Medals,Tips and Secrets

corneriaNumber of enemies down for medal: 150

Note: Shoot the white lollypop things and the big machines pushing the buildings(get +5 hits). Also go through the seven arches and shoot the water skiing machines. The secret way(going through the seven arches have more enemies then the regular way. Lock on as many enemies that are close to each other to get bonus points. Example: In the beginning of the game, ships come from both left and right side. Lock on the left side and wait until they come to the center of the screen. Then shoot the locked laser and get +5 bonus points. And also, when you get to the section after the second bigmachine, after that, there should be a door with an enemy in front of it. Shoot open the door and shoot a bomb into the door and detonate when it gets after the  3rd machine on the right. This should destroy both of the big machines and you can gain about 12 Hits.

Boss #1(not going through the seven arches): Shoot the legs of the boss and it'll fall down. Its vunerable spot, the backpack, will be exposed and it can be shot easily. Avoid the homing missiles.

Boss #2(go under all seven arches and keeping Falco alive): Shoot the open spots when it launches out aircrafts. After destroying all the launch pads, the middle is vunerable to lasers. Shoot them and dodge the bullets it shoots at you after it turns back to attack.

meteoNumber of enemies down for medal: 200

Note: In the beginning shoot all the metors for points. You should see some metor rings, fly though all of them and go through the last small one, you should get an item. If your going for the medal, there are two options. One: Don't fly through the warp gates(the blue arrow things that make you spin), instead lock onto the enemies that are stuck in a circle, shoot them before they detach, you should get Hit+7 every one you lock on and shoot. Or Two: You can go through the all the warp gates and warp to a secret level. There, you shall see lots of enemies, and metors to shoot at. Also, when you get a little farther, there should be an enemy with lots of metors around it. Shoot it and TONS of items will appear. When you make it to the group of metors, shoot bombs at it and you should get plenty of hits. Don't forget to keep shooting your lasers too. No boss if you go this way.

Boss: Pretty easy. Just shoot the yellow blocks on the boss. If you shoot the pie shape figure, it'll absorb your laser and shoot back at you when it's fully recharged. After destroying all the yellow blocks, the pie thing will detach and you should see another block in the middle. Shoot it!! When the boss recharges it's laser, fly to the upper right corner and wait until it stops. Then shoot the block again. Then when you destroy that, another 2 blocks will appear. Shoot those and don't dodge the beams he shoots at you, just keep shooting the blocks.

katinaNumber of enemies down for medal: 150

Note: All you have to do is shoot all the enemy ships. If you can't tell the difference between the good guys and the bad, then use the lock on laser. It only locks on to the bad guys. Also the good guys look like a green arwing. When the mother ship approaches, shoot down only three of the hatches and leave one alone. Now shoot as many bad guys without your teammates dying. Don't worry about shooting Bill(has infinite life) and the others. Once you have 150 down shoot the remaing hatch. An energy core will appear. Shoot it down and you win! Speical Note: Before the mother ship approaches, kill I think at least 15 enemies without  killing Bill's troops. If you can do this, Bill will say a special quote to you. Can't tell you what it is, it would spoil the challenge.

Boss: Just shoot the hatches on the underside of it and the core before time runs out. The timer only starts when you shoot all the 4 hatches.

sector xNumber of enemies down for medal: 150

Note: In the beggining, when all those ships come out, shoot a bomb to destroy the first group and keep shooting. Also, when you make it to the bombs destroy them at a far distant to save as much power. About halfway into the  stage, there's a path going left or right. If you just came from Katina, and you want to go to Sector Z, then go left. Otherwise, if your going for the medal, then go left.

Left: You should meet Bill on this side if you came from Katina. He'll help you take out those weird box things. Shoot rapidly and brake while shooting, this should give you more shooting time. Go through those things after they glip up(they should turn red). Once you go through all of them, then you warp to a secret stage. If you beat it, you don't have to fight the boss, and you get to go instantly to Sector Z!

