Battle Tips from Puffy Wulf

Here are the tips to win in battle mode.

Arwing choices

*The first 2 have not been verified so I'm not sure if they are true


Offensive- When your oppenent is in front of you, follow it. Lock lasers on him and keep shooting lasers at him. If he happens to flip, do the same thing and stay on their tail. If they were at a far distance and flip, don't flip and keep shooting lasers. They won't be able to flip, because they don't have enough energy to flip and you'll score some hits.

Defensive- When you're getting shot at or locked on, barrel roll away, flip or zoom away. If they happen to flip when you flip, while flipping, use the sharp turn buttons and turn sharply to get away. If you still can't shake the oppenent off then go though obstacles like the three arches and do flips in the arches. You'll score some hits if they follow you.

Bombs- #1- To trick your oppenent, lock on to them and shoot a homing laser at them. They'll luckily flip and won't have enough energy to do another flip to dodge any lasers for awhile. Then shoot your bomb towards them and watch them lose half their power.

#2- If your oppenent likes to U-turn every time you lock on to them and shoot a bomb, you miss them and they come toward you shooting lasers. What you should to is to lock a bomb on them and detonate the bomb a little sooner. They should be flying into the bomb and lose power.

#3- When someone is always on your tail, do a U-turn and shoot that bomb when you flip and your facing your opponent. Do not shoot when your completly facing him. Do this while you still in the flip view. Next detenate in it as soon as you can and your opponent will either run into the bomb, or try to manuever away and you will be free for awhile.

#4- In 3-4 player mode, and the other arwings are in a group, shoot the bomb between them without locking onto the arwings and detenate at the right time. This should at least hit one of the arwings, and they'll be confused on who shot the bomb.

Tank(Get a medal on Venom to get tank)

Offensive- Tanks are can be the cheasiest, but have the most disadvanges in the game!

Advantage- Hide behind a pyramid, arches, or the buildings and keep out of site. The main advantage is if your locked on and your next to a arch. Hide behind it and you won't get hit. You can stay stopped in the pillars by going towards the wall. What's so cool is that you can't harm yourself on the buildings or arches. You can fly high and hit the bottom and you won't lose any energy still. You can also be right behind an arwing and they won't know it, because your too low to the ground. Your also always camoflouged and barely spotted, because you blend into the ground. Also, you can turn really sharp, really fast. So if there is someone right behind you, you can turn all the way and go under your oppenent. Then when they try to U-turn to get you, hit the brakes and they'll appear in front of you and shoot away or lock on.

Disadvantages- If your visible and locked on, and a bomb is shot at you. Buh Bye!! You lose half your energy. This is the suckiest part of being a tank.

Cool techs- Hover and hold on to the R and Z buttons and push the speed button. You can fly really fast. Do the same thing, but instead of the speed button push the brakes to hover in place.

Foot(Get after all medals)

Foot vs. Arwing- You get the biggest advantage and have a 80% of winning. All you have to do is hide behind the 2 tall pyramids and wait for your oppenent to come. He'll circle around the pyramids looking for you, hopefully running into the pyramids and lose some life. When he's visible, shoot at him. He won't be able to see you, because you're so small. You'll probably lose if your opponent has read this page or he already knows about this. Your opponent can get you by shooting bombs at you. Not only are you damaged, you lose almost all you energy.

Foot vs. Tank- You have a 70% chance to win, since you and the tank are both on ground and he can't lose life if he runs into anything. When he's visible, shoot him and hide somewhere. The tank will follow you and when you see him, shoot him. But still, he can shoot bombs at you and you'll lose tons of life.

Foot vs. Foot- When you see your opponent, shoot at him. When he shoots at you, jump and keep shooting. There's not much stradegy in this though.



One-Player Game

On all range mode, it's best not to lock on enemies and then shoot. You shoot use your small lasers rapidly and you should be able to score more hits faster then locking on.

On 3-D scroll mode, lock on to enemies that are very close together. If you hit lots of enemies at a time, then you get bonus points. This will help you in achieving medals.


