUTY SECRETS AND I WANT THEM NOW!!!! ::throws a basket ball at Fara::

Gemineye: Uh-huh. KATT!! LOOK OUT BEHIND YOU!!

Katt: AHHHGHHHH!! What is it? Kill it!! It's going to eat meeee!!!

Terreck: ::taps Katt on the shoulder. Katt jumps at least 20ft. in the air::

Katt: THAT was NOT funny!

Andross: Vanilla

Peppy: Strawberry

Andross: VANILLA!



Peppy: VANILLA...hey wait a minute! STRAWBERRY

Gemineye: Why me? ::Falco hits me in the head with a basket ball::

Falco: Little help! HEY! I said little help! It means PASS ME THE BALL!

Gemineye: Oh, I'll pass you the ball all right! C'mere blue bird! ::grabs a lasso that just happened to be there and tries to catch Falco::

Falco: Get away from me! This isn't a rodeo!

Gemineye: Well it is NOW!

Corneriette: Yipee yigh yo kigh yay!

Slippy: Take that sombrero off of your head

Corneriette: Who's gonna make me? Take that baseball cap off of YOUR head!

Slippy: No!

Corneriette: Yes!

Slippy: No!

Peppy: Strawberry!

Slippy and Corneriette: WRONG ARGUMENT!

Andross: Ha ha! They yelled at you!

Gemineye: GOTCHA! ::lassos Falco around the beak and hauls him in.

Fara: I'm hungry.

Andrew: Does anyone wanna know what my middle name is?!

Fox: For the love of cheese doodles! JUST SAY IT ALL READY!!

Andrew: It's Alawishes!

Everyone besides Andrew and Fox: Hahahahaahaa!

Fox: HEY! That's my middle name TOO! :: everyone turns to face James and Vixy::

James: Don't look at ME!

Vixy: You named our son WHAT! ::smacks James over the head with her purse::

Fara: I'm hungry!

Gemineye: Fara, what's with the gloves? Why are they half way up your arms?

Fara: Well, when you live with slobs like tend to want to...well...not touch anything that's not yours. But since Falco's stuff is all over the floor in GreatFox!!! It's just a sanitary thing to do!

Falco: I am NOT filthy!! It's not like I have fleas or something! OW!! What just BIT me?

Katt: THAT'S IT! I'm going in for a flea shot!

Falco: Aw come on Katt! It's nothing serious...I don't have fleas...OW! OUCH!

Katt: Eww! Stay away from me! You're contagious!

Gemineye: Uhhh, Falco. Could you go outside and wait in the car or something? PLEASE!

Fara: Yes, and make it quick...I want a large pie, with everything on it and a small order of garlic knots. Huh? Yeah..with pepperoni and extra cheese.

Gemineye: Who are you talking to?


Gemineye: Oh! And since when does your mom work in LITTLE CAESERS?!!!

Fara: DANG IT!

Primal: Forget it. I'll pay for it.

Corneriette: Hi Primal.

Primal: Heya buttercup!

Gemineye: Who's the black wolf? ::winks her eye at Corneriette::

Corneriette: ::blushes::

Primal: FOX!!! I'M A BLACK FOX!!!

Wolf, Manito, Terreck and Lisboa Diago: What's wrong with being a wolf!?!

Gemineye: Please don't start. Just please...PLEASE don't start!

Peppy: I think she's losing her mind over here. ::looks at me weirdly::

My mom: You THINK she's losing her mind! I don't think she was BORN with one!

Gemineye: MOMMMM!!

My mom:'s the truth.

Gemineye: I'm drowning in IDIOTS!

Corneriette: No you're NOT! You don't even have your bathing suit on.

Gemineye: Fara, how many people are on your team and who are they?

Fara: ::with her mouth full of pizza:: Mgrfff mphuh grrmuth hihth

Gemineye: I see!

Andross: Vanilla RULES!!


Andross: VANILLA


An employee from Hagen Daaz: SHUT UP THE BOTH OF YOUUU!!!

Andross and Peppy: ::get real quiet::


Gemineye: What the HECK is wrong with you!?


Gemineye: NO! Not THAT...anything but THAT!

Corneriette: Who ate my slice of pizza?!

::Everyone turns to look at Fara::

Fara: Well don't look at ME! *BURP* Excuse me.

Pigma: Table manners!

Fara: I'll show YOU table manners! ::throws a pizza slice at Pigma::

Sister Gena: What on Earth is going on here!!

Gemineye: YIPES!! It's the vice-principal!! HIDE!

::Everyone hides under the bleachers, except Falco. He has to be the idiot and tries hiding on the basket ball hoop::

Sister Gena: Why is there pizza in the gym?! MMMM! Pepperoni!

::CRACK!! The basket ball hoop breaks and Falco flops down on Sister Gena::

Sister Gena: ACK!! FLEAS!! Get'em off! Get'em OFF!

Falco: I don't have any fleas!

James: Liar.

Gemineye: How do Sillabub and La of Ca handle this? Waahaaaaaaa!

Sister Gena: So you're behind all of this? Detention for a week!

Gemineye: You can't give me detention. I quit! NO! Not the ruler!! This is SACRELIGOUS!!

Janitor: You heard the woman! Get cleaning ::chases me with a mop::

Gemineye:I want my LAWYER!

Slippy: No!

Corneriette: Yes!

Slippy: No!

Vixy: Who wants more peanut butter

Pigma: I do! I do!

Vixy: I said who wants more PEANUT BUTTER! Not who is a BUTTER BALL!

Corneriette: They make good turkey.

Falco: My cousin is a turkey

Fara: Mmmmmmm

Corneriette: Yeah, well your cousin doesn't have fleas!

Gemineye: Well thanks a lot guys! Now we're ALL in detention! See ya next time everybody...whenever they let me out of SANDBOX(detention)!!

An interview with Felix Priyme With Gemineye

Gemineye: I lied. I'm making yet another interview!!

Angil: Yes!! I KNEW you'd see it MY way!!

Gemineye: Yeah, whatever!! We're at Peppy's house...he's not home...heh heh heh
Today I'll be interviewing the ESP possesing, mechanical whiz, expert fighter pilot and scientist, the catox.......Felix Priyme!!

Felix: Hiyaz!!

Gemineye: Okay. So how did you wind up with so many professions?

Katherine McCloud: What the heck happened to my room!

Fox: Uh....I sort of.....had a party

Felix: Er....who are you?

::Katherine morphs into Felix::

Felix: Stop that!! To answer your question, my dad and mom taught me all I know and....what the HECK is that guy doing?

Puffy: I'm da fuzzy wuzzy wuffy Puffy!! ::hugs his tail::

Corneriette: I'm da fluffy I can't rhyme!

Gemineye: Tell me about it! Anyhoo, Felix, why do you always play tricks on your brother and sister? And who do you have a crush on....

Felix: ::uses ESP to mobilize Corneriette:: Cause it's fun. I like Lisboa...::blushes::

Corneriette: I...can't....move.....

Wolf: Hey! Let go of my tail!!

Puffy: Fine! Be that way! ::rasberries Wolf = P::

Lisboa: Fruit pie!! ::throws a pie at Puffy::

Gemineye: Nooooo!!! I knew this would happen!!!

Ambis Cosmos: Peace to everyone!! Peace! Peace! Peace!

Corneriette: Huh? Pieces of what?

Ambis Cosmos: Silly! ::does the peace sign:: That kind of peace.

Andrew: Huh? Rest in pieces?

Katt: Rest in piece?

Ambis Cosmos: Arghhhhh!!!! Nevermind!!

Katherine: FOX! You wrecked my room!! ::throws a broom to Fox:: Clean that mess up NOW!!

Falco: Hey! Look!! I'm sober! I'm sober!!

Viceroy: Wow...after only what...66 straight days of drinking?

Poodle: Hi there Viceroy....::winks::

Strykir: Nobody pays attention to meeee!!!!

Ambis Cosmos: I will! Peace to ya, buddy!

Strykir: Pie? I'm not hungry..thanks anyway.

Ambis Cosmos: Knock it off!!

Gemineye: Felix, since you're the oldest do you have more freedom than your sister Corneriette and your brother Strykir?

Strykir and Andrew: Pay attention to me!! Pay attention to me!! Pay attention to me!!

Corneriette: I have more of a life than Felix does.

Sillabub: BINGO!!!

Pipsy: Huh?

Silabub: I won! I won!! Pay up!! ::extends paw::

Gemineye: Here ya go. ::hands Silla a dollar::

Fox: Hey! Where's that dollar you owe me Gemineye?!

Gemineye: Huh? Oh yeah, I borrowed a dollar from you to buy ice cream. ::hands Fox a dollar::

Fox: Thankee!

Gemineye: WAIT A MINUTE!! We weren't playing bingo! FOX! YOU borrowed that dollar from ME! Come back here!!

Sarumarine: Disrespectful little welps!!

Katt: Huh? You're that idiot who polluted my planet!! ::pulls out a hand grenade::

Sarumarine: Arr arr! I'll teach ye some respect.

Leon: R-E-S-P-E-K-T....I think I've lost my hooked on phonics book.

Puffy: Fuzz, anyone?

Corneriette: What the heck is fuzz? What's with your tail? Um....why do you have ARE a wolf aren't you?

Puffy: ::throws a wet towel at Falco::

Falco: ::trips over Slippy:: Aw...DANG! I spilled my beer.

Gemineye: I thought you were going to be sober this time.

Falco: Uh..did I say beer? Heh....I meant....ROOTbeer...heh heh....

Sillabub: Tork!!!

Falco: Snorks?

Vixen: Forks?

Ambis: Peace?

Sillabub: I said TORK!!!!

::Everyone turns around and looks at Silla whose wielding a giant poster of Peter Tork::

Sillabub: Sorry.....silly me.....

Pigma: Hey Primal! Um....I was just wondering if...

Primal: AB-SO-LOOT-LEE-NOT!!! I am NOT buying you any more pizza.

Angil: Hey, Katherine! Watch this! ::swings from the ceiling fan by her ankles::

Katherine: Oooo! Kewlies!! ::does the same as Angil::

Twink: Teletubbies!!!

Gemineye: ::gets hit in the face with a mud pie::

Puffy: Sorry....that was supossed to hit Ambis.

Ambis: Don't worry Gemy. I'll clean ya off. ::throws a bucket of ice water at Gemineye::

Gemineye: You two are SO dead! ::runs outside and returns a few minutes later rinding a lawnmower::

Andross: Vanilla!

Lyla Hare: Starwberry!

Andross: Vanil....hey! Where's Peppy?

Lyla Hare: I'm filling in for my uncle. Let's continue shall we?

Corneriette: Silla! You cheated! I'm supossed to win that bingo game!

Sillabub: Oh yeah?! Sez who!?

Corneriette: Sez the guy I paid $20 dollars to, to make sure I win!

Katherine: ::falls down from the ceiling fan:: Yikes!!!!!

Wolf: Hey! You Eee! Get the heck offa me!!

Puffy: Aw, c'mon Gemineye! I was only kiddin!! I'm sorry! I'm sorry! Stop chasing meeeeee!!!

Ambis: Lay off, Gemineye! I was just trying to helllllp!

Gemineye: Get over here! ::chases Puffy and Ambis through Peppy's house::

Astra Stellar: Meteo rocks! ::rasberries everyone = P::

Katt and Angil: Zoness rocks!

Astra: Meteo!

Katt: Zoness!!

Astra: Meteo!!!

Oriana LodeStar: Bagatell!!!

Angil: You're not even from the Lylat system!

Oriana: Um...who's that wolf with the pink hair?

Karma: That's Gemineye Briggs...why?

Oriana: 'Cause she's riding on a lawnmower and it's coming our way!!!! ::hides under the couch::

Gemineye: I..can't....stop..this...thing!!

George Jetson: That's okay! I'll get Jane!

Gemineye: ::crashes into a wall:: Omigoodness!! I've broken the wall!

Fox: You're supossed to be the smartest one here!

Gemineye: Me? But I'm only 17! YOU are older! You're taking the blame for this..not me!!

Fox: Oh yeah!

Gemineye: YEAH! ::whips out her chainsaw::

Annie: When Peppy comes home....tell him I moved to China!

Derek Kit: Why?

Veronica Priyme: I'm alive! I'm alive!!

Corneriette, Strykir, Felix: Mom?!! ::they faint::

Vixy: Hmm.....maybe THIS will revive them... ::takes out a jar of peanut butter::

James: What is it with you and peanut butter?

Pigma: What is she doing? What is she doing! Make her sssstttttooooppppp!!!!

Silla: Make who stop?

Pigma: Veronica! Make her go away. She's been dead for six months! Ahhhhh!!!!!!!

Katherine: ::morphs into Peter Tork::

Silla: Huh?'s HIM!!!! C'mere you!! I love you!! Love! Love! Love! Love! Love!

Puffy: ::hugging his puffy tail:: Mmmmm! Fuzzzzzz!!

Katherine: Go away! Go away! I'm NOT Peter!!

Silla: ::wearing a wedding dress:: You're not leaving 'til we get married!

Katherine: Help! I can't change back! I can't change baaaack!

Felix: Y'know. Sometimes I wish I'd of stayed in Karakul.

Angil: ::smashing things:: Hmm, I wonder if Peppy has a garden..

Gemineye: Nooo! Don't go out there!!

Angil: Ooo! Geraniums! ::starts stomping on the flowers in Peppy's garden::

General Pepper: Has anyone seen my flea collar?

::All heads turn toward Falco::


Katt: Liar!

Slippy: I have only said ONE thing!! Darn the author of this!! Darn you!!

Jillian(the author): What did you just say? ::evil grin::

Slippy: Er...nothing....eep!

Jillian: Oh...good! I ALMOST opened a plot hole that led to where all the teletubbies live...but...nah..nevermind.

Slippy: NO! Not the teletubbies!! Ahhhhhhh!

Viceroy: Who are those people? Outside. The one's in the white?

Gemineye: Oh no! They've found me! They're gonna bring me back to the insane asylum!
::hides in the refridgerator::

KFC workers: Where from Kentucky fried chicken. We're looking for Falco Lombardi.

FlareWolf: Heh heh heh heh!

Falco: I'll get you for this, O'Donnell!!

Wolf, Terreck, Manito: Oh yeah! You lay one feather on her and see what we DON'T do to you!

Flare: Bye-bye birdie!

Falco: You can't rotissarie me! I'm not going down without a fight!

KFC workers: All right! that's enough! ::tranqulizes Falco::

Sillabub: ::still chasing Katherine:: Come back! Come back!

Katherine: Halp!!!

Flare: I thought I paid KFC to take you away.

Viceroy: No, I'm Falco's twin broth- awww no ya don't!! Get away from me!!

Flare: I can get twice as much for you!!!

Viceroy: ::throws the entire britannica encyclopedia collection at FlareWolf O'Donnell:: Noooo! Neri! Help!!

Katherine: ::wielding a paper mache machete:: You back off ya hear?!!

Silla: A priest! We must find a priest!!

Ambis: Show me tha money! Show me tha money!

Gemineye: Ummm.......

Corneriette: ::doing the Xena war cry:: I'll save ya Viceroy!!

Fox: ::raiding the refridgerator:: There's nothing here but carrots, carrots, and more pineapples....I mean carrots

Mortisha: I hear a car coming intot he drive way...

Wolf: Crud!! Evereyone hide!!

Ambis: Luke! I am your brother! I mean father!...Wait...I'm neither...I don't know anyone named Luke anyhow.

Karma: Leapfrog!! ::Hops over Croakella::

Croakella: What? YOU again!

Slippy: Here we go again!

::Peppy walks into the house::

Peppy: What in TARNATION?!

Puffy: Oooo. A bunny wabbot!

Bunnie Rabbot: You called?

Sonic: 1-800-COLLECT

Tailz: No! AT&T

Knuckles: You're BOTH WRONG! It's 10-10-321!!


Annie: Remember! I am NOT here....I moved Atlantic ocean...I am NOT here....::slowly creeps out of the house::

Peppy: There's mud on the couch, water on the floor! Fuzz of some sort on my trophy, a wedding veil? Oh no! MY GERANIUMS!!!!!

Gemineye: I didn't do it! Fox made me do!

Fox: Did not!

Leon: Did too!!

Ambis: Uh...I was never here....gotta go....PEACE everyoen!! ::runs out the door::

Peppy: What'd she say? Peaks?

Ambis: SHUT UP!!!!!!!

Derek: Hey, Ang!


Katherine: Get away from me!! Somebody HELP!

Sillabub: ::With a lasso in her paws:: PETER! Wait! Come back!!!

Puffy: ::still hugging his tail:: Dis was fun!

Corneriette: C'mon Primal...let's go.

Primal: ::ginning:: D-uh...okay!

SilverRaven: Don't you DARE lay a hand on her!

Candy: Are you my daddy?

Primal: SliverRaven, you just a ship! I'm not your daddy Candy.

Candy and SilverRaven: Waaaaaaaaaaaaa!

Puffy: ::finally stops hugging his tail:: I'm tired. Buh-bye everybody! ::flys out the door::

Flare: Viceroy! Come BACK here!

Betty Lombardi: You'd better lay offa my brother!

Flare: Ooo! Another birdie ta fricisee!!

Trini Ann Lombardi: Lay offa my cousin!

Flare: Ooo! Another bird! YOU can be a side dish!

Andross: What's with you and Kentucky Fried Chicken?

Katherine: ::morphs back into herself:: Whew! Finally!!

Ambis: For the last time! P-E-A-C-E! PEACE!!!

Banjo and Kazooie: Huh? Puzzle?

Ambis and Corneriette: AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!

Stacy Cornbred's Star Wolf Interview.......

Interviewer:Hello!I'm Stacy Cornbred,here today to officially interview
the Star Wolf team after their second defeat and after the took a break
from flying by getting drunk!

Stacy Cornbred:Wolf,how did you feel when you got shot down by the
almighty Fox?

Wolf(Drunk):Well,I'll tell you what Stacy,luv!I ain't answerin' a
single bloody question 'till sombody tells me about this bar!*Points to

Stacy:Uh,what's seems to be the problem?

*Video Camera zooms a little bit in to get a clear screen*

Wolf:What seems to be the problem?OPEN YOUR FREAKIN' EYES,LUV!!!!
*Knocks over a bottle* This bud-lite tastes like P*** and BUDWEISER
tastes like P***,too!I'm bigger than any other member of the Star Wolf
team and I can't get RED DOG?!??!???

*Leon walks into the picture and points to a bottle called Red Dog*

Leon:So,what's this then?*Looks at Stacy*Oh,hello luv!Ever shagged a
Chamelion Pilot before?

Wolf(Angry):GET LOST,YOU WANKER!Before kick your @$$ back to space!!

Leon:I'd like to see you try you cheesy little poof!*Faces Stacy again*
So,luv.Wanna go back to me room and have a shag or two?

Wolf(VERY ANGRY):GET LOST!She doesn't want to shag you!!If she's gonna
shag,it's gotta be me!!

Leon:You wanna rock?I'll bust your gut up right now!*Punches Wolf*

Wolf:AAAHH!!!You smelly old--

Leon:You think you got what it takes?

Wolf:Definetely maybe,mate!

Leon:C'mon let's go!

Wolf:*Punches Leon* Take that!