Right: There's a lot of easy points here! Lock on and destroy the cannons that pop out, and the laserlike shooters on the side. Next, these planes come at you, just shoot them down with a couple of easy shots. Then about halfway, Peppy will go ahead and you must shoot the bad guys behind him to save him. After you make it, you should at least have 140 or 145 on the safe side points.

Boss: This boss is pretty easy. Shoot his eyes when the yellow blocks appear. Then when he turns his head around, barrel roll to avoid being hit at by the blue balls of lazer. When you destroy his head, he's not dead yet. He revives and goes mad! He throws pieces of debris at you. Don't dodge them, because it'll waste time(you don't want to lose Slippy now would you?). Instead, keep aiming for the red small box, where the head used to be there's a small inward place where your supposed to you shoot. Keep shooting, but if you're a bad aimmer, then shoot a bomb at him and it should take out lots of damage. Destroy him before Slippy appears and gets hit down, and proceed to Macbeth. Special Note: When you meet the boss, in the background you should see some enemies in the background, aim at them and lock on and fire. You should score a couple hits, about 5 Hits to help you get the medal.

sector yNumber of enemies down for medal: 150

Note: Lock on to the small airplanes together and get bonus points. Also when the big ship ambushes you from above, the launch pad on the left and right , lock on to the airplanes that come out on one side and just shoot regular lasers on the other side. There should also be a path to either go up or down. You should go up, because of the lots of enemies. Lock on to as many as possible for bonus points. Also, just before the boss shoot the small planes landed on the ship for more points.

Boss #1(the first 2 mini bosses): These give you Hit+3 a piece. Just shoot them when they're in front of you.

Boss #2(the real thing): When he jumps from the base shoot him. If you shoot his shield, he won't take any damage. But if you shoot it long enough he'll drop it and he's an easy target.

sector zNumber  of enemies down for medal: 100

Note: In the beginning shoot as manty enemies as possible. Also, there are floating debris in the air. Shoot them and get Hit+2. All missiles are Hit+10 and there are 6 of them. So before the first missle comes, get at least 20. Before the second and third comes get 40. And when the last three come you should at least have 67 points.

Boss: When the first missle comes follow the person going toward the missle. Back him up or he'll run away not helping you destroying the missle. Next the second and third come, shoot one of them and when you destroy it, go to the other one. Kat should appear is you just came from Zoness. She'll help you out destroy the missles. When the last 3 come, shoot the middle and when the missles destroyed shoot both of the remaining missiles. They should be almost wasted by the time you shoot them. It should only take a couple of shots to destroy them. If you perhaps pass any of the missiles you could A turn around 360 degrees with the R or Z button or B brake.

Number of enemies down for medal: 150

Note: There's really no stradegy in this stage. You really all have to do is push the A and B buttons stimotaneously and quickly. Aim towards the enemy when you shooot a torpedo. Don't worry about running out of torpedos cause you got infinite torpedos. Here are some tips to get more points. When you see those big fish with that light, shoot bombs at it and shoot it. At the colunms, shoot bombs at the ones that are brocken a little. Those are the only ones that break and get you points. After the colunms there should be lots of fish shooting at you, barrelroll and shoot while doing that. After the checkpoint, there should be starfish that explode and jellyfish. It avoid dieing, shoot the starfish before they explode by shooting a bomb at them. You should at least have 130 points by the time you get to the boss. Special Note: Your teammates are not helping you on this stage, or as they do, bother you and get in the way. They are in the Great Fox guiding you, and they replenish there energy after you beat this stage.

