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// Rita LaShette's Starfox Page- a mainy fanbased webpage, lots of fanart and fanfics.
// Starfox.org- is more centered on fan-related issues and emphasizes orginality of information.
// Starfox64.com- the official Starfox64 website by Nintendo. Has downloads, tips and information on the game.
// Juju's Starfox64 Page- a fanbased website with tons of Nintendo images, fanart, polls, and a little more.
// The Starfox64 Sim- one of the only active sim pages left. This is page is only IE compatible.
// Lobby of the GreatFox- not graphic intensive but contains some information on the Starfox64 game.
// Fara Phoenix's Fox McCloud Page- one of the first and oldest sites.
// Terrin Fox's RPG Site- site that focuses on RP-ing.
// StarWing HQ: interview headquarters- an archive of a ton of interviews and an assortment of downloads.
// Justice Cadets- a whole list of fanfics are here, hosted by the writer J. Wolfman.

SF Database >> Links >> Other Websites
// Luna Yoshi's Sanctuary- has tons of her own cute Yoshi, Pokémon and Furry art. A site dedicated to Yoshis!
// PokémonYoshi.com - Lots of tidbits here and there. Posts something at least once a day. Contains Pokémon/Yoshi art and Information.
// Pelord's Cool Game Page- many N64 games info as well as an Area 6: Starfox Section. Has a ROM for the Starfox 2 game.
// VGMusic Archive - a whole archive of video game music in midi format. Great resource for music.
// All4Games - contains many different types of games. The Starfox section is quite small, with a picture gallery and some reviews.
Come Visit Side 7 - The Artist's Archive// Side 7- a furry archive full of anime/furry art. Lotsa fun stuff to browse through.... :)