*Leon and Wolf start fighting each other*

Stacy:Eh.......*Moves to the other side to face Pigma and Andrew*

Stacy:Pigma,what is it like NOT getting your reward?

Pigma:HORRIBLE!Andross didn't give my first reward when I captured James
McLoud and now he said he is gonna leave me BROKE!I'm gonna take
sweet revenge on him,but since Andross is already dead I'm gonna kill


*Punches Andrew and they start to fight each other*


*Pigma and Andrew fight their way to where Leon and Wolf are.Pigma
accidentally hits Wolf,now the ENTIRE Star Wolf team are fighting
each other*


Minutes later......

*Star Wolf team are singing togther and drinking beer together*

Stacy:As you can see they all may hate each other's guts,but there is
one thing that keeps together!And that's the music!

Wolf:*Throws down bottle* Your outta tune,you shaggy bumlicker!

Leon:NO,Your the one that's out of tune!!

Pigma and Andrew:Your both outta tune!

Leon and Wolf:Oh yeah?

*Star Wolf Team fights each other again*

Stacy:.........Never mind.

Stacy Cornbred's Slippy Interview....

Stacy:Hello!I'm Stacy Cornbred giving another interview!

Stacy:Slippy,when you joined Star Fox,how'd you feel?




Stacy:Why are you silent?

Slippy:Well,I was paid to.


Slippy:I'm really a spy of a great Saboteour namd Dr.Zachary Smith!
He paid me to steal some data from the Arwings!

Stacy:I see.....

Slippy:He also said that after Andross is dead,and I got the Data,is to
leave the Great Fox immediately!

Stacy:And you didn't?

Slippy:That's why I'm still here!

Stacy:But,what does he mean..*Alarms go off*What the heck?!!??

*Suddenly a Robot comes in*

Robot:Destroy all systems!Destroy all targets!


Robot:Target locked!

Slippy:Hey,what the--

*Slippy gets zapped by the robot,as Stacy escapes the Great Fox in a
shuttle.Great Fox explodes*

Stacy:There goes my interview...

*Suddenly Leon appears*

Leon:Say,luv?Remember that time where I said we could have a shag?


Leon:You wanna have it now?


Leon:I'll see you a song!*Wearing a robe and very fancy bed in the back
of the shuttle*

Leon:*Singing* Tonight is the night for love......I wanna touch you
where the don't show......Tonight is the night for love,I wanna keep
you burning like a dog in the heat.....Tonight is the night for love..
Loooooove gravy!Ladies and Gentlemen,Elton John!

*Elton John enters*

Elton:Ooooooh,tonight!Oooooh,that's right!Oooh,tonight is the night
for love!

Leon:Tonight is the night for love....Loooooooove graaaaavy!

*Stacy claps.Leon puts the ship on stop mode*

*Leon kisses Stacy.Elton is standing there,watching*

Leon:HEY!Why are you still here??!????

*Leon opens the airlock door and throws Elton out*


*Leon closes the cockpit windows*

Stacy:This is Stacy Cornbred........*Leon kisses her*....signing off!

Stacy Cornbred's Fox McLoud interview......

Stacy:Hello!I'm Stacy Cornbred!After my interview with Leon(Hair is
messed up) I will now interview Fox McLoud!

Stacy:Fox,if Wolf O'donnel says that he wants to join the Star Fox Team
what would you say?

Fox:Well.....this is what I would say:"Well,Wolf....NO!YOU HEAR ME?!?!?
YOU GO TO HELL!!!!YOU GO TO HELL AND YOU DIE!!!" that's what I would


Stacy:How do you feel about Falco.

Fox:He is really big jerk.I hope when he dies,he goes to the deepest
darkest hell!

Stacy:And Peppy?

Fox:I like Peppy.But he is annoying!'Follow you father's example!' THAT
is what I hate!When he has to retire,I hope he goes to the deepest
darkest dumpster there is!

Stacy:......and Slippy?

Fox:....He's dead.He got zapped to death by a Robot and--


Stacy:What the hell?!!?

*The Robot comes in with Slippy riding it's back*


*Stormtroopers come in*

1# Stomtrooper:Freeze,Rebel scum!

Fox:What the heck?Wrong movie!

*Stormtooopers fire anyway*

*Robot blows up as Slippy falls out an airlock*


*Star Fox team takes off in Arwings*

Stacy:What about me?

*Stormtroopers closing,but they get blasted by Leon*


Leon:You think I leave without you?

*Both Stacy and Leon hop into Slippy's Arwing and take off*

*Stormtroopers get sucked into space,as Darth Vader's Super Star
Destroyer fires at Stacy and Leon's Arwing*

Leon:Eat bombs,helmet boy!

*Blows Star Destroyer with bombs*

Leon:*Faces Stacy* Say,luv.Wanna do another interview with me?


*Suddenly a big Cube appears*

Stacy:What now?!??

Borg:We are the borg,lower your shields and surrender your ships.


*Borg Cube attacks Arwing*

Stacy:OH @##$%%^&$!!!!!!!!!

Leon:Stacy.....luv....what's a @##$%%^&$?

*Arwing fires one shot and Cube blows up to bits*

*Flies away*

Leon:Now,we are alone!

*Suddenly,a ship the size of One Fourth of Eath's Moon appears*

Stacy:NOW WHAT?!?!????

*The mothership unleashes city-sized space ships*

Leon:Uhhh.....let's go!

*Goes into hyperspace*

Stacy:NOW we are alone!

*Winds up in the middle of a space battle*

Leon:Oh,for the love of--

*Goes into hyperspace again and is finally alone*



Stacy:What do you think happened to slippy?

*Slippy apppears in front of the ship floating*


Leon:Aaahh,he's fine!I'm sure he won't mine....*Kisses Stacy and Slippy


*Leon blows up Slippy with a Nova Bomb*

Stacy Cornbred's special and final interview!

Stacy:Hello!Today I'm gonna interview someone very special!
General Pepper!

Stacy:General,how was it like to defeat Andross again!

General Pepper:Well,it went like this..........Corneria was under attack
by Venomian army and we had panicked!But,our political forces pulled
through!Why,everybody serves the Cornerian army under official rights...

Hours Later.....

General Pepper:.....and like the song said,"The bombs red glare." the
bombs weren't really red,you see in these days and my days,we had purple
and blue bombs....

More hours later.......

General Pepper:......and we never gave up!For the Star Fox team were
only help!Not our only hope!It was me who destroyed the attack cruiser
because my army had political rights,which in my days were called rules

Hours later,Blah blah blah......

General Pepper:.....needed Rogaine to get rid of
themonkeys!Why?Political Rights!It always should be used in times of
polictical crisis,but in the old days it was called Chaos and.....

Hours...well you know.

General Pepper:.....bathrooms!That's right!We used bathrooms as
torpedoes,which in the old days were called missiles,which reminds me of
that time when....

Hours---I QUIT.....

General Pepper:....and we prevailed!

*Stacy is asleeped and wakes up*

Stacy:Great story! how did you feel when you were

General Pepper:We fought them long and hard,for a lasers blasted them to
Phenomenom Bits,which in my days were called shrapnel,which reminds of
this story....


*Suddenly a handsome guy comes and shoots Pepper between the eyes*


*Stacy looks at the man*

Stacy:Thank you.My name is Stacy.

Man:Your welcome!my name is Kyle!Rebel agent.

*Kyle kisses her and Leon comes in*

Leon:You shaggy bum licker!

*Leon and Kyle start to shoot each other*

*Kyle kisses Stacy again*

Kyle:You better go.It's gonna take me awhile.

Stacy:Not exactly!*Faces Camera* Boss,I quit!

*Stacy slaps Leon and goes out with Kyle*

The End

Stacy Cornbred's Comback Interwiew.....

Stacy:Hello!If you recall yesterday,I quitted my job!Well,now I'm making
a comeback because interviewing is my LIFE!Here today I'm going to
Interwiew the Star Fox team AND some special guests!

Stacy:Peppy,have you ever tried to baby-sit Fox?

Peppy:No!Of course not!He was a young man by the time when I returned!
And besides every time I do he wines,"I want my Daddy,WAAAAAH!" and
ticks me off!


Stacy:Slippy,last time Leon blew you away with a Nova Bomb and escaped!
How do you feel?

Slippy:I feel fine!The put me in this little chamber which I forgot!They
told me a small,incy,weeny piece of my brain vaporized!

Stacy:That I could see!

*The wall kicks down and 4 kids with handguns,shotgun,rifles and machine
guns appear*

Kyle:Whoa!Kenny,you were right!


Stan:Wow!Look at all those animals!


Stacy:And you are....?

Stan:Were kids from Southpark!!

Southpark kids:Yeah!

Fox:Why are you here?

Kyle:Were hunting!Hey Stan!You see that Rabbit right there?Shoot it!

*Stan aims his shotgun and hesitates*

Stan:I can't.

*Star Wolf team arrives*

Pigma:Prepare to die,Star Fox!

Cartman:Stan,your a big hippy treehugger,ya know?You can't kill

*Stan points his gun to Cartman's face*

Stan:But I could kill you,fat @$$!!!

Stan:In fact,this pig over reminds of you!!!


*Pigma gets shot in the forehead*

Kyle:This place is loaded!

*Kenny pulls out his Machine Gun and fries Wolf to a pancake*


*Kyle pumps 5 spray Bullets in Andrew with his rifle*

*Star Fox Team escapes in Arwings as Andross appears*

Andross:So,this is the mighty Star-

*Gets shot in the head by Cartman*

Cartman:Yea!I killed something bigger now!

*Star Wolf team is dead*

Cartman:I'm bored.I'm going to watch cartoons and Cheesy Poofs!

Kyle:Yeah!Cartoons kick@$$!

*Leon jumps in and on his knees*

Leon:Stacy,forgive me please!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Stacy:And why should I?

Leon:We had a good relationship!

Stacy:.......true........Alright,I forgive you!

*Leon kisses Stacy*

Stacy:This is Stacy Cornbred sighning off!

Another Stacy Cornbred interview with (again) the Star Fox team.....

Stacy:Hello!Today is my--

*Cartman shows up*

Fox:What the hell are you doing here?!?

Slippy:Aren't you supposed to be with your friends watching cartoons
and eating Cheesy Poofs?

BIT**-@$$ MOUTH!!!!!!!!

*Slippy shuts up*

*Cartman looks in the refriegerator*

Stacy:Eh.....back to what I was saying!Falco--

Falco:Hey,fat boy!Don't talk to Slippy that way!

Cartman(Very angry):GOD-DAM***!!!!!LEAVE ME @#$#%$ ALONE!!!!I CAN'T
GET---WEIGHT GAIN 4000!!!!

*Cartman chugs down Weight Gain 4000*


Falco:Yeah,what ever you little--

*Falco moves to choke Cartman*

*Cartman pulls out a Rifle*

Cartman:Back off,you son of a bit**!!!

Stacy:Eh.....(Idea!)*Writes down everything* Fat Boy annoys Flaco
Lombardi!What a title!

Cartman:I'm not fat!I'm big-boned!

Falco:That's it!

*Cartman shoots the insane Falco*

Stacy:WOW!Beefcake Boy KILLS Falco Lombardi!!

*Police arrives*

Police Cop:Freeze,Star Fox!

Cartman:No!Please don't--What?!!??

Remaining Star Fox Team:WHAT?!??

Police Cop:Your under arrest for not paying your bills!

Fox:Holy crap!IRS!!Run for it!!!

*As they run they got arrested anyways*

Cartman:Bought time you showed up,I've been waiting for hours!

Stacy:Wow........Beefcake Boy Cartman becomes hero!

Leon:Say,luv.How 'bout Chamelion makes love to interviewer?

Stacy:Oooh,Leon! *Both Leon and Stacy walk out*

The En--

Cartman:Hey!I didn't get my Cheesy Poofs!Oh,here they are!

*Cartman gets a bag of Cheesy Poofs and he walks away in the sunset....
swearing,cursing,eating Cheesy Poofs.......*

Another Stacy Cornbred and Fat Boy Cartman Interview......

Cartman:I'm not fat!I'm big-boned!

Stacy:Hello!For some reason,Cartman here has taken up the Interviewing
buisness to get money and Cheesy Poofs!Today,we are interviewing
Katina's Bill Grey!

*Cartman walks around eating Cheesy Poofs*

Stacy:Bill,before we start,what questions are on your mind?

Bill(Drunk):Well(hic) I frrrrrgott!

Stacy:You what?

Bill:I fffrrrrrgot!

Stacy:Eh......let's start!

Cartman:Cool ship!*Touches one of those Cornerian Fighters*

Stacy:Bill,what happened after Fox destroyed Andross?

Bill:Well(hic)I has hippy and WHOA! did I go drfnking deer?Ofah!


Cartman:Your a hippy?!?


*Cartman pulls out rifle*

Cartman:I don't like hippys!!!

Bill:SooooooooooooooOOOOOOOooooooooooooo,you isn't hippy?


Minutes later....

Stacy:Bill,how did you feel when--

*Cartman looks at a red button inside the ship*

Cartman:What does this do?


*Cartman Pushes Red Button,the ship explodes sending Cartman into space*

Stacy:Ah.............this Stacy Cornbred signing off!

Bill:What about my(Passes out)........

*As Cartman crash lands to his house,sits on the couch,watching TV and
eating Cheesy Poofs*

Life magazine interviewing SFT by: Triggerhappy

interviewer "so, how was it beating andross down the hard rought?"
fox "fa faf fath fe foo fo blebleble...."
peppy "its very nice." [giggling nervously]
falco "wake up fox you SOB!"[slaps fox]
interveiwer"whats wrong with him?"
peppy, slippy, falco in usion"i dont know."
fox [waking up]"father?"
interveiwer, peppy,slippy,falco"huh?"
interveiwer"fox, are you OK."
fox"yeah,im OK."
interveiwer"what helped you get out of androses base? your brains?your
wits?your instinced?
fox"my fother i think."
falco"yeah right"
interveiwer"what a headline,fox goes harebrain!"
[ funny farm picks up fox,lox him up,and throws away the key]
Falco"what do we do now."
peppy "I heard mario needed some help."
[they leave to go help mario and wile they are gone andross blows up

Cornerian news interveiws SFT by: Triggerhappy

interviewer "how does it feel to kick androsses @$$ for the
100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000th time.
fox[nearly asleep]"must.......get......sleeeeeep"[falls asleep on the spot]
peppy[yawns] "very tiring"
[fox starts snoring loudly.falco tries to drag him back to his room but
falls asleep at the door of the great fox]
peppy "sorry 'bout that"
interviewer "its ok.are you going to continue to kick androsses @$$."
slippy[angrily]"#^!! no!we are going to sleep"
peppy[angrily]"he gave up already, and you want us to fight some more!"
[slippy goes into great fox and uses cannons to blast interveiwer.peppy
goes inside, take both falco and fox to their rooms,and then he and slippy
go to bed.
ROB"i better turn on the silent liftoff engines.
[the great fox lifts off and leaves]

[General Salt has been employed as a reporter, and is going to meet the
Starfox team when they get off the Great Fox after defeating Andross]
[The Great Fox settles into a hangar, and the team get out]
SALT: So, Fox, what's it like to defeat one of the most evil forces in
[Fox looks dazed, and does not reply]
SALT: Uh, Fox?
[Falco kicks Fox in the back and he snaps out of it]
FOX: Wellsh, me and der team fort we'ds have a shelebrations party, myou
know? I think...I must have... had about...26 pints?
[Fox pitches forward on the floor]
FALCO: Slippy, get him outta here. He looks like a corpse.
[Slippy drags him into a corner]
SALT: Now, Falco, what IS it like to defeat one of the most evil powers
in the whole of-
[Wolf's ship crashes through the roof at the other end of the hangar]
WOLF: [Walking through an are of scaffolding, where mechanics are fixing
a ship] Ahahaha! I'll get you now, Starfox! Ahaha-[Hits his head on
[Wolf collapses]
SALT: I am TRYING to make an interview over here!! Now, HOW DOES IT-
[Something else crashes through the hole]
FALCO: What is that?
[A brown ball of fur unrolls from the plane wreckage, and reveals itself
to be Diddy Kong, flying his plane from Diddy Kong Racing!]
DIDDY: What was that, that thing that hit me... yes [Points to wolf's
crashed ship] that crashed into me!
[Diddy's plane boot explodes, and bananas fly everywhere]
SALT: Where did you get all those bananas?
DIDDY: Well, if you must know I found them. Legally. Most definately
SALT: Well that's OK then. Now, Flaco,
FALCO: -Falco-
SALT: Yes Falco, what is it like to-
VOICE FROM OUTSIDE: Open up! This is a raid! We now you're in there, we
have the
building surrounded!
FALCO: What is going on!?
VOICE FROM OUTSIDE: Some guy pillaged a banana plantation and was last
flying through the roof of this building! Open up, or we'll bring in the
DIDDY: Oh yes, that. I've got to go now.
[Jumps in his plane and takes off]
FALCO: Let's go!
[Starfox team jumps in the great fox]
FALCO: Slippy, fetch Fox.
[Slippy gets pushed out the door again, and drags Fox into the Great
[Bang of battering ram from outside; door doesnt break yet]
PEPPY: Get going, Rob!
[Another bang, door buckles but doesn't collapse yet]
WOLF: Urgh... what happened to me?
[Door falls over just as the Great Fox leaves, only Wolf gets caught.]

Interview with StarFox and more...

Silla's first interview after a long retreat someplace in Asia......

Silla: Hullo, duckies! Gee, it was fun there, in Asia, but you can't stay
there forever. Well, maybe you can, but I can't. Join us today for an
interview with....uhhh...some dudes. Let's see, that's Fox, and there's
Slippy over there locked in the closet. And lots of other people standing
around staring at each other. we go!

Fox: Where are the refreshments?

Silla: Ahh! Mr. McCloud! What are your opinions on the recent riots on
Sunset Strip?

Peter Tork: Well, there's been a lot of vandalism....

Micky Dolenz: Actually, since I've been there, they've been demonstrations
instead of riots. But the newspaper reporters write about riots, I guess
because demonstration is too hard to spell, so they use the word riot because
it only has four letters.

Fox: Riots? Sunset Strip? Who are those people? You said there would be
refreshments, so where are they?

Silla: That's beside the point. What do you think about mass media and its
influence on youth?

Fox: Why do you say there are refreshments, and now there are no

Silla: I may have lured people here under false pretences of refreshments.

Fox: So there aren't any? [sulks]

Silla: You can order a pizza if you pay for it yourself.

Fox: [brightens considerably] Okay! [runs off to the phone]

Falco and Leon: [walk into Silla's house]

Falco: So, what I was thinking was, hey, if he wants to feed them Cream of
Root Beer soup, what problem is it of mine?

Leon: You're right, man. HEY! Look at that trail of pistachio shells you've
been dropping all over town. If you commited a crime, the police would have
no trouble tracking you down!

Falco: Oh. You're right. [starts picking up pistachio shells]

Pigma: [bumps into Falco] HEY! Watch where you're going, bird!

Leon: Cool it, man, he was just picking up his pistachio shells.

Pigma: Oh yeah? [tries to punch Leon]

Leon: [punches Pigma]

Pigma: [falls over]

Bystander: [runs over to Leon] Wow! What a great right! You knocked that
guy right over! You've got some talent...

Leon: Thank you. Can I have a cookie?