Boss: In the beginning, shoot the top 3 sticking out of it's shell with bombs. 3 bombs should take one of them out. Each one is worth Hit+3. When the clam opens its mouth, shoot those long things attaching the shell(they'll flash if you hit them). Once they turn into a bright color for awhile and stay that color for awhile, it's time to shoot the long things. The perals might bock the bombs, so while your shooting the long things, shoot a bomb at the sticking out things on the side of the clam. Once you destroy those long things, shoot that round thing in the center with regular lasers, and when the clam shows its eye to you shoot it with a bomb. The only chalenge is that the perals block the bombs, so shoot those things that spit out those perals when your shooting the big round thing with your regular lazers.

macbethNumber of enemies down for medal: 150

Note: The only way to get a medal is to hit the eight switches and the switcher. It gives you Hit+50. The first 2 are located on the right in the beginning of the boss. The third is to the left, the fourth is on a platform to the right, the 5th should be to the left, the 6th is behind a platform, and the 7th and 8th are at the left and right before the main switcher. You should at least have 100 points when you get to the boss. In the beggining, don't shoot the train, but shoot at the  other enemies. When the train drops the rocks, shoot those for points, and then destroy the empty crates for more points. You should see the Granga, or the big red machine in the back. This should get you 2X more points then if you just destroy the crates full of rocks and not shoot the rocks then the crates. You should take out as many sections of the train as possible. They give about 3-5 points. Also destroy the rocks and lock on to a group of enemies for bonus points. Also, the 4 rocks that come bouncing towards you. Use a charged up laser and shoot one. You should get Hit+3 and do it once more for more points.

Boss(easy way)- Shoot all eight swithches and the switcher for 50 points.

Boss(hard way)- Shoot the top and bottom part of the kite. Then the train dragging it should reveal a yellow box. Shoot it and the kite will show a yellow box, its vulnerable spot. Shoot it and give the boss a couple hits.


Enemies down for medal: 50 

Note:Destroy at least 10-15 enemies before Star Wolf team appears. You should shoot the popscicles sticks for the points. When Star Wolf enters, shoot them down as quickly as possible for max. points(+10). You should get at least 50 points in the end.

Boss: When you see Star Wolf in front of you, keep shoot lasers at them. If they flip, you flip. If a Star Wolf says something to you and doesn't say about Peppy, Slippy, or Falco. Chances are that they are behind you. If you flip and Wolf was behind you, he'll say, "What the heck?!" Kill them before the timer runs out. Also when one the Star Fox Team members have barely any energy and you're look for them, and one of your teammates is shoot him. Chances are that you won't get the points, because one of you teammates kill them. It happen to me!!!

zonessEnemies down for medal: 250

Note: In the beginning, these things pop out of the water shooting round lasers, they look simialr to red flowers. You can't kill them with regular lasers, so you have to shoot them with charged up laser. You should also lock on to the big spiders(+2) and hit the lights(+2) for more points. Also shoot the side of the machines to pull the barrier open. After the enemy tank appears, lock on the crates, enemies grouped together, and tanks for bonus points. The crates have items inside. Cat should help you a little on shooting the lights. Don't worry about hurting her. She's invincible like Bill. You should always shoot at the water when no enemies are present, because enemies pop out of the water unexpectedly.

Boss: Shoot the exhast pipes on the sides of the middle. I didn't understand what they were until it finally didn't sink for the side things. They are the to smoke like pipes on the side blowing smoke out. Shoot bombs at them and when you run out, shoot the canonballs shot at you for more bombs. After the pipes are destroyed, shoot the side things and it'll turn around and drop a crane. Now shoot 4 bombs at it to destroy it. Here's a tip: After destroying the crane, keep collecting bombs until you have nine. Now shoot the remaining side thing and the middle is vunerable to regular lasers. Destroy the middle and you win!

area6Enemies down for medal: 300

Note: Shoot as many of those big ships for Hit+3. It's easier if you have hyper lasers. When the missles come at you( the ones that explode when they get too close to you and have green smoke on it's back), shoot them for lots of points since they all come in groups. When you brake though the first line, destroy those big ships for Hit+5 and the little lasers on them for 3-5 points. To destroy the bigger ships, hit the head to destroy them. There is also a group of enemies that form into a ring. Do not destroy them by shooting them with regular lasers, but wait until they are a circle, and then lock on and shoot it. You could do this for 2X and you could get at least 10 Hits. Also, watch out for Slippy since he'll get into trouble. Also answer the incoming messages. They are pretty useful in this stage, cause the Great Fox will help you out a couple times. Get at least 290 points before reaching the boss and destroy the boss as quickly as possible for max. Hit+10 points. Special Note: In the beggining, you can score 50+ Hits. When you get to the space mines, launch a bomb into the crowd of mines,detenate it in the mines, and you should score lots of hits, at least 25+ and when you see more mines, launch another bomb into the crowd and detenate at the right time. This should give you 25+ Hits too.

