Branching Out


Keep Falco alive and fly though the seven stone archways- Go to Sector Y
Don't go through the seven stone archways or if Falco is down- Go to Meteo

Sector Y

Shoot down 100 enemies- Go to Aquas
Shoot down less than 100 enemies- Go to Katina


Go through all the blue warps- Go to Katina
Don't go through blue warps and defeat boss regularly- Go to Fortuna


Defeat Star Wolf before the bomb explodes- Go to Solar
Bomb blows before you defeat Star Wolf- Go to Sector X

Katina(meet Bill)

Shoot down mothership in allotted time- Go to Solar
Didn't shoot mothership in allotted time- Go to Sector X

Sector X

Shoot down boss before Slippy gets knocked down to Titania- Go to Macbeth
Fly though 4 warp gates(take the left route, meet Bill)- Go to Sector Z(Warp Very Far!!)
Slippy gets hit down into Titania- Go to Titania to search for friend

Zoness(meet Katt)

Destroy all search lights- Go to Sector Z
Miss a search light- Go to Macbeth

Sector Z

Destroy all six missles- Go to Area 6
Missle hit Great Fox- Go to Bolse


Hit all eight switches and the master switcher box- Go to Area 6
Miss a switch or the switcher box- Go to Bolse