Bystander:, but I could help you break out in the boxing industry.

Leon: Forget it! If I became a boxer, I wouldn't have time to spend with my
new friends.

Silla: All this time I've been watching, and now I want some answers. Why
are you and Falco getting on so well, Leon?

Leon: We went to counseling. Now we're best friends!

Falco: That's right! We were just downtown cruising for chicks.

Silla: Any luck?

Falco: No. We had accidentally wandered into a golf club, and the only
people there were middle-aged guys in golf pants.

Silla: I see. [furiously taking notes]

Slippy: [bangs on door] Let me out!! Let me out!!

Silla: You're still locked in the closet? Someone let him out.

Peppy: Back in my day, we didn't have people to let us out when we were
locked in. And we had to walk around the small dinosaurs on the sidewalk.

Falco: [unlocks closet door]

Slippy: [falls out]

Bowling pins and ball: [land on Slippy]

Leon: Slippy came out of the closet!

Slippy: SHUT UP!

Leon: You shut up.

Slippy: No, YOU shut up!

Leon: No, YOU!


Leon: Okay, I *will*.

Slippy: [grins insanely]

Silla: Compelling!! [takes more notes] Leon, do you think you could tell us
a little about what you've been doing the past few weeks?

Leon: Well, I went to a course in accents. I flunked for both my British and
French accents, but they helped me work up a really good hick one.

Falco: Yeah! Do that one voice again, Leon.

Leon: "Ya just put the tape in the VCR, and it plays!"

Falco: [cracks up laughing] That one gets me every time!!

Katt: [kicks down the door] Prozac!! PROZAC NOW!!!

Silla: Very provocative! [scribbles notes madly] Can you tell us a little
about yourself, Miss Monroe?

Katt: Well, I went to a school for gifted youngsters until I was 6, and then
I started up at this dirty old public school where I met all my wonderful new
friends, and then we graduated from flight school, and I have a teddy bear.

Silla: Really?

Katt: Yeah! His name is Goo-Goo Eyes.

Falco: My mother used to call me that when I was a kid.

Silla: That's bordering on profound! [takes notes]

Fox: [walks back into living room with slice of pizza stuffed in mouth]
Hullo, everybody.

Silla: Waitasecond....the pizza delivery guy never got here, how did you get
the pizza?

Fox: There was a dealer outside.

Silla: Confounding.....[writes notes]

Leon: Just what have you been writing down, anyway?

Silla: [holds up paper, which displays a smiley face]

Leon: Oh, that's nice.

Silla: Yes, isn't that? I......OHH!!!!

Falco: What?! What's going on?!

Silla: I've just had a premonition that General Pepper is going to be shot in
ten minutes!


Silla: My watch must be slow. Well, that's all the time we have today!
Join us next time when the topic is "Pittsburgh: Where to find it"!


Silla: Hey, folks! Since no one's interviewed our least favorite high-
maintenance amphibian friend yet, I thought I'd do it.

Slippy: Was that an insult?

Silla: Never. Now Slippy, what are your thoughts on Andrew?

Slippy: Who, that goat always chasing me around? He's got a cool ship!

Silla: That's all you have to say? I thought he was supposed to be your main
rival. And he's not a goat.

Slippy: Whatever you say.

Silla: Eh whatever happened with you and Croakella?

Slippy: ::looking away:: *snif* That's personal business! *snif*

Silla: That bad?

Slippy: WAAAAAHHHHH! I will never love again!!

Falco: Ya stupid lizard!

Silla: Goodness! Chill, you two!

Leon: He started it!

Falco: Did not!

Leon: ::sticks tongue out::

Falco: Your father eats quiche!

Leon: Why you--!!!

Falco: And what kind of a last name is "Powalski"?

Leon: It's Polish! What the heck is "Lombardi"?!

Falco: Italian! And this is getting really boring. I'll punch you out just
like I did Fox all those years ago!

Silla: You punched out Fox? I thought you were friends.

Falco: We are! But he drank all the coffee!!

Slippy: I thought you were interviewing me!

Silla: Chill out, Slippy.

Falco: ::punches Leon::

Leon: OWWWWWW! I'm telling on you!

Falco: Who are you gonna tell? ::sneering::

Leon: That depends. Heh...

Silla: This is really getting ridiculous.

James: Getting? I'd say it's BEEN ridiculous...

Leon: Awww, whaddayou even care? You're dead!

James: Am not!

Leon: Are too!

James: That's it, I'm going for a beer...

Fox: NOO! Dad, please! ::starts to cry:: Mom and I have had enough of your
drinking habit! Call Charter!

Wolf: Crybaby!

Fox: DAD! Wolf's being mean to me again!

James: That's it, you little fuzzball! You touch my son and I'll...

Wolf: DAD!!!

Wolf's Dad: Stay away from my son!

Silla: Who the heck are you?

Wolf: That's my dad! ::smiles proudly::

Falco: Have you all lost your minds?!

Pigma: So who had a mind?

Katt: Hey Falco, are you done fighting with Leon?

Falco: Yeah! Let's go see a movie.

Slippy: ::to Katt:: Say, you're pretty cute. Wanna go out?

Katt: No Slippy...that's okay.

Slippy: Aww, c'mon. Pleeeez?

Katt: No, it's REALLY okay.

Falco: Back off, Slippy!

Silla: I thought you would never love again, Slippy?

Slippy: I got over it.

Leon: Falco, what are you doing? We're not done yet!

Falco: Shaddup! You've got a Polish last name and you CAN'T DECIDE whether to
have a FRENCH accent or an ENGLISH accent! You're just a poser!

Leon: I'm a chameleon, what do you expect??

Smithy: Over here, NOW! I'll crush you all!

Silla: Wrong game, bloke.

Smithy: Ope...darnit. Gwa ha ha!

Silla: Sheesh! There's a plot hole you could drive a truck through.

Peppy: *hack* Those were the good old days...

Silla: What's wrong with him?

Slippy: He's got alzheimer's...I'm surprised they let him out of the
retirement home.

Peppy: Calm down, you little whippersnappers! When I was your age I had to
walk twenty miles in the snow just for a carrot! And it was uphill---both
ways! We didn't get frostbite, we were born with it! And we had to slap each
other to keep warm!

Silla: And I suppose you had to walk around the small dinosaurs on the

Peppy: *cough* Watch your mouth, young lady. Why, when I was just a little
boy, we had some respect for our elders!

Falco: This is getting too weird for me! C'mon Katt, let's blow this popsicle
stand. Katt: You're right. These people are skipping without a rope.

::They leave::

Fox: ::crying::

James: Now you stop that! I didn't invest...what was it...3 years of my life
in bringing you up just so you could blubber like this!

Andrew: Crybaby!

Wolf: You should talk, Andrew! You stupid goat!

Andrew: I'm not a goat!

Pigma: Whatever you say, buddy.

Leon: I've known blocks of wood with a higher IQ than yours!

Andrew: Uncle Andross!!!! Wolf and Leon are being mean to me again!!

Andross: It's okay Andrew...I'll get you some ice cream!

Andrew: Okay!

Slippy: Can I come??

Andross: NO!

Silla: Slippy?! You know they're your sworn enemies?

Slippy: So what! Alliances aren't important when it comes to ice cream!

Bill: Whoa, Fox!

Fox: Bill?! Where'd you come from?

Bill: I'm delivering the pizza your dad ordered, dude!

Fox: Excellent!

Bill and Fox: ::air guitar thing::

Bill: Dude, while I'm here, I'm selling this fund raiser for high school!
Coupon books! Ask your mom if she wants one!

Fox: You're still in high school?

Bill: Of course! I cut school every day to fly around and never graduated!

Slippy: This is getting more interesting by the minute.

Silla: Not really. In fact, it's actually pretty boring.

Slippy: Wha-? But this is my interview? And it's boring? *sob*

Silla: Calm down, Slip!

Peppy: You young rips don't know how easy you have it!

Fox: Mmm, pepperoni!

Bill and Fox: ::air guitar::

Fox: See you later, dad! I'm going to Bill's house!

James: Have fun.

::Fox leaves::

James: Great! Now I can have that beer!

::James leaves::

Nurse: There you are, Mr. Hare! We've been looking all over for you! Who told
you you could leave the retirement home?

Peppy: ::waving cane at the nurse:: Bah! I don't need to be in a retirement

Nurse: There, there.... ::wheels Peppy out::

Wolf: Why am I still here? How did I even get here?!

Silla: It's a plot hole. Haven't you been paying attention?

Wolf: I'm getting out of here!

::Wolf leaves::

Leon: Where's Falco? I've got words with him!

Silla: Sheesh, Leon! He left!

Leon: Whu---well, I'll get him!

::Leon runs out::

Pigma: ::looking through refrigerator:: Isn't there anything good to eathere?!

Silla: Wot are you doing? That's my refrigerator!

Pigma: All you have is celery and tuna!

Silla: I live healthily and in peace...

Pigma: Yecchh! They've got better stuff at the local greasy spoon! I'm jetting
while I can still walk..

Silla: You can afford to miss a meal, Dengar.

Pigma: Yeah well, you stink!

Silla: If you say so! Now get out!

::Pigma leaves::

Slippy: Well, I guess it's just you and me again.

Silla:'re right....Umm, listen, it's been real, but I must begoing.

Slippy: spent most of the time talking to those other guys!

Silla: That's because they're more interesting to talk to than you!

Slippy: What! That's it! I'm leaving!

::Slippy leaves::

Silla: Well, that's all for today. See you next time, mates!


Interview with Star Fox by Silla

Note: We had the interview at a very posh restaurant, but they still serve
soda. Everyone was at least on their tenth caffeinated drink by the time we
started recording the interview. My fault. Sorry, mates.

Silla: 'Ello, peeps! I'm here today with the glorified Star Fox team,
Corneria's finest mercenary dirtbags!

Slippy: What does she mean by that?

Fox: ::giggling:: I dunno. HAHAHAHA!

Falco: Wait, wait...I have something funny to say...

Peppy: Ooh! What?

Falco: Goldeneye is an eye that is golden!


Silla: *teeheehee* Ya know, I had some questions, but I can't for the life of
me imagine what happened to them.

Falco: It was the string cheese guy!!

Silla: EGAD!

String Cheese Guy: I didn't take your stinking questions!

Bill: He's right, dudes! I took them! I'll only give them back if you
interview me, too!

Silla: Otay.

Bill: Here you are, most excellent feline!

Silla: Thanks! Question one: Do Re Mi Fa So Ti La....waitaminute!

Fox: My favourite colour is green...

Silla: These aren't questions! This is music!'s in the key of D.
Wot kind of weirdo writes music in the key of D?

Slippy: Is it a Christmas song?

Peppy: Sing it for us!

Silla: I don't know it!

Falco: Sing it anyway!


Katt: Beautiful! I could k......nevermind. Falco, are you done here?

Silla: Get away, Katt! The interview's not over!

Katt: Oohh, this is an interview? Can I sit in?

Slippy: Only if you have a coke! ::pushes 44 oz. soda to her::

Katt: Thanks!

Silla: So, how far do you reckon we are from Venom right now?

Fox: At least seven meters....

Falco: Are you sure we're that far?!


Falco: Wait, that's not funny!

Fox: You're right! It's not funny at all.

Falco: *snork*


Bill: Dudes, what's the joke?

Fox: That's the funniest part! There isn't one!

Bill: I don't get it. Bogus.


Peppy: I'm gettin' too old for this. But I hafta admit, that wasn't funny at


Silla: So Bill, what's your favorite baseball team?

Bill: I don't like baseball. I'm a golf fan!

Silla: BLIMEY! Really??

Bill: No, dude! Not really!


Katt: This is fun! I just hope that mean old Leon won't show up. It seems
inevitable, though...

Silla: He's not coming....I locked him in my refrigerator...

Fox: You did WHAT?

Silla: Actually, I don't remember where he is....I think I fed him to my pet.

Leon: Oh, FALCO!!


Falco: Whaaaat?

Fox, Slippy, Peppy, Bill: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Katt: Oh nooo!!

Supercow: MOOOOOO!!!!!

Leon: Your momma drinks diet coke!

Falco: What? I don't get it.

Leon: *snicker*


Fox: Hey Leon, have a Dr Pepper!

Leon: Don't mind if I do! ::drinks Dr Pepper::

Bill: He can't sit with us! He's a BAD GUY!

Silla: Hey! You're right!! Away from us, fiend!

Leon: Whaaaaaaat! You people aren't nice! This is all your fault, Falco!

Falco: No it's not!

Leon: Oh yeah it is!

Falco: ::draws laser bazooka, shoots Leon::


Silla: A-aa-ao-o-ww-oo-oo!! Stop this madness!

Falco: He started it!

Leon: No I didn't!

Falco: Yes you did! I stole your wallet too, you big dorkhead! Nice cousins!

Leon: WHY YOU!

Silla: ::grabs Leon, locks him in refrigerator:: Let Amy deal with him.

Peter Tork: You look just like her, you do! I know by lookin' at you that
you've been listening to your Auntie Grizelda.

Silla: ::guilty look:: I haven't either! I'm a good girl, I am!

Peter: You've got to make it free of Auntie Grizelda, or just like her you'll
have to make it alone.

Auntie Grizelda: GET OUTTA MY HOUSE!! I know your kind! Stay away from my

Peter: Don't freak out! I'm a vegan!

Grizelda: SHOO! And the rest of you while you're at it!

Silla: This isn't your house! It's a restaurant!

Grizelda: Oh, so it is...nevermind.

Fox, Bill, Slippy, Peppy, Falco, Katt, Silla: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Leon: ::muffled:: HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!

Silla: STOP THE INSANITY! I've got to end this interview before anything else

Slippy: Great idea!

Silla: Bye for now, folks. See you next time I guess.


"OH!! There's nothing in here but tuna! ICK!" ~Leon


Interview with Pigma by Silla

Note: We had all calmed down considerably since the last interview I had--it's
been a day or so, and the caffeine's out of our systems....mostly.

Heh heh heh.

Silla: Here today with our rather voluminous swine friend is ME, Sillabub. I
can't really think of anything interesting he'd possibly have to say, but I
thought I'd interview the poor neglected porker.

Pigma: I knew I shouldn'ta come to this interview, all yer gonna do is insult
me the whole time. I guess I might as well see if you've improved yer food
stock since last time....

Silla: NO!! Don't open the--

::Pigma opens refrigerator::

Leon: GRRRRRRR!!!!

Silla: Eep!

Leon: When I get my hands on you...

Silla: LOOK, it's Julia Roberts!!

Pigma and Leon: WHERE?

Silla: ::shoves Pigma and Leon into refrigerator::


Leon: Not again!

Silla: Phew. Well, this looks to be over awready. What now?!

::Fox crashes through window::

Fox: Do you have the purple iodine and the wooden cultural mask?!

Silla: No! Let me guess, the plot hole?

Fox: Uhhhmmm...I guess, I was walking along the street holding a bottle of
mustard and all of a sudden I ended up here.

::Andross runs in screaming::

Silla: Andross?! Get out of my house! You're a BAD GUY!

Andross: ::shuddering, looking around:: They're AFTER ME!

Silla: Wot? Who's after you?

Andross: The PINEAPPLES!!

Silla: Oh...I understand... ::discreetly dials telephone::

::Seconds later...Men in white show up and cart Andross off to the funny

::Monkees walk in through the front door::

Davy Jones: 'Ello, luv. Wot are you doing in our house?

Silla: This isn't your it?

Micky: MAN! Peter, did you move the house again??

Peter: I'm sorry! They said they wouldn't lift the rent, so we'd have to pick
up and move!

Mike: Aw, man, and this coke went bad too.

Silla: Egad! Well, folks, as much a fantasy it is of mine to meet you dudes, I
really must ask you to leave, as this is all on tape recorder. I'm rather
certain that you oughtn't to be here anyway--I mean, the plot's got more holes
than swiss cheese and I'm fairly sure you're a product of that.

::Monkees shimmer and disappear::

Silla: CRIPES!

Fox: That was weird!

Silla: Indeed....

Talking Andross Doll: Fox! Join me, and you'll never end up in crazed feline's
houses holding a bottle of mustard again!! bottle of mustard again...mustard
again...*SNIP* *CRACK*

Silla: I think it's malfunctioning...

Talking Andross Doll: ::Explodes:: BOOOMMMM!!!!

Silla: Aa-aao-oww-woo!!!

Fox: Neat!

Passerby: WHAT HAVE YOU DONE!! You killed the Talking Andross Doll!!

Fox: No, no, it wasn't me, I swear it!

Silla: You shouldn't swear, it's not nice....

**It became rather hard to follow what was going on at this point..I think the
passerby assembled a group of citizens to come and lynch Fox, but I can't
quite be sure. I came to some hours later in a UFO with an alien leaning over
me and wiping my memory.**

Silla: What a nice visit to the grocery store that was. Well, what's this tape

**It was then that I recalled I recorded the interview! I listened in awe as
things I hadn't remembered happening were rolled out on tape! EGAD!**

Silla: Ohhh!! I've been abducted by aliens!

::twilight zone music::

Epilogue: I later found out that the whole UFO thing never happened...I fell
asleep during an old Sci-Fi movie after the mob kidnapped Fox......I'd like to
say we all lived happily ever after but I'm sure that's not quite true of
Pigma and Leon. In fact, I imagine they're rather cold and bad-tempered by
now. But I don't think I'll check.


Silla's interview with Andrew...

Silla: Hum de dum....Andrew's la la....and I'm talking to
myself....and I'm REALLY BORED....

Pigma: ::muffled:: LET ME OOOOOUUTT OF HERE!!


Pigma: NO, you fool, it's ME! You locked me in your refrigerator, remember??
Let me out!! I'm going to starve!!

Silla: ::regains composure:: I'm not going to let you out. Not now, not ever.
You deserve to eat celery. The wicked celery. I won't lower myself to eat it
anymore, it's simply too wicked.


Silla: Oh, dry up. I just let him out so Max could give him an indian burn on
the eye. And so he could be Wolf's lawyer. But you've got no practical
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHahahahahaha...ha...heh heh.

Andrew: Let me in! Knock knock!

Silla: ::answers door:: Well, what a surprise. I thought you said you'd be
here ten minutes early. Or did you get the concept of "early" and "late" mixed
up again?

Andrew: Whu--? I'm late? Who are you?

Silla: Uhhmm, are you allright?

Andrew: The last thing I remember was this big mean guy stealing the blocks
from me and making me sit in the back during storytime.

Silla: Great scot, you're having memory flashes from nursery school.

Andrew: No, this was just last week.

Silla: Oh...uh...heh heh.

Andrew: ::looks around nervously::

Silla: Sooo...Andrew.....what are your thoughts on your uncle?

Andrew: He buys me candy whenever I want it. ::grins::

Silla: Uh-huh. ::takes notes:: Wot of the others on your team...?

Andrew: Wolf is mean. Leon is mean. Pigma is mean and fat.


Andrew: Huh?!

Silla: It was just your imagination...

::big black portal with flashing pink burst in it appears....I believe it's
some sort of teleportation device but I can't be sure...::

Leon: ::falls out of portal:: Aaaahhhh!!!

Silla: What are you doing here?

Leon: The door was locked so we had to come in this way.

Silla: "We"??