Boss: This is pretty easy with hyper lasers. Shoot the tentacles to open the center and destroy those ball thingys. Then shoot the core and it'll close. When the boss shoots missles. Lock on to them and shoot to destroy a bunch of them. Repeat the pattern until you see it recharge its core. Star going circles across the edge. It'll shoot a beam and you dodge it by going in circles. Once it stops destroy the round, pink balls and then shoot the core. Shoot as fast as you can and throw bombs at it to help. You destroy it!! On to Venom 2.



Enemies down for medal: 150

Note: This might seem simple, but it's not that simple. Shoot the energy towers and the little beam shooters for bonuses. Once the field is gone shoot as many enemy ships as possible. Once the energy tower shows, don't shoot it. Keep on destroying the ships. If the Star Wolf team come, try to save you friends. If any die then no medal. After you've at least got 115 points, then go for the tower. Dodge the blue laser beams and destroy the yellow blocks. You did it! Now on to Venom 1.

Boss: The boss is the tower. Shoot the yellow blocks. If you run low on power then go shoot some enemies for rings. Beware of the towers blue lasers after you destroy one yellow block.



Enemies down for medal: 200 

Note: There is a hard way, but the easy way is though Venom 2(after defeating Area 6). All of your teammates should be alive. Just destoy the Star Wolf team without any members dieing and you should get a medal after defeating the boss. If you take too long to defeat the Star Wolf Team, then you won't get the Hit+50 you should get from them. Instead you could get only Hit+10. A long time means at least more than 10 min.

Venom 1 Boss- Easy, just shoot Andross' eyes and he won't attack awhile. Shoot the yellow blocks on his hands and destroy both of them. Repeat the pattern if nessessary. He should then try to suck you up and destoy both of you wings. Shoot a bomb in his mouth and he should blow up. Keep shooting him and he'll eventually die. Don't think when you destroy him in Venom 1 the game is over. If you didn't have a bomb then push brakes and fly to the lower corners to avoid being sucked in.

Venom 2 Boss- The Star Wolf team are meaner than ever. They got new ships. They can barrel roll, flip when locked and have shields. To defeat them, shoot lasers at them stimulanously. The first shot will be blocked by a shield or a barrel roll, but they can't keep that up forever. Also, when they flip in front of you, you should flip with them to stay on their tail. After deafeating them, you go into a hole. It's much different than Venom 1(must've remodled). If you barely have any lives then you should got right, then left for a life, but no power ups. If you are in desperate need for power ups go left, letf, right, right for power ups. The boss is somewhat similar to Venom 1 but after destroying his face you must destroy his brain. Destroy his eyes and then go for his brain. You can out turn him and shoot him in the back of his brain. Don't get too close, because he will suck you up with his tentacles and you'll lose lots of energy. If you hit him enough, he'll teleport behind you. After defeating him, its not over yet. Fox's father appears. You must now follow him and keep up by using the boost button. What sucks is that you can't kill your father. Look carefully when you finally get out your father disappears in midair. A ghost? Congragulations! You beat the game!


titaniaTitaniasubmitted by PsychoRaph

Easy Route: Bolse
Medal Requirements: 150 kills
Assult Craft: Landmaster

Mission: Rescue Slippy

Slippy went crashing down to Titania and dissappeared.  Unfortunately, you have to find him. Collect power-ups by shooting the mines.  Cautiously approach power-ups next to the buildings; the  buildings fall on you if you try to just grab them, so control your speed.