Tips on Battle Mode from

Deadly Tactics in Multiplayer Mode

Foot Guy's Deadly Tactic against other players

    1. If you are playing as a Foot Guy, and it happens that almost every other player is busy attacking each other, go get the nova bomb so that they cannot use it on you, and hide behind one of the four towers. The other players have damaged themselves already, and finally maybe one will head toward you (By looking at your radar or screen) hoping for a easy kill. However, he cannot be sure which tower you are behind, and he has no nova bombs to aim in a general area, so he will go blundering around the towers looking for you. When he hunts around for you, shoot him once or twice, and move to the back of another tower. Repeat the process, but don't use your nova bomb. Only use it on another player only if he uses a Foot Guy, because he can find you easily, and can wear you don't easily. Most Foot Guys attack the other Foot Guy head on, and even with the nova bomb they get badly injured. Therefore, you should stand behind a tower, and wait until he is really close to the tower. When he is right about to find you, shoot the bomb into the tower, and the explosion will injure him greatly, and he will run into a bomb cloud, reducing his vision. Then just shoot a couple lasers on him, killing him, and getting away unscathed or minorly damaged. If someone is using a tank, get the nova bomb so he can't use it, or just intercept him from a distance, and shoot at him while you run. Follow him from behind, and you get a very easy kill.

More Arwing Deadly Tactics

    If someone is following you, and you cannot shake him, (best done in Sector X battle mode) get him to tail you very closely, and do a U-Turn through a piece of debris. The player is usually so intent on killing you that he does not see the piece of debris, and runs into it. Strangely enough, during the first 1 and 1/2 seconds of the U-Turn, if you run into a building, you will pass through it unhurt! If somebody is tailing you, has a bomb, or just wants to kill you, and he is an expert like Edward Lee and Dean Jan, (Hahah) then head toward the border line that warps you to the other side. Do not boost toward it, and try the evasion tactics I mentioned earlier and in the future during that time. When you reach the border, go very close to it, so you are just one boost away from warping to the other side. If somebody locks a bomb, or homing laser, or shooting you, boost the last distance to the other side. The lock is broken, and the bomb, etc. goes astray. You are also off his screen. This is a great tactic for Battle Royal Mode, because it keeps you alive. If you are fighting a Landmaster Tank, try attacking it from the back. If you have a nova bomb, first veer very close to the ground, and then shoot the bomb into the ground very near to the tank. The tank will not know it is coming since you did not lock on, and you attacked from behind. Then finish it with lasers, while barrel rolling or repeat. Remember to take advantage of the Arwings faster speed. If you do not have the nova bomb, try to veer down close to him from the back, and manually shoot charge up lasers unto the ground next to him. Since you can shoot another charge up laser once the original has exploded, and since you are so close to the ground when you do it, you can fire the charge ups like rapid fire, killing them quite quickly. You might want to brake while doing this, or save your boost meter just in case there is a emergency.

General Deadly Tactics

    Remember that when in battle mode, only arwings can break their wings, and permanently lose double lasers. Try breaking your opponents wings off in Battle Royal. Also in Katina time trial, you probably want to play as Foot Guy only if you are using Peppy, because he blends into the Katina ground color, while no one else really does. Since there is little shelter from the arwings, beware Landmaster Tanks, and Foot Guys!

1. In every single battle, you should have the view the widest, because you can now see what is tailing you, and it gives you more sight to either side.
2. A loop takes two seconds to preform, and a U-Turn takes three seconds to preform. Therefore, if you are following somebody, and they loop, you should barrel roll sharply to the left (most go right, so go left), and look at his screen when you are doing so. When he is finished preforming the loop, he cannot see you, because you barrel turned. Loop right when he is finished looping, (Remember, you a distance away from the barrel rolls to the left) because he will head toward your general direction. Since you are already almost finished with the loop, you will fall directly behind him. Have fun attacking him.
    If you are following a guy, and he U-Turns, do a really sharp barrel roll turn toward the direction he is heading. Since a U-Turn takes three seconds to preform, and to turn all the way around using barrel rolls takes about two seconds, you will remain behind him with full boost, while his boost meter is lowered alot, and he can't boost away from any nova bombs or lasers you have!
3. A double laser powerup is not more powerful than the single laser powerup. Most people are fooled into thinking that it is, but it just improves accuracy. If you are a good shot though, then go get the nova bomb.
4. The Landmaster Tank can take more hits and charge ups than the Arwing or Foot Guy.
5. If you get hit, you are invincible for about one and a half seconds. (When you get hit, you shake back and forth, and lose life. During that time no other hits count!)
6. Pratice playing without the cursor in single-player mode, so you become a sharp shooter.
7. If you have a nova bomb, and someone keeps following you, pull a loop, and then he will pull a loop (most of times he does). When the nose of your ship is facing the ground exactly below you, shoot the bomb toward the ground, and he will fly right into it. (Do not try when you are very high in the air.)
8. When an arwing fights a Foot Guy, the arwing almost always wins, because arwings can snatch the bomb or the lasers first due to his speed. When the arwing gets the bomb, fly toward the Foot Guy (If you don't know where he is look at his radar and screen). When you see him bomb him, and barrel roll off to deflect his shots. You take almost all his life, and you are unscathed, or have minor damage. Then just finish him, or repeat the process.