Wolf, Fox, Falco, Slippy, Katt, Bill, Peppy, LA of CA, Rowan, Sir Maximus,
Leia, and Amy Johnson: ::fall out of portal, land on Silla::

Silla: OUCH!

Bill: Whoa, dude, like, you know, don't get all mad.

Wolf: Which voice indication shall I speak with today: English accent or punk
kid? I really sound dorky when I'm switching back and forth.

Slippy: F-f-FOX!!! Leon is scaring me!!

Fox: ::miraculously back from the dead:: Shove it! I don't care if he's
scaring you.

Falco: ::also revived:: He can't hurt you anyway, dingleberry. I stole his
gun, remember? And do you wanna know HOW COME I WAS ABLE to steal his gun?



Leon: ::slaps Falco::

Falco: ::draws Leon's gun and his own:: ::shoots Leon::

Leon: OOOWWW! My eye is still healing!! Now, thanks to you, I'll NEVER
RECOVER!! ::runs away in shame::

Amy Johnson: No! Wait for me, darling, I love you! ::chases after Leon::

Katt: Now that you're alive again, hon, what say we go tie the knot....?

Falco: Sounds good to me. Does anybody know of a good priest?

Silla: Well, I've been trying to find a good church, but the best I can offer
in this area is Rev. Floyd....he ministers at a drive-thru church in downtown

Falco: Er....I guess that'll have to do. Uhhmm, let's go.

Katt: Okay.

Evil Celery: NO! I shall deny you happiness! ::blasts Katt to Dimension 14B::



LA of CA: Don't I have any lines?! I'm the most influential humorist, dangit!!

Silla: this place ya can't get a word in edgewise. Me tiny house
isn't big enough for all these people.

Sir Maximus: At least no one's pulled a ripe avocado yet...

Silla: Indeed.

Rowan: Isn't there anyone in here I can blast out of existence?

Silla: Sure, there's Andrew.

Andrew: HEY!

Leia: I felt a great disturbance in the force....wait, that's not my line.

Silla: Uhhmm, let's wrap this up, shall we?

LA of CA: Yes....let's....

Max: Sounds fine...

Rowan: Can't we bring Samus into this?

Silla, LA of CA, Max: NO!

Silla: ::pushes everyone out front door:: THE END now.


"Won't somebody please let me out?" ~Pigma

"I'm being quoted again! HA!" ~Sir Maximus

"But today there is no day or night, today there is no dark or light, today
there is no black or white....only shades of grey." ~Peter Tork

"Well, this is a fine pickle we've gotten ourselve into now!" ~Mr. Kipper

"Is it just me, or did I not have any lines in that interview?" ~Wolf

"Groovy..." ~Sill


Salutations! This is the Zombie Pirate LeSill (also known as Silla) reporting
LIVE from my pirate ship! It's a lot easier than having them at my pad,
dontcha know! I've only recently taken up Zombie Pirating, so I might not be
perfect at it yet, but I'm brushing up! I've invited Star Wolf on board of my
new galleon for its maiden voyage! Errrr...interview. Ah well.

Zombie Pirate LeSill: Welcome to the "Daisy Chain Schooner of Peace and

Wolf: Are you stretching for names now?

LeSill: Of course not. I happen to like cucumbers.

Pigma: Me too.

LeSill: ::looks distastefully at Pigma:: I don't like you.

Leon: Where's Sky?

LeSill: She's not here. Who has a crush on who here? And Pigma! I shall
deal with you!! Taste cold steel, feeble swine! :::pulls out cutlass:::

Pigma: This can't be happening!!

LeSill: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!! :::knocks Pigma overboard:::

Pigma: I can't swim! AAAHHHHH!!!!

LeSill: Don't worry, floating shouldn't be a problem.

Pigma: I heard thaaaa-aaa-aat!!!!!!!!!!

Andrew: When is storytime? Can I have a popsicle?

Andross: You! I should have known it was you! Taking my nephew from group...? You've overexcited the boy! Come with me, Andrew!

Andrew: Yum yum doodle dum!

Andross: We'll get ice cream......with.....GOULASH! NO!!! AAAHHHH! Get
outta my head!! :::collapses on the ground writhing:::

Mental Institute Guys: He's escaped again! :::take Andross to happy place:::

Andrew: No ice cream? WAAAAAHHHH!!!!

Wolf: Uuughhh.....I don't feel so good....:::turns green:::

LeSill: ::laughs wickedly::: Seasick, are we?

Wolf: Ulllppp!!! :::runs to railing and is sick:::

Pigma: EEEEWWWWW!!!!!!!

LeSill: Let's set sail! ::cuts restraint ropes::

Leon: Huh??? Where are you taking me? You can't take me anywhere--I am the
great Leon!

LeSill: Watch yer mouth! I'm a Zombie Pirate!

Leon: :::reaches for blaster::: GOL DING IT! That stupid bird still has my
blaster! HEY! Where's my wallet??!

LeSill: :::pulls out 60-pound block of tofu and pops it onto Leon's head:::

Leon: I can't see!!! :::stumbles around blindly:::

Wolf: :::is green:::

First Mate Joe: Ship ahoy!

LeSill: Har har har! Great flaming anchovies, 'tis good to be dead! Avast
ye, who's in that ship?

Davy Jones: It's me! Help me, please!

Peter Tork: And me! It's that plot hole again.

LeSill: By the single eye! :::pulls them out:::

Davy: I heard LA of CA interviewed someone who pretended they were me.

LeSill: Aye, that she did. But I don't think they were pretending to be you.
They had an American accent. They were trying to sound like a pirate. Failed
miserably at it too. LA beat them up. Ask me, they deserved it.
Impersonating a Monkee! Hmph!

Davy: I'll say!

LeSill: Will you guys play a gig for me?? Hey Peter, want to go out for

Peter: Sure!

Davy and Peter: :::play many wonderful songs::

LeSill: *sigh*......Awww, forget this Zombie Pirate stuff.

Silla: Come on guys! Hey, where are Mike and Micky?

Davy: I don't know....they didn't make it through the plot hole.

Mike and Micky: :::fall out of crow's nest:::

Silla: Hi hi!

Wolf: I'm feeling much better now.

Silla: How about a steak, Wolfie?

Wolf: UURGH!! :::jumps overboard:::

Leon: Monkees? MONKEES??? I hate the Monkees! I'll kill 'em! I'll gut
'em! I'll.....

Silla: :::runs Leon through with cutlass:::

Leon: I'll.....get......yooo-oo-oouu.....Maybe not today....maybe..not
tomorrow....but someday.....:::falls overboard:::

Mike: What's going on here?? I'm not even touring with you guys! :::punches
hole in deck:::

Silla: Calm yourself! It will be olright.

Micky: Hey, do you see that island over there? Split pea with ham!
Restaurant chain! The possibilities are big.

Silla: What?

Micky: Plot hole...sorry.

Andrew: I wanna go home!!

Silla: We're on the open sea now....Uhhmm.....hmm.

Peter: I have an inflatable airplane.

Silla: Groovy! Let's get out of here.

Andrew: There's no room for me in that plane!

Silla: Jump overboard with your friends! You'll have fun.

Andrew: Okay! :::jumps overboard:::

Silla, Peter, Davy, Micky, Mike: :::sit in airplane, flying around:::

Peter: ::pulls out banjo, starts to play:::

Micky: What's that??

Peter: It's a banjo! Everyone loves a banjo!!

Slippy: :::appears in airplane::: Go into the light!

Silla: AAAAAAHHHHH!!!!!!

Airplane: :::springs a leak:::

Everyone: AAAIIIEEEE!!!!!!

Airplane: :::Crashes on land:::

Silla: :::looks around::: We're home!

Slippy: Thank goodness!

The interview got a tad boring here, so I ended it....Slippy disappeared
again....Star Wolf was marooned on some island for a while, but I heard they
got rescued the other day. Pity. Until next time, this is SILLA!!! Goodbye,
good luck, and good riddance!

Silla's Really Weird Responses!

(li'l explanation type thingummy: LA asked these questions, right? And I
answered them, right? But this piece of humour probably won't make much sense
if the questions aren't also up....but oh well....)

Some really dumb answers only Silla could think of to some really dumb things
only Claudia J (LA of CA) could think of...

1. Why do people ask these dumb questions? Because I'm subliminally
controlling their minds from my top-secret base in Monkee Land, sending this
message over and over again: "STUPID QUESTIONS!! STUPID QUESTIONS!
Write....stupid...QUESTIONS!" Then I threaten to subliminally send them
images of Pigma breakdancing on a table unless they comply with my orders.
Oops, I revealed my secret. DANG!

2. Do you think Cornerians made those weird rock formations on Mars? No. In
fact, those aren't really rock formations. They're actually little Martian
cockroaches standing in formation and singing showtunes while baking enormous
amounts of chocolate cake. It's a little-known fact, but it makes for some
interesting trivia.

3. Why did I ask that? Because you care about the little people. Or
cockroaches, as it were, in this case. Or even little woodland creatures who
wear clothing and fly around in little airplanes shooting anything that moves
unless it has a brightly coloured arrow above it.

4. Why does Gen Pepper say: "This is one steep bill, but it's worth it."
Isn't he supposed to be the head of the Cornerian defense? He pretends to be
the head of the Cornerian defence. He's actually only a sergeant. He even
owns a Lonely Hearts Club, and has a band. General he's not, but he's got
connections in the Mexican Mafia who make sure no one disputes his reign.

5. If he is, doesn't he have access to all the money on that dang planet? No.
I know you hate hearing this, but Bill Gates has access to all the money on
that dang planet, this dang planet, those dang planets, and every other dang

6. If Fox's Crew gets visited by thousands of people a day, why are there only
74 guestbook entries? (no offense Greg) Because everyone went to this hotel
room where they had this guestbook, but it was Red Tide and there were dead
fish everywhere, so now everytime they hear the word "guestbook" they freak
out. Or how's this: Nobody scrolls all the way down to the bottom of the
site because they can get to all the sections from the very top. Or what
about this? The SAME 74 people visit Fox's Crew 10 times a day.

7. Why hasn't my dad let me have a scanner yet? I dunno. Why hasn't me dad
let me have one? >:( It's not fair, really it isn't, trying to make
pictures on the shtupid computer.

8. If LT. Caiman is a well, Caiman, then why does he look like a deformed
frog? (like the ones in Minnesotta?) Three words: Plastic surgery

9. Why is Scorpion always wanting to kick Fox's @$$? Because Fox is a BIG
DORK and he deserves it!!

10. Why did I just ask that? I only made up the dang story I should know.
Well, you asked it because you were afraid of the celery. And of that
breakdancing Pigma image you're always being threatened by.

11. Why have I only gotten e-mail for my stories by Finnius, Lyn Veaver, and a
guy named Kay? Because all the rest of us are too afraid of the guy named

12. Will Falco and Leon ever stop fighting? Maybe if they learn to live in
peace and harmony....and find the thrills Peppy and Bill Clinton used to, back
in the sixties...MEAT LOCKER! Oh, man. And Mary Jane.

13. If my character Terrorist is MY own creation, why does she come back to
heckle me about writing the rest of those stories??!!! You didn't really
make her up. She was already real. In fact, SHE made YOU up. In fact,
Fox's Crew is just something the Terrorist made up. In fact, the Terrorist is
the only thing that's real in the entire universe! She made EVERYTHING up!
....Confusing, isn't it?

14. Where did I come up with the name Claudia J anyway? From the depths of
your warped little mind. No offense.

15. Why is it that everytime Greg Gant comes up in the interveiws, something
screwy happens? Ah-ha! I was just waiting for someone to ask that!! It's
because Greg Gant is really just an insanely wicked fruit fly bent on
converting Lylat to carnivorism and his own sadistic rule, and his aura
disturbs the entire astral plane! So now the truth comes out, eh, Greg? Huh?
HUH?? I blew your cover! HAHAHAHAHA!

J.Wolfman asked these questions, right? And I answered them, right?

The 13 Most Stupidest Answers that only Silla could think of to the 13 Most
Stupidest, Unanswerable Questions That Only J.Wolfman Could Think Of...

1. If Katt and Falco ever get married and have children, what will their
offspring be? Refer to Stupid Question # 11, mate.

2. Why does in the ending theme, all the soldiers in the hall with General
Pepper look the same? They were selling those outfits on sale and their mums
all bought them one and insisted that they wear them. Me mum does that to me

3. If the Lylat System is far from Earth, why did Falco say, "Hey EINSTEIN,
I'm on your side!"? Because you see my friend, "Einstein" is a German name. It
literally means "one beer mug". I hope this clears all that up for you.

4. Do you think Falco went to Kansas University? *look at KU's mascot* Good
heavens, NO! Falco went to Azuza Pacific and graduated as a public speaker.
But because he's a bird and so is much smaller than the average human, nobody
ever listened to him. Eventually he became discouraged and got a pilot's

5. If Andross was smart due to the size of his brain, why was his nephew an
idiot? Smarts are a recessive gene. Or how about this. Andrew's adopted. He's
really a goat and not an ape atall! He ate too many tin cans as a baby.

6. What does Pigma meant by "That reward's as good as mine!" He's talking
about the pie-eating contest they hold at Bolse every month. He always wins
it. Why is he talking about during battle? He's obsessed. He can't focus. Why
do you think he always gets shot down?!

7. Why is there someone actually laughing at this list? Is there? Let me turn
my hearing aide on...

8. Why did Greg Gant put this list on the Fox Humor section? Heck, because we
HAVE RIGHTS! Mr. Gant has an obligation to society to put ANYTHING up, no
matter HOW inane or irrelevant! It's his duty as an American citizen! (You are
American, right, old chap?)

9. Did Andross come from "Planet of the Apes"? Goodness me no. Andross is from

10. Why is it, that despite my good stories on the Fanfic section, I STILL
haven't gotten any email messages from any fan except from Greg Gant? Let's
see.....maybe because everyone is LAZY and doesn't take time to respond
because they're too busy sitting on their butts and surfing the web all day.

11. Just what species is Jabba the Hut anyway? Refer to Stupid Question #1

12. How in the world did a Star Wars question end up here? Don't ask me, it's
your list.

13. What the heck is a plot hole anyway? PLOT HOLE 1. Unexplainable or
mysterious absence of logic or connection within any given story 2. Of or
pertaining to almost everything that tookplace between Star Fox (SNES) and
Star Fox 64 3. Of or pertaining to almost everything that took place in
Jurassic Park: The Lost World

and now some incredibly stupid answers from Silla to some incredibly stupid
questions from the Underking

1.Why is slippy's voice like that? Slippy's only 7 years old. That combined
with the fact that he got a whole bunch of helium balloons on his birthday and
has been inhaling the helium ever since contributes to Slippy'
diverse voice.

2.why does falco have such a attitude problem? His mom never hugged him when
he was a kid, plus his dad always bugged him about grades even though they
were high B's. Now he has a problem expressing any emotions at all besides
anger. He's been going to counseling, though, and is slowly working through
it. come your teamates never get double lasers? They're comfortable with
their flying skills and don't feel the inherent and almost primal need for
more power.

4.HOW COME I HAVE TO WRIGHT THIS??? It was your choice, hon! Nobody held a
gun to your head and forced you to! At least....I don't think so. Egad! Nobody
held a gun to your head and forced you to do this, did they?? come this web site is called fox's crew? Let's see. The main character's
name is Fox, and Fox has a crew. BUT...the web site isn't ONLY about
them....hmmm. Can't help you there.

6.are you bored yet? Oh, is this a trick question?! I got it, this is one of
those "higher-order thinking" questions, isn't it?! ISN'T IT?! Your twisted
little reindeer games will not work on me, vile Underking!!

7.why do i even do this stuff? Because you, just like almost everyone who
cares enough to send in humor, have waaay too much time on your hands.

8.who knows? That guy...standing right over there. Yeah, the one with that
hat...go ask him...

9.and now,for a very stupid question... I know this one....false, right?

(drum roll,please.)

10.where the heck did they get those character names????? The same place they
got the idea to have Fortuna be a ripoff of ID4...the same place they decided
to have a girl do Slippy's voice...Let's put it this way. Mary Jane sent them
a note stating that the Grass is greener in her yard because she keeps all the
Weeds in a Pot.

And now Silla is kind enough to answer WildWolf64's questions....well, it's
kind of an evil sort of kindness.

1. why is it that at the end of the game Fox says "oh no sir, we prefer to do
things our own way" but Fox does EVERTHING pepper says throught the game?
Well, let me tell you one thing, son. Nobody ever lends money to a man with a
sense of humour! And I'll tell ya something else, too. The same thing goes
for Christmas. So! What? You don't understand? That's your problem, kiddo.

2. Why did gant say i inhaled too many paint fumes? (wait till my NEXT


3. Why are there so many new people doing humor?

All the old people are dead.

4. why is there a spelling mistake on meteo?

Is there? I thought it was another of those "American" spellings.

5. why is it that if i beat daddy-o out of Venom, it alawys cuts to the
outside and lets him win?

Oh come on, let the dead guy have some fun!

6. Why does Andross laugh at you, why doesnt he just...shoot you or something?

It's kind of hard to "shoot you", per se....when all you have to attack with
is a disembodied head and hands.

7. Will LA answer this? Will Silla answer this? Will Sir Maximus answer this?
Will ANYBODY answer this?

No. LA didn't answer this, I will never and am not answering this, and Sir
Maximus will not answer this. NOBODY will EVER answer this and nobody ever
HAS answered this and nobody IS answering this. Sleep soundly, dearie.

8. In expert mode, when fox has his dad's glasses on, why does James have them
on too?

Gee, uh, you mean there's only one pair of sunglasses in the Lylat system?

9. Why is it on expert mode, just before every level, when Fox talks to
Pepper, he doesnt have glasses on?

Pepper doesn't like all those newfangled music styles, those kids with their
long hair and loud music, and those sunglasses! He doesn't approve, and Fox
wants to stay on his good side.

10. What accents do Wolf and Leon talk with?


11. Do i have anything better to do?

Yes. Send check or money order to Silla, 1334 Beechwood Ave., Manchester,
England, MonkeeLand, c/o Peter Tork

12. Do you have anything better to do?

Yes, but, like any normal person, I'm procrastinating.

13. Will you go away?

Make me an offer.


Interviews and Humor by the Funniest Humor Author... LA of CA
You've played too much Starfox when... .......Your own crew shoots YOU down.
.......You try to make Falco go on a date with Kat.
.......Andross makes a deal with you that he'll give up if you stop playing.
.......You accept the deal, and then Andross kills you and the game shuts off.
......If you've evert tried to send fan mail to the crew.
.......You ask your parents to rename you Fox.
.......If your names already Fox, you brag about it.
......Your ex-friends put you in a mental institution for telling war stories that never happened. .......Pepper tells you to turn the game off, and you follow orders like a good soldier.
.......Slippy laughs when you die.
.......Falco laughs when you die.
.......Peppy laughs when you die.
.......You find ways to let the STARWOLF team beat you.
.......You try to join the STARWOLF team.
......You join the STARWOLF team.
.......At the beginning of each level, Pepper says go kill yourself.
.......You do.
.......You wonder how Adross's brain got that big, and why he doesn't have a skull.
.......When the STARFOX team is running down the hallway, you wish you could stick out your foot and trip them.
.......Your wish comes true.
.......The NES company has banned you from buying anymore of their games.
.......When your playing, the phone rings, and on the other end is Fox and he's telling you to turn the game off.
.......You try to merge STARFOX64 and the Mortal Kombat Trilogy together so you can have Fox and Scorpion go at it.
.......You succeed in your effort.