Note: Medal Tips

This can be a tough objective. A large portion of your points will have to come from fighter squadrons. Many of these  squadrons will slowly pass behind pillars, hills, and some ground-based targets. Take it slow, and make sure you group everything you see.

Boss: Gorath

Approach Slippy to awaken the monster, Gorath, under the  and. When Gorath rises, shoot its hands. As Gorath turns around to hit you with its tail, hover over it. Shoot Gorath's arms to free Slippy, then  destroy the hand that  held him. Fire at Gorath's heart next. Gorath's most  powerful attack is a  laser blast from its mouth. Roll  over to either side to avoid it. If you take too long to  destroy Gorath, it collects its limbs and you must  destroy each one again.

Solar submitted by PyscoRaph
Medal Requirements: 100 kils
Assult Craft: Arwing

Note Medal Tips:

At the start of this mission, immediately goto the top of the screen. Your shield steadily decreases because of the heat and will go down even faster if you drop altitude. To keep your shield gauge up, shoot firebirds and flying lava rocks. Shortly after the begining of the stage there will be big waves of lava trying to take you down. Be sure to go to one of the top corners of the screen (I perfer the right). There will be about 3 or 4 througout the stage. In the later parts of the stage, there will be big flocks of firebirds crossing your path. Lock on to the one in front and shoot a bomb. You can rack up about 20 points per flock with this. Take down every rock you see. The huge flocks of firebirds are your best opportunity to rack up points. Use the special point racking technique (see above on firebirds) to rack up on about 20 points.

Boss: Sungar

Sungar is a fairly easy boss. Start by shooting the arms
off. Be sure that he does not hit you with his claws. As soon as that is
done, he might try to go back a distance. When his arms are gone, go for the head. He will shoot lava rocks out of his mouth and throw lava at you through where his arms used to be so
watch out. If your shield gets low start shooting the lava rocks that
Sungar spits to get power-ups.

Special Note: If you've come here from Katina, Bill joins the Star Fox team for this mission to help out.


If you are an SFX64 veteran trying to get a Sector Z medal and foot guys
on VS. mode, you will know that the hardest bit is not stopping the
missiles from hitting the Great Fox, but stopping your team-mates from
destroying them instead! I recently managed Sector Z medal and got foot
guys, and this is my concise, to the letter guide to Sector Z Medal

When you start, head for the ring of approaching ships. On your way out
try to get 2, then head back into the melee surrounding the Great Fox,
blasting at any enemy that enters your sights. Don't lockon, use regular
lasers. By the time the first missile appears, you should have about 16.
Then head directly for the first missile, and shoot down the 4 enemies
escorting the missile as you pass them. This should give you approx 20
hits now. The 1st missile is easy, just keep blasting. When it explods
you should have 31 hits, and you should fly back to the centre. Pick off
the remaining enemies, which should give you approx 36 hits now, and fly
around the central area, maybe using the SZ shield boost secret. When
missiles 2 & 3 appear, head straight for them. The new wave of enemies
should appear now, blast as many as possible on the way to the missiles.
You should have about 40 now. When ROB says Distance 50, launch a bomb,
and detonate it between the 2 missiles. Then just fire a few shots
quickly at each missile and destroy it before your team-mates can. Now
there should be several enemies floating around. Blast as many as you
can, aiming for a minimum of 67, or 78 if you want to be fairly safe (In
case the team gets one missile). When ROB announces missiles 4, 5, and 6
boost for the missiles to beat yor team-mates there. Launch a bomb at
the middle missile, and follow it up with lasers. The middle missile
should explode, with the other 2 weakened. Fly straight on, and you will
U-Turn (Because if you boosted towards the missiles you would have
engaged them at the edge of the map) and appear behind the remaining 2
missiles. Attack whichever missile the team seems to be going for, then
move quickly on to the other. Fire as rapidly as you can, leaving no
gaps for a team-mate's laser to sneak in and be the one that blows up
the missile. If all goes well, both missiles will explode to your
credit. Congrats - enjoy the medal!