>> Last System Update >> friday. september 23. 2002 [9:35 AM PST]
If you still want to buy Starfox Adventures, and haven't, you can purchase them through this site by click on the items on the right side of the screen. The game costs $49.99 and the guides are $14.99 each. I think if you buy the game and the guide together, you get 20% off the strategy guide. :) I pre-ordered it a couple days ago, so I hope it'll be a good game. Thanks to those who purchase through the links on the right. They'll help to support this site and so I can buy more bandwidth if this site goes crazy again. Oi...

>> Last System Update >> sunday. september 22. 2002 [10:14 PM PST]

Uploaded a ton of screenshots and pictures for the Starfox games. Thanks to Juju for supplying a whole bunch of images for SF64 and also thanks to Crispin for supply me with a couple screenshots from Nintendo's website and also the neat Nameco Starfox picture. Oi.... doesn't SFA come out tomorrow?

>> Fans Net >> Fan Comics

Uploaded the next 15 pages
     >> Japanese SFA Comic

>> Media>> Pictures

Uploaded a ton of pictures
     >> NES, SF64, SFA, Nameco, SSB


>> Last System Update >> sunday. september 15. 2002 [01:50 AM PST]

Neat stuff updates. I just uploaded some foreign comics. Thanks to lylat.net for supplying the images, and also thanks to fans who discovered the nintendo of japan's new SFA comic.

>> Fans Net >> Fan Comics

Uploaded new comics...
     >> German SF64 Comic

     >> Japanese SFA Comic

>> Fans Net >> Fan Fiction

All parts uploaded for Search for Soul
     >> Parts 3-5 uploaded for Search for the Soul

>> Fans Net >> Fan Artwork

Uploaded two of China H's artwork
     >> Katt lie - Katt looking seducive
     >> Brawl - a fight b/w Fox and Wolf


>> Last System Update >> wednesday. september 11. 2002 [12:35 PM PST]

Quick type before I go off to my Visual Science class. I'm sure most sites, media and all that sort of stuff have something dedicated to the World Trade Center event. I once heard on the radio that one of the stations was badmouthed for not covering the events on the WTC, and were labeled "heartless" and "cold". It's made a lot of people think... and many more mourn and has "changed us all" I guess. Sorta selfish in a way to say that only America was affected, because it was on American soil. Lots of things change our lives, just that we tend to choose the big things.

As I once told my friend Em... give it meaning... give every moment in your life meaning. I'm sure the world around us changes a lot. Wars and proverty and all that stuff around us that most of us don't experience. Their lives get changed too.

But it shouldn't be a time for mourning. We've already done that for a year. Should be something different... and special. Express the love and thanks to some of the people who've meant something to you. I guess you can say... it's like another Valentines Day. <smiles> Oh well... whatever you want to feel, feel it now... and be sure to feel it forever and give it meaning. Thanks to deities, dictateurs and all

>> Last System Update >> friday. september 7. 2002 [12:03 AM PST]
Oi... Been fooling around with a new layout and came up with this. Tell me what you think. Sorry for not updating. Hehe. Crispin got me hooked on "Full Metal Panic" so now I've watched like 12 Episodes. O.o Well, since I have a max of 5GB of download/upload, I can't watch anymore until next week.

>> Last System Update >> sunday. august 26. 2002 [12:00 AM PST]
Sorry for not updating for the past couple weeks. Basically I've been doing a lot of behind the scenes stuff, like transfering to a new server to handle the site better so it doesn't go down during the evenings, and also I've just moved to Berkeley University, so I've been assimilating to the new place for a week. The message board has moved to a new URL, and upgraded to 6.3.0. It should be faster now, and I'll be adding new stuff to it in the future. Thank you for your patience. I plan to fix up the site design a little bit later this week.

>> Last System Update >> sunday. august 4. 2002 [06:28 PM PST]
Site is down again while I update this. Blech... Redesigned the music page and added a couple new midis and IT files.
>> Fan Artwork: Slippy the human

O.o Lisa-chan has a fun idea of making Slippy a human.
     >> Human Slippy

>> Fan Fiction: Search for the Soul II

Part two is uploaded.
     >> Search for the Soul Part 2

>> Music: IT Music

There's more music out there instead of midis.
     >> Two Original SF Music in IT format


>> Last System Update >> tuesday. july 30. 2002 [09:55 PM PST]
I'm feeling out of it. Here's another two artworks and a story. Many thanks to Vix Vargis for pointing out that I've been updating only on "sundays." :)
>> Fan Artwork: VEEVEEP...

Yoshi creates a neat transparent, layered picture. Deathfoxx creates something abstract as well...
     >> Unsteady (email has also changed)
     >> Warped!

>> Fan Fiction: Search for the Soul

I'll be uploading the five part series of Zilakid2's story. Stay tuned... Today is part one.
     >> Search for the Soul Part 1


>> Last System Update >> friday. july 26. 2002 [02:42 AM PST]
Since I'll be busy most of tomorrow, I decided to update a little today.
>> Fan Artwork: The Mysterious One

Uploaded two pictures from an unknown artist and one by Haley. The rain dance picture is touching...
     >> Katt Aim
     >> Chibi Katt
     >> Rain Dance

>> Fan Fiction: A Sign of Courage

Uploaded the last two parts to the story by Jesika Starwatcher. Sorry for the misspelling last time. :) Also fixed a little link to Carolyn Maylin's story, Temptations.
     >> A Sign of Courage Part 2 & 3
     >> Fixed Temptations link

>> Links:

Two links added. One contains a lot of interviews. The other contains a whole lot of fanfiction.
     >> Justice Cadets

     >> Starwing HQ