Some REALLY Dumb things only LA of CA could think of....
1. Why do people ask these dumb questions?
2. Do you think Cornerians made those weird rock formations on Mars?
3. Why did I ask that?
4. Why does Gen Pepper say: "This is one steep bill, but it's worth it." Isn't he supposed to be the head of the Cornerian defense?
5. If he is, doesn't he have access to all the money on that dang planet?
6. If Fox's Crew gets visited by thousands of people a day, why are there only 74 guestbook entries? (no offense Greg) 7. Why hasn't my dad let me have a scanner yet?
8. If LT. Caiman is a well, Caiman, then why does he look like a deformed frog? (like the ones in Minnesotta?)
9. Why is Scorpion always wanting to kick Fox's @$$?
10. Why did I just ask that? I only made up the dang story I should know.
11. Why have I only gotten e-mail for my stories by Finnius, Lyn Veaver, and a guy named Kay?
12. Will Falco and Leon ever stop fighting?
13. If my character Terrorist is MY own creation, why does she come back to heckle me about writing the rest of those stories??!!!
14. Where did I come up with the name Claudia J anyway?
15. Why is it that everytime Greg Gant comes up in the interveiws, something screwy happens?

Stupid Rumors from Starfox...

Note: These are not real!!! ~LA of CA

>From the far reaches of the ab-normal universe, this is a collection of
rumors for the new STARFOX game.

1. You have a choice to play as Wolf, Leon, Andrew, or Pigma. The only
problem is you can only play 3 levels and you CAN'T WIN!!!

2. Greg Gant appears at random to give you tips and codes for Game
Shark. Like that racoon in training mode.

3. You have the option to play as Andross! But you can only play one
level and like STARWOLF, YOU CAN'T WIN!!

4. The interveiws actually will exist!!! And during random times you're
pulled out of battle to be interveiwed by me. hee hee heee! ^_^

5. You have the choice to play as Pepper and boss everyone around!

6. You can play on foot during space battles.

7. Fara will be in it, and will boss you around just like Peppy, only
she'll cuss when you don't pay attention.

8. J. Wolfman shows up from time to time to tell you about his stories.

9. The end boss isn't Andross, it's Bill Gates!! Only the big head thing
stays the same.

10. As a harder boss, you get to battle my server company, Pacbell!!

11. Marylin Manson replaces the Gorgon. Just as scary I assure you.

12. Elmo replaces the Granga robot and tries to hug you to death.

13. baby Bopp and BJ replace the 2 first boss Shoguns in Sectory Y, and
Barney is the big Shogun! They try to sing you to death.

14. At the end, you get to fly around Cornerian City and demolish it!!
But still get payed in full.

15. At he end of the game, instead of seein Andross's head or The End,
you see Sir Maximus and the Andross Doll battling it out.

16. Mary beth Kazynski will be the Graphics artist, as well with the
other art contributers. (THE GAME WILL RULE!!!)

17. Whichever NES you have (SNES N64) will only let you playa certain
number of times a day before putting you on restriction for a week.

Top 10 reasons why the other team members can't shoot anyone down...

10. Because they're too busy arguing with Falco.

9. Slippy is too exciteable.

8. Peppy's always telling Fox what to do, and never keeps his mind on
his lasers.

7. Falco is too busy because he's thinking of new smart alec remarks.

6. They're always being shot down.

5. They don't have the sense to get double or hyper lasers.

4. The Great Fox never fixes their ships in time.

3. ROB64 doesn't know how to tell them to pay attention.

2. They're all scared of the STARWOLF team.

and the number 1 reason is..........drum roll please!!!

1. They're too lazy!!

James Interview...

Hello all you people cool enough to see this!! I'm the ellusive LA of
CA!! And no I'm not from Los Angeles. I am here with the one, the only,
James McCloud!!

LA: So James. Where've you been? Everyone thought you were dead.

James: I was in Andross's prison till one day I ended up hanging by my
shirt over an incinerator!!

LA: Pretty sticky situation huh? How'd you get out?

James: Sticky? You mean HOT!! Well I was hanging on the off-on switch.


LA: Oooh!!

James: Then I found my Arwing, and flew out as soon as I could. And on
the way, I met up with Fox.


LA: What the?.....Falco!!! Look at what you did!!!

Falco: It wasn't my fault Leon pushed me!!

Leon: Did not!!!

Leon and Falco have an argument on who did it.


Wolf: I'm the only one who can say shut up to Leon!!!

Leon: No your not.

Wolf: Shut up!!

LA: getting back to the point. What's it like to be the greatest Arwing
pilot there ever was?

Fox: It's OK.


Peppy: LA, have I seen you somewhere before?

LA: No.

James: What? Oh. uh. It's great. I'm recognized everywhere I go.

Peppy: I'm gonna go check on something, be right back.


Andross: What you little brat?!!!

Andrew: Oh uh, I forgot.

LA: *snicker* What an idiot.

Wolf: Your telling me.

Andross: HEY!! No one calls my nephew that but ME!!!


LA: Oh grow up. James, what are your veiws on the STARWOLF team?

James: Wolf is bossy, and has the ego the size of Sector X. Leon is a
metal headed fool. Pigma's a stupid, fat slob. And Andrew has the brain
and sense of a rock.


Pigma: I'm not fat!! I'm just big boned!!

Slippy: No your fat.


LA: How bout Andross?

Andross: Ooooooooooh!!! Your gonna get it LA!!!

James: He's a fanatic lunitic.

LA: Yeah, uh huh, right Andrip.

Falco and Leon still: DID NOT!!! DID TOO!!! DID NOT!!! DID TOO!!! DID

Fox: Will you 2 cut it out?!!!! I'm getting a headache.

Wolf: I'll give you more than a headache STARFOX!!


James: That's it, I'm going out for a beer. Wanna come LA?

LA: Sure, we can finish this up there.

Peppy: *walks through door* HEY FALCO, SLIPPY!!!

Falco and Slippy: What?

Peppy: I found out where I've seen LA from!!

LA: uh oh. James, ca we go now? heh heh heh.

Peppy: She wrote the top ten reasons why we never shoot anyone down!!!

Falco: Oh LA!!! COME HERE!!!

Slippy: Why I'll MURDER YOU!!!

Peppy: Let's get her!!

James and Lauren get out of the room, and LA locks the door. But not
after Fox get's through.


Fox: You didn't include me on there did you?

LA: No. It was about why your always doing all the work.

James: HA HA HA!!!

LA and Fox: What's so funny?

James: I saw that one too!!

Fox: I'll have to see it some time.

LA: OK, but make sure I'm not there when your friends are.

And they lived happily ever after. And yes the rest got out of the room,
they knocked the door down. But they never found me!! And the next time
I see them, I hope they'll be over it.

Interview with Bill Grey...

Hello again!! It's me again, the ellusive LA of CA, and I'm here today
with Fox's friend, Bill Gray!!

Bill: Yo!!

LA: So Bill, how do you like being the commander on Katina.

Bill: It's great!! But I still want to command a squadron on Corneria.

Falco and Leon: (slowly becoming louder and louder) did not!!! did
too!!! DID NOT!!! DID TOO!!! DID NOT!!!! DID TOO!!!

Fox: Geez!!! How long have you two been fighting?

James: Since my interveiw. I'm going out for a beer.

LA: You sure have been drinking alot lately. Bill, really! Like what
kind of squadron?

Bill: A big one!!

LA: Oh, OK....hmmmmmm.


LA: I'm not even going to ask who did that.

Falco: OW!!! Why I'll knock your block off you stupid lizard!!!!

Leon: Annoying bird!! I'm the great Leon!! (pulls out laser pistol)

Peppy: Hey wait a minute!!! You're LA!!!

LA: Uh oh. Time to leave already!!!

Slippy: He doesn't mean that!! How come you're still alive?

Wolf: Yeah, you guys blew up my ship. And with her in it!!

Bill: What are you guys talking about?

LA: They don't call me ellusive for nothing. (dissapears before
everybody's eyes)

Katt: WOA!!! how'd you do that?

Fox: Booooooooriiiiing!!! You show'd me that trick a LONG time ago.

(Everybody watches as James's gun flies just over his head)

James: Hey!! Give me back my gun!!!

LA: Apologize for shooting me with it.

Andrew: zzzzZZZZZZZZZzzzzzzzz!!

James: OK I'm sorry. I didn't mean to shoot you anyway.

Andrew: OW!!! WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!! Somebody slapped me!!!!

Pigma: Crybaby.

Fox: Hey that's my line!!!

(LA reappears with a broken bottle in her hands)

Crappy train director: Where'd you get that?

LA: uh?.....I don't know?


LA: back to the interveiw. Bill, everybody wants to know, why do you
sound like a surfer?

Bill: Because I used to be a surfer, then Andross pollutted Zonness.
That place had the best waves!!

Andross: Ah, so what?!!! And who cares?!!

Katt: I DO!!! (pulls out gun and shoots Andross)


LA: Are you going to star in the sequel? And if you are, are you going
to be on the STARFOX team?

Bill: Sequel? Well, I uh?.....I guess so, uh?

LA: OK Bill, everybody hates this part, but what are your veiws on the
STARFOX team now?

Peppy: You couldn't resist could you LA?

LA: No I couldn't, and Greg told me to ask him.

Bill: Fox has great sense of humor, and is a great pal. Falco is great
to hang out with, but his attitude is really annoying sometimes. Slippy
is nice and all, but he's really exciteable. Peppy has a great attitude,
not too much to say about him though.


Peppy: Who's Greg?

LA: The creator of Fox's Crew genius. And not to mention my employer.

Bill: Wolf's an over confident loser. Leon's a jerk. Andrew's a crybaby.
And Pigma's a Fat slob.

Slippy: Speaking of the fat slob, where is he?

Katt: I saw him fall through the hole in the plot.

Andrew: Really? Let me see!! Woa woops!! AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!!!

Wolf: There goes Andrew. Oh well.

LA: For the last question Bill. Andross?

Andross: OOOOOOOOOOOO!!! I'll get you for that LA!!!


Andross: OW!! What was that for?!!!

LA: Just shut up.

Bill: Like in your joke LA, he's an egomaniac.

The rest is pretty boring. Falco and Leon caused a huge fight, and I got
in a fight with Andross. I of course, won, and now Andross is back on
Venom plotting against me and Fox. Andrew and Pigma eventually got out
of the hole, and Pigma ate all of Wolf's supplies, again. James and I
are still friends, along with Fox and his Crew, and a sort of alliance
between Wolf and I. But I'm not on his side!!!! See ya!!

LA of CA, star reporter of the galaxies, and editor at Fox's Crew.

Interview with General Pepper...  

*Note: this is done by 2 reporters*

Ohla amigos!! And welcome, this is LA of CA and Charlie Wahl, bringing
to you the first ever, General Pepper interveiw!!

Pepper: Do you always do that little intro thing?

CW+LA: Yeah so?

Leia: He was just wondering.

LA: LEIA??!!! How'd you get here?

Leia: Does the word X-wing mean anything to you? What are you doing?

CW: Interveiwing. Friend of yours LA?

Fox: Hey Leia!! Yeah she's a friend.

CW: I'll do the first question. Pepper, can I call you that? What's it
like to be military leader of the Cornerian army?

Pepper: It's OK.

LA: What's OK?

Pepper: Both.

CW: (mumbling to himself) Geez Pepp, you could've come up with more than

Pepper: What'd you say boy??!!!!

CW: Gee Pepp, you could've got me all wet.

Leia: Nice save!! *snicker*

LA: I'm next. What are your veiws on everybody?

Everybody except Pepper, CW, Leia, and Fox: You could not resist could

LA: Why does everbody ask me that?


Pepper: The STARFOX team, they're all nice and great pilots, except
Falco's rude, and Slippy's always hyper. THE STARWOLF team's a bunch of
low class, idiots, especially Pigma. Andross is an insane lunitic.

STARWOLF team: HEY!!!!

Falco: Again you push me!!

Leon: Did not!!!

CW: This always happens, oh well. Pepper, what's your first name? KNOCK

Falco and Leon: DID NOT!!! DID TOO!!!! DID NOT!!!! DID TOO!!!!! DID
NOT!!! DID TOO!!!!!

James: Please quit shouting. AAAAW!!! Such a HANGOVER!!!

Pepper: I uh?.....well um?.....I'm not supposed to say, heh heh heh.

LA: I thought I told you to lay off the budweiser.

Slippy: Well look who's here. ANDROSS!!

(Everybody takes out a gun)

Leia: That's Andross? LA, I thought you told me he was a giant monkey

LA: I did.

Andross: YOU!!!! WHY I'LL KILL YOU!!! (jumps at LA)

Bill: FIRE!!!


(LA dissapears)


LA: I thought I told you to leave me alone.

Adross: *moaning*

Fox: HA HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!!

LA: Last question Pepper. Do you like your job?

Pepper: Hmmmmmm....Well, most of the time. TEN HUT!!

(everybody stands at attention, except LA, CW, and Leia)

Katt: Falco. Falco!!! FALCO!!!!!!

Falco: What? DID TOO LEON!!

Leon: DID NOT!!

Katt: (soft voice) Are we still on for tonight?

Falco: Duh....uh?....You bet!!!!

CW: I can see where this is going. Good night everybody!!

LA: See you all later!!

Leia: Buh bye!!

(suddenly a huge fight starts and CW, Leia, and LA somwhow get involved)

The rest is rather sketchy. LA remembers Andross coming at her, and CW
gets involved with Falco and Leon, and Leia gets in a fight with Wolf.
LA beats the crap out of Andross, again. CW frinally knocks Falco and
Leon senseless. Leia cleans the entire STARWOLF team's clocks. Now
Andross is after us all, along with the STARWOLF team, but Falco doesn't
remember anything. Pepper won't talk to us anymore, and James is still
drinking. The rest of the characters are still our friends. The STARWOLF
team though isn't mad at LA and CW, they're after Leia!!!

LA of CA, and Charlie Wahl, and special guest Leia. ADIOS!!!

Interview with Peppy...

Hello all, and welcome again!! This is the elusive LA of CA, and I'm
here with Peppy Hare!!

Peppy: How the heck was I talked into this?

LA: Would you prefer to be interveiwed by Silla?

Peppy: Uh, no thanks, you'll do I guess.

LA: Are you still mad?

Peppy: No, I guess not.

LA: OK good. So what's it like to be Fox's wingman?

Peppy: OK, the only thing wrong with it is Fox never listens to me!!

Fox: I do too!! Sheesh!!

Bill: Yo Fox!! Help me get this delivery guy hat off me!! It's chaffing
my skull!! AAARG!!

Silla: Hey leave that on!! You're supposed to be the delivery guy!!
Peppy!! Where's your cane, and wheelchair?!!

Fox: ahem..

Silla: Oh, uh oh. Hi Fox, uh, what happened to that guy I hired to act
like you? heh heh heh..

Fox: Go look in the storage closet, I'm giving you 10 seconds to leave

Silla: Bye Bye! (runs out of room)

LA: Well Peppy, at least I'm nice to you. Are you telepathic?

Peppy: Yep, and right now your friend Leia will walk

(Leia walks in)

LA: Cool. Hey Leia!!

Wolf: YOU!!!!

(Leia jumps out of the way as soon as Wolf runs at her)

Leon: (runs in) Anybody see Falco??!!!!!

Fox: Why do you care?

LA: WOLF!! Leave Leia alone!! Peppy, why haven't you retired yet? You're

Leon: I don't get paid unless he and I have a fight!!

(Falco and Katt stumble out of the closet giggleing)

interveiw be at my place and you guys take over!!! AAAH!!!

Katt: Woa! You need a break.

Peppy: Because Annie won't let me.

LA: Your wife?

Peppy: The one and only.

Slippy: *on phone* Well Croakella, maybe we could go see that new Sci Fi

LA: Who are you talking too?!!

Falco: You want a fight lizard?!! You got one!! (punches Leon in
stomach, and the two go at it.)

CW: Not this again.

Slippy: My sweetheart, I hope you don't mind, it's a long distance call.

Leia: Calm down LA, just how long? I thought you two broke up.

Slippy: About 100 light years. Nope, still together, unlike that rumor
Silla made.

LA: AAAACK!!! 10, 9, 8, 7....OK I'm calm. Back to the interveiw. Peppy,
what are your veiws on everbody?

Peppy: Well the rest of my team mates are great friends, except Falco's
always poopin off. The STARWOLF team's a bunch of dorks. Andross is an
pigheaded, unstable, jerk.

LA: You're right about Andross...HA HA HA HA!!!

Andross: THAT'S IT!!! (fires at LA and misses)

James: What's going on?

Pigma: None of your bussiness!!!

James: Shut your hole FATSO!!!!

Pigma: I'm NOT FAT!!! I'm BIG BONED!!!

Cartman: Hey that's my line you @$$*@^(!!!!!

LA: Oh no!! The kids from South Park.

James: Perfect.

Kyle: Shutup Cartman!! Dam*it!!! Where the h**l are we?!! Get lost you
over grown pile of crap!!!

Stan: Move it Birdy!! Or I'll break your ^%*^#(@ neck!!

Falco: Birdy?!! Why I'll...

James: That's it you little brats!!!

Cartman, Kyle, and Stan: AAAAAH HELP!!!!

(Falco and James chase the South Park kids out of the room)


Fox: Gotta go, common guys, bye LA, CW, Leia!!

CW: I'm confused.

Leia: Join the club.

LA: Where do I sign up?

Peppy: See ya!!

Slippy: Bye!!

Falco: Later.

STARWOLF team: Gotta go too. BYE!! We'll get you yet Leia!!!

Leia: HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Andross: I'll see you soon LA!!!

Everybody else: BYE!!

CW: What should we do now?

LA: Let's go see a movie.

Leia: Starship Troopers?

LA+CW: Sure.

LA, CW, and Leia: that's it for now, BYE ALL!!!!

Interview with Fara Phoenix...

Hello all! And welcome, this is LA of CA, and I'm here today with Fara

Fara: Hey LA, how've you been?

LA: Good, and you?

Fara: Great!!

Fox: How do you 2 know each other?

LA: We used to do stunt flying together. So Fara, how's you team

Fara: Oh there doin good. But they decided to take a vacation from each

Falco and Leon: DID NOT!!!! DID TOO!!! DID NOT!!! DID TOO!!!!

Leia: Aw no!!! Do you even know what your fighting about????!!!!! GEEZ

Fox: What do you fly?

LA: An F-14 Delta-Wing fighter jet, with a few adjustments I made
myself. OK now, why didn't you appear in any of the games?

Fara: The first one, I refused because NES wouldn't pay me enough. The
second, Andross stole my Arwing and tore it apart.

Talking Andross Doll: (floating in the air getting in everybody's face)
You are doomed!!! ALL OF YOU!! HA HA HA HA!!!


CW: So much for the Doll. Nice place LA.

LA: Thanks CW, but how'd you get here?

Leia: I gave him a ride in my X-wing. Is Wolf here?

LA: Not now, but I think he will be. Fara, what are your veiws on

Everybody: You couldn't--


(everybody shuts up)

Leon: I think I'll tortue you for awhile.

Falco: Just try it LIZARD!!!

