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Courtesy of Toasty

Just like with the Sailor Soldiers, it's almost impossible not to choose an absolute favorite from the four ever-loveable StarFox pilots. Oh, go on, admit it, you do think that one of the four pilots stands head and shoulders above the others.

So, with that in mind,here is a compatibility test, which will help you find out with which StarFox guy you would get along well, where you to meet in real life (not that there's any chance of that ever happening, but who cares? ^_^).

The whole thing is very simple, really. Below you will find a bunch of true-false questions, and depending on the answers you give, you'll follow a route through the questions that will eventually throw you out into the arms of the pilot that you'd be the most compatible with. A side note before we start: "compatible" in this test can mean both compatible in the sense that you'd be good friends with a particular pilot, or compatible in the sense that you could succesfully engage in a passionate love affair with that pilot (though, honestly, any person, no matter what their gender, wanting to be madly in love with Slippy must be a bit deranged in my view ^^;), it's up to you to decide wether you view this as a "love test"-style thing or not.

And besides, they're just a bunch of polygons on a screen, so what does it matter? Have fun, and if your ambitions of becoming Falco's companion for life are shattered by a "you're compatible with Slippy" result, please don't blame it on me, d'accord?

Oh, and you must of course answer each question completely honestly. Lie on this test and the consequences will be too terrible to describe. Probably ^^;

-On with the questions!