Andrew: ZZZZZzzzzzzzzZZZZZZZZzzzz!!

Fara: Fox is nice, Falco's rude, Slippy's hyper, Peppy's a little bossy,
the entire STARWOLF teams a bunch of dorks, Andross is insane, and the
other guys I guess are OK.

LA: GET OFF MY COUCH!!!! SHEESH!! You are the laziest idiot I've ever


Andross: Yes Andrew?

Andrew: LA's making fun of me!!

Andross: THAT'S IT!!! (jumps at LA)

LA: Oh please. (sprays extra hot pepper spray at Andross)

Leia: HA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

Fara: I guess my interveiws over?

(Wolf walks in)

LA: Well, there's not much else to say.

Wolf: YOU!!! (starts chasing Leia)

Andross Doll: I love you, you love me.....


(Doll flies away, still singing)

Cartman: I'm gonna be on television!! I'm gonna be on television!!

Kenny: Mmmmhum hummphuf!!

James: Oh great. THEY'RE BAAAACK!! Must be a plot hole here someplace.

Kyle: Shutup you dumb@$$ pile of CRAP!! Take off the *^($#*&^@$ Fox

Stan: AAAH!!! IT'S BIRDY!!! AND A )(*#$@ GECKO!!!

Leia: You guys remind me of Wolfy here!! HA HA!!

Cartman: You peice of crap!! I'll kill you!!

Fara: This IS insane!!!!!

Fox: What do you mean is? It's BEEN insane!!! (shoots at the South Park
kids, hitting Kenny)

Kyle: Oh my God!! They killed Kenny!! YOU BAS%^RD!!!

Cartman: Come on you puny weaklings!! I'll take you all down!!

Stan: Shutup fat @$$!!!!


Kyle: Kick the baby!!!!

Andrew: OW!!!

LA: Well it's been really stupid. I gotta go, see ya!!

Leia: Me too. (smacks Wolf)

CW: Ditto, bye!!

LA: Now everybody, GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!!!!!

The rest is really dumb. I found Falco and Katt in the closet again, the
Andross doll wasn't seen for awhile, James beat the crap out of the
South Park kids, Falco went after Stan, and I almost went insane. Leia
and CW both went home in Leia's X-wing, Andrew is still crying, and
Falco and Leon are STILL fighting. Well, BYE!!!

Interview with Katt Monroe...

Hello again!! This is me the ellusive LA of CA, here today with Falco's
girlfriend, Katt Monroe!!

LA: So Katt, do you really like Falco?

Katt: Course I do!! Why do you think I kep hitting on him?

LA: Just asking! Sheesh!!

Scorpion: GET OVER HERE!!!

Fox: Heck no!! Get away from me you queer!!

Scorpion again attacks Fox (see to my Outworld story, if Greg Gant ever
puts it up) and the 2 again go at it.

Katt: That was unexpected.

LA: Tell me about it. My interviews always get out of hand for some

Greg Gant: LA!! I'll put up your story whever the heck I want to!! I
just don't want to now!! I want to rule the world!! I WILL RULE!! HA HA
HA HA HA!!!!

LA: that was weird. Katt, when did you meet Falco?

Katt: In middle school, he was in an alley and he tried to rob me.

Falco: I said I was sorry!!! SHEEEEEESH!!!

Greg Gant: (runs through door) Get that imposter!!!

Silla: EGAD!!! 2 Gregs!!!

Gerg Gant: He's a robot!! (runs after robot with sledgehammer that
nobody knows how he got in the first place) He's EVIL!!

Evil Gant: That's right!! HA HA HA HA!! (runs out of door)

LA: Aw no!! Sir Maximus's robots have gone insane!! Katt, what are your
veiws on everybody?

Katt: Fox is cool and really cute, Falco's cuter, Slippy's well, an
egghead, and Peppy's bossy. Wolf's a loser, as for Leon, Pigma, and
Andrew. Andross is an ugly, insane, egotistic, psychoti...

LA: OK OK!! I get the message!!

Slippy: I'm smart, but I'm not an egghead!! Fox, who's that you're

Subzero: That's Scorpion toad.

Falco and Leon: DID NOT!!! DID TOO!! DID NOT!!! DID TOO!!!

Slippy: IT'S SLIPPY!!!

Subzero: FINE!!


LA: Woa. Slippy!! What are your veiws on me and the other reporters

Katt: I think you're all annoying. It seems you all insult the very ones
you're interveiwing most of the time.

LA: Not me!! I stopped that after the James interveiw remember?

James: *snork* um what?

Fox and Scorpion: *OOOF!!* Get away from me you schmuck!! GET OVER
HERE!! No way!! *SWIPE* SUCKER!! *SMACK!!*

Falco and Leon: DID NOT!! DID TOO!! DID NOT!! DID TOO!!

Subzero: That does it!! (freezes Fox, Scorpion, Falco, and Leon)

Leia: COOL!! Do that to Wolf!!

Xayez: I can do better.

LA: Xayez? How'd you get here?

Xayez: As you call it, plot hole.

Wolf: Typical.

Leia: SHUT UP!! (smacks Wolf who kicks her)

Xayez: You can't do that to Leia!!!

Bill: Why not? They do that all the time.

Xayez and Bill start to yell at each other.

LA: OK Katt, you made your point about us reporters, geez. Interveiw's

Sir Maximus: May the talking Andross dolls and tickle me Leons drive you

Tickle Me Leon: HA HA HA!!! Knock it off annoying child!! I'm the great

CW: (walks in) Hello!! Woa!! Who are the ninja guys?!!

Reptile: Leon!! Give me back my wallet!!!

Leon: I didn't take your stinkin wallet!!

Noob Saibot: Nobody pay attention to me. I am not here. I am not here..

Rayden: Everybody here for the trial of the Wolves?

LA: Huh?

Rayden: Wolf and Nightwolf are trying to sue each other. Something about
copyright on names. I'm the judge. GUILTY!!!!

CW: What?

Rayden: OK, NOT GUILTY!!

James: Uh what? Those South park kids aren't here are they?

Leia: They're at Kenny's funeral.

Xayez: Who picked you to be the judge? OJ? HA HA HA!!

Rayden: Very funny. (zaps Xayez, but hits Bill too)

Xayez and Bill: YOU JERK!!

Nightwolf: Let's get this over with.

Lui Kang: Just why did I see some guy chasing another guy with a

LA: That was Greg Gant, he's trying to kill his evil counterpart.

Johnny Cage: No autographs, please.


Sonya: WHAAAAAAT????!!!

LA: That's it, I'm outta here. I don't care if you trash this place this
time. It's not my house.

Silla: Oh Holland!! I forgot to take my happy pills!! <no offense Silla

Pigma: No!! It's mine!! WAAAAAAAAAAAH!!!


(LA leaves)

CW: Why are you crying?

Andrew: I *sniff* don't *snuf* KNOW!!! WAAAAAAAAAAH!!

Xayez: I'm gone.

Leia: Me too.

CW: Count me in.

(Xayez Leia and CW leave room)

Greg Gant: Whew!! that's over with.

Fox: J-j-just ha-how d-d-do we nn-know you're not th-the E-E-Evil

(Heater turns on)

Fox: aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!

Greg Gant: Go see the pile of bent metal on the floor out there. Cold

Fox: Y-Y-YES!!!! S-S-SUBZERO!!!

Subzero: Hey!! I meant to only hit ol Scorpy there.

Kitania: This is insane.


(Fox and Falco's eyes widen when they see what Kitania is wearing)

Katt: FALCO!!


Falco: OW!!

Vixy: Oh God!!

Andross: MY LOVE!!!


Andross: OW!!

LA: (peeks through door) Um Vixy, only I'm supposed to do that.

Vixy: Oh sorry.

Cyrax Smoke and Sektor: Death to the robot killer!!

Greg Gant: Uh oh.

(LA leaves again)

Fara: Who's that guy?

Noob Saibot: Nobody pay attention to me. I am not here.

Fara: this is too weird. (Fara leaves)

Suddenly Motoro the horse guy creates a giant plot hole with the Talking
Andross doll and it sucks everybody, even Greg into Outworld. Rayden
proves Wolf of stealing Nightwolf's name, but then it was Rayden who was
probably disguised as Ito in the OJ trial *wink wink*. Noob still thinks
he's invisible, Silla is hyper, Leia Xayez CW and I went to Outworld
just to make fun of Mortoro, and that's about it. BYE!!

Reptile: WHERE'S MY WALLET!!!!

Interview with the Dumb Sea Captain...

Before the interveiw, the news:
Sir Maximus has again killed the Talking Andross Doll. But it has again
come back to life and told Mortoro. Mortoro is very angry.

Mortoro: He try to kill dolley!!! My monkey doll!!
James McCloud has vowed to stop drinking so much.

James: The only beer I drink now is root beer. Except on weekends.
The Tickle-Me-Leons and G.I. Andrews have again fallen from the sky. No
one cares.

Tickle-Me-Leon: teeheeheee!! That's funny!!
Everybody in the Lylat system has now caught on to the Andross Doll's
end of the world threat. Mortoro is very angry. No one cares.

Hello again!! This is LA of CA teaming up with that sugar crazy Hyper
Wolf! Today we bring you the first interveiw with that dumb sea captain
from Zoness. (DSC for now)


HW: Is that the only letter you know?

LA: I guesss somebody flunked in Phonics.


HW: That answers my question.

DSC: AAAR!! Ise not dumb!! Tell theat to my ageen and Ise keelohawl ya!!
And the name's Davey!! Davey Jones!!

HW: What?

LA: I think he said he isn't dumb and he'll beat the crap out of you. He
also said his name was Davey Jones, I think.

HW: Yeah whatever. OK Davey, what's it like to drive the Sarumarine?

Davey: AAARHAAAR!! Ise like it fiarne!!

LA: It's OK. I think. You hang around these sea captains long enough you
get to know what they're saying. Where did you come from, Davey?

Davey: Ise come frum there out!!

LA: Be more specific!!

Davey: AAAR!! Say, ise you realted to the O' Donnel boy?

HW: NO!!!

(Heather falls from the sky)

HW: I thought the MIR station fell on you!!

Pelord: DRAGONS!!!!

Heather: uh oh! (runs around like an idiot, then gets thrown out.)

Davey: AAR!! That there nessie was a cutie!! (runs after Heather, but HW
slams the door in his face.)

HW: We aren't done with you yet!!

Fox: Hey LA!! Can I borrow your bug spray?

LA: Why? So Davey, what are your veiws on everybody?

(Scorpion walks in)

LA: Oh I see. Here ya go Fox!! (throws a can of RAID to him) Oh wait!! I
don't think it'll--ah go ahead.

Davey: Thar STARFUX teeem is a boonch of loosers!! As fer Andross,
STARWULF, and ye other characteers! You reepoters stink ase well!!

(Everybody except for the MK guys beats the crap out of Davey.)

Davey: (weakly)aaarhaaar. ugh!!

HW: Last question before I beat your face in!! What species are you?

Davey: Sea Monkey!

(HW then beats his face in, then throws him out the door and nobody
hears from Davey in a month)

Fox: Take that PION!! (squirts RAID at Scorpion)


(Greg Gant walks in)

Cyrax Smoke and Sektor: DEATH TO THE ROBOT KILLER!!

Greg Gant: uh oh. (again grabs his sledgehammer)

LA: Well that interveiws over.

HW: What interveiw? That wasn't an interveiw, it was more of a gag.

Subzero: OK toad, give me my 20 bucks!!

Slippy: IT'S SLIPPY!!! And FINE!! Here's your 20!

Subzero FINE!!

Slippy: FIIINNEE!!



Fara: So much for that.

Falco and Leon: DID NOT!! DID TOO!! DID NOT!! DID TOO!!

HW: Dumb sea captain. SHUT UP!!!

The rest is stupid. The dumb sea captain tried to take over my house,
and I kicked his @$$, HW kicked his face in again, Fox and Scorpion are
still going at it, and Slippy and Subzero still have this FINE argument.
Greg Gant is still being chased by the robots due to him smashing his
evil counterpart, and the Andross Doll, Tickle-Me-leons, and G.I Andrews
are still running a muck. Don't worry, Sir Maximus is on the case!! but
for some reason, somebody stole his paper bag helmet.

Interview with Falco...


"Fred" is back. He was seen scarfing down shots of brandy with James.

LA: JAMES!! You vowed to stop drinking!
James: DID NOT!! I said not AS MUCH!!!

No one has heard from the Andross Doll, or the other "toys" in weeks! A
large celebration will be held downtown Cornerian City at 5 PM.

Lylatians: YEAH!! WOOHOO!!!

Celine Dione called today. Maybe she'll stop by! *wink wink*

Mariah Carey: What about me??!!!

Hello all, I'm LA of CA< here today with everyone's favorite feather
brain, Falco Lombardi!

Falco: Better watch it cheetah girl.

LA: (grits teeth) You know what happened last time you called me that?

Falco: Remind me!


LA: Remember now?

Falco: OW!!

LA: First question. Why do you have such an attitude?


LA: What do you call that then?

Fox: Him being normal. You should see him when he's mad.

Leon: (crashes through the window) THERE YOU ARE BIRD!!!!

LA: NO NO NO!!! Not now!! Falco, when did you meet Fox?

Leon: Oh pooey.

Falco: I met him in school. 7th grade.

Slippy: Failed all the years he was in it too!!

LA: Years?

Peppy: He spent exacly 3 years in that grade!

Falco: SHUT UP!! I did not! I quit going to school on the second.

Greg Gant: Really? I have to post that!

Fara: Hey Fox, c'mere! *wink*

Fox: Um uh.....OK!!!

LA: Not that again!

Max: And you heard it live from me, Sir Max, Fox and Fara's "intimate"

Falco: Quit bothering me lizard!!

Leon: I was not!!

Falco: Were too!

Leon: Were not!!

Falco: DID TOO!!

Leon: DID NOT!!

LA: That interveiw's over. Say Max, why do you wear that bag on your

Max: I'm just to cute for people to see!

Sub-Zero: Yeah. I'm sure.

Finnius: Oh boy!!

Lyn: Hello!

FlyerFox: Wuz up?!

LA: How did you all get here?

J.Wolfman: That damn plot hole of yours.

LA: MINE??!! Why do people say they're MINE??!! Black Marauder's the one
who made them up!!

(James falls through plot hole)

Slippy: Time to tend the bar again.

LA: Bar?

Slippy: Yeah! Every night at 6, I set up a miny bar. I get about 500
bucks a night thanks to saps like James here!

James: Give me another!! *HICK!!*

Fred Robot: Me too!! *HRACK!!*

Finnius: Just like our chat!! I wonder if ol Liu Kang's gonna fall out
the window again.

LA: With the way this is going, he probably will!

Wolf: What the heck!!

LA: Hey Wolf!

Celine Dione: Hey there!

Mariah Carey: Hello.

LA: WOW!!! I don't beleive it!!

(Mariah and Celine dissapear)

LA: Oh dammit all!

Pelord: Alright! That's it! Times up!

Everyone: huh?

Pelord: You heard me!! oUt of my Area 6 studio! Shoo!!

Well that's it. I know it was dull, and boring, but what do you expect?
I was on a LONG break! Well, we all got kicked out by Pelord, Falco and
Leon are still fighting, Fox and Fara um, let's move on.....,
Greg is still updating, and I'm still me. Cya!!

~LA of CA

InterView With Gorgon...

NEWS and more NEWS!!

Everybody is confused about why 2 very popular singers were in my last
interveiw. Well don't ask me! Blame that damn plot hole!

I have actually gotten somewhere in that game Riven! Hey wait a sec,
this has nothing to with STARFOX!!

Atrus: I just hope Cirrus and Achenar don't show up.
LA: Um? Who? Oh heh....

Silla has left Fox's Crew!!! Why?!! I have no idea, and she won't say
anything! We'll miss you Sillabub. Be sure to stop by once in awhile.

Hello again. LA here, still back from that what? 2 month break? Here's a
rare interveiw with the commander of the Area 6 Death Ball, Gorgon!

Gorgon: Let's get the %#%!##^& thing over with!

LA: Such....fair language we have toaday. So, Gorgon, what are you

Gorgon: YOU DON'T %!)(*^% KNOW??!!!! AND YOU CALL YOURSELF A %#@(*^$@!

LA: Watch it pal, or your last words will be muffled by you own butt. Ok
then, how do you like having Caiman as your Lt.?

Caiman: Did someone call me?

Gorogn: HE'S A %!#(*^$!@ DIP %#*(^!! HE CAN'T EVEN SHOOT DOWN 4 SMALL

LA: No Caiman. HEY!! I said watch it!

Fox: Someone's in a bad mood.

Falco and Leon: DID TOO!!! DID NOT!!! DID TOO!!! DID NOT!!!

Greg Leppert: Hey!! That guy can't say that! My site is supposed to be G
rated, not NC-17!!

Greg Gant: I usually tolerate stuff like that, but that is TOO much!

Gorgon: SHUT THE *&!@$ UP!!!!

LA: Aaaargh...OK now, Gorgon, what are veiws on everybody?

Gorgon: YOU'RE ALL A BUNCH OF $!@(*^)!(! $@!)*^!@$)86$!!!!!!

Leia: Watch your mouth jerk!!

Xayez: I've heard of porn sites cleaner than your attitude!

Kano: What did he just call me?

LA: How did you get here theif?!!! Alright Gorgon that is IT!! PELORD!!

Kano: Why I oughtta!! (does his choke hold on Gorgon)

Gorgon: Whhhhack you (#@@$@hack $@)(&$@!!! HACK!!!

Pelord: Dragons!

(Dragons seperate Kano from Gorgon, drag Gorgon out and beat him up)

CW: That was totally and utterly pointless.

Sir Maximus: Where's that Andross doll?

LA: I thought you killed it.

Sir Max: Oh yeah, I did.

Fox: When do I get to be interveiwed?

Wolf: You?! HA!! When will it be MY turn is the more important question


LA: Too many requests. Oh great, Monkey man is back.

Pigma: I'm hungry!

Leia: Who cares?

Atrus: I must send someone to Riven.....

LA: Atrus? Not you again!

Atrus: Take this book. (hands a book to LA) Don't lose for you will need
to it to blah blah blah blah..

LA: Um Atrus, how am I supposed to remember all this?

Atrus: blah blah blah...


Atrus: blah blah....

(giant plot hole forms and sucks everyone into Riven)

Greg Leppert: OH NO!!! Not here!!

Fox: Um LA, I hope you know the way out of here.

LA: AARGH!!! I don't!! I haven't gotten hardly anywhere in that game!!
AAH!! What's in this book anyway? (reads the book) DAMNIT!! It's nothing
but a crappy journal!

Finnius: Oh great.

Lyn: Perfect.

FlyerFox: When can we leave?

Well, eventually we all got out of Riven, except Gorgon. But I think
we'll just leave him there, that world is ending anyway. No famous
singers showed up, and everyone is still confused about the first 2. I
don't know where Fara was through the whole thing, Fox still wants to be
interveiwed, same with Wolf, Falco and Leon are STILL fighting, and Greg
Leppert is overcome with happiness that I'm back! The only bad thing
that happened is, I forgot all the secrets in Riven!!! AAAAACK!!

~LA of CA

Interview with Caimen...


Bill Gates has decided to try and take over Lylat, and the Macantosh



I fell through Wild Wolf's plot hole. Landed on my keys!

LA: OW!!!

Area 6 chat has been deemed the most dangerous chat room on the web!!
Well, not really, it's only dangerous when me and my pals are in there.

Hello all! LA of CA here with Lt. Caiman!

Caiman: Are you OK?

LA: I'm fine. I just fell on my keys is all. ow..

Caiman: OK then.

LA: So Caiman, how do you like being the second in command at Area 6?

Caiman: I hate it! That Gorgon guy is always calling me worthless! And
his swearing problem doesn't make it any better! *sniff*

Fox: Crybaby!

Slippy: HA HA!!

LA: Knock it off you 2. Well Caiman, if I were working for some goof in
a red hat I'd probably feel the same. What do you think of everyone?

Caiman: I hate them all. Everybody teases me about what I am, I'm A
CAIMAN IF YOU HAVEN'T NOTICED!!! And they all make fun of my job and how
I do it! It's not fair! And to top it all off, everyone thinks its my
fault that Venom lost! Well it's not! It's mister smart @$$ monkey
brain's, ANDROSS!!

Falco and Leon: DID NOT!!! DID TOO!! DID NOT!! DID TOO!! DID NOT!!! DID


Fara: If I hear anymore of this I'll scream!!!

LA: Wow Caiman. Got that off your chest. Oh great. Why can't I ever have
a normal interveiw?

Wild Wolf: Like you said, get used to it.

Fox: Hey Fara. *wink*

Fara: NOT NOW!!!

Wolf: This is ludacrist.


LA: YOU AGAIN!!! Get out now! This isn't Wild's interveiw!

::Sailor Moon cries like a baby and runs away::

LA: OK then Caiman, what do you like to do as a hobby?

Caiman: Can we leave my personnal life out of this?

Sir Max: NO WE CAN'T!!! SPILL!!

Andross Doll: The end is near, is near, is near, is near!!!
BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!! You are, you are, you are, you are, doomed, doomed,


LA: Ok then Caiman. So, what do you do on the Death Ball station?

Caiman: Oh the usuall, flip the on off switch, push buttons that I don't
even know what they do, boss people around. Boring.


Pigma: Yes you are!

Andrew: HA HA!!

LA: If you ask me, I think it's the little pig and ape that are senile.

Andross: I am not!!

LA: Oh yeah, and you too Andross.

Caiman: Can I go now? I have a date.

LA: With who?

Caiman: My girlfriends, Lavander Opal. *sigh*

LA: Oh OK bye.


Everyone: We know we know. ::everyone leaves::

Well that's it. Nothing special happened afterwards, except that Atrus
showed up again, and Fox pushed him into Myst, Fara screamed, Leia went
temperarally insane, Caiman went on his date, and I went home.

DAMN YOU GATES!!! ~Greg Gant

Is anybody connected with reality out there? ~LA of CA

NO!! ~All the STARFOX and Goldeneye guys.

C'MERE!!! ~Scorpion.

Shut up Zombie. ~Sub-Zero

As if!! ~Cher from "Clueless"

Interview with Leon... NEWS is still NEWS!!

Sir Max has set the record so far for most interveiws. He's also set the
record for smashing more windows and doors trying to kill that doll over
and over again.

Sir Max: ARMAGGEDON!!! *CRASH* Oops again.

Finnius has given me an annoying little sheep that constantly falls off
ledges and bounces around my desktop. E-mail him if you want one.

Finnius: Is it that weird?

The evil Greg Gant robot nearly killed Bill Gates!!!

Evil Gant: It felt good too! Now I own Macintosh!!
Greg Gant: Don't mind him.

Atrus escaped from Myst. The "containment" team is looking for him.

Greg Leppert: Damnit.

Wuz up?! LA of CA here with Leon Powalski!

Leon: Can we hurry through this. I have an...appionment.

LA: Yeah, sure..I guess. So Leon, how do you like being on STARWOLF?

Leon: It's just fine. What's that sheep of yours doing?

Finnius: It's a weird desktop thing, I know!

LA: Committing suicide. It just jumped off a ledge. What?! It bounced!

Wolf: Talk about dumb animals.

LA: OK then Leon, why do you like to torture poeple?

Leon: It's fun that's why!!

J.Wolfman: Yeah!

(Falco and Katt come in giggling)

Fox: Again Falco? heh!

Falco: Yep!

Katt: heee heee heee!!

Bill: Dude..

LA: Alrighty then....Leon, so how are you and Amy doing?

Amy: Hey Lover Lizard!

Leon: Hi babe!

LA: I see.

Bill Gates: I will rule everything!! Give me all your money!! Bow to

FlyerFox: Get lost!

Lyn: Not you.

LA: OooooK. Leon, where'd you come from?

Leon: I'm not telling!

Fara: Hey all!

LA: Fine then. What do you think of everybody?

Leon: STARWOLD rules, STARFOX sucks, Andross is weird, and everyone else
is fine I guess.


Amy: YOU!!


FlyerFox: NO!!

Lyn: Screw you!

(FlyerFox beats Bill senseless, then Lyn kicks him in the groin)

Bill: AAAAAeeeeeep!!

Sir Max: And you heard it live! Bill Gate's tyranny overthrown by 2
amatuar pilots!


Finnius: Let me have a peice of that action! (beats Bill with his staff)

Sir Max: And a dolphin!!

LA: Nice guys. Real nice. So Leon-....Leon?

Falco and Leon: DID NOT!!! DID TOO!! DID NOT!!! DID TOO!! DID NOT!!! DID

LA: OK that's over with.

Greg Leppert: Nobody has found Atrus yet have they.

Everyone: Nope.

Evil Gant: BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!!!

LA: What is with these evil person robots? Max?

Sir Max: Don't ask me!

LA: But I am.

Sir Max: Don't.

J.Wolfman: Time to go.

Sub-Zero: Finnaly. I'm getting sick of your corny jokes.

J.Wolfman: Fine then I'll stay.

Sub-Zero: D'OH!!

Well that's it. Eventually Atrus was found and sent to the mental ward,
Falco and Leon are still fighting, Wild Wolf showed up and he and I
watched Face Off (good movie), Amy still works for Venom, J.Wolfman is
still telling Sub corny jokes, and Sub is kicking himself for saying
anything. The robots are still running a muck with the busted Andross
Doll, and Sir Max smashed another window trying to kill them all again.
Oh yeah, and my desktop sheep is still killing itself and bouncing all
over my screen.

Evil Gant? ~Greg Gant

I'm being quoted again!! HA!! ~Sir Max

Um....hi? ~Lyn

Go away. ~Wild Wolf

Sheep ~Meeeeaaaaah!!

Will I ever have a normal interveiw?! ~LA of CA

oooo that hurt! ~Bill Gates

Why are you quoting me? ~FlyerFox

The sheep isn't that bad! ~Finnius

Do not go in there!! WOOOO!!! ~Ace Ventura, Pet Detective

Interview with Granga...

NEWS will always be NEWS!!!

Andrew and Slippy fight it out in a bar!! Pigma squealed to the cops,
Great Fox plowed through Area 6 chat today. Pelord is again repairing
the damage.

Pelord: razit frazit OW!!!!! STUPID HAMMER!!
I have found out why my server acts screwy 5 days out of the week. Say
hello to the Internet/Computer Demons. (Greg Gant was right!!!)

Is Maximus immortal? Is Greg Gant being cloned? (Evil gant, remember?)
Will some of my humor fans show up today? More on this later. I don't
have time!!! Interveiw, remember?!!

Hello again. Today I , LA of CA, am interveiwing the trash can

Granga: Well this is going well. (growls under breath)

LA: Sorry. So um, Granga, what's it like to operate that hunk of junk.

Granga: Not something I enjoy, but oh well.

(sound of hammer and drills)

Fox: What's that?

LA: Pelords repairing Area 6 chat, after SOMEBODY'S ship plowed through

Fox: Hey I wasn't driving! Go blame Rob64!

LA: (rolls eyes) OK then Granga, how do you feel about having a robot
named after you?

Granga: Granga isn't my real name. But I guess it's OK.

Andross Doll: You are, are, are, are doomed!! Prepare to die, die, die,


LA: Isn't that a movie?

Granga: I think so.

Falco: What's a movie?

LA: Armageddon.

Falco: Oh.

LA: Back to Granga, what do you rank in Butthead's army?

Granga: Oh you mean Andross? I'm a Luitenant. Though I should be a

Andrew: My uncle is not a BUTTHEAD!!!

LA: Would you prefer me to call him the more "innappropriate" name?


GeckoLiz: Grr yourself Andrew! She's right!!

Andrew: I'LL KILL YOU BOTH!!! (takes out foam bat)

GeckoLiz: (takes out REAL baseball bat) Come on Andrew.....*KRACK!!*

(Andrew flies across the room and is knocked out)

LA: Thanks GeckoLiz. I owe you one.

GeckoLiz: You're welcome.

Granga: Ahem.........

LA: Oh. For the last question Granga, what are your veiws on everyone?

Granga: STARFOX sucks, STARFWOLF is worse, Andross is a jerk. Nuff said.
Buh bye. (leaves in a hurry)

Greg Gant: Oh no. This is where it gets stupid.

Greg Leppert: You said it Gant.

J. Wolfman: READ MY STORIES!!!!

Andrew: (starts to wake up) Ugh....

GeckoLiz: Oh no you don't! (SMACK!!!)

(Andrew is knocked out again)

Pelord: There. All finished.

LA: Done already?

Pelord: YES!!!

(large red beam breaks down the door)


Cheetara: HO!!!

Panthro: HO!!!

Tigra: HO!!!

Wily Kit and Kat: HO!!!

Mumra: HO!!

All the Thundercats: SHUT UP!!!

Greg Leppert: WOW!!!! What are you guys doing here?

LA: yeah. What ARE you doing here?

Greg Gant: Are these your guests LA?

LA: No. I don't even watch the cartoon that often.

Liono: Sword of Omens! Give me sight beyond sight!


Liono: NO!!

(Mumra does his "call apon the power" thing)

Falco: This is stupid.

Snarf: Snarf snarf........

Slippy: HOLY CRAP!! WHAT IS THAT??!!!!

Snarf: I'm Snarf the Snarf.

Fox: What the what?

Peppy: Barf the barf?


(Mumra and Liono are now battling it out, wrecking everything)


LA: Well this has been a really insane experience. But it;'s time to
wrap it up. Hey wait a second, where's Wolf, or Leon?

(Wolf and leon fall from a plot hole. Falco immediately ingages in fight
with Leon)

Falco and Leon: DID NOT!!! DID TOO!!! DID NOT!! DID TOO!!! DID NOT!! DID

Wolf: You called?

LA: Not really. See ya next time when I uh? Well Cya!

That's it. The Thundercats destroyed Area 6 again, istead of the MK guys
for a change, Geckoliz repeatedly smacks Andrew everytime he wakes up,
Pelord went insane and stole Liono's sword, STARFOX is still teasing
Snarf, oh yeah, and Pigma squealed again. And just for reference, the
Thundercats still say HO for no reason, and I killed my compu sheep

HO!!! ~Thundercats

I AM MUMRA!! THE EVERLIVING!!! ~Mumra, the everliving.

KILL ANDREW!!!! ~GeckoLiz

I am once again quoted!! ~Maximus

I was not involved with this interveiw whatsoever. ~Greg Gant

READ MY STORIES!!!! ~J. Wolfman

I GIVE UP!!! ~Pelord

Well this was a very uneducational, confusing, stupid experience.
Another classic from me. ~LA of CA

I feel the need. The need, FOR SPEED!!! YOW!!~Maverick and Goose, TopGun

Wulf's Interview with Star Fox...
Wulf (me, duh): Hello! Welcome to Star Wulf's talk show. (I dunno how I got it I just bought some time on a crappy T. V. station.)
Fox: Is this my interview?
Wulf: Uummm......I guess.
Vixxi: Hi Fox! *wink* (Vixxi is a character from my fanfics she is Wolf's sis, a member of Star Fox, and Fox's girlfriend. She is part wolf and part fox.)
Fox: Duh huh huh. Hia Vixxi. *sigh*
Slippy: Uh oh, I know where this is going. (Fox walks out of room.)
Vixxi: I uh.. I uh uh ...I have to go to the bathroom! (runs after Fox) (Falco stumbles in.)
Falco: Whoa!!!
Wulf: Tell me about it. (Slippy and Falco start walking out of room.)
Wulf: Hey! Where are you going?!
Falco: I need a drink.
Slippy: I am the designated driver.
Wulf: Great now who am I gonna interview?! (Link runs in room.)
Link: Omigod! If Ganon comes in here call me Tia-Chi, the jamaican work slave. (Puts on fake mustache.)
Wulf: Uhh...okay. (Ganon breaks down door.)
Ganon: Did you see a little man in a green suit run through here?!
Tia-Chi: (Talking in heavy jamaican accent) No man. I justa been sittin' here doin' nuttin'.
Wulf: Hey! You!
Ganon: Me? Wulf: Yeah, you! your payin' for that door!
Ganon: Do you know who I am?!
Wulf: A stupid lard-butt that's gonna pay for my door! (Ganon grumbles and stomps out of room.) Wulf: Hey!! (Fox walks in, with his shirt untucked, Vixxi follows him in.)
Tia-Chi: Whoa, man! What happened toa you two?"
Wulf: He left, Link you can talk normal.
Link: Oh, okay. (Takes off mustache.) (Fox sits down next to Vixxi, winks at Vixxi.) (Wolf storms in.) Wolf: You been with my sis again, haven't you?!
Fox: Uh, uh, no I just got into a fight.
Wolf: Yeah your about to get in one! (Fox and Wolf go at it.)
Wulf: Hey not here! (Slippy and Falco walk in, drunk and singing an old school fight song.)
Wulf: So much for designated drivers.
Slippy: Hey! We got some one to drive us!
Wulf: Who? (James McCloud walks in.)
James: Me! (Fox and Wolf stop fighting.)
Fox: Dad? Wulf: You're alive?!
James: Yeah.
Vixxi: How?
James: It's a long story. All I know is that I woke up on a fishing boat in Zoness. You ever see a fish with sixteen eyes?
All: No. (the Idiotic Sea Captian that drives the Submarine walks in.)
ISC: Aaaarrr, Matey. I did once when...
Wulf: Shad up. (Wulf knocks out ISC.)
Wolf: This is sooo boring!
Wulf: I know. This interview really is fit for public access T. V. (All of a sudden, Bowser falls through the roof.)
Wulf: My place is being torn apart!!
Bowser: Aaargghh!
Slippy: Whoa man! What happened to you?
Bowser: All I remember is that Mario through me into a bomb and I ended up here.
Wulf: Those pack quite a punch!
Wolf: Yeah get me one! I'll put it in Fox's arwing.
Fox: No you won't! (Fox and Wolf go at it again.)
Bowser: Aarggh! I need a drink.
James: Here, (hands Bowser a bottle of beer) I always keep it handy.
Bowser: Thanks. (Fara runs in room.)
Fara: You!!!! You took my man!
Vixxi: You!!! (Fara jumps at Vixxi and misses. Vixxi pulls out her phaser and kills Fara.)
Vixxi: Uh oh.
Fox: Cool! (Vixxi runs to the closet and throws Fara's body in.)
Wulf: Pull that thing out before the cops see it! (Katt walks in.)
Katt: Hey Falco babe!
Falco: Aaaaaaaahhhhh!!!!! (Falco quickly pulls out his phaser and shoots Katt. He puts her in the closet with Fara.)
Wulf: What an interview this is!
Fox: Dad? If you are alive, is mom?
James: (drunk) I dunno.
Fox: What do you mean you don't know?! Is she or not?!
James: Well that depends on who was your mom. I was really drunk that night.
Fox: Who were you with?!
James: Lisa, Clair, A girl named Gwen, Melony...
Fox: Okay! Okay! I get it! (All of a sudden a Barney doll floats the door, singing.)
Barney Doll: I love you, You love me...
Wulf: Aaahh! Some one shoot it! (Wolf shoots it and puts it in the closet full of bodies.)
Bowser: Aar, this is good beer.
(Peppy walks in.) Peppy: Whoa! What happened here?!
Wulf: Don't ask! (All of a sudden, the cops run in.)
Falco: Aaahh! Scatter! It's the 5 O!
Wulf: Aaahh! Um.. this is Wulf signing off. Until next time , folks!
(All run out, only Bowser is caught.)  

PART 2 Of Wulf's Interviews
Review of last interview: Well! Not much to say! It was a complete disaster! The cops came and Bowser was arrested for crimes Falco & Vixxi comited! Maybe this time I'll get a real interview out of the Star Fox gang!

Wulf: Welcome to Star Wulf's Talkshow!
Fox: Must you do that?! We already know!
Wulf: It's my show! I'm supposed to anounce it!
Wolf: Who are you going to interview?
Wulf: Slippy Toad.
Wolf: The little slimy frog?!
Slippy: Hey!!
Wolf: Shut up! (Wolf chases Slippy around the room, firing at him with his phaser.)
Wulf: I guess I'll interview you then, Fox.
Wolf: D'oh!!
Wulf: So, Fox what's it like being on the Star Fox team?
Fox: It's great. I'm the leader so I can boss the team around.
Wulf: Cool. So what do you think of your team?
Fox: Vixxi is the best, Falco is okay, except the fact he has an attidute problem. Slippy is cool and Peppy is bossy.
Peppy: Hey! I am not!
Fox: Are too!
Peppy & Fox: IS TOO! IS NOT! IS TOO! IS NOT! (All of a sudden the Barney Doll comes back.)
Barney Doll: Bow to me!! I will get all my doll friends and take over the Lylat System!!
Wulf: Aaaaahh!!! Kill it!! *Boom!*
voice: Hah! (Leon is standing in the door way with a smoking machine gun.)
Leon: Where is Falco? Wulf: why do you care?
Leon: I uh..I have to talk to him. (James walks in drunk.)
James: (singing of key) I get knocked down! but I get up again! You ain't never gonna keep me down!
Wulf: Oh, God!!
James: I get knocked down! But I get up..... (James continues to sing.)
Fox: My dad is crazier than I thought!
James: You ain't never gonna keep down!
Slippy: Make it stop! Make it stop! (Andross walks in and punches James in the head.)
Fox: Hey! Don't do that to my dad!!
Andross: Shut up, Junior!
Fox: No one calls me that! (All of a sudden Andross starts trembling.)
Andross: Nooooo!!!! (The Barney dolls comes back to life!)
Barney Doll: I love you, you love me....
Andross: Nooooo!!!!!!! (Barney Doll chases Andross out of the room.)
Wulf: Whoa!
Wolf: Your tellin' me! (James wakes up.)
James: Uh, what? Huh, where am I? (Vixxi walks in the room.)
Fox: Hi Vixxi! *wink*
Vixxi: Not now, Fox.
Fox: Dang..... (They all here some one dialing a phone.)
Wulf: Where is that coming from?
Fox: That's a 900 number!
Vixxi: How do you know?!
Fox: Uh.. no reason. *Slap* (They all find Slippy in the closet with the phone.)
Wulf: I don't want to know... (Wulf slams closet door.)
Pigma: Man, I am so hungry!! Any one got any food?
Leon: Your always hungry, Fatso!! Pigma: I'm not fat!!! I'm just big boned!!!
Fox: Shut up. You are too fat!!
Pigma: That hurts. Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!!!
Vixxi: Shut up!!!!! (Vixxi kicks Pigma.)
James: I get knocked down! But I get up again! You ain't never gonna keep me down!!
Wulf: I'm getting a migrane. (All of a sudden, Salt n' Peppa show up.)
Wulf: Oh cool! But where is Spinderella?
Salt: Oh, she got mixed up in one a dem fairy tales.
Peppa: Yeah, yeah now we stuck with Cinderella.
Cinderalla: Any one here find my glass slipper?!
Pigma: Woo-hoo! You are a beauty!!! (Pigma chases around Cinderella.)
Cinderella: Aaaaahhhhhh!!! (Wulf slaps Pigma.)
Pigma: Ooowww!!
Wulf: Knock it off, Porkrind!!! (Every one except Salt, Peppa, and Cinderella kick the crap out of Pigma.)
James: I get knocked down! But I......ohh...I don't feel so good! (James passes out.)
Salt: Let's lay down some vocals for these people!
Peppa: Yeah! (Salt & Peppa start singing "Groove Me")
Wulf: Anyone have any advil?
Vixxi: I'm leaving!!!
Fox: Oh, yeah! Count me in!
Wulf: Me too. (Vixxi, Fox, and Wulf leave room.)
James: I get knocked down!

Wulf's Third Interview with Starfox
Review of last interview: Well!! The last one was almost as bad as the first one! Not much else to say about it. Wulf: Welome to Star Wulf's Talkshow!! Fox: We know! Wulf: Shut up! Pigma: Interview me!! Interview me!!!!!!! Wolf: You? Hah!!!!! Falco: Yeah! It's my turn! Wolf: You?! I got bounced last time!!! It's my turn! (Falco and Wolf fire at each other and miss.) Faclo and Wolf: IS NOT!! IS TOO!! IS NOT! IS TOO!!! Wulf: Okay, Pigma. Why did you betray James? Pigma: For the money, duh!!!! Wulf: Okey dokey. Now, what do you think of every one? Pigma: Star Fox sucks!!!!! Star Wolf rules!!!!! Andross is insane!!!! Andross: I heard that Bacon-Butt!!! Pigma: Uh oh. Wulf: Shut up Andross. Now, Pigma. for the last question, what is your worst nightmare? Pigma: Richard Simmons!! Slippy: Aaaaaaaaahhhhhh!!!!!!! Where??!! Wulf: Shut up! He's not here!! (Love walks in.) Love: Wazup! I'm Wulf's friend. Wulf: Dude!!! Ya made it!!! *crash* Leon: Look what you did annoying bird!!!!!!! Falco: Your the freak that pushed me!!!! Love: Yeah, shut up, Scrub!!! (Leon fires at Love and missses, Love kicks Leon in the nads.) Leon: Yeeeoooowwwwiiiiiiiieeeeeee!!!!!!!!! Every one esle: Ha ha!!! Falco: Hey, Love wanna go to that bar around the corner? Love: Sure!! Wanna have a chuggin' contest? Falco: Yeah man!! Let's go! (Falco and Love leave room.) Wulf: Ok then, now Pigma. Pigma? Pigma: Die, Fox!!!! (Pigma chases James around the place, firing at him with his phaser.) Wulf: James, how did you get here??! James: I'm adrunk, like I'm supposed to know what I do! Fox: Leave my dad alone, Porky!! Wulf: Look! Pigma!! It's Richard Simmons!! Pigma: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhh!!! Where?!!! (James shoots Pigma.) Pigma: Oooouuuucccccccchhhhh!! (Pigma passes out.) James: Hah!!! Victory drink! (James pulls out a bottle of whiskey and starts chuggin' it down.) Wulf: You've had enough, dang it!!!!! (Wulf tries to pull away whiskey.) (Love and Falco stumble in.) Love: (drunkly) I won!! I won!! Falco: You cheated!! Love: Did not! Falco: Did too! (Falco and Love start a big fight.) Slippy: Shut up! Shut up! Shhhhhuuuuuuttttt uuuupppppppp!!!!!! Fox: Screw you!!! (Arguement continues until the Barney doll comes back, singing.) All: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhh!!!!!! *blam* (Wulf stole Falco's phaser and shot the doll.) (James, totally drunk by now, hits on Love.) James: Hey, baby.....wanna go in the back room? (Love kicks James in the crotch.) James: Oooooooowwwwwwwwww!!!!! Wulf: You just love that, huh? Love: Yeah!! Like I say, just for kicks!!! Wulf: Ha! Andrew: Waaaaaaahhhhhh!!! Uncle Andross!!! Andross: What is it now?!! Andrew: Wolf said I was a stupid baby! Andross: That's okay. This is true. Andrew: Waaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!! Wulf: God!!!!!! Just shut up!!! (The rest is pretty boring. Vixxi showed up and Wolf got mad and tried to kill Fox. Vixxi restraned him and Love and I left because of the noise.)
4th Interview with Wulf...
Review of last interview: Nothing much happened. Just my friend came over. I interviewed Pigma which was a HUGE mistake. Wulf: Welcome to Star Wulf's Talkshow! Fox: Shut up!!! We know!!!!! (Wulf fires madly at Fox for ticking her off.) Fox: My interview. Wolf: Can't let you do that, Star Fox!!!!! Fox: Great! Just who I need to see, Star Wolf!!! Pigma: Peppy, long time no see!!!!!! Falco: This is horrible!!! Wulf: Hey, who's interview is this? Andross: It's my interview. It is foolish to come against me!!!!!! Andrew: It's mine, Uncle Andross!!!!! (Slippy run in with Leon on his back with a knife.) Slippy: Fox!!! Get this guy off me!!!!!! Fox: It's still my interview but let's take care of these guys first!!!!!! James: Can this wait until I finish my beer? (Wolf blows away James's beer.) Wolf: No. Wulf: Why are you guys saying everything from the game?!!! Wolf: We need to learn our lines for the movie. Slippy: Help me!!!! Peppy: Fox? What's takin' you so long?! Fox: Shut up! I'm waiting for Vixxi to call. Wolf: You wretch!!!!!! (Falco sits down next to Wulf. He opens a beer.) Falco: Some one's got Fox on a tight leesh! Fox: Shut up!!!! (Phone rings.) Fox: Ooh! Ooh! Get out of the way!!!! It's probably my Butter Cup! Falco: Who? Wolf: Last time I checked my sister's name was Vixxi!!!! Fox: Shut up!!!!! Vixxi: (On other end of line.) Fox!!! You gotta come get me!!! The subway is packed!!!!!! Fox: Really? Vixxi: Yes, and the train just stopped. I'm stuck between a sweaty pervert who keeps trying to get my phone number and a lady who thinks I'm here to kill her. She's been screamin' in my ear for an hour!!!!!!!!!! Falco: Let me talk to the pervert. (Fox hands Falco the phone.) Falco: Listen up you #@$^%*!!!!! Leave her alone!!!!!! Or I'll come down there and ^%*#* you up!!!!!!! Got it?! Vixxi: Stupid!!!!!! Now you've got the idiot crying!!!! My fur is getting wet!!!!!!!!!!! Fox: I'll be there in a minute, Butter Cup!!!! Falco: Who? Fox: Shut up!!!! (Fox slams the phone down and runs out the door.) Wolf: Some one's in a bad mood. voice: 'CAUSE I"M CASTOR TROY!!!!!! YEAH!!!!! James: What? (All of a sudden the door breaks open and Nicholis Cage runs in.) Falco: Who the ^$*@* are you?! Nick, or Castor: You watch your &^%*#@ mouth!!!! Wulf: Idiot!!! You want studio 3B!!!! This is 2B!!!! It's across the hall!!!!!! Nick: Oh, sorry. (Nick walks out of the room with his head down.) James: Bye Mr. Troy!!!! Andross: Shut up!!!! Wulf: Go away Monkey breathe. (Vixxi comes stomping in the room with Fox behind her. She looks all dirty and mangy.) Falco: Whoa. Vixxi:Shut up!! And here's your %^$#&* groceries!!!! Falco: All that for groceries? Vixxi: I thought I told you to shut the &^%#^ up!!!!! Wulf: Such nice language we have today. (The Barney doll floats through the doorway.) Barney Doll: (Demon voice.) Bow to me!!!! I will take over Lylat and torture you all!!!!!!! BWA HA HA HA HA HA!!! (The doll's eyes start glowing red.) Vixxi: Scram, little doll!!! I have had a long and trying day. The last thing I need to see is you!!!!! Barney Doll: (Normal.) No fair, no fair. No fun....... (Doll floats away, crying like Andrew.) Vixxi: Now, I am going to take a long, hot bath. No one better bug me!!!!! (Vixxi walks off toward the bathroom. Fox fallows her.) Fox: Don't mind if I do. (Vixxi slams the door in Fox's face.) Fox: D'oh!!!!! James: Don't worry, son. I ordered some dancers. Falco: Oh! Did you get number five? Fox: No dancers are coming Falco. Falco: What do you mean? Fox: My dad can't even use a phone! Peppy: Just do what Slip does. Fox: 900 numbers are too expensive. Wulf: This is too weird for me. I'm going to studio 3B. Maybe I can sneak in and see Face Off getting taped. (Wulf leaves.) Wolf: I know her from some where..... Falco: Who cares? No dancers are coming!!!! Fox: Why don't we just walk down to that one night club down the street? James: Yeah!!!!! (Fox, Falco, Wolf, and James leave room.) Slippy: HHHHHHEEEEEEELLLLLPPPPPPP!!!!!!! Leon: Aha ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! (That's about it. Vixxi never came out of the shower until the next day. When we all got back there in the morning, a window was broken and there was no sign of Slippy or Leon.)
5th Interview with Wulf
Review of last interview: It was completely CRAZY!!!!!!! Ed da' Wolf: Hey, where is Wulf? Fox: Who cares? If I hear Welcome to Wulf's Talkshow!!!!!!! again I'll go nuts!!!!! Ed: Welcome to Wulf's Talkshow!!!!!!! Fox: Aaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!! Vixxi: Settle down, Fox. Ed: Uh......hi Vixxi. How's it hangin'? Uh huh huh huh. Vixxi: Uuuuummmmmm... fine. (Wulf and Wolf walk in the door.) Wulf: Uuuuummm.......Ed!!!! Your early!!!!! Ed: Uh, yeah. Wulf? Why are you wearing Wolf's clothes? Wulf: Uh? Oh, look. Ed: Sure, I believe you. *wink, wink* Wulf: Shut up. Love: Hi, your cute. Ed: Me? Love: Well duh!!!!!! Wulf: No chugging contest yet, Love. I want him sober for the interview. Love: Dang..... Wulf: Okay so Ed, who is your favorite Star Fox person? Ed: (Looks away from Vixxi) Huh? Oh, Slippy I guess. I love making fun of his gay voice. Slippy: Hey!!!!! Ed: Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!!!! Riot!!!!! Wulf: Um, okay then next question. When did you start your webpage? Ed: August 28, 1997. Wulf: Why on Star Fox? Ed: Peppy told me that if I didn't he'd torture me with his corny jokes. Peppy: They are not corny!!!!!!!!! Wulf: Hush up, Pep. They are too. I've heard them before. Okay, Ed what's instore for your page? Ed: Weird polls, a shrine, and some more fanfics by me. Wulf: Do you like my webpage? Ed: Uuuuuuhhhhhhh........yeah of course!!!!! Wulf: Okay, the last and corniest question of them all, if you had to be stuck on a deserted island with a Star Fox person, who would it be? (Ed looks at Vixxi and sees Fox glaring at him.) Ed: Uuhh, Slippy. I could entertain myself by slappin' him around and making fun of his voice. Wulf: Heh heh heh, count me in. Slippy: Hey!!!!! (Wulf and Ed both crack up.) voice: Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!!!!!!! Wulf: Uh, oh!!!! The Barney doll!!!!! (Everyone hides behind the couch.) Vixxi: Hey!!!! Who's touchin' my butt???!!!! Ed: Uuuhhhhh.....not me. (grins slyly) (All of a sudden the Barney doll appears!!! 30 feet tall with chains and gold pendents around it's neck and a cape and staff!!!!) Wulf: This is new. Wolf: (wimpers) Hold me. Wulf: Shut up!!!! Barney doll: Bwa ha ha ha ha!!!!! You all die now!!!!!! Ed: I knew this was a bad day!!!!! Wulf: Uuuuhhhh can we comprimise for our lives? (Barney doll returns to normal.) Barney doll: Yes. You all must take a part in my farie tale. All: What???!!!!! (Barney doll puffs up to 30 feet.) Barney doll: I'll sing...... Wulf: Aaaaaaahhhhhh!!!! Okay, okay, we'll all take a part!!! Ed: But I need to get home and... Wulf: (Grabs Ed my his shirt collar.) Shut up. (Every one gets sucked into Barney Land by a giant vortex.) To be continued.....
Continue of 5th... Barney land the Farie tale...
This is actually a continue from interview 5. As always, the Barney Doll showed up, and screwed up everything. Every one got sucked into Barney Land. In the Vortex: Love: Hey, Barn, got any liquor in in this Farie Tale? Wolf: I don't think we're on Corneria anymore, Pheona. Peppy: Who in tarnation is that? Wulf: Shut up!! Let's not talk about that. Slippy: Fox!!!! I have to go to the bathroom, real, real bad!!!!! Fox: Shut up!!!!! Ed: I just NEW this was gonna be a bad day!!! (Whispers to himself.) With the exeption of seeing Vixxi. Vixxi: Did some one say my name? Ed: No. All: Aaaaaaaahhhhhhh. (All of a sudden, the vortex opens into Barney Land. Every one falls onto the ground.) Wulf: Oh, man. Barney Doll: Let me explain the farie tale. Some one is the princess. The prince has to rescue her. Me and my army will try to stop you. If you die, don't sue me. Got it? Wulf: Who is the prince and princess? Fox: Vixxi can be the princess!! Vixxi: No way!!! Fox, you be the princess!! Fox: No!! Wulf: Ha ha!!!!! Fox: I demand a vote!!! Wulf: Fox!!! Love: Fox!!! I'd like to see Fox in another dress!! Wolf: Fox!!!!! Peppy: Vixxi!!!! Slippy: Fox!!! Ed: Vixxi!!!! Vixxi:Fox!!! Fox: Vixxi!!! Wulf: Okay, 3 for Vixxi and 5 for Fox. Love: Here's your dress, Princess Fox. Fox: Shut up!!! (Fox is taken away to the castle.) (Every one is warped to a dark forest.) Wolf: Oh, this sucks. (Every one but Vixxi is wearing a little Robin Hood costume. Vixxi is wearing armor.) Vixxi: Oh, man this stuff is heavy!!!! Wulf: Look how far away that freakin' castle is!!! Love: Man!!!! I'm wearin' heels!!! Wulf: Ha ha!!! Love: Shut up, Pheona!!! Slippy: Who? Back at the studio: Falco: Hello? Sorry I'm late!!! Love, I brought some beer!!!!! Uuuuhhhhh...........hey!! What's this thing in the corner? (Falco puts his wing in the vortex. He gets sucked in.) Falco: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!! In Barney Land: Wulf: Hey we're almost there!!! Love: Thank God!!! My feet are killing me!!!! (Every one hears screaming.) Wolf: What in the freak is that? (Falco falls from the sky and lands on Wolf.) Wolf: Get it off me!!!!! Love: Please tell me you brought beer!!! (Falco gets of Wolf, who is having back spasms.) Falco: Oh, man!!!! I lost it in the vortex!!!! Love: What are you good for?!! Wulf: We got company!!!!!! Vixxi: Pick Wolf off the ground!!!! Love: I ain't touchin' it. Wolf: I ain't an it!!! Please help me!!!! (An evil army of yoshis grows closer.) Wulf: Come on!!! Some one just pick him up now!!!!! Peppy: Hey!! He's your man!!!!! Love: Falco you do it!! Your the one who did this to him!!!! Falco: Heck no!!! Love: Don't make me hurt you!! Falco: Here we go!!!! (Picks up Wolf.) God!!! How much do you weight??!! (The yoshis are here.) Love: Take off your shoes!!! Throw them at them!!! (Every one throws their shoes at the yoshis. Two fall over.) Wulf: Throw Wolf at 'em!!! (Falco tosses an unconcious Wolf at the yoshis. Four pass out.) Wulf: It was a joke, you retard!!!!!! Falco: Hey!!!! It worked!!!!! Lead Yoshi: Got the boom box, fellas?! Vixxi: What are they doing? LY: And a 1 and 2 and 3!!! (All yoshis start singing, 2 become 1.) Wulf: Aaaaaaahhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!! Love: Make it stop!!!! Slippy: Oh, no!!!! Falco: Guys, they're like two feet tall!!!!!! All: Shut up!!!!! (Yoshis sing next song.) Yoshis: Shimmy to the left!!! Wulf: They're trying to sing us to death!!!!! Falco: It's working!!! Yoshis: Shimmy to the right!!! Slippy: I like this song!!!! (Starts singing with Yoshis.) All: Shut up!!! *smack* (Slippy falls unconcious.) Ed: Throw Slippy at them!!! (Falco, Love, Wulf, and Ed all try to pick up Slippy.) Love: God!!! I think my arms are breaking off!!!!!! Falco: And I thought Wolf was heavy!!!! Wulf: Alright now every one!!!! Heave!!!!! (Slippy squashes half the yoshis. The rest flee in terror.) Vixxi: Yes!!! It worked!!!! Falco: Who is gonna carry him? Wulf: I say we leave him here!!!! All: Yeah!! Later, at the castle: Wulf: I just remembed!!!! We left Wolf!!!! All: So?!!! Wulf: Uuhhhh......... (They all see Fox in a cell.) Fox: Hey!!! Princess Charming!!!! Vixxi: Comin' Fox!! Keep your dress on!!!! Fox: Shut up!!!! Falco: Hey, Fox!!! Nice dreads!!!! (The rest is pretty sketchy. We defeated the yoshis and Fox forgave Vixxi, he really had no choice. I'm almost back to normal, Love won another drinking contest against Falco, and Ed is almost broke from paying his over-paid pshyciatrist.)
An Interview With PsychoRaph

ReporterBob: How do you come up with this humor?
PsychoRaph: I just think it up outta' nowhere... sometimes a friend helps...
RB: So you don't do it ALL yourself?
PR: Not really.
RB: How 'bout your latest humor?
PR: This is my latest humor!
RB: Cool! But about your name where did you get it?
PR: *Mumbles*... That's hw I thought it up.
RB: Oh! That's how you got it! Kinda' cool!
PS: I also have a SFX64 sim.
RB: I suppose you want people to go to it?
PR:Yeah. I'm resigning my part as "Fox" and I'm just gonna be "Webmaster". I'll have more time for humor that way.
RB: Good! Humor is cool! Gonna' make a "PsychoRaph's Humor" page?
PR: That's a good idea! I'll try it out!
RB: Look at me! I helped PsychoRaph!
PR: Heh heh...
RB: I hear rumors that you have something to do with Spunky. What is it?
PR: *Mumbles*. Few know about that.
RB: Okay. Well, I have to go. Let's do lunch sometime!
PR: I'll be on Papetoon in June!
RB: Okay! That'll work! Thanx!
PR: Bye!